Goblin Workshop - Jan 21st Additions

Posted on January 21, 2006, 01:17 PM
New Quests: (2)
[18] Avenge My Village, [50] The Decisive Striker

New Items: (1)
Renataki's Charm of Beasts

New Monsters: (1)
Cenarion Scout Landion

257 Quests, 423 Items, 1440 Mobs, 75 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (257)
[50] A Boar's Vitality, A Final Blow, A New Cloak's Sheen, [15] A Recipe for Death - Part II, [56] A Strange Historian, A Strange Request, [55] Again With the Zapped Giants, [60] Agent of Hydraxis, [13] Ak'Zeloth, [60] Alas, Andorhal, [52] Alien Ecology, Alpha Strike, [36] An Unholy Alliance, An Unholy Alliance - Part II, [15] Apothecary Zamah, Ashenvale Outrunners, Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem, [60] Attunement to the Core, [56] Auntie Marlene - Part 2?, Aurel Goldleaf, Bad Medicine, [60] Battle of the Gulch, [25] Betrayal from Within, Betrayed, Blood Shards of Agamaggan, Bloodscalp Ears, [26] Blueleaf Tubers - Part 2?, Boulderslide Ravine, Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter, [50] Broken Alliances, [30] Brutal Armor (Warrior), [25] Cenarius' Legacy, [53] Chasing A-Me 01, [15] Chen's Empty Keg, [15] Chen's Empty Keg - Part II, [45] Clamlette Surprise, [20] Consumed by Hatred, [20] Counterattack!, [44] Cracking Maury's Foot, [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk, Crystals of Power, [49] Curse These Fat Fingers, [23] Cycle of Rebirth, [50] Dark Heart, Deadmire, [55] Deadwood Ritual Totem, [32] Defeat Nek'rosh, Disharmony of Flame, [12] Disrupt the Attacks, Divine Retribution, [10] Doras the Wind Rider Master, [52] Dreadmaul Rock, [60] Dukes of the Council, [16] Echeyakee, [22] Egg Hunt, Elemental War, Encrusted Tail Fins, [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards, [55] Everything Counts In Large Amounts, Expedition Salvation, [60] Fallen Sky Lords (Horde), [60] Favor Amongst the Darkspear, Fiery Menace!, [45] Find OOX-22/FE!, [60] For Great Honor, [18] Forsaken Aid - Part 2?, Free From the Hold, Fuel for the Zapping, [29] Fueling the War Effort, [15] Fungal Spores, [21] Further Instructions, Gann's Reclamation - Part 2?, [27] Gnogaine, [19] Goblin Invaders, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part 6?, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part II, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part III, [43] Gordunni Cobalt, [26] Harpies Threaten, Healthy Dragon Scale, Hemet Nesingwary, [12] Hidden Enemies, [16] Hidden Enemies, Honor Students, [61] Houses of the Holy, [18] Ignition, [12] In Defense of the King's Lands, [55] In Eranikus' Own Words, Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It, Invaders of Alterac, [32] Investigate the Camp, [19] Ishamuhale, Jarl Needs Eyes, [26] Jin'Zil's Forest Magic - Part 2?, [48] JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, [18] Jorn Skyseer, [20] Journey to Astranaar, Journey to Tarren Mill, [18] Kill Grundig Darkcloud, [22] Leaders of the Fang, [57] Lethtendris's Web, [20] Lost in Battle, Making Sense of It, Mantles of the Dawn - Part 2?, [12] Margoz, Martek the Exiled, [30] Melor Sends Word, Miner's Fortune, [44] More Wastewander Justice, [27] Morganth, [60] Mother's Milk , [15] Mountaineer Stormpike's Task, [15] Mura Runetotem, [12] Neeru Fireblade, [31] Nek'rosh's Gambit, [25] New Life - Part 2?, [60] New Year Celebrations!, [60] New Year Celebrations!, Nugget Slugs, [36] Parts for Kravel, [12] Plainstrider Menace, [31] Plea To The Alliance, [12] Protecting the Herd, Proving Grounds - Part 2?, [15] Prowlers of the Barrens, Race for Resources, [32] Raid on the Kolkar, [11] Rat Catching, [55] Refuel for the Zapping, [58] Return to the Blasted Lands, [10] Return to the Crossroads., [33] Return to Vahlarriel, Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, [10] Ride to Orgrimmar, [18] Rilli Greasygob, [16] Samophlange, [14] Samophlange - Part I, [14] Samophlange - Part II, [14] Samophlange - Part III, [19] Samophlange Manual, [51] Secret of the Circle, [18] Serpentbloom, [23] Shredding Machines, [35] Singing Blue Shards, [57] Skeletal Fragments (Horde), [12] Skull Rock, [50] Snickerfang Jowls, Southsea Freebooters, [20] Speak with Thun'grim (Warrior), Spirit of the Boar, [30] Steelsnap, [47] Stinglasher, [16] Stolen Booty, [48] STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass, [10] Stout to Kadrell, [21] Super Reaper 6000, Super Sticky, [14] Supplies for the Crossroads, [32] Supplies to Private Thorsen, [55] Taking Back Silithus, [55] The Apes of Un'Goro, [61] The Archivist, [20] The Ashenvale Hunt, [2] The Balance of Nature - Part 3?, [50] The Basilisk's Bite, The Battle for Alterac, [25] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Alliance), The Battle Plans, The Book of Ur, [30] The Brassbolts Brothers - Part 2?, [63] The Calling, [56] The Champion of the Banshee Queen, [61] The Corpulent One, [60] The Darkmoon Faire, [14] The Demon Seed, [15] The Disruption Ends, The Eastern Pylon, [18] The Elder Crone, [55] The Essence of Eranikus - Part 2?, [53] The Fare of Lar'korwi, [60] The Feast of Winter Veil - Part 2?, [48] The Flawless Flame, [61] The Flesh Does Not Lie, [13] The Forgotten Pools, [27] The Fury Runs Deep - Part 2?, [60] The Gordok Ogre Suit, [61] The Great Fras Siabi, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, [37] The Haunted Isle, [60] The Horde Needs Copper Bars!, [60] The Horde Needs Firebloom!, The Horde Needs Lean Wolf Steaks!, [60] The Horde Needs Mageweave Bandages!, [60] The Horde Needs Purple Lotus!, The Horde Needs Thick Leather!, The Horde Needs Wool Bandages!, [60] The Horde Needs Your Help!, The Key to Freedom, [10] The Lost Pilot, [46] The Mark of Quality (Horde), [28] The Missing Diplomat, [14] The Missing Shipment, [14] The Missing Shipment, [60] The Molten Core, The Northern Pylon, The Ogres of Feralas, [44] The Ogres of Feralas - Part II, [11] The Public Servant, [61] The Restless Souls, [54] The Rise of the Machines, The Sacred Flame, The Second Rebellion, [55] The Spirits of Southwind, [37] The Stone of the Tides, [52] The Strength of Corruption, [51] The Sunken Temple, The Swarm Grows, The Thirsty Goblin, [12] The Trogg Threat, [19] The Warsong Reports - Part 2?, [22] The Weaver, [53] The Western Pylon, The Woodland Protector, Thistleshrub Valley, [55] To Serve Kum'isha, Torek's Assault, [60] Treats for Greatfather Winter, [20] Trial at the Field of Giants, Tribes at War, [18] Trouble at the Docks, Trouble in the Deeps, [50] Un'Goro Soil, Unraveling the Mystery, [15] Until Death Do Us Part, [33] Vahlarriel's Search - Part 3?, Vengeance on the Northspring, Vulture's Vigor, [60] Vyral the Vile, Wanted - Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands, WANTED: Overseer Maltorius, [28] War Banners, War on the Woodpaw, Warsong Supplies, [24] Weapons of Choice, [14] Wenikee Boltbucket, [11] Wharfmaster Dizzywig, What the Flux?, [60] What Tomorrow Brings, Williden's Journal, [1] Winter's Presents, Woodpaw Investigation, [62] Wrath of the Blue Flight, Zanzil's Secret, [48] Zapped Giants, [21] Ziz Fizziks, Zukk'ash Infestation, [48] Zukk'ash Report

Updated Items: (423)
Ancient Hakkari Manslayer, Arcanist Gloves, Betrayer's Boots, Cloak of Firemaw, Dark Iron Leggings, Defiler's Mail Pauldrons, Defiler's Plate Spaulders, Dragonstalker's Legguards, Dryad's Wrist Bindings, Earthshaker, Firemaw's Clutch, General's Silk Boots, General's Silk Handguards, General's Silk Trousers, Giantstalker's Leggings, Hand of Edward the Odd, Helm of the Lifegiver, Mantle of Prophecy, Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal, Nemesis Belt, Nemesis Boots, Netherwind Pants, Nightslayer Belt, Nightslayer Boots, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads, Obsidian Edged Blade, Pendant of the Fallen Dragon, Shifting Cloak, Shroud of Pure Thought, Skyfury Helm, Spinal Reaper, Stockade Pauldrons, Stonerender Gauntlets, Stormrage Cover, Taran Icebreaker, Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads, The Untamed Blade, Wild Growth Spaulders, Windtalker's Wristguards, Wristguards of Stability, Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, Abyssal Leather Leggings of Restoration, Abyssal Mail Legguards of Restoration, Arcanite Champion, Arcanite Reaper, Barbarous Blade, Battle Healer's Cloak, Blood Guard's Chain Boots, Blood Guard's Chain Gauntlets, Blood Guard's Plate Boots, Blood Guard's Plate Gloves, Bloodmail Hauberk, Bloodmoon Cloak, Bloodsoul Breastplate, Bloodsoul Gauntlets, Blue Dragonscale Leggings, Bonechill Hammer, Boneslasher, Bracers of Prosperity, Cape of the Brotherhood, Celestial Orb, Cenarion Reservist's Legplates, Champion's Chain Pauldrons, Coif of Elements, Cragfists..., Cruel Barb, Darkrune Helm, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Mail Girdle, Doombringer, Dreadforge Retaliator, Eaglehorn Long Bow, Enamored Water Spirit, Executioner's Cleaver, Feathered Breastplate, Fire Hardened Hauberk, Fire Ruby, Fist of Omokk, Frightskull Shaft, Frostwolf Cloth Belt, Gargoyle Slashers, Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler, Golem Skull Helm, Gordok's Handguards, Green Dragonscale Gauntlets, Green Iron Hauberk, Guttbuster, Hammer of the Grand Crusader, Hellslayer Battle Axe, Hook of the Master Angler, Horns of Eranikus, Husk of Nerub'enkan, Impervious Giant, Insignia of the Horde, Ironweaver, Leggings of the Fang, Legionnaire's Band, Legionnaire's Chain Breastplate, Legionnaire's Mail Legguards, Loomguard Armbraces, Mana Channeling Wand, Mograine's Might, Necklace of Calisea, Observer's Shield, Orb of the Forgotten Seer, Overlord's Onyx Band, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Quel'dorai Channeling Rod, Ravager, Redoubt Cloak, Ribsplitter..., Ring of Demonic Guile, Royal Cap Spaulders, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Sacred Cloth Leggings, Sandals of the Insurgent, Sandworm Skin Gloves, Scout's Medallion, Searing Blade, Seeping Willow, Sergeant's Cloak, Shadowy Mail Greaves, Shroud of the Exile, Skullance Shield, Spitfire Bracers, Stoneform Shoulders, Stormgale Fists, Swift Flight Bracers, Taskmaster Axe, The Emperor's New Cape, The Hammer of Grace, Tristam Legguards, Twig of the World Tree, Viscous Hammer, Vision of Voodress, Warblade of Caer Darrow, Whipvine Cord, Whirlwind Axe, Whiteout Staff, Widowmaker, Wing of the Whelpling, Wingblade, Zulian Stone Axe, Zulian Tigerhide Cloak, "Mage-Eye" Blunderbuss, Abyssal Cloth Handwraps of Sorcery, Abyssal Leather Boots of Striking, Abyssal Mail Handguards of Striking, Abyssal Mail Sabatons of Sorcery, Abyssal Mail Sabatons of Striking, Abyssal Plate Gauntlets of Striking, Ambassador's Boots, Ancestral Tunic, Ancestral Woollies, Arcane Pads, Arcane Runed Bracers, Armor of the Fang, Aurora Gloves, Axe of Orgrimmar, Band of the Undercity, Barkshell Tunic, Battle Chain Pants, Battlehard Cape, Bear Bracers, Beastslayer, Belt of Vindication, Blackforge Bracers, Blackwater Tunic, Bloodlust Belt, Bloodlust Breastplate, Bloodlust Cape, Bloodspattered Gloves..., Brackwater Boots, Bristlebark Britches, Buckled Boots, Cabalist Gloves..., Champion's Gauntlets..., Champion's Helmet..., Chemist's Ring, Chief Brigadier Coif, Chieftain's Boots..., Chieftain's Cloak..., Clayridge Helm, Cliffrunner's Aim, Conjurer's Mantle..., Copper Battle Axe, Councillor's Scepter..., Crusader's Pauldrons..., Cutthroat's Boots..., Daring Dirk, Darkmist Armor..., Deathbone Girdle, Dusty Mail Boots, Emerald Peak Spaulders, Enamelled Broadsword, Ethereal Talisman, Feral Harness..., Fiery Cloak, Footpads of the Fang, Forest Hoop..., Gloves of the Fang, Gnomish Goggles, Gold Bar, Golden Scale Leggings, Gothic Sabatons..., Greasy Tinker's Pants, Greater Magic Wand, Green Iron Gauntlets, Grotslab Gloves, Grunt Axe..., Headbasher, Heavy Bronze Mace, Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Spiked Mace, Hero's Buckler, Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs, Hibernal Bracers, Hibernal Robe, Highborne Padded Armor, Huntsman's Armor..., Huntsman's Cape..., Imperial Plate Bracers, Infiltrator Armor..., Insignia Belt, Insignia Bracers, Ironforge Breastplate, Ironwood Maul, Khan's Cloak, Knight's Girdle..., Kodobone Necklace, Lambent Scale Boots, Lavawalker Greaves, Lesser Magic Wand, Ley Staff, Light Bow, Limb Cleaver, Mercurial Cloak..., Mindburst Medallion, Outrider Leggings, Owl Bracers, Pagan Bands..., Pendant of Myzrael, Potent Cape..., Prismatic Pendant..., Prismscale Hauberk, Privateer Musket, Prospector's Boots, Prospector's Cloak, Quartz Ring..., Razzeric's Racing Grips, Renegade Pauldrons..., Ritual Cape..., Robust Bracers..., Rose Colored Goggles, Rose Mantle, Rough Bronze Leggings, Rugwood Mantle, Saltstone Sabatons..., Sandstrider's Mark, Sanguine Star, Shadow Wand, Silksand Circlet, Silkstream Cuffs, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Skullcracking Mace, Sniper Rifle..., Soldier's Cloak..., Sorcerer Cloak..., Speedy Racer Goggles, Stinging Mace, Stonewood Hammer, Strength of the Treant, Sunscale Helmet, Swashbuckler's Boots..., Swiftstrike Cudgel, Symbolic Legplates, Tellurium Band..., Thaumaturgist Staff..., The 1 Ring, Thick War Axe, Thorium Rifle, Totemic Clan Ring, Tundra Boots, Valorous Greaves, Valorous Wristguards, Vanadium Loop..., Viridian Band..., Voone's Twitchbow, War Paint Cloak, Welding Shield, Wicked Leather Armor, Windchaser Cloak, Wolf Bracers, Zhovur Axe, Zorbin's Mega-Slicer, Accurate Scope, Ancestral Gloves, Apprentice Sash, Barbaric Cloth Cloak, Baron Longshore's Head, Bastard Sword, Bearded Axe, Big Bronze Bomb, Big Iron Bomb, Blinding Powder, Brackwater Cloak, Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter, Broad Axe, Bronze Battle Axe, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Shortsword, Bronze Warhammer, Ceremonial Knife, Claymore, Cliff Runner Boots, Coarse Sharpening Stone, Coarse Weightstone, Copper Claymore, Crippling Poison, Crippling Poison II, Cured Leather Armor, Cured Leather Belt, Cured Leather Bracers, Cured Leather Pants, Dalaran Sharp, Deadly Poison, Deadly Poison II, Deadly Poison III, Dirty Leather Boots, Dirty Leather Gloves, Dirty Leather Pants, Dirty Leather Vest, Disciple's Boots, Dwarven Tinder, Espadon, Flamberge, Flash Bomb, Fortified Bindings, Gazlowe's Ledger, Giant Mace, Green Iron Bracers, Heavy Copper Maul, Heavy Mageweave Bandage, Heavy Runecloth Bandage, Heavy Weave Belt, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Weave Shoes, Horn of the Brown Wolf, Instant Poison, Instant Poison II, Iron Grenade, Kobold Mining Shovel, Large Axe, Large Club, Light Chain Leggings, Lupine Cuffs, Mechanical Dragonling, Mind-numbing Poison, Mind-numbing Poison II, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, Red Firework, Relic Coffer Key, Rock Hammer, Rough Bronze Boots, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Runecloth Bandage, Runed Copper Belt, Runed Copper Bracers, Samophlange, Scroll of Agility, Scroll of Agility III, Scroll of Intellect IV, Scroll of Stamina IV, Seasoned Fighter's Cloak, Soft Wool Belt, Soft Wool Boots, Spotted Yellowtail, Tabar, Thick Cloth Bracers, Thieves' Tools, Two-handed Sword, Wild Hog Shank, Wooden Mallet, Worn Battleaxe, Worn Shortsword, Woven Belt, Woven Boots, Woven Bracers, Woven Gloves, Woven Pants, Woven Vest, Acolyte's Robe, Apprentice's Robe, Balanced War Axe, Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, Calico Gloves, Crude Bastard Sword, Deadly Poison IV, Horn of the Dire Wolf, Horn of the Swift Brown Wolf, Horn of the Swift Gray Wolf, Horn of the Swift Timber Wolf, Horn of the Timber Wolf, Instant Poison III, Instant Poison IV, Mind-numbing Poison III, Mithril Frag Bomb, Pattern: Argent Shoulders, Plans: Gloves of the Dawn, Primitive Kilt, Recipe: Hot Wolf Ribs, Rusty Warhammer, Sagefish Delight, Smoked Sagefish, Worn Cloak, Worn Leather Vest, Wound Poison, Wound Poison II, Wound Poison III, Wound Poison IV, Bard's Cloak..., Instant Poison V

Updated Mobs: (1440)
Abercrombie, Achellios the Banished, Ahanu, Aku'mai Fisher, Aku'mai Snapjaw, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Alessandro Luca, Algernon, Alzzin the Wildshaper, Ancient Core Hound, Andrea Halloran, Andrew Brownell, Andrew Hilbert, Andron Gant, Angerclaw Grizzly, Anguished Dead, Ansekhwa, Antarius, Antlered Courser, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Jezel, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Vallia, Apothecary Zinge, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Archibald, Arena Spectator, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Officer Garush, Argent Quartermaster Hasana, Argent Rider, Armand Cromwell, Armored Scorpid, Arnok, Ashlan Stonesmirk, Ashmane Boar, Aska Mistrunner, Atal'ai Priest, Atepa, Aturk the Anvil, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Epitwee, Auctioneer Graves, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Gullem, Auctioneer Jaxon, Auctioneer Leeka, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tricket, Auctioneer Wabang, Auctioneer Yarly, Awenasa, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Soldier, Bailey Stonemantle, Banalash, Barg, Barkeep Morag, Baron Geddon, Baron Longshore, Baron Revilgaz, Baroness Anastari, Barrens Guard, Bashana Runetotem, Basil Frye, Batrider Pele'keiki, Bena Winterhoof, Bengus Deepforge, Benijah Fenner, Bera Stonehammer, Bessany Plainswind, Besseleth, Betina Bigglezink, Bile Spewer, Black Guard Sentry, Black Slayer, Black Wyrmkin, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Renegade, Blaise Montgomery, Blazing Elemental, Bleeding Horror, Blighted Zombie, Blindlight Muckdweller, Blindlight Murloc, Blindlight Oracle, Blizrik Buckshot, Blood Steward of Kirtonos, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Ripper, Bloodfury Slayer, Bloodfury Storm Witch, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodguard Rawtar, Bloodlord Mandokir, Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Bluff Runner Windstrider, Bluffwatcher, Boiling Elemental, Bombus Finespindle, Booty Bay Bruiser, Bor Wildmane, Borand, Borgosh Corebender, Borstan, Borya, Bounty Hunter Kolark, Boyle, Brack, Brak Durnad, Brakgul Deathbringer, Brave Darksky, Brave Leaping Deer, Brave Moonhorn, Brave Wildrunner, Brewmaster Drohn, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Broken Cadaver, Brom Killian, Brombar Higgleby, Bronk, Bryllia Ironbrand, Bulkrek Ragefist, Bulrug, Burkrum, Burning Blade Acolyte, Burning Blade Adept, Burning Blade Apprentice, Burning Blade Augur, Burning Blade Bruiser, Burning Blade Cultist, Burning Blade Fanatic, Burning Blade Felsworn, Burning Blade Neophyte, Burning Blade Reaver, Burning Blade Shadowmage, Burning Blade Thug, Burning Ravager, Buzzek Bracketswing, Caitlin Grassman, Caliph Scorpidsting, Camp Mojache Brave, Cannoneer Smythe, Cannoneer Whessan, Captain Galvangar, Captain Greenskin, Captive Abomination, Caravaneer Ruzzgot, Caretaker Alen, Carlin Redpath, Carolyn Ward, Carrion Lurker, Cawind Trueaim, Cedric Stumpel, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Caretaker, Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Cenarion Scout Azenel, Champion Defender, Champion Guardian, Champion Guardsman, Champion Legionnaire, Champion Mountaineer, Champion Sentinel, Champion Warrior, Charles Seaton, Charred Ancient, Chemist Fuely, Chepi, Chesmu, Chicken, Chief Sharpclaw, Chieftain Nek'rosh, Chillwind Chimaera, Christoph Walker, Christopher Drakul, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chromatic Elite Guard, Chromatic Whelp, Clattering Scorpid, Cliff Stormer, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloned Ooze, Cloud Serpent, Clunk, Comar Villard, Commander Aggro'gosh, Commander Dardosh, Commander Louis Philips, Commander Mar'alith, Commander Mulfort, Cookie, Cor Grimtotem, Core Rager, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Kaleb, Corrosive Sap Beast, Corrupted Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Corrupted Mottled Boar, Corrupted Scorpid, Crag Stalker, Crimson Battle Mage, Crimson Bodyguard, Crimson Conjuror, Crimson Gallant, Crimson Guardsman, Crimson Initiate, Crimson Inquisitor, Crimson Monk, Crimson Priest, Crimson Sorcerer, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Mauler, Crushridge Ogre, Cursed Atal'ai, Cursed Darkhound, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Watcher, Dalinda Malem, Daniel Bartlett, Dar, Dark Caster, Dark Guard, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Dark Shade, Dark Summoner, Darkeye Bonecaster, Darkmaster Gandling, Darrowshire Spirit, Daughter of Cenarius, Davitt Hickson, Deadwood Avenger, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Death Lash, Death Singer, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Podrig, Deathlash Scorpid, Deeg, Deep Borer, Deep Pool Threshfin, Deepmoss Hatchling, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deepmoss Webspinner, Deeprun Rat, Deepstrider Giant, Defias Blackguard, Defias Conjurer, Defias Digger, Defias Evoker, Defias Henchman, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Miner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Smuggler, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Thug, Defias Trapper, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Delgo Ragetotem, Derina Rumdnul, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Dreadfang, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lurker, Deviate Python, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Venomwing, Deviate Viper, Devrak, Diemetradon, Dire Mottled Boar, Dirge Quikcleave, Discordant Surge, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Ghoul, Diseased Wolf, Dizzy One-Eye, Doctor Herbert Halsey, Doctor Marsh, Doctor Martin Felben, Doctor Serratus, Donna, Doomforge Craftsman, Doras, Doyo'da, Draconic Mageweaver, Dragonmaw Bonewarder, Dragonmaw Centurion, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Shadowwarder, Dragonmaw Swamprunner, Dranh, Dread Ripper, Dread Swoop, Dredge Crusher, Druid of the Fang, Druid of the Grove, Drysnap Pincer, Drywallow Snapper, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dun Morogh Mountaineer, Dungar Longdrink, Dustwind Pillager, Dustwind Savage, Dustwind Storm Witch, Edrick Killian, Edward Remington, Edwin VanCleef, Edwina Monzor, Elder Cloud Serpent, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Mottled Boar, Eleanor Rusk, Eliza, Elizabeth Van Talen, Elki, Enraged Stone Spirit, Enthralled Atal'ai, Erik Felixe, Erk, Ertog Ragetusk, Eunice Burch, Everlook Bruiser, Ezekiel Graves, Fahrak, Falkan Armonis, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fang, Father Winter's Helper, Faustron, Fel Lash, Fel'zerul, Felicia Doan, Felika, Felpaw Wolf, Felweaver Scornn, Feran Strongwind, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Fey Dragon, Field Marshal Snowfall, Fimble Finespindle, Fin Fizracket, Fineous Darkvire, Fireguard, Fireguard Destroyer, Firegut Ogre, Firewalker, First Mate Crazz, First Mate Fitzsimmons, Fisherman Lin'do, Flameguard, Flamewaker Elite, Flamewaker Healer, Flamewaker Protector, Flatland Cougar, Fledgling Chimaera, Fleet Master Seahorn, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Foreman Cozzle, Foreman Rigger, Forest Moss Creeper, Forsaken Bodyguard, Francis Eliot, Franklin Lloyd, Frayfeather Stagwing, Freewind Brave, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frezza, Frog, Frostmane Shadowcaster, Frostmane Snowstrider, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Bloodhound, Frostwolf Bowman, Frostwolf Emissary, Frostwolf Guardian, Frostwolf Herald, Frostwolf Legionnaire, Frostwolf Shaman, Frostwolf Warrior, Frostwolf Wolf Rider, Fungal Ooze, Fyr Mistrunner, Gagsprocket, Gahroot, Galak Mauler, Galthuk, Gamon, Gaxim Rustfizzle, Gazrog, Gehennas, Gelihast, Gelkis Marauder, Gelkis Mauler, Gelkis Scout, Gelkis Stamper, Gelkis Windchaser, Genavie Callow, Geoffrey Hartwell, Geologist Larksbane, Georgia, Gest, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghoul Ravener, Giant Grizzled Bear, Giant Plains Creeper, Giant Yeti, Gibbering Ghoul, Gibblesnik, Gillian Moore, Gilnid, Gilthares Firebough, Gimblethorn, Glasshide Basilisk, Glassweb Spider, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Gogger Geomancer, Gogger Rock Keeper, Goma, Goraluk Anvilcrack, Gordok Enforcer, Gordok Hyena, Gordok Mauler, Gordok Ogre-Mage, Gordon Wendham, Gordunni Battlemaster, Gordunni Brute, Gordunni Mage-Lord, Gordunni Mauler, Gordunni Ogre, Gordunni Warlock, Gordunni Warlord, Gorina, Gorm Grimtotem, Gorn One Eye, Gotri, Grand Crusader Dathrohan, Grarnik Goodstitch, Gravelsnout Forager, Gravelsnout Kobold, Gravelsnout Vermin, Grazlix, Great Courser, Great Goretusk, Greater Barrens Kodo, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Plainstrider, Greater Thunderhawk, Grelkor, Grell, Grezz Ragefist, Grim Patron, Grimble, Grimestack, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Naturalist, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grimtotem Shaman, Grimtotem Sorcerer, Gringer, Grinkle, Grinning Dog, Gritjaw Basilisk, Grizzle Halfmane, Grizzled Ironfur Bear, Groddoc Thunderer, Grom'gol Grunt, Groum Stonebeard, Ground Pounder, Gruham Rumdnul, Grumnus Steelshaper, Grundig Darkcloud, Grunnda Wolfheart, Grunt Komak, Grunt Maug, Grunt Mojka, Gryth Thurden, Guard Byron, Guard Pearce, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Bat Rider, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Champion, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gurubashi Warrior, Guzzling Patron, Gwenna Firebrew, Gwina Stonebranch, Gwyn Farrow, Hadoken Swiftstrider, Hahrana Ironhide, Hakkari Oracle, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Guardian, Handor, Hannah Akeley, Harant Ironbrace, Harklane, Hartash, Harvest Watcher, Hate Shrieker, Hatefury Felsworn, Hatefury Hellcaller, Hatefury Shadowstalker, Haughty Modiste, Healer Longrunner, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Hederine Initiate, Hederine Manastalker, Hederine Slayer, Helboar, Helena Atwood, Herbalist Proudfeather, Hesuwa Thunderhorn, Hewa, Hezrul Bloodmark, Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania, High Chief Winterfall, High Explorer Magellas, High Overlord Saurfang, Highborne Apparition, Highborne Lichling, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hin Denburg, Holgar Stormaxe, Holt Thunderhorn, Honor Guard, Horde Guard, Horde Laborer, Horde Scout, Horde Spirit Guide, Horde Warbringer, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Thunderhorn, Huum Wildmane, Hydrospawn, Ice Thistle Yeti, Infernal, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Fizzgrimble, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Karakul, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Pala, Innkeeper Shyria, Instructor Malicia, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironfur Bear, Ironus Coldsteel, Jabbering Ghoul, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Satyr, Jadefire Trickster, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Darkweaver, Jaedenar Enforcer, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Legionnaire, Jaedenar Warlock, Jahan Hawkwing, James Halloran, James Van Brunt, Jandia, Jangdor Swiftstrider, Jannos Lighthoof, Jawn Highmesa, Jeremiah Payson, Jhordy Lapforge, Jin'sora, Joanna Whitehall, John Turner, Jon-Jon the Crow, Jonathan Chambers, Joseph Moore, Jotek, Jungle Toad, Jutak, Jyn Stonehoof, Kaela Shadowspear, Kaga Mistrunner, Kah Mistrunner, Kaja, Kamari, Kard Ragetotem, Kardris Dreamseeker, Kareth, Kargath Grunt, Karm Ironquill, Karn Stonehoof, Karolek, Karos Razok, Kartra Bloodsnarl, Karus, Katis, Katrina Alliestar, Kaya Flathoof, Kazkaz the Unholy, Kebok, Keena, Keeper Albagorm, Keeper Bel'dugur, Keeper Moonshade, Keeper Remulos, Kelgruk Bloodaxe, Kelsuwa, Kergul Bloodaxe, Kernda, Kersok Prond, Khan Shaka, Khara Deepwater, Kildar, Killian Hagey, King Bangalash, King Magni Bronzebeard, Kirge Sternhorn, Kolkar Battle Lord, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Drudge, Kolkar Invader, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Mauler, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Stormseer, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Komin Winterhoof, Kor'ghan, Kor'jus, Kor'kron Elite, Kozish, Kray, Krazek, Kresh, Krinkle Goodsteel, Kroshius, Krulmoo Fullmoon, Krumn, Kulleg Stonehorn, Kulwia, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kurden Bloodclaw, Kurgul, Kurm Stonehoof, Kuruk, Kurzen Jungle Fighter, Kylanna Windwhisper, Kym Wildmane, Lady Callow, Lady Illucia Barov, Lakota'mani, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Elemental, Lava Reaver, Lava Spawn, Lava Surger, Laziphus, League of Arathor Elite, Legashi Hellcaller, Legashi Satyr, Leona Tharpe, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Lethtendris, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Doren, Lieutenant Grummus, Lieutenant Largent, Lieutenant Lonadin, Lieutenant Murp, Lieutenant Rugba, Lieutenant Spencer, Lieutenant Stronghoof, Lifelike Toad, Lightning Hide, Lina Hearthstove, Living Blaze, Lizbeth Cromwell, Loch Crocolisk, Logannas, Lokholar the Ice Lord, Longbraid the Grim, Longtooth Runner, Loorana, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Pythas, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Lorgus Jett, Lost Barrens Kodo, Louis Warren, Lucian Fenner, Lucille Castleton, Lumak, Magar, Magatha Grimtotem, Maggran Earthbinder, Magma Elemental, Magmadar, Magram Mauler, Magram Outrunner, Magram Scout, Magram Windchaser, Mahani, Mahnott Roughwound, Makaba Flathoof, Makaru, Makrinni Razorclaw, Makrura Clacker, Malcomb Wynn, Maleki the Pallid, Malton Droffers, Mangled Cadaver, Mani Winterhoof, Mankrik, Maraudine Wrangler, Mardrack Greenwell, Marduk Blackpool, Margoz, Marin Noggenfogger, Markel Smythe, Marta Finespindle, Martha Alliestar, Mary Edras, Master Apothecary Faranell, Master Digger, Master Sergeant Fizzlebolt, Master Sergeant Maclure, Mattie Alred, Maur Raincaller, Maybess Riverbreeze, McGavan, Merill Pleasance, Michael Garrett, Miner Cromwell, Mirefin Muckdweller, Mirelle Tremayne, Mirket, Misha, Molten Giant, Moonrage Elder, Moonrage Watcher, Moonrage Whitescalp, Mooranta, Mor'rogal, Mor'vek, Morgum, Mortimer Montague, Mot Dawnstrider, Motley Garmason, Mottled Razormaw, Mottled Screecher, Mottled Scytheclaw, Mountaineer Droken, Mountaineer Stenn, Mr. Smite, Mudduk, Mummified Atal'ai, Muragus, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murky, Murloc Hunter, Murloc Netter, Murloc Warrior, Murphy West, Murta Grimgut, Mutanus the Devourer, My'lanna, Myolor Sunderfury, Myra Tyrngaarde, Naal Mistrunner, Naela Trance, Nan Mistrunner, Nargatt, Nata Dawnstrider, Nathaniel Steenwick, Needles Cougar, Neeru Fireblade, Nekrum Gutchewer, Nether Maiden, Nicholas Atwood, Nida Winterhoof, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nijel's Point Guard, Nissa Firestone, Nixx Sprocketspring, Nogg, Nurse Stonefield, Oasis Snapjaw, Obsidian Elemental, Officer Brady, Officer Gothena, Officer Ironbeard, Officer Redblade, Officer Thunderstrider, Ogron, Ohgan, Old Serra'kis, Ollanus, Olvia, Omusa Thunderhorn, Ophelia Montague, Oran Snakewrithe, Orgrimmar Commendation Officer, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ormak Grimshot, Ormok, Ornery Plainstrider, Orokk Omosh, Orphan Matron Battlewail, Overlord Runthak, Overmaster Pyron, Overseer Maltorius, Overwatch Mark I, Ox, Pack Kodo, Paige Felixe, Pakwa, Pao'ka Swiftmountain, Patchwork Horror, Patrick Garrett, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Phalanx, Phase Lasher, Pikkle, Pimgib, Plagued Insect, Plains Creeper, Plugger Spazzring, Portal Seeker, Pratt McGrubben, Pridewing Wyvern, Primal Ooze, Primalist Thurloga, Primordial Behemoth, Prince Xavalis, Prisoner of Jin'Zil, Private Porter, Private Thorsen, Privateer Groy, Prospector Stormpike, Pterrordax, Pusillin, Putrid Gargoyle, Qeeju, Qixdi Goodstitch, Qizzik, Quarry Slave, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quentin, Quinn, Rabbit, Rabid Bonepaw, Rabid Longtooth, Rabine Saturna, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Flamescale, Ragereaver Golem, Ragged Owlbeast, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Owlbeast, Raging Thunder Lizard, Ragnaros, Rahauro, Raleigh Andrean, Ramstein the Gorger, Rand Rhobart, Randolph Montague, Rarck, Rashona Straglash, Rat, Rattlecage Soldier, Rattlegore, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Corpse, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Runner, Razorfen Thornweaver, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Scout, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Water Seeker, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Raptor, Razzashi Serpent, Reanimated Corpse, Reban Freerunner, Redstone Crystalhide, Reginald Grimsford, Rekkul, Rexxar, Reyna Stonebranch, Rhag Garmason, Rhahk'Zor, Rikqiz, Rilli Greasygob, Risen Aberration, Risen Bonewarder, Risen Construct, Risen Guardian, Risen Protector, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Scout, Roach, Rockjaw Ambusher, Roggo Harlbarrow, Rogue Flame Spirit, Rogue Vale Screecher, Rok'Alim the Pounder, Ronald Burch, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Mongrel, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotting Dead, Rotting Ghoul, Roxxik, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Ruuzlu, Ruw, Sage Korolusk, Sage Palerunner, Sagorne Creststrider, Salazar Bloch, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltscale Hunter, Saltscale Warrior, Saltwater Snapjaw, Samantha Shackleton, Samuel Van Brunt, Sana, Sand Crawler, Sandfury Axe Thrower, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Cretin, Sandfury Drudge, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sandfury Shadowcaster, Sandfury Shadowhunter, Sandfury Slave, Sandfury Soul Eater, Sandfury Speaker, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sanuye Runetotem, Sap Beast, Sarah Goode, Sark Ragetotem, Sarlek, Sarok, Saru Steelfury, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Matriarch, Savannah Prowler, Savanne, Sayoc, Scarab, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Magician, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Torturer, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Grunt, Scarshield Quartermaster, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scholomance Acolyte, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Scholomance Handler, Scholomance Necrolyte, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Occultist, Scholomance Student, Scooty, Scorched Basilisk, Scorpashi Lasher, Scorpid Tail Lasher, Scorpid Terror, Scourge Soldier, Scourge Warder, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Sea Crawler, Sea Spray, Seasoned Guardian, Seasoned Legionnaire, Seasoned Mountaineer, Seasoned Warrior, Seeker Cromwell, Selina Pickman, Senani Thunderheart, Senator Mehr Stonehallow, Senior Sergeant Grimsford, Senior Sergeant Kai'jin, Senior Sergeant T'kelah, Senior Sergeant Taiga, Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser, Sentinel Silversky, Sentry Point Guard, Sergeant Ba'sha, Sergeant Umala, Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl, Sergeant Yohwa, Sergra Darkthorn, Serpentbloom Snake, Sewa Mistrunner, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowprey Guardian, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz, Shadowsilk Poacher, Shankys, Shardtooth Bear, Shayis Steelfury, Shazzrah, Sheal Runetotem, Sheendra Tallgrass, Shelene Rhobart, Shellei Brondir, Sheza Wildmane, Shim'la, Shoja'my, Shoma, Shreev, Shrieking Banshee, Shyn, Sian'tsu, Sida, Sikwa, Silas Zimmer, Silithid Creeper, Silithid Grub, Silithid Swarmer, Silverpine Deathguard, Sindrayl, Singed Basilisk, Sir Malory Wheeler, Sister Riven, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Terror, Skinner Jamani, Skittering Crustacean, Skuerto, Skullsplitter Mystic, Slave Worker, Slavering Ghoul, Sly Garrett, Smith Regzar, Snang, Snapjaw, Snarl, Sneed, Sneed's Shredder, Snickerfang Hyena, Snow Leopard, Snurk Bucksquick, Soleil Stonemantle, Son of Cenarius, Soran, Sorek, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southsea Privateer, Sovik, Spectral Researcher, Spectral Teacher, Spectral Tutor, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Serpent Guard, Spitelash Siren, Spitelash Warrior, Splintered Skeleton, Splintertree Guard, Splintertree Raider, Sprinkle, Sprite Darter, Sprite Darter Hatchling, Sputtervalve, Squibby Overspeck, Sraaz, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Bonepaw, Starving Snickerfang, Stitched Horror, Stitches, Stonard Orc, Stone Maw Basilisk, Stonearm, Stonelash Flayer, Stonelash Pincer, Stormpike Bowman, Stormpike Defender, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormpike Owl, Stormpike Ram Rider, Stormpike Ram Rider Commander, Stormsnout, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stranglethorn Tiger, Stranglethorn Tigress, Subterranean Diemetradon, Suffering Victim, Sul'lithuz Sandcrawler, Sumi, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Lashtail, Sunscale Screecher, Sunscale Scytheclaw, Sura Wildmane, Sven Yorgen, Syndicate Footpad, Syndicate Prowler, Syndicate Thief, Tah Winterhoof, Tainted Ooze, Tal, Talo Thornhoof, Tamar, Tamaro, Tammra Windfield, Tand, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Tarban Hearthgrain, Tarhus, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taur Stonehoof, Tawny Grisette, Tazan, Teg Dawnstrider, Teloren, Telurinon Moonshadow, Thaddeus Webb, Thalia Amberhide, Tharlidun, Tharm, The Ravenian, Theka the Martyr, Theramore Guard, Theramore Marine, Theramore Preserver, Thersa Windsong, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thrag Stonehoof, Thrall, Thrumn, Thultash, Thund, Thunder Bluff Commendation Officer, Thunder Lizard, Thunderhawk Hatchling, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Patriarch, Thundering Boulderkin, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurston Xane, Thuwd, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster, Thysta, Tigor Skychaser, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Ursa, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timmy the Cruel, Timothy Weldon, Tinkerer Gizlock, Tonga Runetotem, Topper McNabb, Tor'phan, Torm Ragetotem, Tormus Deepforge, Torn Screamer, Tortured Slave, Trade Master Kovic, Tran'rek, Travist Bosk, Trenton Lighthammer, Tumi, Twilight Acolyte, Twilight Aquamancer, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Bodyguard, Twilight Elementalist, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Keeper Havunth, Twilight Lord Kelris, Twilight Loreseeker, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Shadowmage, Tyranis Malem, Ug'thok, Ukra'nor, Un'Goro Stomper, Un'Goro Thunderer, Undercity Commendation Officer, Undercity Guardian, Unseen Servant, Urda, Urek Thunderhorn, Uthan Stillwater, Varg Windwhisper, Vargus, Varimathras, Vectus, Velora Nitely, Venom Belcher, Venom Mist Lurker, Venom Web Spider, Venomhide Ravasaur, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Geologist, Venture Co. Hireling, Venture Co. Logger, Venture Co. Lumberjack, Venture Co. Mechanic, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Overseer, Venture Co. Peon, Venture Co. Workboss, Verdan the Everliving, Verek, Veteran Defender, Veteran Guardsman, Veteran Legionnaire, Veteran Mountaineer, Veteran Warrior, Vharr, Vhulgra, Vile Fin Lakestalker, Vile Tutor, Vilebranch Speaker, Vincent Hyal, Vivianna, Vizzklick, Voggah Deathgrip, Vorrel Sengutz, Wailing Banshee, Walter Ellingson, Wandering Skeleton, War Effort Recruit, War Effort Volunteer, War Party Kodo, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Warder Stilgiss, Warg Deepwater, Warlord Gorchuk, Warlord Krom'zar, Warmaster Garrick, Warmaster Laggrond, Warpwood Crusher, Warpwood Guardian, Warpwood Stomper, Warpwood Tangler, Warpwood Treant, Warsong Emissary, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Weapon Technician, Werg Thickblade, Wetlands Crocolisk, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Whirlwind Ripper, Whirlwind Stormwalker, Whitewhisker Digger, Whitewhisker Overseer, Whitewhisker Vermin, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Imp, Wildspawn Rogue, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildspawn Trickster, Wildthorn Stalker, William, William Montague, Windfury Wind Witch, Windshear Digger, Windshear Geomancer, Winterax Axe Thrower, Winterax Shadow Hunter, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Ursa, Wixxrak, Woodpaw Alpha, Woodpaw Brute, Woodpaw Mongrel, Woodpaw Mystic, Woodpaw Reaver, Woodpaw Trapper, Worb Strongstitch, Wrath Hammer Construct, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wrenix the Wretched, Wretched Lost One, Wrinkle Goodsteel, Wuark, Xan'tish, Xao'tsu, Xavaric, Xen'to, Xizk Goodstitch, Xor'juul, XT:9, Yonada, Young Chimaera, Young Diemetradon, Young Fleshripper, Young Panther, Young Pridewing, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Thistle Boar, Young Wetlands Crocolisk, Yugrek, Zamja, Zando'zan, Zangen Stonehoof, Zanzil Hunter, Zapetta, Zapped Deep Strider, Zapped Shore Strider, Zarise, Zarlman Two-Moons, Zas'Tysh, Zazo, Zel'mak, Zendo'jian, Zengu, Zevrim Thornhoof, Zhevra Charger, Zhevra Runner, Zikkel, Zilzibin Drumlore, Zora Guthrek, Zul'Farrak Zombie

Updated World Objects: (75)
Alliance Banner, Alliance Chest, Barrel of Milk, Battered Chest, Bloodpetal Sprout, Blue Power Crystal, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Cache of the Firelord, Chen's Empty Keg, Copper Vein, Cozzle's Footlocker, Dark Iron Ale Mug, Dark Iron Deposit, Deepmoss Eggs, Defias Gunpowder, Dreamfoil, Drizzlik's Emporium, Dustwallow Marsh Fishing, Earthroot, Felvine Shard, Feralas Fishing, Firebloom, Food Crate, Fragile - Do Not Drop, Gaea Seed, Giant Clam, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Gordunni Dirt Mound, Green Power Crystal, Grim Guzzler Boar, Iron Deposit, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Krom'zar's Banner, Laden Mushroom, Large Battered Chest, Large Solid Chest, Mageroyal, Malor's Strongbox, Mithril Deposit, Mountain Silversage, Mulgore Fishing, Ooze Covered Mithril Deposit, Ooze Covered Rich Thorium Vein, Ooze Covered Thorium Vein, Orgrimmar Fishing, Peacebloom, Purple Lotus, Red Power Crystal, Rich Thorium Vein, Rocket Car Rubble, Secret Plans: Fiery Flux, Serpentbloom, Silver Vein, Silverleaf, Skin of Shadow, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Stranglekelp, Stranglethorn Vale Fishing, Sungrass, Supply Crate, The Barrens Fishing, Tin Vein, Tool Bucket, Truesilver Deposit, Un'Goro Dirt Pile, Water Barrel, Weapon Crate, Westfall Fishing, Wild Steelbloom, Winterspring Fishing, Yellow Power Crystal