Nov 12th - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on November 12, 2004, 01:15 PM
New Quests: Boulderslide Ravine, Calling in the Reserves, Elemental War, Hallowed Scroll, Message to Freewind Post, New Life, Razorhide - Part 3?, Spirit of the Wind - Part 3?, Trouble in the Deeps

Updated Quests: Avenge My Village, Blueleaf Tubers, Cycle of Rebirth, Further Instructions, Further Instructions - Part II, Gann's Reclamation, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Harpies Threaten, Leaders of the Fang, Rattling the Rattlecages, Revenge of Gann, Revenge of Gann - Part II, Shredding Machines, Smart Drinks, Steelsnap, Super Reaper 6000, The Mindless Ones, The Tear of the Moons, Trouble at the Docks

New Items: Aboriginal Rod of the Falcon, Aboriginal Sash of the Monkey, Aboriginal Shoulder Pads, Bard's Trousers of the Gorilla, Battleforge Gauntlets of the Monkey, Bloodspattered Shield of the Tiger, Bloodspattered Surcoat of the Bear, Blueleaf Tuber, Boorguard Tunic, Bristlebark Bindings, Bristlebark Boots, Bristlebark Buckler, Bristlebark Cape, Buccaneer's Gloves of the Whale, Buccaneer's Vest of the Eagle, Burnt Cloak, Cavalier Two-hander of the Wolf, Charger's Shield, Deftkin Belt, Disciple's Robe of the Eagle, Expert Fishing - The Bass and You, Feral Cord of the Monkey, Feral Cord of the Owl, Feral Shoulder Pads, Fighter Broadsword of the Bear, Fortified Belt of the Whale, Gaea Seed, Grizzly Jerkin of the Eagle, Grunt's AnkleWraps of the Tiger, Grunt's Cape of the Gorilla, Grunt's Legguards of the Tiger, Hallowed Scroll, Hefty Battlehammer of the Boar, Ivycloth Bracelets of the Whale, Jagged Star of the Bear, Kresh's Back, Lambent Scale Shield, Lupine Leggings of the Gorilla, Maggran's Reserve Letter, Merciless Axe, Moonstone Wand, Mystic's Shoulder Pads, Native Robe of the Whale, Outrunner's Cord of the Gorilla, Outrunner's Gloves of the Bear, Outrunner's Pauldrons, Pagan Bands of the Whale, Prospector's Buckler, Prospector's Woolies, Ridge Cleaver of the Monkey, Rigid Bracelets of the Monkey, Rigid Bracelets of the Whale, Ritual Bands of the Eagle, Ritual Bands of the Owl, Ritual Gloves of the Eagle, Ritual Gloves of the Falcon, Ritual Sandals of the Whale, Robust Bracers of the Owl, Spellbinder Orb, Spiked Chain Cloak of the Bear, Spiked Club of the Whale, Spritekin Cloak, Stout Battlehammer of the Monkey, Superior Boots of the Monkey, Twin-bladed Axe of the Wolf, Warsong Gauntlets, Willow Robe of the Monkey, Windseeker Boots, Wrangler's Boots of the Wolf, Wrangler's Cloak of the Whale

Updated Items: Aboriginal Robe of the Owl, Acolyte's Pants, Acolyte's Robe, Agile Boots, Ancestral Boots, Apprentice's Pants, Apprentice's Robe, Azure Silk Hood, Azure Silk Pants, Band of Purification, Bandit Pants of the Monkey, Barbaric Linen Vest, Bard's Belt of the Wolf, Bard's Boots of the Monkey, Bard's Gloves of the Gorilla, Bard's Tunic of the Monkey, Bard's Tunic of the Whale, Barkshell Tunic, Battered Leather Pants, Battle Chain Tunic, Battle Slayer of the Eagle, Beaded Britches of the Eagle, Bent Large Shield, Binding Girdle, Bingles' Flying Gloves, Birchwood Maul of the Boar, Birchwood Maul of the Gorilla, Black Whelp Boots, Black Whelp Gloves, Black Wolf Bracers, Blackened Defias Gloves, Blackened Defias Leggings, Blackfang, Blade of Cunning, Blemished Wooden Staff, Bloodspattered Gloves of the Bear, Bloodspattered Shield of the Boar, Blue Linen Robe, Blue Linen Shirt, Bonegrinding Pestle, Brackwater Vest, Brewer's Gloves, Bronze Axe, Brown Linen Pants, Brown Linen Shirt, Brown Linen Vest, Buckled Boots, Burnished Boots, Burnt Leather Vest, Calico Pants, Canvas Cloak, Carpenter's Mallet, Cauldron Stirrer, Cavedweller Bracers, Ceremonial Leather Harness, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Chainmail Boots, Clear Crystal Rod, Cliff Runner Boots, Cold Steel Gauntlets, Commoner's Sword, Copper Axe, Copper Battle Axe, Copper Chain Belt, Copper Chain Vest, Crate With Holes, Crescent Staff, Cross-stitched Sandals, Cryptwalker Boots, Cuirboulli Boots, Cured Leather Pants, Dalaran Wizard's Robe, Dark Leather Pants, Dark Leather Tunic, Darkwood Staff, Deadly Blunderbuss, Deadly Bronze Poniard, Defender Boots of the Gorilla, Defender Girdle of the Bear, Defender Girdle of the Monkey, Defender Leggings of the Bear, Defender Tunic of the Monkey, Demolition Hammer, Dervish Belt of the Eagle, Dervish Cape of the Monkey, Dirty Leather Boots, Double-layered Gloves, Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders, Draftsman Boots, Dredgemire Leggings, Dry Moss Tunic, Edged Bastard Sword of the Wolf, Embossed Leather Boots, Embossed Leather Cloak, Embossed Leather Gloves, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Vest, Engineer's Cloak, Engineer's Hammer, Evergreen Gloves, Featherbead Bracers, Feral Bindings of the Eagle, Feral Gloves of the Falcon, Feral Gloves of the Owl, Feral Harness of the Whale, Fine Leather Belt, Fine Leather Cloak, Fine Leather Gloves, Fine Leather Tunic, Firewalker Boots, Flax Boots, Flax Bracers, Flax Gloves, Flax Vest, Flimsy Chain Boots, Flying Tiger Goggles, Fortified Bindings, Fortified Boots of the Bear, Fortified Bracers of the Bear, Fortified Cloak of the Boar, Fortified Leggings of the Bear, Frayed Belt, Frayed Pants, Gargoyle Leggings, Ghostly Mantle, Glimmering Mail Bracers, Gloves of Meditation, Gloves of the Fang, Gloves of the Moon, Goblin Smasher, Greasy Tinker's Pants, Greater Adept's Robe, Greater Magic Wand, Green Linen Bracers, Green Linen Shirt, Greenweave Cloak of the Whale, Greenweave Leggings of the Eagle, Greenweave Sandals of the Owl, Grizzly Bracers, Grizzly Gloves, Grizzly Jerkin of the Monkey, Grizzly Jerkin of the Owl, Grizzly Pants of the Owl, Grunt Vest, Grunt's Belt of the Bear, Grunt's Pauldrons of the Bear, Gustweald Cloak, Gypsy Cloak, Gypsy Trousers of the Monkey, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Boots, Handstitched Leather Bracers, Handstitched Leather Cloak, Handstitched Leather Pants, Handstitched Leather Vest, Handstitched Linen Britches, Hardwood Cudgel, Harlequin Robes, Heavy Bronze Mace, Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Cord Bracers, Heavy Linen Gloves, Heavy Spiked Mace, Heavy Weave Gloves, Heavy Weave Pants, Heavy Weave Shoes, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Hexed Bracers, High Robe of the Adjudicator, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Shoulders, Hunter's Boomstick, Hunting Bracers, Hunting Gloves, Hunting Pants, Hunting Tunic, Infantry Gauntlets, Infantry Tunic of the Bear, Inscribed Leather Bracers, Inscribed Leather Pants, Khazgorm's Journal, Kodo Hunter's Leggings, Large Axe, Legionnaire's Leggings, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Ley Staff, Light Chain Bracers, Light Chain Gloves, Light Leather Bracers, Light Leather Pants, Linen Belt, Linen Cloak, Loose Chain Bracers, Loose Chain Vest, Lupine Cord of the Eagle, Lupine Handwraps of the Bear, Lupine Handwraps of the Monkey, Lupine Handwraps of the Owl, Lupine Leggings of the Eagle, Lupine Leggings of the Owl, Lupine Slippers of the Monkey, Manaweave Robe, Meadow Ring of the Monkey, Meadow Ring of the Wolf, Medicine Staff of the Whale, Moonglow Vest, Mutant Scale Breastplate, Mystic's Slippers, Nimble Leather Gloves, Nitroglycerin, Odo's Ley Staff, Oil Covered Fish, Oily Blackmouth, Old Leather Belt, Outrunner's Cord of the Bear, Owl Bracers, Owl's Disk, Patched Leather Jerkin, Patchwork Shoes, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Pearl-clasped Cloak, Pearl-handled Dagger, Pioneer Tunic of the Eagle, Plainsguard Leggings, Primal Boots, Primal Wraps of the Monkey, Primitive Mantle, Privateer Musket, Prospector's Boots, Prospector's Mitts, Quilted Bracers, Raider's Belt of the Monkey, Raider's Boots of the Monkey, Raider's Chestpiece of the Whale, Raider's Cloak of the Eagle, Raider's Cloak of the Monkey, Raider's Gauntlets of the Whale, Rainwalker Boots, Rawhide Tunic, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, Red Linen Shirt, Reinforced Chain Boots, Riding Gloves, Roamer's Leggings, Robe of Evocation, Robe of the Moccasin, Rough Boomstick, Rough Bronze Cuirass, Rough Bronze Leggings, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Rough Copper Vest, Rough-hewn Kodo Leggings, Rugged Mail Gloves, Runed Copper Breastplate, Runed Copper Gauntlets, Runed Copper Pants, Runescale Girdle, Rusted Chain Leggings, Rusted Chain Vest, Rusted Engineering Parts, Rusty Hatchet, Sage's Sash of the Eagle, Sandspire Gloves, Sanguine Cape, Savannah Bracers, Scavenger Tunic, Scimitar, Scouting Bracers, Scouting Cloak of the Eagle, Scouting Cloak of the Whale, Scouting Gloves of the Eagle, Scouting Gloves of the Whale, Scouting Trousers of the Owl, Sealed Envelope, Searing Blade, Seer's Gloves, Serpent Gloves, Shimmering Boots of the Falcon, Shimmering Gloves of the Owl, Short Bastard Sword of the Bear, Short-handled Battle Axe, Silver-plated Shotgun, Silver-thread Cuffs, Silvered Bronze Boots, Silvered Bronze Breastplate, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Silvered Bronze Leggings, Simple Britches of the Wolf, Simple Linen Boots, Simple Linen Pants, Slicer Blade, Small Chest, Small Green Dagger, Smith's Trousers, Snufflenose Command Stick, Snufflenose Owner's Manual, Sodium Nitrate, Soft-soled Linen Boots, Soldier's Boots of the Boar, Soldier's Boots of the Monkey, Soldier's Leggings of the Bear, Soldier's Leggings of the Boar, Spore-covered Tunic, Stable Boots, Stamped Trousers, Standard Scope, Staunch Hammer, Stinging Mace, Stomping Boots, Strong Fishing Pole, Studded Leather Harness, Sturdy Quarterstaff of the Wolf, Stylish Red Shirt, Super Reaper 6000 Blueprints, Sword of Corruption, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Pants, Taskmaster Axe, Tattered Cloth Belt, Tear of the Moons, Thick War Axe, Totemic Clan Ring, Toughened Leather Gloves, Tribal Boots, Tribal Vest, Twisted Chanter's Staff, Venomstrike, Veteran Gloves, Veteran Leggings, War Torn Tunic of the Gorilla, Warped Blade, Warped Leather Boots, Warped Leather Gloves, Warped Leather Pants, Warped Leather Vest, Webwing Cloak, Weighted Throwing Axe, White Linen Shirt, Wildkeeper Leggings, Willow Belt of the Falcon, Willow Gloves of the Eagle, Willow Pants of the Falcon, Wind Rider Staff, Withered Staff, Wolf Bracers, Wood Pulp, Woolen Boots, Woolen Cape, Worn Large Shield, Worn Leather Vest, Worn Mail Pants, Worn Shortbow, Zombie Skin Boots

Monsters: Armored Scorpid, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Foreman, Bael'dun Officer, Bael'dun Rifleman, Bael'dun Soldier, Blackened Ancient, Blackened Basilisk, Bloodfury Roguefeather, Bloodfury Storm Witch, Bluffwatcher, Brave Moonhorn, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Caretaker Caice, Charred Ancient, Dalaran Apprentice, Daughter of Cenarius, Deathguard Phillip, Deathguard Saltain, Deepmoss Creeper, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deepmoss Webspinner, Deer, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lasher, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Stalker, Deviate Stinglash, Devouring Ectoplasm, Dig Rat, Druid of the Fang, Earthborer, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Evolving Ectoplasm, Feegly the Exiled, Galak Windchaser, Gaxim Rustfizzle, General Twinbraid, Gogger Geomancer, Gogger Rock Keeper, Great Courser, Greater Plainstrider, Grimble, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grish Longrunner, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Kaela Shadowspear, Kelsey Yance, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kreenig Snarlsnout, Lakota'mani, Lord Cyrik Blackforge, Lord Pythas, Lost Barrens Kodo, Mad Magglish, Mindless Zombie, Molten Elemental, Mor'rogal, Mosh'Ogg Brute, Oggleflint, Old Man Heming, Ornery Plainstrider, Pridewing Consort, Pridewing Wyvern, Prospector Khazgorm, Ragefire Shaman, Ragefire Trogg, Raging Cliff Stormer, Rat, Rattlecage Skeleton, Razormane Defender, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Mystic, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Water Seeker, Sap Beast, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Matriarch, Shadowmaw Panther, Snake, Snapjaw Crocolisk, Son of Cenarius, Stormhide, Stormsnout, Stranglethorn Tigress, Swiftmane, Thrashtail Basilisk, Tsunaman, Unknown Entity, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Logger, Venture Co. Operator, Vol'jin, Wretched Zombie, XT:4, XT:9, Young Chimaera, Young Pridewing, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Zarena Cromwind, Zhevra Runner

NPCs: Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun, Fargon Mortalak, Gann Stonespire, Hurklor, Kilxx, Thrall