Goblin Workshop - Mar 30th Additions

Posted on April 5, 2007, 12:27 AM
New Quests: (106)
[70] The Master's Terrace, [70] Eminence Among the Violet Eye, [70] Bane of the Illidari, [70] Quenching the Blade, [70] The Ata'mal Terrace, [70] Akama's Promise, [70] The Mark of Vashj, [70] The Cudgel of Kar'desh, [70] Digging Up the Past, [70] A Colleague's Aid, [70] Kalynna's Request, [70] The New Directive, [70] Zuluhed the Whacked, [70] Ally of the Netherwing, [69] Illidari-Bane Shard, [64] Fel Orc Plans, [62] News for Rakoria, [60] Festive Recipes, [60] Nat's Measuring Tape, [60] The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria, [60] 5 Tickets - Darkmoon Flower, [60] Restoring Fiery Flux Supplies via Iron, [60] Enchanted South Seas Kelp, [60] Grimand's Finest Work, [60] Ancient Equine Spirit, [60] Manna-Enriched Horse Feed, [60] Blessed Arcanite Barding, [60] The Divination Scryer, [60] Judgment and Redemption, [60] Carnival Boots, [60] Carnival Jerkins, [60] Earned Reverence, [60] A Donation of Wool, [57] The Remains of Trey Lightforge, [57] Umber, Archivist, [57] Uncovering Past Secrets, [56] Betrayed, [56] Betrayed, [55] Morrowgrain to Darnassus, [55] Corrupted Windblossom, [53] Kim'jael's "Missing" Equipment, [52] Return to Tymor, [52] A Better Ingredient, [52] Magic Dust, [52] The Siren's Coral, [52] Destroy Morphaz, [52] Dispelling Evil, [52] Inert Scourgestones, [50] Jonespyre's Request, [50] The Mystery of Morrowgrain, [50] A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!, [48] The Borrower, [48] Insect Part Analysis, [48] Insect Part Analysis, [47] Feralas: A History, [47] The Captain's Chest, [47] Goblin Engineering, [47] Goblin Engineering, [47] Membership Card Renewal, [46] Saving Yenniku, [46] Filling the Soul Gem, [44] Restoring the Necklace, [40] Returning the Cleansed Orb, [40] The Completed Orb of Dar'Orahil, [40] To Ironforge for Yagyin's Digest, [36] Claim Rackmore's Treasure!, [35] Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil, [34] Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe, [33] Broken Tears, [31] In Search of Menara Voidrender, [30] Call of Air, [30] Tome of the Cabal, [30] Call of Air, [28] Ur's Treatise on Shadow Magic, [26] Pristine Spider Silk, [20] News of Dogran, [20] Ken'zigla's Draught, [20] Dogran's Captivity, [20] Love's Gift, [20] The Binding, [20] Devourer of Souls, [20] News of Dogran, [20] Travel to Astranaar, [15] One Shot. One Kill., [12] Redemption, [12] Redemption, [12] Mist, [11] Creature of the Void, [11] The Binding, [10] A Bundle of Hides, [10] Ride to Thunder Bluff, [10] Tal the Wind Rider Master, [10] Return to Jahan, [10] Taming the Beast, [10] Taming the Beast, [10] Training the Beast, [10] Heeding the Call, [10] Muren Stormpike, [10] Heeding the Call, [4] Garments of the Light, ...

New Items: (149)
Aegis of the Vindicator, Archaic Charm of Presence, Barrel-Blade Longrifle, Blessed Tanzanite, Bloodsea Brigand's Vest, Boots of Courage Unending, Cloak of the Pit Stalker, Crystalheart Pulse-Staff, Dazzling Chrysoprase, Deadly Fire Opal, Defiler's Lamellar Spaulders, Durable Fire Opal, Empowered Fire Opal, Enduring Chrysoprase, Ethereum Nexus-Reaver, Eye of Magtheridon, Faceguard of the Endless Watch, Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker, Fathom-Helm of the Deeps, Fathomstone, Fists of the Unrelenting, Foreman's Enchanted Helmet, Forestheart Bracers, Forestwalker Kilt, Girdle of the Invulnerable, Girdle of the Tidal Call, Gladiator's Kodohide Legguards, Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic, Gladiator's Linked Armor, Gladiator's Linked Gauntlets, Gladiator's Linked Helm, Gladiator's Mail Helm, Glaive of the Pit, Glowing Breastplate of Truth, Illidari Shoulderpads, Imperial Tanzanite, Karaborian Talisman, Living Root of the Wildheart, Mysterious Fire Opal, Nimble Fire Opal, Pendant of the Lost Ages, Phoenix-fire Band, Razor-Scale Battlecloak, Ring of Lethality, Ring of Sundered Souls, Rune Covered Chrysoprase, Scarab of Displacement, Serpent-Coil Braid, Serpentshrine Shuriken, Sextant of Unstable Currents, Soul-Eater's Handwraps, Soul-Strider Boots, Spyglass of the Hidden Fleet, Talon of Azshara, Terror Pit Girdle, Thundering Greathelm, Vileblade of the Betrayer, Wildfury Greatstaff, World Breaker, Wyrmscale Greaves, Axe of the Nexus-Kings, Defiler's Lamellar Greaves, Design: Khorium Band of Shadows, Extravagant Boots of Malice, Figurine - Black Diamond Crab, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost, Grand Marshal's Kodohide Tunic, Grand Marshal's Linked Armor, Grand Marshal's Linked Gauntlets, Grand Marshal's Linked Helm, Grand Marshal's Linked Leggings, Grand Marshal's Mail Armor, Grand Marshal's Mail Gauntlets, Grand Marshal's Mail Helm, Grand Marshal's Ringmail Headpiece, Grand Marshal's Satin Hood, Grand Marshal's Wyrmhide Helm, Grand Marshal's Wyrmhide Legguards, Grand Scepter of the Nexus-Kings, High Warlord's Kodohide Tunic, High Warlord's Ornamented Chestplate, High Warlord's Ornamented Gloves, High Warlord's Ornamented Headguard, Knight-Lieutenant's Mail Greaves, Mr. Pinchy, Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion, Schematic: Hyper-Vision Goggles, Sporeggar Smasher, Whistle of the Violet Raptor, Formula: Enchant Boots - Dexterity, 32 Pound Catfish, 68 Pound Grouper, A Short Note, Blessed Arcanite Barding, Book of Forgotten Names, Charger's Lost Soul, Charger's Redeemed Soul, Charred Bone Fragment, Empty Cursed Ooze Jar, ...

New Monsters: (25)
Shadowforge Commander, Siege Golem, Unseen, Captain Gerogg Hammertoe, Young Wavethrasher, Makrinni Snapclaw, Lord Shalzaru, Pilot Xiggs Fuselighter, Xiggs Fuselighter's Flyingmachine, Panzor the Invincible, Hedrum the Creeper, Blackwood Tracker, Marosh the Devious, Ralo'shan the Eternal Watcher, Restless Skeleton, Infernal Target, Netherspite Infernal, Prince Malchezaar's Axes, Image of Medivh, Image of Arcanagos, Arcanagos Spell Dummy, The Crone, Cyclone (The Crone), Invisible Tractor Beam Source, Morcrush Shardling