Nov 18th - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on November 18, 2004, 10:00 PM
New Quests: Ammo for Rumbleshot, Scaring Shaky, Stoley's Debt

New Items: Abjurer's Boots of the Owl, Abjurer's Pants of the Owl, Acrobatic Staff of the Owl, Arachnidian Footpads of the Owl, Arachnidian Gloves of the Owl, Arcane Bands, Arcane Cover, Arcane Pads, Band of the Heirophant, Banded Gauntlets of the Bear, Battleforge Shield of the Bear, Blight Leather Gloves, Bloodforged Belt of the Eagle, Bloodforged Bindings of the Whale, Bloodforged Shoulder Pads of the Bear, Boots of Devotion, Breastplate of Valor, Brigade Pauldrons of the Boar, Bright Mantle, Cabalist Belt of the Wolf, Cabalist Chestpiece of the Monkey, Cabalist Helm of the Monkey, Cerise Drape, Champion's Cape of the Owl, Chieftain's Boots of the Eagle, Chieftain's Cloak of the Whale, Chieftain's Gloves of the Eagle, Chieftain's Headdress of the Eagle, Chieftain's Headdress of the Monkey, Coldtouch Phantom Wraps, Commander's Gauntlets of the Eagle, Commander's Pauldrons of the Eagle, Councillor's Pants of the Eagle, Councillor's Tunic of the Owl, Crochet Belt, Crusader's Belt of the Eagle, Crusader's Boots of the Eagle, Crusader's Leggings of the Monkey, Crusader's Pauldrons of the Tiger, Crystal Sword of the Tiger, Dark Iron Ring of the Monkey, Deathbone Gauntlets, Deep River Cloak, Diviner Long Staff of the Eagle, Durable Pants of the Owl, Dustfall Robes, Ebonsteel Spaulders, Elegant Belt of the Owl, Elegant Boots of the Eagle, Elegant Boots of the Owl, Elegant Circlet of the Eagle, Elegant Cloak of the Falcon, Ember Wand of the Falcon, Emberplate Armguards of the Tiger, Embossed Plate Bracers of the Bear, Emerald Breastplate of the Eagle, Emerald Girdle of the Eagle, Engraved Cape of the Eagle, Formidable Sabatons of the Falcon, Formidable Shoulder Pads of the Falcon, Frostweave Tunic, Gaea's Cloak of the Whale, Gaea's Leggings of the Whale, Ghostweave Gloves, Ghostweave Pants, Ghostweave Vest, Gorewood Bow, Greenweave Leggings of the Owl, Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings, Hands of Power, Harpy Needler of the Tiger, Headstriker Sword of the Tiger, Heavy Lamellar Boots of the Bear, Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets of the Whale, Heavy Lamellar Helm of the Whale, Heavy Lamellar Vambraces of the Eagle, Hibernal Bracers, High Councillor's Bracers of the Owl, High Councillor's Cloak of the Falcon, High Councillor's Sash of the Owl, Imperial Red Circlet, Imperial Red Gloves, Imperial Red Pants, Imperial Red Sash, Iridium Circle of the Gorilla, Ivy Orb of the Eagle, Jadefire Cloak of the Owl, Jazeraint Boots of the Wolf, Jazeraint Bracers of the Bear, Jazeraint Leggings of the Boar, Knight's Pauldrons of the Bear, Lavawalker Greaves, Legplates of Valor, Lofty Sabatons of the Bear, Lunar Handwraps of the Eagle, Myrmidon's Helm, Nightshade Boots of the Owl, Nightshade Girdle of the Eagle, Nobles Brand of the Bear, Omokk's Girth Restrainer, Opulent Robes of the Owl, Ornate Adamantium Breastplate, Ornate Bracers of the Owl, Ornate Cloak of the Owl, Ornate Pauldrons of the Monkey, Overlord's Crown of the Tiger, Overlord's Greaves of the Tiger, Overlord's Spaulders of the Bear, Plow Wood Spaulders, Potent Cape of the Monkey, Praetorian Leggings of the Eagle, Praetorian Wristbands of the Monkey, Regal Gloves of the Eagle, Renegade Shield of the Tiger, Righteous Boots of the Boar, Righteous Gloves of the Eagle, Royal Amice of the Eagle, Rune Sword of the Tiger, Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, Saltstone Girdle of the Bear, Saltstone Sabatons of the Whale, Scaled Cloak of the Falcon, Scaled Leather Bracers of the Wolf, Scepter of the Unholy, Sorcerer Bracelets of the Eagle, Sorcerer Cloak of the Eagle, Sorcerer Slippers of the Falcon, Spaulders of the Unseen, Stormrager, Superior Shoulders of the Tiger, Swashbuckler's Belt of the Monkey, Swashbuckler's Boots of the Monkey, Swashbuckler's Bracers of the Eagle, Swashbuckler's Bracers of the Monkey, Swashbuckler's Cape of the Whale, Swashbuckler's Eyepatch of the Whale, Swashbuckler's Gloves of the Tiger, Swashbuckler's Leggings of the Monkey, Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads of the Eagle, Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads of the Monkey, Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads of the Whale, Symbolic Crown, Tracker's Shoulderpads of the Eagle, Tracker's Tunic of the Wolf, Traveller's Boots, Traveller's Helm, Turquoise Sash, Tyrant's Armguards, Tyrant's Epaulets, Tyrant's Greaves, Umbral Wand of the Eagle, Valiant Shortsword, Vice Grips of the Bear, Vorpal Dagger of the Bear, Wanderer's Bracers of the Eagle, Wanderer's Cloak of the Eagle, Wanderer's Hat of the Tiger, Warbear Harness, Warbringer's Chestguard of the Bear, Warstrike Gauntlets, Witherseed Gloves, Wrangler's Boots of the Eagle

Updated Items: Acidic Walkers, Acolyte's Robe, Aegis of Stormwind, Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, Angerforge's Battle Axe, Annihilator, Apprentice's Robe, Arbiter's Blade, Arcane Gloves, Arcane Runed Bracers, Arcane Sash, Arcanite Reaper, Archaedic Stone of the Eagle, Archaedic Stone of the Falcon, Archaedic Stone of the Monkey, Archaedic Stone of the Whale, Archaeologist's Quarry Boots, Archeus, Arctic Pendent of the Monkey, Arctic Ring of the Monkey, Assault Band, Atal'ai Gloves of the Owl, Aurora Bracers, Backusarian Gauntlets, Bad Mojo Mask, Barbaric Leggings, Barbaric Shoulders, Barov Peasant Caller, Battleborn Armbraces, Battlecaller Gauntlets, Bear Shawl, Bejeweled Legguards, Belt of Corruption, Belt of the Gladiator, Big Voodoo Cloak, BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore, Black Mageweave Boots, Black Mageweave Gloves, Black Mageweave Headband, Black Mageweave Leggings, Black Mageweave Robe, Black Mageweave Vest, Black Menace, Black Swashbuckler's Shirt, Black Velvet Robes, Black Whelp Gloves, Blackflame Cape, Blackforge Cape, Blackhand Doomsaw, Blackhand's Breadth, Blazing Rapier, Bleak Howler Armguards, Blight, Blood-etched Blade, Bloodfire Talons, Bloodfist, Blue Linen Shirt, Bluegill Sandals, Boar Champion's Belt, Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias, Brazen Gauntlets, Brown Linen Shirt, Cabalist Boots of the Monkey, Cabalist Leggings of the Wolf, Camping Knife, Cannonball Runner, Cape of the Black Baron, Cape of the Fire Salamander, Captain's Cloak of the Bear, Ceremonial Elven Blade, Cerulean Ring of the Eagle, Cerulean Talisman of the Owl, Champion's Greaves of the Tiger, Charged Gear of the Wolf, Chausses of Westfall, Chief Architect's Monocle, Chief Brigadier Boots, Chief Brigadier Cloak, Chief Brigadier Gauntlets, Chief Brigadier Leggings, Chieftain's Bracers of the Eagle, Chieftain's Gloves of the Tiger, Chieftain's Shoulders of the Monkey, Chromite Barbute, Chromite Bracers, Chromite Greaves, Chromite Legplates, Cindercloth Robe, Cinderhide Armsplints of the Monkey, Civinad Robes, Commander's Gauntlets of the Tiger, Conjurer's Shoes of the Owl, Copper Dagger, Cow King's Hide, Cragfists of the Bear, Cragplate Greaves, Crest of Supremacy, Crimson Silk Belt, Crimson Silk Robe, Crimson Silk Shoulders, Crochet Hat, Crown of the Penitent, Crusader's Cloak of the Monkey, Crystalpine Stinger, Curve-bladed Ripper, Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian, Dark Iron Plate, Dark Silk Shirt, Darktide Cape, Darkweave Breeches, Dazzling Mithril Rapier, Deathmage Sash, Deepfury Bracers, Demon Forged Breastplate, Desert Choker of the Owl, Desert Ring of the Tiger, Devilsaur Gauntlets, Devilsaur Leggings, Dragonscale Breastplate, Dragonscale Gauntlets, Dreamweave Circlet, Dreamweave Vest, Dual Reinforced Leggings, Dusky Belt, Dusky Bracers, Dustfeather Sash, Dwarven Cloth Britches, Dwarven Guard Cloak, Earthborn Kilt, Ebonhold Shoulderpads, Elder's Hat of the Eagle, Elegant Belt of the Eagle, Elegant Leggings of the Eagle, Emberfury Talisman, Emberplate Armguards of the Bear, Emberplate Armguards of the Monkey, Emberscale Cape, Emberstone Staff, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Plate Gauntlets of the Gorilla, Embossed Plate Girdle of the Bear, Emerald Legplates of the Bear, Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe, Energy Cloak, Evergreen Gloves, Eye of Rend, Feathered Headdress, Featherskin Cape, Fen Keeper Robe, Fen Ring of the Tiger, Feral Shoes of the Owl, Field Plate Boots of the Boar, Fiery War Axe, Fire Goggles, Fire Striders, Fist of Omokk, Fists of Phalanx, Flameseer Mantle, Force of Will, Forgotten Wraps, Formal White Shirt, Frayed Shoes, Frostbite Girdle, Funeral Cuffs, Furen's Boots, Galgann's Firehammer, Gauntlets of Divinity, Gem-studded Leather Belt, Ginn-su Sword, Girdle of Reprisal, Gleaming Throwing Axe, Glinting Steel Dagger, Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet, Glowing Brightwood Staff, Glyphed Buckler, Glyphed Mitts, Gnarled Short Staff, Gnomeregan Amulet of the Whale, Gnomish Battle Chicken, Gnomish Cloaking Device, Gnomish Death Ray, Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector, Gnomish Shrink Ray, Goblin Dragon Gun, Goblin Jumper Cables, Goblin Mortar, Golem Skull Helm, Gossamer Headpiece of the Eagle, Gothic Plate Girdle of the Bear, Gothic Plate Girdle of the Monkey, Gothic Plate Vambraces of the Bear, Gray Woolen Shirt, Green Iron Hauberk, Green Iron Helm, Green Iron Leggings, Green Iron Shoulders, Green Linen Shirt, Green Silken Shoulders, Green Tinted Goggles, Greenstone Circle of the Bear, Grimlok's Tribal Vestments, Grizzly Tunic, Gryphon Rider's Leggings, Guardian Cloak, Guardian Talisman, Hakkar'i Breastplate, Hakkar'i Shroud, Hanzo Sword, Haunting Specter Leggings, Heartseeker, Heartseeking Crossbow, Heaven's Light, Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets of the Bear, Heavy Mithril Boots, Heavy Mithril Breastplate, Heavy Mithril Gauntlet, Heavy Mithril Shoulder, Heavy Silk Bandage, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Wool Bandage, Helm of Exile, Heraldic Belt, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hunter's Muzzle Loader, Huntsman's Bands of the Monkey, Hyperion Girdle of the Gorilla, Hyperion Vambraces of the Eagle, Hypnotic Blade, Icefury Wand, Icemail Jerkin, Illusionary Rod, Imbued Plate Gauntlets, Imperial Jewel, Ironaya's Bracers of the Monkey, Ironaya's Bracers of the Owl, Ironaya's Bracers of the Wolf, Ironheel Boots, Ironshod Bludgeon, Jade Serpentblade, Jet Chain of the Boar, Jouster's Wristguards, Junglewalker Sandals, Knight's Breastplate of the Bear, Knight's Cloak of the Bear, Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Legplates of the Eternal Guardian, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Linken's Sword of Mastery, Long Silken Cloak, Magiskull Cuffs, Magni's Will, Magus Ring, Mail Combat Spaulders, Mantle of Honor, Marble Circle of the Bear, Marble Circle of the Boar, Mark of Tyranny, Marsh Ring of the Monkey, Master Hunter's Bow, Masterwork Stormhammer, Mechanical Dragonling, Medicine Blanket, Mistscape Bracers, Mistscape Gloves, Mistwalker Boots, Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, Moonglow Vest, Myrmidon's Cape, Mystical Mantle of the Eagle, Mystical Mantle of the Owl, Nightscape Boots, Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Pants, Nightscape Shoulders, Nightsky Gloves, Obsidian Band of the Whale, Olmann Sewar, Orange Martial Shirt, Orb of Deception, Ornate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Breastplate, Ornate Mithril Gloves, Ornate Mithril Helm, Ornate Mithril Pants, Ornate Mithril Shoulder, Overlord's Chestplate of the Boar, Painweaver Band, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Pearl-handled Dagger, Phalanx Boots of the Monkey, Phalanx Leggings of the Tiger, Phantom Blade, Pink Mageweave Shirt, Plainstalker Tunic, Plated Fist of Hakoo, Precisely Calibrated Boomstick, Pyremail Wristguards of the Monkey, Quicksilver Ring of the Owl, Quintis' Research Gloves, Ragefury Eyepatch, Raptor Hunter Tunic, Razzeric's Racing Grips, Red Mageweave Pants, Red Mageweave Shoulders, Red Mageweave Vest, Red Swashbuckler's Shirt, Regal Cuffs of the Eagle, Reiver Claws, Relentless Scythe, Revenant Boots of the Monkey, Revenant Chestplate of the Boar, Revenant Deflector of the Bear, Revenant Gauntlets of the Gorilla, Revenant Girdle of the Monkey, Revenant Leggings of the Bear, Ribsteel Footguards, Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Ricochet Blunderbuss, Righteous Boots of the Eagle, Righteous Bracers of the Eagle, Righteous Gloves of the Tiger, Righteous Waistguard of the Eagle, Ring of Defense, Riphook, Robe of Power, Robes of Insight, Robes of the Royal Crown, Rockfist, Rough Bronze Leggings, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Rough Weightstone, Royal Cape of the Monkey, Royal Cape of the Owl, Royal Dangui, Runecloth Belt, Runecloth Cloak, Runecloth Gloves, Runecloth Robe, Runed Mithril Hammer, Runesteel Vambraces, Sacrificial Kris of the Tiger, Savannah Ring of the Wolf, Scarlet Belt, Scarlet Boots, Scarlet Chestpiece, Scarlet Kris, Selenium Loop of the Owl, Selenium Loop of the Whale, Serpentskin Bracers, Shadowblade, Shadoweave Mask, Shadowy Bracers, Shalehusk Boots, Shaleskin Cape, Sharp Axe, Shining Silver Breastplate, Shinkicker Boots, Shizzle's Muzzle, Shizzle's Nozzle Wiper, Silver Dress Robes, Silver Star, Silver-thread Boots, Silver-thread Pants, Silvered Bronze Boots, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Simple Dress, Skul's Cold Embrace, Skullforge Reaver, Slaghide Gauntlets of the Owl, Slamshot Shoulders, Slitherscale Boots, Smoking Heart of the Mountain, Smooth Walking Staff, Smotts' Compass, Songstone of Ironforge, Soulkeeper, Soulstealer Mantle, Spectral Necklace of the Owl, Speedy Racer Goggles, Spidersilk Boots, Spritecaster Cape, Staff of Westfall, Stinging Bow, Stoneraven, Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, Stylish Blue Shirt, Stylish Green Shirt, Stylish Red Shirt, Superior Cloak of the Owl, Swamp Pendent of the Tiger, Swampland Trousers, Swashbuckler's Belt of the Tiger, Swashbuckler's Boots of the Tiger, Swift Boots, Swiftwind, Sword of Serenity, Talisman of Evasion, Tellurium Band of the Eagle, Templar Boots of the Eagle, Templar Chestplate of the Bear, Templar Gauntlets of the Bear, Templar Girdle of the Bear, Templar Girdle of the Eagle, Templar Pauldrons of the Bear, Thallium Hoop of the Eagle, Thallium Hoop of the Owl, Thallium Hoop of the Whale, The Chief's Enforcer, The Cruel Hand of Timmy, The Emperor's New Cape, The Postmaster's Seal, The Rockpounder, The Ziggler, Thorium Belt, Thorium Boots, Thorium Bracers, Thorium Helm, Thunderbrow Ring, Tiger Hunter Gloves, Tigerbane, Tooth of Eranikus, Torturing Poker, Tough Scorpid Gloves, Tracker's Tunic of the Bear, Tribal Pants, Trindlehaven Staff, Truesilver Breastplate, Truesilver Champion, Truesilver Gauntlets, Tunic of Westfall, Turtle Scale Breastplate, Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants, Tuxedo Shirt, Twilight Cowl of the Owl, Valorous Girdle, Valorous Legguards, Vanadium Loop of the Eagle, Vanadium Talisman of the Owl, Vanadium Talisman of the Whale, Verek's Collar, Vestments of the Atal'ai Prophet, Vibrant Silk Cape, Vigorsteel Vambraces, Viking Warhammer, Voone's Twitchbow, Vosh'gajin's Strand, Wall of the Dead, Wanderer's Boots of the Monkey, Wandering Boots, War Rider Bracers, Warforged Chestplate, Warmaster Legguards, Warrior's Embrace, Whirlwind Sword, White Linen Shirt, White Swashbuckler's Shirt, White Wedding Dress, Wicked Chain Bracers of the Bear, Wicked Leather Gauntlets, Wicked Throwing Dagger, Wild Leather Boots of the Tiger, Willey's Portable Howitzer, Windborne Belt, Windscale Sarong, Wolfshear Leggings, Wyrmhide Spaulders, Wyrmslayer Spaulders, Yeti Fur Cloak

Monsters: Adult Plainstrider, Blue Mechanostrider, Brikk Keencraft, Dizzy One-Eye, Elder Plainstrider, Flatland Cougar, Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A, Jansen Underwood, McGavan, Oglethorpe Obnoticus, Prairie Stalker, Red Mechanostrider, Smolderweb Hatchling, Unpainted Mechanostrider, White Kitten, Windfury Matriarch, Windfury Sorceress, Worg Pup

NPCs: "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, Fargon Mortalak, Hurklor