Mar 23rd - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on March 23, 2004, 12:00 AM
New Quests: A Putrid Task, Brightsun's quest?, Creature of the Void, Echeyakee, Enraged Stormsnouts, Find Karanal Fiss, Smart Drinks, Steelsnap, The Sacred Flame, The Venture Co., Thunderhorn Totem

Updated Quests: Ak'Zeloth, Call of Fire, Centaur Bracers, Consumed by Hatred, Dangers of the Windfury, Deepmoss Spider Eggs, Deviate Hides, Disrupt the Attacks, Dwarven Digging, Forsaken Aid, Herzul Bloodmark, Ishamuhale, Kolkar Leaders, Lost But Not Forgotten, Master Gadrin, Melor Sends Word, Neeru Fireblade, Night Web's Hollow, Proof of Demise, Raptor Horns, Rights of the Earthmother, Rite of Strength, Rite of Vision, Samophlange, Serena Bloodfeather, Shredding Machines, Skull Rock, Stolen Silver, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Swoop Hunting, The Angry Scytheclaws, The Damned, The Disruption Ends, The Haunted Mills, The Ravaged Caravan, The Scarlet Crusade, Thunderhorn Cleansing, Until Death Do Us Part, Weapons of Choice, Winds in the Desert

New Items: Ancestral Cloak, Arclight Spanner, Bard's Boots of Spirit, Battleforge Boots of Toughness, Battleforge Girdle of Stamina, Black Velvet Robes, Blazing Wand, Blue Linen Shirt, Bonefist Gauntlets, Brackwater Cloak, Brackwater Girdle, Brave's Axe, Brawler's Harness, Brigandine Gloves, Bristleback Belt, Broken Tools, Burnished Chain Boots, Burnished Chain Leggings, Camouflaged Tunic, Ceremonial Knife, Charged Scale, Clasped Belt, Common Magebloom, Conjured Bread, Console Key, Copper Chain Belt, Cougar Claws, Cracked Bill, Cross Dagger, Cured Heavy Hide, Dark Leather SHoulders, Deep Fathom Ring, Defender Boots of Strength, Defender Tunic of Strength, Dervish Bracers of Intellect, Dervish Gloves of Agility, Dervish Tunic of Stamina, Disciple's Robe of Agility, Disciple's Vest of Intellect, Double-barreled Shotgun, Ebony Totem, Echeyakee's Hide, Elixir of Firepower, Enchant Cloak - Minor Resist, Enchanter's Cowl, Filled Etched Phial, Flameweave Belt, Flameweave Cloak, Fortified Bindings, Glowing Ember, Glowing Green Talisman, Gnarled Ash Staff, Greasy Tinker's Pants, Guardian Buckler, Hands of the Gibbous Moon, Harpy Skinner, Heavy Blasting Powder, Heavy Dynamite, Heavy Sharpening Stone, Hillman's Cloak, Horn of Arra'chea, Husk of Naraxis, Imbue Chest - Absorb, Imbue Chest - Minor Health, Imbue Cloak - Minor Resistance, Insignia Belt, Intact Raptor Horn, Kaldorei Caviar, Kimbra Boots, Large Bore Blunderbuss, Leaden Mace, Letter to Jin'Zil, Merchanical Squirrel, Meteor Shard, Mighty Chain Pants, Murloc Scale Belt, Old Greatsword, Pattern: Red Woolen Boots, Privateer Musket, Pulsating Hydra Heart, Raptor Punch, Reagent Pouch, Recipe: Instant Toxin, Red Woolen Boots, Ring of Healing, Rough Grinding Stone, Rough-hewn Kodo Leggings, Scouting Belt of Stamina, Seer's Bracers, Senggin Root, Severing Axe, Shadowfang, Shimmering Gloves of Stamina, Shimmering Mantle, Skull Ring, Slitherskin Mackerel, Soldier's Armor of Strength, Soldier's Buckler of Strength, Soldier's Cloak of Stamina, Soldier's Gauntlets of Agility, Soldier's Shield of Stamina, Splintered Board, Stalker Claws, Steelsnap's Rib, Stinging Viper, Stone Tomahawk, Stormsnout Blood Vial, Tablet of Verga, Theramore Medal, Trouncing Boots, Wailing Essence, Whirring Bronze Gizmo, Withered Staff, Woolen Boots, Zhouvur Axe, Zombie Skin Bracers

Updated Items: Advanced Target Dummy, Animal Skin Belt, Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, Augmented Chain Belt, Augmented Chain Boots, Barbaric Battle Axe, Barbaric Harness, Barbaric Linen Vest, Barbaric Shoulders, Battered Leather Boots, Battered Mallet, Battle Slayer, Beastmaster's Girdle, Big Bronze Bomb, Big Iron Bomb, Black Lotus, Blacktail Oil, Boar Hunter's Cape, Boiled Clams, Bolt of Mageweave, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Bone Buckler, Brackwater Leggings, Brackwater Shield, Brigandine Bracers, Brigandine Vest, Bristle Whisker Catfish, Bronze Shortsword, Brown Linen Pants, Brown Linen Vest, Burnished Chain Tunic, Cinched Belt, Coarse Blasting Powder, Coarse Dynamite, Combustible Wand, Compact Fighting Knife, Compact Harvest Reaper Kit, Copper Axe, Copper Mace, Coyote Steak, Crab Cake, Crude Scope, Cuirboulli Belt, Cuirboulli Gloves, Cuirboulli Pants, Cured Leather Belt, Cured Leather Bracers, Cured Medium Hide, Dalaran Sharp, Dark Leather Belt, Dark Leather Boots, Dark Leather Cloak, Dark Leather Pants, Deadly Blunderbuss, Deadly Bronze Poniard, Delicious Cave Mold, Dervish Belt of Agility, Deviate Hide Pack, Dirty Leather Bracers, Dirty Leather Gloves, Dirty Leather Pants, Diviner Long Staff, Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders, Dreamwatcher Staff, Elegant Shortsword, Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Waterbreathing, Elixir of Wisdom, Emblazoned Boots, Embossed Leather Boots, Embossed Leather Cloak, Embossed Leather Pants, Enchant 2H Weapon - Minor Impact, Enchant Bracer - Minor Agility, Enchant Cloak - Lesser Fire Resistance, Enchant Runed Silver Rod, Engineer's Hammer, Explosive Shell, Fine Leather Belt, Fine Leather Cloak, Fine Leather Tunic, Fire Oil, Flax Vest, Flesh Carver, Flying Tiger Goggles, Forsaken Broadsword, Forsaken Dagger, Forsaken Shortsword, Gleaming Bastard Sword, Glinting Shield, Gloom Wand, Gloves of Meditation, Goblin Deviled Clams, Golden Scale Bracers, Gray Woolen Shirt, Greater Healing Potion, Green Iron Boots, Green Iron Bracers, Green Leather Belt, Green Leather Bracers, Green Linen Shirt, Green Tinted Goggles, Grizzled Boots, Grunt's Harness, Guardian Gloves, Gyrochronatom, Handsewn Cloak, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Pants, Healing Potion, Heavy Armor Kit, Heavy Brown Bag, Heavy Grinding Stone, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Shot, Heavy Weave Boots, Heavy Weightstone, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Shoulders, Huge Brown Sack, Imbue Bracer - Minor Wisdom, Imbue Chest - Minor Absorb, Imbue Weapon - Beastslayer, Iron Grenade, Iron Shield Spike, Kodo Hunter's Leggings, Large Copper Bomb, Legionnaire's Leggings, Lesser Mana Potion, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Light Chain Belt, Light Chain Bracers, Light Chain Leggings, Light Hammer, Linen Bag, Long Silken Cloak, Mana Potion, Massive Battle Axe, Medium Armor Kit, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Minor Rejuvenation Potion, Mutton Chop, Noble's Broadsword, Orcish Battle Bow, Ornate Spyglass, Padded Lamellar Boots, Pattern: Murloc Scale Belt, Pearl Clasped Cloak, Pestilent Wand, Pitchwood Wand, Polished Zweihander, Razor Main Gauche, Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish, Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish, Recipe: Kaldorei Caviar, Recipe: Rockscale Cod, Recipe: Shadow Oil, Recruitment Letter, Rectangular Shield, Reinforced Bow, Reinforced Leather Belt, Reinforced Leather Pants, Reinforced Linen Cape, Ritual Salve, Rockscale Cod, Rough Boomstick, Rough Broad Axe, Rough Bronze Boots, Rough Bronze Cuirass, Rough Bronze Leggings, Rough Bronze Shoulders, Rough Copper Bomb, Rough Leather Pants, Runed Copper Pants, Rusted Chain Bracers, Rusted Chain Gloves, Rusted Claymore, Scalemail Belt, Scalemail Bracers, Scalemail Gloves, Scouting Gloves of Agility, Scratched Claymore, Sea Dog Britches, Searing Totem Scroll, Seer's Mantle, Sergeant's Warhammer, Shadow Oil, Sharp Arrow, Shimmering Silk Robes, Silver Rod, Silver Scale Breastplate, Silver-plated Shotgun, Silvered Bronze Boots, Small Shot Pouch, Small Silk Pack, Smoldering Wand, Solid Shot, Spiced Wolf Meat, Spidersilk Boots, Spiked Star, Standard Scope, Staunch Mace, Stinging Mace, Stout Maul, Strapped Leather Armor, Strong Fishing Pole, Strong Troll's Blood Potion, Studded Leather Bracers, Studded Leather Harness, Stylish Red Shirt, Swim Speed Potion, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Vest, Target Dummy, Tattered Cloth Shoes, Thick Cloth Bracers, Thick Cloth Vest, Thick War Axe, Thieves Tools, Thunderhorn Cloak, Tiger Hide Boots, Toughened Leather Armor, Toughened Leather Gloves, Veiled Grips, Wall Shield, Weak Troll's Blood Potion, Welding Shield, White Linen Robe, Willow Pants of Stamina, Wispy Silk Boots, Wooden Warhammer, Woolen Bag, Worn Shortbow, Woven Belt, Woven Boots, Woven Pants, Woven Vest

Monsters: Aean Swiftriver, Bristleback Quilboar, Cannoneer Smythe, Cannoneer Whessan, Captain Fairmount, Cloned Ectoplasm, Crag Stalker, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Slayer, Devouring Ectoplasm, Echeyakee, Galak Centaur, Hannah Bladeleaf, Marcus Bel, Moonrage Darksoul, Quilboar Seer, Quillboar Stalker, Rat, Razormane Defender, Razormane Geomancer, Salazar Bloch, Snapjaw, Steelsnap, Stormsnout Thunderlizard, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Thora Feathermoon, Venture Co. Supervisor, Venture Co. Worker, Windfury Matriarch, Witchwing Ambusher

NPCs: Aelthalyste, Baine Bloodhoof, Basil Frye, Cairne Bloodhoof, Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun, Galthruk, Hannah Akeley, High Executioner Hadrec, Joseph Moore, Karanal Fiss, Lizbeth Cromwell, Mak, Mebok Mizzyrix, Melor Stonehoof, Morin Cloudstalker, Sarah Killian, Seer Graytongue, Silas Zimmer, Una, Xanis Flameweaver, Zangen Stonehoof