Goblin Workshop - Jul 21st Additions

Posted on July 21, 2006, 10:39 AM
New Items: (1)
The End of Dreams

New Monsters: (1)

46 Quests, 490 Items, 1768 Mobs, 47 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (46)
A Boar's Vitality, A Humble Offering, Alliance Relations, [28] Arikara, [42] Breaking the Keystone, [50] Broken Alliances, [30] Brutal Armor (Warrior), [28] Calling in the Reserves, [38] Compendium of the Fallen, Conquering Arathi Basin, [52] Dark Iron Legacy, [56] Disharmony of Fire, [12] Disrupt the Attacks, [60] Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, Dry Times, [19] Fight for Warsong Gulch, [26] Harpies Threaten, [58] Healthy Dragon Scale, [23] Knowledge in the Deeps - Part 2?, Kris of Unspoken Names, [22] Leaders of the Fang, [20] Lost in Battle, [51] Message in a Bottle, New Life - Part 2?, Raptor Horns, [19] Report to Kadrak, [10] Rite of Wisdom, Runecloth, [15] Sample for Helbrim, [23] Shredding Machines, Snickerfang Jowls, [48] Stalking the Stalkers, [47] Testing the Vessel, The Decisive Striker, [48] The Flawless Flame, [35] The Grand Betrayal, The Guns of Northwatch, [59] The Pack Mistress, [47] The Platinum Discs - Part II (Horde), [47] The Platinum Discs - Part III (Horde), [54] The Rise of the Machines, The Weaver, [10] Training the Beast (Orc/Troll Hunter), [60] Uniting the Shattered Amulet, [4] Vile Familiars, [11] Wharfmaster Dizzywig

Updated Items: (490)
Ironbark Staff, Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight, Talisman of Ascendance, Warblade of the Hakkari, Barov Peasant Caller, Emperor's Seal..., Enamored Water Spirit, Enchanted South Seas Kelp, Gloves..., Gordok Bracers..., Hands..., Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Pebble of Kajaro, Rune of Duty, Rune of Perfection, Storm Gauntlets, Strength of Mugamba, Talisman of Arathor, The Eye of Zuldazar, Truesilver Breastplate, Truesilver Gauntlets, Vision of Voodress, Wildthorn Mail, Zandalarian Shadow Talisman, Abjurer's Tunic..., Agile Boots, Arachnidian Robes..., Archer's Gloves..., Augural Shroud, Brigade Defender..., Brutish Shield..., Callous Axe, Champion's Pauldrons..., Charger's Armor..., Chieftain's Leggings..., Chieftain's Shoulders..., Councillor's Cuffs..., Crusader's Belt..., Cutthroat's Vest..., Darkmist Cape..., Disciple's Robe..., Elegant Belt..., Emerald Gauntlets..., Emerald Vambraces..., Feral Buckler..., Fiery Cloak, Fine Shortbow, Formula: Enchant Boots - Minor Agility, Formula: Enchant Chest - Minor Mana, Geomancer's Spaulders..., Giant Club..., Glorious Shoulders, Gold Bar, Golden Iron Destroyer, Golden Scale Coif, Golden Scale Leggings, Green Iron Shoulders, Grunt's Pauldrons..., Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons..., Heavy Lamellar Shield..., Heavy Quiver, Heavy Spiked Mace, High Chief's Gauntlets..., High Councillor's Boots..., High Councillor's Cloak..., Hyperion Pauldrons..., Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Chest, Imperial Plate Helm, Imperial Plate Leggings, Iridescent Hammer, Lesser Magic Essence, Lofty Gauntlets..., Lord's Breastplate..., Lord's Gauntlets..., Lord's Girdle..., Marauder Axe, Marauder's Cloak..., Master's Belt..., Merciless Axe, Mighty Gauntlets..., Mighty Helmet..., Mithril Shield Spike, Nightshade Tunic..., Nocturnal Cloak..., Ornate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Breastplate, Ornate Mithril Pants, Outrunner's Legguards..., Overlord's Girdle..., Overlord's Greaves..., Overlord's Vambraces..., Pale Skinner, Pattern: Frostsaber Tunic, Polished Steel Boots, Raider's Bracers..., Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire, Renegade Shield..., Righteous Boots..., Royal Headband..., Shadow Crescent Axe, Silvered Bronze Shoulders, Superior Buckler..., Supreme Shoes..., Supreme Shoulders..., Swashbuckler's Belt..., Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads..., Templar Bracers..., Thistlefur Bands..., Thistlefur Pants..., Thorium Helm, Training Sword..., Truesilver Bar, Vital Boots..., Vital Shoulders..., Wanderer's Boots..., Wanderer's Leggings..., Watcher's Cuffs..., Watcher's Robes..., Wolf Rider's Gloves..., Accurate Slugs, Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage, Alterac Swiss, Ankh, Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, Arcane Powder, Ashwood Seed, Balanced Throwing Dagger, Banded Buckler, Bastard Sword, Battered Leather Belt, Battered Leather Boots, Battered Leather Bracers, Battered Leather Gloves, Battered Leather Harness, Battered Leather Pants, Battle Axe, Battle Staff, Bearded Axe, BKP 2700 "Enforcer", Black Dye, Blacksmith Hammer, Bleach, Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, Blue Dye, Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Boiled Clams, Bottle of Pinot Noir, Bottled Alterac Spring Water, Brigandine Boots, Brigandine Gloves, Bright Baubles, Brilliant Smallfish, Bristle Whisker Catfish, Broad Axe, Broadsword, Bronze Tube, Brown Leather Satchel, Bruiseweed, Chainmail Armor, Chainmail Belt, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Bracers, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Pants, Chimera Leather, Claymore, Cleaver, Club, Coal, Coarse Blasting Powder, Coarse Thread, Common Brown Shirt, Common Gray Shirt, Common White Shirt, Cooked Glossy Mightfish, Copper Rod, Copper Tube, Coyote Steak, Crab Cake, Crude Throwing Axe, Crystal Vial, Cudgel, Cured Ham Steak, Cutlass, Dacian Falx, Dalaran Sharp, Darnassian Bleu, Deadly Throwing Axe, Deathweed, Deep Fried Plantains, Delicious Cave Mold, Demonic Figurine, Dented Buckler, Dirk, Dirty Leather Belt, Dirty Leather Boots, Dirty Leather Bracers, Dirty Leather Gloves, Dirty Leather Pants, Dirty Leather Vest, Double Axe, Dried King Bolete, Dry Pork Ribs, Dust of Decay, Dust of Deterioration, Dwarven Mild, Earthroot, Elemental Flux, Elixir of Demonslaying, Empty Vial, Espadon, Essence of Agony, Essence of Pain, Falchion, Fine Aged Cheddar, Fine Light Crossbow, Fine Thread, Fishing Pole, Flagon of Mead, Flail, Flamberge, Flash Powder, Flask of Port, Flint and Tinder, Forest Mushroom Cap, Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Healing, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense, Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil, Formula: Minor Mana Oil, Formula: Minor Wizard Oil, Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom, Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod, Francisca, Freshly Baked Bread, Giant Mace, Gladius, Gleaming Throwing Axe, Gnarled Staff, Goblin Deviled Clams, Goldenbark Apple, Goretusk Liver Pie, Gray Dye, Great Axe, Greater Mana Potion, Green Dye, Grilled Squid, Groddoc Liver, Hallowed Brazier, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hatchet, Haunch of Meat, Heavy Brown Bag, Heavy Crossbow, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Shot, Heavy Silken Thread, Heavy Stock, Heavy Throwing Dagger, Heavy Weave Armor, Heavy Weave Belt, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Weave Gloves, Heavy Weave Pants, Heavy Weave Shoes, Holy Candle, Homemade Cherry Pie, Hornbeam Seed, Hot Smoked Bass, Hot Spices, Huge Brown Sack, Ice Cold Milk, Imbued Vial, Infernal Stone, Inlaid Mithril Cylinder, Ironfur Liver, Ironwood Seed, Jagged Arrow, Jambiya, Jug of Bourbon, Kaldorei Spider Kabob, Keen Throwing Knife, Kris, Large Axe, Large Bore Blunderbuss, Large Club, Large Metal Shield, Large Wooden Shield, Leaded Vial, Lesser Healing Potion, Lethargy Root, Light Crossbow, Light Shot, Logistics Assignment, Long Staff, Longjaw Mud Snapper, Longsword, Mace, Main Gauche, Maple Seed, Maul, Medium Quiver, Melon Juice, Mightfish Steak, Mild Spices, Military Ranks of the Horde & Alliance, Mining Pick, Moist Cornbread, Moon Harvest Pumpkin, Moonberry Juice, Morning Glory Dew, Morning Star, Mulgore Spice Bread, Murloc Fin Soup, Mutton Chop, Nightcrawlers, Orange Dye, Ornate Blunderbuss, Packet of Tharlendris Seeds, Pattern: Argent Boots, Pattern: Argent Shoulders, Pattern: Blue Linen Robe, Pattern: Blue Linen Vest, Pattern: Blue Overalls, Pattern: Dawn Treaders, Pattern: Enchanted Mageweave Pouch, Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn, Pattern: Murloc Scale Belt, Pattern: Murloc Scale Breastplate, Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt, Pattern: Red Linen Bag, Pattern: Red Woolen Bag, Pattern: White Wedding Dress, Peacebloom, Pink Dye, Plans: Girdle of the Dawn, Plans: Gloves of the Dawn, Platemail Belt, Platemail Bracers, Poniard, Primitive Mantle, Purple Dye, Quarter Staff, Raw Black Truffle, Razor Arrow, Recipe: Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Recipe: Blood Sausage, Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish, Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish, Recipe: Cooked Crab Claw, Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail, Recipe: Crocolisk Gumbo, Recipe: Crocolisk Steak, Recipe: Giant Clam Scorcho, Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake, Recipe: Goretusk Liver Pie, Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper, Recipe: Mithril Head Trout, Recipe: Murloc Fin Soup, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, Recipe: Redridge Goulash, Recipe: Rockscale Cod, Recipe: Sagefish Delight, Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob, Recipe: Smoked Sagefish, Recipe: Strider Stew, Recipe: Succulent Pork Ribs, Recipe: Westfall Stew, Red Dye, Red-speckled Mushroom, Refreshing Spring Water, Reinforced Bow, Ringed Buckler, Roasted Quail, Roc Gizzard, Rock Hammer, Rockscale Cod, Rondel, Rough Arrow, Rough Blasting Powder, Rune of Portals, Rune of Teleportation, Rune Thread, Runn Tum Tuber Surprise, Russet Hat, Rusted Chain Belt, Rusted Chain Boots, Rusted Chain Bracers, Rusted Chain Gloves, Rusted Chain Leggings, Rusted Chain Vest, Sacred Candle, Sagefish Delight, Salt, Scalemail Belt, Scalemail Boots, Scalemail Bracers, Scalemail Gloves, Scalemail Pants, Scalemail Vest, Schematic: Deadly Scope, Scimitar, Sharp Arrow, Sharp Throwing Axe, Shiny Bauble, Shiny Red Apple, Short Staff, Shortsword, Silken Thread, Silverleaf, Simple Wood, Skin of Dwarven Stout, Skinning Knife, Slitherskin Mackerel, Small Brown Pouch, Small Quiver, Small Shot Pouch, Small Throwing Knife, Smoked Sagefish, Snapvine Watermelon, Soft Banana Bread, Solid Shot, Soothing Spices, Spiced Wolf Meat, Spinefin Halibut, Spongy Morel, Star Wood, Stiletto, Stormwind Brie, Strange Dust, Stranglethorn Seed, Strider Stew, Striped Yellowtail, Strong Fishing Pole, Strong Flux, Succulent Pork Ribs, Superior Healing Potion, Sweet Nectar, Symbol of Divinity, Symbol of Kings, Tabar, Tanned Leather Belt, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Tanned Leather Pants, Tasty Lion Steak, Tattered Cloth Belt, Tattered Cloth Boots, Tattered Cloth Bracers, Tattered Cloth Gloves, Tattered Cloth Pants, Tattered Cloth Vest, Thistle Tea, Thug Boots, Thug Shirt, Tomahawk, Tough Hunk of Bread, Tough Jerky, Two-handed Sword, Walking Stick, Wall Shield, War Maul, War Staff, Weak Flux, Weighted Throwing Axe, Westfall Stew, Wicked Throwing Dagger, Wild Berries, Wild Hog Shank, Wild Thornroot, Wooden Mallet, Wooden Stock, Woven Belt, Woven Boots, Woven Bracers, Woven Gloves, Woven Pants, Woven Vest, Yellow Dye, Zweihander, Primitive Kilt, Thug Pants, Infantry Tunic...

Updated Mobs: (1768)
"Pretty Boy" Duncan, "Shaky" Phillipe, Achellios the Banished, Addled Leper, Adolescent Whelp, Adult Plainstrider, Advisor Belgrum, Aedis Brom, Ahanu, Aku'mai, Aku'mai Fisher, Aku'mai Servant, Aku'mai Snapjaw, Alchemist Arbington, Alexandra Bolero, Alexia Ironknife, Alliance Brigadier General, Alliance Spirit Guide, Alshirr Banebreath, Alterac Ram, Amy Davenport, Ana'thek the Cruel, Ancestral Spirit, Ancient Stone Keeper, Andre Firebeard, Andrew Hartwell, Andrew Hilbert, Andrew Krighton, Angerclaw Bear, Ansekhwa, Antilos, Antlered Courser, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Reservist, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Jorell, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Archaedas, Archibald, Archmage Angela Dosantos, Arei, Argent Dawn Infantry, Argent Defender, Argent Medic, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Argent Rider, Argent Sentry, Argus Shadow Mage, Arikara, Armored Scorpid, Arra'chea, Artilleryman Sheldonore, Ashenvale Bear, Ashenvale Outrunner, Ashlan Stonesmirk, Ashmane Boar, Aska Mistrunner, Asoran, Astor Hadren, Astranaar Sentinel, Atepa, Aturk the Anvil, Auberdine Sentinel, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Cain, Auctioneer Chilton, Auctioneer Epitwee, Auctioneer Fitch, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Gullem, Auctioneer Jaxon, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer O'reely, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tricket, Auctioneer Wabang, Auctioneer Yarly, Auld Stonespire, Aurel Goldleaf, Awenasa, Axtroz, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Soldier, Baelog, Bailey Stonemantle, Baine Bloodhoof, Barak Kodobane, Barbed Crustacean, Barg, Barim Jurgenstaad, Baristolth of the Shifting Sands, Barkeep Daniels, Barkeep Kelly, Barkeep Morag, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Aquanis, Baron Vardus, Barrens Guard, Bartender Wental, Bartolo Ginsetti, Bashana Runetotem, Belgrom Rockmaul, Belia Thundergranite, Bengus Deepforge, Benijah Fenner, Bera Stonehammer, Bessany Plainswind, Betina Bigglezink, Biletoad, Bimble Longberry, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Rat, Black Slayer, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Slayer, Blackrock Sorcerer, Blackwood Warrior, Blazing Elemental, Blazing Fireguard, Bleeding Horror, Blighted Surge, Blindlight Muckdweller, Blindlight Murloc, Blindlight Oracle, Blisterpaw Hyena, Blixxrak, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodhound, Bloodpetal Flayer, Bloodpetal Lasher, Bloodpetal Thresher, Bloodpetal Trapper, Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Traitor, Bloodscalp Warrior, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bluff Runner Windstrider, Bluffwatcher, Boiling Elemental, Booty Bay Bruiser, Bor Wildmane, Borer Beetle, Borgosh Corebender, Borgus Steelhand, Borya, Boulderfist Brute, Boulderfist Enforcer, Boulderfist Lord, Boulderfist Magus, Boulderfist Mauler, Boulderfist Shaman, Bounty Hunter Kolark, Boyle, Brakgul Deathbringer, Brave Darksky, Brave Ironhorn, Brave Moonhorn, Brave Strongbash, Brawn, Brek Stonehoof, Brewmaster Drohn, Breyk, Briarthorn, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brogus Thunderbrew, Brohann Caskbelly, Brooke Stonebraid, Brother Benjamin, Bulkrek Ragefist, Bulrug, Burning Blade Acolyte, Burning Blade Bruiser, Buzzek Bracketswing, Calandrath, Camp Mojache Brave, Captain Balinda Stonehearth, Captain Dargol, Captain Dirgehammer, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Captain Perrine, Captain Shatterskull, Captured Sprite Darter, Caravaneer Ruzzgot, Caretaker Alen, Carlin Redpath, Carrion Grub, Cave Yeti, Cavern Lurker, Cavern Shambler, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof, Cenarion Emissary Jademoon, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Cenarion Outrider, Cerellean Whiteclaw, Champion Defender, Champion Guardian, Charred Ancient, Chef Jessen, Chemist Cuely, Chemist Fuely, Chepi, Chesmu, Chicken, Chieftain Bloodmaw, Chillwind Ravager, Christoph Faral, Christopher Drakul, Chronalis, Clattering Crawler, Clattering Scorpid, Cleft Scorpid, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloned Ectoplasm, Cloud Serpent, Cobalt Broodling, Cobalt Mageweaver, Cobalt Scalebane, Cobalt Whelp, Cobalt Wyrmkin, Collin Mauren, Commander Amaren, Commander Eligor Dawnbringer, Commander Karl Philips, Commander Mar'alith, Cor Grimtotem, Coral Moongale, Corbett Schneider, Corina Steele, Corporal Noreg Stormpike, Corruptor, Courier Hammerfall, Cow, Coyote, Coyote Packleader, Cracked Skull Soldier, Craftsman Wilhelm, Crag Boar, Crag Coyote, Crag Stalker, Crane Operator Bigglefuzz, Crazed Ancient, Crazed Owlbeast, Crier Goodman, Crimson Bodyguard, Crimson Whelp, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Enforcer, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Mauler, Crushridge Ogre, Crushridge Warmonger, Cursed Darkhound, Daelyshia, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Daggerspine Siren, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Brewmaster, Dalaran Conjuror, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Miner, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Shield Guard, Dalaran Warder, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dane Lindgren, Daniel Bartlett, Daniel Ulfman, Daphne Stilwell, Dargon, Dark Caster, Dark Iron Demolitionist, Dark Iron Saboteur, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Dark Iron Tunneler, Dark Shade, Dark Summoner, Darkeye Bonecaster, Darkmaster Gandling, Darnassus Sentinel, Darren Malvew, Darrowshire Spirit, Darsok Swiftdagger, Daughter of Cenarius, David Langston, Deadly Cleft Scorpid, Deadwood Avenger, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Gardener, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Deadwood Warrior, Death Howl, Death Lash, Deathguard Bartholomew, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Samsa, Deathlash Scorpid, Decrepit Darkhound, Deep Borer, Deep Pool Threshfin, Deepmoss Hatchling, Deepmoss Matriarch, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deeprot Stomper, Deeprot Tangler, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Digger, Defias Evoker, Defias Highwayman, Defias Knuckleduster, Defias Looter, Defias Messenger, Defias Miner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pathstalker, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Rogue Wizard, Defias Smuggler, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Thug, Defias Trapper, Defias Watchman, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Defiler Elite, Defilers Emissary, Delgo Ragetotem, Delgren the Purifier, Delia Verana, Den Grunt, Deputy Feldon, Desert Rumbler, Deviate Adder, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Dreadfang, Deviate Faerie Dragon, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lasher, Deviate Lurker, Deviate Moccasin, Deviate Nightmare, Deviate Python, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Stalker, Deviate Stinglash, Deviate Venomwing, Deviate Viper, Devlin Agamand, Devouring Ectoplasm, Devrak, Deze Snowbane, Diemetradon, Dire Mottled Boar, Dirge Quikcleave, Dirk Thunderwood, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Ghoul, Diseased Grizzly, Dispatch Commander Metz, Dockmaster Baren, Doctor Herbert Halsey, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Dog, Donal Osgood, Donna, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Doomforge Dragoon, Doras, Doyo'da, Dragonmaw Bonewarder, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Shadowwarder, Draka, Dranh, Dreadmaul Brute, Dreadmaul Mauler, Dreadmaul Warlock, Dreaming Whelp, Dredge Crusher, Dredge Striker, Drek'Thar, Druid of the Fang, Drum Fel, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Duncan Cullen, Dunemaul Ogre, Dungar Longdrink, Duros, Durotar Tiger, Duskbat, Dust Devil, Dust Stormer, Dustbelcher Brute, Dustbelcher Ogre, Dustbelcher Ogre Mage, Dustbelcher Shaman, Dustbelcher Wyrmhunter, Dustwind Harpy, Dustwind Pillager, Dwukk, Earthen Custodian, Earthen Guardian, Earthen Hallshaper, Earthen Rocksmasher, Earthen Sculptor, Earthen Stonebreaker, Earthen Stonecarver, Edna Mullby, Edrick Killian, Edward, Edward Remington, Edwin VanCleef, Elder Ashenvale Bear, Elder Black Bear, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Diemetradon, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Moss Creeper, Elder Mottled Boar, Elder Rage Scar, Elder Shardtooth, Eleanor Rusk, Elemental Slave, Elki, Elly Langston, Elu, Emeraldon Boughguard, Emeraldon Oracle, Enraged Feral Scar, Enraged Panther, Enyo, Eric "The Swift", Erika Tate, Erlan Drudgemoor, Everlook Bruiser, Evie Whirlbrew, Evolving Ectoplasm, Evonice Sootsmoker, Expeditionary Mountaineer, Eyeless Watcher, Fahrak, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Fallenroot Shadowstalker, Fam'retor Guardian, Fardel Dabyrie, Farmer Kent, Farmer Solliden, Father Inigo Montoy, Fawn, Fel Lash, Fela, Felbeast, Felcular, Felder Stover, Felguard, Felicia Doan, Felika, Fellicent's Shade, Felpaw Wolf, Felstalker, Female Human Captive, Feral Mountain Lion, Feral Scar Yeti, Feran Strongwind, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Ferocious Rage Scar, Ferocious Yeti, Fetid Corpse, Fetid Zombie, Field Marshal Afrasiabi, Fin Fizracket, Fire Roc, Fireguard, Fireguard Destroyer, Firetail Scorpid, First Mate Crazz, Fizzlebang Booms, Flakk, Flamekin Rager, Flamekin Torcher, Flamescale Broodling, Flamescale Dragonspawn, Flamescale Wyrmkin, Flamesnorting Whelp, Flatland Prowler, Fledgling Chillwind, Fledgling Pterrordax, Fleeting Plainstrider, Fleshripper, Foreman Oslow, Forest Moss Creeper, Foreststrider Fledgling, Forlorn Spirit, Fozruk, Francis Eliot, Freewind Brave, Frenzied Plaguehound, Frezza, Frostmane Headhunter, Frostmane Hideskinner, Frostmane Seer, Frostmane Shadowcaster, Frostmane Snowstrider, Frostmane Troll, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Bowman, Frostwolf Quartermaster, Frostwolf Shaman, Fuzruckle, Fyr Mistrunner, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gahroot, Galak Assassin, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Messenger, Galak Stormer, Galak Wrangler, Galgann Firehammer, Galthuk, Gamon, Gann Stonespire, Ganoosh, Gavin Gnarltree, Gaxim Rustfizzle, Gazin Tenorm, Gazrog, Gelihast, Gelman Stonehand, Genavie Callow, General Angerforge, General Marcus Jonathan, Gennia Runetotem, Geoffrey Hartwell, Georgio Bolero, Gerard Abernathy, Gerrig Bonegrip, Ghamoo-ra, Gharash, Ghost Howl, Ghostly Marauder, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghrawt, Giant Ashenvale Bear, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Grizzled Bear, Giant Plains Creeper, Giant Surf Glider, Gibbering Ghoul, Gibblewilt, Gilnid, Gimblethorn, Gina MacGregor, Glasshide Basilisk, Glasshide Gazer, Glassweb Spider, Glommus, Glordrum Steelbeard, Glutinous Ooze, Gnarled Thistleshrub, Goblin Craftsman, Goblin Engineer, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Godan, Golem Lord Argelmach, Goma, Gordon Wendham, Gordunni Battlemaster, Gordunni Brute, Gordunni Mauler, Gordunni Ogre, Gordunni Ogre Mage, Gordunni Shaman, Gordunni Warlock, Gordunni Warlord, Gorefang, Goretusk, Gorina, Gorishi Reaver, Gorishi Wasp, Gorishi Worker, Gorm Grimtotem, Gorn One Eye, Gorrik, Gotri, Gravelsnout Kobold, Gravelsnout Vermin, Grawl, Gray Bear, Gray Forest Wolf, Great Goretusk, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Obsidian Elemental, Greater Plainstrider, Greater Rock Elemental, Greater Thunderhawk, Green Sludge, Gregor Agamand, Gregor Greystone, Grel'borg the Miser, Grenil Steelfury, Grezz Ragefist, Grimand Elmore, Grimble, Grimlok, Grimnal, Grimtotem Bandit, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Geomancer, Grimtotem Naturalist, Grimtotem Raider, Grimtotem Shaman, Grimtotem Sorcerer, Grimtotem Stomper, Gringer, Grinning Dog, Grish Longrunner, Groddoc Ape, Grokor, Grom'gol Grunt, Groum Stonebeard, Gruna, Grundig Darkcloud, Grunt Komak, Grunt Mojka, Grunt Zuul, Gryth Thurden, Guard Clarke, Guard Hammon, Guard Quine, Guard Wachabe, Guillaume Sorouy, Gunther Weller, Gwyn Farrow, Gyll, Hagar Lightninghoof, Haldarr Felsworn, Haldarr Satyr, Haldarr Trickster, Hammerfall Grunt, Hammerfall Guardian, Hammerfall Peon, Hanashi, Hank the Hammer, Hannah Bladeleaf, Hans Zandin, Hansel Heavyhands, Harbinger Balthazad, Harruk, Harry Burlguard, Harvest Watcher, Hate Shrieker, Haunting Vision, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Hekkru, Helboar, Henen Ragetotem, Hesuwa Thunderhorn, Hexed Troll, High Chief Winterfall, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Hadrec, High Explorer Magellas, High Overlord Saurfang, High Priestess MacDonnell, High Protector Lorik, High Tinker Mekkatorque, Highborne Apparition, Highborne Lichling, Highland Scytheclaw, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hillsbrad Peasant, Holgar Stormaxe, Holt Thunderhorn, Honor Guard, Horde Deforester, Horde Elite, Horde Grunt, Horde Guard, Horde Laborer, Horde Peon, Horde Scout, Horde Shaman, Horde Spirit Guide, Horde Warbringer, Horthus, Hraq, Hula'mahi, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Sagewind, Hunter Thunderhorn, Hydrospawn, Ice Claw Bear, Ice Thistle Matriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Idriana, Ilifar, Inferno Elemental, Injured Stockade Guard, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Fizzgrimble, Innkeeper Grosk, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Hearthstove, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Pala, Innkeeper Shaussiy, Innkeeper Shay, Innkeeper Wiley, Instructor Malicia, Ironaya, Ironforge Guard, Ironfur Bear, Ironfur Patriarch, Ironhide Devilsaur, Irontree Stomper, Irontree Wanderer, Ivar the Foul, Jade Ooze, Jadefire Felsworn, Jadefire Satyr, Jadespine Basilisk, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Hound, Jahan Hawkwing, Jandia, Jandice Barov, Janey Anship, Jarrodenus, Jase Farlane, Jason Lemieux, Jazzrik, Jekyll Flandring, Jemma Quikswitch, Jenn Langston, Jeremiah Payson, Jessica Chambers, Jessica Redpath, Jhag, Joanna Whitehall, Johan Focht, John Burnside, John Turner, Jonivera Farmountain, Jorb, Jubahl Corpseseeker, Jungle Stalker, Justine Demalier, Jyn Stonehoof, Kadrak, Kah Mistrunner, Kaja, Kalyimah Stormcloud, Kanati Greycloud, Kaplak, Kargath Grunt, Karn Stonehoof, Karos Razok, Karrel Grayves, Kartra Bloodsnarl, Karus, Kary Thunderhorn, Kathrum Axehand, Kayren Soothallow, Kebok, Keldran, Kelgruk Bloodaxe, Kelm Hargunth, Kelsey Yance, Kelsuwa, Kelv Sternhammer, Kendor Kabonka, Ker Ragetotem, Keyl Swiftclaw, Khur Hornstriker, Kibler, Kiknikle, Kimberly Hiett, Kira Songshine, Kithas, Klockmort Spannerspan, Kobold Miner, Kobold Tunneler, Kodo Calf, Kodo Matriarch, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Drudge, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Outrunner, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Korfax, Champion of the Light, Korin Fel, Kozish, Krang Stonehoof, Krathok Moltenfist, Kresh, Krinkle Goodsteel, Krueg Skullsplitter, Krumn, Krunn, Krusk, Kul Tiras Marine, Kul Tiras Sailor, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kuray'bin, Kurm Stonehoof, Kurran Steele, Kuruk, Kuz, Kym Wildmane, Lady Anacondra, Lady Illucia Barov, Lady Sarevess, Laer Stepperunner, Lairn, Lakota'mani, Land Rager, Lanie Reed, Larhka, Lauren Newcomb, Lawrence Schneider, Laziphus, League of Arathor Emissary, Legion Hound, Lenny "Fingers" McCoy, Leona Tharpe, Leonard Porter, Leper Gnome, Lesser Rock Elemental, Lexington Mortaim, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Farren Orinelle, Lieutenant Largent, Lieutenant Lonadin, Lingering Highborne, Liv Rizzlefix, Living Blaze, Living Decay, Loch Frenzy, Locke Okarr, Longbraid the Grim, Longtooth Howler, Longtooth Runner, Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker, Loorana, Lord Alexei Barov, Lord Aliden Perenolde, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, Lord Maldazzar, Lord Pythas, Lord Roccor, Lord Serpentis, Lord Tony Romano, Lord Vyletongue, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Lorekeeper Raintotem, Lorelae Wintersong, Lorgus Jett, Lost One Muckdweller, Lost One Riftseeker, Lost One Seer, Lost Soul, Louis Warren, Lunnix Sprocketslip, Lurking Feral Scar, Lylandris, Lyria Du Lac, Magar, Magatha Grimtotem, Magenius, Maggot Eye, Magma Elemental, Magram Wrangler, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Mak, Makaru, Makrura Clacker, Makrura Shellhide, Manaclaw, Mangletooth, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Duskbat, Mangy Mountain Boar, Mangy Silvermane, Mangy Wolf, Mani Winterhoof, Mankrik, Mannoroc Lasher, Maraudine Priest, Maraudine Scout, Marauding Owlbeast, Marcus Bel, Marda Weller, Marez Cowl, Marin Noggenfogger, Maris Granger, Marshal Marris, Masha Swiftcut, Master Mathias Shaw, Master Mechanic Castpipe, Master Smith Burninate, Matthew Hooper, Mattie Alred, Maur Raincaller, Mazzranache, Me'lynn, Meggi Peppinrocker, Meilosh, Melisara, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Merill Pleasance, Meven Korgal, Michael Garrett, Mike Miller, Millie Gregorian, Milstaff Stormeye, Milton Sheaf, Mindless Zombie, Mirefin Muckdweller, Mirelow, Mishta, Mogg, Mogh the Undying, Molt Thorn, Monstrous Ooze, Montarr, Moonglade Warden, Moonrage Darkrunner, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moonstalker Runt, Moontouched Owlbeast, Moorane Hearthgrain, Moren Riverbend, Morgan the Collector, Morley Bates, Mortimer Montague, Motega Firemane, Mottled Boar, Mottled Worg, Mountain Lion, Muculent Ooze, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murkshallow Softshell, Murloc, Murloc Coastrunner, Murloc Forager, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Netter, Murloc Raider, Murloc Scout, Murloc Streamrunner, Murloc Warrior, Mutanus the Devourer, My'lanna, Myizz Luckycatch, Myolor Sunderfury, Naal Mistrunner, Nagaz, Najak Hexxen, Nargal Deatheye, Narianna, Narkk, Nathaniel Dumah, Necrofiend, Nerrist, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Engineer, Nethergarde Foreman, Nethergarde Miner, Nethergarde Soldier, Newton Burnside, Nez'raz, Nida Winterhoof, Night Web Matriarch, Night Web Spider, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightlash, Nightmare Ectoplasm, Nikova Raskol, Nissa Agamand, Nittlebur Sparkfizzle, Novice Warrior, Noxious Plaguebat, Nyse, Oasis Snapjaw, Obsidian Sentinel, Occulus, Officer Brady, Officer Gothena, Officer Jaxon, Officer Maloof, Officer Pomeroy, Officer Porterhouse, Officer Thunderstrider, Oglethorpe Obnoticus, Ogunaro Wolfrunner, Ohanko, Ol' Emma, Olaf, Old Man Heming, Old Serra'kis, Olivia Burnside, Omusa Thunderhorn, Onyxia's Elite Guard, Ophelia Montague, Or'Kalar, Orgrimmar Grunt, Orgrimmar Legion Axe Thrower, Ornery Plainstrider, Orokk Omosh, Orwin Gizzmick, Osborne the Night Man, Ott, Overlord Ror, Overlord Runthak, Overwatch Mark I, Owatanka, Ox, Pack Kodo, Packmaster Stonebruiser, Pakwa, Patrice Dwyer, Patrick Garrett, Paxton Ganter, Pephredo, Phantim, Phase Lasher, Phin Odelic, Pizznukle, Plague Lurker, Plague Ravager, Plaguebat, Plagued Hatchling, Plaguehound, Plaguehound Runt, Plated Stegodon, Poison Sprite, Pooka, Portal Seeker, Prairie Stalker, Prairie Wolf, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Pridewing Consort, Pridewing Wyvern, Primal Ooze, Primitive Owlbeast, Privateer Bloads, Protector Gariel, Protector Korelor, Protector Leick, Prowler, Pterrordax, Putrid Gargoyle, Putridus Satyr, Putridus Shadowstalker, Putridus Trickster, Pyrewood Elder, Pyrewood Sentry, Pyrewood Watcher, Qia, Qizzik, Quarry Slave, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quinn Yorick, Rabbit, Rabid Blisterpaw, Rabine Saturna, Raena Flinthammer, Rage Scar Yeti, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Ragereaver Golem, Ragged Owlbeast, Ragged Scavenger, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Owlbeast, Rahauro, Raider Jhash, Raider Kerr, Raleigh Andrean, Ralston Farnsley, Rand Rhobart, Randolph Montague, Rane Yorick, Ras Frostwhisper, Rashona Straglash, Ratchet Bruiser, Rathorian, Rattlecage Skeleton, Rattlecage Soldier, Rattlegore, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Corpse, Ravak Grimtotem, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Runner, Ravenclaw Raider, Ravenclaw Slave, Razelikh the Defiler, Razor Hill Grunt, Razormane Battleguard, Razormane Defender, Razormane Dustrunner, Razormane Geomancer, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razormane Seer, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Warfrenzy, Razormane Water Seeker, Reanimated Corpse, Red Dragonspawn, Red Scalebane, Red Whelp, Red Wyrmkin, Redstone Crystalhide, Reese Langston, Refuge Pointe Defender, Reggifuz, Regnus Thundergranite, Rekkul, Renato Gallina, Rethiel the Greenwarden, Revelosh, Rezlak, Richard Van Brunt, Rickle Goldgrubber, Ridge Huntress, Ridge Stalker Patriarch, Rigglefuzz, Riley Walker, Risen Aberration, Risen Bonewarder, Risen Construct, Risen Guard, Risen Protector, Risen Warrior, Riverpaw Bandit, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Runt, Riverpaw Scout, Robert Gossom, Rock Borer, Rock Elemental, Rock Worm, Rockhide Boar, Rogue Flame Spirit, Rogue Ice Thistle, Rok Orhan, Rookery Guardian, Rookery Hatcher, Rookery Whelp, Roon Wildmane, Rot Hide Gladerunner, Rot Hide Gnoll, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Mongrel, Rot Hide Mystic, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotting Ancestor, Rotting Dead, Rotting Slime, Rotting Sludge, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rumbling Exile, Runk Windtamer, Saern Priderunner, Sage Korolusk, Saltstone Basilisk, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltstone Gazer, Saltwater Snapjaw, Samuel Fipps, Sand Skitterer, Sandahl, Sanuye Runetotem, Sap Beast, Sara Balloo, Sarah Goode, Sarilus Foulborne, Sark Ragetotem, Sarkoth, Sarok, Savage Owlbeast, Savannah Highmane, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Patriarch, Savannah Prowler, Sawfin Frenzy, Sayoc, Scalding Broodling, Scalding Drake, Scalding Elemental, Scarlet Avenger, Scarlet Cleric, Scarlet Convert, Scarlet Curate, Scarlet Enchanter, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Initiate, Scarlet Interrogator, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Judge, Scarlet Knight, Scarlet Mage, Scarlet Magus, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Paladin, Scarlet Praetorian, Scarlet Priest, Scarlet Sentinel, Scarlet Spellbinder, Scarlet Warder, Scarlet Warrior, Scarlet Worker, Scarlet Zealot, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scholar Runethorn, Scholomance Acolyte, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Scholomance Handler, Scholomance Necrolyte, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Occultist, Scooty, Scorching Elemental, Scorpid Dunestalker, Scorpid Hunter, Scorpid Tail Lasher, Scorpid Worker, Scorpok Stinger, Scourge Champion, Scourge Warder, Scout Galiaan, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Scryer, Sea Crawler, Searing Infernal, Searing Lava Spider, Searing Roc, Searscale Drake, Seasoned Coldmine Guard, Seasoned Coldmine Surveyor, Seasoned Guardian, Sebastian Meloche, Security Chief Bilgewhizzle, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seereth Stonebreak, Selina Pickman, Sen'jin Watcher, Senir Whitebeard, Sentinel Amarassan, Sentinel Keldara Sunblade, Serge Hinott, Sergeant Ba'sha, Sergeant Major Clate, Sergra Darkthorn, Seril Scourgebane, Serpentbloom Snake, Shade of Ambermoon, Shadethicket Bark Ripper, Shadethicket Oracle, Shadethicket Stone Mover, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadowforge Ambusher, Shadowforge Archaeologist, Shadowforge Chanter, Shadowforge Darkcaster, Shadowforge Digger, Shadowforge Geologist, Shadowforge Relic Hunter, Shadowforge Ruffian, Shadowforge Sharpshooter, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowforge Warrior, Shadowhorn Stag, Shadowprey Guardian, Shadowsworn Adept, Shadowsworn Cultist, Shadowsworn Warlock, Shardtooth Bear, Shardtooth Mauler, Shayis Steelfury, Sheal Runetotem, Sheep, Sheldon Von Croy, Shelene Rhobart, Shenthul, Sheza Wildmane, Shimra, Shrike Bat, Shrye Ragefist, Shyn, Shyrka Wolfrunner, Silithid Creeper, Silithid Grub, Silithid Harvester, Silithid Protector, Silithid Swarmer, Silvermane Stalker, Silverpine Deathguard, Silverwing Sentinel, Silverwing Warrior, Sister Hatelash, Sister of Celebrian, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeleton, Skittering Crustacean, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Beastmaster, Skullsplitter Berserker, Skullsplitter Headhunter, Skullsplitter Hunter, Skullsplitter Mystic, Skullsplitter Scout, Skullsplitter Spiritchaser, Skullsplitter Warrior, Skullsplitter Witch Doctor, Skum, Sky Shadow, Slagg, Slave, Slave Worker, Slavering Ember Worg, Slavering Ghoul, Sleeby, Sly Garrett, Snapjaw, Snapjaw Crocolisk, Sneed, Sneed's Shredder, Snickerfang Hyena, Snow Leopard, Snow Tracker Wolf, Sognar Cliffbeard, Soleil Stonemantle, Somnus, Son of Arugal, Son of Cenarius, Soolie Berryfizz, Soran, Sorek, Southsea Dock Worker, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Southsea Swashbuckler, Southshore Guard, Sparkleshell Borer, Spectral Teacher, Spectral Tutor, Spell Eater, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Serpent Guard, Spitelash Warrior, Splintered Skeleton, Splintertree Guard, Springspindle Fizzlegear, Sprite Darter, Sprite Dragon, Sprogger, Squire Leoren Mal'derath, Squirrel, Sranda, Stalvan Mistmantle, Starn, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Mountain Lion, Starving Snickerfang, Starving Winter Wolf, Steamwheedle Bruiser, Steelsnap, Stephanie Turner, Stephen Bhartec, Stephen Ryback, Stitched Horror, Stonard Explorer, Stonard Scout, Stonard Wayfinder, Stone Keeper, Stone Steward, Stonelash Flayer, Stonelash Scorpid, Stonesplinter Seer, Stonesplinter Trogg, Stonetusk Boar, Stonevault Ambusher, Stonevault Brawler, Stonevault Cave Hunter, Stonevault Cave Lurker, Stonevault Flameweaver, Stonevault Geomancer, Stonevault Mauler, Stonevault Oracle, Stonevault Rockchewer, Storm Shadowhoof, Stormhide, Stormpike Bowman, Stormpike Defender, Stormpike Guardsman, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormpike Quartermaster, Stormscale Sorceress, Stormsnout, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stormwind Royal Guard, Stranglethorn Tigress, Subterranean Diemetradon, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Lashtail, Sunscale Screecher, Sunscale Scytheclaw, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Surena Caledon, Surf Crawler, Svalbrad Farmountain, Swampwalker, Sydney Upton, Syndicate Assassin, Syndicate Enforcer, Syndicate Footpad, Syndicate Magus, Syndicate Prowler, Syndicate Rogue, Syndicate Saboteur, Syndicate Sentry, Syndicate Shadow Mage, Syndicate Watchman, Tah Winterhoof, Taim Ragetotem, Takrin Pathseeker, Tal, Taldan, Taloned Swoop, Talvash del Kissel, Tangled Horror, Tar Beast, Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Tarantula, Tari'qa, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taskmaster Scrange, Taur Stonehoof, Tawny Grisette, Tepa, Thal'trak Proudtusk, Thamarian, Tharlidun, Tharynn Bouden, Thaurissan Spy, The Nameless Prophet, The Ravenian, Thenan, Theodore Mont Claire, Theradrim Guardian, Theradrim Shardling, Theramore Guard, Theramore Marine, Theramore Preserver, Theresa, Therum Deepforge, Therzok, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thistle Bear, Thistleshrub Dew Collector, Thistleshrub Rootshaper, Thomas, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thora Feathermoon, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thorium Brotherhood Lookout, Thork, Thrag Stonehoof, Thralosh, Thrumn, Thultazor, Thunderhawk Cloudscraper, Thunderhawk Hatchling, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Hippogryph, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurman Agamand, Thuul, Thyssiana, Thysta, Tick, Tigor Skychaser, Timber, Timbermaw Pathfinder, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timberweb Recluse, Timothy Weldon, Tinkee Steamboil, Tirisfal Farmer, Tirisfal Farmhand, Tiza Battleforge, Tonga Runetotem, Tor'phan, Torm Ragetotem, Tormus Deepforge, Torn, Torn Fin Muckdweller, Torn Fin Oracle, Tower Point Marshal, Toxic Horror, Trak'gen, Traugh, Trianna, Tunnel Rat Forager, Tunnel Rat Kobold, Tunnel Rat Scout, Turak Runetotem, Turhaw, Twilight Acolyte, Twilight Aquamancer, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Elementalist, Twilight Fire Guard, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Keeper Havunth, Twilight Lord Kelris, Twilight Loreseeker, Twilight Marauder, Twilight Marauder Morna, Twilight Master, Twilight Overlord, Twilight Prophet, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Shadowmage, Twilight Stonecaller, Tyler, Ug'thok, Uhgar, Ukra'nor, Ulag the Cleaver, Umaron Stragarelm, Undercity Guardian, Unknown, Unliving Mossflayer, Unseen Servant, Unstable Corpse, Urda, Urek Thunderhorn, Uthel'nay, Uttnar, Vahgruk, Vale Screecher, Valgar Highforge, Vampiric Duskbat, Vargus, Varimathras, Varo'then's Ghost, Vehena, Velora Nitely, Venomhide Ravasaur, Venomlash Scorpid, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Laborer, Venture Co. Logger, Venture Co. Mercenary, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Peon, Venture Co. Supervisor, Venture Co. Worker, Verdan the Everliving, Veren Tallstrider, Vernon Hale, Veteran Defender, Vhulgra, Victor Ward, Vile Familiar, Vile Fin Puddlejumper, Vile Tutor, Vipore's Gryphon, Viznik Goldgrubber, Voggah Deathgrip, Voodoo Troll, Wailing Ancestor, Wandering Barrens Giraffe, Wandering Spirit, War Reaver, Warcaller Gorlach, Warden Haro, Warpwood Guardian, Warpwood Moss Flayer, Warpwood Shredder, Warpwood Stomper, Warsong Emissary, Warsong Scout, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Watcher Royce, Weapon Technician, Westfall Woodworker, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Whip Lasher, Whitewhisker Digger, Wigcik, Wild Buck, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Imp, Wildspawn Rogue, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildspawn Trickster, Wildthorn Lurker, Wildthorn Stalker, Wildthorn Venomspitter, Wilhelm Strang, William, William MacGregor, William Montague, Windcaller Kaldon, Windcaller Proudhorn, Windcaller Yessendra, Windfury Matriarch, Windfury Sorceress, Winter Wolf, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Shaman, Winterfall Ursa, Winterspring Owl, Winterspring Screecher, Witch Doctor Mau'ari, Witchwing Ambusher, Witchwing Harpy, Witchwing Roguefeather, Witchwing Slayer, Witchwing Windcaller, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Berserker, Witherbark Hideskinner, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Withered Ancient, Wizlo Bearingshiner, Woo Ping, Wrahk, Wrath Hammer Construct, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wretched Lost One, Wretched Zombie, Wuark, Xandivious, Xanis Flameweaver, Xiggs Fuselighter, XT:4, XT:9, Xylinnia Starshine, Yaelika Farclaw, Yarrog Baneshadow, Young Black Ravager, Young Fleshripper, Young Forest Bear, Young Jungle Stalker, Young Night Web Spider, Young Pridewing, Young Scavenger, Young Wolf, Yugrek, Yuka Screwspigot, Zalazane, Zando'zan, Zane Bradford, Zapetta, Zaricotl, Zarise, Zayus, Zazo, Zel'mak, Zem Leeward, Zendo'jian, Zengu, Zevrim Thornhoof, Zhevra Courser, Zhevra Runner, Zikkel, Zizzek, Zun'dartha

Updated World Objects: (47)
A Dusty Tome, Agamand Weapon Rack, Arthas' Tears, Battered Chest, Blindweed, Box of Assorted Parts, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Conspicuous Urn, Copper Vein, Crate with Holes, Dark Iron Deposit, Dreamfoil, Earthroot, Equipment Boxes, Fadeleaf, Firebloom, Giant Clam, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Gromsblood, Hillsbrad Foothills Fishing, Horde Supply Crate, Iron Deposit, Kingsblood, Large Battered Chest, Mithril Deposit, Mountain Silversage, Orgrimmar Fishing, Peacebloom, Plaguebloom, Purple Lotus, Redridge Mountains Fishing, Rich Thorium Vein, Rusty Chest, Silverleaf, Small Thorium Vein, Snufflenose Command Sticks, Snufflenose Owner's Manual, Solid Chest, Stormwind City Fishing, Stranglethorn Vale Fishing, Sungrass, Tin Vein, Truesilver Deposit, Wild Steelbloom