Dec 2nd - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on December 2, 2004, 03:30 PM

Updated Quests:
A Dark Threat Looms, A Dark Threat Looms - Part II, A Dark Threat Looms - Part III, A Dark Threat Looms - Part IV, A Dark Threat Looms - Part V, Centaur Bracers, Herzul Bloodmark, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, Kolkar Leaders, Letter to Jin'Zil, The Weaver, Verog the Dervish

Updated Items:
Corsair's Overshirt, Cruel Barb, Darkweave Breeches, Diamond Hammer, Gargoyle's Bite, Guardian Blade, Looming Gavel, Magefist Gloves, Outlaw Sabre, Searing Blade, Silver-linked Footguards, Spidersilk Boots, Toughened Leather Gloves, Tunic of Westfall, Twisted Chanter's Staff, Venomstrike, Verigan's Fist, Wingblade, Aboriginal Footwraps of the Eagle, Acidproof Cloak, Agile Boots, Apothecary Gloves, Aurora Sash, Azure Silk Pants, Balanced Fighting Stick, Bandit Boots of the Monkey, Bandit Bracers of the Whale, Bandit Cinch of the Boar, Bandit Cinch of the Monkey, Bandit Cloak of the Monkey, Bandit Gloves of the Eagle, Bandit Gloves of the Owl, Barbaric Battle Axe of the Eagle, Barbaric Battle Axe of the Wolf, Barbaric Cloth Robe, Barbaric Shoulders, Bard's Belt of the Monkey, Bard's Belt of the Wolf, Bard's Boots of the Monkey, Bard's Boots of the Owl, Bard's Boots of the Wolf, Bard's Gloves of the Bear, Bard's Gloves of the Eagle, Bard's Gloves of the Monkey, Bard's Trousers of the Eagle, Bard's Trousers of the Whale, Bard's Tunic of the Eagle, Bard's Tunic of the Owl, Bard's Tunic of the Wolf, Battle Knife of the Monkey, Battle Slayer of the Monkey, Battleforge Cloak of the Eagle, Battleforge Gauntlets of the Bear, Bear Bracers, Beetle Clasps, Big Bronze Knife, Bingles' Flying Gloves, Birchwood Maul of the Tiger, Black Whelp Boots, Blackened Defias Boots, Blackened Defias Leggings, Blackrock Mace, Bloodspattered Shield of the Boar, Bloodspattered Surcoat of the Bear, Bone-studded Leather, Brackwater Leggings, Brackwater Shield, Bridgeworker's Gloves, Bright Pants, Bristlebark Blouse, Brushwood Blade, Buccaneer's Boots of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Boots of the Owl, Buccaneer's Bracers of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Bracers of the Owl, Buccaneer's Cape of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Cape of the Owl, Buccaneer's Cord of the Owl, Buccaneer's Gloves of the Eagle, Buccaneer's Gloves of the Owl, Buccaneer's Gloves of the Whale, Buccaneer's Pants of the Whale, Buckled Boots, Burnished Bracers, Burnished Gloves, Burnished Leggings, Burnished Tunic, Burnt Leather Breeches, Cadet Leggings of the Boar, Cadet Vest of the Bear, Cadet Vest of the Tiger, Camouflaged Tunic, Ceranium Rod, Ceremonial Leather Gloves, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Charger's Pants of the Gorilla, Clay Ring of the Bear, Clay Ring of the Boar, Cloak of Night, Cloak of the People's Militia, Cobalt Ring of the Owl, Copper Battle Axe, Copper Chain Vest, Coral Band of the Gorilla, Crest of Darkshire, Crystalline Cuffs, Cutthroat's Belt of the Monkey, Dark Leather Belt, Dark Leather Pants, Dark Leather Tunic, Darkwood Staff, Deadly Blunderbuss, Deadly Bronze Poniard, Decapitating Sword of the Tiger, Defender Boots of the Gorilla, Defender Boots of the Tiger, Defender Boots of the Whale, Defender Girdle of the Bear, Defender Leggings of the Bear, Defender Tunic of the Bear, Dervish Boots of the Monkey, Dervish Spaulders of the Monkey, Dervish Tunic of the Monkey, Disciple's Pants of the Owl, Disciple's Vest of the Eagle, Draftsman Boots, Dragonmaw Shortsword, Dread Mage Hat, Dreamer's Belt, Dredgemire Leggings, Dusty Mining Gloves, Dwarven Defender, Dwarven Magestaff of the Bear, Efflorescent Robe, Emblazoned Gloves, Emblazoned Hat, Embossed Leather Boots, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Vest, Enamelled Broadsword, Featherbead Bracers, Feral Bindings of the Monkey, Feral Bindings of the Owl, Feral Bindings of the Wolf, Feral Blade, Feral Cloak of the Monkey, Feral Cord of the Monkey, Feral Cord of the Owl, Feral Cord of the Whale, Feral Cord of the Wolf, Feral Gloves of the Falcon, Feral Gloves of the Monkey, Feral Harness of the Monkey, Feral Leggings of the Monkey, Feral Shoes of the Monkey, Fighter Broadsword of the Tiger, Fine Leather Cloak, Fine Leather Gloves, Fine Leather Tunic, Fletcher's Gloves, Flying Tiger Goggles, Foamspittle Staff, Footpads of the Fang, Forest Leather Chestpiece, Forest Leather Gloves, Forest Leather Pants, Forester's Axe of the Boar, Fortified Spaulders of the Bear, Garneg's War Belt, Gemmed Copper Gauntlets of the Bear, Gemmed Copper Gauntlets of the Gorilla, Gemmed Copper Gauntlets of the Whale, Gleaming Claymore of the Whale, Gloves of Meditation, Gloves of the Fang, Gnomeregan Band of the Monkey, Gnomish Universal Remote, Goblin Smasher, Gray Woolen Robe, Greater Adept's Robe, Greaves of the People's Militia, Green Iron Helm, Green Leather Belt, Green Tinted Goggles, Greenweave Bracers of the Eagle, Greenweave Cloak of the Whale, Greenweave Sash of the Whale, Grizzled Boots, Grizzly Jerkin of the Eagle, Grizzly Jerkin of the Wolf, Grizzly Pants of the Monkey, Grizzly Tunic, Grunt's Bracers of the Bear, Grunt's Legguards of the Bear, Guardsman Belt, Guststorm Legguards, Gustweald Cloak, Gypsy Buckler of the Whale, Gypsy Trousers of the Monkey, Gypsy Tunic of the Eagle, Hammerfist Gloves, Handstitched Linen Britches, Hardwood Cudgel, Harlequin Robes, Harvester's Pants, Harvester's Robe, Heavy Bronze Mace, Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Hide of Lupos, Hillman's Belt, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Leather Vest, Hillman's Shoulders, Honed Stiletto of the Tiger, Hunter's Muzzle Loader, Hunting Gloves, Hunting Tunic, Husk of Naraxis, Icepane Warhammer, Infantry Leggings of the Bear, Infantry Tunic of the Bear, Infiltrator Cap of the Eagle, Inscribed Leather Boots, Inscribed Leather Breastplate, Inscribed Leather Gloves, Inscribed Leather Pants, Insulated Sage Gloves, Ironforge Breastplate, Ironheart Chain, Ironwood Maul, Ivycloth Boots of the Owl, Ivycloth Bracelets of the Owl, Kimbra Boots, Lambent Scale Breastplate, Lambent Scale Gloves, Lambent Scale Legguards, Leggings of the People's Militia, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Light Leather Pants, Long Battle Bow, Long Crawler Limb, Lucine Longsword, Lupine Cord of the Bear, Lupine Handwraps of the Whale, Lupine Leggings of the Gorilla, Lupine Slippers of the Monkey, Lupine Slippers of the Whale, Massive Battle Axe of the Whale, Meadow Ring of the Falcon, Meadow Ring of the Monkey, Meadow Ring of the Tiger, Medicine Staff of the Eagle, Medicine Staff of the Monkey, Medicine Staff of the Whale, Merc Sword of the Whale, Metalworking Gloves, Militant Shortsword of the Tiger, Mo'grosh Can Opener, Moonglow Vest, Mud Stompers, Murloc Scale Breastplate, Mystic's Robe, Mystic's Slippers, Native Robe of the Owl, Nimble Leather Gloves, Noble's Robe, Oak Mallet of the Gorilla, Orb of Power, Orcish War Chain, Outrunner's Cord of the Bear, Outrunner's Cuffs of the Bear, Pagan Bands of the Owl, Pagan Belt of the Owl, Pagan Shoes of the Eagle, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Pearl-clasped Cloak, Pearl-handled Dagger, Phalanx Bracers of the Eagle, Phalanx Cloak of the Whale, Pioneer Trousers of the Whale, Pioneer Tunic of the Eagle, Pointed Axe, Privateer Musket, Raider's Belt of the Bear, Raider's Boots of the Bear, Raider's Boots of the Gorilla, Raider's Bracers of the Bear, Raider's Chestpiece of the Bear, Raider's Cloak of the Bear, Raider's Cloak of the Monkey, Raider's Gauntlets of the Bear, Raider's Legguards of the Bear, Rancher's Trousers, Rat Cloth Belt, Rat Cloth Cloak, Red Linen Robe, Ridge Cleaver of the Boar, Rigid Gloves of the Monkey, Rigid Leggings of the Monkey, Ritual Bands of the Owl, Ritual Bands of the Whale, Ritual Cape of the Eagle, Ritual Cape of the Owl, Ritual Gloves of the Eagle, Ritual Kilt of the Eagle, Ritual Kilt of the Monkey, Ritual Sandals of the Owl, Riverpaw Leather Vest, Robe of the Keeper, Robe of the Moccasin, Robes of Antiquity, Rough Boomstick, Rough Bronze Leggings, Runed Copper Breastplate, Runed Copper Pants, Sage's Bracers of the Whale, Savannah Bracers, Savannah Ring of the Monkey, Scouting Belt of the Monkey, Scouting Belt of the Tiger, Scouting Belt of the Wolf, Scouting Bracers of the Owl, Scouting Cloak of the Wolf, Scouting Gloves of the Tiger, Scouting Trousers of the Eagle, Scouting Trousers of the Falcon, Scouting Trousers of the Monkey, Seer's Cuffs, Seer's Robe, Sentry's Cape of the Bear, Severing Axe of the Bear, Shadow Goggles, Shadowhide Mace, Shadowhide Two-handed Sword, Shield of the Faith, Shimmering Boots of the Falcon, Shimmering Bracers of the Whale, Shimmering Gloves of the Eagle, Shimmering Gloves of the Owl, Shimmering Robe of the Eagle, Shimmering Sash of the Whale, Shimmering Trousers of the Owl, Shimmering Trousers of the Whale, Shiver Blade, Silk-threaded Trousers, Silver-plated Shotgun, Silver-thread Boots, Silvered Bronze Boots, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Silvered Bronze Shoulders, Simple Blouse of the Owl, Simple Britches of the Owl, Skullchipper, Soft Leather Tunic, Soft-soled Linen Boots, Soldier's Boots of the Bear, Soldier's Boots of the Monkey, Soldier's Gauntlets of the Eagle, Soldier's Girdle of the Bear, Soldier's Leggings of the Bear, Soldier's Leggings of the Gorilla, Soldier's Wristguards of the Bear, Soldier's Wristguards of the Monkey, Solstice Robe, Spectral Necklace of the Boar, Spellbinder Robe, Spellbinder Vest, Spidertank Oilrag, Spiked Chain Belt of the Bear, Spiked Club of the Bear, Spikelash Dagger, Staff of Horrors, Stalking Pants, Stamped Trousers, Steelarrow Crossbow, Stomping Boots, Stonesplinter Dagger, Stonewood Hammer, Stout Battlehammer of the Bear, Sturdy Quarterstaff of the Wolf, Superior Bracers of the Monkey, Superior Bracers of the Owl, Superior Leggings of the Monkey, Sylvan Cloak, Tempered Bracers, Thick War Axe, Thief's Blade, Totem of Infliction, Tribal Pants, Tunnel Pick, Vagabond Leggings, Venom Web Fang, Veteran Gloves, Viridian Band of the Owl, Walking Boots, Wandering Boots, War Paint Cloak, War Paint Legguards, Warrior's Tunic, Webwing Cloak, Weighted Sap, White Linen Robe, Wicked Spiked Mace, Wildkeeper Leggings, Willow Belt of the Monkey, Willow Belt of the Owl, Willow Belt of the Whale, Willow Boots of the Eagle, Willow Bracers of the Owl, Willow Bracers of the Whale, Willow Robe of the Whale, Willow Vest of the Owl, Windfelt Gloves, Windseeker Boots, Wise Man's Belt, Woolen Boots, Wrangler's Cloak of the Whale, Wrangler's Gloves of the Eagle, Wyvern Tailspike, Aboriginal Bands, Anvilmar Musket, Ashwood Bow, Azure Silk Hood, Barak's Head, Bashing Pauldrons, Bear Shawl, Blue Linen Shirt, Boar Intestines, Bound Harness, Bracers of the People's Militia, Brass-studded Bracers, Bright Yellow Shirt, Brilliant Smallfish, Broad Axe, Bronze Axe, Bronze Battle Axe, Bronze Warhammer, Brown Linen Pants, Brown Linen Shirt, Canopy Leggings, Clamshell Bracers, Cliff Runner Boots, Copper Bracers, Copper Chain Belt, Copper Chain Boots, Copper Chain Pants, Copper Dagger, Copper Mace, Dalaran Wizard's Robe, Dark Leather Boots, Dark Silk Shirt, Disarming Colloid, Disciple's Gloves, Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders, Dust-covered Leggings, Dwarven Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Cloak, Embossed Leather Gloves, Farmer's Boots, Fine Leather Belt, Fine Leather Boots, Fine Light Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Gray Woolen Shirt, Greater Magic Wand, Green Linen Bracers, Green Linen Shirt, Green Woolen Vest, Grizzly Gloves, Gypsy Cloak, Gypsy Gloves, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Boots, Handstitched Leather Bracers, Handstitched Leather Cloak, Handstitched Leather Pants, Handstitched Leather Vest, Heavy Cord Bracers, Heavy Linen Gloves, Hezrul's Head, Infantry Gauntlets, Lesser Magic Wand, Light Leather Bracers, Linen Belt, Linen Cloak, Nomadic Gloves, Primal Boots, Rainwalker Boots, Reconnaissance Boots, Red Linen Shirt, Reinforced Linen Cape, Rough Bronze Boots, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Rough Copper Vest, Rough Leather Boots, Rough Leather Gloves, Rough Leather Vest, Runed Copper Belt, Runed Copper Bracers, Runed Copper Gauntlets, Rustic Belt, Scalemail Gloves, Simple Linen Pants, Skull Hatchet, Snow Boots, Strange Smelling Powder, Strong Fishing Pole, Stylish Red Shirt, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Tanned Leather Pants, Thin Cloth Bracers, Tiger Hide Boots, Tracking Boots, Tribal Boots, Veiled Grips, Verog's Head, Veteran Bracers, Well-stitched Robe, White Linen Shirt, White Wolf Gloves, White Woolen Dress, Wolf Handler Gloves, Woodland Tunic, Woolen Cape, Wooly Mittens, Worn Shortbow, Boot Knife, Cross-stitched Shoulderpads, Flimsy Chain Boots, Frayed Pants, Laced Mail Pants, Loose Chain Bracers, Oaken War Staff, Patched Leather Boots, Patched Leather Bracers, Patchwork Gloves, Patchwork Shoes, Worn Leather Pants

Updated Mobs:
Apothecary Lydon, Archmage Ataeric, Barak Kodobane, Barrens Guard, Black Bear Patriarch, Black Slime, Bluegill Forager, Bom'bay, Brawler, Christoph Jeffcoat, Cliff Stormer, Craig Hewitt, Dalaran Conjuror, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Warder, Dark Iron Insurgent, Dark Iron Sapper, Daryl Stack, Deathguard Humbert, Deathguard Samsa, Den Grunt, Denni'ka, Dragonmaw Grunt, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Scout, Elder Black Bear, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Mountain Boar, Fen Creeper, Foreman Silixiz, Forest Lurker, Gesharahan, Gnasher, Gradok, Grawmug, Grimnur Stonebrand, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grizzled Black Bear, Haren Swifthoof, Hecklefang Hyena, Hezrul Bloodmark, High Executor Darthalia, Horde Axe Thrower, Horde Defender, Horde Guard, Karos Razok, Ken'zigla, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Invader, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Stormseer, Kolkar Wrangler, Leper Gnome, Loch Crocolisk, Loch Frenzy, Makaba Flathoof, Michael Garrett, Mo'grosh Brute, Mo'grosh Enforcer, Mo'grosh Mystic, Mo'grosh Ogre, Mo'grosh Shaman, Mountain Boar, Oasis Snapjaw, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ornery Plainstrider, Ott, Savannah Huntress, Serge Hinott, Shara Blazen, Snow Tracker Wolf, Stonesplinter Bonesnapper, Stonesplinter Scout, Stonesplinter Seer, Stonesplinter Shaman, Stonesplinter Skullthumper, Stonesplinter Trogg, Sunscale Screecher, Tansy Puddlefizz, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Thragomm, Tunnel Rat Digger, Tunnel Rat Forager, Tunnel Rat Geomancer, Tunnel Rat Kobold, Tunnel Rat Scout, Tunnel Rat Surveyor, Tunnel Rat Vermin, Undercity Guardian, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Mercenary, Verog the Dervish, Warg Deepwater, Wizzlecrank's Shredder, Wood Lurker, Xar'Ti, Young Black Bear, Young Threshadon, Zhevra Runner