Nov 17th - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on November 17, 2004, 07:00 PM
New Quests: Assassination Plot, Grimtotem Spying, Homeward Bound, Humbert's Sword, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, Investigate the Alchemist Shop - Part 2?, Protect Kanati Greycloud, Sacred Fire, Satyr Horns, Serpent Wild, Stonetalon Standstill, Torek's Assault, Warsong Runner Update - Part 3?

Updated Quests: Alien Egg, Ashenvale Outrunners, Battle of Hillsbrad, Between a Rock and a Thistlefur, Blueleaf Tubers, Brutal Armor (Warrior), Cycle of Rebirth, Forsaken Aid, Harpies Threaten, King of the Foulweald, Leaders of the Fang, Lost in Battle, Melor Sends Word, Naga at the Zoram Strand, Pacify the Centaurs , Prowlers of the Barrens, Serpentbloom, Steelsnap, The Disruption Ends, The Essence of Aku'Mai, The Missing Shipment - Part II, The Rescue, Time To Strike, Troll Charm, Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem , Warsong Scout Update, Warsong Supplies, Wind Rider

New Items: Alien Egg, Assassination Note, Banded Helm of the Boar, Barbarian War Axe of the Boar, Baron's Scepter, Battering Hammer of the Bear, Battle Knife of the Tiger, Battleforge Legguards of the Eagle, Beaded Cloak, Bean Soup, BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore, Bloodspattered Sash of the Gorilla, Bloodspattered Wristbands of the Boar, Bright Sphere, Broken Lock, Bronze Battle Axe, Brutal War Axe of the Eagle, Brutal War Axe of the Monkey, Brute Hammer, Buccaneer's Cape of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Gloves of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Mantle, Buccaneer's Orb of the Owl, Defender Bracers of the Tiger, Defender Shield of the Wolf, Dervish Gloves of the Monkey, Dervish Leggings of the Monkey, Dervish Spaulders of the Owl, Dokebi Cape, Elder's Cloak of the Owl, Feral Bindings of the Wolf, Feral Cloak of the Falcon, Feral Gloves of the Wolf, Feral Leggings of the Wolf, Feral Shoes of the Falcon, Fortified Cloak of the Eagle, Golden Rod, Greenweave Robe of the Owl, Grizzly Buckler of the Falcon, Grizzly Pants of the Gorilla, Grunt's Chestpiece of the Eagle, Gypsy Tunic of the Falcon, Heaven Peach, Highperch Wyvern Egg, Hulking Boots, Hulking Shield, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, Incendia Agave, Infiltrator Cap of the Monkey, Ivy Orb of the Owl, Ivycloth Cloak of the Owl, Ivycloth Sash of the Eagle, Juju Hex Robes, Leaden Mace of the Bear, Loamflake Bracers, Lupine Leggings of the Falcon, Lupine Slippers of the Gorilla, Lupine Slippers of the Whale, Lupine Vest of the Whale, Lupine Vest of the Wolf, Native Bands, Native Vest of the Eagle, Native Vest of the Owl, Pagan Mitts of the Falcon, Pagan Shoes of the Eagle, Palestrider Gloves, Panther Cage Key, Pathfinder Cloak of the Monkey, Phalanx Headguard of the Gorilla, Polished Walking Staff, Primal Kilt of the Falcon, Primal Wraps of the Eagle, Raw Mithril Head Trout, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Raw Redgill, Raw Sunscale Salmon, Rigid Gloves of the Eagle, Rigid Leggings of the Falcon, Ritual Sandals of the Eagle, Ritual Tunic of the Owl, Robust Cloak of the Whale, Sanguine Trousers, Scaled Cloak of the Monkey, Sentinel Bracers of the Falcon, Severing Axe of the Bear, Severing Axe of the Monkey, Shimmering Sash of the Wolf, Shinsollo, Slayer's Cuffs, Spiked Chain Leggings of the Eagle, Spiked Chain Slippers of the Gorilla, Spiked Chain Slippers of the Tiger, Steamed Mandu, Strong Anti-Venom, Sturdy Quarterstaff of the Whale, Superior Cloak of the Monkey, Thistlefur Cloak of the Owl, Versicolor Treat, Warsong Scout Update, Wicked Throwing Dagger, Wild Ricecake, Wolfmane Wristguards, Wrangler's Belt of the Owl, Wrangler's Belt of the Whale, Wrangler's Gloves of the Gorilla, Wrangler's Leggings of the Eagle, Wrangler's Mantle of the Whale

Updated Items: Aboriginal Gloves of the Eagle, Aboriginal Loincloth of the Owl, Aboriginal Sash of the Whale, Adept's Gloves, Anti-Venom, Apothecary Gloves, Apprentice's Pants, Apprentice's Robe, Archery Training Gloves, Armor of the Fang, Augmented Chain Gloves, Azure Sash, Azure Silk Hood, Azure Silk Vest, Balanced Throwing Dagger, Bandit Boots of the Monkey, Bandit Boots of the Whale, Bandit Bracers of the Whale, Bandit Cinch of the Owl, Bandit Cloak of the Eagle, Bandit Gloves of the Whale, Barbaric Battle Axe of the Monkey, Barbaric Battle Axe of the Tiger, Barbaric Battle Axe of the Whale, Barbaric Leggings, Barbaric Linen Vest, Barbaric Shoulders, Bard's Belt of the Wolf, Bard's Boots of the Falcon, Bard's Boots of the Monkey, Bard's Gloves of the Eagle, Bard's Gloves of the Monkey, Bard's Gloves of the Owl, Bard's Trousers of the Eagle, Bard's Trousers of the Monkey, Bard's Trousers of the Tiger, Bard's Tunic of the Monkey, Bard's Tunic of the Owl, Bard's Tunic of the Whale, Barkeeper's Cloak, Barkshell Tunic, Battered Leather Belt, Battered Leather Boots, Battered Leather Bracers, Battered Leather Gloves, Battered Leather Harness, Battered Leather Pants, Battle Slayer of the Monkey, Battleforge Girdle of the Gorilla, Battleforge Shield of the Tiger, Battlesmasher of the Bear, Battleworn Chain Leggings, Battleworn Leather Gloves, Beaded Robe of the Owl, Bear Bracers, Belt of the Fang, Bent Large Shield, Bent Staff, Berylline Pads, Big Bronze Knife, Binding Girdle, Blade of Cunning, Bleeding Crescent, Blemished Wooden Staff, Bloodspattered Gloves of the Bear, Bloodspattered Sabatons of the Bear, Bloodspattered Sash of the Boar, Blue Linen Robe, Blue Linen Shirt, Blue Overalls, Bone-studded Leather, Bound Harness, Bow of Plunder, Braced Handguards, Brackwater Boots, Brackwater Gauntlets, Brackwater Vest, Brewer's Gloves, Bright Bracers, Bright Gloves, Bristlebark Boots, Bristlebark Gloves, Broad Axe, Broken Antler, Bronze Axe, Bronze Bar, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Mace, Bronze Shortsword, Bronze Warhammer, Brown Linen Pants, Brown Linen Shirt, Bruiser Club, Brutal Hauberk, Buccaneer's Boots of the Owl, Buckled Boots, Burnished Cloak, Burnt Leather Boots, Burnt Leather Breeches, Cadet Cloak, Cadet Vest of the Bear, Calico Shoes, Calico Tunic, Camouflaged Tunic, Canvas Cloak, Carpenter's Mallet, Cavedweller Bracers, Ceranium Rod, Ceremonial Knife, Ceremonial Leather Gloves, Ceremonial Leather Harness, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Cerulean Talisman of the Owl, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Bracers, Chainmail Gloves, Charger's Pants of the Bear, Charred Razormane Wand, Charred Wolf Meat, Cinched Belt, Clay Ring of the Bear, Claystone Shortsword, Cliff Runner Boots, Cliffrunner's Aim, Coarse Grinding Stone, Coarse Sharpening Stone, Coarse Weightstone, Cobalt Ring of the Owl, Copper Axe, Copper Bar, Copper Battle Axe, Copper Bracers, Copper Chain Belt, Copper Chain Boots, Copper Chain Pants, Copper Chain Vest, Copper Claymore, Copper Dagger, Copper Mace, Copper Shortsword, Coral Band of the Gorilla, Crescent Staff, Crystalline Cuffs, Cuirboulli Boots, Cured Leather Gloves, Cured Light Hide, Cured Medium Hide, Curved Dagger, Cushioned Boots, Dalaran Wizard's Robe, Dark Leather Belt, Dark Leather Boots, Dark Leather Cloak, Dark Leather Pants, Dark Leather Tunic, Dark Silk Shirt, Darkwood Staff, Deadly Blunderbuss, Defender Boots of the Tiger, Defender Cloak of the Boar, Defender Leggings of the Bear, Demolition Hammer, Dented Buckler, Desert Shoulders, Deviate Scale Belt, Dirt-trodden Boots, Dirty Leather Boots, Dirty Leather Gloves, Disciple's Bracers, Disciple's Gloves, Disciple's Pants of the Owl, Double-layered Gloves, Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders, Draftsman Boots, Dredgemire Leggings, Dry Moss Tunic, Dusky Bracers, Dust-covered Leggings, Earthen Leather Shoulders, Elder's Cane, Emblazoned Leggings, Embossed Leather Boots, Embossed Leather Cloak, Embossed Leather Gloves, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Vest, Embroidered Belt, Embroidered Bracers, Embroidered Gloves, Embroidered Hat, Embroidered Pants, Engineer's Cloak, Engineer's Hammer, Everglow Lantern, Excelsior Boots, Feral Bindings of the Eagle, Feral Bindings of the Monkey, Feral Bindings of the Whale, Feral Cord of the Eagle, Feral Cord of the Monkey, Feral Cord of the Owl, Feral Gloves of the Falcon, Feral Gloves of the Owl, Feral Gloves of the Tiger, Feral Harness of the Owl, Feral Leggings of the Monkey, Feral Shoes of the Owl, Fiery Cloak, Fine Leather Belt, Fine Leather Boots, Fine Leather Cloak, Fine Leather Gloves, Fine Leather Tunic, Fine Longbow, Fire Wand, Firebelcher, Firefin Snapper, Firestarter, Firewalker Boots, Fishing Pole, Flax Boots, Flax Gloves, Flax Vest, Flesh Piercer, Fletcher's Gloves, Flimsy Chain Boots, Flimsy Chain Cloak, Flying Tiger Goggles, Footpads of the Fang, Forester's Axe of the Tiger, Forsaken Dagger, Fortified Bindings, Fortified Cloak of the Bear, Fortified Leggings of the Bear, Fortified Spaulders of the Bear, Fortified Spaulders of the Gorilla, Francisca, Frayed Belt, Frayed Bracers, Frayed Cloak, Frayed Gloves, Frayed Pants, Frayed Robe, Frayed Shoes, Gallan Cuffs, Gargoyle Leggings, Gem-studded Leather Belt, Gemmed Copper Gauntlets of the Bear, Gemmed Copper Gauntlets of the Monkey, Gloves of Meditation, Gloves of the Fang, Gloves of the Moon, Glyphed Bracers, Gnomish Universal Remote, Goblin Smasher, Gold Bar, Gray Woolen Shirt, Great Axe, Greater Adept's Robe, Greater Magic Wand, Green Iron Boots, Green Iron Helm, Green Iron Leggings, Green Leather Bracers, Green Linen Bracers, Green Linen Shirt, Green Tinted Goggles, Greenweave Gloves of the Owl, Grim Pauldrons, Grimtoll Wristguards, Grizzled Boots, Grizzly Bracers, Grizzly Gloves, Grizzly Jerkin of the Eagle, Grizzly Jerkin of the Falcon, Grizzly Jerkin of the Owl, Grizzly Pants of the Monkey, Grizzly Pants of the Owl, Grunt Vest, Grunt's Bracers of the Boar, Grunt's Cape of the Bear, Grunt's Pauldrons of the Bear, Gypsy Bands, Gypsy Cloak, Gypsy Gloves, Hammer of Orgrimmar, Hammerfist Gloves, Handsewn Cloak, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Boots, Handstitched Leather Bracers, Handstitched Leather Cloak, Handstitched Leather Pants, Handstitched Leather Vest, Handstitched Linen Britches, Harlequin Robes, Heavy Bronze Mace, Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Copper Maul, Heavy Cord Bracers, Heavy Crossbow, Heavy Grinding Stone, Heavy Hammer, Heavy Linen Bandage, Heavy Linen Gloves, Heavy Mithril Gauntlet, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Sharpening Stone, Heavy Silk Bandage, Heavy Spiked Mace, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Weave Pants, Heavy Weave Shoes, Heavy Weightstone, Heavy Wool Bandage, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Heirloom Sword, Hickory Shortbow, High Robe of the Adjudicator, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Leather Vest, Hillman's Shoulders, Hornwood Recurve Bow, Hulking Leggings, Hunter's Boomstick, Hunter's Muzzle Loader, Hunting Gloves, Hunting Pants, Hunting Tunic, Infantry Cloak, Infantry Gauntlets, Infantry Tunic of the Bear, Inscribed Leather Boots, Inscribed Leather Bracers, Inscribed Leather Pants, Iron Bar, Iron Buckle, Ironforge Breastplate, Ironpatch Blade, Ironwood Maul, Ivycloth Bracelets of the Owl, Jagged Chain Vest, Jagged Dagger, Kimbra Boots, Knitted Bracers, Large Axe, Leggings of the Fang, Leggings of the People's Militia, Lesser Magic Wand, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Light Armor Kit, Light Chain Bracers, Light Chain Gloves, Light Crossbow, Light Leather, Light Leather Bracers, Light Leather Pants, Light Leather Quiver, Lightheel Boots, Lightweight Boots, Linen Bandage, Linen Belt, Linen Boots, Linen Cloak, Loose Chain Bracers, Loose Chain Vest, Lupine Cord of the Whale, Lupine Cord of the Wolf, Lupine Handwraps of the Eagle, Lupine Handwraps of the Monkey, Lupine Leggings of the Eagle, Lupine Vest of the Falcon, Lupine Vest of the Monkey, Mace, Madwolf Bracers, Mageweave Bandage, Mail Combat Armguards, Main Gauche, Mantle of Honor, Marbled Buckler, Meadow Ring of the Wolf, Medicine Staff of the Eagle, Medicine Staff of the Whale, Medium Armor Kit, Medium Leather, Merciless Axe, Mighty Chain Pants, Mithril Bar, Moonglow Vest, Morning Star, Murloc Scale Breastplate, Mystic Sarong, Mystic's Slippers, Netted Gloves, Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Pants, Nightscape Shoulders, Nightscape Tunic, Nimble Leather Gloves, Nomadic Belt, Nomadic Gloves, Novice's Robe, Odo's Ley Staff, Orcish War Chain, Outrunner's Cloak of the Bear, Outrunner's Cuffs of the Bear, Owl Bracers, Padded Lamellar Boots, Pagan Bands of the Whale, Pagan Cape of the Eagle, Pagan Cape of the Owl, Pagan Mantle, Painted Chain Leggings, Patched Leather Boots, Patched Leather Bracers, Patchwork Belt, Patchwork Bracers, Patchwork Pants, Patchwork Shoes, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Pearl-clasped Cloak, Pearl-handled Dagger, Pioneer Belt, Pioneer Boots, Pioneer Trousers of the Monkey, Pioneer Tunic of the Owl, Pioneer Tunic of the Whale, Plains Hunter Wristguards, Plainsguard Leggings, Primal Boots, Primal Kilt of the Eagle, Primal Kilt of the Monkey, Primal Mitts, Primal Wraps of the Monkey, Primitive Hand Blade, Primitive Mantle, Privateer Musket, Pronged Reaver, Prospector's Boots, Prospector's Buckler, Prospector's Cloak, Prospector's Mitts, Quagmire Galoshes, Quilted Bracers, Ragged Leather Belt, Ragged Leather Boots, Ragged Leather Bracers, Ragged Leather Gloves, Ragged Leather Pants, Ragged Leather Vest, Raider's Belt of the Bear, Raider's Belt of the Eagle, Raider's Boots of the Gorilla, Raider's Bracers of the Bear, Raider's Cloak of the Bear, Raider's Cloak of the Monkey, Raider's Cloak of the Whale, Raider's Legguards of the Bear, Raider's Legguards of the Eagle, Rambling Boots, Rawhide Pants, Razormane Backstabber, Reconnaissance Boots, Red Linen Robe, Red Linen Shirt, Reef Axe, Reinforced Leather Belt, Reinforced Leather Bracers, Reinforced Leather Cap, Reinforced Leather Gloves, Reinforced Leather Pants, Reinforced Leather Vest, Reinforced Linen Cape, Relic Blade, Ridge Cleaver of the Monkey, Rigid Belt of the Owl, Rigid Belt of the Whale, Ripped Pants, Ritual Bands of the Owl, Ritual Cape of the Eagle, Ritual Cape of the Whale, Ritual Gloves of the Owl, Riverpaw Mystic Staff, Riveted Gauntlets, Roasted Boar Meat, Robe of the Moccasin, Robust Leggings of the Owl, Rod of the Sleepwalker, Rough Boomstick, Rough Bronze Boots, Rough Bronze Cuirass, Rough Bronze Leggings, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Rough Copper Vest, Rough Grinding Stone, Rough Leather Vest, Rough Sharpening Stone, Rough Weightstone, Rough-hewn Kodo Leggings, Runed Copper Belt, Runed Copper Bracers, Runed Copper Breastplate, Runed Copper Gauntlets, Runed Copper Pants, Rusted Chain Boots, Rusty Hatchet, Sacred Burial Trousers, Samophlange Screwdriver, Sandrunner Wristguards, Sanguine Cape, Sanguine Cuffs, Savannah Bracers, Scouting Belt of the Monkey, Scouting Tunic of the Owl, Seal of Sylvanas, Seasoned Fighter's Cloak, Seer's Gloves, Sentry's Cape of the Bear, Serpent's Shoulders, Serrated Knife, Sharpened Letter Opener, Shimmering Bracers of the Whale, Shimmering Gloves of the Eagle, Shimmering Gloves of the Falcon, Shimmering Robe of the Whale, Shimmering Sash of the Eagle, Shining Silver Breastplate, Shrapnel Blaster, Shucking Gloves, Silk Bandage, Silk Headband, Silver Bar, Silver Rod, Silver-plated Shotgun, Silver-thread Boots, Silvered Bronze Boots, Silvered Bronze Breastplate, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Silvered Bronze Shoulders, Simple Britches of the Wolf, Simple Robe of the Eagle, Slatemetal Cutlass, Sleek Feathered Tunic, Small Leather Ammo Pouch, Soft Wool Belt, Soft Wool Boots, Soft-soled Linen Boots, Soldier's Boots of the Boar, Soldier's Boots of the Monkey, Soldier's Gauntlets of the Whale, Solid Iron Maul, Spellfire Robes, Spiced Wolf Meat, Spiked Chain Cloak of the Bear, Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads of the Bear, Stable Boots, Stalvan's Reaper, Stamped Trousers, Steady Bastard Sword, Steel Bar, Steel Plate Helm, Steel-clasped Bracers, Stinging Mace, Stomping Boots, Stonevault Shiv, Strong Fishing Pole, Sturdy Cloth Trousers, Sturdy Quarterstaff, Sturdy Quarterstaff of the Wolf, Stylish Blue Shirt, Stylish Green Shirt, Stylish Red Shirt, Tabar, Tanned Leather Belt, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Tanned Leather Pants, Tattered Cloth Belt, Thick War Axe, Tiger Hide Boots, Tiger Hunter Gloves, Tin Bar, Tomahawk, Toughened Leather Armor, Toughened Leather Gloves, Training Sword, Tribal Boots, Tribal Gloves, Tribal Pants, Tribal Vest, Tundra Boots, Tunic of Westfall, Tusken Helm, Vagabond Leggings, Veiled Grips, Venomstrike, Veteran Gloves, Walking Stick, War Maul, War Paint Chestpiece, War Paint Cloak, War Torn Tunic of the Bear, War Torn Tunic of the Gorilla, Warped Leather Boots, Warped Leather Bracers, Warped Leather Gloves, Warped Leather Pants, Warrior's Pants, Warrior's Tunic, Warsong Boots, Warsong Gauntlets, Warsong Sash, Wayfaring Gloves, White Linen Robe, White Linen Shirt, Wicked Chain Bracers of the Bear, Wide Metal Girdle, Willow Belt of the Eagle, Willow Belt of the Monkey, Willow Belt of the Owl, Willow Boots of the Owl, Willow Bracers of the Eagle, Willow Gloves of the Owl, Withered Staff, Wolf Bracers, Wood Chopper, Woodland Tunic, Wool Bandage, Woolen Boots, Worn Axe, Worn Large Shield, Worn Leather Boots, Worn Leather Pants, Worn Leather Vest, Worn Mace, Worn Shortbow, Wrangler's Cloak of the Eagle, Wrangler's Wristbands of the Monkey, Yorgen Bracers, Zodiac Gloves, Zweihander, "Mage-Eye" Blunderbuss

Monsters: Aku'mai Fisher, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Andi Lynn, Anya Maulray, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Armored Scorpid, Ashenvale Bear, Ashenvale Outrunner, Bera Stonehammer, Bessany Plainswind, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blindlight Murloc, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Roguefeather, Bloodfury Slayer, Bloodfury Storm Witch, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Bluffwatcher, Boiling Elemental, Bunthen Plainswind, Burning Blade Apprentice, Burning Blade Fanatic, Burning Blade Neophyte, Burning Blade Thug, Buzzek Bracketswing, Celes Earthborne, Cenarion Botanist, Christoph Jeffcoat, Cloud Serpent, Crag Stalker, Cursed Darkhound, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dargon, Darnall, Daryl Stack, Daughter of Cenarius, Deathguard Humbert, Deathstalker Lesh, Delgren the Purifier, Delia Verana, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Dreadfang, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lasher, Deviate Python, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Venomwing, Deviate Viper, Dire Mottled Boar, Dog, Druid of the Fang, Duriel Moonfire, Elder Ashenvale Bear, Elder Cloud Serpent, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Shadowhorn Stag, Enraged Panther, Enraged Stone Spirit, Ertog Ragetusk, Evolving Ectoplasm, Fahrak, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Felguard, Feran Strongwind, Fizzle Darkstorm, Fleeting Plainstrider, Forest Moss Creeper, Framnali, Freewind Brave, Galak Assassin, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Messenger, Galak Scout, Galak Stormer, Galak Windchaser, Galak Wrangler, Geenia Sunshadow, Ghostpaw Alpha, Ghostpaw Runner, Giant Moss Creeper, Gimblethorn, Glasshide Basilisk, Gravelsnout Forager, Gravelsnout Kobold, Gray Bear, Greater Plainstrider, Grimtotem Geomancer, Har'alen, High Executor Darthalia, Highperch Consort, Highperch Patriarch, Highperch Wyvern, Hillsbrad Footman, Innkeeper Kaylisk, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Shay, Kanati Greycloud, Kharedon, Lady Anacondra, Laer Stepperunner, Lightning Hide, Loganaar, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Pythas, Lord Serpentis, Lorelae Wintersong, Loruk Foreststrider, Malvor, Mangy Duskbat, Marukai, Mastok Wrilehiss, Meliri, Melisara, Monika Sengutz, Moonglade Warden, Moonrage Glutton, Moren Riverbend, Motega Firemane, Mottled Worg, Murkshallow Snapclaw, My'lanna, Mylentha Riverbend, Mystlash Hydra, Narianna, Needles Cougar, Night Web Matriarch, Night Web Spider, Ornery Plainstrider, Pao'ka Swiftmountain, Patrick Garrett, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Pixel, Qizzik, Quinn, Rabine Saturna, Ragged Scavenger, Rattlecage Skeleton, Razor Hill Grunt, Reef Shark, Riding Horse, Riding Raptor, Rok'Alim the Pounder, Rot Hide Gladerunner, Rot Hide Mystic, Rotting Slime, Salt Flats Scavenger, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltstone Gazer, Samuel Fipps, Scalding Elemental, Scarlet Convert, Scarlet Initiate, Scarlet Zealot, Scorpid Hunter, Scorpid Reaver, Scorpid Terror, Searing Infernal, Senani Thunderheart, Shadethicket Bark Ripper, Shadethicket Stone Mover, Shara Blazen, Sian'tsu, Silithid Hive Drone, Silithid Searcher, Silva Fil'naveth, Silverwing Sentinel, S