Goblin Workshop - Jan 19th Additions

Posted on January 19, 2005, 03:15 PM
New Quests: (14)
Are We There, Yeti? - Part II, Brumeran of the Chillwind, KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves, Looking Further, Past Endeavors, Squire Maltrake, The Crown of Will - Part III, The Crown of Will - Part IV, The Crown of Will - Part V, The Flame's Casing, The Torch of Retribution, The Torch of Retribution - Part 2?, Trinkets..., Ursius of the Shardtooth

New Items: (52)
Black Dragonscale Breastplate, Bludstone Hammer, Coif of Elements, Emperor's Seal..., Hammer of the Titans, Maelstrom Leggings, Magister's Mantle, Slaghide Gauntlets..., The Judge's Gavel, Adventurer's Boots..., Adventurer's Bracers..., Adventurer's Shoulders..., Armswake Cloak, Atal'ai Boots..., Bloodforged Legplates..., Bonecaster's Bindings..., Buccaneer's Robes..., Cabalist Helm..., Commander's Vambraces..., Crusader's Helm..., Defender Gauntlets..., Engraved Breastplate..., Gaea's Raiment..., Hibernal Armor, Highborne Padded Armor, Impenetrable Pauldrons..., Lofty Helm..., Magnificent Cloak..., Masterwork Girdle..., Masterwork Legplates..., Merciless Epaulets..., Mystical Bracers..., Nightshade Armguards..., Opulent Scepter..., Ornate Shield..., Pattern: Frostsaber Leggings, Praetorian Padded Armor..., Praetorian Pauldrons..., Steadfast Legplates..., Stone Hammer..., Training Sword..., Vital Boots..., 37 Pound Redgill, Black Dragonflight Molt, Crown of Will, Glommus's Head, Muckrake's Head, Mug'thol's Head, Symbol of Ragnaros, Targ's Head, Hoard of the Black Dragonflight, Smooth Leather Boots

New Mobs: (7)
Cyrus Therepentous, Dark Iron Steelshifter, Jareth Wildwoods, Mage Hunter, Mug'thol, Spirit Of Redemption, Zwei

81 Quests, 407 Items, 361 Mobs were also updated.

Updated Quests: (81)
A Bump in the Road, A Husband's Last Battle, A Peon's Burden, A Tale of Sorrow, A Watchful Eye, An Unwelcome Guest, Are We There, Yeti? - Part I, Are We There, Yeti? - Part III, Big Game Hunter, Blackrock Bounty, Blackrock Menace, Bracers of Binding, Breaking the Keystone, Call to Arms - Part II, Call to Arms - Part III, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Elixir of Agony - Part III, Elixir of Agony - Part IV, Elixir of Agony - Part V, Elune's Grace, Elune's Grace - Part 2?, Encroachment, Forging the Shaft, Foul Magics - Part II, Goblin Sponsorship, Guile of the Raptor, Guile of the Raptor - Part II, Guile of the Raptor - Part III, Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, Hardened Shells, Headhunting, Hemet Nesingwary, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, In Search of Thaelrid, Into the Depths, It's a Secret to Everybody - Part I, It's a Secret to Everybody - Part II, Jammal'an the Prophet, Load Lightening - Part 2?, Murloc Poachers, Myzrael's Allies, Report to Orgnil, Ribbly Screwspigot, Rocket Car Parts, Salt Flat Venom - Part 2?, Save Techbot's Brain!, Secret of the Circle, Selling Fish, Set Them Ablaze!, Sister Pamela, Solomon's Law, Speaking of Fortitude, Stones of Binding, Tharil'zun, The Ancient Egg, The Art of the Armorsmith, The Crown of Will - Part I, The Crown of Will - Part II, The Day After, The Defense of Grom'gol, The Defense of Grom'gol - Part II, The Everlook Report, The God Hakkar, The Key to Freedom, The Pariah's Instructions, The Real Threat, The Stones That Bind Us, The Swamp Talker, The Tear of the Moons, The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, The Thirsty Goblin, The Vile Reef, Theocritus' Retrieval, Timbermaw Ally, Tinkmaster Overspark, To Serve Kum'isha, Twilight Falls, Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore, Wharfmaster Dizzywig - Kravel's Task, Wild Guardians, Wild Guardians - Part III

Updated Items: (407)
Axe of the Deep Woods, Brain Hacker, Destiny, Edgemaster's Handguards, Fiery War Axe, Hammer of Expertise, Kang the Decapitator, Taran Icebreaker, Annealed Blade, Archaic Defender, Atal'ai Gloves..., Backusarian Gauntlets, Black Pearl Ring, Blanchard's Stout, Blazing Rapier, Bonebiter, Boots of the Shrieker, Burning War Axe, Cobalt Crusher, Combatant Claymore, Corpsemaker, Corsair's Overshirt, Deanship Claymore, Deathblow, Demonshear, Dense Triangle Mace, Devout Pants, Doombringer, Dreadforge Retaliator, Evocator's Blade, Executioner's Cleaver, Fallbrush Handgrips, Fang of the Crystal Spider, Fist of Omokk, Flame Wrath, Gatorbite Axe, Girdle of Beastial Fury, Glowing Thresher Cape, Guardian Blade, Hands of the Exalted Herald, Headspike, Hellslayer Battle Axe, Howling Blade, Husk of Nerub'enkan, Impervious Giant, Killmaim, Lightforge Legplates, Lord Alexander's Battle Axe, Mageflame Cloak, Malown's Slam, Manual Crowd Pummeler, Mass of McGowan, Mograine's Might, Mordresh's Lifeless Skull, Plains Ring, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Ragehammer, Rakzur Club, Ravager, Relentless Scythe, Ring of Precision, Royal Tribunal Cloak, Seeping Willow, Skullforge Reaver, Skullplate Bracers, Smite's Mighty Hammer, Stonevault Bonebreaker, Sword of the Magistrate, Taskmaster Axe, The Needler, The Postmaster's Treads, The Rockpounder, The Shoveler, Thermaplugg's Left Arm, Truesilver Champion, Verigan's Fist, Warmonger, Whirlwind Axe, Whirlwind Sword, Witchfury, X'caliboar, Abjurer's Gloves..., Ancient Vambraces..., Ancient War Sword, Arachnidian Footpads..., Arcane Cloak, Archeus, Artisan's Trousers, Atal'ai Leggings..., Banded Helm..., Barbarian War Axe..., Barbaric Iron Boots, Bard's Trousers..., Battle Knife..., Battlefield Destroyer..., Battleforge Shoulderguards..., Black Whelp Cloak, Blackforge Buckler, Blackrock Gauntlets, Bloodwoven Boots..., Bonecaster's Cape..., Bonelink Gauntlets..., Bonelink Legplates..., Breakwater Girdle, Bright Armor, Bright Robe, Brightscale Girdle, Buccaneer's Bracers..., Buckler of the Seas, Burnished Leggings, Cabalist Leggings..., Carving Knife..., Celestial Bindings..., Cerulean Talisman..., Chieftain's Belt..., Conjurer's Breeches..., Conjurer's Gloves..., Copper Battle Axe, Cross Dagger..., Crystal Sword..., Cutthroat's Mantle..., Dark Leather Gloves, Dark Runner Boots, Daryl's Shortsword, Defender Cloak..., Defender Tunic..., Dokebi Boots, Dragon Finger..., Dragonflight Leggings, Durable Pants..., Durable Shoulders..., Dusky Boots, Dusky Bracers, Dwarven Hatchet..., Elegant Belt..., Elegant Bracers..., Elegant Gloves..., Elven Wand, Emblazoned Buckler, Emerald Gauntlets..., Engraved Boots..., Engraved Wall..., Ethereal Mist Cape, Explorer's Vest, Exquisite Flamberge..., Fleetfoot Greaves, Foamspittle Staff, Formidable Bracers..., Fortified Cloak..., Frost Tiger Blade, Garneg's War Belt, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Geomancer's Trousers..., Ghoulfang, Gigantic War Axe..., Glimmering Cloak, Gloom Reaper..., Glorious Shoulders, Gloves of Insight, Gloves of the Greatfather, Gold Bar, Golden Iron Destroyer, Gossamer Bracers..., Gossamer Gloves..., Gothic Plate Girdle..., Gothic Plate Spaulders..., Gothic Sabatons..., Greenweave Gloves..., Grinning Axe..., Grizzly Tunic, Grunt Axe..., Grunt's Shield..., Gryphon Mail Breastplate..., Gutrender, Headhunter's Woolies..., Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets..., Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons..., Heraldic Spaulders, High Chief's Armor..., High Chief's Sabatons..., High Councillor's Boots..., High Councillor's Cloak..., Highborne Pants, Huge Stone Club, Hulking Gauntlets, Humbert's Pants, Huntsman's Gloves..., Imperial Red Pants, Imposing Vest..., Infantry Shield..., Iridescent Hammer, Ivy Orb..., Ivycloth Cloak..., Jade Greaves..., Jadefinger Baton, Jazeraint Cloak..., Jazeraint Helm..., Jazeraint Pauldrons..., Jewel-encrusted Sash, Knight's Breastplate..., Knight's Girdle..., Lambent Scale Breastplate, Leaden Mace..., Lesser Staff of the Spire, Lord's Crest..., Lord's Gauntlets..., Lunar Handwraps..., Mantis Boots, Marauder's Belt..., Massive Iron Axe, Metalworking Gloves, Mighty Boots..., Mighty Girdle..., Mistscape Pants, Mo'grosh Can Opener, Mo'grosh Masher, Monstrous War Axe..., Moonglow Vest, Mystical Gloves..., Nightfall Gloves, Nightshade Cloak..., Nobles Brand..., Orc Crusher, Outrunner's Cloak..., Overlord's Crown..., Pagan Cape..., Pagan Mitts..., Pagan Vest..., Pattern: Red Mageweave Shoulders, Penance Spaulders, Phalanx Headguard..., Potent Helmet..., Pridelord Pauldrons, Quicksilver Pendent..., Raincaller Cap..., Ranger Cord..., Ranger Leggings..., Rat Cloth Belt, Regal Gloves..., Regal Robe..., Renegade Shield..., Resilient Robe, Resplendent Cloak..., Revenant Boots..., Revenant Helmet..., Righteous Armor..., Righteous Boots..., Righteous Helmet..., Rigid Buckler..., Ritual Bands..., Rock Pulverizer, Royal Boots..., Ruffian Belt, Runecloth Shoulders, Runic Darkblade, Sage's Circlet..., Sanguine Trousers, Scorpashi Gloves, Scouting Tunic..., Sentinel Bracers..., Sentinel Cap..., Sentinel Shoulders..., Shadow Crescent Axe, Shadow Weaver Leggings, Shadowhide Battle Axe, Shadowhide Two-handed Sword, Shiver Blade, Silksand Bracers, Silver Spade, Skullsplitter, Smite's Reaver, Soldier's Armor..., Soldier's Boots..., Solid Iron Maul, Solstice Staff..., Sparkleshell Gauntlets..., Spellpower Goggles Xtreme, Spiderfang Carapace, Spiked Chain Cloak..., Splintsteel Armor, Splitting Hatchet..., Staff of Dar'Orahil, Staunch Hammer..., Steadfast Breastplate..., Stonesplinter Axe, Sturdy Quarterstaff..., Superior Cloak..., Surveyor's Tunic, Symbolic Belt, Templar Gauntlets..., Templar Girdle..., Thick Scale Shoulder Pads..., Tok'kar's Murloc Chopper, Topaz Ring..., Torchlight Wand, Trogg Slicer, Truesilver Bar, Turquoise Sash, Twilight Boots..., Twilight Pants..., Venom Web Fang, Veteran Armor, Vibrant Silk Cape, Vital Bracelets..., Vital Leggings..., Walking Boots, Warbringer's Belt..., Warbringer's Gauntlets..., Wild Leather Cloak..., Willow Gloves..., Willow Robe..., Willow Vest..., Woodsman Sword, Wrangler's Cloak..., Zhovur Axe, Bastard Sword, Battleworn Axe, Bearded Axe, Broad Axe, Bronze Battle Axe, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Warhammer, Bullova, Burning Key, Chunk of Boar Meat, Claymore, Copper Claymore, Cracked Silithid Carapace, Cresting Key, Dacian Falx, Daggerspine Scale, Demon Scarred Cloak, Elemental Water, Elixir of Minor Agility, Espadon, Fishliver Oil, Flamberge, Giant Mace, Glowing Shadowhide Pendant, Glyph of Azora, Goat Fur Cloak, Great Axe, Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 20, Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 4, Grimsite Outhouse Key, Hardened Tortoise Shell, Heavy Copper Maul, Hollow Vulture Bone, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, Keg of Shindigger Stout, Large Axe, Large Club, Latched Belt, Light Feather, Militia Shortsword, Militia Warhammer, Mudsnout Mixture, Murloc Fin Soup, Outfitter Boots, Pikeman Shield, Primitive Mantle, Ratty Old Belt, Raw Rockscale Cod, Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility, Recipe: Murloc Fin Soup, Restoring Balm, Rhahk'Zor's Hammer, Rock Hammer, Rocket Car Parts, Rod of Order, Sack of Supplies, Salty Scorpid Venom, Scroll of Spirit III, Scroll of Strength III, Spotted Sunfish, Stormwind Chain Gloves, Tabar, Tainted Keg, Tear of the Moons, Tender Crab Meat, Thick Yeti Fur, Thundering Key, Torn Fin Eye, Two-handed Sword, Ukor's Burden, War Hammer, War Maul, Warchief's Orders, Wooden Mallet, Worn Battleaxe, Zweihander, Acolyte's Robe, Atal'ai Stone Circle, Battered Mallet, Broad Claymore, Hefty War Axe, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Primed Musket, Recipe: Jungle Stew, Reinforced Chain Vest, Standard Claymore, Torn Bear Pelt, Whetted Claymore, Wooden Maul, Panther Cage Key, Pattern: White Wedding Dress

Updated Mobs: (361)
Angerclaw Bear, Angerclaw Mauler, Anguished Highborne, Apprentice Kryten, Archbishop Benedictus, Arei, Argus Shadow Mage, Ariena Stormfeather, Atal'ai Corpse Eater, Atal'ai Deathwalker, Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit, Atal'ai High Priest, Atal'ai Priest, Atal'ai Skeleton, Atal'ai Slave, Atal'ai Warrior, Atal'ai Witch Doctor, Atal'alarion, Auctioneer Beardo, Avatar of Hakkar, Bael'dun Officer, Bael'dun Rifleman, Bael'dun Soldier, Barkeep Morag, Baron Vardus, Bellygrub, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Slayer, Blackrock Grunt, Blackrock Hunter, Blackrock Outrunner, Blackrock Renegade, Blackrock Scout, Blackrock Sentry, Blackrock Shadowcaster, Blackrock Sorcerer, Blackrock Summoner, Blackrock Tracker, Blazing Elemental, Bloodscalp Berserker, Bloodscalp Witch Doctor, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Bluffwatcher, Borstan, Boulderfist Brute, Boulderfist Enforcer, Boulderfist Magus, Boulderfist Ogre, Brave Moonhorn, Brother Benjamin, Brother Cassius, Brother Sarno, Burning Exile, Cave Yeti, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, Clattering Scorpid, Cresting Exile, Crildor, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Enforcer, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Mauler, Crushridge Ogre, Crushridge Warmonger, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Cursed Atal'ai, Daggerspine Screamer, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Daggerspine Shorestalker, Daggerspine Siren, Dalaran Summoner, Dannelor, Dark Iron Bombardier, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Shadowcaster, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Dark Iron Watchman, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Warrior, Deep Lurker, Dire Condor, Dire Mottled Boar, Dockmaster Baren, Doyo'da, Dreamscythe, Dun Garok Priest, Dun Garok Rifleman, Dunemaul Brute, Dustwind Harpy, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Mesa Buzzard, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shadowhorn Stag, Elder Shardtooth, Enthralled Atal'ai, Everlook Bruiser, Evie Whirlbrew, Feeboz, Feegly the Exiled, Felpaw Ravager, Felpaw Wolf, Firegut Brute, Firegut Ogre Mage, Flakk, Flamekin Sprite, Fledgling Chillwind, Forest Moss Creeper, Fozruk, Freewind Brave, Frezza, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galthuk, Gamon, Gasher, Gelk, General Twinbraid, Ghostly Marauder, Ghostly Raider, Giant Moss Creeper, Giant Plains Creeper, Glasshide Petrifier, Glassweb Spider, Glommus, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gray Forest Wolf, Great Goretusk, Greater Tarantula, Greater Thunderhawk, Grel'borg the Miser, Grinning Dog, Grish Longrunner, Guard Ashlock, Guard Hiett, Guard Parker, Guard Pearce, Hakkar'i Bloodkeeper, Hakkar'i Sapper, Hammerfall Guardian, Hazzas, Heavy War Golem, Helboar, Herod, Highland Thrasher, Hitah'ya the Keeper, Hukku, Hydromancer Velratha, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Vizzie, Ironbeak Owl, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Trickster, Jaeana, Jailor Borhuin, Jammal'an the Prophet, Jaron Stoneshaper, Kargath Grunt, Kin'weelay, Kor'ghan, Kor'gresh Coldrage, Kozish, Krinkle Goodsteel, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Lashtail Raptor, Lilyssia Nightbreeze, Living Blaze, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, Loro, Magram Wrangler, Mak, Maraudine Priest, Marin Noggenfogger, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Oracle, Maxwort Uberglint, Me'lynn, Merelyssa, Mesa Buzzard, Mijan, Morphaz, Mosh'Ogg Brute, Mosh'Ogg Witch Doctor, Muckrake, Mummified Atal'ai, Muragus, Murk Slitherer, Murk Spitter, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Murloc Scout, Murloc Tidecaller, Murta Grimgut, Nekrum Gutchewer, Nether Sorceress, Nez'raz, Nightmare Scalebane, Nightmare Suppressor, Nightmare Wanderer, Nightmare Whelp, Nightmare Wyrmkin, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ornery Plainstrider, Oro Eyegouge, Overlord Ror, Penny, Portal Seeker, Priestess Alathea, Prince Galen Trollbane, Qizzik, Quinn, Rabid Blisterpaw, Rabid Shadowhide Gnoll, Ragged Owlbeast, Raging Owlbeast, Rat, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Runner, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorfen Servitor, Redridge Basher, Redridge Brute, Redridge Drudger, Redridge Mongrel, Redridge Mystic, Redridge Poacher, Redridge Thrasher, Redstone Basilisk, Refuge Pointe Defender, Rock Borer, Rogue Ice Thistle, Rumbling Exile, Ruuzlu, Salt Flats Scavenger, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltstone Basilisk, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Cretin, Sandfury Drudge, Sandfury Executioner, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Shadowcaster, Sandfury Shadowhunter, Sandfury Slave, Sandfury Soul Eater, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sarok, Sayoc, Scalding Broodling, Scarlet Augur, Scarlet Defender, Scarlet Guardsman, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Myrmidon, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Soldier, Scorpid Reaver, Scorpid Terror, Searing Lava Spider, Shade of Eranikus, Shadowhide Assassin, Shadowhide Brute, Shadowhide Darkweaver, Shadowhide Gnoll, Shadowhide Slayer, Shadowhide Warrior, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz, Shadowshard Smasher, Shardtooth Bear, Shardtooth Mauler, Sharlindra, Sharpbeak, Shreev, Skeleton of Zum'rah, Slave Worker, Sleeby, Snake, Snurk Bucksquick, Soulless Ghoul, Sparkleshell Tortoise, Sprinkle, Sranda, Starving Mountain Lion, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Orc, Stromgarde Cavalryman, Suffering Highborne, Sul'lithuz Abomination, Swamp Talker, Syndicate Highwayman, Syndicate Spy, Tainted Ooze, Taladan, Tarantula, Targ, Tarn, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Tempered War Golem, Tharil'zun, Thenan, Thundering Exile, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Warder, Torn Fin Coastrunner, Torn Fin Muckdweller, Torn Fin Oracle, Tran'rek, Trenton Lighthammer, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Fire Guard, Ug'thok, Umi Rumplesnicker, Unknown Entity, Unliving Atal'ai, Varimathras, Vernon Hale, Vicious Gray Bear, Vile Priestess Hexx, Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard, Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Blood Drinker, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Shadow Hunter, Vilebranch Shadowcaster, Vilebranch Soul Eater, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Vinasia, Vizzklick, War Reaver, Wastewander Bandit, Weaver, Weegli Blastfuse, Winna Hazzard, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Witch Doctor Zum'rah, Witherbark Berserker, Witherbark Shadowcaster, Witherbark Troll, Wizlo Bearingshiner, Wyrmkin Dreamwalker, Xen'to, Yeh'kinya, Yorus Barleybrew, Young Lashtail Raptor, Young Sawtooth Crocolisk, Zamja, Zengu, Zolo, Zul'Farrak Zombie, Zul'Lor