May 6th - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on May 6, 2004, 11:15 PM
New Quests: Break a Few Eggs

Updated Quests: A Baying of Gnolls, A Favor For Evershine, A Fishy Peril, A Free Lunch, A Gnome's Respite, A Grim Task, A Humble Task - Part I, A Humble Task - Part II, A Letter Undelivered, A Lost Master - Part II, A Pilot's Revenge, A Putrid Task, A Recipe for Death, A Scroll From Mauren, A Solvent Spirit, A Threat Within, Abomination, Ak'Zeloth, Altered Beings, Ambushed in the Forest, An Old Colleague, An Old History Book, An Unwelcome Guest, Apothecary Zamah, Arugal's Folly, Assessing The Threat, At War With The Scarlet Crusade - Part IV, Awaiting Word, Back to Billy, Bashal'aran, Bathran's Hair, Beginnings, Betrayal from Within, Black Dragon Whelp Scales, Blackfathom Relics, Blackrock Menace, Blisters on the Land, Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, Bride of the Embalmer TEST, Brotherhood of Thieves, Burning Blade Medallion, Buzzbox 323, Buzzbox 411, Buzzbox 827, Call of Earth, Call of Fire, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part II, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part III, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part IV, Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Part V, Centaur Bracers, Cleansing the Eye, Collecting Kelp, Compendium of the Fallen, Conscript of the Horde, Consumed by Hatred, Covert Ops - Alpha, Covert Ops - Beta, Creature of the Void, Crime and Punishment, Crossroads Conscription, Culling the Threat, Cutting Teeth, Dangerous! (bounty hunt, probably random), Dark Storms, Deliver the Thread, Delivering Daffodils, Delivery to Silverpine Forest, Deviate Eradication, Deviate Hides, Devils in Westfall, Dig Rat Stew, Digging Through the Dirt, Distracting Jarven, Down the Coast, Down the Scarlet Path - Part II, Dry Times, Echeyakee, Egg Hunt, Elemental Bracers, Elixir of Suffering, Encroaching Gnolls, Encroachment, Escape Through Stealth, Escape Through Stealth - Part II, Excavation Progress Report, Fall of Dun Modr, Farren's Proof, Fields of Grief, Fields of Grief - Part II, Find Karanal Fiss, Finding the Shadowy Figure, Fiora Longears, For Love Eternal, Forsaken Aid, From the Wreckage...., Frostmane Hold, Further Instructions, Further Instructions - Part II, Gan'rul's Summons, Gann's Reclamation, Gather Rot Blossoms, Gathering Idols, Gathering Leather, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Ghost Hair Thread, Ghoulish Effigy, Give Gerard A Drink, Goblin Invaders, Goldtooth, Goretusk Liver Pie, Graverobbers, Grove of the Ancients, Harlan Needs a Resupply, Harpy Lieutenants, Harpy Raiders, Herzul Bloodmark, How Big A Threat - Part II, How Big A Threat?, Howling in the Hills, Humble Beginnings, In Defense of the King's Lands, In Defense of the King's Lands - Part II, In Defense of the King's Lands - Part III, In Search of the Excavation Team - Part II, In the Name of the Light, Industrial Espionage , Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun, Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun - Part II, Inquire at the Inn, Investigate Echo Ridge, Ishamuhale, James Hyal, Jin'Zil's Forest Magic, Jitters' Growling Gut, Journey Into Thunder Bluff, Journey to Astranaar, Journey to Auberdine!, Journey To Booty Bay!, Journey to Darkshore!, Journey to Menethil Harbor!, Journey to Ratchet!, Journey to Stonetalon Peak, Journey to Tarren Mill, Journey to the Crossroads, Juice Delivery, Keeper of the Flame, Kobold Camp Cleanup, Kobold Candles, Kodo Hide Bag, Kolkar Leaders, Lago's Summons , Land Ho!, Leaders of the Fang, Letter to Jin'Zil, Look to the Stars, Look to the Stars - Part II, Look to the Stars - Part III, Look to the Stars - Part IV, Looking Further, Lost But Not Forgotten, Lost Necklace, MacKreel's Moonshine, Margoz, Master Gadrin, Mazzranache, Melor Sends Word, Mercenaries, Messenger to Darkshire, Messenger to Darkshire - Part II, Messenger To Stormwind, Messenger To Stormwind - Part II, Messenger to Westfall, Messenger To Westfall - Part II, Miner's Fortune, Minshina's Skull, Missing in Action, Moonglow Vest, Morganth, Murloc Poachers, Nara Wildmane, Neeru Fireblade, Note to the Mayor, Ogre Thieves, On Guard in Stonetalon, On Guard In Stonetalon - Part II, Operation Recombobulation, Ormer's Revenge, Ormer's Revenge - Part II, Package for Thurman, Pie For Billy, Powder To Ironband, Practical Prey, Preparation for Ceremony, Preserving Knowledge, Princess Must Die!, Proof of Demise, Protecting the Herd, Proving Your Worth, Prowlers of the Barrens, Quell the Uprising, Raene's Cleansing, Raptor Horns, Raven Hill, Reclaiming the Charred Vale, Reclaiming the Charred Vale - Part II, Redridge Goulash, Report to Goldshire, Report To Ironforge, Report to Orgnil, Researching The Corruption, Resting in Pieces, Resupplying The Excavation, Retrieval For Mauren, Return the Comb, Return to Bellowfiz, Return to Marleth, Return to Onu, Return to Sven, Return To Verner, Rites of the Earthmother, Rites of the Eathmother (Part II), Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty, Root Samples, Sarkoth, Securing the Lines, Selling Fish, Serena Bloodfeather, Serpentbloom, Shadow Magic, Shards of a God, Shimmer Stout, Shipment to Stormwind, Shredding Machines, Skirmish at Echo Ridge, Skull Rock, Smart Drinks, Southsea Freebooters, Southshore, Special Delivery for Gaxim, Steelsnap, Sting of the Scorpid, Stolen Booty, Stormwind Library, Stout to Kadrell, Sully Balloo's Letter, Super Reaper 6000, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Supplies from Darkshire, Surena Caledon, Sven's Camp, Swoop Hunting, Teldrassil, The Absent Minded Prospector, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part II, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part III, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part IV, The Absent Minded Prospector - Part V, The Admiral's Orders, The Angry Scytheclaws, The Balance of Nature, The Barrens Oases, The Binding, The Coast Isn't Clear, The Coastal Menace, The Collector, The Dark Iron War, The Defias Brotherhood, The Defias Brotherhood - Part ?+1, The Defias Brotherhood - Part ?+2, The Defias Brotherhood - Part ?+3, The Defias Brotherhood - Part ?+4, The Defias Brotherhood - Part ?+5, The Demon Seed, The Disruption Ends, The Elder Crone, The Enchanted Glade, The Escape, The Everstill Bridge, The Eye of Paleth, The Fury Runs Deep, The Hidden Niche, The Hunt Begins, The Hunt Continues, The Killing Fields, The Legend of Stalvan - Part II, The Legend of Stalvan - Part III, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IV, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IX, The Legend of Stalvan - Part V, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VI, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part VIII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part X, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XI, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XII, The Legend of Stalvan - Part XIII, The Lost Pilot, The Lost Tools, The Master's Glaive, The Missing Diplomat, The Missing Shipment, The New Horde, The Night Watch - Part III, The Price of Shoes, The Public Servant, The Ravaged Caravan, The Red Messenger, The Reports, The Rescue, The Sacred Flame, The Scarlet Crusade, The Shadowy Figure, The Shadowy Search Continues, The Slaughtered Lamb, The Stagnant Oasis, The Thandol Span, The Tower of Althalaxx, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part II, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part III, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part IV, The Tower of Althalaxx - Part V, The Trogg Threat, The Twilight Camp, The Venture Co., The Woodland Protector, The Zoram Strand, Thelsamar Blood Sausages, Theocritus' Retrieval, Those Blasted Troggs!, Thunderhorn Cleansing, Thunderhorn Totem, Thwarting Kolkar Aggression, Tools of the Highborne, Tramping Paws, Translate Abercrombie's Note, Translation To Ello, Treebeast, Trek to Ashenvale, Uncovering the Past, Until Death Do Us Part, Vanquish the Betrayers, Verog the Dervish, Vile Familiars, Visit The Herbalist, Vital Intelligence, Wait for Sirra to Finish, Wanted: Maggot Eye, Wanted: Syndicate Personnel, Weapons of Choice, Webwood Venom, Westfall Stew - Part II, What Lies Beyond, When Dreams Turn to Nightmares, Whitecloud's Story *GOSSIP*, Wildmane Cleansing, Wildmane Totem, Winds in the Desert, Wine Shop Advert, Winterhoof Cleansing, Wolves Across The Border, Worgen in the Woods, Worgen in the Woods - Part II, Worgen in the Woods - Part III, Young Lovers, Zalazane, Zhevra Dependence, Ziz Fizziks, Zombie Juice

New Items: Elixir of Water Breathing, Owl's Disk, Taillasher Egg

Updated Items: Acolyte's Robe, Clean Fishbones, Durotar Tiger Fur, Neophyte's Robe, Primitive Kilt, Primitive Mantle, Recruit's Boots, Recruit's Pants, Recruit's Shirt, Squire's Pants, Squire's Shirt, Thug Boots, Thug Pants, Thug's Shirt, Zalazane's Head

Monsters: Hexed Troll, Makrura Clacker, Makrura Shellhide, Pygmy Surf Crawler, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Voodoo Troll

NPCs: Abercrombie, Bailiff Conacher, Blind Mary, Cap'n Crunch, Collin Mauren, Gakin the Darkbinder, Gazlowe, Loremaster Dibbs, Madame Eva, Magrin Rivermane, Marshal Marris, Onu, Sage Truthseeker, Scout Galiaan, Viktori Prism'Antras