Goblin Workshop - May 6th Additions

Posted on May 6, 2005, 11:00 AM
New World Objects: (13)
Artificial Extrapolator, Bauble Container, Bauble Container, Blueleaf Tuber, Bundle of Wood, Defias Gunpowder, Feralas Fishing, Kurzen Supplies, Ooze Covered Mithril Deposit, Serpentbloom, Strange Lockbox, Strange Lockbox, Waterlogged Footlocker

New Quests: (22)
A Crew Under Fire, A Lesson to Learn, A Noble Brew, Aquatic Form, Blood of the Black Dragon Champion, Consecrated Rune (Dwarven Paladin), Curing the Sick, Farren's Proof - Part 2?, Farren's Proof - Part 3?, Farren's Proof - Part 4?, Foul Magics - Part 3?, Gathering the Cure, Hints of a New Plague? - Part 2?, In Search of The Temple, Lessons Anew, Mantles of the Dawn, Power over Poison, Reassignment, Stormwind Ho!, The Principal Source, Trial of the Lake, Trial of the Sea Lion

New Items: (58)
Felheart Robes, Force Reactive Disk, Lawbringer Spaulders, Stormrage Boots, Doomshot, Enchanted Thorium Leggings, Enchanted Thorium Leggings, Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards, Celestial Pauldrons..., Champion's Wall Shield..., Councillor's Boots..., Elegant Boots..., Elemental Ember, Engraved Helm..., Eternal Sarong..., Exalted Legplates..., Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Lesser Shadow Resistance, Formula: Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining, Heroic Gauntlets..., Holy War Sword..., Lofty Armguards..., Major Recombobulator, Pattern: Dark Leather Tunic, Pattern: Dark Leather Tunic, Pattern: Felcloth Boots, Pattern: Green Whelp Armor, Pattern: Wild Leather Helmet, Pattern: Wild Leather Vest, Recipe: Discolored Healing Potion, Renegade Shield of Blocking, Schematic: Portable Bronze Mortar, Supreme Gloves..., Thick Scale Gauntlets..., Triumphant Chestpiece..., Dull Drakefire Amulet, Farren's Report, Filled Dreadmist Peak Sampler, Half Pendant of Aquatic Agility, Half Pendant of Aquatic Endurance, Kodo Horn, Pendant of the Sea Lion, Pendant of the Sea Lion, Sack of Murloc Heads, Shrine Bauble, Techbot's Memory Core, A Treatise on Military Ranks, Blue Skeletal Horse, Empty Sea Snail Shell, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense, Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod, Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod, Prairie Dog Whistle, Prairie Dog Whistle, Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power, Recipe: Free Action Potion

New Monsters: (33)
Ancient Equine Spirit, Bhag, Burning Blade Crusher, Burning Blade Crusher, Captain Vanessa Beltis, Chandu, Colonel Kurzen, Crybaby, Crybaby, Draconic Magelord, Draconic Magelord, Dreamtracker, Dupe Bug, Expeditionary Mountaineer, Expeditionary Priest, Gorzeeki Wildeyes, Gorzeeki Wildeyes, Hive'Zora Waywatcher, Kurzen Shadow Hunter, Kurzen Subchief, Lava Reaver, Lindros, Mechano-Tank, Mor'zul Bloodbringer, Mor'zul Bloodbringer, Namdo Bizzfizzle, Rogue Black Drake, Sergeant Malthus, Simone the Inconspicuous, Snow, Tajarri, Tajarri, The Rot

225 Quests, 895 Items, 1282 Mobs, 73 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (225)
A Bundle of Trouble, A Humble Task - Part I, A Humble Task - Part II, A New Threat, A Recipe for Death - Part II, A Sacred Burial, A Task Unfinished, A Warden of the Horde - (Step 4), Alas, Andorhal, Alien Ecology, Altered Beings, Ammo for Rumbleshot, Apothecary Zamah, Apprentice's Duties - Part 2?, Arugal Must Die, Arugal's Folly, Arugal's Folly - Part IV, Ascension..., Back to Thunder Bluff, Bad Medicine, Battle of Hillsbrad, Beren's Peril, Betrayed, Beware of Pterrordax, Bloodfury Bloodline, Body and Heart, Border Crossings - Part 2?, Boulderslide Ravine, Break Sharptusk! - Part 2?, Bring Back the Mug, Broken Alliances - Part II, Cairne's Hoofprint - (Step 3B), Call of Water - Part 9?, Call to Arms - Part II, Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk, Chapter I - Part 4?, Chapter II - Part 2?, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chasing A-Me 01, Chen's Empty Keg, Children's Week (Horde) - (Step 1), Consumed by Hatred, Cry of the Thunderhawk, Crystals of Power, Cycle of Rebirth - Part 2?, Dalar's Analysis, Dangers of the Windfury, Death From Below, Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, Deepmoss Spider Eggs, Deviate Eradication, Deviate Hides, Disrupt the Attacks, Divino-matic Rod, Down the Coast - Part 2?, Dwarven Outfitters, Echeyakee, Egg Collection, Elemental War, En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, Enraged Thunder Lizards, Expedition Salvation, Fall of Dun Modr, Favor for Krazek, Find OOX-17/TN!, Find OOX-22/FE!, Finding the Shadowy Figure, Free From the Hold, Frostmane Hold, Gahz'rilla, Gateway to the Frontier - (Step 2A), Ghoulish Effigy, Goblin Invaders, Graverobbers - Part 3?, Great Bear Spirit, Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, Hamuul Runetotem, Harpies Threaten, Heeding the Call, Hidden Enemies - Part III, Hints of a New Plague?, Houses of the Holy, Humbert's Sword, In Nightmares, In Search of The Excavation Team, Investigate the Blue Recluse (Mage), Isha Awak, Ishamuhale, Jin'Zil's Forest Magic - Part 2?, Jorn Skyseer, Journey to Astranaar, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, Journey to the Crossroads - Part 2?, Krazek's Cookery, Kurzen's Mystery, Leaders of the Fang, Lightforge Iron, Look to the Stars - Part IV, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lordaeron Throne Room - (Step 2C), Lost Deathstalkers, Lost in Battle, Lost!, Maps and Runes, Melor Sends Word, Message to Freewind Post, Mirror Lake (Mage), Moonglade, Mother's Milk , Mura Runetotem, Nara Wildmane, New Life - Part 2?, Ogre Thieves, Operative Bijou, Order Must Be Restored, Panther Mastery, Panther Mastery - Part 5?, Poison Water, Preparation for Ceremony, Protect the Frontier, Prove Your Worth, Prowlers of the Barrens, Raptor Mastery - Part 3?, Raptor Mastery - Part II, Reclaimed Treasures, Reclaiming Goods, Red Linen Goods, Report to Kadrak, Report to Orgnil, Researching the Corruption - ?, Return to Jahan, Return to Quinn, Rite of Wisdom, Rites of the Earthmother, Rites of the Earthmother - Part II, Rites of the Earthmother - Part III, Rot Hide Clues, Samophlange - Part I, Save Techbot's Brain!, Scalding Mornbrew Delivery, Scarab Shells - Part 2?, Seeking Wisdom, Sergra Darkthorn, Serpentbloom, Sharing The Land, Shizzle's Flyer, Smart Drinks, Soothing Spices, Special Forces - Part 2?, Steelsnap, Stoley's Debt, Sunken Treasure - Part V, Super Sticky, Tabetha's Task, Testing the Vessel, The Angry Scytheclaws, The Argent Hold, The Ashenvale Hunt, The Barrens Oases, The Battle of Darrowshire, The Book of Ur, The Brood of Onyxia, The Brood of Onyxia - Part II, The Brood of Onyxia - Part III, The Corruption Abroad, The Crown of Will - Part II, The Day After, The Decrepit Ferry, The Defense of Grom'gol - Part II, The Demon Scarred Cloak, The Disruption Ends, The Engraved Ring, The Flesh Does Not Lie, The Glowing Shard, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, The Hunt Begins, The Hunter's Way, The Last Element, The Legend of Stalvan - Part 15?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IV, The Madness Within, The Missing Shipment - Part II, The Night Watch - Part III, The Pack Mistress, The Prophecy of Mosh'aru, The Ravaged Caravan - Part II, The Real Threat, The Runed Scroll, The Search Continues, The Second Rebellion, The Shadowy Figure - Part 2?, The Shadowy Search Continues, The Stagnant Oasis, The Stone of the Tides, The Sunken Temple, The Theramore Docks, Thunderhorn Cleansing, Tiara of the Deep, Tiger Mastery - Part 2?, Tiger Mastery - Part 4?, Tiger Mastery - Part 5?, Tinkee Steamboil, To Serve Kum'isha, Troll Temper, Trouble in the Deeps, Until Death Do Us Part, Verdant Note (Druid), Verifying the Corruption, Vorrel's Revenge, Vyletongue Corruption - Part 2?, Wanted: Syndicate Personnel, Water Elementals, Waters of Xavian, Welcome to the Jungle, Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!, Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog, Wild Leather Helmet, Wild Leather Shoulders, Wild Leather Vest, Wildmane Cleansing, Wildmane Totem, Willix the Importer, Winterhoof Cleansing, Ziz Fizziks

Updated Items: (895)
Blackblade of Shahram, Blade of Hanna, Bloodfang Belt, Bloodfang Spaulders, Brain Hacker, Cenarion Spaulders, Core Hound Tooth, Destiny, Drape of Benediction, Earthfury Belt, Earthshaker, Fiery War Axe, Finkle's Lava Dredger, Kang the Decapitator, Lawbringer Belt, Lawbringer Boots, Lawbringer Bracers, Lawbringer Gauntlets, Lawbringer Legplates, Lionheart Helm, Netherwind Mantle, Nightblade, Nightslayer Boots, Nightslayer Bracelets, Nightslayer Pants, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads, Obsidian Edged Blade, Pauldrons of Might, Sapphiron Drape, Stormrage Cover, Stormrage Pauldrons, Taran Icebreaker, Treant's Bane, Typhoon, Arcanite Champion, Arcanite Reaper, Archaic Defender, Barbarous Blade, Barovian Family Sword, Beaststalker's Mantle, Bindings of Elements, Blade of the Titans, Blanchard's Stout, Bloodmoon Cloak, Bloodspiller, Boahn's Fang, Bonebiter, Bonecrusher, Burning War Axe, Cinderhide Armsplints..., Cobalt Crusher, Combatant Claymore, Corpsemaker, Corruption, Crown of Tyranny, Dark Iron Plate, Dark Iron Pulverizer, Deanship Claymore, Death's Clutch, Deathblow, Demonshear, Demonslayer, Dense Triangle Mace, Devout Mantle, Doombringer, Drakefang Butcher, Drakestone..., Dreadforge Retaliator, Dreadmist Mantle, Dregmetal Spaulders, Eldritch Reinforced Legplates, Enchanted Battlehammer, Executioner's Cleaver, First Sergeant's Plate Bracers, Fist of Omokk, Fist of Stone, Flameweave Cuffs..., Foresight Girdle..., Frightskull Shaft, Frostweaver Cape, Gatorbite Axe, Gauntlets of the Sea, Gem-studded Leather Belt, Gizmotron Megachopper, Gordok Bracers..., Gravestone War Axe, Guardian Blade, Hammer of the Grand Crusader, Hammer of the Titans, Heliotrope Cloak, Hellslayer Battle Axe, Helm of Fire, Helm of Valor, Impervious Giant, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Killmaim, Lightforge Helm, Lightforge Legplates, Lightforge Spaulders, Living Leggings, Living Shoulders, Lord Alexander's Battle Axe, Magister's Mantle, Malown's Slam, Mechbuilder's Overalls, Mograine's Might, Night Reaver, Pauldrons of Elements, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Prospector Axe, Pysan's Old Greatsword, Ragehammer, Rakzur Club, Ravager, Relentless Scythe, Royal Seal of Alexis, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Royal Tribunal Cloak, Scarlet Boots, Searing Blade, Seeping Willow, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Shadowcraft Spaulders, Shimmering Platinum Warhammer, Shroud of the Exile, Smite's Mighty Hammer, Spaulders of Valor, Staff of the Blessed Seer, Staff of the Shade, Stone of the Earth, Stoneslayer, Stormshroud Armor, Stormshroud Pants, Stratholme Militia Shoulderguard, Strike of the Hydra, Supercharger Battle Axe, Sword of the Magistrate, Sword of Zeal, Ta'Kierthan Songblade, Tanglemoss Leggings, Taskmaster Axe, The Nicker, The Rockpounder, Thermaplugg's Left Arm, Thornstone Sledgehammer, Toughened Leather Gloves, Truesilver Breastplate, Truesilver Champion, Truesilver Gauntlets, Twig of the World Tree, Unearthed Bands..., Unyielding Maul, Verigan's Fist, Vibroblade, Vice Grips..., Viscous Hammer, Warblade of Caer Darrow, Warmonger, Waveslicer, Whirlwind Axe, Whirlwind Sword, Whirlwind Warhammer, Wildheart Gloves, Wildheart Spaulders, Wildthorn Mail, Witchfury, Wyrmtongue Shoulders, A Mangled Journal, Abjurer's Bands..., Abjurer's Gloves..., Abjurer's Hood..., Abjurer's Pants..., Abjurer's Robe..., Aboriginal Footwraps..., Adventurer's Boots..., Adventurer's Bracers..., Adventurer's Gloves..., Adventurer's Legguards..., Ancient Chestpiece..., Ancient Cloak..., Ancient Greaves..., Ancient War Sword, Angerforge's Battle Axe, Aquamarine Ring..., Arachnidian Girdle..., Arachnidian Gloves..., Arachnidian Legguards..., Arachnidian Pauldrons..., Arced War Axe, Archer's Cap..., Archer's Cloak..., Archer's Gloves..., Archeus, Atal'ai Girdle..., Axe of Orgrimmar, Banded Armor..., Banded Boots..., Banded Helm..., Bandit Boots..., Bandit Gloves..., Bandit Pants..., Barbaric Leggings, Barbaric Shoulders, Barbed Club..., Bard's Boots..., Bard's Bracers..., Bard's Gloves..., Battle Knife..., Battlefield Destroyer..., Battleforge Boots..., Battleforge Cloak..., Battleforge Legguards..., Battleforge Wristguards..., Beaded Britches..., Beastslayer, Beheading Blade..., Big Stick, Big Voodoo Cloak, Big Voodoo Pants, Black Metal Greatsword, Black Metal War Axe, Blackrock Champion's Axe, Block Mallet, Bloodforged Belt..., Bloodforged Gauntlets..., Bloodforged Shield..., Bloodmail Boots, Blue Glittering Axe, Bonecaster's Gloves..., Bonecaster's Sarong..., Bonecaster's Vest..., Bonecracker, Bonelink Belt..., Bonelink Bracers..., Bonelink Sabatons..., Brigade Boots..., Brigade Bracers..., Brigade Gauntlets..., Brigade Girdle..., Brigade Leggings..., Brute Hammer, Brutish Breastplate..., Buccaneer's Bracers..., Buccaneer's Cape..., Buccaneer's Cord..., Cabalist Cloak..., Cabalist Spaulders..., Cadet Leggings..., Captain's Bracers..., Captain's Leggings..., Captain's Shoulderguards..., Carving Knife..., Celestial Handwraps..., Celestial Kilt..., Celestial Slippers..., Celestial Stave, Celestial Tunic..., Champion's Armor..., Champion's Cape..., Chieftain's Cloak..., Chromatic Sword, Colossal Great Axe..., Commander's Gauntlets..., Commander's Pauldrons..., Commander's Vambraces..., Conjurer's Breeches..., Conjurer's Robe..., Conservator Helm, Copper Battle Axe, Corpse Harvester..., Councillor's Cloak..., Councillor's Gloves..., Councillor's Pants..., Councillor's Tunic..., Cowl of Necromancy, Cragwood Maul, Crusader Bow..., Crusader's Armguards..., Crusader's Armor..., Crusader's Boots..., Crusader's Cloak..., Crystal Sword..., Cutthroat's Loincloth..., Dark Espadon..., Dark Leather Belt, Dark Leather Pants, Darkmist Pants..., Darksteel Bastard Sword, Deadly Kris..., Death Striker..., Deathbone Girdle, Deathbone Sabatons, Decapitating Sword..., Demolition Hammer, Demon Guard..., Dervish Bracers..., Dimensional Blade..., Divine Warblade..., Dreadblade..., Durable Bracers..., Durable Cape..., Durable Pants..., Durable Tunic..., Duskwoven Bracers..., Duskwoven Branch..., Duskwoven Gloves..., Duskwoven Pants..., Duskwoven Sash..., Dusky Belt, Dusky Bracers, Dusky Leather Armor, Dwarven Charge, Dwarven Hatchet..., Dwarven Magestaff..., Dwarven Tree Chopper, Ebonclaw Reaver..., Edge of the People's Militia, Elder's Boots..., Elder's Cloak..., Elder's Gloves..., Elder's Robe..., Elegant Belt..., Elegant Bracers..., Elegant Circlet..., Elegant Cloak..., Elegant Leggings..., Elegant Scepter..., Embersilk Bracelets..., Embersilk Cord..., Embersilk Leggings..., Embersilk Robes..., Embossed Leather Boots, Embossed Leather Pants, Embossed Leather Vest, Embossed Plate Bracers..., Emerald Gauntlets..., Emerald Vambraces..., Emil's Brand, Engraved Bracers..., Engraved Gauntlets..., Engraved Leggings..., Essence of Earth, Eternal Boots..., Exalted Epaulets..., Executioner's Sword, Exquisite Flamberge..., Felstone Reaver..., Feral Leggings..., Feral Shoes..., Fine Leather Tunic, Flaming Band..., Fletcher's Gloves, Formidable Bracers..., Fortified Belt..., Fortified Boots..., Fortified Cloak..., Frayed Abomination Stitching, Frost Leather Cloak, Frost Tiger Blade, Gaea's Circlet..., Gaea's Leggings..., Gaea's Tunic..., Gallant Flamberge..., Geomancer's Gloves..., Geomancer's Trousers..., Ghostwalker Bindings..., Ghostwalker Boots..., Ghostwalker Cloak..., Ghostwalker Rags..., Giant Club..., Glacial Stone, Glimmering Flamberge..., Gloom Reaper..., Glorious Belt..., Glorious Headdress..., Glorious Shoulder Pads..., Gloves of the Greatfather, Gnomeregan Amulet..., Goblin Nutcracker..., Goblin Smasher, Golden Iron Destroyer, Gossamer Gloves..., Gossamer Pants..., Gossamer Tunic..., Gothic Shield..., Grand Gauntlets..., Greater Scythe..., Green Iron Gauntlets, Green Leather Belt, Green Leather Bracers, Green Whelp Armor, Greenstone Circle..., Greenweave Cloak..., Greenweave Leggings..., Greenweave Robe..., Greenweave Vest..., Grinning Axe..., Grizzly Jerkin..., Grunt Axe..., Grunt's Bracers..., Gryphon Cloak..., Gryphon Mail Breastplate..., Gryphon Mail Greaves..., Gryphon Mail Legguards..., Guardian Armor, Guardian Belt, Guardian Cloak, Guardian Leather Bracers, Guardian Pants, Gutrender, Gypsy Tunic..., Hacking Cleaver..., Hardened Iron Shortsword, Harpy Needler..., Headbasher, Headhunter's Bands..., Headhunter's Slippers..., Headhunter's Woolies..., Headstriker Sword..., Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Earthen Gloves, Heavy Lamellar Boots..., Heavy Lamellar Leggings..., Heavy Lamellar Vambraces..., Heavy Scorpid Belt, Heavy Scorpid Shoulders, Heavy Spiked Mace, Heirloom Dagger, Heroic Greaves..., Heroic Pauldrons..., Hibernal Sphere, High Councillor's Gloves..., High Councillor's Pants..., Hillman's Leather Gloves, Hillman's Leather Vest, Hillman's Shoulders, Hook Dagger..., Huntsman's Armor..., Huntsman's Leggings..., Hyperion Gauntlets..., Hyperion Greaves..., Impenetrable Cloak..., Impenetrable Gauntlets..., Imperial Plate Belt, Imperial Plate Bracers, Imposing Boots..., Imposing Cape..., Infantry Shield..., Inferno Robe, Infiltrator Cloak..., Ironhide Greaves..., Ironhide Legguards..., Ironwood Maul, Ivory Wand..., Ivycloth Boots..., Ivycloth Pants..., Jade Gauntlets..., Jade Greaves..., Jade Serpentblade, Jadefire Cap..., Jadefire Gloves..., Jazeraint Boots..., Jazeraint Chestguard..., Jazeraint Leggings..., Jet Loop..., Jungle Necklace..., Knight's Boots..., Knight's Legguards..., Lead Band..., Leaden Mace..., Light Leather Pants, Limb Cleaver, Lofty Gauntlets..., Lofty Helm..., Logsplitter, Lord's Armguards..., Lord's Boots..., Lord's Breastplate..., Lord's Cape..., Lumbering Ogre Axe, Lunar Cloak..., Lunar Wand..., Lupine Leggings..., Lupine Vest..., Magician Staff..., Magnificent Cloak..., Marauder's Cloak..., Marsh Chain..., Massacre Sword..., Massive Battle Axe..., Massive Iron Axe, Master's Boots..., Master's Gloves..., Master's Leggings..., Master's Mantle..., Masterwork Boots..., Masterwork Bracers..., Masterwork Pauldrons..., Mechanic's Pipehammer, Medicine Staff..., Merc Sword..., Merciless Gauntlets..., Merciless Surcoat..., Mercurial Bracers..., Mercurial Legguards..., Mighty Gauntlets..., Mighty Helmet..., Mithril Scale Shoulders, Mo'grosh Can Opener, Monstrous War Axe..., Moonsteel Broadsword, Murloc Scale Bracers, Murloc Scale Breastplate, Mystical Armor..., Mystical Bracers..., Mystical Cape..., Mystical Gloves..., Mystical Orb..., Native Pants..., Nightbane Staff, Nightscape Boots, Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Pants, Nightscape Shoulders, Nightscape Tunic, Nightshade Armguards..., Nightshade Cloak..., Nightshade Girdle..., Nightshade Gloves..., Nightshade Leggings..., Nightshade Tunic..., Nimble Leather Gloves, Nobles Brand..., Nocturnal Sash..., Opulent Bracers..., Opulent Leggings..., Opulent Mantle..., Orc Crusher, Orcish War Leggings, Ornate Legguards..., Overlord's Girdle..., Pathfinder Bracers..., Pathfinder Cloak..., Pathfinder Pants..., Pathfinder Vest..., Pattern: Hillman's Leather Vest, Pattern: Red Linen Robe, Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor, Peerless Belt..., Peerless Cloak..., Peerless Gloves..., Peerless Leggings..., Percussion Shotgun..., Phalanx Boots..., Phalanx Headguard..., Pilferer's Gloves, Pillager's Bracers..., Pillager's Gloves..., Pillager's Pauldrons..., Plans: Copper Chain Vest, Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets, Polished Steel Boots, Potent Bands..., Potent Belt..., Potent Helmet..., Praetorian Boots..., Priest's Mace..., Quicksilver Ring..., Radiant Gloves, Rageclaw Chestguard..., Rageclaw Helm..., Raider's Bracers..., Raider's Chestpiece..., Raider's Cloak..., Raincaller Cap..., Raincaller Scepter..., Ranger Cloak..., Ranger Leggings..., Ranger Shoulders..., Raptor Hide Belt, Razor Axe..., Razor Blade..., Red Whelp Gloves, Redridge Machete, Regal Armor..., Regal Leggings..., Regal Star..., Renegade Gauntlets..., Renegade Leggings..., Resplendent Cloak..., Revenant Chestplate..., Rigid Bracelets..., Rigid Leggings..., Rigid Tunic..., Ritual Blade, Ritual Cape..., Ritual Shroud..., Robust Boots..., Robust Bracers..., Robust Gloves..., Robust Helm..., Robust Leggings..., Rock Pulverizer, Royal Scepter..., Runed Copper Breastplate, Runic Leather Belt, Runic Leather Bracers, Runic Leather Pants, Sacrificial Kris..., Sage's Boots..., Sage's Bracers..., Sage's Robe..., Saltstone Legplates..., Saltstone Shoulder Pads..., Samophlange Screwdriver, Scaled Shield..., Scarlet Belt, Scarlet Gauntlets, Scarlet Wristguards, Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite, Schematic: Thorium Shells, Scouting Boots..., Scouting Bracers..., Scouting Cloak..., Searing Golden Blade, Selenium Loop..., Sentinel Cloak..., Sentry's Headdress..., Sentry's Leggings..., Serpentine Loop..., Severing Axe..., Shadow Crescent Axe, Shadowhide Battle Axe, Shadowhide Mace, Shimmering Bracers..., Shin Blade..., Shiver Blade, Siege Bow..., Silver Spade, Skullsplitter, Smashing Star..., Soldier's Armor..., Solid Iron Maul, Solstice Staff..., Sorcerer Robe..., Sorcerer Slippers..., Sparkleshell Cloak..., Sprinter's Sword, Staunch Hammer..., Steadfast Gloves..., Stonecutter Claymore..., Stonewood Hammer, Stormshroud Shoulders, Superior Bracers..., Superior Cloak..., Superior Leggings..., Supreme Cape..., Swashbuckler's Boots..., Swashbuckler's Cape..., Swift Boots, Thaumaturgist Staff..., Thick Murloc Armor, Thick Scale Cloak..., Thick Scale Legguards..., Thistlefur Cap..., Thistlefur Mantle..., Thistlefur Pants..., Thistlefur Robe..., Tough Scorpid Bracers, Tough Scorpid Breastplate, Tough Scorpid Gloves, Tough Scorpid Helm, Tough Scorpid Shoulders, Tracker's Tunic..., Training Sword..., Triumphant Bracers..., Triumphant Girdle..., Trogg Slicer, Truesilver Bar, Tundra Necklace..., Turtle Scale Bracers, Turtle Scale Breastplate, Turtle Scale Gloves, Turtle Scale Helm, Turtle Scale Leggings, Twilight Cape..., Twilight Mantle..., Twin-bladed Axe..., Viking Sword..., Vital Handwraps..., Volcanic Breastplate, Volcanic Leggings, Vorpal Dagger..., Wanderer's Boots..., Wanderer's Bracers..., Wanderer's Cloak..., Wanderer's Gloves..., Wanderer's Shoulders..., War Torn Pants..., Warbringer's Belt..., Warbringer's Crown..., Warmonger's Chestpiece..., Warmonger's Greaves..., Warmonger's Leggings..., Watcher's Cinch..., Wicked Blackjack, Wicked Chain Bracers..., Wicked Leather Headband, Wicked Leather Pants, Will of the Mountain Giant, Willow Bracers..., Wolf Rider's Boots..., Wolf Rider's Padded Armor..., Woodsman Sword, Wrangler's Boots..., Zhovur Axe, Anvilmar Sledge, Azure Feather, Barbaric Harness, Barbecued Buzzard Wing, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Battleworn Hammer, Bearded Axe, Beatstick, Blackmouth Oil, Blue Wedding Hanbok, Blueleaf Tuber, Boiled Clams, Brave's Axe, Brilliant Smallfish, Bristle Whisker Catfish, Broad Axe, Bronze Battle Axe, Bronze Feather, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Warhammer, Bullova, Bundle of Wood, Charger's Shield, Charred Wolf Meat, Claymore, Combustible Wand, Consecrated Rune, Copper Claymore, Coyote Steak, Crab Cake, Cured Heavy Hide, Cured Light Hide, Cured Medium Hide, Dacian Falx, Dark Leather Boots, Dark Leather Cloak, Deathstalker Shortsword, Dig Rat Stew, Dry Pork Ribs, Elixir of Lion's Strength, Elixir of Minor Defense, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Embossed Leather Cloak, Embossed Leather Gloves, Espadon, Filled Red Waterskin, Fizsprocket's Clipboard, Flamberge, Flatland Prowler Claw, Frostmane Staff, Gerenzo's Mechanical Arm, Giant Mace, Gnomish Battle Chicken, Goblin Deviled Clams, Gray Fur Booties, Great Axe, Guardian Gloves, Handstitched Leather Belt, Handstitched Leather Boots, Handstitched Leather Cloak, Handstitched Leather Pants, Handstitched Leather Vest, Harpy Wing Clipper, Heavy Armor Kit, Heavy Copper Maul, Heavy Grinding Stone, Heavy Leather, Heavy Leather Ammo Pouch, Heavy Mageweave Bandage, Heavy Quiver, Hillman's Cloak, Horn of Arra'chea, Hot Lion Chops, Iron Buckle, Large Axe, Large Club, Lesser Healing Potion, Light Armor Kit, Light Leather, Light Leather Bracers, Light Leather Quiver, Lightforge Ingot, Longjaw Mud Snapper, Maul, Medium Armor Kit, Medium Leather, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Minor Rejuvenation Potion, Murloc Head, Murloc Scale Belt, Ogre's Monocle, Orcish War Sword, Practice Sword, Primitive Mantle, Rainbow Fin Albacore, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Raw Sunscale Salmon, Recipe: Big Bear Steak, Recipe: Crocolisk Gumbo, Roasted Boar Meat, Rock Hammer, Rugged Armor Kit, Rugged Leather, Sharp Kitchen Knife, Short Sabre, Slitherskin Mackerel, Small Leather Ammo Pouch, Spiced Wolf Meat, Strider Stew, Tabar, Techbot CPU Shell, Thick Armor Kit, Thick Leather, Toughened Leather Armor, Two-handed Sword, Venom Fern Extract, War Hammer, War Maul, Weak Troll's Blood Potion, Wood Chopper, Wooden Mallet, Worn Battleaxe, Zweihander, Acolyte's Robe, Apprentice's Robe, Battered Mallet, Beaten Battle Axe, Blunt Claymore, Blunting Mace, Cracked Sledge, Crude Bastard Sword, Crude Battle Axe, Cured Rugged Hide, Cured Thick Hide, Egg Nog, Fine Longsword, Gingerbread Cookie, Golden Skeleton Key, Hefty War Axe, Herb Baked Egg, Hot Wolf Ribs, Inlaid Mithril Cylinder, Large War Club, Lean Wolf Steak, Metal Stave, Mystery Stew, Neophyte's Robe, Oaken War Staff, Old Greatsword, Overlinked Chain Boots, Pattern: Blue Linen Robe, Pattern: White Wedding Dress, Quickdraw Quiver, Radiant Breastplate, Recipe: Carrion Surprise, Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail, Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili, Recipe: Jungle Stew, Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper, Recipe: Monster Omelet, Recipe: Roasted Kodo Meat, Recipe: Smoked Bear Meat, Recipe: Strider Stew, Rock Maul, Rusty Warhammer, Scorpid Surprise, Shiny War Axe, Short-handled Battle Axe, Small Dagger, Spiked Dagger, Tapered Greatsword, Thick Leather Ammo Pouch, Wooden Maul, Big Bear Steak, Golden Rod

Updated Mobs: (1282)
"Sea Wolf" MacKinley, Abe Winters, Abercrombie, Abigail Sawyer, Abigail Shiel, Acolyte Dellis, Adair Gilroy, Adam Lind, Addled Leper, Adult Plainstrider, Aean Swiftriver, Aedis Brom, Agam'ar, Ahanu, Alchemist Arbington, Aldwin Laughlin, Alexandre Lefevre, Alexia Ironknife, Algernon, Alowicious Czervik, Alzzin the Wildshaper, Alzzin's Minion, Ambassador Malcin, Ancient Core Hound, Andrea Boynton, Andrew Hilbert, Angerclaw Mauler, Anguished Dead, Ansekhwa, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Soldier, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Lydon, Apothecary Renferrel, Apothecary Vallia, Apothecary Zinge, Apprentice Honeywell, Aranae Venomblood, Arcane Nullifier X-21, Arcanist Doan, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Archibald, Arena Spectator, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Hasana, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Argent Rider, Ariena Stormfeather, Arkkoran Clacker, Arkkoran Muckdweller, Arkkoran Pincer, Armored Scorpid, Arthur Moore, Aska Mistrunner, Astor Hadren, Atepa, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Kresky, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Wabang, Auld Stonespire, Austil de Mon, Awenasa, Azurous, Bael'dun Appraiser, Bael'dun Digger, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Foreman, Bailey Stonemantle, Barkeep Hann, Barkeep Morag, Baron Longshore, Baron Rivendare, Baron Silverlaine, Baroness Anastari, Barrens Guard, Bartolo Ginsetti, Bashana Runetotem, Basil Frye, Befouled Water Elemental, Benijah Fenner, Berserk Owlbeast, Bibilfaz Featherwhistle, Bile Spewer, Biletoad, Billibub Cogspinner, Black Guard Sentry, Black Rat, Black Widow Hatchling, Blackened Ancient, Blackened Basilisk, Blackhand Assassin, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Warlock, Blackwater Deckhand, Blaise Montgomery, Blazing Fireguard, Bleeding Horror, Blighthound, Blind Mary, Blood Elf Reclaimer, Bloodaxe Evoker, Bloodaxe Raider, Bloodaxe Summoner, Bloodaxe Veteran, Bloodaxe Warmonger, Bloodaxe Worg, Bloodaxe Worg Pup, Bloodfen Razormaw, Bloodfen Scytheclaw, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Roguefeather, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodhound, Bloodmage Thalnos, Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Axe Thrower, Bloodscalp Berserker, Bloodscalp Headhunter, Bloodscalp Hunter, Bloodscalp Mystic, Bloodscalp Scavenger, Bloodscalp Scout, Bloodscalp Warrior, Bloodscalp Witch Doctor, Bloodsnout Worg, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bluegill Murloc, Bluegill Puddlejumper, Bluegill Raider, Bluegill Warrior, Bluff Runner Windstrider, Bluffwatcher, Booty Bay Bruiser, Boss Tho'grun, Boulderfist Brute, Bounty Hunter Kolark, Brain Eater, Brave Moonhorn, Brek Stonehoof, Brewmaster Drohn, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brom Killian, Brother Nimetz, Bulkrek Ragefist, Bunthen Plainswind, Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Burning Blade Bruiser, Burning Blade Fanatic, Burning Destroyer, Burning Felhound, Burning Imp, Burning Ravager, Buzzard, Cairne Bloodhoof, Caliph Scorpidsting, Calor, Camp Mojache Brave, Cannoneer Whessan, Captain Fairmount, Captain Greenskin, Captain Halyndor, Captain Kromcrush, Captain Melrache, Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun, Carlin Redpath, Carrion Lurker, Carrion Swarmer, Carrion Vulture, Cave Yeti, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Pillager, Cedrik Prose, Charlga Razorflank, Charred Ancient, Chemist Cuely, Chepi, Chicken, Chillwind Chimaera, Chillwind Ravager, Chimaera Matriarch, Cho'Rush the Observer, Christoph Faral, Christopher Drakul, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chucky "Ten Thumbs", Clarice Foster, Clarise Gnarltree, Clerk Daltry, Cliff Breaker, Cliff Thunderer, Cliff Walker, Coleman Farthing, Commander Springvale, Cookie, Cor Grimtotem, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Kaleb, Corrupted Scorpid, Cow, Crag Boar, Crag Stalker, Craig Hewitt, Cresting Exile, Crushridge Brute, Crypt Beast, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Marine, Cursed Sailor, Dabyrie Laborer, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Daggerspine Marauder, Daggerspine Raider, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Daggerspine Shorestalker, Daggerspine Siren, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dalin Forgewright, Dan Golthas, Daniel Bartlett, Dannie Fizzwizzle, Darbel Montrose, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Watchman, Darkfang Lurker, Darkfang Spider, Daryl Stack, Davitt Hickson, Dawn Brightstar, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Deadwood Warrior, Death Lash, Death Speaker Jargba, Death's Head Cultist, Death's Head Priest, Death's Head Sage, Death's Head Seer, Deathguard Burgess, Deathguard Cyrus, Deathguard Humbert, Deathguard Lawrence, Deathguard Mort, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Samsa, Deathstalker Adamant, Deathsworn Captain, Decrepit Darkhound, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deer, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Enchanter, Defias Evoker, Defias Miner, Defias Night Blade, Defias Night Runner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pirate, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Watchman, Defias Wizard, Delia Verana, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Stinglash, Deviate Viper, Devrak, Dig Rat, Dire Mottled Boar, Disciple of Naralex, Diseased Black Bear, Dishu, Doctor Marsh, Doctor Martin Felben, Doomforge Craftsman, Doras, Doyo'da, Dranh, Drovnar Strongbrew, Druid of the Fang, Drywallow Vicejaw, Drywhisker Digger, Drywhisker Kobold, Drywhisker Surveyor, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dungar Longdrink, Durtham Greldon, Duskwing, Dustbelcher Mauler, Dustbelcher Mystic, Dustwind Harpy, Edward Remington, Edwin Harly, Edwin VanCleef, Edwina Monzor, Elder Cloud Serpent, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Mottled Boar, Elder Mystic Razorsnout, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shardtooth, Eldreth Apparition, Eldreth Phantasm, Eldreth Spectre, Eldreth Spirit, Eleanor Rusk, Electrocutioner 6000, Elemental Slave, Emerald Whelpling, Emmithue Smails, Executor Zygand, Eye of Naxxramas, Fel Lash, Fel Steed, Felicia Doan, Felika, Fenwick Thatros, Feral Crag Coyote, Feral Mountain Lion, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Fineous Darkvire, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Grunt, Firebrand Invoker, Firemane Flamecaller, Firemane Scalebane, First Mate Fitzsimmons, Flameguard, Flamekin Torcher, Flatland Prowler, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flesh Eater, Flesh Eating Worm, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Forest Moss Creeper, Forsaken Bodyguard, Freewind Brave, Frenzied Plaguehound, Frezza, Frog, Frostsaber Stalker, Frostwolf Battleguard, Fuzruckle, Fyr Mistrunner, Galak Centaur, Galak Flame Guard, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Outrunner, Galak Stormer, Galak Windchaser, Gammerita, Gamon, Gann Stonespire, Garr, Gavin Gnarltree, Gaxim Rustfizzle, Gazrog, Geoffrey Hartwell, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Ghoul Ravener, Giant Buzzard, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Grizzled Bear, Giant Moss Creeper, Giant Plains Creeper, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk, Gibbering Ghoul, Gillian Moore, Gilnid, Gimrizz Shadowcog, Gizrul the Slavener, Glasshide Basilisk, Glasshide Gazer, Glassweb Spider, Glorin Steelbrow, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Gobbler, Goblin Craftsman, Goblin Engineer, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Godan, Goma, Goraluk Anvilcrack, Gordok Bushwacker, Gordok Hyena, Gordok Mage-Lord, Gordok Mastiff, Gordok Mauler, Gordok Ogre-Mage, Gordon Wendham, Gorm Grimtotem, Gorn One Eye, Graud, Grave Robber, Gravelsnout Digger, Graw Cornerstone, Gray Bear, Gray Forest Wolf, Greater Duskbat, Greater Plainstrider, Green Skeletal Warhorse, Green Sludge, Gregor Greystone, Grenthar, Grim Patron, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Sorcerer, Gringer, Grinning Dog, Grish Longrunner, Grod, Grom'gol Grunt, Grunt Mojka, Gryth Thurden, Guard Slip'kik, Guillaume Sorouy, Gunther Weller, Gutspill, Gwyn Farrow, Haggard Refugee, Halpa, Halycon, Hamlin Atkins, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Grunt, Hammerfall Guardian, Hammerfall Peon, Hanashi, Hannah Bladeleaf, Hans Zandin, Harbinger Balthazad, Hare, Hargin Mundar, Harlo Barnaby, Haunted Servitor, Haunting Phantasm, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Stalker, Helena Atwood, Herble Baubbletump, Herod, Hezrul Bloodmark, Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Hadrec, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, High Inquisitor Whitemane, High Priest Thel'danis, Highland Fleshstalker, Highland Strider, Highland Thrasher, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Highlord Omokk, Highperch Consort, Hillsbrad Farmer, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hive'Regal Spitfire, Hive'Zora Reaver, Holgar Stormaxe, Honor Guard, Horde Guard, Horde Orphan, Horizon Scout Crewman, Houndmaster Loksey, Hraq, Hula'mahi, Hulking Mountain Lion, Human Orphan, Hungering Wraith, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Sagewind, Hunter Thunderhorn, Hydrospawn, Ice Claw Bear, Ice Thistle Patriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Infected Deer, Infernal, Innkeeper Adegwa, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Farley, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Helbrek, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Shay, Innkeeper Trelayne, Innkeeper Wiley, Insane Ghoul, Interrogator Vishas, Ironbark the Redeemed, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Irontree Stomper, Ironzar, Irradiated Invader, Isha Awak, Jade Ooze, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Felsworn, Jadefire Satyr, Jadefire Trickster, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Guardian, Jahan Hawkwing, Jarkal Mossmeld, Jarund Stoutstrider, Jason Lemieux, Jason Mathers, Jed Runewatcher, Jenova Stoneshield, Jeremiah Payson, Jessica Redpath, Jhag, Jitters, Johan Focht, John Burnside, Jon-Jon the Crow, Jonathan Carevin, Jonathan Chambers, Jorb, Joseph Moore, Justine Demalier, Juvenile Snow Leopard, Jyn Stonehoof, Kaela Shadowspear, Kaga Mistrunner, Kah Mistrunner, Kaja, Kamari, Kargal Battlescar, Kargath Grunt, Karos Razok, Karus, Kayren Soothallow, Keena, Keeper Bel'dugur, Keldran, Kelsuwa, Ken'zigla, Khaelyn Steelwing, Kil'hala, Killian Hagey, Kinelory, King Gordok, Kirge Sternhorn, Kiro, Kithas, Kitta Firewind, Kobold Geomancer, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Wrangler, Komin Winterhoof, Kor'kron Elite, Korin Fel, Korran, Kozish, Kraul Bat, Kreenig Snarlsnout, Krusk, Kulwia, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kurm Stonehoof, Kurzen Commando, Kurzen Elite, Kurzen Headshrinker, Kurzen Jungle Fighter, Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen Witch Doctor, Kym Wildmane, Lady Anacondra, Lake Thresher, Large Crag Boar, Lashtail Raptor, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Annihilator, Lava Elemental, Lava Spawn, Lavinia Crowe, Lee Brown, Legashi Hellcaller, Legashi Rogue, Legashi Satyr, Leo Sarn, Leonard Porter, Leprous Machinesmith, Leprous Technician, Lesser Rock Elemental, Lesser Water Elemental, Lethtendris, Lightning Hide, Lilliam Sparkspindle, Lingering Highborne, Lizzarik, Lolo the Lookout, Lord Incendius, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lord Pythas, Lord Serpentis, Lorelae Wintersong, Lost Barrens Kodo, Lost One Fisherman, Lost One Hunter, Lost One Riftseeker, Lumak, Lunaclaw, Mabel Solaj, Mad Magglish, Madame Eva, Maethrya, Magatha Grimtotem, Magenius, Maggran Earthbinder, Magister Kalendris, Magistrate Sevren, Magma Elemental, Magus Wordeen Voidglare, Mai'Lahii, Major Samuelson, Mak, Malakai Cross, Malcomb Wynn, Maleki the Pallid, Mallen Swain, Mana Remnant, Mangled Cadaver, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Wolf, Marcus Bel, Marda Weller, Marez Cowl, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Murloc, Marsh Oracle, Marshal Haggard, Marshal Redpath, Matt, Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins, Mazen Mac'Nadir, Mebok Mizzyrix, Mechanized Sentry, Mechano-Flamewalker, Mechano-Frostwalker, Melika Isenstrider, Melisara, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Merill Pleasance, Mesa Buzzard, Michael Garrett, Miles Welsh, Mirefin Murloc, Mirefin Puddlejumper, Mistvale Gorilla, Mobile Alert System, Molten Destroyer, Molten Giant, Monika Sengutz, Monstrous Plaguebat, Moonglade Warden, Moonrage Darkrunner, Moonrage Darksoul, Moonrage Glutton, Moonrage Watcher, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moontouched Owlbeast, Mooranta, Mor'Ladim, Mor'rogal, Morg Gnarltree, Morgum, Morta'gya the Keeper, Mortimer Montague, Mosh'Ogg Warmonger, Mother Smolderweb, Mottled Drywallow Crocolisk, Mottled Worg, Mountain Cougar, Mountaineer Kalmir, Mr. Smite, Mudrock Borer, Mudrock Snapjaw, Muigin, Mura Runetotem, Murk Slitherer, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Forager, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Shorestriker, Murloc Tidecaller, Mutanus the Devourer, My'lanna, Nadia Vernon, Naela Trance, Nan Mistrunner, Naralex, Nargal Deatheye, Nata Dawnstrider, Nathanos Blightcaller, Needles Cougar, Nida Winterhoof, Night Watch Guard, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightbane Shadow Weaver, Nightbane Vile Fang, Nightbane Worgen, Nightlash, Nissa Firestone, Nyse, Oasis Snapjaw, Odo the Blindwatcher, Officer Areyn, Oliver Dwor, Orcish Orphan, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ornery Plainstrider, Orphan Matron Battlewail, Osborne the Night Man, Overlord Ramtusk, Overlord Runthak, Overlord Wyrmthalak, Overwatch Mark I, Panther, Patchwork Horror, Patrice Dwyer, Patrick Garrett, Pawe Mistrunner, Peacekeeper Security Suit, Pesterhide Hyena, Petrified Treant, Phase Lasher, Pilot Stonegear, Pimgib, Pithwick, Plague Ghoul, Plague Spreader, Plaguebat, Plagued Insect, Plagued Maggot, Plagued Rat, Plains Creeper, Plainstrider, Prairie Stalker, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Primitive Owlbeast, Private Merle, Private Thorsen, Privateer Groy, Prospector Khazgorm, Pterrordax, Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Pygmy Tide Crawler, Pygmy Venom Web Spider, Pyroguard Emberseer, Quae, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quinn Yorick, Rabbit, Rabid Dire Wolf, Raena Flinthammer, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragon Guard, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Fire Tongue, Ragereaver Golem, Ragged Timber Wolf, Ragged Young Wolf, Raging Agam'ar, Raging Owlbeast, Rahauro, Rallic Finn, Ramstein the Gorger, Rand Rhobart, Randal Hunter, Randolph Montague, Rane Yorick, Ranger, Ranshalla, Raptor, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Ravaged Cadaver, Ravaged Corpse, Ravasaur Runner, Ravenclaw Drudger, Ravenclaw Servant, Ravenclaw Slave, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorfen Battleguard, Razorfen Defender, Razorfen Dustweaver, Razorfen Earthbreaker, Razorfen Geomancer, Razorfen Groundshaker, Razorfen Handler, Razorfen Quilguard, Razorfen Servitor, Razorfen Spearhide, Razorfen Stalker, Razorfen Thornweaver, Razorfen Warden, Razormane Battleguard, Razormane Defender, Razormane Geomancer, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Mystic, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razormane Seer, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Water Seeker, Rebecca Laughlin, Rebel Watchman, Redridge Mongrel, Refuge Pointe Defender, Reggifuz, Reginald Grimsford, Remy "Two Times", Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rethilgore, Reyna Stonebranch, Rhahk'Zor, Rhinag, Ridge Huntress, Riverpaw Mystic, Roach, Robert Aebischer, Roc, Rock Stalker, Rogue Flame Spirit, Roogug, Rookery Whelp, Rot Hide Gladerunner, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Mystic, Rothos, Rotted One, Rotting Dead, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rumbling Exile, Sage Truthseeker, Sagorne Creststrider, Saltstone Gazer, Saltwater Crocolisk, Saltwater Snapjaw, Samantha Swifthoof, Sana, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sanuye Runetotem, Sarah Goode, Sarah Killian, Sark Ragetotem, Sarok, Savage Owlbeast, Savannah Highmane, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Prowler, Sawfin Frenzy, Sawtooth Crocolisk, Sawtooth Snapper, Scalding Broodling, Scarlet Abbot, Scarlet Adept, Scarlet Augur, Scarlet Beastmaster, Scarlet Bodyguard, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Champion, Scarlet Chaplain, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Scarlet Conjuror, Scarlet Defender, Scarlet Disciple, Scarlet Diviner, Scarlet Evoker, Scarlet Gallant, Scarlet Guardsman, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Monk, Scarlet Myrmidon, Scarlet Preserver, Scarlet Protector, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Scryer, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Soldier, Scarlet Sorcerer, Scarlet Torturer, Scarlet Tracking Hound, Scarlet Trainee, Scarlet Vanguard, Scarlet Wizard, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Raider, Scarshield Sentry, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scarshield Warlock, Scarshield Worg, Scorpid Tail Lasher, Scourge Guard, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Screeching Roguefeather, Searing Ghoul, Searing Lava Spider, Searing Whelp, Searscale Drake, Sebastian Meloche, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seeker Thompson, Sen'jin Watcher, Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser, Sergeant Yohwa, Serpentbloom Snake, Servant of Azora, Sewa Mistrunner, Shadethicket Bark Ripper, Shadethicket Stone Mover, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadowfang Glutton, Shadowfang Ragetooth, Shadowforge Peasant, Shadowmaw Panther, Shakes O'Breen, Sheal Runetotem, Shelene Rhobart, Shen'dralar Wisp, Short John Mithril, Shreev, Shrieking Banshee, Sickly Refugee, Sikwa, Silt Crawler, Silvermane Stalker, Silverpine Deathguard, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Executioner, Skeletal Fiend, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Healer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Raider, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Warder, Skeletal Warlord, Skeletal Warrior, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Mystic, Skullsplitter Warrior, Slavering Ghoul, Sleeby, Slimeshell Makrura, Sloan McCoy, Small Crag Boar, Smolderthorn Axe Thrower, Smolderthorn Berserker, Smolderthorn Headhunter, Smolderthorn Mystic, Smolderthorn Seer, Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Priest, Smolderthorn Witch Doctor, Snapjaw, Sneed, Sneed's Shredder, Snow Leopard, Snowshoe Rabbit, Soleil Stonemantle, Somnus, Son of Arugal, Soran, Sorrow Spinner, Soulless Ghoul, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southsea Cutthroat, Southshore Guard, Sparkleshell Snapper, Spire Scarab, Spire Scorpid, Spire Spider, Spire Spiderling, Spirestone Battle Mage, Spirestone Enforcer, Spirestone Mystic, Spirestone Ogre Magus, Spirestone Reaver, Spirestone Warlord, Spitelash Battlemaster, Spitelash Enchantress, Spitelash Siren, Spitelash Warrior, Splinter Fist Fire Weaver, Splinter Fist Ogre, Splinter Fist Taskmaster, Splinter Fist Warrior, Sprite Jumpsprocket, Sputtervalve, Squibby Overspeck, Stalvan Mistmantle, Starving Mountain Lion, Steven Black, Stitched Horror, Stonard Explorer, Stonard Hunter, Stonard Scout, Stonard Shaman, Stonelash Flayer, Stonevault Bonesnapper, Storm Bay Warrior, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stranglethorn Raptor, Stranglethorn Tiger, Suffering Victim, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Screecher, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Sura Wildmane, Sven Yorgen, Swamp Jaguar, Swamp Talker, Swift Orange Raptor, Swift White Mechanostrider, Syndicate Conjuror, Syndicate Magus, Syndicate Prowler, Tabetha, Tah Winterhoof, Tally Berryfizz, Taloned Swoop, Tammra Windfield, Tand, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Tarantula, Tari'qa, Tarn, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taur Stonehoof, Tavernkeep Smitts, Tawny Grisette, Techbot, Teg Dawnstrider, Tempered War Golem, Tendris Warpwood, Thaddeus Webb, Tharlidun, Tharm, Theocritus, Theodore Mont Claire, Theramore Deserter, Theramore Guard, Theramore Infiltrator, Theramore Marine, Theramore Preserver, Theramore Sentry, Theresa, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thistleshrub Dew Collector, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thora Feathermoon, Thork, Thunderhawk Cloudscraper, Thunderhawk Hatchling, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Patriarch, Thundering Exile, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Timbermaw Den Watcher, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Pathfinder, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Ursa, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Warrior, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timothy Weldon, Toad, Tog Rustsprocket, Tonga Runetotem, Tor'gan, Torn, Torn Fin Coastrunner, Torn Fin Oracle, Torn Fin Tidehunter, Town Crier, Traugh, Tunkk, Twain, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Geolord, Umber, Un'Goro Gorilla, Un'Goro Stomper, Una, Undercity Guardian, Unknown Entity, Unliving Mossflayer, Unseen Servant, Urda, Urok Doomhowl, Urok Enforcer, Urok Ogre Magus, Ursyn Ghull, Uthrok, Valdred Moray, Vampiric Duskbat, Velma Warnam, Velora Nitely, Venom Mist Lurker, Venomous Cloud Serpent, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co. Builder, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Enforcer, Venture Co. Foreman, Venture Co. Geologist, Venture Co. Laborer, Venture Co. Machine Smith, Venture Co. Mechanic, Venture Co. Mercenary, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Strip Miner, Venture Co. Supervisor, Venture Co. Surveyor, Venture Co. Tinkerer, Venture Co. Worker, Verdan the Everliving, Verdantine Boughguard, Verdantine Oracle, Verdantine Tree Warder, Vicious Gray Bear, Vicious Owlbeast, Vile Fin Lakestalker, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Vorrel Sengutz, Wailing Banshee, Wailing Death, Walter Ellingson, Wandering Spirit, War Master Voone, War Reaver, Warbringer Construct, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Ward Guardian, Warlord Krellian, Warosh, Warpwood Crusher, Warpwood Guardian, Warpwood Stomper, Wastewander Thief, Watcher Backus, Watcher Bukouris, Watcher Dodds, Watcher Fraizer, Watcher Gelwin, Watcher Keefer, Watcher Ladimore, Watcher Thayer, Wendigo, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Whip Lasher, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Imp, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildthorn Venomspitter, William Montague, Winna Hazzard, Wiry Swoop, Witch Doctor Mau'ari, Witch Doctor Uzer'i, Witchwing Windcaller, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Bloodling, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Headhunter, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Troll, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Witherbark Zealot, Withervine Creeper, Withervine Mire Beast, Wizzlecrank's Shredder, Woodsman, Worg, Wrahk, Wrathtail Myrmidon, Wyrmkin Dreamwalker, XT:4, XT:9, Yenniku, Young Black Bear, Young Black Ravager, Young Chimaera, Young Diemetradon, Young Mesa Buzzard, Young Panther, Young Reef Crawler, Young Stranglethorn Raptor, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Wendigo, Zachariah Post, Zangen Stonehoof, Zanzil Hunter, Zanzil Naga, Zanzil Skeleton, Zanzil the Outcast, Zanzil Witch Doctor, Zanzil Zombie, Zapetta, Zarise, Zazo, Zevrim Thornhoof, Zhevra Charger, Zhevra Runner, Zikkel, Zzarc' Vul

Updated World Objects: (73)
Ambercorn, Ammo Crate, Arena Treasure Chest, Battered Chest, Bloodpetal Sprout, Blue Power Crystal, Box of Assorted Parts, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Captain's Footlocker, Chen's Empty Keg, Copper Vein, Crate of Foodstuffs, Crate with Holes, Crossroads' Supply Crates, Dark Iron Ale Mug, Dark Iron Deposit, Doan's Strongbox, Dreamfoil, Drizzlik's Emporium, Dusty Spellbooks, Earthroot, Felix's Box, Felix's Bucket of Bolts, Felix's Chest, Felvine Shard, Food Crate, Fragile - Do Not Drop, Gaea Seed, Giant Clam, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Gordok Tribute, Grave Moss, Green Power Crystal, Half-Buried Bottle, Iron Deposit, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Laden Mushroom, Large Battered Chest, Large Iron Bound Chest, Large Solid Chest, Lesser Bloodstone Deposit, Liferoot, Mageroyal, Marshal Haggard's Chest, Mithril Deposit, Peacebloom, Purple Lotus, Red Power Crystal, Research Equipment, Rich Thorium Vein, Silver Vein, Silverleaf, Small Thorium Vein, Snufflenose Command Sticks, Snufflenose Owner's Manual, Solid Chest, Stolen Silver, Storage Chest, Stranglekelp, Supply Crate, Tin Vein, Truesilver Deposit, Un'Goro Dirt Pile, Water Barrel, Water Pitcher, Weapon Crate, Well Stone, Wild Steelbloom, Yellow Power Crystal