Goblin Workshop - May 31st Additions

Posted on May 31, 2006, 09:42 AM
New Items: (2)
Sealed Venom Container, Silithus Venom Sample

416 Quests, 715 Items, 1808 Mobs, 101 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (416)
[50] A Boar's Vitality, [9] A Bundle of Trouble, [35] A Daughter's Love, [10] A Fishy Peril, A Grim Task, [16] A Lesson to Learn, [20] A Lost Master, [45] A New Cloak's Sheen, [29] A New Ore Sample, [2] A New Threat, [55] A Plague Upon Thee (Alliance), [3] A Refugee's Quandary, [55] A Strange Red Key, A Strange Request, [10] A Swift Message, [58] A Taste of Flame, [6] A Troubling Breeze, [60] Abyssal Contacts, [43] Akiris by the Bundle, [60] Alas, Andorhal - Part 2?, Alien Egg, [6] Ammo for Rumbleshot, [60] An Earnest Proposition, [36] An Unholy Alliance - Part II, [60] Apprentice's Duties - Part 2?, [60] Araj's Scarab - Part 4?, [60] Arathi Basin Resources! (Alliance), Are We There, Yeti?, Are We There, Yeti?, [29] Armed and Ready, [60] Attunement to the Core, [56] Auntie Marlene - Part 2?, [58] Azsharite, [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings, [60] Barov Family Fortune (Alliance), [60] Bartolo's Yeti Fur Cloak, [13] Bashal'Aran - Part IV, [19] Battle of the Gulch, [7] Beer Basted Boar Ribs, [4] Beginnings - Part 2?, [35] Bloodscalp Ears, [60] Breaking the Code, [42] Breaking the Keystone, [58] Breaking the Ward, Breastplate of Bloodthirst, [5] Bring Back the Mug, [50] Broken Alliances, [31] Brotherhood's End, Cap of the Scarlet Savant, [17] Cave Mushrooms, [31] Centaur Bounty - Part 2?, Claim Rackmore's Treasure!, [35] Clam Bait, [45] Clamlette Surprise, [22] Claws from the Deep, [16] Cleansing of the Infected, [10] Cloth and Leather Armor, Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery - Part II, [40] Colonel Kurzen, [52] Commander Gor'shak, Concerted Efforts, [20] Consumed by Hatred, [51] Corruption of Earth and Seed, [60] Costly Menace, [9] Crown of the Earth, Culling the Threat, [14] Curing the Sick - Part 2?, [23] Cycle of Rebirth, [52] Dark Iron Legacy, [60] Dead Man's Plea, [55] Deadly Desert Venom, [20] Deepmoss Spider Eggs, [57] Desert Recipe, [10] Discover Rolf's Fate - Part 2?, [56] Disharmony of Fire, [52] Disharmony of Flame, [60] Doomrigger's Clasp, [55] Dousing the Flames of Protection - Part 2?, [39] Down the Scarlet Path - Part 4?, [54] Dragonkin Menace, [52] Dreadmaul Rock, [36] Dream Dust in the Swamp - Part 2?, [10] Dungar Longdrink, [1] Dwarven Outfitters, [60] Egg Freezing, [60] Elven Legends, [59] En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, [58] Enchanted Azsharite Fel Weaponry, [35] Encrusted Tail Fins, [30] Essential Artificials, [53] Expedition Salvation, [50] Fall From Grace, [25] Fall of Dun Modr, [60] Fallen Sky Lords (Alliance), [60] Fallen Sky Lords (Horde), [56] Falling to Corruption, [32] Farren's Proof - Part 2?, [32] Farren's Proof - Part 3?, [60] Field Duty, [20] Fiora Longears, [28] Fire Hardened Mail (Warrior), Fire Plume Forged - Part 2?, [60] Flint Shadowmore, [60] For Great Honor, Fruit of the Sea, Fueling the War Effort, [9] Furlbrow's Deed, [54] Further Corruption, Further Mysteries, [4] Garments of the Moon (Night Elf Priest), [14] Gathering the Cure (Alliance Druid), [27] Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, [27] Ghoulish Effigy, [60] Glyph Chasing, Glyphic Memorandum, [6] Gnarlpine Corruption, [27] Gnogaine, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part 5?, [52] Good Luck Charm, [58] Grark Lorkrub, [28] Grimtotem Spying, [30] Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, [38] Hand of Iruxos, [26] Harpies Threaten, [52] Haze of Evil, [56] Heroes of Darrowshire, [57] Heroes of Old, [33] Hints of a New Plague?, [60] Hoary Templar, [60] Honor the Dead, [36] Hostile Takeover, [60] Houses of the Holy, [14] How Big a Threat?, [25] Howling in the Hills, [55] Hurley Blackbreath, Hypercapacitor Gizmo, [55] In Eranikus' Own Words, [4] In Favor of Elune, [24] In Search of The Excavation Team, [60] In Search of the Excavation Team - Part II, [40] In the Name of the Light - Part 2?, [56] Incendius!, [39] Indurium, [21] Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun - Part II, [51] Into the Depths, [60] Into The Maw of Madness, [42] Into The Scarlet Monastery, [60] Invaders of Alterac, [32] Investigate the Camp, [37] Ironband Wants You!, [55] Irondeep Supplies (Alliance), [56] It's Dangerous to Go Alone, [31] Items of Some Consequence, [4] Iverron's Antidote - Part 3?, [53] Jammal'an the Prophet, [18] Jorn Skyseer, [60] Journey to the Marsh, [59] Kharan Mighthammer, [59] Kibler's Exotic Pets, [52] KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves, [58] Kirith, [22] Leaders of the Fang, Leggings of Arcana - Part 2?, [14] Lessons Anew, [57] Lethtendris's Web, [57] Lethtendris's Web - Part 2?, [60] Letter to Stormpike, [29] Lightforge Iron, [54] Linken's Memory, [55] Little Pamela - Part 2?, [57] Loramus, [20] Lost in Battle, [55] Lost Thunderbrew Recipe, [55] Lost!, Magram Alliance - Part 2?, [27] Mahren Skyseer, [32] Malin's Request, [60] Marauders of Darrowshire, [54] Marshal Windsor, [30] Melor Sends Word, [60] Mother's Milk , [38] Mudrock Soup and Bugs - Part 2?, Mystery Goo, [45] Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme, [60] Natural Defenses, [50] Natural Materials, [25] New Life - Part 2?, [57] Noggle's Last Hope, Noggle's Lost Satchel, [31] Northfold Manor, [57] Of Forgotten Memories, Ogre Thieves, [55] One Draenei's Junk..., [10] Onin's Report, [60] Only One May Rise, Operative Bijou, Ordanus, [60] Order Must Be Restored, [24] Ormer's Revenge, [29] Ormer's Revenge - Part II, [36] Other Fish to Fry, [25] Pacify the Centaur, Paragons of Power: The Madcap's Bracers, [36] Parts for Kravel, [35] Parts of the Swarm - Part 2?, [37] Pearl Diving, [58] Plagued Hatchlings, [14] Plagued Lands, [14] Power over Poison - Part 2?, [10] Protect the Frontier, [60] Proving Grounds, [59] Put Her Down, [29] Race for Resources, [19] Raene's Cleansing, Rage of Ages, [41] Razzeric's Tweaking, [33] Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. - Part 3?, Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. - Part 4?, [60] Reassignment, Reclaimed Treasures, [43] Reclaimed Treasures - Part 2?, [33] Reclaimers' Business in Desolace, [56] Redemption, [52] Release Them, [7] Rellian Greenspyre, Remember Alterac!, [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, [55] Rescue From Jaedenar, Researching the Corruption - ?, [10] Return to Lewis, [58] Return to the Blasted Lands, [26] Revenge of Gann, [53] Ribbly Screwspigot, [5] Scalding Mornbrew Delivery, [41] Scaring Shaky, [60] Secret Communication, [51] Secret of the Circle, [11] Securing the Lines, Securing the Supply Lines, [10] Seek out SI: 7, [7] Seek Redemption!, [5] Senir's Observations, [5] Senir's Observations - Part II, Serpent Wild, [52] Set Them Ablaze!, Silver Heart, [10] Simple Subterfugin', [35] Singing Blue Shards, [10] Snathc and Grab, [60] Soothing Turtle Bisque - Part 2?, [14] Southsea Freebooters, [38] Southshore, [6] Speak with Gramma, Speaking of Fortitude, [46] Speaking with Gan'zulah, [21] Special Delivery for Gaxim, [38] Special Forces, [50] Squire Maltrake, [30] Steelsnap, [57] Stepping Up Security, Stocking Jetsteam, [38] Stones of Binding, [15] Stormpike's Delivery, [32] Stormwind Ho!, [35] Strange Alliance, [39] Study of the Elements: Rock - Part 3?, [54] Super Sticky, [32] Supplies to Private Thorsen, Supplies to Tannok, [33] Syndicate Assassins, Tainted Memorandum, [55] Taking Back Silithus, [55] Target: Dalson's Tears, [5] Tenaron's Summons, Test of Endurance, [26] Test of Faith, [36] Test of Lore - Part III, Tharnariun's Hope, That's Asking A Lot, [60] The Active Agent, [7] The Admiral's Orders - Part II, [60] The Archivist, [31] The Attack!, The Balance of Nature - Part 3?, [50] The Basilisk's Bite, [35] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Alliance), [35] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Horde), [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [43] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [45] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [3] The Boar Hunter, [47] The Captain's Chest, [24] The Corruption Abroad, [54] The Corruption of the Jadefire, [60] The Cover of Darkness, [27] The Day After, [50] The Decisive Striker, [60] The Demon Hunter, [50] The Disgraced One, [60] The Eastern Plagues, The Ectoplasmic Distiller, [6] The Emerald Dreamcatcher, [7] The Escape, [20] The Everstill Bridge - Part 2?, The Family and the Fishing Pole, [60] The First and the Last, [48] The Flawless Flame, [60] The Flesh Does Not Lie, [58] The Formation of Felbane, [27] The Fury Runs Deep - Part 2?, [53] The God Hakkar, [56] The Good Stuff, [35] The Grand Betrayal, [60] The Great Fras Siabi, [52] The Green Drake, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, The Grizzled Den, [31] The Head of the Beast, [55] The Heart of the Mountain, The Karnitol Shipwreck, [54] The Last Element, The Legend of Stalvan, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part 14?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part 15?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part 16?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part 17?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IX, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VIII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part X, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XIII, The Lost Caravan, The Lost Dwarves, [30] The Lost Pages, [54] The Love Potion, [24] The Manor, Ravenholdt, [55] The Mighty U'cha, The Missing Diplomat, The Missing Diplomat, [30] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [50] The Missing Orders, The Missing Shipment, The Missing Shipment, [58] The Name of the Beast, [58] The Name of the Beast, [58] The Name of the Beast, The New Frontier, [43] The Ogres of Feralas, The Pack Mistress, [14] The People's Militia, [60] The Perfect Poison, [37] The Princess Trapped, [14] The Principal Source (Alliance Druid), [9] The Relics of Wakening, The Restless Souls, The Road to Darnassus, [54] The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan - Part 2?, The Stolen Journal, The Stone of the Tides, [57] The Stones That Bind Us, [40] The Summoning (Warrior), [51] The Sunken Temple, [55] The Swamp Talker, [33] The Swarm Grows, [31] The Thandol Span, [50] The Torch of Retribution, [4] The Troll Cave, [58] The Twilight Mystery, [60] The Unsent Letter, [54] The Wildlife Suffers Too, [46] The Writhing Deep, [15] Thundris Windweaver, [33] Tiger Mastery, [55] To Serve Kum'isha, [5] Tools for Steelgrill, Toxic Horrors, [39] Trelane's Defenses, [50] Tremors of the Earth, [16] Trial of the Lake, [50] Trinkets..., Troll Necklace Bounty, [59] True Believers, Tumors, [25] Twilight Falls, [7] Twisted Hatred, [60] Uniting the Shattered Amulet, Until Death Do Us Part, [41] Up to Snuff, [60] Urok Doomhowl, [33] Vahlarriel's Search, [33] Vahlarriel's Search - Part 3?, [55] Vanquish the Invaders! - Part 2?, [18] Verog the Dervish, [57] Villains of Darrowshire, [44] Voodoo Dues, [50] Vulture's Vigor, [60] Vyral the Vile, Wand over Fist, Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem , Wanted - Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands, [18] WANTED: Murkdeep!, [5] Webwood Egg, [30] Welcome to the Jungle, [1] Welcome! (Dwarves & Gnomes), [54] Well of Corruption, [10] Westfall Stew, [25] What Comes Around..., Wind Rider, [9] Winds in the Desert, [60] You Are Rakh'likh, Demon, [1] Your Place In The World, [55] Zaeldarr the Outcast, [44] Zanzil's Secret, [5] Zenn's Bidding, [21] Ziz Fizziks

Updated Items: (715)
Deathguard's Cloak, Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat, Forest Stalker's Bracers, Grand Marshal's Left Hand Blade, Hazza'rah's Charm..., High Warlord's Pig Sticker, Ironbark Staff, Mindfang, Nemesis Skullcap, Sageclaw, Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight, Warblade of the Hakkari, Advisor's Ring, Barov Peasant Caller, Battle Healer's Cloak, Blackened Defias Armor, Book: Gift of the Wild, Caretaker's Cape, Cenarion Reservist's Legplates, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Cloth Boots, Defiler's Cloth Girdle, Defiler's Leather Girdle, Defiler's Mail Girdle, Defiler's Plate Girdle, Defiler's Talisman, Enchanted South Seas Kelp, First Sergeant's Dragonhide Armguards, First Sergeant's Leather Armguards, First Sergeant's Mail Wristguards, First Sergeant's Plate Bracers, First Sergeant's Silk Cuffs, Gloves..., Gordok Bracers..., Hands..., Heathen's Brand, Highlander's Cloth Boots, Highlander's Cloth Girdle, Highlander's Lamellar Girdle, Highlander's Lamellar Greaves, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Kezan's Taint, Legionnaire's Band, Legionnaire's Sword, Lorekeeper's Ring, Maelstrom's Tendril, Master Sergeant's Insignia, Outrider's Bow, Protector's Band, Royal Seal of Alexis, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Rune of Duty, Rune of Perfection, Scout's Blade, Scout's Medallion, Senior Sergeant's Insignia, Sentinel's Blade, Sentinel's Medallion, Sergeant Major's Dragonhide Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Leather Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards, Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Serpent's Kiss, Strength of Mugamba, Sword of Zeal, Talisman of Arathor, The Eye of Zuldazar, Antiquated Cloak, Barbaric Belt, Bear Bracers, Blackened Defias Gloves, Blackened Defias Leggings, Cindercloth Leggings, Elite Shoulders, Elunite Hammer, Enamelled Broadsword, Executioner's Sword, Feral Blade, Fiery Cloak, Fine Leather Pants, Fine Longbow, Fine Shortbow, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Deflection, Formula: Enchant Chest - Minor Mana, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility, Glorious Shoulders, Heavy Quiver, Heavy Runed Cloak, Heavy Scorpid Bracers, Heavy Spiked Mace, Ironwood Maul, Legionnaire's Leggings, Lesser Magic Essence, Mighty Chain Pants, Nightwalker Armor, Orb..., Owl Bracers, Pale Leggings, Pattern: Boots of the Enchanter, Pattern: Chimeric Vest, Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers, Pattern: Runecloth Pants, Pattern: Runic Leather Gauntlets, Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor, Pebble of Kajaro, Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer, Plans: Thorium Armor, Recipe: Elixir of Greater Firepower, Resilient Robe, Solstice Robe, Voone's Twitchbow, Wandering Boots, Wolf Bracers, Zandalarian Shadow Talisman, A Treatise on Military Ranks, Accurate Slugs, Alterac Swiss, Amulet of Allistarj, Amulet of Grol, Amulet of Sevine, Ankh, Arcane Dust, Arcane Powder, Ashwood Seed, Augmented Chain Belt, Augmented Chain Gloves, Augmented Chain Helm, Augmented Chain Leggings, Augmented Chain Vest, Balanced Throwing Dagger, Bastard Sword, Battered Leather Belt, Battered Leather Boots, Battered Leather Bracers, Battered Leather Gloves, Battered Leather Harness, Battered Leather Pants, Battle Axe, Battle Staff, Bean Soup, Bearded Axe, BKP 2700 "Enforcer", Black Dye, Blacksmith Hammer, Bleach, Bloated Redgill, Blue Dye, Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Bottle of Pinot Noir, Bottled Alterac Spring Water, Bright Baubles, Bristle Whisker Catfish, Broad Axe, Broadsword, Bronze Tube, Brown Horse Bridle, Brown Leather Satchel, Bruiseweed, Bullova, Burning Robes, Cabbage Kimchi, Chainmail Armor, Chainmail Belt, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Bracers, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Pants, Chestnut Mare Bridle, Chromatic Robe, Claymore, Cleaver, Cliffspring River Sample, Club, Coal, Coarse Blasting Powder, Coarse Thread, Coldridge Valley Gift Voucher, Common Brown Shirt, Common Gray Shirt, Common White Shirt, Cooked Glossy Mightfish, Copper Rod, Copper Tube, Crescent Axe, Crude Throwing Axe, Crystal Vial, Crystallized Azsharite, Cudgel, Cuirboulli Belt, Cuirboulli Boots, Cuirboulli Bracers, Cuirboulli Gloves, Cuirboulli Pants, Cuirboulli Vest, Cured Ham Steak, Cured Leather Armor, Cured Leather Belt, Cured Leather Boots, Cured Leather Bracers, Cured Leather Gloves, Cured Leather Pants, Cutlass, Dacian Falx, Dalaran Sharp, Darnassian Bleu, Darnassus Kimchi Pie, Deadly Throwing Axe, Deathclasp's Pincer, Deathweed, Defias Shipping Schedule, Defiler's Enriched Ration, Defiler's Field Ration, Defiler's Iron Ration, Defiler's Mageweave Bandage, Defiler's Runecloth Bandage, Defiler's Silk Bandage, Delicious Cave Mold, Delivery to Mathias, Demonic Figurine, Dented Buckler, Dirk, Dirty Leather Belt, Dirty Leather Boots, Dirty Leather Bracers, Dirty Leather Gloves, Dirty Leather Pants, Dirty Leather Vest, Double Axe, Double-stitched Robes, Dried King Bolete, Dull Heater Shield, Dust of Decay, Dust of Deterioration, Dwarven Mild, Earthroot, Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Firepower, Elixir of Giants, Elixir of Greater Agility, Elixir of Greater Defense, Elixir of Greater Water Breathing, Elixir of Lion's Strength, Elixir of Minor Defense, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Elixir of the Mongoose, Elixir of the Sages, Elixir of Water Breathing, Elixir of Wisdom, Embroidered Armor, Embroidered Belt, Embroidered Boots, Embroidered Bracers, Embroidered Gloves, Embroidered Hat, Embroidered Pants, Empty Vial, Espadon, Essence of Agony, Essence of Pain, Explosive Shell, Eye of Kajal, Ez-Thro Dynamite II, Falchion, Farmer's Shovel, Feather Charm, Filled Cliffspring Falls Sampler, Fine Aged Cheddar, Fine Light Crossbow, Fine Thread, Fire Oil, Fire Protection Potion, Fire Tar, Fishing Pole, Flagon of Mead, Flail, Flamberge, Flash Powder, Flask of Port, Flint and Tinder, Followup Logistics Assignment, Forest Mushroom Cap, Formula: Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina, Formula: Minor Mana Oil, Formula: Minor Wizard Oil, Francisca, Free Action Potion, Freshly Baked Bread, Frost Oil, Frost Vial, Frostwolf Battle Tabard, Giant Mace, Gladius, Gleaming Throwing Axe, Gnarled Staff, Gray Dye, Great Axe, Great Rage Potion, Greater Healing Potion, Greater Mana Potion, Green Dye, Grilled Squid, Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 1), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 2), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 3), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 4), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 5), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 1), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 2), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 3), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 4), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 5), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 6), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 2), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 3), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 4), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 1), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 2), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 3), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 4), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 5), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 2), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 3), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 4), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 5), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 6), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 7), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 2), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 3), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 4), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 5), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 6), Grimoire of Phase Shift, Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 1), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 2), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 3), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 4), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 5), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 6), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 1), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 2), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 3), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 4), Grimoire of Spell Lock (Rank 1), Grimoire of Spell Lock (Rank 2), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 1), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 2), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 3), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 4), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 1), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 2), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 3), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 4), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 2), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 3), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 4), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 5), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 6), Grizzled Scalp, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hatchet, Haunch of Meat, Healing Potion, Heaven Peach, Heavy Brown Bag, Heavy Crossbow, Heavy Dynamite, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Shot, Heavy Silken Thread, Heavy Spear, Heavy Stock, Heavy Throwing Dagger, Heavy Weave Armor, Heavy Weave Belt, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Weave Gloves, Heavy Weave Pants, Heavy Weave Shoes, Hetaera's Beaten Head, Hetaera's Blood, Hetaera's Bloodied Head, Hetaera's Bruised Head, Holy Candle, Homemade Cherry Pie, Hornbeam Seed, Hot Spices, Huge Brown Sack, Hunter's Boomstick, Ice Cold Milk, Imbued Vial, Infernal Stone, Intact Silithid Carapace, Ironwood Seed, Jagged Arrow, Jambiya, Jug of Bourbon, Keen Throwing Knife, Knitted Belt, Knitted Bracers, Knitted Gloves, Knitted Pants, Knitted Sandals, Knitted Tunic, Korran's Sealed Note, Kris, Laminated Recurve Bow, Large Axe, Large Bore Blunderbuss, Large Club, Leaded Vial, Left-Handed Blades, Left-Handed Brass Knuckles, Left-Handed Claw, Lesser Healing Potion, Lesser Mana Potion, Lethargy Root, Light Chain Armor, Light Chain Belt, Light Chain Boots, Light Chain Bracers, Light Chain Gloves, Light Chain Leggings, Light Crossbow, Light Mail Armor, Light Mail Belt, Light Mail Boots, Light Mail Bracers, Light Mail Gloves, Light Mail Leggings, Light Shot, Long Staff, Longjaw Mud Snapper, Longsword, Lucky Fishing Hat, Lunar Fungus, Mace, Mageroyal, Main Gauche, Major Healing Potion, Major Mana Potion, Mana Potion, Maple Seed, Maul, Medium Quiver, Melon Juice, Metal Buckler, Mightfish Steak, Mighty Troll's Blood Potion, Mild Spices, Mining Pick, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Minor Rejuvenation Potion, Moist Cornbread, Moonberry Juice, Moonstalker Fang, Morning Glory Dew, Morning Star, Mulgore Spice Bread, Mutton Chop, Nightcrawlers, Oil of Immolation, Onin's Report, Orange Dye, Ornate Blunderbuss, Padded Armor, Padded Belt, Padded Boots, Padded Bracers, Padded Gloves, Padded Pants, Palomino Bridle, Pattern: Barbaric Bracers, Pattern: Black Whelp Tunic, Pattern: Blue Linen Vest, Pattern: Blue Overalls, Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball, Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt, Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt, Pattern: Red Woolen Bag, Pattern: Runecloth Robe, Pattern: White Wedding Dress, Pink Dye, Pinto Bridle, Plain Robe, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Plans: Solid Iron Maul, Poniard, Primitive Mantle, Private's Tabard, Purification Potion, Purple Dye, Quarter Staff, Radish Kimchi, Raw Black Truffle, Razor Arrow, Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing, Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish, Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish, Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail, Recipe: Elixir of Superior Defense, Recipe: Fire Protection Potion, Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper, Recipe: Mithril Head Trout, Recipe: Nature Protection Potion, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, Recipe: Rockscale Cod, Recipe: Sagefish Delight, Recipe: Scorpid Surprise, Recipe: Slitherskin Mackerel, Recipe: Smoked Sagefish, Recipe: Strider Stew, Recruit's Boots, Recruit's Shirt, Red Dye, Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Red-speckled Mushroom, Refreshing Spring Water, Reinforced Bow, Reinforced Leather Belt, Reinforced Leather Boots, Reinforced Leather Bracers, Reinforced Leather Cap, Reinforced Leather Gloves, Reinforced Leather Pants, Reinforced Leather Vest, Rhapsody Malt, Right-Handed Blades, Right-Handed Brass Knuckles, Right-Handed Claw, Roasted Quail, Robe of Apprenticeship, Rock Hammer, Rockscale Cod, Rondel, Rough Arrow, Rough Blasting Powder, Rough Leather Belt, Rough Leather Boots, Rough Leather Bracers, Rough Leather Gloves, Rough Leather Pants, Rough Leather Vest, Round Buckler, Rune of Portals, Rune of Teleportation, Rune Thread, Russet Belt, Russet Boots, Russet Bracers, Russet Gloves, Russet Hat, Russet Pants, Russet Vest, Sacred Candle, Salt, Scalemail Belt, Scalemail Boots, Scalemail Bracers, Scalemail Gloves, Scalemail Pants, Scalemail Vest, Scented Candle, Schematic: Deadly Scope, Scimitar, Scout's Tabard, Scroll of Agility, Scroll of Messaging, Scroll of Protection II, Scroll of Strength, Severed Horn of the Defiler, Shadow Oil, Sharp Arrow, Sharp Throwing Axe, Shimmering Silk Robes, Shiny Bauble, Shiny Red Apple, Shipment to Galvan, Short Spear, Short Staff, Shortsword, Silithid Heart, Silithid Talon, Silken Thread, Silver Contact, Silver Dress Robes, Silvery Claws, Simple Wood, Skin of Dwarven Stout, Skinning Knife, Slitherskin Mackerel, Small Brown Pouch, Small Quiver, Small Shot Pouch, Small Targe, Small Throwing Knife, Soft Banana Bread, Soft Frenzy Flesh, Solid Blunderbuss, Solid Shot, Soothing Spices, Spinefin Halibut, Spongy Morel, Squire's Shirt, Star Wood, Steamed Mandu, Stiletto, Stonelash Flayer Stinger, Stormwind Brie, Strange Dust, Stranglethorn Seed, Striped Yellowtail, Strong Fishing Pole, Strong Flux, Strong Troll's Blood Potion, Studded Belt, Studded Boots, Studded Bracers, Studded Doublet, Studded Gloves, Studded Hat, Studded Pants, Superior Healing Draught, Superior Healing Potion, Superior Mana Draught, Superior Mana Potion, Sweet Nectar, Swift Brown Steed, Swift Palomino, Swift White Steed, Swim Speed Potion, Symbol of Divinity, Symbol of Kings, Tabar, Tainted Memorandum, Tanned Leather Belt, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Tanned Leather Pants, Tattered Cloth Belt, Tattered Cloth Boots, Tattered Cloth Bracers, Tattered Cloth Gloves, Tattered Cloth Pants, Tattered Cloth Vest, Tel'Abim Banana, Thick Cloth Belt, Thick Cloth Bracers, Thick Cloth Gloves, Thick Cloth Pants, Thick Cloth Shoes, Thick Cloth Vest, Thick Wolfhide, Thieves' Tools, Thug Shirt, Thunder Ale, Tiny Bronze Key, Tiny Iron Key, Tomahawk, Tooth of Morphaz, Tough Hunk of Bread, Tough Jerky, Toxic Horror Droplet, Truncheon, Two-handed Sword, Versicolor Treat, Walking Stick, War Hammer, War Maul, War Staff, Ward of the Defiler, Weak Flux, Weak Troll's Blood Potion, Weighted Throwing Axe, White Stallion Bridle, Wicked Throwing Dagger, Wild Berries, Wild Hog Shank, Wild Ricecake, Wild Root, Wild Thornroot, Wildvine Potion, Wizbang's Gunnysack, Wizbang's Special Brew, Wooden Mallet, Wooden Stock, Worn Heater Shield, Woven Belt, Woven Boots, Woven Bracers, Woven Gloves, Woven Pants, Woven Vest, Yellow Dye, Yeti Fur, Zweihander, Acolyte's Robe, Apprentice's Robe, Laminated Scale Armor, Neophyte's Robe, Novice's Robe, Primitive Kilt, Recruit's Pants, Shimmering Basilisk Skin, Shiny Bracelet, Sparkly Necklace, Squire's Pants, Thug Pants

Updated Mobs: (1808)
"Pretty Boy" Duncan, "Shaky" Phillipe, Aayndia Floralwind, Abercrombie, Aboda, Adam Lind, Adolescent Whelp, Advisor Belgrum, Aedis Brom, Agent Kearnen, Aku'mai Servant, Aku'mai Snapjaw, Alaindia, Alanndarian Nightsong, Alassin, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Aldric Moore, Alexandra Bolero, Alexandra Constantine, Alexia Ironknife, Alliance Brigadier General, Alliance Sentinel, Alliance Spirit Guide, Allyndia, Ambassador Ardalan, Amy Davenport, Ancient Core Hound, Ancient of War, Ancient Stone Keeper, Andrea Halloran, Andruk, Angerclaw Grizzly, Angerclaw Mauler, Anguished Highborne, Angus Stern, Antonio Perelli, Anvilrage Captain, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Reservist, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Apothecary Faustin, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Zamah, Apprentice Honeywell, Araj the Summoner, Aranae Venomblood, Arcanist Doan, Archbishop Benedictus, Archmage Allistarj, Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, Arena Spectator, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Argent Rider, Arias'ta Bladesinger, Ariena Stormfeather, Ariyell Skyshadow, Arkkoran Clacker, Arkkoran Muckdweller, Arkkoran Oracle, Arkkoran Pincer, Arnold Leland, Artilleryman Sheldonore, Ashenvale Bear, Ashmane Boar, Asterion, Astranaar Sentinel, Atal'ai Corpse Eater, Atal'ai Mistress, Atal'ai Priest, Atal'ai Slave, Atal'ai Warrior, Atal'ai Witch Doctor, Atepa, Athramanis, Auberdine Sentinel, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Cain, Auctioneer Cazarez, Auctioneer Chilton, Auctioneer Fitch, Auctioneer Golothas, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Jaxon, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Naxxremis, Auctioneer O'reely, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Silva'las, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tolon, Avette Fellwood, Awenasa, Baelog, Bailey Stonemantle, Baldruc, Balgaras the Foul, Balthus Stoneflayer, Barbed Crustacean, Baristolth of the Shifting Sands, Baritanas Skyriver, Barithras Moonshade, Barkeep Dobbins, Barkeep Kelly, Barkeep Morag, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Revilgaz, Baron Silverlaine, Baros Alexston, Barrens Guard, Bart Tidewater, Bartolo Ginsetti, Bazil Thredd, Beldruk Doombrow, Belgrom Rockmaul, Bellygrub, Ben Trias, Bena Winterhoof, Bengor, Bengus Deepforge, Benny Blaanco, Bera Stonehammer, Beram Skychaser, Berserk Trogg, Bessany Plainswind, Betina Bigglezink, Betty Quin, Bibilfaz Featherwhistle, Bink, Bishop Farthing, Bixi Wobblebonk, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Guard Sentry, Black Ooze, Black Rat, Black Ravager, Black Slayer, Blackened Ancient, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Grunt, Blackrock Sentry, Blackrock Shadowcaster, Blackrock Sorcerer, Blacksmith Verringtan, Blackwing Spellbinder, Blackwing Technician, Blackwood Pathfinder, Blackwood Windtalker, Blaise Montgomery, Blazing Elemental, Blazing Fireguard, Bleak Worg, Blindlight Murloc, Blindlight Oracle, Blisterpaw Hyena, Bloodaxe Veteran, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodhound, Bloodhound Mastiff, Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Swashbuckler, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Axe Thrower, Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Bloodscalp Berserker, Bloodscalp Headhunter, Bloodscalp Hunter, Bloodscalp Mystic, Bloodscalp Scavenger, Bloodscalp Scout, Bloodscalp Shaman, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Bluegill Forager, Bluegill Muckdweller, Bluegill Murloc, Bluegill Puddlejumper, Bluegill Raider, Bluegill Warrior, Bluffwatcher, Bo, Bone Chewer, Bookie Herod, Booty Bay Bruiser, Boulderfist Brute, Boulderfist Magus, Boulderfist Mauler, Boulderfist Shaman, Brackenwall Enforcer, Brain Eater, Brawn, Brewmeister Bilger, Breyk, Brinna Valanaar, Brombar Higgleby, Brother Anton, Brother Joshua, Brother Kristoff, Brother Nimetz, Brother Wilhelm, Brown Horse, Buliwyf Stonehand, Bulrug, Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Burning Blade Adept, Burning Blade Augur, Burning Blade Felsworn, Burning Blade Reaver, Burning Blade Shadowmage, Burning Exile, Buzzard, Calor, Camerick Jongleur, Camp Mojache Brave, Cannibal Ghoul, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Caretaker Alen, Caretaker Smithers, Carla Granger, Carlin Redpath, Carrion Horror, Carrion Lurker, Catelyn the Blade, Catherine Leland, Cave Yeti, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Pillager, Cawind Trueaim, Caylais Moonfeather, Cedrik Prose, Cenarion Emissary Jademoon, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Charred Ancient, Charys Yserian, Chesmu, Chestnut Mare, Chieftain Bloodmaw, Christoph Faral, Christoph Jeffcoat, Christopher Hewen, Chromatic Whelp, Citizen Wilkes, Clara Charles, Clarice Foster, Clerk Daltry, Cliff Breaker, Cliff Lurker, Cliff Thunderer, Cliff Walker, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloud Skydancer, Coldridge Mountaineer, Collin Mauren, Commander Aggro'gosh, Commander Mulfort, Commander Springvale, Conservator Ilthalaine, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Kaleb, Corporal Melkins, Courier Hammerfall, Cow, Coyote, Coyote Packleader, Crag Boar, Crag Coyote, Craig Hewitt, Crank Fizzlebub, Crazed Ancient, Cresting Exile, Crier Goodman, Crildor, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Ogre, Crypt Fiend, Crypt Walker, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Curator Thorius, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Mage, Cursed Marine, Cursed Sailor, Cutac, Cyclone Warrior, Dabyrie Laborer, Dabyrie Militia, Daggerspine Screamer, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Daggerspine Shorestalker, Daggerspine Siren, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Miner, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Serpent, Dalaran Shield Guard, Dalaran Summoner, Dalaran Theurgist, Dalaran Warder, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Worker, Dalin Forgewright, Dalria, Dane Lindgren, Daniel Bartlett, Danielle Zipstitch, Dar, Darianna, Dark Guard, Dark Iron Agent, Dark Iron Ambusher, Dark Iron Bombardier, Dark Iron Demolitionist, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Saboteur, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Tunneler, Dark Iron Watchman, Dark Keeper Bethek, Darla Harris, Darnassian Protector, Darnassus Sentinel, Darren Malvew, Daryl Riknussun, David Langston, Deadwood Avenger, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Shaman, Death Cultist, Death Howl, Death Singer, Deathclasp, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Humbert, Deathguard Terrence, Deathmaster Dwire, Deathstalker Adamant, Deathstalker Faerleia, Deathstalker Mortis, Deathstalker Vincent, Deeg, Deepmoss Creeper, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deepmoss Webspinner, Deeprun Rat, Deer, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Conjurer, Defias Convict, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Dockmaster, Defias Evoker, Defias Footpad, Defias Insurgent, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Messenger, Defias Night Blade, Defias Night Runner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Rogue Wizard, Defias Smuggler, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Thug, Defias Trapper, Defias Watchman, Defias Worker, Defiler Elite, Defilers Emissary, Deino, Demnul Farmountain, Den Grunt, Denatharion, Dendrythis, Deneb Walker, Derak Nightfall, Desert Rager, Dextren Ward, Diemetradon, Dire Condor, Diseased Black Bear, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Grizzly, Diseased Wolf, Dispatch Commander Ruag, Dizzy One-Eye, Dockmaster Baren, Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen, Dolman Steelfury, Donald Rabonne, Doom'rel, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Doomforge Dragoon, Dope'rel, Doras, Dorin Songblade, Dorn Plainstalker, Doyo'da, Dragonmaw Raider, Draka, Dreadmaul Brute, Dreadmaul Ogre, Dreadmaul Ogre Mage, Dreadscorn, Dreaming Whelp, Dredge Crusher, Dredge Striker, Drovnar Strongbrew, Drunken Footpad, Drysnap Pincer, Drywallow Daggermaw, Drywhisker Kobold, Drywhisker Surveyor, Dun Garok Soldier, Duncan Cullen, Dungar Longdrink, Durotar Tiger, Durtham Greldon, Dust Devil, Dust Stormer, Dustbelcher Shaman, Dustwind Harpy, Dustwind Savage, Dustwind Storm Witch, Duthorian Rall, Dwarven Farmer, Dying Kodo, Earthen Rocksmasher, Earthen Sculptor, East Frostwolf Warmaster, Einar Stonegrip, Eitrigg, Eladriel, Elaine Carevin, Elaine Trias, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Darkshore Thresher, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Moss Creeper, Elder Nightsaber, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shardtooth, Elder Stranglethorn Tiger, Elder Timberling, Eleanor Rusk, Elemental Slave, Elfarran, Ellaercia, Ellandrieth, Elly Langston, Elu, Elynna, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Emrul Riknussun, Enohar Thunderbrew, Enraged Panther, Enslaved Archaeologist, Enthralled Atal'ai, Entropic Beast, Entropic Horror, Enyo, Eric "The Swift", Erich Lohan, Erin, Erlan Drudgemoor, Evan Larson, Everlook Bruiser, Expeditionary Mountaineer, Expeditionary Priest, Eye of Naxxramas, Fahrad, Faldron, Falkan Armonis, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Falstad Wildhammer, Fardel Dabyrie, Farmer Kalaba, Farmer Kent, Fawn, Fela, Felbeast, Felcular, Felguard Sentry, Felgur Twocuts, Felhunter, Felicia Maline, Felika, Felpaw Ravager, Felpaw Scavenger, Felpaw Wolf, Fen Creeper, Fenthwick, Feral Crag Coyote, Feral Mountain Lion, Ferocious Yeti, Fetid Corpse, Fetid Zombie, Fin Fizracket, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Grunt, Firebrand Invoker, Fireguard, Fireguard Destroyer, Firemane Flamecaller, Firemane Scalebane, Firetail Scorpid, First Mate Crazz, Flagglemurk the Cruel, Flamescale Wyrmkin, Fleet Master Seahorn, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flesh Eater, Flesh Golem, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Fleshripper, Flint Shadowmore, Forest Moss Creeper, Forest Spider, Freewind Brave, Freezing Ghoul, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frezza, Frostmane Novice, Frostmane Seer, Frostmaw, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Bloodhound, Frostwolf Guardian, Frostwolf Legionnaire, Frostwolf Quartermaster, Frostwolf Shaman, Frostwolf Warrior, Furen Longbeard, Fyldren Moonfeather, Fylerian Nightwing, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gaelden Hammersmith, Gagsprocket, Galak Scout, Galak Windchaser, Galak Wrangler, Galamav the Marksman, Galgann Firehammer, Galthuk, Galvan the Ancient, Gamon, Garryeth, Gasher, Gazrog, Gelihast, Gelkis Scout, Gelkis Stamper, Gelkis Windchaser, General Angerforge, General Marcus Jonathan, Geofram Bouldertoe, Geolord Mottle, Georgio Bolero, Gereck, Gerrig Bonegrip, Gershala Nightwhisper, Ghamoo-ra, Gharash, Ghost Walker Brave, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghoul Ravener, Giant Ashenvale Bear, Giant Buzzard, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Moss Creeper, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk, Giant Yeti, Gilnid, Githyiss the Vile, Glassweb Spider, Glorin Steelbrow, Gnarlpine Ambusher, Gnarlpine Gardener, Gnarlpine Ursa, Gnaz Blunderflame, Gnoarn, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Gobbler, Goblin Engineer, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Gogo, Golhine the Hooded, Golnir Bouldertoe, Goma, Goretusk, Gorrik, Granistad, Gravelsnout Digger, Gravelsnout Forager, Grawl, Grawnal, Gray Bear, Gray Forest Wolf, Great Goretusk, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Plainstrider, Green Recluse, Green Wyrmkin, Grelkor, Grell, Grellkin, Grenil Steelfury, Greth, Greymist Coastrunner, Greymist Hunter, Greymist Raider, Greymist Seer, Greymist Warrior, Grezz Ragefist, Grik'nir the Cold, Grim Patron, Grimand Elmore, Grimble, Grimestack, Grimnur Stonebrand, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grimtotem Stomper, Gringer, Grinkle, Grinning Dog, Grizzle Halfmane, Grizzled Black Bear, Grizzled Thistle Bear, Grizzlowe, Grod, Grol the Destroyer, Grom'gol Grunt, Groum Stonebeard, Gruff Swiftbite, Grumnus Steelshaper, Gruna, Grunnda Wolfheart, Grunt Komak, Grunt Mojka, Gryth Thurden, Guard Adams, Guard Ashlock, Guard Berton, Guard Clarke, Guard Wachabe, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Bat Rider, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Blood Drinker, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gurubashi Warrior, Guthrum Thunderfist, Guzzling Patron, Gwenna Firebrew, Gwina Stonebranch, Gyth, Hadoken Swiftstrider, Haggard Refugee, Hahrana Ironhide, Hakkari Oracle, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Sapper, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Hal McAllister, Halija Whitestrider, Haljan Oakheart, Hamhock, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Grunt, Hammerfall Guardian, Hammon Karwn, Hans Zandin, Hansel Heavyhands, Hargin Mundar, Harlan Bagley, Harlo Barnaby, Harnor, Harry Burlguard, Hartash, Harvest Golem, Harvest Watcher, Hate Shrieker, Hate'rel, Hatefury Betrayer, Hatefury Felsworn, Hatefury Rogue, Hatefury Trickster, Haunted Servitor, Haunting Spirit, Haunting Vision, Heavy War Golem, Hekkru, Helboar, Heldan Galesong, Helgrum the Swift, Henchman Valik, Herble Baubbletump, Hgarth, Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania, High Explorer Magellas, High Overlord Saurfang, High Priest Venoxis, High Priestess Jeklik, High Priestess Laurena, High Priestess MacDonnell, High Tinker Mekkatorque, Highland Raptor, Highland Scytheclaw, Highland Strider, Highland Thrasher, Highvale Outrunner, Hillsbrad Apprentice Blacksmith, Hillsbrad Councilman, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hillsbrad Footman, Hillsbrad Peasant, Historian Karnik, Hjoldir Stoneblade, Hogger, Holgar Stormaxe, Horde Warbringer, Houndmaster Loksey, Huge Toad, Hukku, Hulking Mountain Lion, Hungering Wraith, Hunter Ragetotem, Huntress Ravenoak, Huntress Skymane, Hurley Blackbreath, Hydrospawn, Ice Thistle Matriarch, Ice Thistle Patriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Idriana, Ilifar, Ilyenia Moonfire, Imp, Infernal, Infernal Sentry, Inferno Elemental, Innkeeper Abeqwa, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Anderson, Innkeeper Belm, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Helbrek, Innkeeper Jayka, Innkeeper Karakul, Innkeeper Kimlya, Innkeeper Lyshaerya, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Saelienne, Innkeeper Shaussiy, Innkeeper Shyria, Innkeeper Sikewa, Innkeeper Skindle, Innkeeper Vizzie, Insane Ghoul, Ironaya, Ironbeak Screecher, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironfur Bear, Ironfur Patriarch, Ironhide Devilsaur, Irontree Stomper, Ironus Coldsteel, Ironzar, Irradiated Invader, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Felsworn, Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Satyr, Jadefire Trickster, Jaeana, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Darkweaver, Jaedenar Enforcer, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Hound, James Halloran, Jandia, Janey Anship, Jangdor Swiftstrider, Jannos Ironwill, Jannos Lighthoof, Jarel Moor, Jareth Wildwoods, Jarrodenus, Jartsam, Jason Lemieux, Jasper Fel, Jawn Highmesa, Jaysin Lanyda, Jazzrik, Jekyll Flandring, Jenn Langston, Jensen Farran, Jessara Cordell, Jhazzazt, Jillian Tanner, Jimmy the Bleeder, Jin'do the Hexxer, Jinky Twizzlefixxit, Jitters, Joachim Brenlow, Jocaste, John Burnside, Jorb, Jordan Stilwell, Jorgen, Jormund Stonebrow, Joshua, Jungle Thunderer, Jungle Toad, Justine Demalier, Jutak, Kaerbrus, Kaja, Kam Deepfury, Kardris Dreamseeker, Karen Taylor, Kargath Grunt, Karolek, Karus, Katie Hunter, Katrina Shimmerstar, Kayneth Stillwind, Kayren Soothallow, Kebok, Keldric Boucher, Kelomir Ironhand, Kenata Dabyrie, Kergul Bloodaxe, Kerlonian Evershade, Kernda, Kersok Prond, Khaelyn Steelwing, Khan Dez'hepah, Khan Jehn, Khole Jinglepocket, Kilxx, Kimberly Hiett, King Magni Bronzebeard, Kireena, Kirith the Damned, Knaz Blunderflame, Kobold Geomancer, Kobold Miner, Kobold Tunneler, Kolkar Battle Lord, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Destroyer, Kolkar Mauler, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Windchaser, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Kor'geld, Kor'ghan, Kor'kron Elite, Korra, Kozish, Kray, Krazek, Krinkle Goodsteel, Krom Stoutarm, Krond, Krug Skullsplit, Kulleg Stonehorn, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kundric Zanden, Kurzen Headshrinker, Kurzen Jungle Fighter, Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen War Panther, Kurzen War Tiger, Kurzen Wrangler, Kylanna Windwhisper, Kyndri, Kyra Boucher, Lady Hederine, Lady Katrana Prestor, Lady Sathrah, Lady Sevine, Lago Blackwrench, Laird, Lairn, Lamar Veisilli, Lana Thunderbrew, Lanie Reed, Lara Moore, Large Crag Boar, Larhka, Lars, Lashtail Raptor, Laughing Sister, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Annihilator, Lava Surger, Lawrence Schneider, League of Arathor Elite, League of Arathor Emissary, Lelanai, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Leprous Machinesmith, Lesser Infernal, Lethtendris, Lexlort, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Doren, Lieutenant Farren Orinelle, Lieutenant Haggerdin, Lieutenant Rotimer, Lieutenant Valorcall, Lilyssia Nightbreeze, Lindea Rabonne, Lizzarik, Loch Crocolisk, Logannas, Lord Gregor Lescovar, Lord Tony Romano, Loremaster Dibbs, Loro, Lost One Fisherman, Lost One Mudlurker, Lotherias, Lylandris, Lyon Mountainheart, Mabel Solaj, Madame Eva, Maggran Earthbinder, Magma Elemental, Magmar Fellhew, Magram Marauder, Magram Mauler, Magram Pack Runner, Magram Stormer, Magram Windchaser, Magram Wrangler, Magrami Spectre, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Mak, Makrura Clacker, Maleki the Pallid, Maliynn, Mallen Swain, Malosh, Maluressian, Malygen, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Silvermane, Mangy Wolf, Mani Winterhoof, Maraudine Wrangler, Marcel Dabyrie, Marda Weller, Maris Granger, Mark, Markel Smythe, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Oracle, Marshal Haggard, Marshal Redpath, Martie Jainrose, Marzon the Silent Blade, Master Mathias Shaw, Master Mechanic Castpipe, Master Sergeant Moonshadow, Master Smith Burninate, Mathiel, Mathrengyl Bearwalker, McGavan, Me'lynn, Mebok Mizzyrix, Mechanized Guardian, Mechano-Flamewalker, Melisara, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Merideth Carlson, Merok Longstride, Mesa Buzzard, Michael Garrett, Mike Miller, Mindless Undead, Miran, Mirefin Oracle, Mirefin Warrior, Mishellena, Mistina Steelshield, Mokvar, Molten War Golem, Monika Sengutz, Monstrous Plaguebat, Montarr, Moonglade Warden, Moonkin, Moonkin Oracle, Moonrage Elder, Moonrage Sentry, Moonrage Watcher, Moonstalker Sire, Mor'Ladim, Morbent Fel, Morg Gnarltree, Morgan Pestle, Mortimer Montague, Mosh'Ogg Mauler, Mosh'Ogg Shaman, Mossflayer Cannibal, Mossflayer Scout, Mossflayer Shadowhunter, Mossflayer Zombie, Mosshide Alpha, Mosshide Brute, Mosshide Fenrunner, Mosshide Gnoll, Mosshide Mistweaver, Mosshide Mongrel, Mosshide Trapper, Motega Firemane, Mottled Boar, Mottled Razormaw, Mottled Screecher, Mottled Scytheclaw, Mountain Lion, Mountaineer Droken, Mountaineer Roghan, Mr. Smite, Mr. Wiggles, Mu'uta, Mudsnout Gnoll, Mudsnout Shaman, Muglash, Muigin, Mummified Atal'ai, Murdaloc, Murk Spitter, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murloc, Murloc Forager, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Warrior, My'lanna, Myizz Luckycatch, Mylini Frostmoon, Myolor Sunderfury, Myra Tyrngaarde, Naga Explorer, Najak Hexxen, Nalesette Wildbringer, Nandar Branson, Nantar, Narillasanz, Nataka Longhorn, Necromancer, Needles Cougar, Neeka Bloodscar, Neema, Nethergarde Analyst, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Miner, Nethergarde Officer, Nethergarde Riftwatcher, Nethergarde Soldier, Newton Burnside, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightbane Shadow Weaver, Nightbane Vile Fang, Nightmare Suppressor, Nijel's Point Guard, Nissa Firestone, Nixxrax Fillamug, Novice Thaivand, Noxious Plaguebat, Nyse, Obsidian Elemental, Obsidian Sentinel, Obsidion, Occulus, Officer Brady, Officer Ironbeard, Officer Jaxon, Officer Lunalight, Officer Maloof, Officer Pomeroy, Officer Redblade, Ol' Emma, Old Man Heming, Old Serra'kis, Olivia Burnside, Olmin Burningbeard, Onu, Ophelia Montague, Or'Kalar, Orenthil Whisperwind, Orgrimmar Grunt, Orgrimmar Legion Axe Thrower, Orgrimmar Legion Grunt, Ormer Ironbraid, Ornery Plainstrider, Osric Strang, Ott, Outcast Necromancer, Overlord Runthak, Overmaster Pyron, Parqual Fintallas, Patrick Garrett, Penny, Pephredo, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Phalanx, Phase Lasher, Phin Odelic, Pikkle, Pilot Bellowfiz, Pilot Stonegear, Pimgib, Pinto, Piter Verance, Plague Ghoul, Plague Monstrosity, Plague Ravager, Plague Spreader, Plaguebat, Plagued Insect, Plaguehound, Plains Creeper, Plugger Spazzring, Poranna Snowbraid, Porcine Entourage, Portal Seeker, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Primalist Thurloga, Princess, Private Merle, Private Thorsen, Privateer Bloads, Prospector Stormpike, Prowler, Putrid Gargoyle, Pygmy Tide Crawler, Pygmy Venom Web Spider, Pyrewood Armorer, Pyrewood Elder, Pyrewood Watcher, Pyroguard Emberseer, Quarry Slave, Quartermaster Hicks, Quartermaster Lungertz, Quinn, Rabbit, Rabid Dire Wolf, Rabid Longtooth, Rabid Thistle Bear, Raedon Duskstriker, Raene Wolfrunner, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Flamescale, Ragefire Shaman, Ragefire Trogg, Ragereaver Golem, Ragged Timber Wolf, Ragged Young Wolf, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Moonkin, Raging Owlbeast, Raleigh the Devout, Randal Hunter, Randolph Montague, Rarck, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Cadaver, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Runner, Ravenous Darkhound, Razelikh the Defiler, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorclaw the Butcher, Razormane Battleguard, Razormane Dustrunner, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Serpent, Rebel Watchman, Redridge Alpha, Redridge Basher, Redridge Mystic, Redstone Basilisk, Redstone Crystalhide, Reef Crawler, Reese Langston, Refuge Pointe Defender, Reggifuz, Regthar Deathgate, Rekkul, Rellian Greenspyre, Renato Gallina, Renzik "The Shiv", Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rethilgore, Rexxar, Reyna Stonebranch, Rhahk'Zor, Ribbly Screwspigot, Rickle Goldgrubber, Ricter, Ridge Huntress, Rigglefuzz, River Crocolisk, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Gnoll, Riverpaw Miner, Riverpaw Mongrel, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Runt, Roach, Robert Aebischer, Rock Elemental, Rock Stalker, Rockhide Boar, Rockjaw Raider, Rockjaw Trogg, Rockwing Screecher, Roetten Stonehammer, Rogue Black Drake, Rogue Flame Spirit, Roon Wildmane, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotted One, Rotting Cadaver, Rotting Ghoul, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rumstag Proudstrider, Runk Windtamer, Rusty Harvest Golem, Rutherford Twing, Saean, Saenorion, Sage Palerunner, Sagorne Creststrider, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltscale Hunter, Saltscale Warrior, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltstone Gazer, Samantha Swifthoof, Sand Skitterer, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Speaker, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sap Beast, Sara Balloo, Sarok, Savannah Highmane, Scarlet Archmage, Scarlet Cleric, Scarlet Curate, Scarlet Disciple, Scarlet Diviner, Scarlet Enchanter, Scarlet Magician, Scarlet Praetorian, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Soldier, Scarlet Warder, Scarred Crag Boar, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Grunt, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Raider, Scarshield Sentry, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scarshield Warlock, Scarshield Worg, Scorpid Hunter, Scorpid Terror, Scorpok Stinger, Scourge Champion, Scourge Guard, Scourge Soldier, Scourge Warder, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Searing Ghoul, Searing Hatchling, Searing Lava Spider, Searn Firewarder, Searscale Drake, Seasoned Defender, Seasoned Warrior, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seereth Stonebreak, Seeth'rel, Sellandus, Senator Barin Redstone, Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea, Sentry Point Captain, Sentry Point Guard, Seoman Griffith, Serge Hinott, Sergeant Hartman, Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl, Sergeant Yohwa, Servant of Allistarj, Servant of Arkkoroc, Servant of Grol, Servant of Razelikh, Servant of Sevine, Servant of the Hand, Shadow Charger, Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, Shadow Priestess Shai, Shadowclaw, Shadowfang Darksoul, Shadowfang Glutton, Shadowfang Moonwalker, Shadowfang Whitescalp, Shadowforge Archaeologist, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Darkcaster, Shadowforge Darkweaver, Shadowforge Digger, Shadowforge Flame Keeper, Shadowforge Peasant, Shadowforge Relic Hunter, Shadowforge Ruffian, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowforge Sharpshooter, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowforge Warrior, Shadowprey Guardian, Shadowsworn Adept, Shadowsworn Cultist, Shadowsworn Dreadweaver, Shadowsworn Enforcer, Shadowsworn Thug, Shadowsworn Warlock, Shadowy Assassin, Shaina Fuller, Shankys, Shardtooth Mauler, Sharptooth Frenzy, Shatterspear Troll, Sheep, Shellei Brondir, Sheri Zipstitch, Shi'alune, Shoma, Shoni the Shilent, Shrieking Banshee, Shyn, Sickly Deer, Sickly Gazelle, Sickly Refugee, Siege Golem, Silva Fil'naveth, Silvermane Howler, Silvermane Wolf, Silverwing Emissary, Simon Tanner, Sirra Von'Indi, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Healer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Terror, Skeletal Warder, Skeletal Warrior, Skuerto, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Warrior, Sky Shadow, Slavering Worg, Slimeshell Makrura, Small Crag Boar, Smith Regzar, Smolderthorn Axe Thrower, Smolderthorn Berserker, Smolderthorn Headhunter, Smolderthorn Mystic, Smolderthorn Seer, Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Priest, Smolderthorn Witch Doctor, Smudge Thunderwood, Snapjaw, Sneed's Shredder, Snow Leopard, Snurk Bucksquick, Sognar Cliffbeard, Son of Arkkoroc, Soolie Berryfizz, Soran, Sorcerer Ashcrombe, Sorek, Sorrow Spinner, Soulless Ghoul, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southsea Cutthroat, Southshore Guard, Sparkleshell Borer, Sparkleshell Snapper, Spectral Attendant, Spectral Stalker, Speedy, Spire Scorpid, Spirestone Enforcer, Spirestone Mystic, Spirestone Ogre Magus, Spirestone Reaver, Spirit Healer, Spiteflayer, Squire Maltrake, Squirrel, Sraaz, Sranda, Stalvan Mistmantle, Starving Buzzard, Starving Mountain Lion, Starving Snickerfang, Steamwheedle Bruiser, Steeljaw Snapper, Stephanie Turner, Stephen Ryback, Steven Black, Steven Lohan, Stitched Horror, Stitches, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Scout, Stone Steward, Stonelash Flayer, Stonelash Pincer, Stonelash Scorpid, Stonesplinter Digger, Stonesplinter Geomancer, Stonetalon Grunt, Stonevault Ambusher, Stonevault Basher, Stonevault Bonesnapper, Stonevault Brawler, Stonevault Geomancer, Stonevault Mauler, Stonevault Shaman, Storm Bay Oracle, Stormpike Bowman, Stormpike Defender, Stormpike Guardsman, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormpike Owl, Stormscale Toxicologist, Stormscale Wave Rider, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stranglethorn Raptor, Stranglethorn Tiger, Stranglethorn Tigress, Strigid Owl, Stromgarde Cavalryman, Stromgarde Defender, Stromgarde Troll Hunter, Stromgarde Vindicator, Strumner Flintheel, Sunscale Screecher, Surena Caledon, Suzanne, Sven Yorgen, Swamp Jaguar, Swamp Talker, Swampwalker, Swift Brown Steed, Swift Palamino, Swift White Steed, Sylvanna Forestmoon, Syndicate Footpad, Syndicate Highwayman, Syndicate Pathstalker, Syndicate Thief, Syndicate Wizard, Taiga Wisemane, Tainted Ooze, Takrin Pathseeker, Tal, Taldan, Tallow, Tangled Horror, Tannysa, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Beast, Tar Creeper, Tar Lurker, Tara Coldgaze, Tarantula, Targorr the Dread, Tarn, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Tavernkeep Smitts, Tawny Grisette, Telonis, Tempered War Golem, Temporal Parasite, Teremus the Devourer, Terenthis, Terl Arakor, Terrowulf Fleshripper, Terrowulf Shadow Weaver, Terry Palin, Thal'trak Proudtusk, Thalia Amberhide, Thalon, Thamarian, Thamner Pol, Thanthaldis Snowgleam, Tharm, Tharnariun Treetender, Thaurissan Firewalker, The Abominable Greench, The Behemoth, Thelgrum Stonehammer, Theodore Mont Claire, Theramore Combat Dummy, Theramore Infiltrator, Theramore Marine, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thistle Bear, Thistle Boar, Thistleheart, Thomas, Thomas Miller, Thor, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thorium Brotherhood Lookout, Thralosh, Thultash, Thultazor, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Stagwing, Thunderheart, Thundering Boulderkin, Thundering Exile, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurman Mullby, Thurman Schneider, Thurston Xane, Thuul, Thuwd, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster, Thyn'tel Bladeweaver, Thyssiana, Thysta, Tide Crawler, Tigor Skychaser, Tilli Thistlefuzz, Timber Wolf, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Woodbender, Tinkerwiz, Tiyani, Toad, Toddrick, Tormented Officer, Tormus Deepforge, Torn, Torn Fin Oracle, Torn Fin Tidehunter, Torn Screamer, Torq Ironblast, Tortured Druid, Tortured Sentinel, Tortured Slave, Town Crier, Toxic Horror, Tran'rek, Traugh, Trenton Lighthammer, Trianna, Turhaw, Twilight Acolyte, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Bodyguard, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Elementalist, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Fire Guard, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Lord Kelris, Twilight Loreseeker, Twilight Overlord, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Shadowmage, Twilight's Hammer Ambassador, Tynnus Venomsprout, Ukor, Ullanna, Ulthir, Un'Goro Stomper, Undead Ravager, Undercity Guardian, Unliving Atal'ai, Unliving Mossflayer, Urda, Urtrun Clanbringer, Vahgruk, Vahlarriel Demonslayer, Valdred Moray, Vampiric Duskbat, Vazario Linkgrease, Venomous Cloud Serpent, Venture Co. Builder, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Engineer, Venture Co. Geologist, Venture Co. Logger, Venture Co. Machine Smith, Venture Co. Miner, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Workboss, Vesprystus, Vharr, Vicious Gray Bear, Viktori Prism'Antras, Vile Sprite, Vile'rel, Vinna Wayne, Viznik Goldgrubber, Voodoo Slave, Wailing Banshee, Wailing Death, Wailing Guardsman, Wailing Highborne, Wandering Forest Walker, War Master Voone, War Reaver, Warbringer Construct, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Warder Stilgiss, Warmaster Laggrond, Warpwood Crusher, Warpwood Guardian, Warpwood Moss Flayer, Warpwood Stomper, Warpwood Tangler, Warpwood Treant, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Watcher Blomberg, Watcher Brownell, Watcher Hutchins, Watcher Keefer, Watcher Keller, Watcher Ladimore, Watcher Paige, Watcher Wollpert, Weapon Technician, Weaver, Webwood Silkspinner, Webwood Venomfang, Wesley, Wetlands Crocolisk, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Whip Lasher, Whiskey Slim, Whit Wantmal, Whuut, Wild Gryphon, Wildhammer Sentry, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Imp, Wildspawn Rogue, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildthorn Stalker, Wilhelm Strang, William MacGregor, William Montague, Windcaller Proudhorn, Wing Commander Mulverick, Winter Wolf, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Wisp, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Broodguard, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Hideskinner, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Scalper, Witherbark Shadow Hunter, Witherbark Troll, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Mistress, Wizlo Bearingshiner, Wolfguard Worg, Woo Ping, Worb Strongstitch, Worg, Wrahk, Wrath Hammer Construct, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wretched Lost One, Wrinkle Goodsteel, Writhing Highborne, Wynne Larson, Xai'ander, Xanis Flameweaver, Xavaric, Xavathras, Xiggs Fuselighter, XT:4, XT:9, Yalda, Yeh'kinya, Yelnagi Blackarm, Young Black Bear, Young Black Ravager, Young Chimaera, Young Fleshripper, Young Forest Bear, Young Goretusk, Young Mesa Buzzard, Young Moonkin, Young Pridewing, Young Sawtooth Crocolisk, Young Stranglethorn Raptor, Young Thistle Boar, Young Wetlands Crocolisk, Yowler, Yugrek, Zaeldarr the Outcast, Zalazane, Zan Shivsproket, Zap Farflinger, Zapetta, Zarise, Zas'Tysh, Zazo, Zel'mak, Zhevra Runner, Zixil, Zor Lonetree, Zora Guthrek, Zulian Crocolisk, Zun'dartha

Updated World Objects: (101)
Alien Egg, Ancient Relic, Azsharite Formation, Barrel of Melon Juice, Battered Chest, Bauble Container, Beached Sea Creature, Black Lotus, Blindweed, Blood of Heroes, Bloodpetal Sprout, Box of Assorted Parts, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Bundle of Wood, Chest of The Seven, Clara's Fresh Apples, Copper Vein, Core Fragment, Dark Coffer, Dark Iron Ale Mug, Dark Iron Deposit, Darkshore Fishing, Deadwind Pass Fishing, Defias Strongbox, Doan's Strongbox, Dreamfoil, Fadeleaf, Fel Cone, Felix's Box, Felix's Bucket of Bolts, Felix's Chest, Feralas Fishing, Firebloom, Food Crate, Furlbrow's Wardrobe, Gaea Seed, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Grave Moss, Gri'lek the Wanderer, Grim Guzzler Boar, Gromsblood, Hillsbrad Foothills Fishing, Hyacinth Mushroom, Icecap, Imprisoned Darkspear, Iron Deposit, Jinxed Hoodoo Pile, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Kurzen Supplies, Large Battered Chest, Large Solid Chest, Lesser Bloodstone Deposit, Liferoot, Loose Soil, Lunar Fungal Bloom, Marshal Haggard's Chest, Mithril Deposit, Moon Over the Vale, Moonpetal Lily, Mountain Silversage, Mythology of the Titans, Orgrimmar Fishing, Peacebloom, Plaguebloom, Purple Lotus, Redpath's Shield, Relic Coffer, Rich Thorium Vein, Ripe Pumpkin, Sack of Meat, Sack of Oats, Scattered Crate, Scourge Data, Shellfish Trap, Silver Vein, Silverleaf, Skeletal Sea Turtle, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Stolen Supply Sack, Storage Chest, Stormwind City Fishing, Strange Lockbox, Stranglethorn Vale Fishing, Stratholme Supply Crate, Sungrass, Supply Crate, Taillasher Eggs, Tallonkai's Dresser, Timberling Sprout, Tin Vein, Truesilver Deposit, Warpwood Pod, Water Barrel, Webwood Eggs, Wetlands Fishing, Wild Steelbloom