Goblin Workshop - Jan 27th Additions

Posted on January 27, 2006, 12:34 PM
New Quests: (14)
[40] Colonel Kurzen, [60] Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, [60] Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, [55] One Draenei's Junk..., [55] One Draenei's Junk..., [61] Paragons of Power: The Demoniac's Mantle, [61] Paragons of Power: The Demoniac's Robes, [55] Speak to Nafien, [55] Speak to Salfa, [62] The Light and How To Swing It, The Lunar Festival, [11] Wanted: \"Hogger\", Winterfall Ritual Totem

New Items: (31)
Ancient Petrified Leaf, Blackfury, Defender of the Timbermaw, Gri'lek's Charm of Might, Hibernation Crystal, Rage of Mugamba, Councillor's Shoulders..., Councillor's Tunic..., Earth Warder's Gloves, Earth Warder's Vest, Engraved Wall..., Glorious Legplates..., Gloves of the Pathfinder, Heavy Lamellar Leggings..., Leggings of the Ursa, Mighty Cloak..., Overlord's Chestplate..., Pattern: Cindercloth Gloves, Swashbuckler's Boots..., Ursa's Embrace, Vest of the Den Watcher, Bloated Redgill, Raw Greater Sagefish, Raw Sagefish, Rumsey Rum Dark, Rumsey Rum Light, Watertight Trunk, Zulian Mudskunk, Cabbage Kimchi, Darnassus Kimchi Pie, Radish Kimchi

New Monsters: (20)
Archmage Gaiman, Auctioneer Cazarez, Auctioneer O'reely, Captain Dirgehammer, Captain O'Neal, cry, Defias Rioter, Ieatrubix, Juk'thun, Lieutenant Jackspring, Lieutenant Karter, Lieutenant Rachel Vaccar, Lord Condar, Lunar Festival Herald, Sergeant Major Clate, Sergeant Major Skyshadow, Shatterspear Drummer, Sludginn, Vartrus the Ancient, Voriya

519 Quests, 1576 Items, 2174 Mobs, 113 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (519)
[9] A Bundle of Trouble, [18] A Dark Threat Looms - Part V, [35] A Daughter's Love, [10] A Fishy Peril, [16] A Hunter's Boast, A Hunter's Challenge, [16] A Lesson to Learn, [54] A Little Slime Goes a Long Way - Part 2?, [20] A Lost Master, [29] A New Ore Sample, [5] A Peon's Burden - Part 2?, A Plague Upon Thee (Alliance), A Reliquary of Purity, [7] A Solvent Spirit, A Threat Within, A Vengeful Fate, [52] A Visit to Gregan, [54] Abandoned Hope, Abyssal Contacts, After the Ambush, Again With the Zapped Giants, Alien Ecology, Alien Egg, [45] Alliance Trauma, [16] Altered Beings, Ambermill Investigations, [25] An Old History Book, [26] Apprentice's Duties - Part 2?, [16] Aquatic Form (Alliance Druid), [21] Arachnophobia, Arcane Runes, Are We There, Yeti?, Armed and Ready, [27] Arugal Must Die, Arugal's Folly, [14] As Water Cascades, [28] Assassination Plot, [17] Assessing The Threat, [60] Attunement to the Core, Avenge My Village, [6] Back to Billy, [10] Back to Darnassus, [34] Bad Medicine, [60] Barov Family Fortune (Alliance), [12] Bashal'aran, [13] Bashal'Aran - Part III, [13] Bashal'Aran - Part IV, Battle of the Gulch, [22] Bazil Thredd, [15] Beached Sea Turtle, [15] Beached Sea Turtle - Part II, [7] Beer Basted Boar Ribs, [21] Beren's Peril, [25] Betrayal from Within, [25] Betrayal from Within - Part II, Betrayed, [21] Blackrock Menace, [20] Blind Cazul, [26] Blisters on the Land, [21] Blood Shards of Agamaggan, [26] Blueleaf Tubers - Part 2?, [10] Body and Heart - Part 2?, [5] Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, [8] Break a Few Eggs, Bride of the Embalmer, [4] Brotherhood of Thieves, [30] Brutal Armor (Warrior), [5] Burning Blade Medallion, [28] Calling in the Reserves, [60] Capture a Mine (Horde), Caught!, [17] Cave Mushrooms, [25] Cenarius' Legacy, [40] Chapter I, [40] Chapter II, [40] Chapter III, [40] Chapter IV, [24] Chen's Empty Keg, [16] Cleansing of the Infected, [30] Cleansing the Eye - Part 2?, [10] Cloth and Leather Armor, [3] Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, [18] Collecting Memories, Compendium of the Fallen, [20] Consumed by Hatred, Counterattack!, [26] Crime and Punishment, [15] Crocolisk Hunting, [9] Crown of the Earth, [11] Crown of the Earth, [11] Crown of the Earth, [14] Curing the Sick - Part 2?, [2] Cutting Teeth, [23] Cycle of Rebirth, [21] Daily Delivery - Part 2?, Dark Storms, [30] Data Rescue, [55] Deadwood of the North, Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, [20] Deepmoss Spider Eggs, [12] Deeprun Rat Roundup, [24] Deliver the Thread - Part 2?, [10] Deliver Thomas' Report, [23] Deliveries to Sven, [15] Delivering Daffodils, [21] Deviate Eradication, [17] Deviate Hides, [20] Devourer of Souls (Horde Warlock), [10] Discover Rolf's Fate - Part 2?, [52] Disharmony of Flame, [6] Doom Weed, [60] Doomrigger's Clasp, [10] Druid of the Claw, Dry Times, [20] Dusky Crab Cakes - Part 2?, Dwarven Outfitters, [2] Eagan Peltskinner, [12] Easy Strider Living, [22] Egg Hunt, [21] Eight-Legged Menaces - Part 2?, [12] Electropellers, Elmore's Task, [61] Elven Legends, Empty Stables, [10] Encroachment, Enraged Wildkin, Enraged Wildkin - Part 2?, Enraged Wildkin - Part 3?, Enraged Wildkin - Part 4?, [30] Essential Artificials, [1] Etched Rune, Etched Tablet (Hunter), [53] Expedition Salvation, [60] Eye of the Emberseer, [60] Fallen Sky Lords (Horde), [56] Falling to Corruption, Favor for Krazek, Feathermoon Stronghold, Find Bingles, [10] Find the Lost Guards, [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure, [48] Forging the Shaft, Frostmane Hold, [48] Fuel for the Zapping, [9] Furlbrow's Deed, [10] Further Concerns, [54] Further Corruption, [27] Further Instructions - Part II, [3] Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise, [23] Gann's Reclamation - Part 2?, [24] Gather Rot Blossoms, [14] Gathering the Cure (Alliance Druid), Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, [24] Ghost Hair Thread, [27] Ghoulish Effigy, [27] Gnogaine, [47] Gnome Engineering - Horde, [47] Goblin Engineering, [19] Goblin Invaders, [4] Grape Manifest, Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, [26] Harpies Threaten, [16] Harpy Lieutenants, Hearts of the Pure (Warlock), [10] Heeding the Call - Part 2?, [19] Hezrul Bloodmark, [61] Houses of the Holy, [14] How Big a Threat?, [14] How Big A Threat?, [25] Howling in the Hills, Humble Beginnings, [18] Ignition, Improved Quality - Part 2?, [15] In Defense of the King's Lands - Part III, [17] In Defense of the King's Lands - Part IV, [24] In Search of Thaelrid, [49] Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It, Infiltrating the Castle, [25] Inquire at the Inn, Insect Part Analysis, [3] Investigate Echo Ridge, [32] Investigate the Camp, [19] Ishamuhale, [31] Items of Some Consequence, [35] James Hyal, [20] Jitters' Growling Gut - Part 2?, [18] Jorn Skyseer, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, [18] Journey to Tarren Mill, Journey to the Marsh, [24] Juice Delivery - Part 2?, [20] Ken'zigla's Draught, KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves, Kobold Camp Cleanup, [7] Kobold Candles, [60] Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, [37] Krazek's Cookery, [38] Kurzen's Mystery, [4] Lazy Peons, [22] Leaders of the Fang, [46] Ledger from Tanaris, [14] Lessons Anew, [57] Lethtendris's Web - Part 2?, [29] Lightforge Iron, [47] Lines of Communication, Look to an Old Friend, [30] Look to the Stars, [25] Look to the Stars, [25] Look to the Stars, [25] Look To The Stars, [20] Lost in Battle, [6] Lost Necklace, Lost!, [20] Love's Gift, [32] Malin's Request, [53] March of the Silithid, [12] Me Brother, Nipsy, Melor Sends Word, [62] Menethil's Gift, Menethil's Gift, [18] Messenger to Darkshire - Part II, [4] Milly Osworth, [4] Milly's Harvest, [18] Miner's Fortune, [9] Minshina's Skull, [25] Missing in Action, [10] Moonglade, [18] Moonglow Vest, [35] Mor'Ladim, Morbent Fel, [35] Morgan Ladimore, Morrowgrain Research, Morrowgrain Research (Alliance), [50] Morrowgrain Research - Part II, [60] Mother's Milk , Muigin and Larion, [56] Mystery Goo, Natural Defenses, [31] Nek'rosh's Gambit, [10] Nessa Shadowsong, [25] New Life - Part 2?, [20] News of Dogran, [20] News of Dogran - Part 2?, [4] Night Web's Hollow, [30] Note to the Mayor - Part 3?, [15] Nugget Slugs, [9] Oakenscowl, [30] Ogre Thieves, Oh Brother. . ., [29] Ordanus, [29] Ormer's Revenge - Part II, Overmaster Pyron, Pacify the Centaur, [31] Panther Mastery, [33] Panther Mastery, Panther Mastery, [38] Panther Mastery, [61] Paragons of Power: The Demoniac's Wraps, [6] Pie For Billy, [3] Piercing the Veil, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, [14] Plagued Lands, Poisoned Water - Part 2?, [14] Poor Old Blanchy, Portents of Uldum, [14] Power over Poison - Part 2?, [8] Practical Prey, [28] Protect Kanati Greycloud, [10] Protect the Frontier, Protecting the Shipment, [59] Put Her Down, Quell the Uprising, Raptor Mastery, [36] Raptor Mastery, [34] Raptor Mastery, [3] Rattling the Rattlecages, [20] Raven Hill - Part 2?, [41] Razzeric's Tweaking, [15] Red Leather Bandanas, [56] Redemption, [18] Redridge Goulash, Refuel for the Zapping, [5] Report to Goldshire, [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, [7] Report to Orgnil, [5] Report to Sen'jin Village, [5] Rest and Relaxation, [15] Resupplying The Excavation, [24] Return the Comb, [25] Return the Statuette, [9] Return to Denalan, [24] Return to Kristoff, [25] Return to Sven - Part 2?, Return to the Hinterlands, [45] Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, [26] Revenge of Gann, [26] Revenge of Gann - Part II, [49] Rise of the Silithid (Alliance), [52] Rise, Obsidion!, Roll the Bones, [1] Rude Awakening, [14] Samophlange - Part I, [19] Samophlange Manual, [5] Sarkoth, [5] Sarkoth - Part II, Satyr Horns, [26] Save Techbot's Brain!, Saving Sharpbeak, [3] Scavenging Deathknell, [22] Search for Incendicite, [25] Search More Hovels, [25] Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, [51] Secret of the Circle, [50] Seeing What Happens, [52] Seeking Spiritual Aid, [29] Seeking Wisdom, [52] Set Them Ablaze!, Shadow of the Past, [42] Shadowshard Fragments (Alliance), [7] Shipment to Stormwind, Shizzle's Flyer, [47] Show Your Work, [5] Skirmish at Echo Ridge, [10] Snathc and Grab, [23] Solomon's Law, Soulbound Keepsake, [14] Southsea Freebooters, [38] Southshore, Speaking of Fortitude, [38] Special Forces, Squire Maltrake, [30] Steelsnap, [3] Sting of the Scorpid, Stormers and Rumblers, [56] Strange Sources, Super Sticky, [24] Supplies from Darkshire, Supplies to Tannok, [25] Sven's Camp, [25] Sven's Revenge, [1] Tainted Parchment, [1] Tainted Scroll (Undead Warlock), [12] Tears of the Moon, [11] Teldrassil, Tharil'zun, [18] Tharnariun's Hope, [58] That's Asking A Lot, [4] Thazz'ril's Pick, [20] The Absent Minded Prospector, The Alliance Needs Arthas' Tears!, The Alliance Needs Copper Bars!, [60] The Alliance Needs Iron Bars!, [60] The Alliance Needs Light Leather!, [60] The Alliance Needs Linen Bandages!, [60] The Alliance Needs Medium Leather!, [60] The Alliance Needs Purple Lotus!, [60] The Alliance Needs Rainbow Fin Albacore!, [60] The Alliance Needs Roast Raptor!, [60] The Alliance Needs Runecloth Bandages!, The Alliance Needs Silk Bandages!, The Alliance Needs Spotted Yellowtail!, The Alliance Needs Thick Leather!, [60] The Alliance Needs Your Help!, [17] The Angry Scytheclaws, [56] The Annals of Darrowshire - Part 2?, [55] The Apes of Un'Goro, [61] The Archivist, [20] The Ashenvale Hunt, [60] The Battle for Alterac, [45] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Horde), [20] The Binding - Succubus (Horde Warlock), [26] The Book of Ur, The Champion of the Banshee Queen, [20] The Coastal Menace, [26] The Color of Blood, [54] The Corruption of the Jadefire, The Curious Visitor, [29] The Cursed Crew, The Daughter Who Lived, [27] The Day After, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part V, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part VI, [22] The Defias Brotherhood - VII, [47] The Divination, [29] The Doomed Fleet, [37] The Eighteenth Pilot, [11] The Enchanted Glade, [20] The Everstill Bridge - Part 2?, [30] The Eye of Paleth, [12] The Fall of Ameth'Aran, [14] The Family and the Fishing Pole, The Fare of Lar'korwi, [58] The Final Tablets, The Flame's Casing, [61] The Flesh Does Not Lie, [12] The Forgotten Heirloom, [14] The Fragments Within, [10] The Glowing Fruit, [26] The Glowing Shard, [35] The Grand Betrayal, [60] The Graveyards of Alterac, [61] The Great Fras Siabi, [40] The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, [7] The Grizzled Den, [25] The Hermit, The Horde Needs Baked Salmon!, The Horde Needs Copper Bars!, [60] The Horde Needs Mageweave Bandages!, [60] The Horde Needs Purple Lotus!, [60] The Horde Needs Wool Bandages!, [60] The Horde Needs Your Help!, [52] The Hunter's Charm, [47] The Key to Freedom, [15] The Killing Fields, The Last Barov (Alliance), [60] The Legend of Korrak, [28] The Legend of Stalvan, [28] The Legend of Stalvan, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part 15?, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part 17?, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part II, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part III, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part IV, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part IX, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part VIII, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part X, [35] The Legend of Stalvan - Part XIII, [16] The Lost Tools, [30] The Missing Diplomat, [33] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, The Missing Diplomat, [30] The Missing Diplomat, [31] The Missing Diplomat, [31] The Missing Diplomat, [33] The Missing Diplomat, [31] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [58] The Name of the Beast, [26] The Night Watch - Part II, [30] The Night Watch - Part III, [30] The Only Cure is More Green Glow, The Pledge of Secrecy, [14] The Red Crystal, [5] The Red Messenger, [61] The Restless Souls, [36] The Rumormonger, [4] The Scarlet Crusade - Part 2?, [25] The Search Continues, [33] The Second Rebellion, [25] The Shadowy Figure, [25] The Shadowy Search Continues, [8] The Sleeping Druid, The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan, [54] The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan - Part 2?, The Stave of Equinex, The Stockade Riots, The Temple of the Moon, The Tome of Valor, [23] The Tome of Valor, The Torch of Retribution, The Torch of Retribution, [25] The Totem of Infliction, [18] The Tower of Althalaxx, The Twilight Mystery, [22] The Unsent Letter, The Weathered Grave, [22] The Weaver, Thelsamar Blood Sausages, [15] Thundris Windweaver, [8] Thwarting Kolkar Aggression, [33] Tiger Mastery, [31] Tiger Mastery, [35] Tiger Mastery, [37] Tiger Mastery, [55] To Serve Kum'isha, [60] Towers and Bunkers, Toxic Horrors, [21] Tramping Paws, Translate Abercrombie's Note - Part 2?, [45] Triage, [16] Trial of the Lake, Tribes at War, [50] Trinkets..., Troll Charm, Twilight Geolords, [18] Underbelly Scales, [20] Underground Assault, [57] Unfinished Business, [12] Ursal the Mauler, [7] Vanquish the Betrayers, [54] Verifying the Corruption, [4] Vile Familiars, Vorsha the Lasher, Wanted: Baron Longshore, [18] WANTED: Murkdeep!, [60] Wanted: ORCS!, [50] WANTED: Overseer Maltorius, [28] War Banners, [13] Washed Ashore, [14] Washed Ashore, Welcome to the Jungle, [10] Westfall Stew, [25] What Comes Around..., [60] What Tomorrow Brings, Wind Rider, [2] Wine Shop Advert, Winterfall Activity, [2] Wolves Across The Border, [28] Worgen in the Woods, [29] Worgen in the Woods - Part 5?, [31] Worgen in the Woods - Part III, [31] Worgen in the Woods - Part IV, [1] Your Place In The World, [10] Zalazane, Zinfizzlex's Portable Shredder Unit, [21] Ziz Fizziks, [24] Zombie Juice

Updated Items: (1576)
Amberseal Keeper, Arcanist Leggings, Arcanist Mantle, Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, Black Brood Pauldrons, Black Dragonscale Boots, Blackskull Shield, Bloodfang Belt, Bloodfang Bracers, Bloodfang Chestpiece, Bloodfang Pants, Bloodfang Spaulders, Bonereaver's Edge, Bow of Searing Arrows, Brain Hacker, Cenarion Leggings, Cenarion Spaulders, Cloak of Consumption, Cloudkeeper Legplates, Cold Snap, Core Marksman Rifle, Dark Iron Bracers, Dark Iron Gauntlets, Defiler's Chain Pauldrons, Defiler's Epaulets, Defiler's Leather Shoulders, Destiny, Draconic Avenger, Dragonfang Blade, Dragonspur Wraps, Dragonstalker's Helm, Dragonstalker's Legguards, Dragonstalker's Spaulders, Drake Talon Cleaver, Drake Talon Pauldrons, Drape of Benediction, Earthfury Legguards, Earthshaker, Eskhandar's Pelt, Fang of the Mystics, Fang of Venoxis, Fel Infused Leggings, Felheart Pants, Felheart Shoulder Pads, Field Marshal's Coronet, Field Marshal's Plate Shoulderguards, Field Marshal's Silk Spaulders, Field Marshal's Silk Vestments, Fiery War Axe, Finkle's Lava Dredger, Flayed Doomguard Belt, Forest Stalker's Bracers, Foror's Eyepatch, General's Chain Boots, General's Chain Gloves, General's Chain Legguards, General's Dreadweave Boots, General's Dreadweave Pants, General's Leather Legguards, General's Leather Mitts, General's Leather Treads, General's Mail Boots, Giantstalker's Epaulets, Giantstalker's Leggings, Gloves of Delusional Power, Gut Ripper, Halberd of Smiting, Helm of the Lifegiver, Hide of the Wild, High Warlord's Battle Axe, High Warlord's War Staff, Highlander's Lamellar Spaulders, Highlander's Leather Shoulders, Highlander's Lizardhide Shoulders, Jeklik's Crusher, Judgement Belt, Judgement Bindings, Judgement Breastplate, Judgement Crown, Judgement Gauntlets, Judgement Legplates, Judgement Sabatons, Judgement Spaulders, Kang the Decapitator, Lady Maye's Pendant, Lawbringer Belt, Lawbringer Boots, Lawbringer Bracers, Lawbringer Legplates, Lei of Lilies, Manastorm Leggings, Mantle of Prophecy, Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal, Marshal's Silk Footwraps, Marshal's Silk Gloves, Marshal's Silk Leggings, Mind Quickening Gem, Nemesis Bracers, Nemesis Leggings, Nemesis Robes, Nemesis Spaulders, Netherwind Belt, Netherwind Bindings, Netherwind Boots, Netherwind Crown, Netherwind Gloves, Netherwind Mantle, Nightblade, Nightslayer Pants, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads, Obsidian Edged Blade, Pauldrons of Might, Pauldrons of Transcendence, Pauldrons of Wrath, Peacekeeper Gauntlets, Prestor's Talisman of Connivery, Primalist's Linked Waistguard, Red Dragonscale Protector, Ring of Blackrock, Rune of Metamorphosis, Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, Sapphiron Drape, Sash of Whispered Secrets, Seafury Gauntlets, Shadow Wing Focus Staff, Shard of the Scale, Shifting Cloak, Spinal Reaper, Staff of Jordan, Stockade Pauldrons, Stormrage Belt, Stormrage Legguards, Stormrage Pauldrons, Sulfuron Hammer, Taran Icebreaker, Taut Dragonhide Belt, The Unstoppable Force, The Untamed Blade, Treant's Bane, Warlord's Chain Helmet, Warlord's Chain Shoulders, Warlord's Leather Spaulders, Warlord's Plate Armor, Warlord's Plate Shoulders, Warlord's Satin Mantle, Wavefront Necklace, Windshear Cape, Zandalar Illusionist's Robe, Zandalar Vindicator's Breastplate, Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, Abyssal Mail Legguards of Sorcery, Acidic Walkers, Advisor's Gnarled Staff, Advisor's Ring, Amy's Blanket, Animist's Leggings, Animist's Spaulders, Arcanite Reaper, Archaic Defender, Arena Vambraces, Assassin's Blade, Backusarian Gauntlets, Band of Purification, Barbarous Blade, Barbed Thorn Necklace, Barrier Shield, Bearded Boneaxe, Beaststalker's Mantle, Beguiler Robes, Bile-etched Spaulders, Bite of Serra'kis, Black Malice, Black Menace, Blade of the New Moon, Blade of the Titans, Blanchard's Stout, Blazing Rapier, Blight, Blighted Leggings, Blisterbane Wrap, Blood Guard's Leather Treads, Blood Guard's Leather Vices, Blood Guard's Silk Footwraps, Blood Guard's Silk Gloves, Bloodmoon Cloak, Bloodsoaked Greaves, Bloodsoaked Pauldrons, Bloodsoul Shoulders, Bloodspiller, Bloodstained Coif, Bloomsprout Headpiece, Boahn's Fang, Bonebiter, Bonecrusher, Boots of Elements, Boots of the Full Moon, Brawler Gloves, Brazecore Armguards, Burial Shawl, Cenarion Reservist's Leggings, Cenarion Reservist's Legguards, Champion's Chain Pauldrons, Champion's Leather Headguard, Champion's Leather Mantle, Champion's Mail Helm, Champion's Plate Pauldrons, Champion's Silk Hood, Champion's Silk Shoulderpads, Chillsteel Girdle, Chitinous Plate Legguards, Circle of Hope, Civinad Robes, Claw of the Shadowmancer, Cloak of the Cosmos, Cloak of Warding, Cobalt Crusher, Cold Forged Hammer, Coldstone Slippers, Combatant Claymore, Conqueror's Medallion, Cookie's Stirring Rod, Corpsemaker, Crest of Retribution, Crest of Supremacy, Crown of Tyranny, Crystal Spiked Maul, Cyclopean Band, Dark Iron Plate, Darkmoon Necklace, Darkrune Gauntlets, Deadwalker Mantle, Deadwood Sledge, Death Speaker Scepter, Deathblow, Deep Rooted Ring, Deep Woodlands Cloak, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Chain Greaves, Defiler's Cloth Boots, Defiler's Cloth Girdle, Defiler's Leather Boots, Defiler's Leather Girdle, Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle, Defiler's Mail Girdle, Defiler's Mail Greaves, Defiler's Plate Greaves, Defiler's Talisman, Dense Triangle Mace, Denwatcher's Shoulders, Desert Bloom Gloves, Devout Mantle, Diamond Hammer, Dimly Opalescent Ring..., Doombringer, Double Link Tunic, Drakefang Butcher, Drakestone..., Dreadforge Retaliator, Dreadmist Mantle, Dreamsinger Legguards, Earthen Rod, Eidolon Talisman, Electrocutioner Lagnut, Electrocutioner Leg, Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, Elemental Plate Girdle..., Emberplate Armguards..., Enamored Water Spirit, Enchanted South Seas Kelp, Enchanted Thorium Helm, Evil Eye Pendant, Excavator's Brand, Executioner's Cleaver, Faded Hakkari Cloak, Fallbrush Handgrips, Fang of the Crystal Spider, Fire Striders, Firebane Cloak, Firebreather, Firemane Leggings, First Sergeant's Dragonhide Armguards, First Sergeant's Leather Armguards, First Sergeant's Mail Wristguards, First Sergeant's Plate Bracers, First Sergeant's Silk Cuffs, Fist of Omokk, Flame Walkers, Flamestrider Robes, Flightblade Throwing Axe, Frenzied Striker, Frightskull Shaft, Frost Runed Headdress, Frostbite, Frostguard, Frostreaver Crown, Frostwolf Advisor's Cloak, Funeral Cuffs, Gatorbite Axe, Gauntlets of the Sea, Ghostshard Talisman, Girdle of Golem Strength, Glacial Blade, Glacial Spike, Gnarled Ash Staff, Gordok Bracers..., Gracious Cape, Gravestone War Axe, Grimgore Noose, Guardian Blade, Guiding Stave of Wisdom, Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector, Halycon's Muzzle, Hammer of the Grand Crusader, Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle, Hands of the Exalted Herald, Harbinger Boots, Haunting Specter Leggings, Heart of Agamaggan, Hedgecutter, Hellslayer Battle Axe, Helm of Awareness, Holy Shroud, Icy Cloak, Impervious Giant, Innervating Band, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Ironshod Bludgeon, Jimmied Handcuffs, Keller's Girdle, Keris of Zul'Serak, Kezan's Taint, Khoo's Point, Kindling Stave, Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Leggings, Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Tunic, Knight-Captain's Plate Leggings, Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Boots, Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets, Kresh's Back, Lady Alizabeth's Pendant, Leech Pants, Leggings of the Fang, Legionnaire's Band, Legionnaire's Chain Leggings, Legionnaire's Dreadweave Leggings, Legionnaire's Leather Hauberk, Legionnaire's Leather Leggings, Legionnaire's Silk Pants, Legionnaire's Silk Robes, Legionnaire's Sword, Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Epaulets, Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Shroud, Lieutenant Commander's Dreadweave Mantle, Lieutenant Commander's Plate Helm, Lieutenant Commander's Plate Pauldrons, Lieutenant Commander's Silk Spaulders, Lightforged Blade, Living Breastplate, Living Root, Living Shoulders, Loksey's Training Stick, Looming Gavel, Lord Alexander's Battle Axe, Lorekeeper's Ring, Magefist Gloves, Magiskull Cuffs, Magister's Mantle, Magistrate's Cuffs, Magni's Will, Malefic Bracers, Malicious Axe, Manual Crowd Pummeler, Mass of McGowan, Master Sergeant's Insignia, Meteor Shard, Midnight Mace, Might of Hakkar, Milli's Lexicon, Milli's Shield, Mind Carver, Mindsurge Robe, Mirah's Song, Moccasins of the White Hare, Mograine's Might, Molten Fists, Murkwater Gauntlets, Mutant Scale Breastplate, Naga Battle Gloves, Nat Pagle's Broken Reel, Night Reaver, Nogg's Gold Ring, Obsidian Cleaver, Odo's Ley Staff, Ogron's Sash, Orb of Dar'Orahil, Orb of Noh'Orahil, Outrunner's Bow, Padre's Trousers, Peacekeeper Boots, Peacekeeper Leggings, Phantom Armor, Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, Plaguebat Fur Gloves, Plate of the Shaman King, Poison-tipped Bone Spear, Polychromatic Visionwrap, Primal Batskin Bracers, Princess Theradras' Scepter, Pronged Reaver, Protector's Band, Quickdraw Gloves, Rakzur Club, Ravager, Redbeard Crest, Redoubt Cloak, Relentless Scythe, Ripsaw, River Pride Choker, Robes of Servitude, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Royal Tribunal Cloak, Rune of Duty, Rune of Perfection, Runed Stygian Boots, Sandstorm Boots, Scout's Blade, Seafury Leggings, Seal of Wrynn, Searing Blade, Seedcloud Buckler, Senior Sergeant's Insignia, Sentinel's Medallion, Sergeant Major's Chain Armguards, Sergeant Major's Dragonhide Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Leather Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Serpent Slicer, Shadow Panther Hide Belt, Shadowcraft Spaulders, Shadowy Laced Handwraps, Shalehusk Boots, Shield of Thorsen, Shroud of the Exile, Skeletal Club, Slitherscale Boots, Sliverblade, Smite's Mighty Hammer, Smoldering Claw, Smolderweb's Eye, Soulrender, Spaulders of Valor, Spitfire Breastplate, Spitfire Gauntlets, Staff of the Friar, Starfaller, Starsight Tunic, Steelclaw Reaver, Stonebark Gauntlets, Stoneform Shoulders, Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, Stoneslayer, Stormpike Sage's Cloak, Stormshroud Shoulders, Stratholme Militia Shoulderguard, Strength of Mugamba, Strike of the Hydra, Swiftwind, Sword of the Magistrate, Sword of Zeal, Ta'Kierthan Songblade, Taskmaster Axe, Tattered Leather Hood, The Black Knight, The Emperor's New Cape, The Eye of Zuldazar, The Judge's Gavel, The Rockpounder, The Shatterer, The Silencer, The Ziggler, Thermaplugg's Left Arm, Thornstone Sledgehammer, Thoughtblighter, Thrall's Resolve, Thunderwood, Tome of Sacrifice, Truesilver Champion, Truestrike Shoulders, Tunic of Westfall, Twig of the World Tree, Twisted Chanter's Staff, Unyielding Maul, Uther's Strength, Verigan's Fist, Vilerend Slicer, Viscous Hammer, Warbear Harness, Warblade of Caer Darrow, Warmonger, Wastewalker's Gauntlets, Whirlwind Axe, Whirlwind Sword, Whirlwind Warhammer, Wildheart Spaulders, Wind Spirit Staff, Windreaver Greaves, Wingblade, Witch's Finger, Witchblade, Witchfury, Wolfshead Helm, Wyrmthalak's Shackles, Wyrmtongue Shoulders, X'caliboar, Xorothian Firestick, Zandalar Augur's Bracers, Zandalar Demoniac's Mantle, Zandalar Freethinker's Belt, Zealot Blade, Zulian Stone Axe, Zulian Tigerhide Cloak, Aboriginal Footwraps..., Aboriginal Gloves..., Abyssal Cloth Handwraps..., Abyssal Cloth Sash..., Abyssal Cloth Sash of Sorcery, Abyssal Cloth Slippers..., Abyssal Leather Boots..., Abyssal Leather Boots of Sorcery, Abyssal Leather Gloves..., Abyssal Leather Gloves of Sorcery, Abyssal Mail Sabatons..., Abyssal Mail Sabatons of Sorcery, Abyssal Plate Gauntlets..., Abyssal Plate Girdle of Sorcery, Abyssal Plate Greaves..., Acolyte's Sacrificial Robes, Acrobatic Staff..., Acumen Robes, Adventurer's Bracers..., Adventurer's Shoulders..., Alabaster Plate Greaves, Alabaster Plate Helmet, Amber Hoop..., Amplifying Cloak, Ancestral Orb, Ancestral Robe, Ancient Chestpiece..., Ancient Cloak..., Ancient Greaves..., Ancient Legguards..., Ancient War Sword, Aquamarine Ring..., Arcane Armor, Arcane Bands, Arcane Boots, Arcane Staff, Archer's Bracers..., Archer's Gloves..., Archer's Shoulderpads..., Archeus, Arctic Ring..., Armor of the Fang, Armor Piercer, Atal'ai Leggings..., Aurora Pants, Axe of Orgrimmar, Axe of the Ebon Drake, Azure Sash, Ballast Maul..., Band of the Fist, Banded Cloak..., Bandit Bracers..., Bandit Cloak..., Bandolier of the Night Watch, Barbarian War Axe..., Barbaric Iron Boots, Barbaric Iron Helm, Barbaric Loincloth, Barbed Club..., Bard's Bracers..., Bard's Trousers..., Barkmail Leggings, Basalt Ring..., Bastion of Stormwind, Battle Knife..., Battleforge Armor..., Battleforge Cloak..., Battleforge Shoulderguards..., Beastmaster's Girdle, Beetle Clasps, Beheading Blade..., Belt of the Fang, BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore, Black Crystal Dagger, Black Metal Axe, Black Metal Shortsword, Black Whelp Gloves, Black Whelp Tunic, Blackened Defias Belt, Blackened Defias Boots, Blackforge Cowl, Blackforge Girdle, Blackrock Champion's Axe, Blackrock Mace, Blackveil Cape, Blasthorn Bow..., Blazing Wand, Blinkstrike Armguards, Blitzcleaver, Blood Ring, Blood-tinged Armor, Bloodmail Belt, Bloodmail Gauntlets, Bloody Apron, Braced Handguards, Bracesteel Belt, Brackwater Shield, Braidfur Gloves, Branding Rod, Brantwood Sash, Breakwater Girdle, Briarsteel Shortsword, Brigade Leggings..., Bright Armor, Bright Belt, Bright Boots, Bright Bracers, Bright Cloak, Bright Mantle, Bright Pants, Bright Sphere, Brimstone Belt, Bristlebark Cape, Brute Hammer, Buccaneer's Bracers..., Buccaneer's Gloves..., Buccaneer's Pants..., Burnished Boots, Burnished Cloak, Burnished Leggings, Burnished Tunic, Burnside Rifle..., Cabalist Chestpiece..., Cadaverous Leggings, Cairnstone Sliver, Captain's Breastplate..., Cauldron Stirrer, Cavedweller Bracers, Ceranium Rod, Ceremonial Buckler, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Cerulean Ring..., Cerulean Talisman..., Chainlink Towel, Champion's Bracers..., Champion's Greaves..., Champion's Leggings..., Charged Lightning Rod, Chief Brigadier Girdle, Chief Brigadier Pauldrons, Chieftain's Breastplate..., Chieftain's Cloak..., Chromatic Sword, Chromite Gauntlets, Chromite Greaves, Chromite Legplates, Clay Ring..., Claystone Shortsword, Clear Crystal Rod, Cloak of the Faith, Commander's Helm..., Conjurer's Sphere..., Conjurer's Vest..., Copper Battle Axe, Councillor's Cloak..., Councillor's Scepter..., Crusader Belt, Crusader's Armor..., Crusader's Boots..., Crusader's Cloak..., Crystal Breeze Mantle, Crystalline Cuffs, Curvewood Dagger, Cutthroat Pauldrons, Dagmire Gauntlets, Dark Leather Gloves, Dark Runner Boots, Darkspear Armsplints, Darkspear Cuffs, Darkwood Staff, Dawnrider's Chestpiece, Dazzling Mithril Rapier, Deathbone Girdle, Deathbone Sabatons, Decapitating Sword..., Deepdive Helmet, Defender Axe, Defender Bracers..., Defias Renegade Ring, Demolition Hammer, Dense Shortbow, Dervish Leggings..., Dervish Tunic..., Desperado Cape, Dimensional Ripper - Everlook, Dire Wand, Dokebi Chestguard, Dokebi Gloves, Dokebi Leggings, Draftsman Boots, Dragoneye Coif, Drakefire Headguard, Dread Mage Hat, Dreamer's Belt, Dryleaf Pants, Dryweed Belt, Durable Tunic..., Duskwoven Cape..., Duskwoven Sash..., Dustfall Robes, Dwarven Guard Cloak, Dwarven Hatchet..., Ebonhold Cloak, Ebonhold Helmet, Ebonhold Leggings, Elder's Cloak..., Elegant Boots..., Elunarian Belt, Elunarian Cloak, Ember Wand..., Emberscale Cape, Emblazoned Belt, Emblazoned Bracers, Emblazoned Chestpiece, Emblazoned Shoulders, Embossed Plate Armor..., Embossed Plate Leggings..., Emerald Gauntlets..., Enduring Cape, Enduring Pauldrons, Engraved Boots..., Engraved Bracers..., Enormous Ogre Boots, Eternal Boots..., Ethereal Mist Cape, Everglow Lantern, Everwarm Handwraps, Excavation Rod, Excavator's Utility Belt, Explorers' League Commendation, Eye of Paleth, Felstone Reaver..., Fen Keeper Robe, Feral Bindings..., Feral Shoes..., Fernpulse Jerkin, Field Plate Boots..., Fine Shortbow, Firestarter, Firewalker Boots, Fist of the Damned, Footpads of the Fang, Forcestone Buckler, Foreman Belt, Forest Hoop..., Forester's Axe..., Formidable Legguards..., Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect, Formula: Enchant Boots - Minor Agility, Formula: Enchant Chest - Minor Mana, Frigid Ring, Frost Tiger Blade, Frostwolf Insignia Rank 2, Gaea's Raiment..., Gaea's Tunic..., Gallan Cuffs, Gallant's Wristguards, Garrison Cloak, Gauntlets of Accuracy, Gemshale Pauldrons, Geomancer's Boots..., Ghostweave Belt, Giant Club..., Glacial Stone, Glimmering Cloak, Glimmering Mail Girdle, Glimmering Shield, Glinting Steel Dagger, Gloves of the Fang, Glyphed Belt, Glyphed Breastplate, Glyphed Helm, Gnomebot Operating Boots, Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, Gnomish Rocket Boots, Gnomish Zapper, Goblin Smasher, Gold Bar, Gold Lion Shield, Golden Scale Coif, Golden Scale Leggings, Golden Scale Shoulders, Gordok Nose Ring, Gossamer Cape..., Gossamer Robe..., Gothic Plate Gauntlets..., Gothic Plate Girdle..., Gothic Plate Helmet..., Gothic Plate Vambraces..., Grave Scepter, Greater Mystic Wand, Greaves of the People's Militia, Greenstone Talisman..., Greenweave Cloak..., Greenweave Leggings..., Grimsteel Cape, Grimtoll Wristguards, Gritroot Staff, Grunt's Cape..., Gryphon Rider's Leggings, Gutrender, Gypsy Trousers..., Haggard's Sword, Hakkari Shroud, Hardened Iron Shortsword, Harvest Cloak, Harvester's Pants, Harvester's Robe, Haunting Blade, Hawkeye's Epaulets, Hawkeye's Shoes, Headhunter's Bands..., Headhunter's Woolies..., Headhunting Spear, Headstriker Sword..., Heavy Copper Broadsword, Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece..., Heavy Mithril Gauntlet, Heavy Mithril Helm, Heavy Mithril Shoulder, Heavy Scorpid Gauntlet, Heavy Scorpid Shoulders, Helm of the Pathfinder, Hero's Belt, Hero's Cape, Hexed Bracers, Hibernal Mantle, Hide of Lupos, High Councillor's Circlet..., High Robe of the Adjudicator, Highborne Bracelets, Highborne Robes, Hollowfang Blade, Honed Stiletto..., Hulking Belt, Hulking Boots, Hulking Cloak, Hulking Shield, Humbert's Helm, Hunting Pants, Huntsman's Bands..., Huntsman's Cape..., Huntsman's Shoulders..., Hyperion Gauntlets..., Icicle Rod, Imbued Plate Pauldrons, Imperial Red Circlet, Imperial Red Gloves, Imposing Pants..., Imposing Vest..., Infantry Shield..., Inferno Cloak, Infiltrator Bracers..., Inscribed Leather Breastplate, Insignia Cap, Insignia Cloak, Insignia Leggings, Insignia Mantle, Ironforge Memorial Ring, Ironheart Chain, Ironheel Boots, Ironhide Breastplate..., Ironhide Legguards..., Ironwood Maul, Ivycloth Boots..., Ivycloth Bracelets..., Ivycloth Gloves..., Ivycloth Pants..., Jaina's Signet Ring, Jangdor's Handcrafted Boots, Jangdor's Handcrafted Tunic, Jazeraint Boots..., Jet Loop..., Journeyman's Robe, Journeyman's Stave, Jouster's Girdle, Keeper's Cord, Keeper's Mantle, Khan's Bindings, Khan's Greaves, Kimbra Boots, Knight's Cloak..., Knight's Gauntlets..., Knight's Pauldrons..., Kodo Hunter's Leggings, Lambent Scale Breastplate, Lambent Scale Pauldrons, Lead Band..., Leaden Mace..., Leggings of the People's Militia, Lesser Mystic Wand, Ley Orb, Light Bow, Lightstep Leggings, Lodestone Hoop..., Long Draping Cape, Lord's Armguards..., Lord's Breastplate..., Lord's Cape..., Madwolf Bracers, Maelstrom's Tendril, Magically Sealed Bracers, Mail Combat Armguards, Mail Combat Belt, Mail Combat Boots, Mail Combat Gauntlets, Mail Combat Leggings, Malleable Chain Leggings, Mantle of Honor, Marsh Ring..., Massacre Sword..., Massive Battle Axe..., Meadow Ring..., Medicine Blanket, Medicine Staff..., Meditative Sash, Mercenary Leggings, Mercurial Bracers..., Mercurial Legguards..., Metalworking Gloves, Minor Channeling Ring, Mistscape Gloves, Mistscape Mantle, Mistscape Sash, Mithril Coif, Mo'grosh Can Opener, Monstrous War Axe..., Moonglow Vest, Myrmidon's Greaves, Myrmidon's Helm, Myrmidon's Leggings, Mystic's Belt, Mystic's Bracelets, Mystic's Gloves, Mystic's Robe, Mystic's Slippers, Mystic's Woolies, Naraxis' Fang, Native Robe..., Nature's Whisper, Night Watch Pantaloons, Nightsky Sash, Northern Shortsword..., Ogre Toothpick Shooter, Oilrag Handwraps, Opaque Wand, Orc Crusher, Ornate Cloak..., Ornate Legguards..., Ornate Mithril Breastplate, Orphic Bracers, Owlbeast Hide Gloves, Pagan Britches..., Pathfinder Footpads..., Pattern: Barbaric Gloves, Pattern: Frostsaber Leggings, Pattern: Runic Leather Pants, Pebble of Kajaro, Peerless Cloak..., Peerless Shoulders..., Plans: Frost Tiger Blade, Polished Steel Boots, Prairie Ring..., Pratt's Handcrafted Gloves, Pratt's Handcrafted Tunic, Pridelord Pants, Pridelord Pauldrons, Prospector's Mitts, Quiver of the Night Watch, Radiant Silver Bracers, Rageclaw Belt..., Rageclaw Bracers..., Raider's Bracers..., Raincaller Cuffs..., Raincaller Robes..., Raincaster Drape, Ranger Boots..., Ranger Cloak..., Ranger Leggings..., Raptor Hunter Tunic, Raptor's End, Raptorbane Armor, Rathorian's Cape, Ravager's Armor, Ravager's Sandals, Ravager's Shield, Ravager's Woolies, Ravenwood Bow, Red Mageweave Headband, Regal Cloak..., Renegade Boots..., Renegade Circlet..., Renegade Cloak..., Repairman's Cape, Resilient Bands, Resilient Cord, Resilient Handgrips, Revenant Boots..., Ribbed Breastplate, Righteous Boots..., Righteous Bracers..., Righteous Cloak..., Righteous Leggings..., Righteous Spaulders..., Rigid Belt..., Rigid Bracelets..., Rigid Moccasins..., Rigid Shoulders..., Rigid Tunic..., Ring of Iron Will, Ring of Scorn, Ringtail Girdle, Riptide Shoes, Ritual Gloves..., Robe of Evocation, Robe of Solomon, Robe of the Moccasin, Rockshard Pauldrons, Rod of Sorrow, Royal Gown..., Royal Sash..., Runecloth Tunic, Runic Leather Armor, Runic Stave, Rushridge Boots, Sacred Band, Sacred Burial Trousers, Sage's Bracers..., Sage's Stave..., Salbac Shield, Samophlange Screwdriver, Sanguine Cape, Sanguine Mantle, Sanguine Robe, Scaled Leather Gloves..., Scholarly Robes, Scorched Cape, Scorpashi Leggings, Scorpashi Slippers, Scouting Bracers..., Scouting Cloak..., Scouting Tunic..., Sea Dog Britches, Seedtime Hoop, Seer's Boots, Seer's Gloves, Sentinel Bracers..., Sentinel Cloak..., Sentry's Cape..., Sentry's Headdress..., Serpentskin Helm, Severing Axe..., Shadowhide Battle Axe, Shadowhide Maul, Shadowskin Spaulders, Sharpshooter Harquebus..., Shield of the Faith, Shimmering Armor..., Shimmering Bracers..., Shimmering Robe..., Shin Blade..., Shinkicker Boots, Shucking Gloves, Silk Mantle of Gamn, Silksand Shoulder Pads, Silksand Wraps, Silver-thread Amice, Silver-thread Gloves, Silver-thread Robe, Silver-thread Sash, Silvered Bronze Breastplate, Simple Robe..., Skorn's Hammer, Skorn's Rifle, Skullbreaker, Skullsplitter, Slayer's Skullcap, Slayer's Surcoat, Sleek Feathered Tunic, Smelting Pants, Smotts' Compass, Sniper Rifle..., Soft Willow Cape, Soldier's Girdle..., Soldier's Leggings..., Solid Iron Maul, Sorcerer Bracelets..., Sorcerer Drape..., Sorcerer Gloves..., Sorcerer Hat..., Sorcerer Robe..., Southsea Head Bucket, Sparkleshell Sabatons..., Sparkmetal Coif, Spellbinder Orb, Spellbinder Pants, Spellpower Goggles Xtreme, Spirit Cloak, Spiritchaser Staff..., Spore-covered Tunic, Spritekin Cloak, Staff of Conjuring, Staff of Horrors, Staff of Lore, Staff of Noh'Orahil, Staff of Soran'ruk, Staff of the Purifier, Steady Bastard Sword, Steel Breastplate, Stingshot Wand, Stonecloth Epaulets, Stonecutter Claymore..., Stonemason Cloak, Stronghorn Girdle, Sturdy Quarterstaff..., Sunscale Spaulders, Sunscale Wristguards, Superior Bracers..., Superior Cloak..., Superior Leggings..., Superior Shoulders..., Superior Tunic..., Supreme Cape..., Sustaining Ring, Swampland Trousers, Swashbuckler Sash, Swiftfoot Treads, Symbolic Belt, Symbolic Breastplate, Symbolic Greaves, Tail Spike, Talisman of Evasion, Templar Crown..., Templar Shield..., Thallium Choker..., Thallium Hoop..., Thaumaturgist Staff..., Thorium Armor, Thornflinger, Thornroot Club, Tok'kar's Murloc Shanker, Tracker's Cloak..., Tracker's Shoulderpads..., Tracker's Wristguards..., Training Sword..., Traveler's Bracers, Traveler's Gloves, Traveler's Helm, Traveler's Jerkin, Traveler's Spaulders, Tribal Vest, Tribal War Feathers, Tribal Worg Helm, Trueshot Bow..., Truesilver Bar, Tundra Necklace..., Twilight Belt..., Twilight Cape..., Twilight Cowl..., Twilight Cultist Cowl, Twilight Cultist Mantle, Twilight Cultist Robe, Tyrant's Chestpiece, Tyrant's Legplates, Umbral Mace, Valiant Shortsword, Valorous Girdle, Vanguard Girdle, Venom Web Fang, Venomshroud Armguards, Venomshroud Cape, Venomshroud Leggings, Venomshroud Mantle, Venomshroud Mask, Veteran Gloves, Vital Handwraps..., Volcanic Breastplate, Volcanic Shoulders, Wand of Decay, Wanderer's Bracers..., Wandering Boots, War Paint Anklewraps, War Paint Bindings, War Paint Chestpiece, War Paint Shield, War Torn Pants..., Warbringer's Chestguard..., Warden's Woolies, Warleader's Leggings, Warmonger's Chestpiece..., Warmonger's Cloak..., Warrior's Pants, Warrior's Tunic, Watcher's Cape..., Watcher's Cuffs..., Whispering Vest, Wicked Leather Belt, Wild Leather Shoulders..., Wildhunter Cloak, Will of the Mountain Giant, Willow Gloves..., Wind Rider Staff, Windchaser Cuffs, Windseeker Boots, Wizard's Belt, Wizard's Hand..., Wolf Rider's Boots..., Wolfmaster Cape, Wrangler's Cloak..., Wrangler's Leggings..., Zandalarian Shadow Talisman, Zealot's Robe, Zhovur Axe, Zircon Band..., Zodiac Gloves, A Sack of Coins, Aboriginal Cape, Adept's Cloak, Alliance Commendation Signet, An Old History Book, An Undelivered Letter, Animal Skin Belt, Anvilmar Hand Axe, Aquadynamic Fish Lens, Ashwood Bow, Augmented Chain Belt, Bastard Sword, Battered Cloak, Battle Axe, Battleworn Cape, Battleworn Hammer, Bearded Axe, Boar Handler Gloves, Book from Sven's Farm, Bottled Alterac Spring Water, Bound Harness, Broad Axe, Bronze Battle Axe, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Warhammer, Bullova, Burnt Cloak, Cadet Cloak, Ceremonial Cloak, Ceremonial Leather Belt, Ceremonial Tomahawk, Charred Razormane Wand, Claymore, Cooked Glossy Mightfish, Copper Claymore, Cuirboulli Bracers, Cuirboulli Pants, Cuirboulli Vest, Dacian Falx, Darkshore Grouper, Deeprun Rat Kabob, Defender Spaulders, Demon Scarred Cloak, Deviate Fish, Dig Rat Stew, Dirt-trodden Boots, Dirty Leather Belt, Dirty Leather Bracers, Disciple's Sash, Dreamwatcher Staff, Durable Chain Shoulders, Ebonlocke's Response to Solomon, Elastic Wristguards, Elder's Cane, Electropeller, Embroidered Armor, Embroidered Belt, Embroidered Boots, Embroidered Bracers, Embroidered Gloves, Embroidered Hat, Embroidered Pants, Espadon, Feral Bracers, Fine Light Crossbow, Flash Bundle, Forsaken Bastard Sword, Forsaken Dagger, Freshly Baked Bread, Gaffer Jack, Gardening Gloves, Giant Crocolisk Skin, Giant Mace, Gloom Wand, Gnarlpine Leggings, Gnomish Battle Chicken, Goblin Bomb Dispenser, Graystone Bracers, Great Axe, Greater Spellstone, Green Firework, Grilled Squid, Grizzly Bracers, Gunnysack of the Night Watch, Gypsy Bands, Heavy Copper Maul, Heavy Cord Bracers, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Spear, Hunting Belt, Infantry Cloak, Infantry Gauntlets, Journeyman's Bracers, Journeyman's Cloak, Kaldorei Spider Kabob, Kobold Mining Shovel, Large Axe, Large Club, Large Round Shield, Latched Belt, Lesser Firestone, Light Mail Armor, Light Mail Belt, Light Mail Boots, Light Mail Bracers, Light Mail Gloves, Light Mail Leggings, Lithe Boots, Long Bayonet, Long Bo Staff, Lupine Mantle, Major Healing Draught, Maul, Militia Quarterstaff, Militia Shortsword, Militia Warhammer, Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, Mulgore Spice Bread, Netted Gloves, Nightfin Soup, Nomadic Bracers, Nomadic Gloves, Ogre's Monocle, Old Blanchy's Blanket, Old Leather Belt, Orcish War Sword, Outrunner's Pauldrons, Padded Belt, Padded Boots, Painted Chain Belt, Painted Chain Gloves, Painted Chain Leggings, Pattern: Argent Boots, Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt, Pellet Rifle, Pikeman Shield, Plain Robe, Poached Sunscale Salmon, Powerful Anti-Venom, Practice Sword, Primal Bands, Primal Cape, Primal Mitts, Primitive Hand Blade, Primitive Hatchet, Primitive Mantle, Quilted Bracers, Rain-spotted Cape, Rainwalker Boots, Rattlecage Skull, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Raw Redgill, Raw Slitherskin Mackerel, Raw Sunscale Salmon, Razormane Backstabber, Razormane War Shield, Recipe: Blood Sausage, Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet, Recipe: Dig Rat Stew, Recipe: Elixir of Ogre's Strength, Recipe: Slitherskin Mackerel, Reinforced Leather Belt, Reinforced Leather Boots, Reinforced Leather Bracers, Reinforced Leather Cap, Reinforced Leather Gloves, Reinforced Leather Pants, Reinforced Leather Vest, Rhapsody Malt, Robe of Apprenticeship, Rock Hammer, Rock Mace, Rough-hewn Kodo Leggings, Rumsey Rum Black Label, Rustic Belt, Salma's Oven Mitts, Sandcomber Boots, Savory Deviate Delight, Scavenger Tunic, Scroll of Spirit II, Sedgeweed Britches, Shimmering Amice, Short Spear, Simple Cape, Simple Dagger, Simple Gloves, Snow Boots, Soft Fur-lined Shoes, Solid Metal Club, Steel Plate Helm, Stemleaf Bracers, Stone Tomahawk, Stormwind Brie, Strangely Marked Box, Stratholme Holy Water, Strider Stew, Studded Leather Harness, Sun-beaten Cloak, Superior Healing Draught, Superior Mana Draught, Tabar, Tainted Parchment, Tainted Scroll, Tarnished Chain Boots, Tarnished Chain Gloves, Tarnished Chain Leggings, Tarnished Chain Vest, Thick Bark Buckler, Thick Cloth Belt, Thick Cloth Gloves, Thick Cloth Vest, Thistlewood Blade, Thistlewood Dagger, Thornspike, Thunderhorn Cloak, Tribal Belt, Tribal Warrior's Shield, Trogg Ale, Two-handed Sword, Urchin's Pants, Vile Familiar Head, Viny Gloves, War Torn Greaves, Webbed Pants, Well-stitched Robe, Welldrip Gloves, Wendigo Fur Cloak, Wild Hog Shank, Winterfall Firewater, Wooden Mallet, Woodland Robes, Worn Battleaxe, Worn Running Boots, Worn Turtle Shell Shield, Zombie Skin Leggings, Acolyte's Robe, Baked Salmon, Battered Buckler, Beaten Battle Axe, Bent Large Shield, Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, Blunt Claymore, Brocade Pants, Brocade Shoes, Bulky Maul, Calico Belt, Calico Tunic, Canvas Pants, Clout Mace, Cracked Sledge, Cross-stitched Bracers, Crude Bastard Sword, Crushing Maul, Deadly Scope, Dirty Blunderbuss, Fillet of Frenzy, Flimsy Chain Bracers, Flimsy Chain Pants, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility, Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil, Formula: Minor Mana Oil, Formula: Minor Wizard Oil, Heavy Crocolisk Stew, Hi-Explosive Bomb, Hot Smoked Bass, Laminated Scale Boots, Large Bear Bone, Linked Chain Shoulderpads, Lobster Stew, Loch Frenzy Delight, Long Bastard Sword, Loose Chain Belt, Loose Chain Gloves, Loose Chain Pants, Meat Cleaver, Mightfish Steak, Neophyte's Robe, Oiled Blunderbuss, Old Greatsword, Patchwork Cloak, Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn, Pattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw, Pattern: Might of the Timbermaw, Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers, Pattern: Warbear Harness, Pattern: Warbear Woolies, Pattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw, Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Belt, Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Boots, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Portable Bronze Mortar, Ragged Leather Vest, Rawhide Boots, Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing, Recipe: Jungle Stew, Recipe: Transmute Earth to Water, Sagefish Delight, Schematic: Lovingly Crafted Boomstick, Simple Buckler, Smooth Cloak, Smooth Leather Boots, Soul Pouch, Spiked Dagger, Stone War Axe, Thick Leather Gloves, Thunder Ale, Tough Leather Pants, Trapper's Pants, Twill Boots, Twill Cover, Unbalanced Axe, Undermine Clam Chowder, Warped Blade, Withered Staff, Wooden Buckler, Worn Large Shield, Worn Leather Bracers, Worn Mail Bracers, Bean Soup, Elixir of Poison Resistance, Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 1), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 2), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 3), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 1), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 2), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 2), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 3), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 4), Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt, Recipe: Roast Raptor, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Versicolor Treat, Wild Ricecake

Updated Mobs: (2174)
"Shaky" Phillipe, Abercrombie, Abigail Sawyer, Abigail Shiel, Abomination, Adder, Advisor Belgrum, Aedis Brom, Affray Spectator, Agustus Moulaine, Ahanu, Ainethil, Aku'mai Fisher, Alaindia, Alanndarian Nightsong, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Alegorn, Alexandra Constantine, Alexandre Lefevre, Alliance Brigadier General, Alliance Sentinel, Alliance Spirit Guide, Allyndia, Alterac Ram, Ancient Core Hound, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War, Andrea Boynton, Andrew Brownell, Andruk, Anduin Wrynn, Anger'rel, Ansekhwa, Antlered Courser, Antonio Perelli, Anvilrage Captain, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Dithers, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Johaan, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Lycanus, Apothecary Renferrel, Apothecary Vallia, Apothecary Zamah, Arcane Feedback, Arcane Torrent, Arcanist Doan, Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm, Archbishop Benedictus, Archibald, Archmage Arugal, Ardo Dirtpaw, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Officer Garush, Argent Rider, Arias'ta Bladesinger, Ariena Stormfeather, Ariyell Skyshadow, Armand Cromwell, Armored Scorpid, Arnok, Arnold Leland, Ashenvale Outrunner, Aska Mistrunner, Asoran, Astaia, Astarii Starseeker, Asterion, Astranaar Sentinel, Atal'ai Mistress, Atepa, Auberdine Sentinel, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Chilton, Auctioneer Fitch, Auctioneer Golothas, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Gullem, Auctioneer Jaxon, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Rhyker, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tolon, Auctioneer Tricket, Auctioneer Wabang, Auctioneer Yarly, Austil de Mon, Awenasa, Azshara Sentinel, Azure Templar, Azzleby, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Foreman, Bael'dun Officer, Bael'dun Rifleman, Bael'dun Soldier, Bael'Gar, Bailey Stonemantle, Balai Lok'Wein, Balthus Stoneflayer, Bardu Sharpeye, Baristolth of the Shifting Sands, Barithras Moonshade, Barkeep Daniels, Barkeep Dobbins, Barkeep Morag, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Geddon, Baron Revilgaz, Baron Rivendare, Baroness Anastari, Baros Alexston, Barrens Giraffe, Barrens Guard, Barrens Kodo, Barrus, Bart Tidewater, Bartender Wental, Basil Frye, Batrider Pele'keiki, Bazil Thredd, Beldruk Doombrow, Ben Trias, Benijah Fenner, Bera Stonehammer, Berserk Owlbeast, Berserk Trogg, Besseleth, Bethaine Flinthammer, Betina Bigglezink, Bibilfaz Featherwhistle, Bile Spewer, Bimble Longberry, Bingus, Binjy Featherwhistle, Bink, Bishop DeLavey, Black Bear Patriarch, Black Broodling, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Drake, Black Guard Sentry, Black Guard Swordsmith, Black Ooze, Black Rat, Black Ravager, Black Widow Hatchling, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Assassin, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Thug, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Champion, Blackrock Grunt, Blackrock Outrunner, Blackrock Renegade, Blackrock Scout, Blackrock Sentry, Blackrock Shadowcaster, Blackrock Summoner, Blackrock Tracker, Blackwing Guardsman, Blackwing Legionnaire, Blackwing Mage, Blaise Montgomery, Bleakheart Hellcaller, Bleakheart Trickster, Blighted Horror, Blind Mary, Blindlight Murloc, Blizrik Buckshot, Blood Steward of Kirtonos, Bloodfeather Harpy, Bloodfeather Sorceress, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Storm Witch, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodguard Rawtar, Bloodhound, Bloodsail Elder Magus, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Sea Dog, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Axe Thrower, Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Bloodscalp Headhunter, Bloodscalp Hunter, Bloodscalp Mystic, Bloodscalp Scavenger, Bloodscalp Shaman, Bloodseeker Bat, Bloodtooth Guard, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Bluegill Muckdweller, Bluegill Murloc, Bluegill Puddlejumper, Bluegill Raider, Bluegill Warrior, Bluffwatcher, Boahn, Bone Chewer, Bonnie Stoneflayer, Booty Bay Bruiser, Bor Wildmane, Borgus Steelhand, Borstan, Borya, Boyle, Brack, Brackenwall Enforcer, Braenna Flintcrag, Brain Eater, Brainwashed Noble, Brak Durnad, Brakkar, Brandur Ironhammer, Brannock, Brave Moonhorn, Brawn, Brek Stonehoof, Brenwyn Wintersteel, Brinna Valanaar, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Interloper, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brock Stoneseeker, Brog Hamfist, Broken Cadaver, Brom Killian, Brombar Higgleby, Bromiir Ormsen, Brother Neals, Brother Paxton, Brother Wilhelm, Bubulo Acerbus, Bulrug, Bunthen Plainswind, Burkrum, Burning Blade Acolyte, Burning Blade Adept, Burning Blade Bruiser, Burning Blade Felsworn, Buzzek Bracketswing, Calandrath, Calor, Camerick Jongleur, Camp Mojache Brave, Captain Balinda Stonehearth, Captain Greenskin, Captain Halyndor, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Captain Keelhaul, Captain Stillwater, Captured Mountaineer, Captured Scarlet Zealot, Caravaneer Ruzzgot, Caretaker Alen, Carlin Redpath, Catherine Leland, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Pillager, Caverndeep Reaver, Caylais Moonfeather, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Cerellean Whiteclaw, Chal Fairwind, Charred Ancient, Chepi, Chesmu, Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker, Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII, Chief Murgut, Chief Sharpclaw, Chillwind Chimaera, Christoph Faral, Christopher Drakul, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chromatic Elite Guard, Chromatic Whelp, Chucky "Ten Thumbs", Clarice Foster, Clattering Scorpid, Claude Erksine, Cliff Hadin, Cliff Lurker, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloud Skydancer, Clunk, Cobalt Mageweaver, Cold Eye Basilisk, Coldridge Mountaineer, Coleman Farthing, Commander Aggro'gosh, Commander Felstrom, Commander Karl Philips, Commander Louis Philips, Commander Mulfort, Commander Randolph, Commander Springvale, Cor Grimtotem, Coral Shark, Corand, Core Rager, Corina Steele, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Carnes, Corporal Kaleb, Corporal Keeshan, Corrosive Lurker, Councilman Millstipe, Count Remington Ridgewell, Courier Hammerfall, Cow, Coyote, Cracked Skull Soldier, Crag Boar, Craig Hewitt, Crank Fizzlebub, Crazed Owlbeast, Crier Goodman, Crildor, Crimson Battle Mage, Crimson Conjuror, Crimson Gallant, Crimson Guardsman, Crimson Initiate, Crimson Inquisitor, Crimson Monk, Crimson Priest, Crimson Sorcerer, Crimson Whelp, Crypt Beast, Crypt Crawler, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Marine, Cursed Ooze, Cursed Sailor, Cylania, Cylina Darkheart, Cyroen, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dalmond, Dame Twinbraid, Dan Golthas, Dane Lindgren, Daniel Bartlett, Daniel Ulfman, Danielle Zipstitch, Dannelor, Dannie Fizzwizzle, Darcy, Dargh Trueaim, Dargon, Darianna, Dark Iron Agent, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Insurgent, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Raider, Dark Iron Saboteur, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Watchman, Dark Shade, Dark Sprite, Darkeye Bonecaster, Darkshore Thresher, Darkspear Commendation Officer, Darla Harris, Darnassian Protector, Darnassus Commendation Officer, Darnassus Sentinel, Darnath Bladesinger, Daryl Riknussun, Daryl the Youngling, Dashel Stonefist, Davitt Hickson, Deadwood Pathfinder, Deadwood Shaman, Death Lash, Death Singer, Death Talon Dragonspawn, Deathguard Abraham, Deathguard Bartholomew, Deathguard Burgess, Deathguard Cyrus, Deathguard Dillinger, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Gavin, Deathguard Lawrence, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Lundmark, Deathguard Mort, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Royann, Deathguard Simmer, Deathstalker Adamant, Deeg, Deepmoss Creeper, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deeprun Rat, Deer, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Captive, Defias Conjurer, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Digger, Defias Enchanter, Defias Evoker, Defias Footpad, Defias Henchman, Defias Highwayman, Defias Inmate, Defias Insurgent, Defias Knuckleduster, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Messenger, Defias Miner, Defias Night Blade, Defias Night Runner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pathstalker, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Prisoner, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Thug, Defias Tower Sentry, Defias Watchman, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Delfrum Flintbeard, Delgo Ragetotem, Delgren the Purifier, Den Grunt, Denatharion, Dendrythis, Deputy Feldon, Deputy Willem, Derotain Mudsipper, Deth'ryll Satyr, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Dreadfang, Deviate Faerie Dragon, Deviate Moccasin, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Stinglash, Devlin Agamand, Devrak, Dextren Ward, Deze Snowbane, Diemetradon, Dinita Stonemantle, Dink, Dire Mottled Boar, Dirge Quikcleave, Discordant Surge, Diseased Black Bear, Diseased Ghoul, Dizzy One-Eye, Dockmaster Baren, Dolman Steelfury, Donal Osgood, Donyal Tovald, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Doomforge Dragoon, Doras, Doreen Beltis, Dorin Songblade, Dorius Stonetender, Drac Roughcut, Dragonmaw Bonewarder, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Scout, Dranh, Dredge Crusher, Dredge Striker, Drek'Thar, Druid of the Fang, Drywallow Daggermaw, Drywallow Snapper, Drywallow Vicejaw, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dulciea Frostmoon, Dun Garok Mountaineer, Dunemaul Warlock, Dungar Longdrink, Dust Devil, Eagan Peltskinner, Earthen Templar, Ebru, Edan the Howler, Edna Mullby, Edrick Killian, Edward Remington, Edwina Monzor, Einar Stonegrip, Eladriel, Elaine Carevin, Elaine Trias, Elder Ashenvale Bear, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Diemetradon, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Murk Thresher, Elder Nightsaber, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shadowmaw Panther, Elder Shardtooth, Elder Stranglethorn Tiger, Elder Timberling, Eldreth Apparition, Eldreth Phantasm, Eldreth Spectre, Eldreth Spirit, Elisa Steelhand, Elissa Dumas, Eliza, Elizabeth Van Talen, Elki, Elsharin, Elynna, Ember Worg, Enraged Panther, Enslaved Archaeologist, Entropic Beast, Erin, Erlan Drudgemoor, Eunice Burch, Everlook Bruiser, Evonice Sootsmoker, Executor Zygand, Eye of Naxxramas, Faelyssa, Fahrak, Faldron, Falfindel Waywarder, Falkhaan Isenstrider, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Faralorn, Farmer Saldean, Feathermoon Sentinel, Feegly the Exiled, Feero Ironhand, Fel Lash, Fela, Felicia Maline, Felika, Felstalker, Fen Dweller, Feral Nightsaber, Feran Strongwind, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Fetid Corpse, Field Marshal Afrasiabi, Field Marshal Snowfall, Fillius Fizzlespinner, Fin Fizracket, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Grunt, Firebrand Invoker, Fireguard, Firegut Brute, Firegut Ogre, Firelord, Firemane Ash Tail, Firemane Flamecaller, Firemane Scalebane, Firemane Scout, Firesworn, Firewalker, First Mate Crazz, First Mate Fitzsimmons, First Mate Snellig, Fisherman Lin'do, Flameguard, Flamesnorting Whelp, Flamewaker Elite, Flamewaker Healer, Flamewaker Priest, Flamewaker Protector, Fledgling Chillwind, Fledgling Pterrordax, Fleet Master Firallon, Fleet Master Seahorn, Flesh Eater, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Fleshripper, Flint Shadowmore, Foreman Oslow, Foreman Thistlenettle, Forest Moss Creeper, Forest Spider, Foreststrider Fledgling, Forsaken Dark Stalker, Foulweald Shaman, Fradd Swiftgear, Franklin Lloyd, Freewind Brave, Fremal Doohickey, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frezza, Frog, Frostmane Troll, Frostmaul Preserver, Frostsaber, Frostsaber Companion, Frostsaber Cub, Frostsaber Huntress, Frostsaber Stalker, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Bloodhound, Frostwolf Bowman, Frostwolf Emissary, Frostwolf Guardian, Frostwolf Legionnaire, Frostwolf Shaman, Frostwolf Warrior, Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander, Furen Longbeard, Furious Stone Spirit, Fuzruckle, Fyldan, Fylerian Nightwing, Fyr Mistrunner, Gabrielle Chase, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gaelden Hammersmith, Gagsprocket, Gahroot, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Messenger, Galak Stormer, Galvan the Ancient, Gamon, Gann Stonespire, Garr Salthoof, Garryeth, Gazban, Gazelle, Gazin Tenorm, Gazlowe, Gazrog, Geenia Sunshadow, Gelkis Outrunner, Gelkis Windchaser, Genavie Callow, General Marcus Jonathan, Geoffrey Hartwell, Geologist Larksbane, Georgia, Georgio Bolero, Gerard Abernathy, Ghostpaw Alpha, Ghostpaw Howler, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghoul Ravener, Giant Buzzard, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Foreststrider, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk, Gibbering Ghoul, Gikkix, Gil, Gilnid, Gimblethorn, Gimrizz Shadowcog, Gina Lang, Gina MacGregor, Ginny Longberry, Glasshide Basilisk, Glassweb Spider, Glordrum Steelbeard, Glorin Steelbrow, Gnarlpine Ambusher, Gnarlpine Avenger, Gnarlpine Defender, Gnarlpine Gardener, Gnarlpine Pathfinder, Gnarlpine Shaman, Gnarlpine Warrior, Gnasher, Gnoarn, Gnome Engineer, Gnomeregan Commendation Officer, Gobbler, Goblin Engineer, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Godric Rothgar, Goraluk Anvilcrack, Gorbold Steelhand, Gordo, Gordon Wendham, Gorlash, Gorm Grimtotem, Gorn One Eye, Gorrik, Gracina Spiritmight, Graham Van Talen, Grand Mason Marblesten, Grave Robber, Gravelsnout Kobold, Grawl, Grawmug, Gray Bear, Great Goretusk, Greater Barrens Kodo, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Obsidian Elemental, Greater Plainstrider, Greater Thunderhawk, Green Recluse, Greenpaw, Gregor Greystone, Grelkor, Grenil Steelfury, Gretchen Dedmar, Greth, Grethok the Controller, Gretta Finespindle, Greymist Coastrunner, Greymist Netter, Greymist Raider, Greymist Seer, Grimand Elmore, Grimmaw, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grimtotem Sorcerer, Gringer, Grinning Dog, Grish Longrunner, Grisha, Grizzle Halfmane, Grod, Grom'gol Grunt, Grondal Moonbreeze, Grumnus Steelshaper, Grunnda Wolfheart, Grunt Komak, Grunt Maug, Grunt Mojka, Gryan Stoutmantle, Gryth Thurden, Guard Ashlock, Guard Berton, Guard Clarke, Guard Howe, Guard Parker, Guard Pearce, Guard Thomas, Gubber Blump, Gunther Weller, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Bat Rider, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Blood Drinker, Gurubashi Champion, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gurubashi Warrior, Gutspill, Guzzling Patron, Gwenna Firebrew, Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde, Gwyn Farrow, Gyll, Hakkari Oracle, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Shadow Hunter, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Hamhock, Hamlin Atkins, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Guardian, Hank the Hammer, Hannah Akeley, Hansel Heavyhands, Har'alen, Hargin Mundar, Harick Boulderdrum, Harlo Wigglesworth, Harlon Thornguard, Harold Riggs, Harvest Golem, Harvest Watcher, Hastat the Ancient, Hate Shrieker, Haughty Modiste, Haunting Spirit, Healer Longrunner, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Hederine Initiate, Hederine Manastalker, Helena Atwood, Herald Moonstalker, Herbalist Proudfeather, Herod, Hesuwa Thunderhorn, Hewa, Hexed Troll, Hezrul Bloodmark, High Chief Winterfall, High Executor Derrington, High Executor Hadrec, High Explorer Magellas, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, High Overlord Saurfang, High Priest Rohan, High Priestess Jeklik, High Tinker Mekkatorque, Highborne Lichling, Highland Raptor, Highland Scytheclaw, Highland Thrasher, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Highvale Outrunner, Highvale Scout, Historian Karnik, Hitah'ya the Keeper, Hogan Ference, Hogger, Hogor Thunderhoof, Holdout Technician, Holgar Stormaxe, Holt Thunderhorn, Honor Guard, Hooktooth Frenzy, Horde Deforester, Horde Grunt, Horde Guard, Horde Laborer, Horde Peon, Horde Scout, Horde Shaman, Horde Warbringer, Houndmaster Loksey, Hula'mahi, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Sagewind, Hunter Thunderhorn, Huntress Leafrunner, Huntress Ravenoak, Huntress Skymane, Huntress Swiftriver, Huum Wildmane, Hydraxian Honor Guard, Ice Claw Bear, Ice Thistle Patriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Ilyenia Moonfire, Immol'thar, Incendosaur, Infernal, Inferno Elemental, Ingrys Stonebrow, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Farley, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Fizzgrimble, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Hearthstove, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Helbrek, Innkeeper Kaylisk, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Pala, Innkeeper Renee, Innkeeper Shaussiy, Innkeeper Shyria, Innkeeper Thulbek, Insane Ghoul, Irene Sureshot, Ironforge Commendation Officer, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironpatch, Irontree Stomper, Irontree Wanderer, Irradiated Invader, Irradiated Pillager, Irradiated Slime, Izzy Coppergrab, Jabbey, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Satyr, Jadefire Shadowstalker, Jadefire Trickster, Jademir Boughguard, Jaeana, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Hound, Jaelysia, James Van Brunt, Jamie Nore, Jandia, Jandria, Janos Hammerknuckle, Jartsam, Jawn Highmesa, Jenal, Jenn Langston, Jennea Cannon, Jeremiah Payson, Jes'rimon, Jessica Redpath, Jhordy Lapforge, Jimmy, Jin'do the Hexxer, Joanna Whitehall, Johan Focht, John Burnside, John Turner, Jon-Jon the Crow, Jonathan Carevin, Jordan Stilwell, Jorgen, Josef Gregorian, Joseph Moore, Josephine Lister, Joshua, Jotek, Jubling, Juli Stormkettle, Jungle Toad, Junior Apothecary Holland, Justine Demalier, Juvenile Snow Leopard, Jyn Stonehoof, Kaerbrus, Kaga Mistrunner, Kah Mistrunner, Kaita Deepforge, Kaja, Kalldan Felmoon, Kam Deepfury, Kara Adams, Karang Amakkar, Karen Taylor, Kareth, Kargath Grunt, Karl Boran, Karlee Chaddis, Karn Stonehoof, Karolek, Karos Razok, Karrel Grayves, Kartra Bloodsnarl, Karus, Kat Sampson, Kathrum Axehand, Kayla Smithe, Kebok, Keena, Keeper Bel'dugur, Kelstrum Stonebreaker, Kelsuwa, Kelv Sternhammer, Ker Ragetotem, Kerlonian Evershade, Kernda, Khaelyn Steelwing, Kharedon, Khur Hornstriker, Kil'Hiwana, Killian Hagey, Kimberly Hiett, Kirge Sternhorn, Kirk Maxwell, Klaven Mortwake, Klockmort Spannerspan, Kobold Geomancer, Kobold Laborer, Kobold Miner, Kobold Vermin, Kobold Worker, Kodo Calf, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Drudge, Kolkar Invader, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Konda, Kor'geld, Kor'jus, Krathok Moltenfist, Krazek, Krinkle Goodsteel, Kristy Grant, Krulmoo Fullmoon, Krumn, Kul Tiras Sailor, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kurden Bloodclaw, Kurdram Stonehammer, Kurgul, Kurran Steele, Kuruk, Kurzen Commando, Kurzen Elite, Kurzen Headshrinker, Kurzen Jungle Fighter, Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen Witch Doctor, Kuz, Kym Wildmane, Kyrai, Lady Anacondra, Lady Callow, Lady Hoteshem, Lady Illucia Barov, Lady Katrana Prestor, Lago Blackwrench, Laird, Lairn, Lakeshire Guard, Lanie Reed, Lard, Large Crag Boar, Lars, Lashtail Raptor, Latronicus Moonspear, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Annihilator, Lava Elemental, Lava Reaver, Lava Spawn, Lava Surger, Lawrence Schneider, Laziphus, Leech Stalker, Lelanai, Leona Tharpe, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Leprous Assistant, Leprous Machinesmith, Leprous Technician, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Doren, Lieutenant Fangore, Lieutenant Grummus, Lieutenant Murp, Lieutenant Rotimer, Lieutenant Stronghoof, Lilyn Darkriver, Lingering Highborne, Lisbeth Schneider, Living Blaze, Lizbeth Cromwell, Loch Crocolisk, Lomac Gearstrip, Longbraid the Grim, Longsnout, Longtooth Howler, Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker, Lord Baurles K. Wishock, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Cyrik Blackforge, Lord Gregor Lescovar, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lord Melenas, Lord Pythas, Lord Serpentis, Loruk Foreststrider, Lost Barrens Kodo, Lost Whelp, Lotherias, Lucian Fenner, Lucille Castleton, Lunaclaw, Lupos, Mad Servant, Mad Voidwalker, Maethrya, Maeva Snowbraid, Magatha Grimtotem, Magenius, Maggran Earthbinder, Magistrate Barthilas, Magistrate Bluntnose, Magmadar, Magmar Fellhew, Magram Scout, Mahani, Mahu, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Major Mattingly, Mak, Makaba Flathoof, Makrinni Razorclaw, Makrura Clacker, Makrura Shellhide, Maleki the Pallid, Malissa, Malor the Zealous, Malyfous Darkhammer, Mana Remnant, Mangled Cadaver, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Wolf, Mankrik, Mardrack Greenwell, Marek Ironheart, Marion Call, Markel Smythe, Marshal Dughan, Marshal Marris, Marshal McBride, Marta Finespindle, Martie Jainrose, Master Engineer Zinfizzlex, Master Mathias Shaw, Master Nightsong, Master Sergeant Fizzlebolt, Master Sergeant Maclure, Master Sergeant Moonshadow, Master Smith Burninate, Mastok Wrilehiss, Mathiel, Mathrengyl Bearwalker, Matthew Hooper, Mattie Alred, Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins, Mavralyn, Maximillian Crowe, McGavan, Me'lynn, Mechanized Guardian, Mechanized Sentry, Mechano-Tank, Meilosh, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Melika Isenstrider, Meliri, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Merissa Stilwell, Mesa Buzzard, Michael Garrett, Mickey Levine, Mike Miller, Mikey, Mikhail, Miles Welsh, Millie Gregorian, Milly Osworth, Milstaff Stormeye, Mindless Undead, Mirefin Coastrunner, Mirefin Warrior, Mirelle Tremayne, Mirket, Misha, Mishellena, Mishta, Miss Danna, Mistina Steelshield, Mistvale Gorilla, Mo'grosh Brute, Mo'grosh Enforcer, Mo'grosh Mystic, Mo'grosh Shaman, Mogh the Undying, Mokk the Savage, Molten Destroyer, Molten Giant, Molten War Golem, Monstrous Ooze, Montarr, Monty, Moonglade Warden, Moonkin, Moonkin Oracle, Moonrage Glutton, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moonstalker, Moonstalker Runt, Moonstalker Sire, Moontouched Owlbeast, Moorane Hearthgrain, Mooranta, Mor'Ladim, Morgan the Collector, Morgg Stormshot, Morley Eberlein, Mortimer Montague, Mosh'Ogg Warmonger, Mosshide Brute, Mosshide Fenrunner, Mosshide Gnoll, Mosshide Mistweaver, Mosshide Mongrel, Mosshide Trapper, Mosshoof Runner, Mot Dawnstrider, Motley Garmason, Mottled Boar, Mountain Boar, Mountaineer Dokkin, Mountaineer Grugelm, Mountaineer Haggis, Mountaineer Kalmir, Mountaineer Langarr, Mountaineer Modax, Mountaineer Ozmok, Mountaineer Roghan, Mountaineer Thar, Mountaineer Tyraw, Mr. Smite, Mrs. Winters, Mudduk, Muglash, Muigin, Mura Runetotem, Muragus, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murky, Murloc Coastrunner, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Forager, Murloc Hunter, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Murloc Oracle, Murloc Raider, Murloc Tidehunter, Murloc Warrior, Murndan Derth, Murphy West, Mutanus the Devourer, Myizz Luckycatch, Mylentha Riverbend, Myra Tyrngaarde, Naal Mistrunner, Naga Explorer, Nak, Nan Mistrunner, Naram Longclaw, Nata Dawnstrider, Nathaniel Dumah, Necrofiend, Needles Cougar, Nerrist, Nerub'enkan, Nessa Shadowsong, Nether Maiden, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Officer, Nethergarde Soldier, Newton Burnside, Nida Winterhoof, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightbane Shadow Weaver, Nightbane Worgen, Nightmare Ectoplasm, Nightsaber, Nightsaber Stalker, Nipsy, Nissa Firestone, Nixx Sprocketspring, Nogg, Northshire Guard, Northshire Peasant, Noxious Plaguebat, Nurse Neela, Nurse Stonefield, O'Reily, Oakenscowl, Oasis Snapjaw, Odo the Blindwatcher, Officer Areyn, Officer Brady, Officer Gothena, Officer Ironbeard, Officer Jaxon, Officer Lunalight, Officer Maloof, Officer Pomeroy, Officer Porterhouse, Officer Redblade, Officer Thunderstrider, Officer Vu'Shalay, Okothos Ironrager, Ol' Beasley, Old Murk-Eye, Old Town Thug, Olivia Burnside, Omusa Thunderhorn, Onu, Onyxia, Onyxian Warder, Onyxian Whelp, Ophelia Montague, Oran Snakewrithe, Orgrimmar Commendation Officer, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ormok, Ornery Plainstrider, Overlord Ror, Overlord Runthak, Overseer Oilfist, Ox, Ozzie Togglevolt, Pack Kodo, Paige Chaddis, Pakwa, Pand Stonebinder, Parasitic Serpent, Patchwork Horror, Patrice Dwyer, Patrick Garrett, Pawe Mistrunner, Peacekeeper Security Suit, Penny, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Petrified Treant, Phalanx, Pilot Bellowfiz, Pilot Longbeard, Pilot Stonegear, Pithwick, Plague Ghoul, Plague Lurker, Plague Spreader, Plaguebat, Plagued Insect, Plagued Maggot, Plaguehound, Plaguehound Runt, Plains Creeper, Plugger Spazzring, Pratt McGrubben, Pridewing Patriarch, Pridewing Wyvern, Priestess Alathea, Priestess of the Moon, Primal Ooze, Primalist Thurloga, Princess, Private Draxlegauge, Private Porter, Private Thorsen, Privateer Groy, Prospector Khazgorm, Prospector Stormpike, Protector Bialon, Protector Gariel, Protector Korelor, Protector Leick, Prowler, Pterrordax, Pusillin, Putrid Gargoyle, Pygmy Venom Web Spider, Pyrewood Elder, Pyrewood Sentry, Pyrewood Watcher, Pyroguard Emberseer, Qia, Qizzik, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quinn, Rabid Dire Wolf, Rabid Shadowhide Gnoll, Rabid Thistle Bear, Rabine Saturna, Raedon Duskstriker, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Fire Tongue, Rage Talon Flamescale, Rageclaw, Ragged Owlbeast, Ragged Timber Wolf, Ragged Young Wolf, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Moonkin, Raging Reef Crawler, Ragnaros, Rahauro, Raleigh Andrean, Ralston Farnsley, Ram, Ramstein the Gorger, Rand Rhobart, Randolph Montague, Ranshalla, Ransin Donner, Rarck, Rascal Sprite, Rashona Straglash, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Rathorian, Rattlecage Soldier, Rattlegore, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Cadaver, Ravaged Corpse, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Runner, Ravenclaw Drudger, Ravenclaw Slave, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorfen Servitor, Razormane Defender, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Mystic, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razormane Seer, Razormane Stalker, Razormane Warfrenzy, Razormane Water Seeker, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Cobra, Razzashi Serpent, Razzashi Venombrood, Razzle Sprysprocket, Reanimated Corpse, Red Jack Flint, Red Whelp, Redridge Alpha, Redridge Basher, Redridge Brute, Redridge Drudger, Redridge Mongrel, Redridge Mystic, Redridge Poacher, Reef Crawler, Reginald Grimsford, Rellian Greenspyre, Remen Marcot, Remy "Two Times", Renato Gallina, Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rethilgore, Revantusk Watcher, Rexxar, Rhahk'Zor, Rhiannon Davis, Richard Kerwin, Rilan Howard, Risen Aberration, Risen Construct, Risen Guard, Risen Protector, River Crocolisk, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Gnoll, Riverpaw Herbalist, Riverpaw Mongrel, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Runt, Roach, Roc, Rockjaw Ambusher, Rockjaw Bonesnapper, Rockjaw Raider, Rockjaw Trogg, Rockwing Gargoyle, Rockwing Screecher, Roggo Harlbarrow, Rogue Black Drake, Rogue Flame Spirit, Rogue Ice Thistle, Rogue Vale Screecher, Ronald Burch, Rookery Guardian, Rookery Whelp, Rot Hide Gnoll, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotted One, Rotting Dead, Rotting Sludge, Roxxik, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rumstag Proudstrider, Runk Windtamer, Rupert Boch, Rusty Harvest Golem, Rutherford Twing, Sacrificed Troll, Saenorion, Saern Priderunner, Sage Korolusk, Sahvan Bloodshadow, Salazar Bloch, Saltscale Hunter, Saltspittle Muckdweller, Saltspittle Oracle, Saltspittle Puddlejumper, Saltspittle Warrior, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltwater Crocolisk, Samantha Shackleton, Samantha Swifthoof, Samor Festivus, Samuel Van Brunt, Sandfury Axe Thrower, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sanuye Runetotem, Sar Browneye, Sara Balloo, Sarah Killian, Sarah Sadwhistle, Sark Ragetotem, Sarok, Savage Owlbeast, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Matriarch, Savannah Prowler, Sayoc, Scarlet Abbot, Scarlet Adept, Scarlet Augur, Scarlet Avenger, Scarlet Beastmaster, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Champion, Scarlet Chaplain, Scarlet Cleric, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Scarlet Conjuror, Scarlet Convert, Scarlet Defender, Scarlet Disciple, Scarlet Diviner, Scarlet Enchanter, Scarlet Evoker, Scarlet Gallant, Scarlet Guardsman, Scarlet Initiate, Scarlet Knight, Scarlet Mage, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Myrmidon, Scarlet Paladin, Scarlet Preserver, Scarlet Protector, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Sentinel, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Soldier, Scarlet Sorcerer, Scarlet Tracking Hound, Scarlet Warder, Scarlet Warrior, Scarlet Wizard, Scarlet Worker, Scarlet Zealot, Scarred Crag Boar, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Grunt, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Quartermaster, Scarshield Raider, Scarshield Sentry, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scarshield Warlock, Scarshield Worg, Scholomance Acolyte, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Scholomance Handler, Scholomance Necrolyte, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Occultist, Scholomance Student, Scorching Elemental, Scorpashi Lasher, Scorpashi Snapper, Scorpid Duneburrower, Scorpid Dunestalker, Scorpid Terror, Scout Galiaan, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Sea Crawler, Sea Spray, Searing Whelp, Seasoned Defender, Seasoned Legionnaire, Seasoned Mountaineer, Seasoned Sentinel, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seeker Thompson, Selina Pickman, Selina Weston, Sen'jin Watcher, Senani Thunderheart, Senior Sergeant Grimsford, Senior Sergeant Kai'jin, Senior Sergeant T'kelah, Senior Sergeant Taiga, Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser, Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea, Sentinel Selarin, Sentinel Silversky, Sergeant Major Germaine, Sergeant Malthus, Sergeant Stonebrow, Sergeant Umala, Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl, Sergeant Yohwa, Sergra Darkthorn, Seril Scourgebane, Servant of Azora, Sewa Mistrunner, Shade of Elura, Shade of Jin'do, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadow Priestess Vandis, Shadow Sprite, Shadowfang Glutton, Shadowfang Wolfguard, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowhide Assassin, Shadowhide Darkweaver, Shadowhide Gnoll, Shadowhide Slayer, Shadowmaw Panther, Shaldyn, Shardi, Shardtooth Bear, Shardtooth Mauler, Shatterspear Troll, Shazzrah, Sheal Runetotem, Sheep, Sheldon Von Croy, Shelene Rhobart, Shellei Brondir, Shen'dralar Zealot, Sheri Zipstitch, Shi'alune, Shindrell Swiftfire, Shizzle, Shoja'my, Shoni the Shilent, Shore Crawler, Shreev, Shrieking Banshee, Shyn, Sickly Deer, Sida, Silas Zimmer, Sildanair, Silithid Creeper, Silithid Grub, Silithid Swarmer, Silva Fil'naveth, Silvermane Howler, Silverwing Sentinel, Silverwing Warrior, Sindrayl, Sir Malory Wheeler, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Fiend, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Healer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Miner, Skeletal Raider, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Warder, Skeletal Warrior, Skinner Jamani, Skittering Crustacean, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Berserker, Skullsplitter Hunter, Skullsplitter Mystic, Skullsplitter Warrior, Slark, Slave Master Blackheart, Slave Worker, Slavering Ghoul, Slicky Gastronome, Slimeshell Makrura, Smith Regzar, Smolderthorn Axe Thrower, Smolderthorn Headhunter, Smolderthorn Mystic, Smolderthorn Seer, Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Priest, Smolderthorn Witch Doctor, Snake, Snapjaw Crocolisk, Sneed, Sneed's Shredder, Snow Leopard, Snow Tracker Wolf, Snurk Bucksquick, Sognar Cliffbeard, Soleil Stonemantle, Son of Arugal, Son of Cenarius, Son of Flame, Soolie Berryfizz, Soran, Sorcerer Ashcrombe, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southshore Guard, Sovik, Spectral Citizen, Spectral Teacher, Spectral Tutor, Spirestone Enforcer, Spirestone Reaver, Spirit of Trey Lightforge, Spitelash Battlemaster, Spitelash Enchantress, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Serpent Guard, Spitelash Siren, Spitelash Warrior, Splinter Fist Enslaver, Splinter Fist Fire Weaver, Splinter Fist Firemonger, Splinter Fist Ogre, Splinter Fist Taskmaster, Splintertree Guard, Sprinkle, Sprite Darter, Sprogger, Sputtervalve, Squire Leoren Mal'derath, Squirrel, Sraaz, Stalvan Mistmantle, Starn, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Dire Wolf, Stephanie Turner, Stephen Bhartec, Steven, Steven Black, Stoma the Ancient, Stoneguard Clayhoof, Stonelash Pincer, Stonesplinter Bonesnapper, Stonesplinter Digger, Stonesplinter Scout, Stonesplinter Seer, Stonesplinter Shaman, Stonesplinter Skullthumper, Stonetalon Grunt, Stonetusk Boar, Storm Shadowhoof, Stormhide, Stormpike Battleguard, Stormpike Bowman, Stormpike Defender, Stormpike Emissary, Stormpike Guardsman, Stormpike Herald, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormpike Owl, Stormpike Ram Rider, Stormscale Wave Rider, Stormsnout, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Commendation Officer, Stormwind Guard, Stormwind Royal Guard, Stranglethorn Raptor, Stranglethorn Tigress, Strashaz Hydra, Strigid Hunter, Strigid Owl, Strigid Screecher, Stromgarde Troll Hunter, Stuart Fleming, Suffering Highborne, Sulfuron Harbinger, Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver, Summoned Blackhand Veteran, Summoned Succubus, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Lashtail, Sunscale Screecher, Sura Wildmane, Surf Crawler, Suzetta Gallina, Sven Yorgen, Sydney Upton, Sylvanna Forestmoon, Syndicate Conjuror, Syndicate Enforcer, Syndicate Prowler, Tagain, Tah Winterhoof, Tainted Ooze, Tal, Talaelar, Taldan, Tally Berryfizz, Tammra Windfield, Tand, Tannysa, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Beast, Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Tarantula, Targorr the Dread, Tarn, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taskmaster Scrange, Taur Stonehoof, Tawny Grisette, Teg Dawnstrider, Telonis, Tempered War Golem, Tendris Warpwood, Tepa, Terl Arakor, Teronis' Corpse, Thalgus Thunderfist, Thalia Amberhide, Thamarian, Tharlidun, Tharm, Tharnariun Treetender, Tharynn Bouden, The Duke of Cynders, The Duke of Fathoms, The Threshwackonator 4100, Thelgrum Stonehammer, Thelman Slatefist, Theocritus, Theramore Guard, Theramore Lieutenant, Theramore Marine, Theresa, Theresa Moulaine, Therum Deepforge, Therysil, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thistle Bear, Thistlefur Avenger, Thistlefur Shaman, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thor, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thorium Brotherhood Lookout, Thork, Thrag Stonehoof, Thrumn, Thund, Thunder Bluff Commendation Officer, Thunderhawk Cloudscraper, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Stagwing, Thunderheart, Thundris Windweaver, Thurman Mullby, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster, Thyn'tel Bladeweaver, Thysta, Tick, Timberling, Timberling Mire Beast, Timberling Trampler, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timberweb Recluse, Timothy Weldon, Tinkerwiz, Tirisfal Farmer, Tirisfal Farmhand, Tiyani, Toad, Toddrick, Tog Rustsprocket, Toldren Deepiron, Tomas, Tonga Runetotem, Torm Ragetotem, Tormus Deepforge, Torn, Tran'rek, Trenton Lighthammer, Trianna, Trok, Tunnel Rat Vermin, Turhaw, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Disciple, Twilight Fire Guard, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Keeper Havunth, Twilight Prophet, Twilight Stonecaller, Twilight Thug, Twilight's Hammer Executioner, Twilight's Hammer Torturer, Tyrande Whisperwind, Tyrion, Tyrion's Spybot, Ulthir, Umbranse the Spiritspeaker, Umi's Mechanical Yeti, Un'Goro Gorilla, Un'Goro Stomper, Un'Goro Thunderer, Una, Undead Dynamiter, Undead Excavator, Undercity Commendation Officer, Undercity Guardian, Ur'kyo, Ursal the Mauler, Uthok, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, Valdaron, Vampiric Duskbat, Vargus, Varimathras, Vazario Linkgrease, Velora Nitely, Venom Belcher, Venom Mist Lurker, Venom Web Spider, Venomous Cloud Serpent, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co. Drone, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Foreman, Venture Co. Geologist, Venture Co. Lumberjack, Venture Co. Mechanic, Venture Co. Miner, Venture Co. Peon, Venture Co. Strip Miner, Venture Co. Tinkerer, Vera Nightshade, Verdan the Everliving, Verner Osgood, Vernon Hale, Verog the Dervish, Vesprystus, Veteran Defender, Veteran Guardsman, Veteran Mountaineer, Veteran Sentinel, Vhan, Vhulgra, Victor Ward, Vile Familiar, Vile Priestess Hexx, Vile Sprite, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Shadowcaster, Vilebranch Warrior, Vincent Hyal, Viscous Fallout, Vizzklick, Voloren, Voodoo Slave, Voodoo Troll, Wailing Banshee, Wailing Guardsman, Waldor, Walter Ellingson, Wandering Forest Walker, Wandering Protector, War Effort Recruit, War Effort Volunteer, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Warden Thelwater, Warlord Gorchuk, Warpwood Crusher, Warpwood Shredder, Warpwood Tangler, Warpwood Treant, Warsong Emissary, Warsong Outrider, Warsong Runner, Warsong Shredder, Washte Pawne, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Watcher Backus, Watcher Bukouris, Watcher Callahan, Watcher Hartin, Watcher Ladimore, Webwood Lurker, Webwood Silkspinner, Webwood Venomfang, Weldon Barov, Wendigo, Wenna Silkbeard, West Frostwolf Warmaster, Wetlands Crocolisk, Whip Lasher, Whirlwind Stormwalker, Whuut, Wik'Tar, Wild Grell, Wilder Thistlenettle, Wildspawn Betrayer, Wildspawn Felsworn, Wildspawn Hellcaller, Wildspawn Satyr, Wildspawn Shadowstalker, Wildthorn Stalker, William, William MacGregor, William Montague, William Pestle, Wily Fey Dragon, Windcaller Proudhorn, Winter Reindeer, Winter Wolf, Winter's Little Helper, Winterax Axe Thrower, Winterax Hunter, Winterax Shadow Hunter, Winterax Witch Doctor, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Shaman, Winterspring Owl, Wisp, Witch Doctor Mau'ari, Witchwing Harpy, Witchwing Windcaller, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Mistress, Withered Protector, Wolf Master Nandos, Woo Ping, Wooly Kodo, Worg Pup, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wretched Zombie, Wrinkle Goodsteel, Wuark, Xan'tish, Xandar Goodbeard, Xavathras, Xen'to, Xiggs Fuselighter, Yama Snowhoof, Yanni Stoutheart, Yelmak, Yenniku, Yonada, Young Black Bear, Young Black Ravager, Young Diemetradon, Young Fleshripper, Young Forest Bear, Young Goretusk, Young Moonkin, Young Panther, Young Reef Crawler, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Wetlands Crocolisk, Young Wolf, Yugrek, Yvette Farthing, Zalazane, Zandalarian Emissary, Zane Bradford, Zangen Stonehoof, Zanzil Hunter, Zanzil Naga, Zanzil Witch Doctor, Zapetta, Zargh, Zarise, Zem Leeward, Zevrim Thornhoof, Zhevra Charger, Zhevra Courser, Zhevra Runner, Zora Guthrek, Zulian Crocolisk, Zulian Cub, Zulian Panther, Zulian Tiger

Updated World Objects: (113)
Abercrombie's Crate, Alliance Banner, Ancient Egg, Armor Crate, Arthas' Tears, Artificial Extrapolator, Ashenvale Fishing, Barrel of Melon Juice, Barrel of Milk, Battered Chest, Bauble Container, Beached Sea Creature, Blindweed, Bloodpetal Sprout, Blue Power Crystal, Box of Assorted Parts, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Bundle of Wood, Cache of the Firelord, Cactus Apple, Cannonball Stack, Chest of Nesting, Chest of the Black Feather, Chest of the Raven Claw, Chest of the Sky, Copper Vein, Core Fragment, Crate of Foodstuffs, Crossroads' Supply Crates, Dark Iron Deposit, Darkshore Fishing, Darnassus Fishing, Defias Gunpowder, Defias Strongbox, Dreamfoil, Dustwallow Marsh Fishing, Earthroot, Equipment Boxes, Fadeleaf, Felwood Fishing, Feralas Fishing, Firebloom, Food Crate, Gaea Seed, General Twinbraid's Strongbox, Ghost Mushroom, Giant Clam, Gloom Weed, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Grave Moss, Gromsblood, Icecap, Iron Deposit, Jaron's Supplies, Jinxed Hoodoo Pile, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Large Battered Chest, Large Solid Chest, Liferoot, Lunar Fungal Bloom, Mageroyal, Marshal Haggard's Chest, Milly's Harvest, Mist Veil's Lockbox, Mithril Deposit, Mountain Silversage, Orgrimmar Fishing, Peacebloom, Plaguebloom, Purple Lotus, Scrimshank's Surveying Gear, Silver Dawning's Lockbox, Silver Vein, Silverleaf, Skeletal Sea Turtle, Skin of Shadow, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Stonetalon Mountains Fishing, Storage Chest, Stormwind City Fishing, Strange Lockbox, Stranglekelp, Stranglethorn Vale Fishing, Sungrass, Supply Crate, Teldrassil Fishing, Thazz'ril's Pick, The Barrens Fishing, The Book of Ur, The Deed to Brill, The Deed to Caer Darrow, The Deed to Southshore, The Deed to Tarren Mill, Thunder Bluff Fishing, Tin Vein, Tirisfal Pumpkin, Tool Bucket, Truesilver Deposit, Un'Goro Dirt Pile, Undercity Fishing, Warpwood Pod, Water Barrel, Weapon Crate, Wetlands Fishing, Wild Steelbloom, Winterspring Fishing, Yellow Power Crystal, Zul'Gurub Fishing