Goblin Workshop - Mar 11th Additions

Posted on March 11, 2005, 10:45 AM
New World Objects: (1)

New Quests: (1)
Consecrated Letter (Paladin)

New Items: (1)
Consecrated Letter

New Mobs: (2)
Murkgill Lord, Scarlet Hound

36 Quests, 24 Items, 183 Mobs, 12 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (36)
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Horde), A Sticky Situation, A Threat Within, At War With The Scarlet Crusade, Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, Brotherhood of Thieves, Divino-matic Rod, Gold Dust Exchange, Grape Manifest, Investigate Echo Ridge, Jammal'an the Prophet, Kobold Camp Cleanup, Kodo Roundup, Milly Osworth, More Wastewander Justice, Noxious Lair Investigation, Rest and Relaxation, Return to Fel'Zerul, Ripple Delivery, Roll the Bones, Scaring Shaky - Part 2?, Scarlet Diversions, Shizzle's Flyer, Skirmish at Echo Ridge, Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient, Stoley's Shipment, Super Sticky, Target: Gahrron's Withering, The Atal'ai Exile, The Dunemaul Compound, The Fargodeep Mine, The God Hakkar, The Scrimshank Redemption, The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, The Thirsty Goblin, Wolves Across The Border

Updated Items: (24)
Gatorbite Axe, The Rockpounder, Battle Knife..., Decapitating Sword..., Giant Club..., Merc Sword..., Monstrous War Axe..., Pattern: Tough Scorpid Boots, Bastard Sword, Battleworn Hammer, Broad Axe, Bullova, Elixir of Shadow Power, Flamberge, Large Club, Militia Warhammer, Recipe: Big Bear Steak, Recipe: Nature Protection Potion, War Hammer, Dran's Ripple Delivery, Kodo Kombobulator, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing, Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder

Updated Mobs: (183)
Andre Firebeard, Apothecary Dithers, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Vallia, Apprentice Honeywell, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Argent Defender, Argent Officer Garush, Ashenvale Bear, Auctioneer Thathung, Baron Revilgaz, Bartolo Ginsetti, Black Rat, Black Stallion, Blighted Zombie, Blisterpaw Hyena, Blixrez Goodstitch, Blood Wraith, Bluffwatcher, Brother Sammuel, Caliph Scorpidsting, Carrion Horror, Chef Jessen, Cliff Lurker, Cold Wraith, Dalaran Summoner, Dane Winslow, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Darsok Swiftdagger, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Samsa, Defias Thug, Delia Verana, Donald Rabonne, Dragonmaw Grunt, Drusilla La Salle, Dunemaul Brute, Dunemaul Enforcer, Dunemaul Ogre, Dunemaul Warlock, Felicia Doan, Feral Mountain Lion, Fetid Zombie, Firegut Ogre Mage, Flamekin Spitter, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flesh Golem, Forest Moss Creeper, Freezing Ghoul, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frog, Garrick Padfoot, Ghostly Marauder, Giant Buzzard, Gnarled Thistleshrub, Gor'marok the Ravager, Greater Lava Spider, Grimble, Haunting Vision, Heavy War Golem, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Derrington, Horde Grunt, Hraq, Hungering Wraith, Inferno Elemental, Innkeeper Anderson, Innkeeper Shay, Kaja, Kargath Grunt, Kayren Soothallow, Kobold Laborer, Kodo Apparition, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Wrangler, Kragg, Kzixx, Landslide, Lesser Rock Elemental, Llane Beshere, Loremaster Dibbs, Magus Wordeen Voidglare, Mallen Swain, Mana Eater, Maraudine Mauler, Maraudine Priest, Maraudine Wrangler, Marshal Redpath, Melisara, Michael Garrett, Monika Sengutz, Moorane Hearthgrain, Mortimer Montague, Murkgill Forager, Murkgill Hunter, Murkgill Oracle, Murkgill Warrior, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Nez'raz, Northshire Guard, Ophelia Montague, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ornery Plainstrider, Phin Odelic, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Primordial Behemoth, Princess Theradras, Pterrordax, Rabid Blisterpaw, Rahauro, Rand Rhobart, Ravasaur Hunter, Robert Aebischer, Rotting Ghoul, Savannah Huntress, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Zealot, School of Fish, Scorpid Duneburrower, Scorpid Dunestalker, Searing Ghoul, Sergra Darkthorn, Sewa Mistrunner, Shadow, Shadowsilk Poacher, Shelene Rhobart, Sickly Gazelle, Sikwa, Silvermane Stalker, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Executioner, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Warlord, Slavering Ghoul, Snurk Bucksquick, Southsea Dock Worker, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Stolid Snapjaw, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Orc, Stormwind Guard, Sunscale Screecher, Swamp Jaguar, Syndicate Prowler, Tar Beast, Tarren Mill Deathguard, The Nameless Prophet, Thessala Hydra, Thistleshrub Dew Collector, Torn Fin Tidehunter, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Fire Guard, Undercity Guardian, Unknown Entity, Vicious Gray Bear, Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard, Vilebranch Axe Thrower, Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Blood Drinker, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Shadow Hunter, Vilebranch Shadowcaster, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vilebranch Soul Eater, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Wailing Death, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Wesley, Witherbark Broodguard, Witherbark Sadist

Updated World Objects: (12)
Battered Chest, Bloodpetal Sprout, Ghost Mushroom, Mageroyal, Milly's Harvest, Red Power Crystal, Scourge Cauldron, Silverleaf, Solid Chest, Stolen Cargo, Sungrass, Un'Goro Dirt Pile