Jul 9th - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted by Cob on July 9, 2004, 05:15 PM
New Items: Arcane Staff, Big Voodoo Mask, Big Voodoo Robe, Blackclaw, Blackened Defias Boots, Blackwater Tunic, Brilliant Gold Ring, Bronze Warhammer, Burnt Leather Breeches, Cabalist Belt, Cabalist Chestpiece, Cabalist Gloves, Cross-stitched Cloak, Dire Wand, Disciple's Sash, Dwarven Cloth Britches, Earthborn Leggings, Elder's Padded Armor, Emblazoned Leggings, Entwined Opaline Talisman, Fairy's Embrace, Fire Wand, Gloves of the Fang, Gothic Shield, Gritroot Staff, Guardian Talisman, Haggard's Hammer, Heavy Mithril Boots, Heavy Mithril Breastplate, Heavy Mithril Gauntlet, Heavy Mithril Shoulder, Hunting Buckler, Insignia Chestguard, Ley Staff, Lucky Fishing Hat, Master Hunter's Rifle, Medicine Blanket, Militia Hammer, Mithril Scale Bracers, Mithril Scale Pants, Nifty Stopwatch, Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Leather Boots, Nightscape Leather Shoulders, Nightscape Pants, Onyx Ring, Orange Mageweave Shirt, Ornate Mithril Gloves, Ornate Mithril Helm, Ornate Mithril Pants, Raptorbane Armor, Repairman's Cape, Rough Copper Vest, Ru'uwu's Armguards, Scarlet Belt, Shimmering Amice, Shimmering Trousers, Silver-thread Amice, Silver-thread Pants, Simple Linen Pants, Soldier's Wristguards, Spirit Hunter Headdress, Steel Breastplate, Steel Plate Helm, Sturdy Hammer, Sunfire Boots, Sunfire Bracers, Sunfire Cloak, Sunfire Gloves, Sunfire Pants, Talisman of the Naga Lord

Updated Items: Acolyte's Shoes, Acrobatic Staff, Algae Fists, Antipodean Rod, Anvilmar Sledge, Apprentice Short Staff, Apprentice's Boots, Apprentice's Robe, Arcane Orb, Astral Knot Robe, Azure Sash, Azure Silk Vest, Bag of Marbles, Balanced Fighting Stick, Balanced Throwing Dagger, Band of the Undercity, Barbaric Battle Axe, Bard's Belt, Bard's Boots, Bard's Cloak, Bard's Trousers, Bard's Tunic, Battered Buckler, Battleforge Boots, Battleforge Shield, Belt of the People's Militia, Belt of the Stars, Big Bronze Knife, Black Velvet Robes, Black Whelp Boots, Black Whelp Gloves, Blackfang, Blackwater Cutlass, Blade of Cunning, Blue Linen Shirt, Boar Handler Gloves, Bone-studded Leather, Bracers of the People's Militia, Brashclaw's Zweihander, Brass-studded Bracers, Bridgeworker's Gloves, Buckler of the Seas, Burnished Chain Cloak, Burnished Chain Leggings, Burnt Hide Bracers, Burnt Leather Belt, Burnt Leather Boots, Burnt Leather Bracers, Burnt Leather Cloak, Calico Shoes, Canvas Shoulderpads, Captain Sander's Sash, Captain's Gauntlets, Carving Knife, Cavalier's Boots, Cedar Walking Stick, Chausses of Westfall, Clergy Ring, Cloak of the Faith, Cloak of the People's Militia, Cold Basilisk Eye, Common Gray Shirt, Consecrated Wand, Copper Bracers, Copper Dagger, Copper Mace, Copper Shortsword, Corsair's Overshirt, Cracked Sledge, Craftsman's Dagger, Crescent Staff, Crest of Darkshire, Cross Dagger, Cruel Barb, Crystal Kelp Frond, Cured Leather Belt, Curved Dagger, Dark Leather Belt, Dark Leather Tunic, Darktide Cape, Deadly Blunderbuss, Deadly Bronze Poniard, Deadly Throwing Axe, Decapitating Sword, Deckhand's Shirt, Defender Boots, Defender Leggings, Defender Tunic, Deputy Chain Coat, Dervish Boots, Dervish Bracers, Disciple's Boots, Disciple's Bracers, Disciple's Cloak, Disciple's Gloves, Disciple's Pants, Disciple's Robe, Double-barreled Shotgun, Draftsman Boots, Dread Mage Hat, Durable Chain Shoulders, Dwarven Defender, Dwarven Fishing Pole, Dwarven Flamestick, Dwarven War Staff, Ebon Scimitar, Edge of the People's Militia, Elastic Wristguards, Elder's Mantle, Elder's Sash, Emblazoned Boots, Emblazoned Cloak, Embossed Leather Cloak, Empty Vial, Ensign Cloak, Excavation Rod, Explosive Rocket, Fen Keeper Robe, Fine Stein, Finely Woven Cloak, Flesh Piercer, Footman Tunic, Foreman Belt, Forest Leather Belt, Forest Leather Cloak, Forest Leather Mantle, Forester's Axe, Frostbit Staff, Furen's Favor, Giant Club, Giant Tarantula Fang, Glinting Scale Breastplate, Gloom Wand, Glowing Wax Stick, Gnarled Short Staff, Goat Fur Cloak, Gold Dust, Gold Militia Boots, Gold-flecked Gloves, Greaves of the People's Militia, Haggard's Axe, Haggard's Sword, Harvester's Pants, Harvester's Robe, Heavy Copper Maul, Heavy Throwing Dagger, Herod's Shoulder, Hillman's Leather Vest, Hollowfang Blade, Hunter's Boomstick, Hunting Belt, Hunting Bracers, Hunting Cloak, Hunting Gloves, Hunting Pants, Hunting Tunic, Icicle Rod, Illusionary Rod, Infantry Belt, Infantry Boots, Infantry Bracers, Infantry Cloak, Infantry Gauntlets, Infantry Leggings, Infantry Tunic, Infiltrator Cap, Infiltrator Pants, Initiate Staff, Inscribed Leather Gloves, Inscribed Leather Pants, Inscribed Leather Spaulders, Ironheart Chain, Ironwrought Bracers, Ivy-weave Bracers, Journeyman Quarterstaff, Journeyman's Belt, Journeyman's Boots, Journeyman's Bracers, Journeyman's Cloak, Journeyman's Gloves, Journeyman's Pants, Journeyman's Robe, Kimbra Boots, Knight's Boots, Knight's Girdle, Kobold Mining Mallet, Laminated Recurve Bow, Large Candle, Lavishly Jeweled Ring, Lesser Belt of the Spire, Lion-stamped Gloves, Lithe Boots, Long Bayonet, Lucine Longsword, Lucky Trousers, Lumberjack Axe, Magician Staff, Magister's Belt, Magister's Boots, Magister's Bracers, Magister's Cloak, Magister's Gloves, Magister's Robe, Manaweave Robe, Mantle of Honor, Mariner Boots, Militant Shortsword, Militia Buckler, Militia Dagger, Militia Quarterstaff, Militia Shortsword, Militia Warhammer, Minor Channeling Ring, Mud Stompers, Neophyte's Boots, Neophyte's Robe, Night Watch Gauntlets, Night Watch Pantaloons, Night Watch Shortsword, Notched Shortsword, Oil of Olaf, Old Blanchy's Blanket, Olmann Sewar, Orc Crusher, Outfitter Boots, Patchwork Armor, Patchwork Gloves, Pearl-handled Dagger, Peasant Sword, Pestilent Wand, Phalanx Helm, Phytoblade, Pikeman Shield, Pioneer Belt, Pioneer Cloak, Pioneer Gloves, Pioneer Trousers, Pioneer Tunic, Polar Gauntlets, Polished Zweihander, Privateer Musket, Rabbit Handler Gloves, Ragged Leather Gloves, Ranger Boots, Ranger Helm, Ranger Leggings, Ranger Shoulders, Raptor Hide Belt, Raw Slitherskin Mackerel, Recruit's Boots, Recruit's Pants, Recruit's Shirt, Red Defias Mask, Red Linen Sash, Red Linen Shirt, Resilient Poncho, Riding Gloves, Ring of Forlorn Spirits, Ring of Healing, Ring of Iron Will, Robe of Solomon, Robe of the Keeper, Robes of Antiquity, Rough Boomstick, Rusty Hatchet, Sacrificial Kris, Sage's Bracers, Sage's Gloves, Sage's Mantle, Sage's Sash, Salma's Oven Mitts, Scalemail Vest, Scorching Sash, Scouting Belt, Scouting Cloak, Scouting Spaulders, Scouting Trousers, Seal of Wrynn, Seer's Belt, Seer's Cape, Seer's Padded Armor, Seer's Robe, Sergeant's Warhammer, Shadow Wand, Shadow Weaver Leggings, Shadowhide Two-handed Sword, Sharp Axe, Shimmering Boots, Shimmering Cloak, Shimmering Gloves, Shimmering Sash, Silverleaf, Skeletal Longsword, Small Shield, Small Targe, Smite's Mighty Hammer, Smite's Reaver, Smith's Trousers, Smooth Walking Staff, Snow Boots, Soft Fur-lined Shoes, Soft Leather Tunic, Soft-soled Linen Boots, Soldier's Armor, Soldier's Cloak, Soldier's Gauntlets, Soldier's Girdle, Soldier's Shield, Solid Metal Club, Solstice Robe, Spiked Star, Squire's Shirt, Staff of Westfall, Stone Buckler, Stone Gnoll Hammer, Stonemason Cloak, Stormwind Chain Gloves, Stormwind Guard Leggings, Stromgarde Cavalry Leggings, Stylish Red Shirt, Sustaining Ring, Sword of Serenity, Tapered Pants, Thaumaturgist Staff, Thick Cloth Vest, Thief's Blade, Thornblade, Thuggish Shield, Tigerbane, Timberland Cape, Torch of Holy Flame, Torchlight Wand, Tortoise Armor, Totem of Infliction, Totemic Clan Ring, Toughened Leather Gloves, Trogg Club, Trogg Slicer, Tunic of Westfall, Tunneler's Boots, Umbral Axe, Urchin's Pants, Uther's Strength, Vagabond Leggings, Verigan's Fist, Veteran Armor, Veteran Boots, Veteran Bracers, Veteran Cloak, Veteran Girdle, Veteran Gloves, Veteran Leggings, Wandering Boots, War Rider Bracers, Warm Winter Robe, Warrior's Boots, Warrior's Bracers, Warrior's Buckler, Warrior's Cloak, Warrior's Girdle, Warrior's Pants, Warrior's Tunic, Weather-worn Boots, Weighted Sap, Well-stitched Robe, Well-used Sword, Wendigo Collar, Whipwood Recurve Bow, White Linen Shirt, Wicked Blackjack, Widowmaker, Willow Belt, Willow Bracers, Willow Pants, Wise Man's Belt, Withered Staff, Wizard's Belt, Wolfskin Bracers, Wooden Mallet, Woodworking Gloves, Worn Large Shield, Zodiac Gloves