Goblin Workshop - Dec 12th Additions

Posted on December 12, 2005, 03:07 PM

Updated Quests: (150)
A Bump in the Road, [60] A Collection of Heads, [45] A Grim Discovery - Part I, [45] A Grim Discovery - Part II, A Hero's Reward, [45] A New Cloak's Sheen, [54] A Strange One, [6] A Troubling Breeze, [45] Against Lord Shalzaru, [60] Alas, Andorhal, [43] Alpha Strike, [40] Amulet of Secrets, [56] Are We There, Yeti? - Part I, [58] Are We There, Yeti? - Part II, [58] Are We There, Yeti? - Part III, Arikara, [60] Attunement to the Core, [56] Auntie Marlene - Part 2?, Barov Family Fortune (Horde), [15] Bingles's Missing Supplies, Blackfathom Villainy (Horde), Boat Wreckage, Call to Arms - Part III, [48] Cannibalistic Cousins, [55] Cleansing Felwood, [55] Coldtooth Supplies (Horde), [46] Dark Ceremony, Dark Heart, [45] Deliver to MacKinley, [47] Divino-matic Rod, [61] Elven Legends - Part 2?, [61] Elven Legends - Part 3?, [45] Faerie Dragon Muisek, [56] Falling to Corruption, Feathermoon Stronghold, [8] Ferocitas the Dream Eater, Find OOX-09/HL!, [45] Find OOX-22/FE!, Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service!, For Great Honor, [50] Gahz'rilla, [44] Get the Gnomes Drunk, [62] Glyph Chasing, [6] Gnarlpine Corruption, Gnome Engineering - Alliance, [47] Goblin Engineering, [43] Gordunni Cobalt, [42] Grim Message, [59] Guarding Secrets, Hardened Shells, [61] Houses of the Holy, [25] Howling in the Hills, [48] Improved Quality, [12] In Defense of the King's Lands, [50] Infallible Mind, [62] Into The Maw of Madness, Invaders of Alterac, [55] Irondeep Supplies (Horde), [49] Lard Lost His Lunch, Leaders of the Fang, [57] Lethtendris's Web, [54] Linken's Memory, Load Lightening, Message to the Wildhammer, [50] Natural Materials, [47] Nekrum's Medallion, [62] Order Must Be Restored, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Bindings, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Mantle, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Wraps, [45] Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Plagued Hatchlings, [36] Power Stones, Psychometric Reading, [58] Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordin - Part 2?, [7] Recipe of the Kaldorei - Part 2?, [7] Rellian Greenspyre, [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, [48] Rescue OOX-09/HL!, Rescue OOX-22/FE!, [45] Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, [45] Scarab Shells, Shadowshard Fragments (Horde), [47] Show Your Work, Snapjaws, Mon!, [45] Southsea Shakedown, [45] Stoley's Debt, [45] Stoley's Shipment, [46] Tabetha's Task, Taking Back Silithus, [47] Testing the Vessel - Part 2?, That's Asking A Lot - Part 2?, The Altar of Zul, The Ancient Egg, [61] The Archivist, [60] The Battle for Alterac, [43] The Battle Plans, [58] The Final Tablets, [61] The Flesh Does Not Lie, [47] The Gordunni Orb, [43] The Gordunni Scroll, The Graveyards of Alterac, The Great Fras Siabi, [52] The Green Drake, The Knife Revealed, [62] The Matron Protectorate - Part 2?, [43] The Ogres of Feralas, [44] The Ogres of Feralas - Part II, [48] The Pariah's Instructions, [47] The Pledge of Secrecy, [47] The Prophecy of Mosh'aru, [61] The Restless Souls, [61] The Restless Souls - Part II, [54] The Rise of the Machines, [43] The Ruins of Solarsal, [45] The Spider God, [55] The Spirits of Southwind, [57] The Stones That Bind Us, [40] The Summoning (Warrior), [51] The Sunken Temple, [49] The Thirsty Goblin, [20] The Touch of Zanzil, [20] The Touch of Zanzil - Part II, [20] The Touch of Zanzil - Part III, The Woodpaw Gnolls, [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages - Part 2?, [50] Thistleshrub Valley, [46] Tiara of the Deep, [55] To Serve Kum'isha - Part 2?, To Steal From Thieves, Tooga's Quest, [50] Treant Muisek, [45] Troll Temper, [56] Uncle Carlin, [56] Ursius of the Shardtooth, Vengeance on the Northspring, Vilebranch Hooligans, [50] Vulture's Vigor, [45] WANTED: Andre Firebeard, WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting, Wastewander Justice, Water Pouch Bounty, Well of Corruption, [59] Wild Guardians - Part II, [57] Winterfall Runners, Witherbark Cages, [43] Woodpaw Investigation, [55] Zaeldarr the Outcast, [44] Zanzil's Mixture and a Fool's Stout, [48] Zukk'ash Report

Updated Items: (275)
Arcanist Mantle, Bloodfang Hood, Bloodfang Pants, Bonereaver's Edge, Brain Hacker, Deep Earth Spaulders, Defiler's Epaulets, Destiny, Draconic Maul, Dragonstalker's Helm, Drake Talon Cleaver, Earthfury Epaulets, Earthshaker, Felheart Shoulder Pads, Finkle's Lava Dredger, Giantstalker's Epaulets, Giantstalker's Leggings, Helm of Wrath, Hide of the Wild, High Warlord's Battle Axe, High Warlord's Left Claw, High Warlord's Right Claw, Highlander's Plate Spaulders, Jeklik's Crusher, Judgement Crown, Kang the Decapitator, Lawbringer Boots, Lawbringer Bracers, Lawbringer Gauntlets, Mantle of Prophecy, Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal, Nightblade, Nightslayer Belt, Nightslayer Bracelets, Nightslayer Cover, Nightslayer Gloves, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads, Obsidian Edged Blade, Pauldrons of Might, Spinal Reaper, Stockade Pauldrons, Sulfuron Hammer, Taran Icebreaker, The Unstoppable Force, The Untamed Blade, Typhoon, Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, Advisor's Ring, Arcanite Champion, Arcanite Reaper, Barbarous Blade, Battle Healer's Cloak, Beaststalker's Mantle, Bile-etched Spaulders, Blade of the Titans, Blanchard's Stout, Bloodmoon Cloak, Bone Golem Shoulders, Bonebiter, Bonecrusher, Burial Shawl, Burning War Axe, Caretaker's Cape, Champion's Satin Shoulderpads, Cloak of the Cosmos, Cloak of Warding, Cobalt Crusher, Corpsemaker, Crystal Spiked Maul, Crystalline Threaded Cape, Darkstone Claymore, Deep Woodlands Cloak, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Leather Girdle, Demonshear, Demonslayer, Dense Triangle Mace, Devout Mantle, Doombringer, Dreadmist Mantle, Enamored Water Spirit, Executioner's Cleaver, Faded Hakkari Cloak, First Sergeant's Dragonhide Armguards, First Sergeant's Plate Bracers, First Sergeant's Silk Cuffs, Fist of Omokk, Frightskull Shaft, Frostweaver Cape, Frostwolf Advisor's Cloak, Golem Skull Helm, Hammer of the Grand Crusader, Hammer of the Titans, Heliotrope Cloak, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Killmaim, Knight-Captain's Plate Leggings, Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Boots, Legionnaire's Band, Lightforged Blade, Lord Alexander's Battle Axe, Mograine's Might, Mooncloth Vest, Outrider's Bow, Padre's Trousers, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Ravager, Relentless Scythe, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Royal Tribunal Cloak, Scarlet Leggings, Scout's Blade, Searing Blade, Seeping Willow, Senior Sergeant's Insignia, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Shadowcraft Spaulders, Shroud of the Exile, Smite's Mighty Hammer, Spaulders of Valor, Sword of the Magistrate, The Rockpounder, Thornstone Sledgehammer, Truesilver Champion, Twig of the World Tree, Unyielding Maul, Viscous Hammer, Warblade of Caer Darrow, Warmonger, Whirlwind Axe, Whirlwind Sword, Whirlwind Warhammer, Witchfury, Wyrmtongue Shoulders, X'caliboar, Zulian Stone Axe, Abyssal Leather Boots of Sorcery, Abyssal Leather Gloves of Striking, Abyssal Mail Sabatons of Striking, Abyssal Plate Greaves of Striking, Ancient War Sword, Axe of Orgrimmar, Brute Hammer, Catseye Ultra Goggles, Cavalier Two-hander..., Cerise Drape, Coldridge Hammer, Colossal Great Axe..., Coral Claymore, Dark Espadon..., Deadly Blunderbuss, Death Striker..., Deathbone Gauntlets, Deathbone Girdle, Dwarven Tree Chopper, Edge of the People's Militia, Frost Tiger Blade, Gallant Flamberge..., Gleaming Claymore..., Gold Bar, Heavy Spiked Mace, Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Helm, Imperial Plate Leggings, Ironwood Maul, Limb Cleaver, Massacre Sword..., Massive Iron Axe, Merciless Axe, Plans: Mithril Scale Bracers, Rock Pulverizer, Rose Colored Goggles, Rough Boomstick, Runic Darkblade, Scarlet Wristguards, Sentry's Headdress..., Shadow Hood, Silver Spade, Silver-plated Shotgun, Skullsplitter, Soldier's Cloak..., Sprinter's Sword, Strength of Mugamba, Tok'kar's Murloc Basher, Tok'kar's Murloc Chopper, Truefaith Gloves, Truesilver Bar, Tusker Sword..., Umbral Wand..., Accurate Scope, Advanced Target Dummy, Anvilmar Sledge, Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, Arclight Spanner, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Bearded Axe, Big Bronze Bomb, Big Iron Bomb, Broad Axe, Bronze Tube, Bullova, Charred Wolf Meat, Claymore, Coarse Blasting Powder, Compact Harvest Reaper Kit, Copper Tube, Crafted Light Shot, Dacian Falx, Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket, Espadon, Flamberge, Fool's Stout, Fool's Stout Report, Gauntlet of Gordok Might, Giant Mace, Great Axe, Green Firework, Gyrochronatom, Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor, Handful of Copper Bolts, Heavy Blasting Powder, Herb Baked Egg, Iron Grenade, Large Axe, Large Club, Maul, Militia Warhammer, Orcish War Sword, Ornate Spyglass, Pattern: Murloc Scale Breastplate, Pioneer Buckler, Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet, Rhahk'Zor's Hammer, Roasted Boar Meat, Rock Hammer, Rough Blasting Powder, Rough Copper Bomb, Rough Dynamite, Tabar, Two-handed Sword, War Hammer, War Maul, Whirring Bronze Gizmo, Wooden Mallet, Worn Battleaxe, Zweihander, Apprentice's Robe, Balanced War Axe, Battered Mallet, Beaten Battle Axe, Bulky Maul, Cracked Sledge, Crushing Maul, Large War Club, Mechanical Repair Kit, Mithril Tube, Neophyte's Robe, Old Greatsword, Recipe: Carrion Surprise, Recipe: Jungle Stew, Rusty Warhammer, Shiny War Axe, Short-handled Battle Axe, Splintering Battle Axe, Stone War Axe, Tapered Greatsword, Unstable Trigger, Whetted Claymore, Wooden Maul, Pattern: White Wedding Dress, Plans: Solid Iron Maul, Recipe: Roast Raptor

Updated Mobs: (754)
Acolyte Porena, Aku'mai Fisher, Alexandra Bolero, Alterac Ram, Ancient Core Hound, Andre Firebeard, Andruk, Angerclaw Grizzly, Anguished Highborne, Ansekhwa, Antonio Perelli, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Overseer, Anya Maulray, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Guard Thaelrid, Argent Officer Garush, Argent Quartermaster Hasana, Argent Rider, Ariena Stormfeather, Armored Scorpid, Ashmane Boar, Aska Mistrunner, Atal'ai Corpse Eater, Atal'ai High Priest, Atal'ai Priest, Atal'ai Witch Doctor, Atepa, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Kresky, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Wabang, Aurel Goldleaf, Azure Templar, Bael'dun Excavator, Bailey Stonemantle, Balai Lok'Wein, Barbed Crustacean, Barkeep Morag, Barnum Stonemantle, Belgrom Rockmaul, Berserk Owlbeast, Betina Bigglezink, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Slayer, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackhand Assassin, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Thug, Blackhand Veteran, Blaise Montgomery, Blighted Surge, Blighted Zombie, Blindlight Muckdweller, Blindlight Oracle, Blizrik Buckshot, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Ripper, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodsail Deckhand, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Sea Dog, Bloodsail Swabby, Bloodsail Warlock, Blue Dragonspawn, Blue Scalebane, Bor Wildmane, Brackenwall Enforcer, Brawn, Breyk, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bro'kin, Brogus Thunderbrew, Bulkrek Ragefist, Buzzek Bracketswing, Caliph Scorpidsting, Camp Mojache Brave, Captain Greenskin, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Captain Keelhaul, Captain Kromcrush, Captain Stillwater, Caretaker Alen, Carlin Redpath, Caylais Moonfeather, Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Champion Irondeep Explorer, Champion Irondeep Raider, Champion Reaver, Champion Warrior, Chesmu, Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle, Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII, Chieftain Bloodmaw, Chillwind Chimaera, Chloe Curthas, Chok'sul, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chromatic Elite Guard, Chromatic Whelp, Chucky "Ten Thumbs", Clattering Crawler, Commander Aggro'gosh, Cookie, Core Rager, Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl, Cow, Coyote, Crazed Owlbeast, Crier Goodman, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Mage, Curgle Cranklehop, Cursed Atal'ai, Cursed Darkhound, Dane Lindgren, Daniel Bartlett, Dark Summoner, Darkfang Venomspitter, Darnassian Protector, Darnassus Sentinel, Deadmire, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Gardener, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Deadwood Warrior, Deathguard Samsa, Deer, Defias Blackguard, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Digger, Defias Evoker, Defias Footpad, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Overseer, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Defilers Emissary, Delia Verana, Demisette Cloyce, Desert Rumbler, Deze Snowbane, Dire Condor, Dirge Quikcleave, Diseased Black Bear, Diseased Grizzly, Doomguard, Doras, Doyo'da, Draconic Mageweaver, Dreadmaul Mauler, Dreadmaul Warlock, Dreamscythe, Dredge Crusher, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dulciea Frostmoon, Duncan Cullen, Dungar Longdrink, Edward Remington, Edwin VanCleef, Elder Black Bear, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Murk Thresher, Elder Torntusk, Eldreth Apparition, Eldreth Phantasm, Eldreth Spirit, Eleanor Rusk, Enraged Feral Scar, Enraged Silverback Gorilla, Eunice Burch, Expeditionary Mountaineer, Expeditionary Priest, Fallenroot Rogue, Falstad Wildhammer, Farmer Furlbrow, Fawn, Feathermoon Sentinel, Felicia Doan, Felika, Felpaw Ravager, Felpaw Scavenger, Felpaw Wolf, Feral Scar Yeti, Fireguard Destroyer, Firelord, First Mate Crazz, Flameguard, Flamewaker, Flamewaker Elite, Flamewaker Healer, Flamewaker Priest, Fleet Master Firallon, Fleshripper, Foreman Oslow, Forest Spider, Frayfeather Hippogryph, Frayfeather Skystormer, Frayfeather Stagwing, Frostmane Troll, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Legionnaire, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gagsprocket, Gakin the Darkbinder, Galak Stormer, Gamon, Gasher, Gelihast, Genavie Callow, General Drakkisath, General Marcus Jonathan, Georgia, Georgio Bolero, Ghost of the Past, Giant Buzzard, Giant Darkfang Spider, Giant Plains Creeper, Gibbering Ghoul, Gimblethorn, Gina MacGregor, Glasshide Basilisk, Gnarled Thistleshrub, Gnarlpine Ambusher, Gnarlpine Gardener, Gnarlpine Ursa, Goblin Engineer, Golemagg the Incinerator, Goma, Gordok Brute, Gordok Captain, Gordok Ogre-Mage, Gordok Reaver, Gordunni Battlemaster, Gordunni Brute, Gordunni Mage-Lord, Gordunni Mauler, Gordunni Shaman, Gordunni Warlock, Gravelsnout Digger, Gray Forest Wolf, Greater Duskbat, Greater Plainstrider, Gregor Greystone, Grezz Ragefist, Grimtotem Naturalist, Grimtotem Raider, Grimtotem Shaman, Grizzled Ironfur Bear, Grom'gol Grunt, Grunt Mojka, Guard Ashlock, Guard Clarke, Guard Howe, Guard Parker, Guard Slip'kik, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Blood Drinker, Gurubashi Champion, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gyth, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Haldarr Satyr, Hare, Harvest Reaper, Hate Shrieker, Hatecrest Myrmidon, Hatecrest Serpent Guard, Hatecrest Sorceress, Haughty Modiste, Haunting Phantasm, Hazzas, Hederine Initiate, Hederine Manastalker, Hederine Slayer, Hekkru, Herod, High Executor Darthalia, High Inquisitor Whitemane, High Priest Venoxis, Highvale Ranger, Highvale Scout, Hogor Thunderhoof, Horde Guard, Horde Spirit Guide, Horde Warbringer, Hukku, Hunter Ragetotem, Huntress Ravenoak, Huum Wildmane, Hydromancer Velratha, Ice Thistle Matriarch, Ice Thistle Patriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Fizzgrimble, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Norman, Interrogator Vishas, Ironbeak Screecher, Irondeep Peon, Irondeep Shaman, Irondeep Skullthumper, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironpatch, Irontree Stomper, Irontree Wanderer, Ironzar, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Hellcaller, Jalane Ayrole, Jammal'an the Prophet, Jarel Moor, Jaron Stoneshaper, Jarquia, Jase Farlane, Jekyll Flandring, Jeremiah Payson, Jessara Cordell, Jessica Redpath, Jhordy Lapforge, John Burnside, Jon-Jon the Crow, Jorgen, Justine Demalier, Kaja, Kard Ragetotem, Kargath Grunt, Karlee Chaddis, Karus, Kayren Soothallow, Keetar, Kelsuwa, Khaelyn Steelwing, Khur Hornstriker, Kimberly Grant, King Gordok, Kira Songshine, Kodo Matriarch, Kolkar Stormer, Koma, Kor'geld, Kor'kron Elite, Kozish, Krak, Krakk, Krinkle Goodsteel, Kristy Grant, Kroum, Kurdros, Kurzen Commando, Kurzen Elite, Kurzen Shadow Hunter, Kurzen Witch Doctor, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Elemental, Lava Reaver, Lava Spawn, Lawrence Schneider, Laziphus, League of Arathor Emissary, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Lesser Rock Elemental, Longtooth Howler, Longtooth Runner, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lucan Cordell, Maethrya, Magister Kalendris, Major Mattingly, Majordomo Executus, Malyfous Darkhammer, Mangorn Flinthammer, Marauding Owlbeast, Mardrack Greenwell, Marin Noggenfogger, Markel Smythe, Marla Fowler, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Murloc, Marsh Oracle, Marshal Marris, Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins, Melris Malagan, Merill Pleasance, Michael Garrett, Mijan, Mike Miller, Misha, Mistina Steelshield, Mistwing Rogue, Mo'grosh Enforcer, Mo'grosh Mystic, Mo'grosh Shaman, Molten Giant, Monika Sengutz, Moontouched Owlbeast, Morphaz, Morris Lawry, Morta'gya the Keeper, Mortimer Montague, Mossflayer Zombie, Mountaineer Boombellow, Mountaineer Morlic, Mountaineer Roghan, Mr. Smite, Mummified Atal'ai, Murgot Deepforge, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murky, Murloc, Murloc Streamrunner, Murta Grimgut, Naal Mistrunner, Needles Cougar, Nerrist, Nightmare Suppressor, Nightmare Whelp, Nightsaber, Nimboya, Noxious Plaguebat, Officer Jaxon, Officer Pomeroy, Ogom the Wretched, Old Cliff Jumper, Omusa Thunderhorn, Onyxia, Onyxian Warder, Ophelia Montague, Orgrimmar Grunt, Oro Eyegouge, Overlord Ror, Overlord Runthak, Overmaster Pyron, Patrick Garrett, Pikkle, Plaguebat, Plaguehound Runt, Primitive Owlbeast, Protector Dorana, Qiaga the Keeper, Quarry Slave, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Rabbit, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragon Guard, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Fire Tongue, Rage Talon Flamescale, Ragged Owlbeast, Raging Owlbeast, Ragnaros, Randolph Montague, Rascal Sprite, Rat, Raven, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Serpent, Redridge Basher, Redridge Brute, Redridge Mongrel, Redridge Mystic, Redridge Thrasher, Reginald Grimsford, Remy "Two Times", Rendow, Revantusk Watcher, Rexxar, Rhahk'Zor, Riverpaw Brute, Roach, Rockhide Boar, Rogue Ice Thistle, Rookery Hatcher, Rookery Whelp, Rotting Cadaver, Runk Windtamer, Rusty Harvest Golem, Saltstone Basilisk, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltwater Snapjaw, Sandahl, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sandfury Shadowhunter, Sandfury Soul Eater, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sarilus Foulborne, Sarok, Savage Owlbeast, Sawtooth Crocolisk, Scalebane Captain, Scarlet Abbot, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Chaplain, Scarlet Evoker, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Protector, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Scryer, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Trainee, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scorpid Hunter, Scorpid Reaver, Scorpid Terror, Scourge Champion, Scourge Warder, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Sea Elemental, Sea Spray, Searing Ghoul, Seasoned Coldmine Guard, Seasoned Coldmine Surveyor, Seasoned Guardian, Seasoned Guardsman, Seeker Nahr, Seeker Thompson, Sergeant Bly, Shadow Priestess Vandis, Shadow Sprite, Shadowforge Digger, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowmaw Panther, Shadowsworn Adept, Shardtooth Bear, Shazzrah, Sheep, Shelene Rhobart, Shen'dralar Spirit, Shen'dralar Zealot, Silt Crawler, Silvermane Stalker, Silvermane Wolf, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Highborne, Skeletal Terror, Slavering Ghoul, Sneed, Snowblind Ambusher, Solakar Flamewreath, Soleil Stonemantle, Southsea Dock Worker, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Southsea Swashbuckler, Spackle Thornberry, Sparkleshell Snapper, Sparkleshell Tortoise, Spigot Operator Luglunket, Spined Crawler, Spirestone Battle Mage, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Warrior, Splinter Fist Ogre, Sprinkle, Sprite Darter, Sprogger, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Snickerfang, Steeljaw Snapper, Stephanie Turner, Stitched Horror, Stomper Kreeg, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Orc, Stonard Wayfinder, Stonelash Pincer, Stonelash Scorpid, Stonetalon Grunt, Stormpike Guardsman, Stormpike Owl, Stormpike Ram Rider, Stormpike Ram Rider Commander, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stranglethorn Tigress, Strigid Screecher, Suffering Victim, Sul'lithuz Sandcrawler, Summoned Blackhand Veteran, Summoned Voidwalker, Sura Wildmane, Swamp Jaguar, Sylista, Syndicate Watchman, Tah Winterhoof, Tainted Rat, Tangled Horror, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Tawny Grisette, Tendris Warpwood, Tharg, Tharm, Theka the Martyr, Theodore Mont Claire, Theramore Guard, Theramore Lieutenant, Theresa, Therum Deepforge, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thistleshrub Dew Collector, Thistleshrub Rootshaper, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thor, Thunderhead, Thuul, Thyssiana, Thysta, Timberling, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timothy Weldon, Tinkerwiz, Torn, Torn Screamer, Trained Razorbeak, Tran'rek, Trenton Lighthammer, Twilight Aquamancer, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Keeper Mayna, Twilight Loreseeker, Twilight Prophet, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Shadowmage, Umi's Mechanical Yeti, Undercity Guardian, Unfettered Spirit, Unliving Atal'ai, Unliving Mossflayer, Unseen Servant, Urek Thunderhorn, Ursius, Ursula Deline, Uruson, Vale Screecher, Vampiric Duskbat, Vargus, Vazario Linkgrease, Verna Furlbrow, Verner Osgood, Vesprystus, Veteran Coldmine Guard, Veteran Coldmine Surveyor, Veteran Defender, Veteran Guardian, Veteran Reaver, Veteran Warrior, Vicious Owlbeast, Vile Tutor, Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard, Vilebranch Axe Thrower, Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Blood Drinker, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Raiding Wolf, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vilebranch Soul Eater, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Vizzklick, Voggah Deathgrip, Vorrel Sengutz, Vosur Brakthel, Wandering Forest Walker, Wandering Spirit, War Rider, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Warmaster Garrick, Warmaster Laggrond, Warpwood Moss Flayer, Warpwood Shredder, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Whip Lasher, William MacGregor, William Montague, Windcaller Proudhorn, Winterfall Ambusher, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Ursa, Winterspring Owl, Wisp, Witherbark Broodguard, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Hideskinner, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Scalper, Witherbark Venomblood, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Protector, Wood Lurker, Woodpaw Alpha, Woodpaw Brute, Woodpaw Mongrel, Woodpaw Mystic, Woodpaw Reaver, Woodpaw Trapper, Wrathtail Razortail, Wrathtail Sorceress, Xan'tish, Xavaric, Yeh'kinya, Yenniku, Young Fleshripper, Young Goretusk, Young Panther, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Zaeldarr the Outcast, Zanzil Hunter, Zanzil Naga, Zanzil Zombie, Zapped Shore Strider, Zardeth of the Black Claw, Zarise, Zel'mak, Zerillis, Zhevra Courser, Zolo, Zul'Lor

Updated World Objects: (40)
Armor Crate, Barrel of Melon Juice, Battered Chest, Coldtooth Supplies, Dark Iron Deposit, Defias Gunpowder, Dreamfoil, Dustwallow Marsh Fishing, Food Crate, Frostmaul Shards, Giant Clam, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Gordok Tribute, Gordunni Dirt Mound, Gordunni Scroll, Gromsblood, Iron Deposit, Irondeep Supplies, Jinxed Hoodoo Pile, Knot Thimblejack's Cache, Large Battered Chest, Large Solid Chest, Mithril Deposit, Mountain Silversage, Ooze Covered Mithril Deposit, Pamela's Doll's Head, Pamela's Doll's Left Side, Pamela's Doll's Right Side, Plaguebloom, Pupellyverbos Port, Red Rocket, Silver Vein, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Stolen Cargo, Sungrass, Tallonkai's Dresser, The Prince's Chest, Wetlands Fishing