Goblin Workshop - Apr 27th Additions

Posted on May 2, 2007, 12:31 PM
New Quests: (52)
[70] Imprisoned in the Citadel, [70] Escape from Coilskar Cistern, [70] Bound for Glory, [60] Shy-Rotam, [60] Ivus the Forest Lord, [60] Call of Air - Vipore's Fleet, [60] Rise and Be Recognized, [60] Crystal Cluster, [60] A Donation of Runecloth, [60] A Donation of Mageweave, [60] The Path of the Righteous, [60] Unraveling the Mystery, [60] Medallion of Station, [60] Goldleaf's Discovery, [60] Bor Wildmane, [60] Mace of Unending Life, [60] A Donation of Silk, [59] Still Believing, [56] Starfall, [55] Salve via Mining, [50] Seal of the Earth, [50] Portents of Uldum, [50] Return to Thunder Bluff, [50] A Future Task, [50] The Undermarket, [49] Wandering Shay, [47] The Platinum Discs, [47] The Platinum Discs, [47] Show Your Work, [45] Wild Leather Boots, [45] Wild Leather Leggings, [45] You Too Good., [44] Badlands Reagent Run II, [42] Uldaman Reagent Run, [42] Indurium Ore, [42] Translating the Journal, [42] Translating the Journal, [41] Necklace Recovery, Take 2, [40] To the Undercity for Yagyin's Digest, [40] Forbidden Knowledge, [40] Lieutenant Paval Reethe, [40] Mana Surges, [40] Celestial Power, [38] Daelin's Men, [38] The Deserters, [38] The Deserters, [35] A Sign of Hope, [35] Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil, [25] To the Top, [22] Gerenzo's Orders, [22] Gerenzo's Orders, [1] Simple Letter

New Items: (48)
Vessel of Rebirth, Ancestral Ring of Conquest, Earring of Soulful Meditation, Fang of the Leviathan, Fel Reaver's Piston, Field Marshal's Mail Helm, Fire-Cord of the Magus, Girdle of Fallen Stars, Girdle of the Endless Pit, Grove-Bands of Remulos, Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen, Warlord's Lamellar Faceguard, Belt of Flowing Thought, Blood Guard's Lamellar Gauntlets, Blood Guard's Lamellar Sabatons, Champion's Lamellar Headguard, Champion's Lamellar Shoulders, Design: Khorium Band of Leaves, Legionnaire's Lamellar Breastplate, Legionnaire's Lamellar Leggings, Predatory Gloves, Zandalar Signet of Might, Zandalar Signet of Mojo, Master Hunter's Bow, Pattern: Shadoweave Mask, Pattern: Wild Leather Vest, Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer, Schematic: Discombobulator Ray, Colossal Parachute, Empty Thaumaturgy Vessel, Fine Egg, Glyphed Crystal Prism, Mor'zul's Instructions, Pattern: Dreamscale Breastplate, Sacred Frostsaber Meat, Shay's Bell, Simple Letter, Slimy Bag, Thaumaturgy Vessel Lockbox, Twitching Antenna, Tyr's Hand Holy Water, Unidentified Ore, Untranslated Journal, Vessel of Dragon's Blood, Vipore's Beacon, Yagyin's Digest, Broken Mirror, Pristine Fin

New Monsters: (22)
Antilus the Soarer, Cranky Benj, Nihil the Banished, Perry Gatner, Ever-Core the Punisher, Benevolent Mr. Pinchy, Drisella, Grand Inquisitor Isillien, Overrun Target, Gorishi Egg, Gorishi Grub, Imp in a Ball, Kalin Windflight, Kashoch the Reaver, Mountain Shardling, Nether Portal - Dominance, Nether Portal - Perseverence, Nether Portal - Serenity, Shadikith the Glider, Torloth the Magnificent, Void Zone, Vortex Shardling