Goblin Workshop - Mar 23rd Additions

Posted on March 23, 2005, 06:45 PM
New World Objects: (2)
Plaguebloom, Warpwood Pod

New Quests: (3)
Elven Legends, Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordin, The New Frontier

New Items: (43)
Barbed Thorn Necklace, Devout Sandals, Felhide Cap, Pimgib's Collar, Gloves of Shadowy Mist, Indomitable Cloak, Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise, Riptide Shoes, Sprinter's Sword, Spry Boots, Crescent Key, Efeuband-Armschienen, Gildenwappenrock, Kleines Spinnenbein, Knorriger Stab, Leinenstoff, Thornling Seed, Arctic Pendant..., Bloodfang Belt, Devout Skirt, Faulendes Bärengerippe, Felstriker, Flickwerk-Hose, Forest Pendant..., Geringer Heiltrank, Glowing Crystal Ring, Heavy Lamellar Shield..., Heavy Scorpid Leggings, Hero's Breastplate, Hurtigkeitstrank, Indomitable Belt, Jade Breastplate..., Leinenverband, Lorespinner, Magnificent Helmet..., Mighty Boots..., Ornate Breastplate..., Prismatic Pendant..., Quicksilver Pendant..., Ring of Demonic Guile, Skibi's Pendant, Swamp Pendant..., Thorny Vine

New Monsters: (54)
Alzzin the Wildshaper, Alzzin's Minion, Barkeeper Hann, Bernard, Bilbliothekarin Mae Paledust, Blighted Surge, Death Lash, Desert Rumbler, Dust Stormer, Fel Lash, Gastwirtin Trelayne, Gordok Mauler, Highlord Demitrian, Hive'Ashi Drone, Hive'Regal Hive Lord, Hive'Regal Slavemaker, Hive'Regal Spitfire, Hive'Zora Hive Sister, Hive'Zora Reaver, Hive'Zora Wasp, Hochforscher Magellas, Hydrospawn, Ironbark the Redeemed, Lethtendris, Phase Lasher, Pimgib, Pusillin, Rock Stalker, Sage Korolusk, Scout Tharr, Shaethis Darkoak, Stonelash Flayer, Sulhasa, Tortured Sentinel, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Master, Twilight Stonecaller, Unbekannte Entität, Warpwood Crusher, Warpwood Guardian, Warpwood Stomper, Warpwood Tangler, Warpwood Treant, Whip Lasher, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Imp, Wildspawn Rogue, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildspawn Trickster, Zevrim Thornhoof

1996 Quests, 1010 Items, 5502 Mobs, 11 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (1996)
... and a Batch of Ooze, ... and Bugs, The Pocked Black Box, Of Forgotten Memories, Key to Scholomance, A Baying of Gnolls, A Boar's Vitality, A Bump in the Road, A Bundle of Hides, A Bundle of Trouble, A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Alliance), A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Horde), A Dark Threat Looms, A Dark Threat Looms - Part II, A Dark Threat Looms - Part III, A Dark Threat Looms - Part IV, A Dark Threat Looms - Part V, A Dark Threat Looms - Part VI, A Dark Threat Looms - Part VII, A Favor For Evershine, A Final Blow (needs reward), A Final Blow , A Fishy Peril, A Free Lunch, A Friend in Need, A Future Task, A Gnome's Assistance, A Gnome's Respite, A Good Friend, A Good Head On Your Shoulders, A Grave Situation, A Grim Discovery, A Grim Discovery - Part II, A Grim Task, A Host of Evil, A Humble Task - Part I, A Humble Task - Part II, A Hunter's Boast, A Hunter's Challenge, A Husband's Last Battle, A Husband's Revenge, A Land Filled with Hatred, A Letter Undelivered, A Little Help From My Friends, A Little Luck, A Lost Master, A Lost Master - Part II, A Matter of Time (needs reward), A Meal Served Cold, A Meeting with the Master, A New Cloak's Sheen, A New Ore Sample, A New Plague, A New Plague - Part II, A New Plague - Part III, A New Plague - Part IV, A New Threat, A Peon's Burden, A Pilot's Revenge, A Pilot's Revenge - Part 2?, A Plague Upon Thee, A Plague Upon Thee - Part 2?, A Plague Upon Thee - Part 3?, A Putrid Task, A Recipe For Death, A Recipe for Death - Part II, A Recipe for Death - Part III, A Refugee's Quandary, A Reliquary of Purity, A Rogue's Deal, A Rogue's Deal - Part II, A Sacred Burial, A Sample of Slime..., A Scroll From Mauren, A Smokywood Pastures Thank You!, A Solvent Spirit, A Sticky Situation, A Strange Historian, A Strange One, A Strange Red Key, A Strange Request, A Swift Message, A Tale of Sorrow, A Task Unfinished, A Taste of Flame, A Taste of Flame - Part 2?, A Taste of Flame - Part 3?, A Threat in Feralas, A Threat Within, A Troubling Breeze, A Troubling Breeze - Part 2?, A Troubling Breeze - Part 3?, A Vengeful Fate, A Warrior's Training, A Watchful Eye, Abomination, After the Ambush, Agamaggan's Strength, Agamand Heirlooms, Ak'Zeloth, Ak'Zeloth - Part 2?, Akiris by the Bundle, Alas, Andorhal, Alien Ecology, Alien Egg, All Along the Watchtowers (Alliance), All Along the Watchtowers (Horde), Allegiance to the Old Gods, Allegiance to the Old Gods - Part II, Alliance Relations, Alliance Relations - Part 3?, Alliance Relations - Part II, Alpha Strike, Altered Beings, Ambermill Investigations, Ambushed in the Forest, Ammo for Rumbleshot, Amongst the Ruins, An Aggressive Defense, An Audience with the King, An Easy Pickup, An Old Colleague, An Old History Book, An Unholy Alliance, An Unholy Alliance - Part II, An Unwelcome Guest, Andron's Payment to Jediga, Apothecary Zamah, Apprentice's Duties, Apprentice's Duties - Part 2?, Aquementas, Arachanphobia, Arachnophobia, Araj's Scarab, Araj's Scarab - Part 2?, Arcane Runes, Are We There, Yeti? - Part I, Are We There, Yeti? - Part II, Are We There, Yeti? - Part III, Argent Dawn Commission, Arikara, Armed and Ready, Army of the Black Dragon, Arugal Must Die, Arugal's Folly, Arugal's Folly - Part II, Arugal's Folly - Part III, Arugal's Folly - Part IV, As Water Cascades, Ashenvale Outrunners, Assassination Plot, Assault on Fenris Isle, Assessing The Threat, Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem, At War With The Scarlet Crusade, At War With the Scarlet Crusade - Part II, At War With the Scarlet Crusade - Part III, At War With The Scarlet Crusade - Part IV, At War With The Scarlet Crusade - Part V, Attack on Camp Narache, Auntie Marlene, Avenge My Village, Awaiting Word, Azsharite, Back to Billy, Back to Booty Bay, Back to Thunder Bluff, Bad Medicine, Badlands Reagent Run (Alliance), Badlands Reagent Run (Horde), Bailor's Ore Shipment, Barbaric Battlements, Barbecued Buzzard Wings, Baron Aquanis, Baron's Demise, Barov Family Fortune (Alliance), Barov Family Fortune (Horde), Bartleby the Drunk (warrior), Bartleby's Mug, Bartolo's Yeti Fur Cloak, Bashal'aran, Bashal'Aran - Part 5?, Bashal'Aran - Part II, Bashal'Aran - Part III, Bashal'Aran - Part IV, Bathran's Hair, Battle of Hillsbrad, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part 7?, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part 8?, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part II, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part III, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part IV, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part V, Battle of Hillsbrad - Part VI, Bazil Thredd, Beached Sea Turtle, Beached Sea Turtle - Part II, Beat Bartleby (Warrior), Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Befouled by Satyr, Beginnings (Warlock), Beren's Peril, Betrayal from Within, Betrayal from Within - Part II, Betrayed, Betrayed - Part II, Betrayed - Part III, Betrayed - Part IV, Better Late Than Never, Better Late Than Never - Part II, Between a Rock and a Thistlefur, Beware of Pterrordax, Big Game Hunter, Bijou's Belongings, Bingles' Missing Supplies - Part 2?, Bingles's Missing Supplies, Bitter Rivals, Black Dragon Whelp Scales, Blackfathom Relics, Blackfathom Villainy (Alliance), Blackfathom Villainy (Horde), Blackmoore's Legacy, Blackrock Bounty, Blackrock Menace, Blessed Arm, Blisters on the Land, Blood Feeders, Blood of Innocents, Blood Shards of Agamaggan, Blood Tinged Skies, Blood Tinged Skies - Part 2?, Bloodfury Bloodline, Bloodscalp Clan Heads, Bloodscalp Ears, Bloody Bone Necklaces, Bloody Bone Necklaces - Part 2?, Blueleaf Tubers, Blueleaf Tubers - Part 2?, Body and Heart, Bone Collector, Bone-Bladed Weapons, Bookie Herod, Booty Bay or Bust!, Border Crossings, Border Crossings - Part 2?, Boulderslide Ravine, Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, Bounty on Murlocs, Bracers of Binding, Break a Few Eggs, Break Sharptusk!, Breaking the Keystone, Breaking the Ward, Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight, Bride of the Embalmer, Bride of the Embalmer TEST, Bring Back the Mug, Bring the End, Bring the Light, Broken Alliances, Broken Alliances - Part II, Broken Tears, Broodling Essence, Brother Paxton, Brotherhood of Thieves, Brotherhood's End, Brumeran of the Chillwind, Brutal Armor (Warrior), Bungle in the Jungle, Burning Blade Medallion, Burning Shadows, Buzzbox 323, Buzzbox 411, Buzzbox 525, Buzzbox 525 - Part 2?, Buzzbox 827, Cache of Mau'ari, Call of Air, Call of Earth, Call of Earth - (Orc/Troll Shaman), Call of Earth - Part I (Tauren Shaman), Call of Earth - Part II (Orc/Troll Shaman), Call of Earth - Part II (Tauren Shaman), Call of Earth - Part III (Orc/Troll Shaman), Call of Earth - Part III (Tauren Shaman), Call of Fire (Old Info), Call of Fire (Shaman), Call of Fire - Part II (Shaman), Call of Fire - Part III (Shaman), Call of Fire - Part IV (Shaman), Call of Fire - Part V (Shaman), Call of Water, Call of Water - Part 10?, Call of Water - Part 2?, Call of Water - Part 3?, Call of Water - Part 4?, Call of Water - Part 5?, Call of Water - Part 6?, Call of Water - Part 7?, Call of Water - Part 8?, Call of Water - Part 9?, Call to Arms, Call to Arms - Part II, Call to Arms - Part III, Calling in the Reserves, Candles of Beckoning, Candles of Beckoning - Part 2?, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part II, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part III, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part IV, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part V, Carrion Grubbage, Carrion Grubbage - Part 2?, Carry Your Weight, Castpipe's Task, Catalogue of the Wayward, Catch of the Day, Cave Mushrooms, Cenarius' Legacy, Centaur Bounty, Centaur Bracers, Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk, Chapter I - Part 4?, Chapter II - Part 2?, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chasing A-Me 01, Chasing A-Me 01 - Part II, Chasing A-Me 01 - Part III, Chen's Empty Keg, Chen's Empty Keg - Part II, Chen's Empty Keg - Part III, Chief Engineer Scooty, Chillwind Horns, Claim Rackmore's Treasure!, Clam Bait, Claws from the Deep, Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood, Cleansing Felwood, Cleansing of the Infected, Cleansing the Eye, Clear the Way, Cloth and Leather Armor, Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery - Part II, Collecting Kelp, Collecting Memories, Collection of the Corrupt Water, Commander Gor'shak, Compendium of the Fallen, Conscript of the Horde, Conscript of the Horde - Part 2?, Conscript of the Horde - Part 3?, Consecrated Letter (Paladin), Consecrated Rune (Paladin), Consult Master Gadrin, Consumed by Hatred, Continue to Stormwind, Continued Threat, Coolant Heads Prevail, Corrupted Sabers, Corruption of Earth and Seed, Corruptor's Scourgestones, Cortello's Riddle, Counterattack!, Counting Out Time - Part I, Counting Out Time - Part II, Covert Ops - Alpha, Covert Ops - Beta, Coyote Thieves, Cracking Maury's Foot, Creature of the Void - (Orc Warlock), Creature of the Void - (Undead Warlock), Crime and Punishment, Crossroads Conscription, Crossroads Conscription - Part 2?, Crown of the Earth, Crown of the Earth - Part II, Crown of the Earth - Part III, Crown of the Earth - Part IV, Crown of the Earth - Part V, Crown of the Earth - Part VI, Crushridge Warmongers, Cry of the Cloudscraper, Cry of the Thunderhawk, Crystal in the Mountains, Crystals of Power, Culling the Threat, Cutting Teeth, Cutting Teeth - Part 2?, Cycle of Rebirth, Cycle of Rebirth - Part 2?, Cyclonian (Warrior), Daily Delivery, Daily Delivery - Part 2?, Dalar's Analysis, Dalaran's Intentions, Dalaron Patrols, Dangerous!, Dangers of the Windfury, Dark Ceremony, Dark Heart, Dark Iron Legacy, Dark Iron Legacy - Part II, Dark Storms, Dead-tooth Jack (Warrior), Deadmire, Deadwood of the North, Deaths in the Family, Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, Deep Ocean, Vast Sea, Deepmoss Spider Eggs, Deeprun Rat Roundup, Defeat Nek'rosh, Defenders of Darrowshire, Deliver the Gems, Deliver the Thread, Deliver Thomas' Report, Deliver to MacKinley, Deliveries to Sven, Delivering Daffodils, Delivery for Marin, Delivery to Andron Gant, Delivery to Archmage Xylem, Delivery to Jes'rimon, Delivery to Magatha, Delivery to Silverpine Forest, Delivery to the Gnomes, Demon Dogs, Demon Dogs - Part 2?, Denalan's Earth, Deviate Eradication, Deviate Hides, Devils in Westfall, Devouring Plague, Dig Rat Stew, Dig Rat Stew - Part 2?, Digging Through the Dirt, Digging Through the Ooze, Digging Through the Ooze - Part 2?, Discover Rolf's Fate, Discover Rolf's Fate - Part 2?, Disharmony of Fire, Disharmony of Flame, Disrupt the Attacks, Distracting Jarven, Distracting Jarven - Part 2?, Distracting Jarven - Part 3?, Divine Retribution, Divino-matic Rod, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, Dolanaar Delivery, Doom Weed, Doras the Wind Rider Master, Dousing the Flames of Protection, Down the Coast, Down the Scarlet Path, Down the Scarlet Path - Part 4?, Down the Scarlet Path - Part II, Down the Scarlet Path - Part III, Draenethyst Crystals, Dragonscale Leatherworking, Dreadmaul Rock, Dream Dust in the Swamp, Druid of the Claw, Dry Times, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dungar Longdrink, Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee..., Dusky Crab Cakes, Dusky Crab Cakes - Part 2?, Dwarven Digging, Dwarven Outfitters, Eagan Peltskinner, Earthen Arise, Easy Strider Living, Echeyakee, Egg Collection, Egg Freezing, Egg Hunt, Eight-Legged Menaces, Eight-Legged Menaces - Part 2?, Electropellers, Elemental Bracers, Elemental Leatherworking (Horde), Elemental War, Elixir of Agony, Elixir of Agony - Part II, Elixir of Agony - Part III, Elixir of Agony - Part IV, Elixir of Agony - Part V, Elixir of Pain, Elixir of Pain - Part II, Elixir of Suffering, Elixir of Suffering - Part II, Elixirs for the Bladeleafs, Elmore's Task, Elune's Grace, Elune's Grace - Part 2?, Elune's Tear, En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, Enchanted Azsharite Fel Weaponry, Encroaching Gnolls, Encroaching Wildlife, Encroachment, Encrusted Tail Fins, Encrypted Memorandum (Rogue), Encrypted Parchment, Encrypted Rune (Rogue), Encrypted Scroll (Rogue), Encrypted Sigil, Encrypted Tablet, Enraged Spirits, Enraged Stormsnouts, Enraged Thunder Lizards, Enraged Wildkin, Errand for Apothecary Zinge, Errand for Apothecary Zinge - Part II, Escape Through Force, Escape Through Stealth, Escape Through Stealth - Part II, Escorting Erland, Essence of the Exile, Etched Note, Etched Sigil (Hunter), Etched Sigil - Part 2?, Etched Tablet (Hunter), Evershine, Everything Counts In Large Amounts, Excavation Progress Report, Excelsior, Expedition Salvation, Expert Blacksmith!, Extinguishing the Idol, Faerie Dragon Muisek, Fall From Grace, Fall of Dun Modr, Fallen Sky Lake, Falling to Corruption, Family Tree, Farren's Proof, Favor for Krazek, Felnok Steelspring, Ferocitas the Dream Eater, Fields of Grief, Fields of Grief - Part II, Filthy Paws, Filthy Paws - Part 2?, Final Passage, Find Bingles, Find Karanal Fiss, Find Myranda, Find OOX-09/HL!, Find OOX-17/TN!, Find OOX-22/FE!, Find the Gems and Power Source, Find the Lost Guards, Find the Shattered Hand, Finding the Shadowy Figure, Finding the Source, Fiora Longears, Fire Hardened Mail (Warrior), Fire Plume Forged, Fire Taboo, Flawed Power Stone, Flight to Auberdine, Fool's Stout, For Love Eternal, Forbidden Knowledge, Forces of Jaedenar, Forged Steel (Warrior), Forging the Shaft, Forsaken Aid, Forsaken Duties, Foul Magics, Foul Magics - Part II, Four-legged Menaces, Free at Last, Free From the Hold, Freedom to Ruul, Fresh Meat, From the Wreckage...., Frostmane Hold, Frostmaw, Fruit of the Sea, Fungal Spores, Furlbrow's Deed, Further Concerns, Further Instructions, Further Instructions - Part II, Gadgetzan Water Survey, Gaffer Jacks, Gahz'ridian, Gahz'rilla, Galen's Escape, Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise, Galvan's Finest Pupil, Gan'rul's Summons, Gann's Reclamation, Garments of Darkness (Undead Priest), Garments of the Light (Human Priest), Garments of the Moon (Night Elf Priest), Gather Rot Blossoms, Gathering Idols, Gathering Idols - Part 2?, Gathering Leather, Gathering Materials, Gearing Redridge (Blacksmith), Gearing Redridge - Part II (Blacksmith), Gelkis Alliance, Gelkis Alliance - Part 2?, Gelkis Alliance - Part 3?, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Get the Gnomes Drunk, Ghost Hair Thread, Ghost-o-plasm Round Up, Ghoulish Effigy, Give Gerard A Drink, Gizmo for Warug, Glyphed Oaken Branch, Glyphic Letter, Glyphic Memorandum, Glyphic Scroll (Mage), Glyphic Scroll - Part 2?, Gnarlpine Corruption, Gnogaine, Gnomer-gooooone!, Goblin Invaders, Goblin Sponsorship, Goblin Sponsorship - Part 5?, Goblin Sponsorship - Part II, Goblin Sponsorship - Part III, Goblin Sponsorship - Part IV, Going, Going, Guano!, Gol'dir, Gold Dust Exchange, Goldtooth, Goldtooth - Part 2?, Good Luck Charm, Good Natured Emma, Gordo's Task, Gordunni Cobalt, Goretusk Liver Pie, Grape Manifest, Graverobbers, Graverobbers - Part 2?, Graverobbers - Part 3?, Great Bear Spirit, Great-father Winter is Here!, Greatfather Winter is Here!, Grey Iron Weapons, Grim Message, Grim Message - Part 2?, Grime-Encrusted Ring, Grimtotem Spying, Grove of the Ancients, Grove of the Ancients - Part 2?, Gryth Thurden, Guarding Secrets, Guarding Secrets - Part 2?, Guile of the Raptor, Guile of the Raptor - Part II, Guile of the Raptor - Part III, Gyro... What?, Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, Gyromast's Retrieval, Gyromast's Revenge, Halgar's Summons - (Warlock), Hallowed Letter (Priest), Hallowed Scroll, Hallowed Sigil (Priest), Hallowed Sigil - Part 2?, Hameya's Plea, Hammerfall, Hamuul Runetotem, Hamuul Runetotem - Part 2?, Hand of Iruxos, Hardened Shells, Harlan Needs a Resupply, Harpies Threaten, Harpy Lieutenants, Harpy Raiders, Harpy Raiders - Part 2?, Headhunting, Hearts of Zeal, Heeding the Call, Helcular's Revenge, Helcular's Revenge - Part II, Hemet Nesingwary, Heroes of Old, Heroes of Old - Part 2?, Herzul Bloodmark, Hezrul Bloodmark, Hidden Enemies, Hidden Enemies - Part 5?, Hidden Enemies - Part II, Hidden Enemies - Part III, Hidden Enemies , High Chief Winterfall, High Sorcerer Andromath, Highperch Venom, Hilary's Necklace, Hippogryph Muisek, Homeward Bound, Honor Students, Horde Presence, Hostile Takeover, Houses of the Holy, How Big A Threat - Part II, How Big A Threat?, How Big a Threat? - Part 2?, Howling in the Hills, Humbert's Sword, Humble Beginnings, Hungry!, Hunt for Yenniku, Hunting in Stranglethorn, Hurley Blackbreath, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, Identifying the Brood, Ignition, In Defense of the King's Lands, In Defense of the King's Lands - Part II, In Defense of the King's Lands - Part III, In Defense of the King's Lands - Part IV, In Dreams, In Eranikus' Own Words, In Favor of Darkness (Undead Priest), In Favor of Elune, In Favor of the Light (Human Priest), In Good Taste, In Nightmares, In Search of Thaelrid, In Search of The Excavation Team, In Search of the Excavation Team - Part II, In the Name of the Light, Indurium, Industrial Espionage , Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun, Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun - Part II, Infiltrating the Castle, Infiltration, Ink Supplies, Inquire at the Inn, Insect Part Analysis, Insect Part Analysis - Part II, Into the Depths, Into the Field, Into The Scarlet Monastery, Invader's Scourgestones, Invader's Scourgestones - Part 2?, Investigate Echo Ridge, Investigate the Alchemist Shop, Investigate the Alchemist Shop - Part 2?, Investigate the Camp, Ironband's Compound, Ironband's Excavation, Isha Awak, Ishamuhale, It's a Secret to Everybody - Part I, It's a Secret to Everybody - Part II, It's a Secret to Everybody - Part III, It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Items of Some Consequence, Ivar the Foul, Iverron's Antidote, Iverron's Antidote - Part 3?, Iverron's Antidote - Part II, James Hyal, Jammal'an the Prophet, Jarl Needs a Blade, Jarl Needs Eyes, Je'neu of the Earthen Ring, Jes'rimon's Payment to Jediga, Jin'Zil's Forest Magic, Jin'Zil's Forest Magic - Part 2?, Jitters' Growling Gut, Jitters' Growling Gut - Part 2?, Jorn Skyseer, Journey Into Thunder Bluff, Journey to Astranaar, Journey to Astranaar - Part 2?, Journey to Auberdine!, Journey To Booty Bay!, Journey to Darkshore!, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, Journey to Menethil Harbor!, Journey to Orgrimmar!, Journey to Ratchet!, Journey to Stonetalon Peak, Journey to Stonetalon Peak - Part 2?, Journey to Tarren Mill, Journey to the Crossroads, Journey to the Crossroads - Part 2?, Journey to the Marsh, Journey to the Undercity!, Ju-Ju Heaps, Juice Delivery, Jungle Secrets, Kaela's Update, Kaya's Alive, Kayneth Stillwind, Keep An Eye Out, Keeper of the Flame, Keeping Pace, Key to Scholomance (TEMP), Khan Dez'hepah, Khan Hratha, Khan Shaka, Kibler's Exotic Pets, Kill Grundig Darkcloud, Kill Grundig Darkcloud - Part 2?, KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves, Kim'jael Indeed!, Kim'jael's "Missing" Equipment, King of the Foulweald, King of the Foulweald - Part 2?, Kirith, Kirtonos the Herald, Knowledge in the Deeps, Kobold Camp Cleanup, Kobold Candles, Kodo Hide Bag, Kodo Roundup, Kolkar Leaders, Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, Krazek's Cookery, Krom'Grul, Kurzen's Mystery, Lack of Surplus, Lack of Surplus - Part II, Lago's Summons , Lakota'mani, Land Ho!, Larion and Muigin, Lazy Peons, Leaders of the Fang, Ledger from Tanaris, Legends of Maraudon, Letter to Jin'Zil, Lifting the Curse, Lightforge Iron, Lines of Communication, Linken's Adventure, Linken's Memory, Linken's Sword, Liquid Stone, Little Pamela, Load Lightening, Load Lightening - Part 2?, Locked Away, Locked Away - Part II, Locked In, Look to an Old Friend, Look To The Stars, Look to the Stars - Part II, Look to the Stars - Part III, Look to the Stars - Part IV, Looking Further, Loramus, Lord Aliden Perenolde, Lost But Not Forgotten, Lost Deathstalkers, Lost in Battle, Lost in Battle - Part 2?, Lost Necklace, Lost Thunderbrew Recipe, Lost!, Luck Be With You, MacKreel's Moonshine, Magatha's Payment to Jediga, Mage Summoner, Magram Alliance, Magram Alliance - Part 2?, Mahren Skyseer, Making Sense of It, Malin's Request, Manhunt, Maps and Runes, March of the Silithid, Marg Speaks, Margoz, Marla's Last Wish, Marshall Haggard (Warrior), Martek the Exiled, Marvon's Workshop, Master Gadrin, Mathias and the Defias, Mathystra Relics, Mazen's Behest, Mazen's Behest - Part II, Mazzranache, Me Brother, Nipsy, Meats to Orgrimmar, Meet at the Grave, Melding of Influences, Melor Sends Word, Mennet Carkad, Mercenaries, Message in a Bottle, Message in a Bottle - Part II, Message to Freewind Post, Messenger to Darkshire, Messenger to Darkshire - Part II, Messenger To Stormwind, Messenger To Stormwind - Part II, Messenger to Westfall, Messenger To Westfall - Part II, Michael Garret, Milly Osworth, Milly's Harvest, Miner's Fortune, Minion's Scourgestones, Minion's Scourgestones - Part 2?, Minion's Scourgestones - Part 3?, Minshina's Skull, Minshina's Skull - Part 2?, Missing in Action, Mist, Mok'Thardin's Enchantment, Mok'thardin's Enchantment - Part 4?, Mok'Thardin's Enchantment - Part II, Mok'Thardin's Enchantment - Part III, Mold Rhymes With..., Moonglade, Moonglow Vest, Mor'Ladim, Morbent Fel, More Sparklematic Action, More Wastewander Justice, Morgan Ladimore, Morgan Stern, Morganth, Morrowgrain Research, Morrowgrain Research - Part II, Mother's Milk , Mountain Giant Muisek, Mountaineer Stormpike's Task, Mrs. Dalson's Diary, Mudrock Soup and Bugs, Mura Runetotem, Muren Stormpike, Murloc Poachers, Murloc Poachers - Part 2?, Mystery Goo, Myzrael's Allies, Naga at the Zoram Strand, Nara Wildmane, Nathanos' Ruse, Natural Materials, Necklace Recovery, Necklace Recovery, Take 2, Necklace Recovery, Take 3, Need for a Cure, Neeka Bloodscar, Neeru Fireblade, Nek'rosh's Gambit, Nekrum's Medallion, Nessa Shadowsong, New Life, News for Fizzle, Night Web's Hollow, Noboru the Cudgel, Noggenfogger Elixir, Northfold Manor, Note to the Mayor, Note to the Mayor - Part 2?, Note to William, Nothing But The Truth, Nothing But The Truth - Part 2?, Nothing But The Truth - Part 3?, Noxious Lair Investigation, Nugget Slugs, Oakenscowl, Of Lost Honor, Of Love and Family, Of Love and Family - Part 2?, Ogre Thieves, Oh Brother. . ., On Guard in Stonetalon, On Guard In Stonetalon - Part II, One Draenei's Junk..., Onu, Operation Recombobulation, Operative Bijou, Ordanus, Ormer's Revenge, Ormer's Revenge - Part 3?, Ormer's Revenge - Part II, Other Fish to Fry, Other Fish to Fry - Part 2?, Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern, Owatanka, Pacify the Centaurs , Package for Thurman, Pamela's Doll, Panther Mastery, Panther Mastery - Part 5?, Panther Mastery - Part 6?, Panther Mastery - Part II, Panther Mastery - Part III, Panther Mastery - Part IV, Parts for Kravel, Parts of the Swarm, Parts of the Swarm - Part 2?, Parts of the Swarm - Part 3?, Past Endeavors, Path of Defense, Patrolling Westfall, Pawn Captures Queen, Pearl Diving, Pie For Billy, Piercing the Veil, Plagued Hatchlings, Plagued Lands, Plagued Lands - Part 2?, Plainstrider Menace, Planting the Heart, Plundering the Plunderers, Poison Water, Pool of Tears, Poor Old Blanchy, Poor Old Blanchy - Part 2?, Portals of the Legion, Portents of Uldum, Powder To Ironband, Power Stones, Practical Prey, Preparation for Ceremony, Preserving Knowledge, Pridewing of Stonetalon, Princess Must Die!, Prison Break In, Proof of Demise, Protect Kanati Greycloud, Protect Kaya, Protect Kaya - Part 2?, Protect the Frontier, Protecting the Herd, Protecting the Shipment, Prove Your Worth, Proving Allegiance, Proving Allegiance - Part 2?, Proving Your Worth, Prowlers of the Barrens, Pyrewood Ambush, Quell the Uprising, Rabine Saturna, Raene's Cleansing, Raene's Cleansing - Part II, Raene's Cleansing - Part IV, Raene's Cleansing - Part V, Rage of Ages, Raising Spirits, Raising Spirits - Part 2?, Raising Spirits - Part 3?, Raleigh and the Undercity, Ramstein, Raptor Horns, Raptor Mastery, Raptor Mastery - Part 3?, Raptor Mastery - Part 4?, Raptor Mastery - Part 5?, Raptor Mastery - Part 6?, Raptor Mastery - Part II, Raptor Thieves, Rat Catching, Rattling the Rattlecages, Raven Hill, Raven Hill - Part 2?, Razorhide, Razorhide - Part 2?, Razorhide - Part 3?, Razorhide - Part 4?, Razorhide - Part 5?, Razzeric's Tweaking, Rear Guard Patrol, Rear Guard Patrol - Part 2?, Reception from Shandris, Recipe of the Kaldorei, Recipe of the Kaldorei - Part 2?, Reclaimed Treasures, Reclaiming Goods, Reclaiming the Charred Vale, Reclaiming the Charred Vale - Part II, Red Leather Bandanas, Red Linen Goods, Red Silk Bandanas, Redemption, Redridge Goulash, Regthar Deathgate, Rejold's New Brew, Rellian Greenspyre, Report Back to Fizzlebub, Report to Anastasia, Report to Captain Stoutfist, Report to Goldshire, Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, Report to Hadrec, Report to Helgrum, Report To Ironforge, Report to Kadrak, Report to Mountaineer Rockgar, Report to Orgnil, Report to Sen'jin Village, Report to Thomas, Rescue From Jaedenar, Rescue OOX-09/HL!, Rescue OOX-17/TN!, Rescue OOX-22/FE!, Researching The Corruption, Researching the Corruption - Part 2?, Rest and Relaxation, Resting in Pieces, Restoring the Necklace, Resupplying The Excavation, Rethban Ore, Retribution of the Light, Retrieval for Mauren, Return the Book, Return the Comb, Return the Statuette, Return to Bellowfiz, Return to Brock, Return to Chillwind Point, Return to Denalan, Return to Fel'Zerul, Return to Jahan, Return to Jitters, Return to Lewis, Return to MacKinley, Return to Marleth, Return to Nathanos, Return to Nessa, Return to Onu, Return to Podrig, Return to Quinn, Return to Sven, Return to the Blasted Lands, Return to the Bulwark, Return to the Bulwark - Part 2?, Return to the Bulwark - Part 3?, Return to the Bulwark - Part 4?, Return to the Crossroads., Return to the Magistrate, Return to Thunder Bluff, Return to Thunder Bluff - Part 2?, Return to Tinkee, Return To Verner, Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, Returning Home, Returning the Lost Satchel , Revenge of Gann, Revenge of Gann - Part II, Ribbly Screwspigot, Ride to Ironforge, Ride to Orgrimmar, Ride to the Undercity, Ride to Thunder Bluff, Rig Wars, Rilli Greasygob, Rin'ji is Trapped!, Rin'ji's Secret, Ripple Delivery, Ripple Recovery, Ripple Recovery - Part II, Rise of the Silithid, Rising Spirit, Rite of Strength, Rite of Vision, Rite of Vision - Part II, Rite of Vision - Part III, Rite of Wisdom, Rites of the Earthmother, Rites of the Earthmother - Part II, Rites of the Earthmother - Part III, Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty, Road to Salvation, Rocket Car Parts, Roll the Bones, Root Samples, Root Samples - Part 2?, Rot Hide Clues, Rot Hide Ichor, Rot Hide Origins, Rude Awakening, Rumors for Kravel, Rune-Inscribed Note, Rune-Inscribed Tablet (Shaman), Runecloth, Ruuzel, Sacred Cloth, Sacred Fire, Safety First, Safety First - Part 2?, Salt Flat Venom, Salt Flat Venom - Part 2?, Salt of the Scorpok, Samophlange, Samophlange - Part I, Samophlange - Part II, Samophlange - Part III, Samophlange Manual, Sample for Helbrim, Sarkoth, Sarkoth - Part II, Sathrah's Sacrifice, Satyr Horns, Save Techbot's Brain!, Saving Yenniku, Scalding Mornbrew Delivery, Scarab Shells, Scaring Shaky, Scaring Shaky - Part 2?, Scarlet Diversions, Scarlet Subterfuge, Scavenging Deathknell, Scholomance, Scourge of the Downs, Screecher Spirits, Seal of Ascension, Search for Incendicite, Search More Hovels, Searching for the Lost Satchel, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, Secret of the Circle, Securing the Lines, Seed of Life, Seeing What Happens, Seek out SI: 7, Seek Redemption!, Seeking Spiritual Aid, Seeping Corruption, Seeping Corruption - Part II, Selling Fish, Senir's Observations, Senir's Observations - Part II, Serena Bloodfeather, Sergra Darkthorn, Serpent Wild, Serpentbloom, Set Them Ablaze!, Shadow Magic, Shadow of the Past, Shadoweaver, Shadowshard Fragments, Shadumbra's Head, Shards of a God, Sharing The Land, Sharptalon's Claw, Shimmer Stout, Shipment to Stormwind, Shizzle's Flyer, Shredding Machines, Shy-Rotam, Sigil of Arathor, Sigil of Strom, Sigil of Thoradin, Sigil of Trollbane, Silver Heart, Simple Memorandum (Warrior), Simple Note (Warrior), Simple Parchment, Simple Rune (Warrior), Simple Scroll, Simple Sigil (Warrior), Simple Sigil - Part 2?, Simple Subterfugin', Simple Tablet, Singing Blue Shards, Sister Pamela, Skeletal Fragments, Skirmish at Echo Ridge, Skull Rock, Skullsplitter Tusks, Slake That Thirst, Slaying the Beast, Slaying the Beast - Part II, Smart Drinks, Smelt On, Smelt Off, Snathc and Grab, Snickerfang Jowls, Solomon's Law, Solution to Doom, Some Assembly Required, Soothing Spices, Southsea Freebooters, Southshore, Souvenirs of Death, Speak with Anastasia, Speak with Coleman, Speak with Dillinger, Speak with Gramma, Speak with Renferrel, Speak with Ruga, Speak with Sevren, Speak with Shoni, Speak with Thun'grim (Warrior), Speak with Un'thuwa, Speaking of Fortitude, Speaking with Gan'zulah, Speaking with Nezzliok, Speaking with Nezzliok - Part 2?, Special Delivery for Gaxim, Special Forces, Special Forces - Part 2?, Spirit of the Wind, Spirit of the Wind - Part 2?, Spirit of the Wind - Part 3?, Spiritual Unrest, Split Bone Necklace, Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient, Squire Maltrake, Stars of Elune, Stealing Knowledge, Steelsnap, Sting of the Scorpid, Stinky's Escape, Stocking Jetsteam, Stolen Booty, Stolen Silver, Stolen Silver - Part II, Stolen Winter Veil Treats, Stoley's Debt, Stoley's Shipment, Stone Is Better than Cloth, Stone Tokens, Stonegear's Search, Stones of Binding, Stonetalon Standstill, Stonetalon Standstill - Part 2?, Stormpike's Delivery, Stormpike's Order, Stormwind Library, Stormwind Library - Part 2?, Stout to Kadrell, Strange Sources, Stranglethorn Fever, Stromgarde Badges, Study of the Elements: Rock, Study of the Elements: Rock - Part 2?, Study of the Elements: Rock - Part 3?, Sully Balloo's Letter, Summoning Shadra, Summoning the Princess, Super Reaper 6000, Super Sticky, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Supplies for the Crossroads, Supplies from Darkshire, Supplies to Tannok, Supply and Demand, Supplying the Front (Blacksmith), Supplying the Sepulcher, Surena Caledon, Suspicious Hoofprints, Sven's Camp, Sven's Revenge, Swoop Hunting, Tabetha's Task, Tablet of the Seven, Tainted Parchment, Tainted Scroll (Undead Warlock), Tal the Wind Rider Master, Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter) - Part II, Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter) - Part III, Taming the Beast (Orc/Troll Hunter), Taming the Beast (Orc/Troll Hunter) - Part II, Taming the Beast (Orc/Troll Hunter) - Part III, Taming the Beast - Part 7?, Taming the Beast - Part 8?, Taming the Beast - Part 9?, Taretha's Gift, Target: Dalson's Tears, Target: Felstone Field, Target: Gahrron's Withering, Target: Writhing Haunt, Tears of the Moon, Teldrassil, Tenaron's Summons, Test of Endurance, Test of Faith, Test of Lore, Test of Lore - Part 5?, Test of Lore - Part 6?, Test of Lore - Part II, Test of Lore - Part III, Test of Lore - Part IV, Test of Strength, Testing an Enemies Strength., Testing the Vessel, Tharil'zun, Tharnariun's Hope, That's Asking A Lot, Thazz'ril's Pick, The Absent Minded Prospector, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part 6?, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part 7?, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part II, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part III, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part IV, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part V, The Admiral's Orders, The Admiral's Orders - Part II, The Algaz Gauntlet, The Ancient Egg, The Ancient Statuette, The Angry Scytheclaws, The Angry Scytheclaws - Part 2?, The Apes of Un'Goro, The Archivist, The Art of the Armorsmith, The Art of the Imbue, The Ashenvale Hunt, The Ashenvale Hunt - Part 2?, The Atal'ai Exile, The Attack!, The Bait for Lar'korwi, The Balance of Nature, The Balance of Nature - Part 3?, The Balance of Nature - Part 4?, The Balance of Nature - Part II, The Balnir Farmstead, The Barrens Oases, The Basilisk's Bite, The Battle Plans, The Battleboars, The Befouled Element, The Binding (Alliance Warlock), The Binding (Undead Warlock), The Binding - Part 3?, The Black Shield - Part I, The Black Shield - Part II, The Black Shield - Part III, The Black Shield - Part IV, The Blackwood Corrupted, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, The Bloodsail Buccaneers - Part 2?, The Bloodsail Buccaneers - Part 3?, The Bloodsail Buccaneers - Part 4?, The Bloodsail Buccaneers - Part 5?, The Boar Hunter, The Book of Ur, The Bounty of Teldrassil, The Broken Sigil, The Brood of Onyxia, The Brood of Onyxia - Part II, The Brood of Onyxia - Part III, The Burning of Spirits, The Call to Command, The Captain's Chest, The Champion of the Banshee Queen, The Chill of Death, The Cliffspring River, The Coast Isn't Clear, The Coastal Menace, The Collector, The Color of Blood, The Corpulent One, The Corrupter, The Corruption Abroad, The Cover of Darkness, The Crimson Courier, The Crown of Will - Part I, The Crown of Will - Part II, The Crown of Will - Part III, The Crown of Will - Part IV, The Crown of Will - Part V, The Curious Visitor, The Cursed Crew, The Damned, The Dark Iron War, The Darkstone Tablet, The Day After, The Dead Fields, The Dead Fields - Part 2?, The Deathstalkers, The Deathstalkers - Part II, The Deathstalkers - Part III, The Deathstalkers' Report, The Decisive Striker, The Decrepit Ferry, The Defense of Grom'gol, The Defense of Grom'gol - Part II, The Defias Brotherhood - Part I, The Defias Brotherhood - Part II, The Defias Brotherhood - Part III, The Defias Brotherhood - Part IV, The Defias Brotherhood - Part V, The Defias Brotherhood - Part VI, The Defias Brotherhood - VII, The Demon Hunter, The Demon Scarred Cloak, The Demon Seed, The Den, The Den - Part 2?, The Disgraced One, The Disruption Ends, The Doomed Fleet, The Dormant Shade, The Dormant Shade - Part 2?, The Dunemaul Compound, The Eastern Pylon, The Eighteenth Pilot, The Elder Crone, The Emerald Dreamcatcher, The Enchanted Glade, The Engraved Ring, The Escape, The Escape (Shredder Quest), The Essence of Aku'Mai, The Essence of Eranikus, The Essence of Eranikus - Part 2?, The Everlook Report, The Everstill Bridge, The Eye of Paleth, The Fall of Ameth'Aran, The Family and the Fishing Pole, The Family Crypt, The Family Crypt - Part 2?, The Fare of Lar'korwi, The Fargodeep Mine, The Fate of Yenniku, The Feast of Winter Veil, The Feast of Winter Veil - Part 2?, The Final Piece, The Flame's Casing, The Flawless Flame, The Flesh Does Not Lie, The Flying Machine Airport, The Forgotten Heirloom, The Forgotten Pools, The Formation of Felbane, The Fragments Within, The Fury Runs Deep, The Glowing Fruit, The Glowing Shard, The God Hakkar, The Gordunni Orb, The Gordunni Scroll, The Great Fras Siabi, The Great Fras Siabi - Part 2?, The Great Silver Deceiver, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, The Greenwarden, The Grizzled Den, The Guns of Northwatch, The Hammer May Fall, The Haunted Mills, The Head of the Beast, The Heart of the Mountain, The Hermit, The Hidden Key, The Hidden Niche, The Hunt Begins, The Hunt Continues, The Hunter's Path, The Hunter's Path - Part 2?, The Hunter's Way, The Jasperlode Mine, The Jeremiah Blues, The Key to Freedom, The Killing Fields, The Kolkar of Desolace, The Last Barov (Horde), The Last Element, The Legend of Stalvan, The Legend of Stalvan - Part II, The Legend of Stalvan - Part III, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IV, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IX, The Legend of Stalvan - Part V, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VI, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VIII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part X, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XI, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XIII, The Lich's Identity, The Lost Fragments, The Lost Ingots, The Lost Pages, The Lost Pages - Part 2?, The Lost Pilot, The Lost Report, The Lost Tools, The Love Potion, The Mark of Quality, The Master's Glaive, The Matron Protectorate, The Mighty U'cha, The Mills Overrun, The Mind's Eye, The Mindless Ones, The Missing Diplomat, The Missing Orders, The Missing Shipment, The Missing Shipment - Part II, The Mithril Kid, The Mithril Order, The Moss-twined Heart, The Name of the Beast, The Name of the Beast - Part 2?, The Name of the Beast - Part 3?, The New Horde, The New Springs, The Night Watch, The Night Watch - Part II, The Night Watch - Part III, The Northern Pylon, The Ogres of Feralas, The Ogres of Feralas - Part II, The Old Ways, The Only Cure is More Green Glow, The Pack Mistress, The Pariah's Instructions, The People's Militia, The People's Militia - Part II, The People's Militia - Part III, The Perfect Stout, The Platinum Discs, The Platinum Discs - Part II (Horde), The Platinum Discs - Part III (Horde), The Power to Destroy..., The Price of Shoes, The Princess Trapped, The Prodigal Lich, The Prodigal Lich Returns, The Prophecy of Mosh'aru, The Public Servant, The Ranger Lord's Behest, The Ravaged Caravan, The Ravaged Caravan - Part II, The Real Threat, The Reason for the Season, The Reason for the Season - Part 2?, The Red Crystal, The Red Messenger, The Relics of Wakening, The Remains of Trey Lightforge (needs reward), The Remains of Trey Lightforge , The Reports, The Rescue, The Restless Souls, The Restless Souls - Part 3?, The Restless Souls - Part II, The Rethban Gauntlet (Warrior), The Rise of the Machines, The Rise of the Machines - Part 2?, The Rise of the Machines - Part 3?, The Road to Darnassus, The Ruins of Kel'Theril, The Ruins of Stardust, The Rumormonger, The Runed Scroll, The Sacred Flame, The Sacred Flame - Part II, The Sacred Flame - Part III, The Scarlet Crusade, The Scarlet Crusade - Part 2?, The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria, The Scent of Lar'korwi, The Scepter of Celebras, The Scourge Cauldrons, The Scourge Cauldrons - Part 2?, The Scrimshank Redemption, The Search Continues, The Second Rebellion, The Severed Head, The Shadowy Figure, The Shadowy Search Continues, The Shattered Hand - (Rogue), The Shattered Hand - Part 2?, The Shieldsmith (Warrior), The Shimmering Frond, The Singing Crystals, The Slaughtered Lamb, The Sleeper Has Awakened, The Sleeping Druid, The Sparklematic 5200!, The Spider God, The Spirits of Stonetalon, The Spirits of Stonetalon - Part 2?, The Stagnant Oasis, The Star, the Hand and the Heart, The Stockade Riots, The Stolen Journal, The Stone Circle, The Stone of the Tides, The Stone Watcher, The Stones That Bind Us, The Strength of Corruption, The Summoning (Warrior), The Sunken Temple, The Swamp Talker, The Swarm Grows, The Swarm Grows - Part II, The Swarm Grows - Part III, The Tear of the Moons, The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, The Temple of the Moon, The Thandol Span, The Theramore Docks, The Third Fleet, The Thirsty Goblin, The Tome of Valor, The Tome of Valor - Part 2?, The Torch of Retribution, The Torch of Retribution - Part 2?, The Totem of Infliction, The Tower of Althalaxx, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part 6?, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part II, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part III, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part IV, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part V, The Trogg Threat, The Trogg Threat - Part 2?, The Troll Cave, The Troll Witchdoctor, The Twilight Camp, The Undermarket, The Undermarket - Part 2?, The Unsent Letter, The Venture Co., The Videre Elixir, The Vile Reef, The Warsong Reports, The Weathered Grave, The Weaver, The Western Pylon, The Wildlife Suffers Too, The Wildlife Suffers Too - Part II, The Woodland Protector, The Woodland Protector - Part 3?, The Woodland Protector - Part II, The World At Your Feet, The Zhevra, The Zoram Strand, Theldurin the Lost, Thelsamar Blood Sausages, Thelsamar Blood Sausages - Part 2?, Theocritus' Retrieval, Theramore Spies, Therylune's Escape, Therzok - (Rogue), This Is Going to Be Hard, This Is Going to Be Hard - Part 2?, This Is Going to Be Hard - Part 3?, Thistleshrub Valley, Those Blasted Troggs!, Threat From the Sea, Threat From the Sea - Part 4?, Threat From the Sea - Part II, Threat From the Sea - Part III, Threat of the Winterfall, Thule Ravenclaw, Thun'grim Firegaze, Thun'grim Firegaze - Part II, Thunderbrew Lager, Thunderhorn Cleansing, Thunderhorn Totem, Thundris Windweaver, Thwarting Kolkar Aggression, Tiara of the Deep, Tiger Mastery, Tiger Mastery - Part 2?, Tiger Mastery - Part 3?, Tiger Mastery - Part 4?, Tiger Mastery - Part 5?, Tiger Mastery - Part 6?, Timberling Seeds, Timberling Sprouts, Timberling Sprouts - Part 2?, Timbermaw Ally, Time To Strike, Tinkee Steamboil, Tinkmaster Overspark, To Kill With Purpose, To Serve Kum'isha, To Steal From Thieves, To The Hinterlands, To the Undercity for Yagyin's Digest, Tooga's Quest, Tools for Steelgrill, Tools of the Highborne, Torek's Assault, Tormus Deepforge, Touch of Weakness, Touch of Weakness - Part II, Toxic Horrors, Training the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), Training the Beast (Orc/Troll Hunter), Training the Beast - Part 3?, Tramping Paws, Tran'rek, Translate Abercrombie's Note, Translate Abercrombie's Note - Part 2?, Translating the Journal, Translating the Journal - Part II, Translation To Ello, Translation to Ello - Part 2?, Treant Muisek, Treats for Great-father Winter, Treats for Greatfather Winter, Treebeast, Trek to Ashenvale, Tremors of the Earth, Triage, Trial at the Field of Giants, Tribes at War, Trinkets..., Trol'kalar, Trol'kalar - Part II, Troll Charm, Troll Temper, Trollbane, Trouble at the Docks, Trouble in the Deeps, Trouble in Winterspring!, Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril, Tumors, Tundra MacGrann's Stolen Stash, Twilight Falls, Twisted Evils, Twisted Hatred, Two Halves Become One, Ulag the Cleaver, Uldaman Reagent Run, Un'Goro Soil, Un-Life's Little Annoyances, Uncle Carlin, Uncovering the Past, Undamaged Venom Sac, Underbelly Scales, Underground Assault, Unfinished Business, Unfinished Business - Part II, Unfinished Business - Part III, Uniting the Shattered Amulet, Until Death Do Us Part, Up to Snuff, Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic, Urok Doomhowl, Ursal the Mauler, Ursangous's Paw, Ursius of the Shardtooth, Valik, Vanquish the Betrayers, Vejrek, Vengeance on the Northspring, Venom Bottles, Venom for Helbrim, Venom to the Undercity, Venture Company Mining, Verdant Note, Verdant Note - Part 2?, Verdant Sigil, Verifying the Corruption, Verog the Dervish, Veteran Uzzek, Vile Familiars, Vile Familiars (Horde Warlock), Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!, Villains of Darrowshire, Visit The Herbalist, Vital Intelligence, Vivian Lagrave, Volcanic Activity, Voodoo Dues, Vorrel's Revenge, Vorsha the Lasher, Vulture's Vigor, Vyletongue Corruption, Vyrin's Revenge, Vyrin's Revenge - Part II, Wait for Sirra to Finish, Wait for Sirra to Finish - Part 2?, Wand to Bethor, Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem , Wanted! Marez Cowl, Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest, Wanted: "Hogger", WANTED: Andre Firebeard, Wanted: Baron Longshore, WANTED: Baron Vardus, WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting, WANTED: Chok'sul, Wanted: Gath'Ilzogg, Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore, Wanted: Maggot Eye, Wanted: Syndicate Personnel, War Banners, War on the Woodpaw, Warlord's Command, Warsong Runner Update, Warsong Runner Update - Part 2?, Warsong Runner Update - Part 3?, Warsong Runner Update - Part 4?, Warsong Runner Update - Part 5?, Warsong Saw Blades, Warsong Scout Update, Warsong Scout Update - Part 2?, Warsong Supplies, Warsong Supplies - Part 2?, Washed Ashore, Washed Ashore - Part II, Washte Pawne, Wasteland, Wastewander Justice, Water Elementals, Water Pouch Bounty, Water Sapta (Shaman), Weapons of Choice, Weapons of Spirit, Webwood Egg, Webwood Venom, Webwood Venom - Part 2?, Welcome to the Jungle, Welcome! (Dwarves & Gnomes), Welcome! (Orcs & Trolls), Welcome! (Tauren), Welcome! (Undead), Welcome! - Part 5?, Well of Corruption, Wenikee Boltbucket, Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!, Westfall Stew, Westfall Stew - Part II, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Wharfmaster Dizzywig - Kravel's Task, What Comes Around..., What Lies Beyond, When Dreams Turn to Nightmares, Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog, Whitecloud's Story *GOSSIP*, Wild Guardians, Wild Guardians - Part II, Wild Guardians - Part III, Wild Hearts, Wild Leather Armor, Wild Leather Boots, Wild Leather Helmet, Wild Leather Leggings, Wild Leather Shoulders, Wild Leather Vest, Wildmane Cleansing, Wildmane Totem, Williden's Journal, Willix the Importer, Wind Rider, Winds in the Desert, Wine Shop Advert, Winterfall Activity, Winterfall Firewater, Winterfall Runners, Winterhoof Cleansing, Wisdom of Agamaggan, Wolves Across The Border, Wolves at Our Heels, Woodpaw Investigation, Words of the High Chief, Worgen in the Woods, Worgen in the Woods - Part 5?, Worgen in the Woods - Part II, Worgen in the Woods - Part III, Worgen in the Woods - Part IV, Worth Its Weight in Gold, Wounded Ancients, Wrath of the Blue Flight, Wrath of the Blue Flight - Part 2?, Wrenix of Ratchet, Xylem's Payment to Jediga, You Are Rakh'likh, Demon, You're a Mean One..., Young Crocilisk Skins, Young Crocolisk Skins, Young Lovers, Your Place In The World, Your Place In The World - Part 2?, Yuka Screwspigot, Zaeldarr the Outcast, Zalazane, Zando'zan, Zanzil's Mixture and a Fool's Stout, Zanzil's Secret, Zapper Fuel, Zenn's Bidding, Zhevra Dependence, Zinge's Delivery, Ziz Fizziks, Zombie Juice, [NYI] Of Forgotten Memories

Updated Items: (1010)
Ardent Custodian, Axe of the Deep Woods, Blackskull Shield, Bloodrazor, Boots of Avoidance, Dwarven Hand Cannon, Eye of Flame, Fiery War Axe, Flurry Axe, Gloves of Holy Might, Glowing Brightwood Staff, Hammer of the Northern Wind, Krol Blade, Nightblade, Robe of the Archmage, Robe of the Void, Shadowblade, Staff of Jordan, Stockade Pauldrons, Wall of the Dead, Acidic Walkers, Aegis of Stormwind, Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, Albino Crocscale Boots, Argent Avenger, Argent Crusader, Assassination Blade, Atal'ai Spaulders..., Atal'alarion's Tusk Ring, Avenguard Helm, Bad Mojo Mask, Banshee Finger, Barman Shanker, Barovian Family Sword, Battleborn Armbraces, Battlechaser's Greaves, Beaststalker's Belt, Beaststalker's Boots, Beaststalker's Cap, Beaststalker's Gloves, Beaststalker's Mantle, Beaststalker's Pants, Beaststalker's Tunic, Belt of Arugal, Belt of Valor, Berylline Pads, Big Bad Pauldrons, Bindings of Elements, Black Velvet Robes, Blackcrow, Blackhand Doomsaw, Blackmist Armguards, Blade of the Basilisk, Blade of the Titans, Blademaster Leggings, Blazing Emblem, Blight, Blood-etched Blade, Bloodfire Talons, Bloodshot Greaves, Bloomsprout Headpiece, Blue Dragonscale Breastplate, Blue Dragonscale Shoulders, Bonecreeper Stylus, Bonescraper, Bonesnapper, Boots of Elements, Boots of Valor, Bracers of the Stone Princess, Bracers of Valor, Braincage, Brazecore Armguards, Breastplate of Valor, Brigam Girdle, Brutal Hauberk, Burstshot Harquebus, Carapace of Tuten'kash, Chan's Imperial Robes, Changuk Smasher, Charstone Dirk, Chief Architect's Monocle, Chillpike, Chillsteel Girdle, Chiselbrand Girdle, Clutch of Andros, Coldrage Dagger, Cord of Elements, Crescent Staff, Crest of Retribution, Crest of Supremacy, Crown of Caer Darrow, Crown of Tyranny, Crushridge Bindings, Crystalpine Stinger, Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge, Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian, Dalewind Trousers, Darkwater Bracers..., Darrowshire Strongguard, Darrowspike, Dawn's Edge, Dawnspire Cord, Deadwood Sledge, Death's Clutch, Deathdealer Breastplate, Deathmage Sash, Deepfury Bracers, Demonfork, Demonshear, Demonslayer, Detention Strap, Deviate Scale Belt, Devilsaur Gauntlets, Devilsaur Leggings, Devout Belt, Devout Bracers, Devout Crown, Devout Gloves, Devout Mantle, Devout Robe, Diabolic Skiver, Draconian Deflector, Dracorian Gauntlets, Dragonscale Breastplate, Dragonscale Gauntlets, Drakesfire Epaulets, Drakewing Bands, Dreadmist Belt, Dreadmist Bracers, Dreadmist Leggings, Dreadmist Mantle, Dreadmist Mask, Dreadmist Robe, Dreadmist Sandals, Dreadmist Wraps, Dreamweave Gloves, Dreamweave Vest, Dual Reinforced Leggings, Dustfeather Sash, Earthborn Kilt, Elder Wizard's Mantle, Elemental Rockridge Leggings, Elven Chain Boots, Emberstone Staff, Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe, Enchanted Kodo Bracers, Engineer's Guild Headpiece, Eye of Rend, Eye of Theradras, Fang of the Crystal Spider, Feet of the Lynx, Feline Mantle, Finkle's Skinner, Firebreather, Firemane Leggings, Fist of Stone, Flameseer Mantle, Fleshhide Shoulders, Forgotten Wraps, Frightskull Shaft, Frostbite Girdle, Funeral Cuffs, Fungus Shroud Armor, Furen's Boots, Gahz'rilla Scale Armor, Galgann's Fireblaster, Gargoyle Shredder Talons, Gargoyle Slashers, Garrett Family Crest, Gatorbite Axe, Gauntlets of Divinity, Gauntlets of Elements, Gauntlets of Valor, Gemburst Circlet, Ghostshroud, Giantslayer Bracers, Gift of the Elven Magi, Girdle of Uther, Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler, Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet, Golem Shard Leggings, Golem Skull Helm, Gorewood Bow, Gravestone Scepter, Gravestone War Axe, Green Iron Hauberk, Green Lens..., Grimgore Noose, Grimlok's Charge, Grimlok's Tribal Vestments, Gryphonwing Long Bow, Guttbuster, Halycon's Muzzle, Hand of Righteousness, Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle, Hanzo Sword, Haunting Specter Leggings, Heartseeker, Heartseeking Crossbow, Helm of Exile, Helm of Fire, Helm of the Mountain, Helm of Valor, Herod's Shoulder, High Bergg Helm, Horns of Eranikus, Houndmaster's Bow, Husk of Nerub'enkan, Hydralick Armor, Hypnotic Blade, Iceblade Hacker, Icemetal Barbute, Illusionary Rod, Infernal Trickster Leggings, Inventor's Focal Sword, Ironfeather Shoulders, Ironweaver, Jaina's Firestarter, Jinxed Hoodoo Skin, Julie's Dagger, Keris of Zul'Serak, Kilt of the Atal'ai Prophet, Leech Pants, Leggings of the Fang, Legplates of the Eternal Guardian, Legplates of Valor, Lifeforce Dirk, Lightforge Belt, Lightforge Boots, Lightforge Bracers, Lightforge Breastplate, Lightforge Gauntlets, Lightforge Helm, Lightforge Legplates, Lightforge Spaulders, Lil Timmy's Peashooter, Loomguard Armbraces, Lord Alexander's Battle Axe, Lordly Armguards, Maelstrom Leggings, Magister's Boots, Magister's Crown, Magister's Gloves, Magister's Leggings, Magister's Mantle, Magister's Robes, Malown's Slam, Manacle Cuffs, Marbled Buckler, Mass of McGowan, Master Cannoneer Boots, Megashot Rifle, Meteor Shard, Mirah's Song, Mooncloth Boots, Mooncloth Shoulders, Mooncloth Vest, Mugthol's Helm, Murkwater Gauntlets, Naga Battle Gloves, Necromancer Leggings, Necropile Robe, Nightbrace Tunic, Noxious Shooter, Noxxion's Shackles, Obsidian Greaves, Ogron's Sash, Omokk's Girth Restrainer, Ornate Adamantium Breastplate, Pads of the Dread Wolf, Pauldrons of Elements, Phantom Blade, Phytoskin Spaulders, Plated Fist of Hakoo, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Ragefury Eyepatch, Raging Berserker's Helm, Ramstein's Lightning Bolts, Ranger Bow, Ravager, Ravasaur Scale Boots, Reiver Claws, Relentless Scythe, Resurgence Rod, Rhombeard Protector, Ribsteel Footguards, Rivenspike, Robes of Arugal, Robes of the Lich, Rockgrip Gauntlets, Rod of Corrosion, Rod of the Sleepwalker, Rotgrip Mantle, Runed Golem Shackles, Sacred Protector, Sandals of the Insurgent, Sandstalker Ankleguards, Sapphiron's Scale Boots, Satyrmane Sash, Savage Gladiator Greaves, Scarlet Leggings, Scepter of the Unholy, Seedcloud Buckler, Seeping Willow, Serenity Belt, Serpentine Sash, Serpentine Skuller, Shadowcraft Belt, Shadowcraft Boots, Shadowcraft Bracers, Shadowcraft Cap, Shadowcraft Gloves, Shadowcraft Pants, Shadowcraft Spaulders, Shadowcraft Tunic, Sheepshear Mantle, Shortsword of Vengeance, Silver-lined Belt, Skeletal Shoulders, Skull Splitting Crossbow, Skullance Shield, Slamshot Shoulders, Slitherscale Boots, Songbird Blouse, Soothsayer's Headdress, Soulcatcher Halo, Soulkeeper, Soulstealer Mantle, Sparkleshell Mantle, Spaulders of Valor, Spidersilk Boots, Spiritshroud Leggings, Stalvan's Reaper, Starfire Tiara, Stealthblade, Stinging Viper, Stonefist Girdle, Stoneform Shoulders, Stonegrip Gauntlets, Stoneraven, Stoneweaver Leggings, Stormrager, Stormshroud Armor, Stormshroud Pants, Sutarn's Ring, Swampwalker Boots, Swiftwind, Swinetusk Shank, Sword of Omen, Sword of Serenity, Sword of the Magistrate, Tanglewood Staff, The Cruel Hand of Timmy, The Rockpounder, Thoughtcast Boots, Thrash Blade, Timmy's Galoshes, Tombstone Breastplate, Tooth of Eranikus, Toughened Leather Gloves, Tressermane Leggings, Trindlehaven Staff, Triprunner Dungarees, Tristam Legguards, Truesilver Breastplate, Truesilver Champion, Truesilver Gauntlets, Truestrike Shoulders, Twisted Sabre, Venomstrike, Verdant Keeper's Aim, Vest of Elements, Vestments of the Atal'ai Prophet, Vigorsteel Vambraces, Vinerot Sandals, Voone's Vice Grips, Vosh'gajin's Strand, Warbear Harness, Warbear Woolies, Warblade of Caer Darrow, Warmaster Legguards, Warrior's Embrace, Warsong Boots, Warsong Sash, Warstrife Leggings, Whirlwind Axe, Whitemane's Chapeau, Widowmaker, Wildheart Belt, Wildheart Boots, Wildheart Bracers, Wildheart Cowl, Wildheart Gloves, Wildheart Kilt, Wildheart Spaulders, Wildheart Vest, Willey's Portable Howitzer, Windreaver Greaves, Windrunner Legguards, Wingblade, Winged Helm, Witchfury, Wraith Scythe, Wyrmslayer Spaulders, Wyrmthalak's Shackles, Wyrmtongue Shoulders, Yorgen Bracers, Abjurer's Hood..., Aboriginal Footwraps..., Acumen Robes, Adventurer's Bracers..., Alabaster Plate Girdle, Alabaster Plate Vambraces, Alabaster Shield, Amberglow Talisman, Angerforge's Battle Axe, Aquarius Belt, Arcane Bands, Arcane Boots, Arcane Cover, Arcane Gloves, Arcane Leggings, Arcane Pads, Arcane Sash, Arcane Staff, Archaeologist's Quarry Boots, Aurora Bracers, Aurora Gloves, Axe of Orgrimmar, Azure Moon Amice, Barbaric Cloth Boots, Barbaric Iron Helm, Barbaric Leggings, Barbaric Linen Vest, Barbaric Shoulders, Barkshell Tunic, Beastmaster's Girdle, Beastsmasher, Bejeweled Legguards, Belgrom's Hammer, Belt of Corruption, Big Voodoo Mask, Binding Girdle, BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore, Black Mageweave Boots, Black Mageweave Headband, Black Mageweave Shoulders, Blackforge Girdle, Blackforge Greaves, Blazewind Breastplate, Blight Leather Gloves, Blitzcleaver, Bloodband Bracers, Bloodforged Belt..., Bloodforged Sabatons..., Bloodlust Bracelets, Bloodlust Gauntlets, Bloodmail Belt, Bloodwoven Pants..., Blue Linen Robe, Bonecaster's Gloves..., Bonecaster's Sarong..., Bonecaster's Vest..., Bonefingers, Bonelink Gauntlets..., Boorguard Tunic, Boots of the Maharishi, Boots of Zua'tec, Braidfur Gloves, Branding Rod, Brawnhide Armor, Bright Gloves, Brimstone Belt, Bristlebark Amice, Bristlebark Belt, Bristlebark Boots, Brutal Gauntlets, Brutal Helm, Brutal Legguards, Buckled Boots, Butcher's Slicer, Cabalist Spaulders..., Cadaverous Walkers, Cairnstone Sliver, Camouflaged Tunic, Captain Rackmore's Tiller, Cavedweller Bracers, Celestial Handwraps..., Celestial Kilt..., Celestial Slippers..., Ceremonial Leather Gloves, Ceremonial Leather Harness, Chief Brigadier Coif, Chromite Barbute, Chromite Bracers, Chromite Gauntlets, Chromite Pauldrons, Cinched Belt, Cinder Wand, Cindercloth Robe, Clayridge Helm, Clear Crystal Rod, Colossal Great Axe..., Commander's Boots..., Commander's Gauntlets..., Compact Shotgun, Condor Bracers, Councillor's Gloves..., Councillor's Pants..., Councillor's Tunic..., Cragplate Greaves, Crusader's Armguards..., Crusader's Boots..., Crypt Demon Bracers, Cutthroat's Mantle..., Dagmire Gauntlets, Dark Leather Pants, Dark Leather Tunic, Darkmist Pants..., Darkspear Armsplints, Darkspear Cuffs, Darkspear Shoes, Dazzling Mithril Rapier, Deadly Bronze Poniard, Deadskull Shield, Deathbone Gauntlets, Deathbone Girdle, Deftkin Belt, Demon's Blood, Dense Shortbow, Dervish Bracers..., Dire Wand, Dokebi Gloves, Dokebi Leggings, Draftsman Boots, Dragon Finger..., Dry Moss Tunic, Dryleaf Pants, Duskwing Gloves, Duskwing Mantle, Duskwoven Gloves..., Duskwoven Pants..., Duskwoven Turban..., Dusky Belt, Dusky Bracers, Dusky Leather Armor, Dusky Leather Leggings, Ebonhold Armor, Ebonhold Boots, Ebonhold Buckler, Ebonhold Gauntlets, Ebonhold Girdle, Ebonhold Leggings, Ebonhold Shoulderpads, Elegant Belt..., Elegant Leggings..., Embersilk Mitts..., Emblazoned Boots, Emblazoned Hat, Emblazoned Shoulders, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Vest, Emerald Pauldrons..., Emerald Sabatons..., Encarmine Boots, Enchanted Stonecloth Bracers, Enchanter's Cowl, Engraved Breastplate..., Essence of Water, Excavator's Utility Belt, Failed Flying Experiment, Featherbead Bracers, Ferine Leggings, Fine Longbow, Fire Wand, Fist of the Damned, Flesh Piercer, Fletcher's Gloves, Flying Tiger Goggles, Footpads of the Fang, Forest Leather Bracers, Forest Leather Mantle, Frost Tiger Blade, Gearforge Girdle, Gemshale Pauldrons, Ghastly Trousers, Ghostly Mantle, Glimmering Mail Greaves, Glorious Gauntlets..., Gloves of the Fang, Glyphed Boots, Glyphed Bracers, Glyphed Helm, Glyphed Leggings, Glyphed Mitts, Gnomish Goggles, Gnomish Mind Control Cap, Goblin Mining Helmet, Gold Link Belt, Gossamer Gloves..., Gossamer Shoulderpads..., Grassland Sash, Greasy Tinker's Pants, Green Iron Helm, Grimtoll Wristguards, Gripsteel Wristguards, Grizzled Boots, Grotslab Gloves, Guardian Pants, Hakkar'i Breastplate, Hakkar'i Shroud, Hameya's Slayer, Hammer of Orgrimmar, Handstitched Linen Britches, Harpy Needler..., Hawkeye's Epaulets, Hawkeye's Gloves, Heavy Lamellar Helm..., Heavy Mithril Axe, Heavy Mithril Boots, Heavy Mithril Helm, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Heraldic Bracers, Heraldic Gloves, Hero's Band, Hero's Belt, Hero's Buckler, Hero's Gauntlets, Hero's Pauldrons, Heroic Gauntlets..., Heroic Greaves..., Hibernal Bracers, Hibernal Pants, Hibernal Robe, High Chief's Sabatons..., High Councillor's Gloves..., Highborne Bracelets, Highborne Cord, Highborne Footpads, Highborne Robes, Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Shoulders, Hulking Shield, Hulking Spaulders, Hulkstone Pauldrons, Hunt Tracker Blade, Hunter's Muzzle Loader, Hyperion Legplates..., Icefury Wand, Ichor Spitter, Imbued Plate Armor, Imbued Plate Girdle, Imbued Plate Helmet, Impenetrable Sabatons..., Imperial Leather Bracers, Imperial Leather Helm, Imperial Red Bracers, Imperial Red Circlet, Imperial Red Gloves, Imperial Red Mantle, Imperial Red Sash, Indomitable Armguards, Inscribed Leather Boots, Insignia Belt, Insignia Leggings, Intrepid Shortsword, Ironhide Legguards..., Jade Epaulets..., Jadefire Cap..., Jazeraint Boots..., Jouster's Visor, Keeper's Cord, Keeper's Woolies, Khan's Belt, Khan's Gloves, Kodo Hunter's Leggings, Kodo Rustler Boots, Lambent Scale Girdle, Lavacrest Leggings, Lead Surveyor's Mantle, Leather Chef's Belt, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Light Bow, Light Leather Pants, Living Essence, Loamflake Bracers, Lofty Armguards..., Lofty Breastplate..., Long Redwood Bow, Lord's Pauldrons..., Lupine Slippers..., Magram Hunter's Belt, Mark of the Chosen, Master Hunter's Rifle, Master's Belt..., Masterwork Gauntlets..., Mercenary Leggings, Merciless Gauntlets..., Mighty Armsplints..., Mighty Gauntlets..., Mistscape Boots, Mistscape Sash, Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle, Myrmidon's Defender, Myrmidon's Gauntlets, Myrmidon's Girdle, Mystic's Gloves, Mystic's Woolies, Mystical Boots..., Mystical Gloves..., Mystical Mantle..., Nail Spitter, Necropile Leggings, Necropile Mantle, Nether Force Wand, Nightscape Boots, Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Pants, Nightscape Shoulders, Nightscape Tunic, Nightshade Gloves..., Nightsky Robe, Nightsky Wristbands, Nightwind Belt, Nimble Leather Gloves, Nimboya's Mystical Staff, Oilrag Handwraps, Opulent Gloves..., Orchid Amice, Ornate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Gloves, Outrider Leggings, Panther Hunter Leggings, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Pearl Clasped Cloak (OLD), Plainsguard Leggings, Plainstalker Tunic, Pointed Axe, Praetorian Gloves..., Pridelord Bands, Pridelord Girdle, Pridelord Halo, Prismscale Hauberk, Prospector's Cuffs, Prospector's Woolies, Protector Ankleguards, Protector Waistband, Quagmire Galoshes, Quillfire Bow..., Quintis' Research Gloves, Ragefire Wand, Raider Shortsword..., Rambling Boots, Raptor Hunter Tunic, Ravager's Armguards, Ravager's Armor, Razor Axe..., Red Mageweave Shoulders, Relentless Chain, Ricochet Blunderbuss..., Robe of Evocation, Robes of Arcana, Rockshard Pauldrons, Royal Cap Spaulders, Runecloth Belt, Runecloth Pants, Runecloth Robe, Runic Darkblade, Runic Leather Bracers, Runic Leather Headband, Saber Leggings, Sacred Burial Trousers, Sagebrush Girdle, Saltstone Legplates..., Sanguine Belt, Sanguine Mantle, Sarah's Guide, Savage Trodders, Savannah Bracers, Scaled Leather Headband..., Scarlet Belt, Scarlet Gauntlets, Scarlet Wristguards, Scorching Wand, Scorpashi Breastplate, Scorpashi Leggings, Scorpashi Sash, Scorpashi Shoulder Pads, Scorpashi Skullcap, Scorpashi Slippers, Scorpashi Wristbands, Screecher Belt, Seapost Girdle, Seaspray Bracers, Serpentskin Armor, Serpentskin Boots, Serpentskin Bracers, Serpentskin Gloves, Serpentskin Leggings, Shadow Wand, Shadowy Belt, Shard of Afrasa, Shining Armplates, Shizzle's Muzzle, Shizzle's Nozzle Wiper, Short Ash Bow, Silk Wizard Hat, Silksand Tunic, Silkstream Cuffs, Silver-thread Cuffs, Silver-thread Pants, Silvered Bronze Boots, Silvered Bronze Breastplate, Silvered Bronze Gauntlets, Silvered Bronze Shoulders, Sizzle Stick, Skilled Handling Gloves, Skorn's Hammer, Skull of Gyth, Skullsplitter Helm, Slashclaw Bracers, Slatemetal Cutlass, Slick Deviate Leggings, Smokey's Explosive Launcher, Smoothbore Gun, Sniper Rifle..., Solstice Staff..., Spellshifter Rod, Spiderfang Carapace, Spirit Hunter Headdress, Spirit of Aquementas, Sprightring Helm, Stalwart Clutch, Steelsmith Greaves, Stinging Mace, Stingshot Wand, Strength of the Treant, Stronghorn Girdle, Sunscale Chestguard, Sunscale Helmet, Sunscale Sabatons, Swiftfoot Treads, Sword of Hammerfall, Symbolic Breastplate, Tail Spike, Talbar Mantle, Talonstrike, Templar Legplates..., Templar Pauldrons..., Thorium Belt, Thorium Bracers, Thornflinger, Tiger Hunter Gloves, Tigerbane, Tough Scorpid Boots, Tough Scorpid Bracers, Tough Scorpid Breastplate, Tough Scorpid Gloves, Tough Scorpid Helm, Tough Scorpid Leggings, Tough Scorpid Shoulders, Traphook Jerkin, Traveler's Belt, Traveler's Bracers, Traveler's Jerkin, Tribal Pants, Tribal Vest, Tundra Boots, Turquoise Sash, Turtle Scale Bracers, Turtle Scale Breastplate, Turtle Scale Helm, Turtle Scale Leggings, Tusken Helm, Tyrant's Chestpiece, Tyrant's Gauntlets, Tyrant's Greaves, Tyrant's Legplates, Umbral Wand..., Valiant Shortsword, Vanguard Gauntlets, Vanguard Girdle, Vanguard Pauldrons, Vanguard Sabatons, Vanquisher's Sword, Venomshroud Mantle, Veteran Shield, Vinehedge Cinch, Volcanic Leggings, Voodoo Mantle, Wand of Decay, Wanderer's Boots..., Wanderer's Bracers..., Warden's Wizard Hat, Warden's Woolies, Warden's Wraps, Warden's Wristbands, Warforged Chestplate, Warlord's Axe..., White Drakeskin Cap, Wicked Leather Belt, Wicked Leather Gauntlets, Wicked Leather Headband, Wicked Leather Pants, Willow Band Hauberk, Wind Rider Staff, Windchaser Amice, Windchaser Cinch, Windchaser Cuffs, Windchaser Footpads, Windchaser Woolies, Wingcrest Gloves, Wolf Bracers, Woolen Boots, Wyrmhide Spaulders, Apprentice Sash, Battered Leather Bracers, Battleworn Leather Gloves, Bound Harness, Centaur Bracers, Dalaran Wizard's Robe, Dirt-trodden Boots, Double-layered Gloves, Dust-covered Leggings, Elixir of Minor Agility, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Fine Light Crossbow, Flax Boots, Flax Gloves, Greater Magic Wand, Grizzly Belt, Grizzly Bracers, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Boots, Handstitched Leather Bracers, Handstitched Leather Pants, Heavy Armor Kit, Heavy Linen Gloves, Heavy Weave Gloves, Hooded Cowl, Hunter's Boomstick, Jambiya, Large Bore Blunderbuss, Linen Belt, Lumberjack Axe, Major Spellstone, Nomadic Belt, Nomadic Gloves, Ornate Blunderbuss, Pellet Rifle, Pioneer Belt, Plains Hunter Wristguards, Platemail Belt, Poniard, Primitive Bow, Primitive Club, Primitive Mantle, Raider's Shoulderpads, Reconnaissance Boots, Reinforced Bow, Sandrunner Wristguards, Serpent's Shoulders, Soft Wool Belt, Soft Wool Vest, Spellbinder Belt, Spellbinder Bracers, Sturdy Cloth Trousers, Superior Healing Potion, Swiftness Potion, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Thick Armor Kit, Tiger Hide Boots, Tribal Warrior's Shield, Veiled Grips, Weathered Belt, Worn Axe, Worn Heater Shield, Worn Mace, Zhevra Hooves, Bent Large Shield, Brocade Shoulderpads, Bulky Maul, Canvas Shoulderpads, Frayed Bracers, Glorious Shield..., Gutwrencher, Master's Hat..., Minor Rejuvenation Potion, Nightslayer Bracelets, Overlinked Chain Bracers, Patched Leather Pants, Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets, Platemail Armor, Ragged Leather Belt, Ragged Leather Boots, Ragged Leather Bracers, Ragged Leather Pants, Ragged Leather Vest, Recurve Long Bow, Serenity, Thick Leather Belt, Volcanic Breastplate, Warped Leather Gloves, Worn Leather Belt, Worn Leather Boots, Worn Leather Vest

Updated Mobs: (5502)
"Auntie" Bernice Stonefield, "Pretty Boy" Duncan, "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, "Shaky" Phillipe, "Squealer" Thornmantle, "Stinky" Ignatz, "Swamp Eye" Jarl, 'Squealer' Thornmantle, A-Me 01, Aaron, Aayndia Floralwind, Abe Winters, Abercrombie, Abigail Sawyer, Abigail Shiel, Aboda, Abomination, Achellios the Banished, Acidic Swamp Ooze, Acolyte Dellis, Acolyte Fenrick, Acolyte Magaz, Acolyte Porena, Acolyte Wytula, Adair Gilroy, Adam, Adder, Addled Leper, Adele Fielder, Adjutant Tesoran, Adlin Pridedrift, Adolescent Whelp, Adrian Bartlett, Adult Plainstrider, Advanced Target Dummy, Advisor Belgrum, Adwin Laughlin, Aean Swiftriver, Aedis Brom, Aelthalyste, Aeolynn, Aethalas Cromwell, Affray Challenger, Affray Spectator, Ag'tor Bloodfist, Agal, Agam'ar, Agathelos the Raging, Aged Kodo, Agent Kearnen, Ageron Kargal, Aggem Thorncurse, Agnar Beastamer, Agustus Moulaine, Ahanu, Ainethil, Ajeck Rouack, Ak'Zeloth, Aku'mai, Aku'mai Fisher, Aku'mai Servant, Aku'mai Snapjaw, Alaindia, Alamar Grimm, Alanna Raveneye, Alanndarian Nightsong, Alarm-a-bomb 2600, Alassin, Alchemist Arbington, Alchemist Mallory, Alchemist Narett, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Aldia, Aldren Cordon, Aldric Hunter, Aldric Moore, Aldwin Laughlin, Alegorn, Alenndaar Lapidaar, Alessandro Luca, Alexander Calder, Alexander Lister, Alexandra Blazen, Alexandra Bolero, Alexandra Constantine, Alexandre Lefevre, Alexi Barov, Alexia Ironknife, Algernon, Aligar the Tormentor, Alina, Allan Hafgan, Allyndia, Alma Jainrose, Altsoba Ragetotem, Alyissia, Alyssa Blaye, Alyssa Eva, Alyssa Griffith, Aman, Ambassador Ardalan, Ambassador Berrybuck, Ambassador Flamelash, Ambassador Malcin, Ambereye Basilisk, Ambereye Reaver, Ambershard Crusher, Ambershard Destroyer, Amephaeaa, Amnennar the Coldbringer, Amy Davenport, Ana'thek the Cruel, Anadyia, Anastasia Hartwell, Anaya, Anaya Dawnrunner, Ancestral Spirit, Ancient Core Hound, Ancient Kodo, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War, Ancient Protector, Ancient Stone Keeper, Ancient Tree of Lore, Ancient Tree of War, Ancona, Ander Germaine, Andi, Andi Lynn, Andiss, Andre Firebeard, Andrea Boynton, Andrea Halloran, Andrew Brounel, Andrew Brownell, Andrew Hartwell, Andrew Hilbert, Andrew Krighton, Androd Fadran, Androd Fadrin, Androl Oakhand, Andron Gant, Andruk, Andrus, Anduin Wrynn, Angela Curthas, Anger'rel, Angerclaw Bear, Angerclaw Grizzly, Angerclaw Mauler, Angered Infernal, Angrun, Anguished Dead, Anguished Highborne, Angus, Angus Stern, Anishar, Annora, Ansekhwa, Antarius, Antlered Courser, Antonio Perelli, Antu'sul, Antur Fallow, Anub'shiah, Anvilrage Captain, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Reservist, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Berard, Apothecary Dithers, Apothecary Falthis, Apothecary Faustin, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Johaan, Apothecary Jorell, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Keever, Apothecary Lycanus, Apothecary Lydon, Apothecary Renferrel, Apothecary Vallia, Apothecary Zamah, Apothecary Zinge, Apprentice Honeywell, Apprentice Kryten, Apprentice Soren, Aquementas, Araj the Summoner, Aranae Venomblood, Arantir, Arantir's Shadow, Arash-ethis, Arathandris Silversky, Arcane Chimaerok, Arcane Nullifier X-21, Arcanist Doan, Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Archaedas, Archaelogist Flagongut, Archaeologist Flagongut, Archaeologist Hollee, Archbishop Benedictus, Archery Target, Archibald, Archibald Kava, Archivist Galford, Archmage Allistarj, Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, Archmage Arugal, Archmage Ataeric, Archmage Malin, Archmage Shymm, Archmage Tervosh, Archmage Xylem, Ardo Dirtpaw, Ardwyn Cailen, Arei, Arena Spectator, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Guard Manados, Argent Guard Thaelrid, Argent Officer Garush, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Hasana, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Argent Rider, Argos Nightwhisper, Argus Shadow Mage, Arias'ta Bladesinger, Ariena Bloodfeather, Ariena Stormfeather, Arikara, Arin'sor, Ariyell Skyshadow, Arkkoran Clacker, Arkkoran Muckdweller, Arkkoran Oracle, Arkkoran Pincer, Arko'narin, Arlene Bloodfeather, Armand Cromwell, Armored Scorpid, Arnak Grimtotem, Arnok, Arnold Leland, Arra'chea, Arthur Moore, Arthur the Faithful, Artist Renfray, Arugal's Voidwalker, Ash'ari Crystal, Ashenvale Bear, Ashenvale Outrunner, Ashenvale Sentinel, Ashenvale Warrior, Ashlan Stonesmirk, Ashley Bridenbecker, Ashmane Boar, Aska Mistrunner, Asoran, Astaia, Astarii Starseeker, Astaril Starseeker, Asterion, Astor Hadren, Astranaar Sentinel, Atal'ai Corpse Eater, Atal'ai Deathwalker, Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit, Atal'ai Exile, Atal'ai High Priest, Atal'ai Priest, Atal'ai Skeleton, Atal'ai Slave, Atal'ai Warrior, Atal'ai Witch Doctor, Atal'alarion, Atepa, Athridas Bearmantle, Athrikus Narassin, Aturk the Anvil, Auberdine Sentinel, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Chilton, Auctioneer Epitwee, Auctioneer Fitch, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Gullem, Auctioneer Kresky, Auctioneer Leeka, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tolon, Auctioneer Wabang, Auld Stonespire, Aurius, Aurora Skycaller, Austil de Mon, Avarus Kharag, Avatar of Hakkar, Avette Fellwood, Awbee, Awenasa, Ayanna Everstride, Azar Stronghammer, Azgalaril, Azshara Sentinel, Azshir the Sleepless, Azurous, Azzleby, Badly Injured Soldier, Bael'dun Appraiser, Bael'dun Digger, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Foreman, Bael'dun Officer, Bael'dun Rifleman, Bael'dun Soldier, Bael'Gar, Baelog, Bailey Stonemantle, Bailiff Conacher, Baine Bloodhoof, Balai Lok'Wein, Baldruc, Bale, Balgaras the Foul, Balir Frosthammer, Balizar the Umbrage, Balnazzar, Baloo, Balos Jacken, Balthule Shadowstrike, Balthus Stoneflayer, Baltus Fowler, Banalash, Bangalash, Barak Kodobane, Barbed Crustacean, Barbed Lasher, Bardu Sharpeye, Barg, Barim Jurgenstaad, Barithras Moonshade, Barkeep Belm, Barkeep Daniels, Barkeep Dobbins, Barkeep Hann, Barkeep Kelly, Barkeep Morag, Barkeeper Kelly, Barnil Stonepot, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Aquanis, Baron Longshore, Baron Revilgaz, Baron Rivendare, Baron Silverlaine, Baron Vardus, Baroness Anastari, Baros Alexston, Barrens Giraffe, Barrens Guard, Barrens Kodo, Barrett Cross, Bart Tidewater, Bartender Lillian, Bartender Wental, Bartleby, Bartok Steelgrip, Bartolo Ginsetti, Bash, Bashana Runetotem, Basil Frye, Bath'rah the Windwatcher, Battle Boar Horror, Battleboar, Bayne, Bazil Thredd, Bazzalan, Bear, Beaten Corpse, BeefCake, Befouled Water Elemental, Belgrom Rockmaul, Belia Thundergranite, Belnistrasz, Belstaff Stormeye, Ben Trias, Bena Winterhoof, Bengus Deepforge, Benijah Fenner, Benjamin Carevin, Benny Blaanco, Bera Stonehammer, Beram Skychaser, Bernard Brubaker, Bernard Gump, Berserk Owlbeast, Bertran Keldrake, Bessany Plainswind, Bethaine Flinthammer, Bethor Iceshard, Betina Bigglezink, Bhag'thera, Bhaldaran Ravenshade, Bibilfaz Featherwhistle, Bilban Tosslespanner, Biletoad, Billy Maclure, Bingles Blastenheimer, Binjy Featherwhistle, Binny Springblade, Birgitte Cranston, Bishop DeLavey, Bishop Farthing, Bjarn, Black Bear Patriarch, Black Broodling, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Dragonspawn, Black Drake, Black Guard Sentry, Black Guard Swordsmith, Black Kingsnake, Black Ooze, Black Ram, Black Rat, Black Ravager, Black Ravager Mastiff, Black Riding Wolf, Black Slayer, Black Slime, Black Stallion, Black Widow Hatchling, Black Wyrmkin, Blackbreath Crony, Blackened Ancient, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Assassin, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Thug, Blackhand Veteran, BlackJack, Blacklash, Blackmoss the Fetid, Blackrock Assassin, Blackrock Battlemaster, Blackrock Champion, Blackrock Gladiator, Blackrock Grunt, Blackrock Hunter, Blackrock Outrunner, Blackrock Rampager, Blackrock Renegade, Blackrock Scout, Blackrock Sentry, Blackrock Shadowcaster, Blackrock Slayer, Blackrock Soldier, Blackrock Sorcerer, Blackrock Summoner, Blackrock Tracker, Blackrock Warlock, Blackrock Worg, Blacksmith Rand, Blacksmith Verringtan, Blackwater Deckhand, Blackwood Pathfinder, Blackwood Shaman, Blackwood Totemic, Blackwood Ursa, Blackwood Warrior, Blackwood Windtalker, Blaise Montgomery, Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse, Blazerunner, Blazing Elemental, Blazing Fireguard, Bleak Worg, Bleakheart Hellcaller, Bleakheart Satyr, Bleakheart Shadowstalker, Bleakheart Shadowstalker, Bleakheart Trickster, Blighted Zombie, Blimo Gadgetspring, Blind Mary, Blindlight Oracle, Blink Dragon, Blisterpaw Hyena, Blixxrak, Blood Elf Reclaimer, Blood of Agamaggan, Blood of Agammagan, Blood Wraith, Bloodaxe Evoker, Bloodaxe Raider, Bloodaxe Summoner, Bloodaxe Veteran, Bloodaxe Warmonger, Bloodaxe Worg, Bloodaxe Worg Pup, Bloodfeather Fury, Bloodfeather Harpy, Bloodfeather Matriarch, Bloodfeather Rogue, Bloodfeather Sorceress, Bloodfeather Wind Witch, Bloodfen Lashtail, Bloodfen Raptor, Bloodfen Razormaw, Bloodfen Scytheclaw, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Roguefeather, Bloodfury Slayer, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodhound Mastiff, Bloodmage Drazial, Bloodmage Lynnore, Bloodmage Thalnos, Bloodpetal Flayer, Bloodpetal Lasher, Bloodpetal Pest, Bloodpetal Thresher, Bloodpetal Trapper, Bloodsail Deckhand, Bloodsail Elder Magus, Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Sea Dog, Bloodsail Swabby, Bloodsail Swashbuckler, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Axe Thrower, Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Bloodscalp Berserker, Bloodscalp Headhunter, Bloodscalp Hunter, Bloodscalp Mystic, Bloodscalp Scavenger, Bloodscalp Scout, Bloodscalp Shaman, Bloodscalp Warrior, Bloodscalp Witch Doctor, Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bloodtooth Guard, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Blue Dragonspawn, Blue Mechanostrider, Blue Scalebane, Blue Skeletal Horse, Bluegill Forager, Bluegill Oracle, Bluegill Raider, Bluegill Warrior, Bluffwatcher, Boahn, Bodaur, Boiling Elemental, Bom'bay, Bombay, Boneflayer Ghoul, Bonepaw Hyena, Booty Bay Bruiser, Boran Ironclink, Borand, Borgus Steelhand, Borgus Stoutarm, Borstan, Borya, Boss Galgosh, Boulderfist Magus, Boulderfist Mauler, Boulderfist Ogre, Boulderfist Shaman, Brackenwall Enforcer, Braelyn Firehand, Braenna Flintcrag, Brahnmar, Brain Eater, Brak Durnad, Brakkar, Brandon, Brandur Ironhammer, Brannock, Brannol Eaglemoon, Branstock Khalder, Brant Jasperbloom, Braug Dimspirit, Brave Cloudmane, Brave Darksky, Brave Dawneagle, Brave Greathoof, Brave Ironhorn, Brave Leaping Deer, Brave Lightninghorn, Brave Moonhorn, Brave Proudsnout, Brave Rainchaser, Brave Rockhorn, Brave Running Wolf, Brave Strongbash, Brave Swiftwind, Brave Wildrunner, Brave Windfeather, Brawler, Brawn, Bretta Goldfury, Brewmaster Bilger, Brewmaster Drohn, Briarthorn, Bridge Worker Alex, Bridge Worker Daniel, Bridge Worker Matthew, Brienna Starglow, Brikk Keencraft, Bristleback Battleboar, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Interloper, Bristleback Quilboar, Bristleback Shaman, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brock Stoneseeker, Brog Hamfist, Brohann Caskbelly, Broken Cadaver, Brokespear, Brom Killian, Brombar Higgleby, Bronk Guzzlegear, Bronk Steelrage, Bront Coldcleave, Brook Stonebraid, Brooke Stonebraid, Brother Anton, Brother Benjamin, Brother Cassius, Brother Danil, Brother Joshua, Brother Karman, Brother Malach, Brother Neals, Brother Paxton, Brother Ravenoak, Brother Sammuel, Brother Sarno, Brown Ram, Brown Skeletal Horse, Brumeran, Bruuk Barleybeard, Bryan Cross, Bryllia Ironbrand, Buliwyf Stonehand, Bulkrek Ragefist, Bunthen Plainswind, Burbik Gearspanner, Burdrak Harglhelm, Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Burning Blade Acolyte, Burning Blade Adept, Burning Blade Apprentice, Burning Blade Augur, Burning Blade Bruiser, Burning Blade Cultist, Burning Blade Fanatic, Burning Blade Felsworn, Burning Blade Invoker, Burning Blade Neophyte, Burning Blade Reaver, Burning Blade Shadowmage, Burning Blade Summoner, Burning Blade Thug, Burning Felguard, Burning Legionnaire, Burning Ravager, Buzzard, Buzzek Bracketswing, Byancie, Caedakar the Vicious, Caged Dwarf Male, Caged Human Female, Caged Human Male, Caged Rabbit, Caged Sheep, Caged Squirrel, Caged Toad, Cain Firesong, Cairne Bloodhoof, Caitlin Glassman, Caitlin Grassman, Caledra Dawnbreeze, Caliph Scorpidsting, Calvin Montague, Camerick Jongleur, Cameron, Camp Mojache Brave, Canaga Earthcaller, Cannibal Ghoul, Cannon Master Willey, Cannoneer Smythe, Cannoneer Whessan, Cap'n Copyright, Cap'n Crunch, Capo the Mean, Captain Andrews, Captain Armistice, Captain Beld, Captain Danuvin, Captain Dargol, Captain Eo, Captain Evencane, Captain Fairmount, Captain Flat Tusk, Captain Garran Vimes, Captain Grayson, Captain Greenskin, Captain Halyndor, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Captain Ironhill, Captain Keelhaul, Captain Melrache, Captain Morgan, Captain Nials, Captain Noteo, Captain O' Breen, Captain Pentigast, Captain Perrine, Captain Placeholder, Captain Quirk, Captain Rugelfuss, Captain Steelgut, Captain Stillwater, Captain Stoutfist, Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun, Captain Thomas, Captain Vachon, Captive Abomination, Captive Ghoul, Captive Zombie, Captured Arko'narin, Captured Farmer, Captured Leper Gnome, Captured Mountaineer, Captured Rabid Thistle Bear, Captured Scarlet Zealot, Captured Servant of Azora, Captured Sprite Darter, Caravan Master Tset, Caravaneer Ruzzgot, Carendin Halgar, Caretaker Alaric, Caretaker Alen, Caretaker Caice, Caretaker Folsom, Caretaker Nevlin, Caretaker Smithers, Caretaker Weston, Carla Granger, Carlin Redpath, Carnivous the Breaker, Carolai Anise, Carolyn Ward, Carrion Devourer, Carrion Grub, Carrion Horror, Carrion Lurker, Carrion Recluse, Carrion Vulture, Carrveth, Caryssia Moonhunter, Cat, Catelyn the Blade, Catherine Leland, Cauldron Lord Bilemaw, Cauldron Lord Malvinious, Cauldron Lord Razarch, Cauldron Lord Soulwrath, Cavalier Durgen, Cave Creeper, Cave Stalker, Cave Yeti, Cavern Lurker, Cavern Shambler, Caverndeep Ambusher, Caverndeep Burrower, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Pillager, Caverndeep Reaver, Cavindra, Cawind Trueaim, Caylais Moonfeather, Caynrus, Caz Twosprocket, Cazul, Celebras the Cursed, Celebras the Redeemed, Celebrian Dryad, Celes Earthborne, Celmoridan, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Caretaker, Cenarion Druid, Cenarion Protector, Cenarion Vindicator, Centaur Pariah, Centipaar Sandreaver, Centipaar Stinger, Centipaar Swarmer, Centipaar Tunneler, Centipaar Wasp, Centipaar Worker, Cerellean Whiteclaw, Chal Fairwind, Chardryn, Charity Mippsy, Charity Mipsy, Charles Brewton, Charles Seaton, Charlga Razorflank, Charred Ancient, Charred Stone Spirit, Charys Yserian, Chase, Chaw Stronghide, Chef Breanna, Chef Grual, Chestnut Mare, Chief Archaelogist Greywhisker, Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker, Chief Hawkwind, Chief Sharptusk Thornmantle, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, Chieftain Bloodmaw, Chieftain Nek'rosh, Chillwind Chimaera, Chillwind Ravager, Chimaera Matriarch, Chimaerok, Chimaerok Devourer, Chloe Curthas, Christina, Christoph Faral, Christoph Jeffcoat, Christoph Walker, Christopher Drakul, Christopher Walker, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chromatic Elite Guard, Chromatic Whelp, Chronalis, Chylina, Clack, Claire Willower, Clara Charles, Clarice Foster, Clarise Gnarltree, Clattering Crawler, Clattering Scorpid, Claude Erksine, Clerk Daltry, Clerk Horrace Whitesteed, Cliff Breaker, Cliff Giant, Cliff Hadin, Cliff Walker, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloned Ectoplasm, Clyde Ranthal, Coast Strider, Coastal Frenzy, Cobalt Broodling, Cobalt Mageweaver, Cobalt Scalebane, Cobalt Whelp, Cobalt Wyrmkin, Cockatiel, Cockroach, Cold Eye Basilisk, Cold Wraith, Coldridge Mountaineer, Coleman Farthing, Collin Mauren, Comar Villard, Comar Villard Projection, Combat Dummy, Combat Master Criton, Combat Master Szigeti, Commander Aggro'gosh, Commander Althea Ebonlocke, Commander Amaren, Commander Ashlam Valorfist, Commander Gor'shak, Commander Samaul, Commander Springvale, Compact Harvest Reaper, Condemned Acolyte, Conservator Ilthalaine, Constance Brisboise, Cook Torka, Cor Grimtotem, Coral Moongale, Coral Shark, Coralshell Lurker, Coralshell Tortoise, Corand, Corbin Halman, Corina Steele, Corithras Moonrage, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Kaleb, Corporal Keeshan, Corporal Melkins, Corporal Sethman, Corporal Thund Splithoof, Corpse Eater, Corrosive Sap Beast, Corrosive Swamp Ooze, Corrupt Force of Nature, Corrupt Minor Manifestation of Water, Corrupted Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Corrupted Cat, Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocilisk, Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocolisk, Corrupted Mottled Boar, Corrupted Surf Crawler, Councilman Brunswick, Councilman Cooper, Councilman Hartin, Councilman Hendricks, Councilman Higarth, Councilman Millstipe, Councilman Smithers, Councilman Thatcher, Councilman Wilhelm, Courier Hammerfall, Cowardly Crosby, Coyote Packleader, Cracked Golem, Cracked Skull Soldier, Crag Boar, Crag Coyote, Crag Stalker, Crag Stalker, Craig Hewitt, Craig Nollward, Crane Operator Bigglefuzz, Crank Fizzlebub, Craven Drok, Crawler, Crazed Ancient, Crazed Owlbeast, Crazk Sparkles, Crazk Sparks, Crazzle Sprysprocket, Crier Goodman, Crimson Battle Mage, Crimson Bodyguard, Crimson Gallant, Crimson Guardsman, Crimson Hammersmith, Crimson Initiate, Crimson Snake, Critically Injured Soldier, Crocalist, Crusader Lord Valdelmar, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Mauler, Crushridge Warmonger, Crypt Beast, Crypt Crawler, Crypt Slayer, Crypt Walker, Crystal Boughman, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Curator Thorius, Curgle Cranklehop, Cursed Atal'ai, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Mage, Cursed Marine, Cursed Paladin, Cursed Sailor, Cursed Sycamore, Cutac, Cyclone Warrior, Cyclonian, Cylania, Cylania Rootstalker, Cylina Darkheart, Cyndra Kindwhisper, Cyridan, Dabyrie Laborer, Dabyrie Militia, Dadanga, Daelyshia, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Daera Brightspear, Daggerspine Raider, Daggerspine Screamer, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Daggerspine Shorestalker, Daggerspine Siren, Dagri, Dagun the Ravenous, Daisy, Dakk Blunderblast, Dal Bloodclaw, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Brewmaster, Dalaran Conjurer, Dalaran Conjuror, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Miner, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Serpent, Dalaran Shield Guard, Dalaran Spellscribe, Dalaran Summoner, Dalaran Theurgist, Dalaran Warder, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dalaran Worker, Dalin Forgewright, Dalin Forgewright Projection, Dalinda Malem, Dalmond, Dalria, Dan Golthas, Dana, Dane Lindgren, Dane Winslow, Daniel Bartlett, Daniel Ulfman, Danielle Zipstitch, Dank Drizzlecut, Danlaar Nightstride, Danlyia, Dannal Stern, Dannelor, Dannie Fizzwizzle, Daphne Stillwell, Daphne Stilwell, Dar, Darbel Montrose, Darcy, Dargon, Darian Singh, Darianna, Dark Adept, Dark Caster, Dark Cleric Beryl, Dark Cleric Duesten, Dark Guard, Dark Iron Agent, Dark Iron Ambusher, Dark Iron Bombardier, Dark Iron Demolitionist, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Entrepreneur, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Insurgent, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Raider, Dark Iron Rifleman, Dark Iron Saboteur, Dark Iron Sapper, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Shadowcaster, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Spy, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Steelshifter, Dark Iron Supplier, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Dark Iron Tunneler, Dark Iron Watchman, Dark Keeper Bethek, Dark Keeper Vorfalk, Dark Shade, Dark Sprite, Dark Strand Adept, Dark Strand Assassin, Dark Strand Cultist, Dark Strand Enforcer, Dark Strand Excavator, Dark Strand Fanatic, Dark Strand Voidcaller, Dark Summoner, Dark Whelpling, Darkeye Bonecaster, Darkfang Creeper, Darkfang Lurker, Darkfang Spider, Darkfang Venomspitter, Darkmaster Gandling, Darkmist Lurker, Darkmist Recluse, Darkmist Silkspinner, Darkmist Spider, Darkmist Widow, Darkshore Thresher, Darkslayer Mordenthal, Darla Harris, Darn Talongrip, Darnall, Darnassian Protector, Darnassus Sentinel, Darnassus Talent Master, Darnath Bladesinger, Darren Malvew, Darrowshire Spirit, Darsok Swiftdagger, Daryl Riknussun, Daryl Stack, Daryl the Youngling, Daryn Lightwind, Dashel Stonefist, Dat'xus, Daughter of Cenarius, David Langston, David Trias, Davitt Hickson, Dawkins, Dawn Brightstar, Dawnwatcher Selgorm, Dawnwatcher Shaedlass, Dazalar, Dead-tooth Jack, Deadly Cleft Scorpid, Deadmire, Deadwind Ogre Mage, Deadwood Avenger, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Gardener, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Deadwood Warrior, Death Cultist, Death Flayer, Death Singer, Death Speaker Jargba, Death's Head Acolyte, Death's Head Adept, Death's Head Cultist, Death's Head Geomancer, Death's Head Necromancer, Death's Head Priest, Death's Head Sage, Death's Head Seer, Death's Head Ward Keeper, Deathguard, Deathguard Abraham, Deathguard Bartholomew, Deathguard Bartrand, Deathguard Burgess, Deathguard Cyrus, Deathguard Dillinger, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Gavin, Deathguard Humbert, Deathguard Kel, Deathguard Lawrence, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Lundmark, Deathguard Morris, Deathguard Mort, Deathguard Oliver, Deathguard Phillip, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Randolph, Deathguard Royann, Deathguard Saltain, Deathguard Samsa, Deathguard Simmer, Deathguard Terrence, Deathlash Scorpid, Deathly Usher, Deathstalker Adamant, Deathstalker Erland, Deathstalker Faerleia, Deathstalker Lesh, Deathstalker Vincent, Deathstalker Zraedus, Deathstrike Tarantula, Deathsworn Captain, Decedra Willham, Deckhand Moishe, Decrepit Darkhound, Deepmoss Hatchling, Deepmoss Matriarch, Deeprot Tangler, Deeprun Rat, Deepstrider Giant, Deepstrider Searcher, Defias Ambusher, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Bodyguard, Defias Captive, Defias Companion, Defias Conjurer, Defias Convict, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Digger, Defias Dockmaster, Defias Dockworker, Defias Drone, Defias Enchanter, Defias Evoker, Defias Footpad, Defias Henchman, Defias Highwayman, Defias Inmate, Defias Insurgent, Defias Knuckleduster, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Messenger, Defias Miner, Defias Night Blade, Defias Night Runner, Defias Nigth Blade, Defias Overseer, Defias Pathstalker, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Prisoner, Defias Profiteer, Defias Raider, Defias Renegade Mage, Defias Rogue Wizard, Defias Smuggler, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Thug, Defias Tower Patroller, Defias Tower Sentry, Defias Trapper, Defias Watchman, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Delfrum Flintbeard, Delgo Ragetotem, Delia Verana, Dellylah, Delmanis the Hated, Delyka, Demetria, Demnul Farmountain, Demon Portal Guardian, Denalan, Denatharion, Dendrite Starblaze, Deneb Walker, Denni'ka, Deputy Rainer, Derak Nightfall, Derina Rumdnul, Deth'ryll Satyr, Deviate Adder, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocilisk, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Dreadfang, Deviate Faerie Dragon, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lasher, Deviate Lurker, Deviate Moccasin, Deviate Nightmare, Deviate Python, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Stalker, Deviate Stinglash, Deviate Thundersnout, Deviate Venomwing, Deviate Viper, Devilsaur, Devlin Agamand, Devouring Ectoplasm, Devrak, Dewin Shimmerdawn, Dextren Ward, Diceomatik, Diemetradon, Dig Rat, Digger Flameforge, Dinita Stonemantle, Dirania Silvershine, Dire Mottled Boar, Dirge Quikcleave, Disantia, Disciple of Naralex, Diseased Black Bear, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Ghoul, Diseased Grizzly, Diseased Wolf, Dispatch Commander Ruag, Doan Karhan, Dockmaster Baren, Doctor Draxlegauge, Doctor Herbert Halsey, Doctor Marsh, Doctor Martin Felben, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Dolkin Craghelm, Dolman Steelfury, Dolthar Stonefoot, Don Pompa, Donald Rabonne, Donna, Donna Anthony, Donni Anthania, Donova Snowden, Donyal Tovald, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Doomforge Craftsman, Doomforge Dragoon, Doomguard, Doomguard Commander, Doomwarder, Doomwarder Captain, Doran Steelwing, Doras, Dorin Songblade, Dorn Plainstalker, Doyo'da, Drac Roughcut, Draconic Mageweaver, Draenei Exile, Drag Master Miglen, Dragonmaw Battlemaster, Dragonmaw Bonewarder, Dragonmaw Centurion, Dragonmaw Grunt, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Scout, Dragonmaw Shadowwarder, Dragonmaw Swamprunner, Drake Lindgren, Dran Droffers, Dranh, Drayl, Draz'Zilb, Dread Flyer, Dread Ripper, Dread Swoop, Dread Weaver, Dreadlord, Dreadmaul Brute, Dreadmaul Mauler, Dreadmaul Ogre, Dreadmaul Ogre Mage, Dreadmaul Warlock, Dreadmaw Crocilisk, Dreadmaw Crocolisk, Dreadscorn, Dreaming Whelp, Dreamroarer, Dreamscythe, Dredge Striker, Dreka'Sur, Drovnar Strongbrew, Druid of the Fang, Drulzegar Skraghook, Drunken Footpad, Drusilla La Salle, Drysnap Crawler, Drysnap Pincer, Drywallow Crocilisk, Drywallow Croclisk, Drywallow Crocolisk, Drywallow Daggermaw, Drywallow Snapper, Drywallow Vicejaw, Dughal Stormwing, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dun Garok Mountaineer, Dun Garok Priest, Dun Garok Rifleman, Dun Garok Soldier, Dun Morogh Mountaineer, Duncan Cullen, Dune Smasher, Dunemaul Brute, Dunemaul Enforcer, Dunemaul Ogre, Dunemaul Ogre Mage, Dunemaul Warlock, Dungar Longdrink, Duokna, Durdek Karrin, Durnan Furcutter, Durotar Tiger, Durtham Greldon, Duskbat, Dustbelcher Mauler, Dustbelcher Shaman, Dustbelcher Warrior, Dustwind Harpy, Dustwind Pillager, Dustwind Savage, Duthorian Rall, Dwane Wertle, Dying Archaeologist, Dylan Bissel, Eagan Peltskinner, Ealyshia Dewwhisper, Earthborer, Earthcaller Halmgar, Earthen Custodian, Earthen Guardian, Earthen Hallshaper, Earthen Rocksmasher, Earthen Sculptor, Earthen Stonebreaker, Earthen Stonecarver, Earthgrab Totem, Eastvale Lumberjack, Eastvale Peasant, Echeyakee, Edana Hatetalon, Edna Mullby, Edrick Killian, Edris Barleybeard, Edward, Edward Remington, Edwin Harly, Edwin VanCleef, Edwina Monzor, Egan, Einar Stonegrip, Einris Brightspear, Eladriel, Elaine Trias, Elanaria, Elder Ashenvale Bear, Elder Barrens Giraffe, Elder Black Bear, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Darkshore Thresher, Elder Diemetradon, Elder Dragonkin, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Grey Bear, Elder Lake Creeper, Elder Lake Skulker, Elder Mesa Buzzard, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Mottled Boar, Elder Mountain Boar, Elder Mystic Razorsnout, Elder Nightsaber, Elder Plainstrider, Elder Rage Scar, Elder Razormaw, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shadowhorn Stag, Elder Shadowmaw Panther, Elder Shardtooth, Elder Stranglethorn Tiger, Elder Thunder Lizard, Eldin Partridge, Eldraeith, Eldraerth, Eleanor Rusk, Elemental Protection Totem, Elemental Slave, Elemental Slave, Elisa Steelhand, Elise Laughlin, Elissa Dumas, Eliza, Eliza Callen, Eliza's Guard, Elizabeth Van Talen, Ellaercia, Ellandrieth, Elling Trias, Elly Langston, Elsharin, Elyissa, Elynna, Elysa, Emerald Raptor, Emerald Whelpling, Emeraldon Boughguard, Emeraldon Oracle, Emeraldon Tree Warder, Emily Vaccar, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Encrusted Surf Crawler, Encrusted Tide Crawler, Enohar Thunderbrew, Enraged Feral Scar, Enraged Foulweald, Enraged Panther, Enraged Reef Crawler, Enraged Rock Elemental, Enraged Silverback Gorilla, Enraged Stanley, Enraged Stone Spirit, Enraged Wyvern, Enslaved Archaeologist, Enslaved Druid of the Talon, Enthralled Atal'ai, Enthralled Deeprun Rat, Entropic Beast, Erelas Ambersky, Erich Lohan, Eridan Bluewind, Erika Tate, Erion Shadewhisper, Erlan Drudgemoor, Erma, Ertog Ragetusk, Etu Ragetotem, Eva Sarkhoff, Evalyn, Evan Larson, Event Generator 001, Eviscerator, Evolving Ectoplasm, Executor Arren, Executor Zygand, Eyahn Eagletalon, Eye of Kilrogg, Eye of Naxxramas, Eyeless Watcher, Ezekiel Graves, Faelyssa, Fahrak, Fahran Silentblade, Faldreas Goeth'Shael, Faldron, Falfindel Waywarder, Falkan Armonis, Falkhaan Isenstrider, Falla Sagewind, Fallen Champion, Fallen Hero, Fallen Hero of the Horde, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Fallenroot Shadowstalker, Falstad Wildhammer, Fam'retor Guardian, Faptor, Far Seer Mok'thardin, Faralorn, Farbrahm Steelfist, Fardel Dabyrie, Fargon Mortalak, Farley, Farmer Dalson, Farmer Furlbrow, Farmer Getz, Farmer Kalaba, Farmer Kent, Farmer Ray, Farmer Saldean, Farmer Solliden, Farrin Daris, Faruza, Father Cobb, Father Gavin, Father Lankester, Father Lazarus, Faulty War Golem, Faustron, Fawn, Fear, Feathermoon Sentinel, Feero Ironhand, Fel Slayer, Fela, Felbeast, Felcular, Felguard, Felguard Elite, Felguard Sentry, Felhound, Felhound Tracker, Felicia Doan, Felicia Gump, Felicia Maline, Felika, Fellicent's Shade, Felmusk Satyr, Felpaw Ravager, Felpaw Scavenger, Felpaw Wolf, Felslayer, Felstalker, Felweaver Scornn, Female Human Captive, Fenwick Thatros, Feral Crag Coyote, Feral Mountain Lion, Feral Nightsaber, Feral Scar Yeti, Feran Strongwind, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Ferocious Rage Scar, Ferocitas the Dream Eater, Fetid Zombie, Fey Dragon, Filliwick Featherfizz, Fin Fizracket, Finbus Geargrind, Fineous Darkvire, Fiora Longears, Fire Nova Totem, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Dreadweaver, Firebrand Grunt, Firebrand Invoker, Firebrand Legionnaire, Firebrand Pyromancer, Fireguard, Fireguard Destroyer, Firegut Captain, Firegut Ogre Mage, Firemane Ash Tail, Firemane Flamecaller, Firemane Patroller, Firemane Scalebane, Firemane Scout, Firetail Scorpid, Firodren Mooncaller, First Mate Crazz, First Mate Fitzsimmons, First Mate Nilzlix, First Mate Snellig, Fizzle Brassbolts, Fizzle Darkstorm, Fizzlebang Booms, Fizzlebang Sparks, Flagglemurk the Cruel, Flakk, Flame Elemental, Flamekin Rager, Flamekin Spitter, Flamekin Sprite, Flamekin Torcher, Flamescale Broodling, Flamescale Dragonspawn, Flamescale Wyrmkin, Flamesnorting Whelp, Flametongue Totem, Flatland Cougar, Flatland Prowler, Fledgling Chimaera, Fledgling Pterrordax, Fleet Master Firallon, Fleet Master Seahorn, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flesh Eater, Flesh Eating Worm, Flesh Golem, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Flint Shadowmore, Flora Silverwind, Foggy MacKreel, Foreman Bonds, Foreman Cozzle, Foreman Grills, Foreman Oslow, Foreman Rigger, Foreman Silixiz, Foreman Stonebrow, Foreman Thazz'ril, Foreman Thistlenettle, Forsaken Assassin, Forsaken Bodyguard, Forsaken Courier, Forsaken Dark Stalker, Forsaken Herbalist, Forsaken Infiltrator, Forsaken Intruder, Forsaken Scout, Forsaken Seeker, Forsaken Thug, Foulweald Den Watcher, Foulweald Pathfinder, Foulweald Shaman, Foulweald Totemic, Foulweald Ursa, Foulweald Warrior, Fradd Swiftgear, Fraggar Thundermantle, Frahun Shadewhisper, Framnali, Francis Eliot, Franclorn Forgewright, Frang, Frank Lasson, Frank Ward, Franklin Hamar, Franklin Lloyd, Fras Siabi, Frast Dokner, Frayfeather Hippogryph, Frayfeather Patriarch, Frayfeather Skystormer, Frayfeather Stagwing, Freed Druid of the Talon, Freewind Brave, Freja Nightwing, Fremal Doohickey, Frenzied Plaguehound, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frewa, Frezza, Frost Ram, Frost Resistance Totem, Frostmane Headhunter, Frostmane Hideskinner, Frostmane Novice, Frostmane Patriarch, Frostmane Seer, Frostmane Shadowcaster, Frostmane Snowstrider, Frostmane Troll, Frostmane Troll Whelp, Frostmaul Giant, Frostmaul Preserver, Frostmaw, Frostsaber, Frostsaber Companion, Frostsaber Cub, Frostsaber Huntress, Frostsaber Pride Watcher, Frostsaber Stalker, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Fulgar Iceforge, Fungal Ooze, Furen Longbeard, Fyldan, Fyldren Moonfeather, Fylerian Nightwing, Fyrenna, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gaeriyan, Gaerolas Talvethren, Gagsprocket, Gahroot, Gahz'rilla, Gakin the Darkbinder, Galak Assassin, Galak Centaur, Galak Flame Guard, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Messenger, Galak Outrunner, Galak Pack Runner, Galak Packhound, Galak Scout, Galak Stormer, Galak Windchaser, Galak Wrangler, Galamav the Marksman, Gale, Galen Goodward, Galgann Firehammer, Galgar, Galthruk, Galthuk, Galvan the Ancient, Gamili Frosthide, Gammerita, Gamon, Gan'rul Bloodeye, Gan'zulah, Gann Stonespire, Ganoosh, Gar'Thok, Garek, Gargantuan Ooze, Garr Salthoof, Garrick Padfoot, Garryeth, Gart Mistrunner, Garyl, Gasher, Gatekeeper Kordurus, Gatekeeper Rageroar, Gath'Ilzogg, Gath'llzogg, Gavin Gnarltree, Gaxim Rustfizzle, Gazban, Gazelle, Gazin Tenorm, Gazlowe, Gazrog, Gazz'uz, Gearcutter, Gearcutter Cogspinner, Geenia Sunshadow, Gelgann Direforge, Gelihast, Gelkak Gyromast, Gelkis Earthcaller, Gelkis Marauder, Gelkis Mauler, Gelkis Stamper, Gelkis Windchaser, Gelman Stonehand, Genavie Callow, General Angerforge, General Colbatann, General Drakkisath, General Marcus Jonathan, General Twinbraid, Gennia Runetotem, Geoffrey Hartwell, Geofram Bouldertoe, Georgia, Gerald Crawley, Gerard Abernathy, Gerard Tiller, Gershala Nightwhisper, Gesharahan, Ghak Healtouch, Ghamoo-ra, Gharash, Ghok'kah, Ghost of the Past, Ghost Saber, Ghost Walker Brave, Ghostly Marauder, Ghostly Raider, Ghostpaw, Ghostpaw Alpha, Ghostpaw Howler, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghoul Ravener, Ghrawt, Giant Ashenvale Bear, Giant Buzzard, Giant Darkfang Spider, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Foreststrider, Giant Grizzled Bear, Giant Moss Creeper, Giant Plague Lurker, Giant Plains Creeper, Giant Surf Glider, Giant Venom Mist Lurker, Giant Webwood Spider, Giant Wetlands Crocilisk, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk, Giant Yeti, Gillian Moore, Gilshalan Windwalker, Gilthares Firebough, Gilveradin Sunchaser, Gimrizz Shadowcog, Gina Lang, Gina MacGregor, Gizelton Caravan Kodo, Gizrul the Slavener, Glasshide Basilisk, Glasshide Gazer, Glasshide Petrifier, Glassweb Spider, Glorandiir, Gloria Femmel, Gnarled Thistleshrub, Gnarlpine Ambusher, Gnarlpine Augur, Gnarlpine Avenger, Gnarlpine Defender, Gnarlpine Gardener, Gnarlpine Mystic, Gnarlpine Pathfinder, Gnarlpine Shaman, Gnarlpine Totemic, Gnarlpine Ursa, Gnarlpine Warrior, Gnasher, Gnoarn, Gnome Car, Gnome Drag Car, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Goblin Car, Goblin Craftsman, Goblin Drag Car, Goblin Pit Crewman, Goblin Woodcarver, Godan, Godric Rothgar, Godrick Farsan, Gogger Geomancer, Golem Lord Argelmach, Golorn Frostbeard, Goma, Gor'marok the Ravager, Gor'mul, Goraluk Anvilcrack, Gorbold Steelhand, Gordok Enforcer, Gordok Hyena, Gordok Ogre-Mage, Gordon Wendham, Gordunni Battlemaster, Gordunni Mage-Lord, Gordunni Mauler, Gordunni Ogre Mage, Gordunni Shaman, Gordunni Warlock, Gordunni Warlord, Gorefang, Gorehoof the Black, Gorilla, Gorina, Gorishi Hive Guard, Gorishi Reaver, Gorishi Wasp, Gorkas, Gorlash, Gothard Winslow, Gracina Spiritmight, Gradok, Graham Van Talen, Grak Healtouch, Gramma Stonefield, Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth, Grand Crusader Dathrohan, Grand Inquisitor Isillien, Grand Mason Marblesten, Grandpa Vishas, Granis Swiftaxe, Granisistad, Granistad, Grarnik Goodstitch, Grash Thunderbrew, Graud, Grave Robber, Gravelflint Bonesnapper, Gravelflint Geomancer, Gravelflint Scout, Gravelsnout Digger, Gravelsnout Forager, Gravelsnout Kobold, Gravelsnout Surveyor, Gravelsnout Vermin, Graw Cornerstone, Grawl, Grawmug, Grawn Thromwyn, Grawnal, Gray Bear, Gray Forest Wolf, Gray Ram, Gray Riding Kodo, Gray Riding Wolf, Grazle, Grazlik, Grazlix, Grazzle Sprysprocket, Great Bear Spirit, Great Cat Spirit, Great Courser, Great Goretusk, Great Horned Owl, Great Wavethrasher, Great-father Winter, Greater Barrens Kodo, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Healing Ward, Greater Kraul Bat, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Obsidian Elemental, Greater Plainstrider, Greater Rock Elemental, Greater Tarantula, Greater Thunderhawk, Greatfather Winter, Greatmother Hawkwind, Green Mechanostrider, Green Scalebane, Green Skeletal War Horse, Green Water Snake, Greenpaw, Gregan Brewspewer, Gregor Agamand, Gregor MacVince, Gregory Ardus, Gregory Charles, Greishan Ironstove, Grelin Whitebeard, Grenka Bloodscreech, Grenthar, Greshka, Greta Mosshoof, Gretchen Dedmar, Gretta Ganter, Grey Bear, Grey Bear, Greymist Coastrunner, Greymist Oracle, Greymist Raider, Greymist Warrior, Grezz Ragefist, Grif Wildheart, Grift Wildheart, Grim Patron, Grim Totem Naturalist, Grim Totem Raider, Grim Totem Shaman, Grimand Elmore, Grimbur Flintaxe, Grimclaw, Grimclaw Bear, Grimestack, Grimnal, Grimnur Stonebrand, Grimson the Pale, Grimtak, Grimtotem Bandit, Grimtotem Geomancer, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Naturalist, Grimtotem Raider, Grimtotem Reaver, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grimtotem Shaman, Grisha, Gritjaw Basilisk, Grizlak, Griznak, Grizzle Snowpaw, Grizzled Bear Cub, Grizzled Black Bear, Grizzled Ironfur Bear, Grizzled Thistle Bear, Groddoc Ape, Grol'dar, Grom'gol Guard, Grondal Moonbreeze, Groum Stonebeard, Gruham Rumdnul, Grull Hawkwind, Grumnus Steelshaper, Grund Drokda, Grundel Harkin, Grundig Darkcloud, Grunenstur Balindom, Grunt Dogran, Grunt Gargal, Grunt Komak, Grunt Kor'ja, Grunt Logmar, Grunt Mojka, Grunt Tharlak, Gruul Darkblade, Gryan Stoutmantle, Gryth Thurden, Guanosting, Guard Adams, Guard Ashlock, Guard Berton, Guard Byron, Guard Clarke, Guard Edward, Guard Hiett, Guard Howe, Guard Jarad, Guard Kahil, Guard Lana, Guard Lasiter, Guard Narrisha, Guard Parker, Guard Pearce, Guard Roberts, Guard Tark, Guard Thomas, Guard Wachabe, Guardian of Blizzard, Guffen Boulderbeard, Guffren Boulderbeard, Guillaume Sorouy, Gunther Arcanus, Gunther's Visage, Gurda Ragescar, Gurda Wildmane, Gurubashi Warrior, Guzzling Patron, Gwenna Firebrew, Gwina Stonebranch, Gwyn Farrow, Hadoken Swiftstrider, Hae'Wilani, Hagar Lightninghoof, Hagg Taurenbane, Haggard Refugee, Haggrum Bloodfist, Hagrus, Hahrana Ironhide, Hai'zan, Hakkar Priest, Hakkar'i Bloodkeeper, Hakkar'i Frostwing, Hakkar'i Minion, Hakkar'i Sapper, Hal McAllister, Haldarr Felsworn, Haldarr Satyr, Haldarr Trickster, Haleh, Haliaja Whitestrider, Halija Whitestrider, Haljan Oakheart, Hallucination, Halpa, Halycon, Hamhock, Hamlin Atkins, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Grunt, Hammerfall Guardian, Hammerfall Peon, Hammerhead Shark, Hammerspine, Hammertoe Grez, Hammon Karwn, Hammul Runetotem, Hamuul Runetotem, Hana'zua, Hanashi, Hand of Ravenclaw, Handor, Hands Springsprocket, Hank the Hammer, Hannah, Hannah Akeley, Hannah Bladeleaf, Hans Weston, Hans Zandin, Har'alen, Haram Hornbrace, Harant Ironbrace, Harb Clawhoof, Harbinger Balthazad, Hare, Haren Kanmae, Haren Swifthoof, Harggan, Hargin Mundar, Harick Boulderdrum, Harken Windtotem, Harklan Moongrove, Harl Cutter, Harlan Bagley, Harlo Barnaby, Harlo Wigglesworth, Harlon Thornguard, Harlown Darkweave, Harn Longcast, Harnor, Harold Raims, Harold Riggs, Haromm, Harroc, Harruk, Harry Burlguard, Hartash, Harutt Thunderhorn, Harvest Golem, Harvest Reaper, Harvest Watcher, Hate, Hate Shrieker, Hate'rel, Hatecrest Myrmidon, Hatecrest Siren, Hatecrest Sorceress, Hatecrest Warrior, Hatecrest Wave Rider, Hatefury Felsworn, Hatefury Rogue, Hatefury Shadowstalker, Hatefury Trickster, Haunted Servitor, Haunting Phantasm, Haunting Spirit, Haunting Vision, Hawk Owl, Hazzali Parasite, Hazzali Sandreaver, Hazzali Stinger, Hazzali Swarmer, Hazzali Tunneler, Hazzali Wasp, Hazzali Worker, Hazzas, Healing Ward, Healing Ward IV, Healing Ward V, Hearthsinger Forresten, Heartrazor, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Hederine Initiate, Hederine Manastalker, Hederine Slayer, Hegnar Rumbleshot, Hegnar Swiftaxe, Helboar, Helcular's Remains, Heldan Galesong, Helena Atwood, Helenia Olden, Helzazt, Hematus, Hemet Nesingwary, Hemmit Armstrong, Henchman Valik, Henen Ragetotem, Henria Derth, Henry Chapal, Henze Faulk, Hepzibah Sedgewick, Heralath Fallowbrook, Herald Moonstalker, Herbalist Pomeroy, Herble Baubbletump, Herod, the Scarlet Champion, Herzul Bloodmark, Hesuwa Thunderhorn, Hetaera, Hewa, Hezrul Bloodmark, Hgarth, Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania, High Chief Winterfall, High Executioner Hadrec, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Hadrec, High Explorer Magellas, High General Abbendis, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, High Inquisitor Whitemane, High Interrogator Gerstahn, High Priest Rohan, High Priest Thel'danis, High Priestess Laurena, High Priestess MacDonnell, High Protector Tarsen, High Sorcerer Andromath, High Tinker Mekkatorque, Highborne Apparition, Highland Fleshstalker, Highland Lashtail, Highland Raptor, Highland Razormaw, Highland Scytheclaw, Highland Strider, Highland Thrasher, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Highlord Taelan Fordring, Highperch Patriarch, Highperch Soarer, Highvale Marksman, Highvale Outrunner, Highvale Ranger, Highvale Scout, Hilary, Hillsbrad Apprentice Blacksmith, Hillsbrad Councilman, Hillsbrad Farmer, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hillsbrad Footman, Hillsbrad Foreman, Hillsbrad Miner, Hillsbrad Peasant, Hillsbrad Sentry, Hillsbrad Tailor, Hin Denburg, Historian Karnik, Hitah'ya the Keeper, Hive'Ashi Stinger, Hjoldir Stoneblade, Hogan Ference, Hogral Bakkan, Hol'anyee Marshal, Holdout Technician, Holdout Warrior, Holgar Stormaxe, Honni Goldenoat, Honor Guard, Horde Axe Thrower, Horde Guard, Horde Shaman, Horizon Scout Crewman, Houndmaster Grebmar, Houndmaster Loksey, Hragran, Hraq, Hraug, Huge Toad, Huklah, Hula'mahi, Hulfdan, Hulfdan Blackbeard, Hulfnar Stonetotem, Hulking Feral Scar, Hulking Gritjaw Basilisk, Hulking Mountain Lion, Hungering Dead, Hungering Wraith, Huntress Nhemai, Huntress Yaeliura, Huntsman Radley, Hurley Blackbreath, Hyacinth Macaw, Hydromancer Velratha, Ian Strom, Ice Claw Bear, Ice Thistle Matriarch, Ice Thistle Patriarch, iciclaw, Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A, Idriana, Ilifar, Ilkrud Magthrull, Illiyana, Illusionary Phantasm, Ilsa Corbin, Ilyenia Moonfire, Imelda, Infected Mossflayer, Infernal, Infernal Bodyguard, Infernal Sentry, Inferno Elemental, Infiltrator Hameya, Infiltrator Marksen, Initiate Amakkar, Injured Stockade Guard, Inkeep Anderson, Innkeep Anderson, Innkeeper Abeqwa, Innkeeper Adegwa, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Anderson, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Byula, Innkeeper Erma, Innkeeper Farley, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Hearthstove, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Janene, Innkeeper Jayka, Innkeeper Karakul, Innkeeper Kauth, Innkeeper Kaylisk, Innkeeper Keldamyr, Innkeeper Kimlya, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Pala, Innkeeper Saelienne, Innkeeper Shaussiy, Innkeeper Shay, Innkeeper Shul'kar, Innkeeper Sikewa, Innkeeper Thulfram, Innkeeper Trelayne, Insane Ghoul, Instructor Malicia, Interrogator Vishas, iownMDFMac, Ironaya, Ironbeak Hunter, Ironbeak Owl, Ironbeak Screecher, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironforge Talent Master, Ironfur Bear, Ironfur Patriarch, Ironhide Devilsaur, Ironjaw Basilisk, Ironpatch, Irontree Wanderer, Ironus Coldsteel, Ironzar, Irradiated Horror, Irradiated Invader, Irradiated Pillager, Irradiated Slime, Isabella, Isha Awak, Ishamuhale, Islen Waterseer, Itharius, Ivar the Foul, Ivory Raptor, Ivy Leafrunner, Jabbering Ghoul, Jabbey, Jack Sterling, Jackson Bayne, Jade Ooze, Jade Sludge, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Felsworn, Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Rogue, Jadefire Satyr, Jadefire Shadowstalker, Jadefire Trickster, Jademir Boughguard, Jademir Oracle, Jademir Tree Warder, Jadenvis Seawatcher, Jadespine Basilisk, Jaeana, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Darkweaver, Jaedenar Enforcer, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Hound, Jaedenar Hunter, Jaedenar Legionnaire, Jaedenar Warlock, Jaelysia, Jaguero Stalker, Jahan Hawkwing, Jailor Borhuin, Jailor Eston, Jailor Marlgen, Jalane Ayrole, Jalinde Summerdrake, James Halloran, James Van Brunt, Jamie Nore, Jamin, Jammal'an the Prophet, Jandi, Jandia, Jandice Barov, Jandria, Janet Hommers, Janey Anship, Jangdor Swiftstrider, Janice Felstone, Janna Brightmoon, Jannok Breezesong, Jannos Ironwill, Jannos Lighthoof, Janos Hammerknuckle, Jansen Underwood, Jaquilina Dramet, Jarel Moor, Jareth Wildwoods, Jark, Jarkal Mossmeld, Jaron Stoneshaper, Jarquia, Jarrodenus, Jartsam, Jarund Stoutstrider, Jarven Thunderbrew, Jase Farlane, Jason Lemieux, Jason Mathers, Jasper Fel, Jaster Fel, Jawn Highmesa, Jaxin Chong, Jay, Jaycrue Copperpinch, Jayla, Jaynice Sillestan, Jaysin Lanyda, Jazzik, Jazzrik, Je'neu Sancrea, Jed Runewatcher, Jediga, Jeeda, Jeen'ra Nightrunner, Jeena Featherbow, Jemma Quikswitch, Jen'shan, Jenal, Jenn Langston, Jenna Lemkenilli, Jennabink Powerseam, Jennae Cannon, Jennail Mooncaller, Jennea Cannon, Jenova Stoneshield, Jensen Farran, Jer'kai Moonweaver, Jeremiah Payson, Jern Hornhelm, Jessara Cordell, Jesse Halloran, Jessica Redpath, Jezelle's Nightmare, Jezelle's Voidwalker, Jeziba, Jhag, Jhawna Oatwind, Jillian Tanner, Jin'sora, Jinar'Zillen, Joachim Brenlow, Joanna Whitehall, Jocaste, Johan Focht, Jonathan Chambers, Jonivera Farmountain, Jorah Annison, Jorb, Jordan Croft, Jordan Stillwell, Jordan Stilwell, Jorik Kerridan, Josef Gregorian, Joseph Payson, Joshua, Joshua Kien, Joshua Maclure, Joy Ar'nareth, Jubaal Corpseseeker, Jubahl Corpseseeker, Jubie Gadgetspring, Jugkar Grim'rod, Juli Stormbraid, Julia Gallina, Jun'ha, Jungle Stalker, Junior Apothecary Holland, Justine Demalier, Jutak, Juvenile Snow Leopard, K'waii, Kaal Soulreaper, Kadrak, Kadyan Thallows, Kaela Shadowspear, Kaela Shadowspwear, Kaelystia Hatebringer, Kaerbrus, Kaga Mistrunner, Kagoro, Kah Mistrunner, Kaita Deepforge, Kaja, Kal, Kal'nagma, Kalaran Windblade, Kali Healtouch, Kali Remik, Kalin Windflight, Kalldan Felmoon, Kaltunk, Kalyimah Stormcloud, Kam Deepfury, Kamari, Kanati Greycloud, Kaplak, Kar Stormsinger, Kara Adams, Karanal Fiss, Karang Amakkar, Kard Ragetotem, Kardris Dreamseeker, Karen Taylor, Kareth, Kargal Battlescar, Kargath Grunt, Karl Boran, Karlee Chaddis, Karm Ironquill, Karn Stonehoof, Karna Remtravel, Karolek, Karos Razok, Karpad, Karrel Grayves, Karrina Mekenda, Kartosh, Karus, Kary Thunderhorn, Kashoch the Reaver, Kat Sampson, Katar, Katherine the Pure, Kathrum Axehand, Katie, Katie Hunter, Katis, Katrina Alliestar, Kawnie Softbreeze, Kaya Flathoof, Kayla Smithe, Kaymard Copperpinch, Kayneth Stillwind, Kayren Soothallow, Kazan Mogosh, Kazkaz the Unholy, Keena, Keeper Albagorm, Keeper Bel'varil, Keeper Ordanus, Kegan Darkmar, Keina, Keldas, Keldran, Kelgruk Bloodaxe, Kelomir Ironhand, Kelsey Yance, Kelstrum Stonebreaker, Kelsuwa, Kelt Thomasin, Kelv Sternhammer, Ken'jai, Ken'zigla, Kenata Dabyrie, Kendor Kabonka, Kenna Larnad, Kennah Hawkseye, Ker Ragetotem, Kerlonian Evershade, Kernda, Kerrik Firebeard, Khaelyn Steelwing, khan dez, Khan Dez'hepah, Khan Hratha, Khan Jehn, Khan Shaka, Khara Deepwater, Kharan Mighthammer, Khardan Proudblade, Kharedon, Kieran, Kil'hala, Kil'Hiwana, Kildar, Killian Hagey, Killian Sanatha, Kilram, Kim'jael, Kin'weelay, Kindal Moonweaver, King Anduin Wrynn, King Bangalash, King Magni Bronzebeard, King Mukla, Kira Songshine, Kireena, Kiren Tyrngaarde, Kirith the Damned, Kirk Maxwell, Kirsta Deepshadow, Kirtonos the Herald, Kitha, Kithas, KitKat, Kitta Firewind, Klannoc Macleod, Klannoc Macleod, Klaven Mortwake, Klockmort Spannerspan, Kobold Geomancer, Kobold Laborer, Kodo Apparition, Kodo Calf, Kodo Matriarch, Kogan Forgestone, Kolkar Battle Lord, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Destroyer, Kolkar Drudge, Kolkar Invader, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Mauler, Kolkar Outrunner, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Stormseer, Kolkar Windchaser, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Konda, Kor'ghan, Kor'gresh Coldrage, Korra, Korran, Kragg, Krak, Krakk, Krakkresh, Krakle, Kranal Fiss, Krang Stonehoof, Krathok Moltenfist, Kraul Bat, Kravel Koalbeard, Kray, Krazek, Kreenig Snarlsnout, Kregg Keelhaul, Krethis Shadowspinner, Kriggon Talsone, Kris Legace, Kristy Grant, Krom Stoutarm, Krusk, Kul Tiras Marine, Kul Tiras Sailor, Kulwia, Kum'isha the Collector, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kundric Zanden, Kuray'bin, Kurdram Stonehammer, Kurdrum Barleybeard, Kurdum Barleybeard, Kurran Steele, Kurzen Commando, Kurzen Headshrinker, Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen War Panther, Kurzen War Tiger, Kurzen Wrangler, Kurzen's Agent, Kuz Orcbane, Kylanna, Kyln Longclaw, Kym Wildmane, Kyra Boucher, Kyra Windblade, Kyrai, Kysandia, Kzan Thornslash, Lady Anacondra, Lady Illucia Barov, Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Lady Katrana Prestor, Lady Moongazer, Lady Sarevess, Lady Sathrah, Lady Sesspira, Lady Sevine, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Lady Vespia, Lady Vespira, Laene Thundershot, Laer Stepperunner, Lago Blackwrench, Lah'Mawhani, Laird, Lairn, Lake Creeper, Lake Frenzy, Lake Skulker, Lakeshire Guard, Lakota Windsong, Lakota'mani, Lalina Summermoon, Lamar Veisilli, Land Rager, Land Walker, Landria, Landslide, Lanie Reed, Lanka Farshot, Lanti'gah, Lar Prowltusk, Lar'korwi, Lar'korwi Mate, Lara Moore, Lardan, Large Crag Boar, Large Loch Crocolisk, Larhka, Lariia, Larila, Larimaine Purdue, Larion, Laris Geardawdle, Lars, Lashtail Raptor, Latte, Lau'Tiki, Laughing Sister, Lauren Newcomb, Laurna Morninglight, Lava Annihilator, Lava Crab, Lava Spawn, Lava Spout Totem, Lava Surger, Lavina Crowe, Lavinia Crowe, Lawrence Sawyer, Lawrence Schneider, Layo Starstrike, Laziphus, Lazlow Ashby, Lazy Peon, Leech Stalker, Legacki, Legashi Hellcaller, Legashi Rogue, Legashi Satyr, Lelanai, Leo Sarn, Leona Tharpe, Leonard Porter, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Leprous Assistant, Leprous Machinesmith, Leprous Technician, Lesser Felguard, Lesser Infernal, Lesser Phantasm, Lesser Rock Elemental, Lesser Water Elemental, Lethlas, Lexington Mortaim, Lexington Mortain, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Benedict, Lieutenant Doren, Lieutenant Fangore, Lieutenant Farren Orinelle, Lieutenant Sanders, Lieutenant Valorcall, Lifelike Toad, Liladris Moonriver, Lilliam Sparkspindle, Lillith Nefara, Lilyn Darkriver, Lilyssia Nightbreeze, Lina Hearthstove, Lina Stover, Lindea Rabonne, Lindsay Ashlock, Lisa, Lisan Pierce, Lisan Pierce, Living Blaze, Living Decay, Living Flame, Lizzarik, Llana, Llane Beshere, Lochan, Locke Okarr, Loganaar, Loh'atu, Lohgan Eva, Lok Orcbane, Lokhtos Darkbargainer, Lomac Gearstrip, Longbraid the Grim, Loorana, Loramus Thalipedes, Lord Alexei Barov, Lord Aliden Perenolde, Lord Arkkoroc, Lord Azrethoc, Lord Banehollow, Lord Baurles K. Wishock, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Cyrik Blackforge, Lord Daval Prestor II, Lord Dawn Prestor II, Lord Falconcrest, Lord Grayson, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, Lord Gregor Lescovar, Lord Lakmaeran, Lord Malathrom, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lord Mayor Morrison, Lord Melenas, Lord Pythas, Lord Sakrasis, Lord Sinslayer, Lord Tony Romano, Lord Victor Nefarius, Lordaeron Citizen, Lore Keeper of Norgannon, Lorekeeper Raintotem, Lorelae Wintersong, Loremaster Dibbs, Lost Barrens Kodo, Lost One Chieftain, Lost One Fisherman, Lost One Rift Traveler, Lotherias, Lotwil Veriatus, Louis Warren, Lucan Cordell, Lucian Fenner, Lucien Sarkhoff, Lucille Castleton, Lui'Mala, Lumak, Lumberjack, Lunaclaw, Lunaclaw Spirit, Lurking Feral Scar, Luther Pickman, Lyesa Steelbrow, Lyessa Steelbrow, Lyon Mountainheart, Lyrai, Lyranne Feathersong, Lyria Du Lac, Lysheana, Lysta Bancroft, Ma Stonefield, Ma'ruk Wyrmscale, Maadhum, Mabel Solaj, Macey Jinglepocket, Mad Magglish, Madison, Maethrya, Maeva Snowbraid, Magar, Magatha Darktotem, Magatha Grimtotem, Mage Hunter, Mage Tymor, Magenius, Magga, Maggot Eye, Maggran Earthbinder, Maginor Dumas, Magis Sparkmantle, Magis Stonemantle, Magistrate Barthilas, Magistrate Bluntnose, Magistrate Burnside, Magistrate Henry Maleb, Magistrate Sevren, Magistrate Solomon, Magma Elemental, Magma Totem, Magmus, Magosh, Magra, Magram Bonepaw, Magram Marauder, Magram Mauler, Magram Necromancer, Magram Outrunner, Magram Pack Runner, Magram Scout, Magram Stormer, Magram Windchaser, Magram Wrangler, Magrami Spectre, Magregan Deepshadow, Magrin Rivermane, Magtoor, Magus Rimtori, Magus Tirth, Magus Wordeen Voidglare, Mahani, Mahnott Roughwound, Mahren Skyseer, Mahu, Mai'ah, Mai'Lahii, Mai'Zoth, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Maine Coon, Major Samuelson, Mak, Makaba Flathoof, Makaru, Makrinni Razorclaw, Makrinni Scrabbler, Makrinni Snapclaw, Makrura Clacker, Makrura Elder, Makrura Shellhide, Makrura Snapclaw, Malakai Cross, Malcomb Wynn, Maldryn, Male Human Captive, Maleki the Pallid, Malformed Defias Drone, Malissa, Maliynn, Mallen Swain, Malor the Zealous, Malorne Bladeleaf, Malosh, Malton Droffers, Maluressian, Malux, Malvor, Malyfous Darkhammer, Malygen, Mana Eater, Mana Font Totem, Mana Font Totem III, Mana Sprite, Mana Surge, Manaclaw, Manahound, Mangeclaw, Mangled Cadaver, Mangletooth, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Duskbat, Mangy Mountain Boar, Mangy Nightsaber, Mangy Silvermane, Mangy Wolf, Mani Winterhoof, Manifestation of Water, Mankrik, Mannoroc Lasher, Maquell Ebonwood, Marandis' Sister, Maraudine Khan Advisor, Maraudine Khan Guard, Maraudine Marauder, Maraudine Mauler, Maraudine Priest, Maraudine Scout, Maraudine Stormer, Maraudine Windchaser, Maraudine Wrangler, Marauding Owlbeast, Maraudos, Marcel Dabyrie, Marcus Bel, Marda Weller, Mardant Strongoak, Mardrack Greenwell, Marduk Blackpool, Marek Ironheart, Marez Cowl, Margol the Rager, Margoz, Maria Lumere, Marie Holdston, Marin Noggenfogger, Marion Call, Maris Granger, Marisa du'Paige, Marjak Keenblade, Mark, Markel Smythe, Markus, Marla Fowler, Marlene Redpath, Marleth Barleybrew, Marli Wishrunner, Marrek Stromnur, Marryk Nurribit, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Murloc, Marsh Oracle, Marshal Dughan, Marshal Haggard, Marshal Marris, Marshal Maxwell, Marshal McBride, Marshal Redpath, Marshal Windsor, Martek the Exiled, Martha Alliestar, Martha Strain, Martie Jainrose, Martine Tramblay, Marukai, Marvon Rivetseeker, Marx, Mary Edras, Marzon the Silent Blade, Masat T'andr, Master Apothecary Faranell, Master Digger, Master Gadrin, Master Mathias Shaw, Master Mechanic Castpipe, Master Vornal, Master Wood, Mastok Wrilehiss, Mathiel, Mathredis Firestar, Mathrengyl Bearwalker, Matt, Matt Johnson, Matthew Hooper, Mattie Alred, Maur Grimtotem, Maur Raincaller, Maurin Bonesplitter, Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins, Maus, Mavralyn, Maxan Anvol, Maximillian Crowe, Maximillion, Maximus, Maxwort Uberglint, Mayara Brightwing, Maybell Maclure, Maybess Riverbreeze, Mayda Thane, Mayda Thane (Needs Vendor List), Mazen Mac'Nadir, Mazen Mac'Nadir - (Texture Set), Mazk Snipeshot, Mazzer Stripscrew, Mazzranache, McGavan, Mechanical Dragonling, Mechanical Squirrel, Mechanized Guardian, Mechanized Sentry, Mechano-Flamewalker, Mechano-Frostwalker, Medic Helaina, Medic Tamberlyn, Meela Dawnstrider, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Melarith, Melea, Melika Isenstrider, Melisara, Melithar Staghelm, Melizza Brimbuzzle, Melris Malagan, Menara Voidrender, Menethil Guard, Mennet Carkad, MentalJosh, Merelyssa, Meri Ironweave, Merideth Carlson, Merill Pleasance, Merissa Stilwell, Merrin Rockweaver, Mesa Buzzard, Meshlok the Harvester, Meven Korgal, Miao'zan, Miblon Snarltooth, Micha Yance, Michael, Michael Garrett, Mijan, Mikhail, Milla Fairancora, Milli Featherwhistle, Millie Gregorian, Milton Sheaf, Mindless Undead, Miner Grumnal, Miner Hackett, Mini Diablo, Minor Manifestation of Earth, Minor Manifestation of Fire, Minor Manifestation of Water, Minor Phantasm, Mirador, Mirefin Coastrunner, Mirefin Oracle, Mirefin Warrior, Mirelle Tremayne, Mirkfallon Dryad, Mirkfallon Keeper, Misha, Misha Tor'kren, Mishellena, Miss Danna, Mistress Nagmara, Mistvale Gorilla, Mistwing Ravager, Mith'rethis the Enchanter, Mithras Ironhill, Mitsuwa, Mo'grosh Shaman, Mobile Alert System, Moccasin, Mogwah, Mok'rash, Mokk the Savage, Moktar Krin, Molten Elemental, Molten Giant, Molten War Golem, Monika Sengutz, Monstrous Crawler, Monstrous Plaguebat, Montarr, Moodan Sungrain, Moon Priestess Amara, Moonglade Warden, Moonkin Oracle, Moonrage Armorer, Moonrage Bloodhowler, Moonrage Darkrunner, Moonrage Darksoul, Moonrage Elder, Moonrage Glutton, Moonrage Leatherworker, Moonrage Sentry, Moonrage Tailor, Moonrage Watcher, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moonstalker, Moonstalker Matriarch, Moonstalker Runt, Moonstalker Sire, Moontouched Owlbeast, Moora, Moorah Stormhoof, Moorane Hearthgrain, Mooranta, Moorat Longstride, Mor'Ladim, Mor'rogal, Morg Gnarltree, Morgaine the Sly, Morgan Ladimore, Morgan Pestle, Morgan Stern, Morgan the Collector, Morganth, Morganus, Morhan Coppertongue, Morin Cloudstalker, Morley Bates, Morphaz, Morris Lawry, Morris Lawyr, Morta'gya the Keeper, Mortimer Montague, Mosarn, Mosh'Ogg Mauler, Mosh'Ogg Shaman, Mosh'Ogg Spellcrafter, Mosh'Ogg Warmonger, Moss Stalker, Mossflayer Berserker, Mossflayer Cannibal, Mossflayer Scout, Mossflayer Shadowhunter, Mossflayer Zombie, Mosshide Alpha, Mosshide Mistweaver, Mosshide Trapper, Mosshoof Stag, Mot Dawnstrider, Motega Firemane, Mother Fang, Motley Garmason, Mottled Boar, Mottled Drywallow Crocolisk, Mottled Raptor, Mottled Razormaw, Mottled Red Raptor, Mottled Scytheclaw, Mountain Boar, Mountain Buzzard, Mountain Cougar, Mountain Lion, Mountain Yeti, Mountaineer Angst, Mountaineer Barleybrew, Mountaineer Barn, Mountaineer Bludd, Mountaineer Brokk, Mountaineer Cobbleflint, Mountaineer Cragg, Mountaineer Dalk, Mountaineer Dokkin, Mountaineer Droken, Mountaineer Fazgard, Mountaineer Flint, Mountaineer Ganin, Mountaineer Gravelgaw, Mountaineer Grugelm, Mountaineer Gwarth, Mountaineer Haggil, Mountaineer Haggis, Mountaineer Hammerfall, Mountaineer Harn, Mountaineer Janha, Mountaineer Kadrell, Mountaineer Kalmir, Mountaineer Kamdar, Mountaineer Langarr, Mountaineer Luxst, Mountaineer Modax, Mountaineer Morlic, Mountaineer Morran, Mountaineer Naarh, Mountaineer Ozmok, Mountaineer Pebblebitty, Mountaineer Rharen, Mountaineer Rockgar, Mountaineer Roghan, Mountaineer Stenn, Mountaineer Stormpike, Mountaineer Swarth, Mountaineer Thalos, Mountaineer Thar, Mountaineer Tyraw, Mountaineer Uthan, Mountaineer Veek, Mountaineer Wallbang, Mountaineer Wuar, Mountaineer Yuttha, Mountaineer Zaren, Mountaineer Zwarn, Mu'uta, Muckrake, Muckshell Clacker, Muckshell Razorclaw, Muckshell Scrabbler, Muckshell Snapclaw, Mudrock Snapjaw, Mudsnout Shaman, Muglash, Muiredon Battleforge, Mukdrak, Mummified Atal'ai, Mura Runetotem, Muragus, Murdaloc, Murkgill Forager, Murkgill Oracle, Murkgill Warrior, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murkshallow Softshell, Murloc Coastrunner, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Forager, Murloc Minor Oracle, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Murloc Nightcrawler, Murloc Oracle, Murloc Raider, Murloc Streamrunner, Murloc Tidecaller, Murloc Warrior, Murndan Derth, Murta Grimgut, Mutanus the Devourer, Mutated Venture Co. Drone, Muuran, My'lanna, Mydrannul, Myizz Luckycatch, Mylentha Riverbend, Myra Tyrngaarde, Myranda the Hag, Myriam Moonsinger, Mystlash Flayer, Mystlash Hydra, Mythidan, Myzrael, Naal Mistrunner, Nadia Vernon, Nadyia Maneweaver, Naela Trance, Nag, Nag'zehn, Naga Explorer, Nagaz, Nak, Nak Orcbane, Nal'taszar, Nalesette Wildbringer, Nalpak, Nan Mistrunner, Nancy Vishas, Nandar Branson, Nantar, Nara Meideros, Nara Wildmane, Narain Soothfancy, Naralex, Naram Longclaw, Nardstrum Copperpinch, Narg the Taskmaster, Nargal Deatheye, Nargatt, Narianna, Narillasanz, Narj Deepslice, Narkk, Narm Faulk, Narm Skychaser, Narnie, Narret Shadowgrove, Nartok, Narv Hidecrafter, Nat Pagle, Nata Dawnstrider, Nataka Longhorn, Nathan, Nathaniel Dumah, Nathaniel Steelwick, Nathaniel Steenwick, Nathanos Blightcaller, Natheril Raincaller, Nazeer Bloodpike, Nazgrel, Neal Allen, Necromancer, Needles Cougar, Neeka Bloodscar, Neema, Neeru Fireblade, Negolash, Nergal, Nerra, Nerub'enkan, Nessa Shadowsong, Nether Maiden, Nethergarde Analyst, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Elite, Nethergarde Engineer, Nethergarde Foreman, Nethergarde Miner, Nethergarde Officer, Nethergarde Riftwatcher, Nethergarde Soldier, Nez'raz, Nicholas Atwood, Nida Winterhoof, Night Watch Guard, Night Web Matriarch, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightbane Shadow Weaver, Nightbane Tainted One, Nightbane Vile Fang, Nightbane Worgen, Nightlash, Nightmare Ectoplasm, Nightmare Scalebane, Nightmare Suppressor, Nightmare Wanderer, Nightmare Whelp, Nightmare Wyrmkin, Nightsaber, Nightsaber Stalker, Nightshade, Nijel's Point Guard, Nikova Raskol, Nilith Lokrav, Nillen Andemar, Nimboya, Nissa Agamand, Nissa Firestone, Nittlebur Sparkfizzle, Nixxrak, Nixxrax Fillamug, Noarm, Noma Bluntnose, Northshire Guard, Northshire Peasant, Northspring Harpy, Northspring Roguefeather, Northspring Slayer, Northspring Windcaller, Novice Thaivand, Novice Warrior, Noxious Plaguebat, Nurse Lillian, Nurse Neela, Nyoma, Oakenscowl, Oasis Snapjaw, Oben Rageclaw, Obsidian Elemental, Obsidian Golem, Obsidian Sentinel, Odo the Blindwatcher, Officer Areyn, Ogg'marr, Ogunaro Wolfrunner, Ohanko, Ok'thor the Breaker, Okothos Ironrager, Ol' Beasley, Ol' Emma, Olaf, Old Blanchy, Old Icebeard, Old Man Heming, Old Serra'kis, Old Vicejaw, Olivia Burnside, Ollanus, Olmin Burningbeard, Olthran Craghelm, Olvia, Onin MacHammar, Ophelia Montague, Or'Kalar, Oran Snakewrithe, Orange Tabby, Orendil Broadleaf, Orgnil Soulscar, Orgrimmar Grunt, Orgrimmar Talent Master, Orik'ando, Ormak Grimshot, Ormer Ironbraid, Ornery Plainstrider, Osborne the Night Man, Osric Strang, Overlord Ramtusk, Overlord Wyrmthalak, Overmaster Pyron, Overwatch Mark I, Owatanka, Owen Vaughn, Pa Maclure, Paige Chaddis, Paige Felixe, Pained, Pakwa, Palemane Poacher, Palemane Skinner, Palemane Tanner, Palomino, Pamela Redpath, Pand Stonebinder, Panda Cub, Panther, Panzor the Invincible, Pao'ka Swiftmountain, Parqual Fintallas, Parrot, Pat, Patchwork Horror, Pathstrider, Patrice Dwyer, Patrick Garret, Patrick Garrett, Patrick Mills, Paul Burges, Paval Reethe, Pawe Mistrunner, paws, Paxton Ganter, Peacekeeper Security Suit, Pelturas Whitemoon, Peria Lamenur, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Peter Galen, Petra Grossen, Phalanx, Phantim, Pierce Shackleton, Pilot Hammerfoot, Pilot Longbeard, Pilot Stonegear, Pilot Wizzlecrank, Piter Verance, Plague Ghoul, Plague Lurker, Plague Monstrosity, Plague Ravager, Plague Spreader, Plaguebat, Plagued Hatchling, Plagued Insect, Plagued Maggot, Plagued Rat, Plaguehound, Plaguehound Runt, Plains Creeper, Plainstrider, Plated Stegodon, Plugger Spazzring, Poison Cleansing Totem, Poranna Snowbraid, Porcine Entourage, Port Master Szik, Portal Seeker, Porthannius, Postmaster Malown, Practice Dummy, Practice Target, Prairie Dog, Prairie Stalker, Prairie Wolf, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Prarie Dog, Prarie Stalker, Prarie Wolf, Prarie Wolf Alpha, Prate Cloudseer, Pratt McGrubben, Pridewing Patriarch, Pridewing Soarer, Priestess A'moora, Priestess Alathea, Priestess Anetta, Priestess Josetta, Priestess Tyriona, Primal Ooze, Primitive Owlbeast, Primordial Behemoth, Prince Anduin Wrynn, Prince Galen Trollbane, Prince Xavalis, Princess Moira Bronzebeard, Princess Poobah, Princess Theradras, Private Hendel, Private Merle, Private Rocknot, Private Thorsen, Privateer Bloads, Privateer Groy, Prospector Gunstan, Prospector Ironband, Prospector Khazgorm, Prospector Khazgorm, Prospector Remtravel, Prospector Whelgar, Protector Bialon, Protector Dorana, Protector Gariel, Protector Weaver, Pterrordax, Putrid Gargoyle, Putridus Satyr, Putridus Shadowstalker, Pyall Silentstride, Pygmy Surf Crawler, Pygmy Tide Crawler, Pyrewood Armorer, Pyrewood Leatherworker, Pyrewood Tailor, Pyrewood Watcher, Pyroguard Emberseer, Pyromancer Loregrain, Pythas, Qia, Qiaga the Keeper, Quae, Quarry Slave, Quarrymaster Thesten, Quartermaster Hicks, Quartermaster Hudson, Quartermaster Lewis, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quartermaster Zigris, Quilboar Seer, Quilguard Champion, Quillboar Stalker, Rabbit, Rabid Blisterpaw, Rabid Bonepaw, Rabid Crag Coyote, Rabid Dire Wolf, Rabid Longtooth, Rabid Shadowhide Gnoll, Rabid Shardtooth, Rabid Thistle Bear, Rabid Winter Wolf, Rabine Saturna, Race Master Kronkrider, Rachael Vaccar, Rachel, Radnaal Maneweaver, Raena Flinthammer, Raene Wolfrunner, Raene Wolfrunner, Rage Scar Yeti, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragon Guard, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Fire Tongue, Rage Talon Flamescale, Rageclaw, Ragefire Shaman, Ragefire Trogg, Ragereaver Golem, Ragged Corpse, Ragged Ghoul, Ragged John, Ragged Owlbeast, Ragged Scavenger, Ragged Timber Wolf, Ragged Young Wolf, Ragglesnout, Raging Agam'ar, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Dune Smasher, Raging Moonkin, Raging Owlbeast, Raging Reef Crawler, Raging Rot Hide, Raging Thunder Lizard, Ragnar Thunderbrew, Rahauro, Raider Jhash, Raider Kerr, Rakaiah, Rakaiah Iceborne, Raleigh Andrean, Raleigh the Devout, Rallic Finn, Rallus, Ram, Ramstein the Gorger, Rand Rhobart, Randal Hunter, Randal Worth, Randolph Montague, Rane Yorick, Ranger, Ranik, Rann Flamespinner, Ranshalla, Ransin Donner, Raptor, Rarc, Rarck, Rartar, Ras Frostwhisper, Rascal Sprite, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Rathoman, Rathorian, Ratslin Maime, Rattlecage Skeleton, Rattlecage Soldier, Rattlegore, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Cadaver, Ravaged Corpse, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Hunter, Ravasaur Runner, Raven, Ravencalw Servant, Ravenclaw Apparition, Ravenclaw Champion, Ravenclaw Drudger, Ravenclaw Guardian, Ravenclaw Raider, Ravenclaw Servant, Ravenclaw Slave, Ravenous Darkhound, Rawr, Rawrk, Rayan Dawnrisen, Razal'blade, Razelikh the Defiler, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorbeak Gryphon, Razorbeak Skylord, Razorclaw, Razorclaw the Butcher, Razorfen Battleguard, Razorfen Beast Trainer, Razorfen Beastmaster, Razorfen Defender, Razorfen Dustweaver, Razorfen Earthbreaker, Razorfen Geomancer, Razorfen Groundshaker, Razorfen Handler, Razorfen Quilguard, Razorfen Servitor, Razorfen Spearhide, Razorfen Stalker, Razorfen Thornweaver, Razorfen Totemic, Razorfen Warden, Razorfen Warrior, Razorhill Grunt, Razorlash, Razormane Battleguard, Razormane Defender, Razormane Dustrunner, Razormane Geomancer, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Mystic, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razormane Seer, Razormane Stalker, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Warfrenzy, Razormane Water Seeker, Razormane Wolf, Razzeric, Razzle Sprysprocket, Reanimated Corpse, Rebald Yorglun, Reban Freerunner, Rebecca Laughlin, Rebel Watchman, Red Dragonspawn, Red Jack Flint, Red Mechanostrider, Red Skeletal Horse, Redridge Alpha, Redridge Basher, Redridge Poacher, Redridge Thrasher, Redrock Earth Spirit, Redstone Basilisk, Redstone Crystalhide, Reef Crawler, Reef Shark, Reese Langston, Reese Langston, Refuge Pointe Defender, Regina Halloran, Reginald Berry, Reginald Grimsford, Regnus Thundergranite, Regthar Deathgate, Rejold Barleybrew, Relara Whitemoon, Rellian Greenspyre, Rema Schneider, Remains of a Paladin, Remains of Trey Lightforge, Remen Marcot, Renato Gallina, Renee Samson, Ressan the Needler, Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rexxar, Reyna Stonebranch, Rezlak, Rhag Garmason, Rhahk'Zor, Rhapsody Shindigger, Rhiannon Davis, Rhinag, Ribbon Snake, Richard Kerwin, Richard Van Brunt, Ridge Stalker, Ridge Stalker Patriarch, Riding Frostsaber, Riding Nightsaber, Riding Ram, Riding Raptor, Riding Spotted Frostsaber, Riding Striped Frostsaber, Riding Striped Nightsaber, Rifleman Middlecamp, Rifleman Wheeler, Rift Spawn, Rilan Howard, Riley Walker, Rilli Greasygob, Risen Aberration, Risen Bonewarder, Risen Guard, Risen Guardian, Risen Warrior, Riverpaw Bandit, Riverpaw Bruite, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Gnoll, Riverpaw Herbalist, Riverpaw Miner, Riverpaw Mongrel, Riverpaw Mystic, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Overseer, Riverpaw Runt, Riverpaw Scout, Riverpaw Shaman, Riverpaw Taskmaster, Rizzle Brassbolts, Roach, Robert Aebischer, Rock Elemental, Rockhide Boar, Rockjaw Ambusher, Rockjaw Backbreaker, Rockjaw Bonesnapper, Rockjaw Raider, Rockjaw Skullthumper, Rockjaw Trogg, Rocklance, Rockwing Gargoyle, Roetten Stonehammer, Roggo Harlbarrow, Rogue Flame Spirit, Rogue Vale Screecher, Rogvar, Rok Orhan, Rok'Alim the Pounder, Rokar Bladeshadow, Roman, Ronald Burch, Rookery Guardian, Rookery Hatcher, Roon Wildmane, Rot Hide Gladerunner, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Plague Weaver, Rot Hide Savage, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotting Agam'ar, Rotting Ancestor, Rotting Cadaver, Rotting Dead, Royal Factor Bathrilor, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rudra Amberstill, Ruga Ragetotem, Ruklar the Trapper, Rusty Harvest Golem, Ruul Eagletalon, Ruzan, Rwag, Rybrad Coldbank, Rynthariel the Keymaster, Saenorion, Saern Priderunner, Sage Palerunner, Sage Truthseeker, Sagorne Creststrider, Sah'rhee, Sahvan Bloodshadow, Salazar Bloch, Salazar Block, Salfa, Salia, Salma Saldean, Salt Flats Scavenger, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltscale Forager, Saltscale Hunter, Saltscale Oracle, Saltscale Tide Lord, Saltscale Warrior, Saltspittle Muckdweller, Saltspittle Oracle, Saltspittle Puddlejumper, Saltspittle Warrior, Saltstone Basilisk, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltstone Gazer, Saltwater Crocilisk, Saltwater Crocolisk, Saltwater Snapjaw, Samantha Shackleton, Samantha Swifthoof, Samor Festivus, Samuel Fipps, Samuel Van Brunt, Sana, Sanath Lim-yo, Sand Crawler, Sand Shark, Sand Skitterer, Sandahl, Sandfury Acolyte, Sandfury Axe Thrower, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Cretin, Sandfury Drudge, Sandfury Executioner, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Guardian, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sandfury Shadowcaster, Sandfury Shadowhunter, Sandfury Slave, Sandfury Soul Eater, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sandfury Zealot, Sandstrider, Sanuye Runetotem, Sap Beast, Sar Browneye, Sara Balloo, Sara Timberlain, Sarah Arello, Sarah Goode, Sarah Killian, Sarah Raycroft, Sarah Tanner, Sargath, Sarilus Foulborne, Sarin Starlight, Sark Ragetotem, Sarkoth, Sarkresh, Sarlek, Sarltooth, Sarnos, Sarok, Saru Steelfury, Saturated Ooze, Savage, Savage Owlbeast, Savannah Cub, Savannah Highmane, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Matriarch, Savannah Patriarch, Savannah Prowler, Sawtooth Crocolisk, Sawtooth Snapper, Sayoc, Scalding Broodling, Scalding Drake, Scalding Elemental, Scalding Whelp, Scalebane Captain, Scar, Scarab, Scarlet Abbot, Scarlet Adept, Scarlet Archmage, Scarlet Augur, Scarlet Avenger, Scarlet Beastmaster, Scarlet Bodyguard, Scarlet Cavalier, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Champion, Scarlet Chaplain, Scarlet Cleric, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Scarlet Conjuror, Scarlet Convert, Scarlet Curate, Scarlet Defender, Scarlet Disciple, Scarlet Diviner, Scarlet Enchanter, Scarlet Evoker, Scarlet Friar, Scarlet Gallant, Scarlet Guardsman, Scarlet Hound, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Initiate, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Knight, Scarlet Lumberjack, Scarlet Macaw, Scarlet Mage, Scarlet Magician, Scarlet Magus, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Monk, Scarlet Myrmidon, Scarlet Neophyte, Scarlet Paladin, Scarlet Praetorian, Scarlet Preserver, Scarlet Priest, Scarlet Protector, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Scryer, Scarlet Sentinel, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Snake, Scarlet Soldier, Scarlet Sorcerer, Scarlet Spellbinder, Scarlet Torturer, Scarlet Tracking Hound, Scarlet Trainee, Scarlet Trooper, Scarlet Vanguard, Scarlet Warder, Scarlet Warrior, Scarlet Wizard, Scarlet Worker, Scarlet Zealot, Scarred Crag Boar, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Grunt, Scarshield Infiltrator, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Raider, Scarshield Sentry, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scarshield Warlock, Scarshield Worg, Scholomance Acolyte, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Scholomance Handler, Scholomance Necrolyte, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Occultist, Scholomance Student, Scorched Basilisk, Scorched Guardian, Scorching Elemental, Scorpashi Lasher, Scorpashi Snapper, Scorpashi Venomlash, Scorpid Dunestalker, Scorpid Reaver, Scorpid Tail Lasher, Scott Carevin, Scourge Champion, Scourge Guard, Scourge Necromancer, Scourge Summoning Crystal, Scourge Warder, Scout Galiaan, Scout Stronghand, Scratcher, Screaming Haunt, Screeching Harpy, Screeching Roguefeather, Screeching Windcaller, Sea Crawler, Sea Elemental, Sea Spray, Searing Blade Cultist, Searing Blade Enforcer, Searing Blade Warlock, Searing Ghoul, Searing Hatchling, Searing Infernal, Searing Lava Spider, Searing Roc, Searing Totem, Searing Totem II, Searing Totem III, Searing Whelp, Searn Firewarder, Searscale Drake, Sebastian Meloche, Seer Graytongue, Seer Ravenfeather, Seereth Stonebreak, Seersa Copperpinch, Seikwa, Selendra, Selina Pickman, Selina Weston, Sellandus, Sen'jin Watcher, Senani Thunderheart, Senator Barin Redstone, Senator Mehr Stonehallow, Senegal, Senir Whitebeard, Sentinel Amara Nightwalker, Sentinel Amarassan, Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak, Sentinel Dalia Sunblade, Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze, Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea, Sentinel Keldara Sunblade, Sentinel Kyra, Sentinel Kyra Starsong, Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow, Sentinel Onaeya, Sentinel Selarin, Sentinel Shaya, Sentinel Shayla Nightbreeze, Sentinel Tysha Moonblade, Sentinel Velene Starstrike, Sentry Point Captain, Sentry Point Guard, Seoman Griffith, Seoman Verilas, Serena Bloodfeather, Sergeant Ba'sha, Sergeant Bly, Sergeant Brashclaw, Sergeant De Vries, Sergeant Houser, Sergeant Rutger, Sergeant Yohwa, Sergra Darkthorn, Seriadne, Seril Scourgebane, Serpentbloom Snake, Serra Mountainhome, Servant of Alexi Barov, Servant of Allistarj, Servant of Arkkoroc, Servant of Azora, Servant of Grol, Servant of Ilgalar, Servant of Razelikh, Servant of Sevine, Servant of Weldon Barov, Servatude, Sethir the Ancient, Severed Dreamer, Sewa Mistrunner, Sewer Beast, Sha'ni Proudtusk, Shade of Elura, Shade of Eranikus, Shadethicket Bark Ripper, Shadethicket Moss Eater, Shadethicket Oracle, Shadethicket Raincaller, Shadethicket Stone Mover, Shadethicket Wood Shaper, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow, Shadow Charger, Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, Shadow Lord Fel'dan, Shadow Panther, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadow Priest Sarvis, Shadow Priestess Vandis, Shadow Sprite, Shadowclaw, Shadowfang Darksoul, Shadowfang Glutton, Shadowfang Moonwalker, Shadowfang Ragetooth, Shadowfang Whitescalp, Shadowfang Wolfguard, Shadowforge Ambusher, Shadowforge Archaeologist, Shadowforge Chanter, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Darkcaster, Shadowforge Darkweaver, Shadowforge Digger, Shadowforge Flame Keeper, Shadowforge Geologist, Shadowforge Peasant, Shadowforge Relic Hunter, Shadowforge Ruffian, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowforge Sharpshooter, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowforge Tunneler, Shadowforge Warrior, Shadowglen Sentinel, Shadowhide Assassin, Shadowhide Brute, Shadowhide Darkweaver, Shadowhide Gnoll, Shadowhide Slayer, Shadowhide Warrior, Shadowhorn Stag, Shadowmage, Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave, Shadowmaw Panther, Shadowprey Guardian, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz, Shadowshard Rumbler, Shadowshard Smasher, Shadowsilk Poacher, Shadowsworn Adept, Shadowsworn Cultist, Shadowsworn Dreadweaver, Shadowsworn Enforcer, Shadowsworn Thug, Shadowsworn Warlock, Shadowy Assassin, Shadra, Shadumbra, Shael'dryn, Shailiea, Shaina Fuller, Shakes O'Breen, Shaldyn, Shalomon, Shalumon, Shambling Horror, Shambling Skeleton, Shan'ti, Shanda, Shandrina, Shandris Feathermoon, Shankys, Shara Blazen, Shardi, Shardtooth Bear, Shardtooth Mauler, Sharlindra, Sharm, Sharpbeak, Sharptalon, Sharptooth Frenzy, Sharur, Shawn, Shay Leafrunner, Shayis Steelfury, Sheal Runetotem, Sheendra Tallgrass, Sheldras Moontree, Shelene Rhobart, Sheri Zipstitch, Sherman Femmel, Sherra Vayne, Sheza Wildmane, Shi'alune, Shim'la, Shimra, Shipmaster Grimble, Shipmaster Grizzlowe, Shiverfang, Shoja'my, Shoma, Shore Crawler, Shrieking Banshee, Shrike Bat, Shy-Rotam, Shylamiir, Shylenai, Shyrka Wolfrunner, Siamese, Sian'dur, Sian'tsu, Sian-Rotam, Sickly Gazelle, Sida, Sikwa, Silas Zimmer, Sildanair, Silithid Harvester, Silithid Invader, Silithid Searcher, Silithid Swarm, Silithid Swarmer, Sillithid Invader, Sillithid Ravager, Sillithid Searcher, Sillithid Swarm, Sillithid Swarmer, Siln Skychaser, Silt Crawler, Silva Fil'naveth, Silver Tabby, silverback, Silverback Patriarch, Silvermane Howler, Silvermane Stalker, Silvermane Wolf, Silverpine Deathguard, Silverwing Warrior, Simon Tanner, Sin'Dall, Sinda, Sindrayl, Singed Basilisk, Sir S. J. Erlgadin, Sirra Von'Indi, Sister Aquinne, Sister Hatelash, Sister of Celebrian, Sister Rathtalon, Skeletal Aberration, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Adept, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Enforcer, Skeletal Executioner, Skeletal Fiend, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Frostweaver, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Healer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Miner, Skeletal Mount, Skeletal Raider, Skeletal Shadowcaster, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Summoner, Skeletal Terror, Skeletal Warder, Skeletal Warlord, Skeletal Warrior, Skeleton of Zum'rah, Skittering Crustacean, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Beastmaster, Skullsplitter Headhunter, Skullsplitter Panther, Skullsplitter Spiritchaser, Skullsplitter Warrior, Sky Shadow, Skymane Gorilla, Slagg, Slark, Slave, Slave Worker, Slavering Ember Worg, Slavering Ghoul, Slavering Worg, Slime Maggot, Slimeshell Makrura, Slitherblade Myrmidon, Slitherblade Naga, Slitherblade Oracle, Slitherblade Razortail, Slitherblade Sea Witch, Slitherblade Sorceress, Slitherblade Tidehunter, Slitherblade Warrior, Sloan McCoy, Sludge Beast, Sly Garett, Sly Garrett, Small Crag Boar, Smeed Scrabblescrew, Smith Argus, Smokey LaRue, Smolderthorn Axe Thrower, Smolderthorn Headhunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Priest, Smolderweb Hatchling, Snagglespear, Snake, Snang, Snapjaw, Snapjaw Crocolisk, Snapping Crustacean, Snarl, Snarler, Snarlmane, Snarltooth, Snickerfang Hyena, Snow Leopard, Snow Tracker Wolf, Snowblind Rockjaw, SnowScar, Snowshoe Rabbit, Sognar Cliffbeard, Solakar Flamewreath, Soleil Stonemantle, Solm Hargrin, Son of Arkkoroc, Son of Arugal, Son of Cenarius, Soran, Sorcerer Ashcrombe, Soulless Ghoul, Southern Sand Crawler, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southsea Cutthroat, Southsea Dock Worker, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Southsea Privateer, Southsea Swashbuckler, Southshore Guard, Spackle Thornberry, Spark Nilminer, Sparkleshell Borer, Sparkleshell Burrower, Sparkleshell Snapper, Sparkleshell Tortoise, Sparky, Spawn of Bael'Gar, Spawn of Hakkar, Spectral Attendant, Spectral Betrayer, Spectral Citizen, Spectral Defender, Spectral Projection, Spectral Researcher, Spectral Teacher, Spectral Tutor, Spell Eater, Spellmaw, Spewed Larva, Spigot Operator Luglunket, Spined Crawler, Spire Scarab, Spirestone Battle Mage, Spirestone Lord Magus, Spirestone Ogre Magus, Spirestone Reaver, Spirestone Warlord, Spirit Healer, Spirit of Magra, Spirit of Maraudos, Spirit of Minshina, Spirit of Sathrah, Spiteful Phantom, Spitelash Battlemaster, Spitelash Enchantress, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Serpent Guard, Spitelash Siren, Spitelash Warrior, Splinter Fist Fire Weaver, Splinter Fist Taskmaster, Splinter Fist Warrior, Splinterbone Captain, Splinterbone Warrior, Splintertree Guard, Splintertree Raider, Spraggle Frock, Springspindle Fizzlegear, Sprite Darter, Sprite Darter Hatchling, Sprite Dragon, Sputtervalve, Squire Maltrake, Sraaz, Sranda, Stalvan Mistmantle, Stanley, Starn, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Bonepaw, Starving Buzzard, Starving Dire Wolf, Starving Mountain Lion, Starving Snickerfang, Starving Winter Wolf, Steelsnap, Sten Stoutarm, Stephanie Turner, Stephen Bhartec, Stephen Ryback, Steven Black, Steven Lohan, SteveTheBear, Stockade Archer, Stockade Guard, Stolid Snapjaw, Stonard Cartographer, Stonard Explorer, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Hunter, Stonard Orc, Stonard Scout, Stonard Shaman, Stonard Wayfinder, Stone Guardian, Stone Maw Basilisk, Stone Steward, Stone Watcher of Norgannon, Stonearm, Stoneclaw Totem, Stoneclaw Totem II, Stoneclaw Totem III, Stoneclaw Totem IV, Stonelash Pincer, Stonelash Scorpid, Stonesplinter Bonesnapper, Stonesplinter Geomancer, Stonesplinter Shaman, Stonetalon Grunt, Stonetusk Boar, Stonevault Ambusher, Stonevault Basher, Stonevault Bonesnapper, Stonevault Brawler, Stonevault Cave Hunter, Stonevault Cave Lurker, Stonevault Flameweaver, Stonevault Geomancer, Stonevault Mauler, Stonevault Oracle, Stonevault Rockchewer, Stonevault Seer, Stonevault Shaman, Storm Bay Oracle, Storm Bay Warrior, Storm Shadowhoof, Stormscale Myrmidon, Stormscale Siren, Stormscale Sorceress, Stormscale Toxicologist, Stormscale Warrior, Stormscale Wave Rider, Stormsnout Thunderlizard, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stormwind Royal Guard, Stormwind Talent Master, Strahad Farsan, Strange Snowman, Stranglethorn Raptor, Stranglethorn Tiger, Stranglethorn Tigress, Strashaz Hydra, Stratholme Courier, Strength of Earth Totem, Strength of Earth Totem II, Strength of Earth Totem III, Stromgarde Calvaryman, Stromgarde Cavalryman, Stromgarde Defender, Stromgarde Troll Hunter, Stromgarde Vindicator, Stuart Fleming, Subterranean Diemetradon, Sul'lithuz Abomination, Sul'lithuz Hatchling, Sul'lithuz Sandcrawler, Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver, Summoned Blackhand Veteran, Summoned Voidwalker, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Lashtail, Sunscale Screecher, Sunscale Scytheclaw, Supervisor Raelen, Sura Wildmane, Surena Caledon, Surf Crawler, Susan Tillinghast, Suzanne, Suzetta Gallina, Svalbrad Farmountain, Swamp Jaguar, Swamp Ooze, Swamp Talker, Swampwalker, Swampwalker Elder, Swart, Swiftmane, Sylista, Sylvanna Forestmoon, Syndicate Assassin, Syndicate Conjuror, Syndicate Enforcer, Syndicate Footpad, Syndicate Highwayman, Syndicate Magus, Syndicate Mercenary, Syndicate Pathstalker, Syndicate Prowler, Syndicate Rogue, Syndicate Saboteur, Syndicate Sentry, Syndicate Shadow Mage, Syndicate Spy, Syndicate Thief, Syndicate Watchman, Syndicate Watchmen, Syndicate Wizard, Syral Bladeleaf, Sythea, Syurana, Syurna, Tabetha, Tabu, Tagain, Tah Winterhoof, Tai'jin, Tai'tasi, Taiga Wisemane, Tainted Cockroach, Tainted Ooze, Tainted Rat, Takar the Seer, Takata Steelblade, Takk the Leaper, Takrin Pathseeker, Tal, Tal'jin, Taladan, Talaelar, Talar, Taldan, Talen, Talin Keeneye, Tallonkai Swiftroot, Tallow, Tally Berryfizz, Talo Thornhoof, Taloned Swoop, Talvash del Kissel, Tamar, Tamara Armstrong, Tamaro, Tamed Battleboar, Tamed Bear, Tamed Bird, Tamed Boar, Tamed Cat, Tamed Cat, Tamed Cat, Tamed Crab, Tamed Crawler, Tamed Crocilisk, Tamed Hyena, Tamed Kodo, Tamed Raptor, Tamed Scorpid, Tamed Spider, Tamed Tallstrider, Tamed Wolf, Tammra Windfield, Tand, Tandaan Lightmane, Taneel Darkwood, Tangled Horror, Tank, Tannok Frosthammer, Tannysa, Tansy Puddlefizz, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Beast, Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Tara Coldgaze, Taragaman the Hungerer, Tarantula, Tarban Hearthgrain, Targ, Target Dummy, Targorr the Dread, Tarhus, Tari'qa, Tarindrella, Tarkreu Shadowstalker, Tarn, Taronn Redfeather, Tarrel Rockweaver, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Tarren Mills Deathguard, Tarshaw Jaggedscar, Tasha, Taskmaster Fizzule, Taskmaster Whipfang, Taterbug, Tatternack Steelforge, Taur Stonehoof, Tauren Horde Runner, Tauren Kodo, Tavernkeep Smitts, Tawny Grisette, Tazan, Teal Riding Kodo, Teg Dawnstrider, Tel'Athir, Teldrassil Sentinel, Telf Joolam, Telurinon Moonshadow, Tempered War Golem, Temporal Parasite, Tenaron Stormgrip, Tenell Leafrunner, Tepa, Teresa Shore, Terl Arakor, Terrowulf Shadow Weaver, Terry Palin, Thaddeus Webb, Thal'trak Proudtusk, Thalgus Thunderfist, Thalia Amberhide, Thalon, Thamarian, Thamner Pol, Tharek Blackstone, Tharg, Tharil'zun, Tharlidun, Tharm, Tharnariun Treetender, Tharynn Bouden, Thauris Balgarr, Thaurisan Agent, Thaurisan Firewalker, Thaurisan Spy, Thaurissan Agent, Thaurissan Firewalker, Thaurissan Spy, The Abominable Greench, The Beast, The Defias Traitor, The Nameless Prophet, The Plains Vision, The Rake, The Ravenian, The Threshwackonator 4100, Theka the Martyr, Thelgrum Stonehammer, Thelsamar Mountaineer, Thenan, Theodore Mont Claire, Theodrus Frostbeard, Theradrim Guardian, Theradrim Shardling, Theramore Combat Dummy 1, Theramore Combat Dummy 4, Theramore Deserter, Theramore Guard, Theramore Infiltrator, Theramore Lieutenant, Theramore Marine, Theramore Practicing Guard, Theramore Preserver, Theramore Sentry, Theresa, Theresa Moulaine, Theridran, Thersa Windsong, Thessala Hydra, Thistle Bear, Thistle Boar, Thistlefur Avenger, Thistlefur Den Watcher, Thistlefur Pathfinder, Thistlefur Shaman, Thistlefur Ursa, Thistleheart, Thistleshrub Rootshaper, Thomas, Thomas Arlento, Thomas Booker, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thonys Pillarstone, Thora Feathermoon, Thorgas Grimson, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thork, Thorkaf Dragoneye, Thorn Eater Ghoul, Thorvald Deepforge, Thotar, Thrag Stonehoof, Thragg, Thragomm, Thrall, Thralosh, Thran Khorman, Thrashtail Basilisk, Thrawn Boltar, Thule Ravenclaw, Thulman Flintcrag, Thultash, Thultazor, Thun'grim Firegaze, Thunder Bluff Talent Master, Thunder Lizard, Thunderhawk Cloudscraper, Thunderhawk Hatchling, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Consort, Thunderhead Hippogryph, Thunderhead Patriarch, Thunderhead Skystormer, Thunderhead Stagwing, Thunderheart, Thundering Exile, Thundris Windweaver, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurman Agamand, Thurman Mullby, Thurman Schneider, Thurston Xane, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster, Thyn'tel Bladeweaver, Thyssiana, Thysta, Tide Crawler, Tigor Skychaser, Timberling Bark Ripper, Timberling Mire Beast, Timberling Trampler, Timbermaw Den Watcher, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Pathfinder, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Ursa, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Warrior, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timothy Clark, Tinkee Steamboil, Tinkmaster Overspark, Tiny Walking Bomb, Tirisfal Farmer, Tirisfal Farmhand, Tisa Martine, Tiyani, Tiza Battleforge, Toad, Tobias Seecher, Tog'thar, Tok'Kar, Tomas, Tonga Runetotem, Tooga, Topper McNabb, Tor'gan, Tor'phan, Torm Ragetotem, Torn Fin Coastrunner, Torn Fin Oracle, Torn Screamer, Torq Ironblast, Torren Squarejaw, Torta, Tortured Druid, Tortured Slave, Torwa Pathfinder, Trackmaster Zherin, Trade Master Kovic, Trained Razorbeak, Trak'gen, Tran'rek, Traugh, Travist Bosk, Trayexir, Treant Ally, Treant Spirit, Trenton Lighthammer, Tresa Farmountain, Treshala Fallowbrook, Trianna, Trigore the Lasher, Tristane Shadowstone, Truk Wildbeard, Trull Failbane, Tsunaman, Tundra MacGrann, Tunnel Rat Digger, Tunnel Rat Forager, Tunnel Rat Geomancer, Tunnel Rat Kobold, Tunnel Rat Scout, Tunnel Rat Surveyor, Tunnel Rat Vermin, Turak Runetotem, Turhaw, Turian, Turquoise Raptor, Turuk Amberstill, Twain, Twiggy Flathead, Twilight Acolyte, Twilight Aquamancer, Twilight Bodyguard, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Elementalist, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Fire Guard, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Idolater, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Shadowmage, Twilight's Hammer Ambassador, Twilight's Hammer Executioner, Twilight's Hammer Torturer, Tyrande Whisperwind, Tyranis Malem, Tyrannodon, Tyrant Devilsaur, U'cha, Uhgar, Ukra'nor, Ula'elek, Ulag the Cleaver, Ulbrek Firehand, Ulfir Ironbeard, Ullanna, Ulthaan, Ultham Ironhorn, Uma Bartulm, Umaron Stragarelm, Umbranse the Spiritspeaker, Umi's Mechanical Yeti, Un'Goro Gorilla, Un'Thuwa, Una, Undead Dynamiter, Undead Excavator, Undead Postman, Undead Ravager, Undead Sailor, Undercity Guardian, Undertaker Mordo, Unger Statforth, Unliving Atal'ai, Unliving Caretaker, Unliving Mossflayer, Unpainted Mechanostrider, Unseen Servant, Unstable Corpse, Ur'kyo, Urda, Urok Ogre Magus, Ursal the Mauler, Ursangous, Ursula Deline, Urtharo, Urtrun Clanbringer, Uthan Stillwater, Uthel'nay, Uthil Mooncall, Uthrar Threx, Uthrok, Uttnar, Vaean, Vaelan, VAG, Vagash, Vahgruk, Vahlarriel Demonslayer, Valdaron, Valdios Ellmara, Valdred Moray, Vale Screecher, Valgar Highforge, Valstag Ironjaw, Valyen Wolfsong, Vampiric Duskbat, Vance Undergloom, Var'jun, Varg Windwhisper, Varia Hardhide, Varimathras, Vark Battlescar, Varo'then's Ghost, Vault Warder, Vazario Linkgrease, Vel'rin Fang, Veldan Lightfoot, Velma Warnam, Velora Nitely, Vengeful Ancient, Vengeful Phantom, Venomhide Ravasaur, Venomlash Scorpid, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co Operator, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Foreman, Venture Co. Laborer, Venture Co. Lumberjack, Venture Co. Machine Smith, Venture Co. Mechanic, Venture Co. Mercenary, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Planner, Venture Co. Taskmaster, Venya Marthand, Vera Nightshade, Verdan the Everliving, Verdantine Boughguard, Verdantine Oracle, Verdantine Tree Warder, Veren Tallstrider, Verna Furlbrow, Vernon Hale, Veron Amberstill, Vhan, Vharr, Vhulgra, Vicious Gray Bear, Vicious Grey Bear, Vicious Owlbeast, Victor Bartholomew, Victor Ward, Vidra Hearthstove, Vikki Lonsav, Viktori Prism'Antras, Vile Bat, Vile Familiar, Vile Fin Lakestalker, Vile Fin Minor Oracle, Vile Fin Oracle, Vile Fin Tidecaller, Vile Larva, Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard, Vilebranch Ambusher, Vilebranch Axe Thrower, Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Blood Drinker, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Raiding Wolf, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Shadow Hunter, Vilebranch Shadowcaster, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vilebranch Soul Eater, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Vinasia, Vincent Hyal, Vinna Wayne, Violet Raptor, Vira Younghoof, Viscous Fallout, Voidwalker, Voidwalker, Voidwalker Minion, Volchan, Vorsha the Lasher, Vosur Brakthel, Vrang Wildgore, Vrok Blunderblast, Wailing Ancestor, Wailing Banshee, Wailing Death, Wailing Guardsman, Wailing Highborne, Wailing Spectre, Waldor, Walking Bomb, Wallace the Blind, Walter Ellingson, Walter Ellingson (UNUSED), Wandering Barrens Giraffe, Wandering Forest Walker, Wandering Protector, Wandering Skeleton, Wandering Spirit, War Master Voone, War Party Kodo, War Reaver, Warbringer Construct, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Ward Guardian, Ward of Laze, Warden Belamoore, Warden Thelwater, Warder Stilgiss, Warg Deepwater, Wark Nightsky, Warlord Goretooth, Warlord Kolkanis, Warlord Krellian, Warlord Krom'zar, Warosh, Warosh the Redeemed, Warpwood Moss Flayer, Warpwood Shredder, Warpwood Thunder Caller, Warsong Outrider, Warsong Runner, Warsong Scout, Warsong Shredder, Warug, Warug's Bodyguard, Warug's Target Dummy, Washte Pawne, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Scofflaw, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Watch Commander Zalaphil, Watcher Backus, Watcher Biggs, Watcher Blomberg, Watcher Brownell, Watcher Bukouris, Watcher Callahan, Watcher Cutford, Watcher Dodds, Watcher Fraizer, Watcher Gelwin, Watcher Hartin, Watcher Hutchins, Watcher Jan, Watcher Jordan, Watcher Keefer, Watcher Keller, Watcher Ladimore, Watcher Mahar Ba, Watcher Merant, Watcher Mocarski, Watcher Paige, Watcher Petras, Watcher Royce, Watcher Selkin, Watcher Thayer, Watcher Wollpert, Watchman Doomgrip, Watchmaster Sorigal, Wave Strider, Wavethrasher, Wayward Buzzard, Weapon Technician, Weaver, Webwood Stalker, Webwood Venomfang, Weegli Blastfuse, Weldon Barov, Wenna Silkbeard, Werg Thickblade, Westfall Woodworker, Wetlands Crocilisk, Wetlands Crocolisk, Whaldak Darbenk, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Wharfmaster Lozgil, Whirlwind Stormwalker, Whit Wantmal, White Mechanostrider Mod A, White Ram, White Riding Ram, White Stallion, Wik'Tar, Wildhammer Sentry, Wildthorn Stalker, Wiley Fey Dragon, Wiley the Black, Wilhelm Strang, William, William MacGregor, William Montague, William Pestle, Williden Marshal, Wilma Ranthal, Wily Fey Dragon, Windfury Harpy, Windfury Matriarch, Windshear Digger, Windshear Geomancer, Windshear Overlord, Windshear Tunnel Rat, Windshear Vermin, Winna Hazzard, Winna's Kitten, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Shaman, Winterfall Ursa, Witch Doctor Mau'ari, Witch Doctor Unbagwa, Witch Doctor Zum'rah, Witchwing Ambusher, Witchwing Harpy, Witchwing Roguefeather, Witchwing Slayer, Witchwing Windcaller, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Berserker, Witherbark Bloodling, Witherbark Broodguard, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Headhunter, Witherbark Hideskinner, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Scalper, Witherbark Shadow Hunter, Witherbark Shadowcaster, Witherbark Troll, Witherbark Venomblood, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Ancient, Withered Battle Boar, Withered Quilguard, Withered Reaver, Withered Spearhide, Withered Warrior, Withervine Bark Ripper, Withervine Mire Beast, Withervine Rager, Wixxrak, Wizbang Cranktoggle, Wizlo Bearingshiner, Wizzle Brassbolts, Wizzlecrank, Wizzlecrank's Shredder, Wolf Master Nandos, Wolfguard Worg, Woodpaw Alpha, Woodpaw Brute, Woodpaw Mongrel, Woodpaw Mystic, Woodpaw Reaver, Woodpaw Trapper, Woodsman, Wrahk, Wrath Hammer Construct, Wrath Phantom, Wrathtail Myrmidon, Wrathtail Priestess, Wrathtail Razortail, Wrathtail Sea Witch, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wren Darkspring, Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus, Wuark, Wulan, Wunna Darkmane, Wynd Nightchaser, Wynne Larson, Wyrmkin Dreamwalker, X'yera, Xabraxxis, Xai'ander, Xan'tish, Xandar Goodbeard, Xanis Flameweaver, Xao'tsu, Xar'Ti, Xavaric, Xavathras, Xavian Betrayer, Xavian Felsworn, Xavian Hellcaller, Xavian Rogue, Xen'Zilla, xiaobushi, Xon'cha, Yalda, Yama Snowhoof, Yanni Stoutheart, Yarlyn Amberstill, Yarr Hammerstone, Yarrog Baneshadow, Yaw Sharpmane, Yeh'kinya, Yelmak, Yelnagi Blackarm, Yldan, Yonada, Yorba Screwspigot, Yori Crackhelm, Yorus Barleybrew, Young Arikara, Young Black Bear, Young Black Ravager, Young Chimaera, Young Diemetradon, Young Forest Bear, Young Jungle Stalker, Young Lashtail Raptor, Young Mesa Buzzard, Young Nightsaber, Young Panther, Young Reef Crawler, Young Sawtooth Crocolisk, Young Scavenger, Young Stranglethorn Raptor, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Thistle Boar, Young Threshadon, Young Wavethrasher, Young Wetlands Crocilisk, Young Wetlands Crocolisk, Yuka Screwspigot, Yvette Farthing, Z'tark, Zachariah Post, Zaeldarr the Outcast, Zaetar's Spirit, Zalazane, Zaldimar Wefhellt, Zamek, Zamja, Zanara, Zando'zan, Zane Bradford, Zangen Stonehoof, Zankaja, Zannok Hidepiercer, Zansoa, Zanzil Hunter, Zanzil Naga, Zanzil Skeleton, Zanzil the Outcast, Zanzil Witch Doctor, Zanzil Zombie, Zapetta, Zardeth of the Black Claw, Zarena Cromwind, Zargh, Zaricotl, Zarise, Zarlman Two-Moons, Zarrin, Zaruk, Zayus, Zazo, Zeal'aya, Zel'mak, Zem Leeward, Zendo'jian, Zengu, Zeppelin Master Frezza, Zeppelin Master Nez'raz, Zeppelin Master Zapetta, Zhar'doom, Zhevra Charger, Zhevra Courser, Zhevra Runner, Ziggurat Protector, Zlagk, Zukk'ash Stinger, Zukk'ash Tunneler, Zukk'ash Wasp, Zukk'ash Worker, Zul'Farrak Dead Hero, Zul'Farrak Zombie, Zun'dartha, Zureetha Fargaze, Zzarc'Vul, [PH] Acolyte Dellis, [PH] Angus Stern, [PH] Archbishop Benedictus, [PH] Argos Nightwhisper, [PH] Brohann Caskbelly, [PH] Caledra Dawnbreeze, [PH] Decrepit Guardian, [PH] Falstad Wildhammer, [PH] Gryphon Master Talonaxe, [PH] High Sorcerer Andromath, [PH] Melarith, [PH] Renato Gallina, [PH] Roetten Stonehammer, "Shaky" Phillipe

Updated World Objects: (11)
Arthas' Tears, Blood of Heroes, Briarthorn, Dreamfoil, Pamela's Doll's Head, Pamela's Doll's Left Side, Pamela's Doll's Right Side, Peacebloom, Scourge Cauldron, Silverleaf, Sungrass