Goblin Workshop - May 30th Additions

Posted on May 30, 2006, 01:15 PM

Updated Quests: (1307)
[56] ... and a Batch of Ooze, [40] ... and Bugs, [20] A Baying of Gnolls, [52] A Better Ingredient, [50] A Boar's Vitality, [33] A Bump in the Road, [10] A Bundle of Hides, A Bundle of Trouble, [50] A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!, [50] A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! (Horde), [60] A Collection of Heads, A Crew Under Fire, [18] A Dark Threat Looms, [18] A Dark Threat Looms - Part III, [18] A Dark Threat Looms - Part V, A Dwarf and His Tools, [58] A Final Blow, [30] A Fine Mess, [10] A Fishy Peril, [15] A Free Lunch, [21] A Gnome's Respite, [4] A Good Friend, [45] A Grim Discovery - Part II, [34] A Grim Task, A Hero's Welcome, [51] A Husband's Last Battle, [31] A King's Tribute - Part 2?, [47] A Land Filled with Hatred, [7] A Letter Undelivered, [52] A Little Slime Goes a Long Way, [20] A Lost Master, A Matter of Time (needs reward), A Meal Served Cold, [45] A New Cloak's Sheen, A New Ore Sample, [11] A New Plague, A New Plague, [9] A New Plague, [6] A New Plague, [2] A New Threat, [30] A Noble Brew, A Peon's Burden - Part 2?, [11] A Pilot's Revenge, [55] A Plague Upon Thee, [55] A Plague Upon Thee, [55] A Plague Upon Thee, [55] A Plague Upon Thee (Alliance), [6] A Putrid Task, [12] A Recipe For Death, [15] A Recipe for Death - Part II, [3] A Refugee's Quandary, [5] A Rogue's Deal, [10] A Sacred Burial, [52] A Sample of Slime..., [21] A Scroll From Mauren, [58] A Shred of Hope, [35] A Sign of Hope, [7] A Solvent Spirit, [48] A Sticky Situation, [56] A Strange Historian, [54] A Strange One, [55] A Strange Red Key, A Swift Message, [5] A Task Unfinished, [60] A Terrible Purpose, [43] A Threat in Feralas, [1] A Threat Within, A Troubling Breeze, A Vengeful Fate, Abyssal Contacts, [15] After the Ambush, [45] Against Lord Shalzaru, [43] Against the Hatecrest, [11] Agamand Heirlooms, [38] Agmond's Fate, [13] Ak'Zeloth, Akiris by the Bundle, [60] Alas, Andorhal, [60] Alas, Andorhal - Part 2?, [52] Alien Ecology, [26] Alien Egg, [56] All Along the Watchtowers (Horde), [26] Allegiance to the Old Gods - Part II, Alliance Relations, [45] Alliance Trauma, Alpha Strike, [16] Altered Beings, [6] Ammo for Rumbleshot, Amongst the Ruins, [40] Amulet of Secrets, [60] An Earnest Proposition, [60] An Earnest Proposition, [21] An Old Colleague, [36] An Unholy Alliance - Part II, [52] Andron's Payment to Jediga, [48] Another Message to the Wildhammer, [15] Apothecary Zamah, [54] Aquementas, Araj's Scarab - Part 4?, [52] Arcane Runes, [28] Arikara, Armed and Ready, Arugal Must Die, [15] Arugal's Folly, [14] As Water Cascades, [60] Ascension..., Ashenvale Outrunners, [38] Assassin's Contract, [28] Assassination Plot, [24] Assault on Fenris Isle, [17] Assessing The Threat, [50] Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem, [50] Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm, At War With The Scarlet Crusade, [9] At War With the Scarlet Crusade, [10] At War With the Scarlet Crusade - Part III, [60] Attunement to the Core, [56] Auntie Marlene - Part 2?, Avenge My Village, [6] Back to Billy, [43] Back to Booty Bay, [10] Back to Darnassus, [39] Badlands Reagent Run (Horde), [22] Bailor's Ore Shipment, [60] Band of Unending Life, [60] Bandages for the Field, Barbecued Buzzard Wings, [40] Baron's Demise, [60] Barov Family Fortune (Alliance), [60] Barov Family Fortune (Horde), Bartolo's Yeti Fur Cloak, [12] Bashal'aran, [13] Bashal'Aran - Part III, [13] Bashal'Aran - Part IV, Battle of Hillsbrad, [26] Battle of Hillsbrad, [28] Battle of Hillsbrad, [25] Battle of Hillsbrad, [26] Battle of Hillsbrad, [30] Battle of Hillsbrad, [29] Battle of the Gulch, [19] Battle of the Gulch, Beer Basted Boar Ribs, [33] Befouled by Satyr, [25] Betrayal from Within, Betrayal from Within - Part II, [53] Betrayed, [56] Betrayed - Part IV, [55] Beware of Pterrordax, [43] Big Game Hunter, [6] Bitter Rivals, [27] Blackfathom Villainy (Alliance), [36] Blackmoore's Legacy, [21] Blackrock Menace, [60] Blood of the Black Dragon Champion, [56] Blood Tinged Skies - Part 2?, [26] Bloodfury Bloodline, [41] Bloodscalp Clan Heads, [35] Bloodscalp Ears, [37] Bloody Bone Necklaces, Blueleaf Tubers - Part 2?, [44] Boat Wreckage, [10] Body and Heart, [10] Body and Heart - Part 2?, Bodyguard for Hire, [52] Bone-Bladed Weapons, [35] Bookie Herod, Border Crossings, [18] Boulderslide Ravine, [5] Bounty on Garrick Padfoot, [10] Bounty on Murlocs, Bracers of Binding, [60] Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter, [8] Break a Few Eggs, [5] Break Sharptusk! - Part 2?, [60] Breaking the Code, [42] Breaking the Keystone, Breaking the Ward, [5] Bring Back the Mug, [42] Bring the End, [42] Bring the Light, [50] Broken Alliances, [43] Broken Alliances, [52] Broodling Essence, [4] Brotherhood of Thieves, [35] Brutal Politics, [53] Bungle in the Jungle, [5] Burning Blade Medallion, [14] Buzzbox 323, Cache of Mau'ari, Call of Earth - (Orc/Troll Shaman), Call of Earth - Part II (Orc/Troll Shaman), Call of Earth - Part III (Orc/Troll Shaman), [23] Call of Water, Call of Water - Part 10?, [23] Call of Water - Part 4?, [23] Call of Water - Part 5?, [23] Call of Water - Part 7?, [40] Call to Arms, Call to Arms, [38] Call to Arms, [57] Camp Mojache, [60] Capture a Mine (Alliance), [56] Carrion Grubbage, [37] Catch of the Day, [45] Caught!, [17] Cave Mushrooms, Cenarion Battlegear, [31] Centaur Bounty, [31] Centaur Bounty - Part 2?, Champion's Battlegear, [24] Chen's Empty Keg, [50] Chillwind Point, [60] Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn, [35] Clam Bait, [45] Clamlette Surprise, Claws from the Deep, [54] Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood, Cleansing Felwood, Cleansing Felwood - Part 2?, [16] Cleansing of the Infected, [60] Cloak of the Unseen Path, [60] Cloak of Unending Life, [10] Cloth and Leather Armor, CLUCK!, [3] Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, [4] Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery - Part II, [7] Collecting Kelp, [18] Collecting Memories, [40] Colonel Kurzen, [52] Commander Gor'shak, [31] Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe, [37] Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe - Part 2?, [34] Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe - Part 3?, Components for the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe - Part 5?, [12] Conscript of the Horde, [1] Consecrated Letter (Paladin), [1] Consecrated Rune (Dwarven Paladin), [45] Consult Master Gadrin, [20] Consumed by Hatred, [37] Coolant Heads Prevail, [54] Corrupted Sabers, [51] Corruption of Earth and Seed, [51] Corruption of Earth and Seed, Cortello's Riddle, Costly Menace, [20] Counterattack!, Counting Out Time - Part 3?, [56] Counting Out Time - Part I, [40] Coyote Thieves - Part 2?, [44] Cracking Maury's Foot, Creature of the Void - (Undead Warlock), [12] Crossroads Conscription, [5] Crown of the Earth, Crown of the Earth, [5] Crown of the Earth, [36] Crushridge Bounty, [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk, [35] Crystal in the Mountains, [53] Crystals of Power, [45] Cuergo's Gold, [25] Culling the Threat, [49] Curse These Fat Fingers, [2] Cutting Teeth, [23] Cycle of Rebirth, [52] Da Voodoo, [14] Dalar's Analysis, [14] Dalaran's Intentions, Dalaron Patrols, [8] Dangers of the Windfury, Dark Council, Dark Heart, [52] Dark Iron Legacy, [52] Dark Iron Legacy, [12] Dark Storms, [60] Dead Man's Plea, [55] Deadwood of the North, [55] Deadwood Ritual Totem, Dearest Natalia, Death From Below, [11] Deaths in the Family, [25] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, [60] Decoy!, [17] Deep Ocean, Vast Sea, [20] Deepmoss Spider Eggs, [12] Deeprun Rat Roundup, [32] Defeat Nek'rosh, [55] Defenders of Darrowshire, [42] Deliver the Shipment, [24] Deliver the Thread - Part 2?, [10] Deliver Thomas' Report, [45] Deliver to MacKinley, [15] Delivering Daffodils, Delivering the Relic, [49] Delivery for Marin, [52] Delivery to Andron Gant, [52] Delivery to Archmage Xylem, [52] Delivery to Jes'rimon, [52] Delivery to Magatha, [10] Delivery to Silverpine Forest, [56] Demon Dogs - Part 2?, [5] Denalan's Earth, [10] Desperate Prayer, [21] Deviate Eradication, Discover Rolf's Fate - Part 2?, [56] Disharmony of Fire, [52] Disharmony of Flame, [12] Disrupt the Attacks, [48] Divine Retribution, [47] Divino-matic Rod, [60] Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, [5] Dolanaar Delivery, [6] Doom Weed, Doras the Wind Rider Master, [55] Dousing the Flames of Protection - Part 2?, Down the Scarlet Path - Part 4?, Draenethyst Crystals, [54] Dragonkin Menace, [55] Dragonscale Leatherworking, [52] Dreadmaul Rock, [36] Dream Dust in the Swamp - Part 2?, [42] Driftwood, [40] Drowned Sorrows, [10] Druid of the Claw, [15] Dry Times, [52] Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, [60] Dukes of the Council, [55] Dwarven Justice, [1] Dwarven Outfitters, [60] Earthen Templar, [12] Easy Strider Living, [60] Egg Freezing, [22] Egg Hunt, [21] Eight-Legged Menaces - Part 2?, Elemental War, [28] Elixir of Agony, [30] Elixir of Agony - Part IV, [15] Elmore's Task, [60] Elven Legends, Elven Legends, [60] Empty Stables, [59] En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, [16] Encroaching Gnolls, [10] Encroachment, [35] Encrusted Tail Fins, [1] Encrypted Letter, [1] Encrypted Scroll (Rogue), Enemy Booty - Part 2?, [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards, [59] Enraged Wildkin, [59] Enraged Wildkin - Part 4?, [30] Essential Artificials, [15] Excavation Progress Report, [38] Excelsior, [53] Expedition Salvation, [52] Extinguish the Firegut, [50] Fall From Grace, [25] Fall of Dun Modr, [60] Fallen Sky Lords (Horde), [56] Falling to Corruption, [32] Farren's Proof - Part 2?, [32] Farren's Proof - Part 3?, [37] Favor for Krazek, [47] Favored of Elune?, Feathermoon Stronghold, [54] Felbound Ancients, Feralas: A History, [60] Field Duty, [60] Field Duty, [7] Fields of Grief, [7] Fields of Grief - Part II, [49] Fiery Menace!, [56] FIFTY! YEP!, [15] Filthy Paws, [38] Find Agmond, Find Bingles, [48] Find OOX-09/HL!, [48] Find OOX-17/TN!, [45] Find OOX-22/FE!, [57] Find Ranshalla, [10] Find the Lost Guards, [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure, Finding the Source, [28] Fire Hardened Mail (Warrior), Fire Plume Forged - Part 2?, [10] Flight to Auberdine, [60] Flint Shadowmore, For Great Honor, [16] For Love Eternal, [48] Forging the Shaft, [9] Forsaken Duties, [40] Foul Magics - Part 3?, [56] Fragments of the Past - Part 3?, [57] Fragments of the Past - Part 4?, [29] Free at Last, Freed from the Hive, [44] Fresh Meat, From The Wreckage...., [9] Frostmane Hold, [37] Frostmaw, [48] Fuel for the Zapping, Fueling the War Effort, [15] Fungal Spores, Furlbrow's Deed, [10] Further Concerns, [21] Further Instructions, [46] Gadgetzan Water Survey, [48] Gahz'ridian, [50] Gahz'rilla, Galen's Escape, Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise, Gann's Reclamation, [4] Garments of the Light (Human Priest), [24] Gather Rot Blossoms, [18] Gathering Idols - Part 2?, [60] Gavel of Infinite Wisdom, [33] Gelkis Alliance - Part 3?, [60] Genesis Boots, [60] Genesis Helm, [60] Genesis Trousers, [60] Genesis Vest, [27] Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Get Me Out of Here!, Ghost-o-plasm Round Up, Ghoulish Effigy, Gizelton Caravan, [60] Glyph Chasing, [1] Glyphic Letter, Gnarlpine Corruption, [27] Gnogaine, [35] Gnome Improvement, Goblin Sponsorship - Part 5?, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part 6?, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part II, [37] Goblin Sponsorship - Part III, [33] Going, Going, Guano!, [36] Gol'dir, [7] Gold Dust Exchange, [8] Goldtooth, [5] Gordo's Task, [12] Goretusk Liver Pie, [4] Grape Manifest, [58] Grark Lorkrub, [8] Graverobbers, [42] Grim Message, [28] Grimtotem Spying, [11] Grove of the Ancients - Part 2?, Gryth Thurden, [59] Guardians of the Altar, [37] Guile of the Raptor, [30] Gyrodrillmatic Excavationators, [10] Halgar's Summons - (Warlock), [1] Hallowed Letter (Priest), [60] Hameya's Plea, [60] Hammer of the Gathering Storm, [34] Hammerfall, [16] Hamuul Runetotem, [38] Hand of Iruxos, [47] Handle With Care, [30] Hardened Shells, [2] Harlan Needs a Resupply - Part 2?, [26] Harpies Threaten, [16] Harpy Lieutenants, [37] Headhunting, Hearts of Zeal, [56] Heroes of Darrowshire, [12] Hidden Enemies, [12] Hidden Enemies, [16] Hidden Enemies, [16] Hidden Enemies, [59] High Chief Winterfall, [30] Highperch Venom, [15] Hilary's Necklace, [33] Hints of a New Plague?, [36] Hints of a New Plague? - Part 2?, [37] Hints of a New Plague? - Part 3?, [60] Hive'Regal Scout Report, Hoary Templar, Honor Students, Horde Trauma, [36] Hostile Takeover, Houses of the Holy, [14] How Big A Threat?, [14] How Big a Threat?, [25] Howling in the Hills, [30] Humbert's Sword, [15] Humble Beginnings, [34] Hunt for Yenniku, Hunting in Stranglethorn, [55] Hurley Blackbreath, [30] Hypercapacitor Gizmo, [43] Identifying the Brood, [60] Imperial Qiraji Armaments, [60] Imperial Qiraji Regalia, In Defense of Frostwolf, In Defense of the King's Lands, [15] In Defense of the King's Lands - Part II, [55] In Eranikus' Own Words, [4] In Favor of Darkness (Undead Priest), [60] In Search of Anthion, [47] In Search of Knowledge, In Search of Menara Voidrender, [24] In Search of Thaelrid, [24] In Search of The Excavation Team, [43] In Search of The Temple, [40] In the Name of the Light - Part 2?, [56] Incendius!, [49] Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It, [39] Indurium, [21] Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun, [31] Infiltrating the Castle, [34] Infiltration, [51] Into the Depths, Into the Field, [60] Into The Maw of Madness, [42] Into The Scarlet Monastery, [50] Into The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, Invaders of Alterac, [3] Investigate Echo Ridge, [32] Investigate the Camp, [37] Ironband Wants You!, Ironband's Compound, [18] Ironband's Excavation, Isha Awak, [19] Ishamuhale, [52] It's a Secret to Everybody, [56] It's Dangerous to Go Alone, [4] Iverron's Antidote - Part 3?, [58] Jail Break!, [53] Jammal'an the Prophet, [52] Jes'rimon's Payment to Jediga, Jin'Zil's Forest Magic - Part 2?, Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village, [18] Jorn Skyseer, [10] Journey Into Thunder Bluff, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, [18] Journey to Tarren Mill, [12] Journey to the Crossroads - Part 2?, [38] Journey to the Marsh, Ju-Ju Heaps, [60] Judgment and Redemption, [24] Juice Delivery - Part 2?, [33] Jungle Secrets, [29] Kayneth Stillwind, [42] Keep An Eye Out, [35] Khan Dez'hepah, [42] Khan Hratha - Part 2?, [37] Khan Jehn, [59] Kibler's Exotic Pets, [18] Kill Grundig Darkcloud, KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves, [54] KILL ON SIGHT: High Ranking Dark Iron Officials, [26] King of the Foulweald - Part 2?, [57] Kitchen Assistance, [35] Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil, [2] Kobold Camp Cleanup, [7] Kobold Candles, [34] Kodo Roundup, [60] Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, [40] Lack of Surplus, [35] Land Ho!, Lazy Peons, Leaders of the Fang, [46] Ledger from Tanaris, [49] Legends of Maraudon, Lessons Anew, Lethtendris's Web, [57] Lethtendris's Web - Part 2?, [47] Lines of Communication, Little Pamela - Part 2?, [30] Load Lightening, [31] Look to an Old Friend, [42] Lord Aliden Perenolde - Part 3?, Lost But Not Forgotten, [20] Lost in Battle, [6] Lost Necklace, Lost Thunderbrew Recipe, Lost!, Luck Be With You - Part 2?, [52] Magatha's Payment to Jediga, [25] Mage Summoner, [40] Mage's Wand, [37] Magical Analysis, [33] Magram Alliance - Part 2?, [27] Mahren Skyseer, Making Sense of It, [32] Malin's Request, [10] Manhunt, [60] Marauders of Darrowshire, [12] Margoz, [5] Marla's Last Wish, [54] Marshal Windsor, [52] Marvon's Workshop, [12] Me Brother, Nipsy, Meats to Orgrimmar, [30] Melor Sends Word, [10] Mennet Carkad, [19] Mercenaries, [45] Message in a Bottle, [51] Message in a Bottle, [25] Message to Freewind Post, [48] Message to the Wildhammer, [14] Messenger To Stormwind, [14] Messenger To Stormwind - Part II, [14] Messenger to Westfall, [14] Messenger To Westfall, [10] Michael Garrett, [4] Milly Osworth, [4] Milly's Harvest, [18] Miner's Fortune, [9] Minshina's Skull, [10] Mirror Lake (Mage), [24] Mission: Possible But Not Probable, [44] Mok'thardin's Enchantment, [41] Mok'Thardin's Enchantment, [41] Mok'Thardin's Enchantment, [38] Mok'Thardin's Enchantment, [57] Mold Rhymes With..., [10] Moonglade, [44] More Wastewander Justice, [35] Morgan Ladimore, [38] Morgan Stern, [50] Morrowgrain Research - Part II, [60] Mother's Milk , [15] Mountaineer Stormpike's Task, [38] Mudrock Soup and Bugs - Part 2?, [52] Muigin and Larion, Mura Runetotem, [42] Murdaloc, Muren Stormpike, [56] Mystery Goo, Naga at the Zoram Strand, Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme, Natural Defenses, Natural Materials, [41] Necklace Recovery, Neeka Bloodscar, [12] Neeru Fireblade, [31] Nek'rosh's Gambit, [25] New Life - Part 2?, [4] Night Web's Hollow, Noggle's Last Hope, [58] Noggle's Lost Satchel, Northfold Manor, [6] Note to William, [42] Nothing But The Truth - Part 2?, [42] Nothing But The Truth - Part 3?, [47] Noxious Lair Investigation, [9] Oakenscowl, [57] Of Forgotten Memories, [58] Of Lost Honor, [53] Ogre Head On A Stick = Party, [30] Ogre Thieves, [20] Oh Brother. . ., [21] On Guard in Stonetalon, [21] On Guard In Stonetalon - Part II, [37] Ongeku, Only One May Rise, [59] Operative Bijou, [29] Ordanus, [60] Order Must Be Restored, [24] Ormer's Revenge, [29] Ormer's Revenge - Part II, [36] Other Fish to Fry, [43] Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern, [52] Overmaster Pyron, [25] Pacify the Centaur, [2] Package for Thurman, [55] Pamela's Doll, [60] Paragons of Power: The Vindicator's Armguards, [60] Paragons of Power: The Vindicator's Belt, [60] Paragons of Power: The Vindicator's Breastplate, [36] Parts for Kravel, [14] Patrolling Westfall, Pearl Diving, [57] Petty Squabbles, [6] Pie For Billy, [3] Piercing the Veil, [45] Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Plagued Hatchlings, [14] Plagued Lands, [12] Plainstrider Menace, [12] Planting the Heart, [5] Poison Water, Pool of Tears, [14] Poor Old Blanchy, Portals of the Legion, Portents of Uldum (Alliance), [15] Powder To Ironband, [36] Power Stones, [8] Practical Prey, [11] Preparation for Ceremony, [21] Pridewings of Stonetalon, [9] Princess Must Die!, [7] Proof of Demise, Protect the Frontier, Protecting the Herd, [15] Protecting the Shipment, [60] Proving Grounds - Part 2?, [15] Prowlers of the Barrens, [44] Psychometric Reading, [59] Put Her Down, [55] Rabine Saturna, Race for Resources, Raene's Cleansing, [28] Raene's Cleansing - Part 10?, [28] Raene's Cleansing - Part 9?, [28] Raene's Cleansing - Part V, [55] Ragnar Thunderbrew, [34] Raising Spirits, [34] Raising Spirits - Part 2?, [34] Raising Spirits - Part 3?, [36] Raptor Mastery, [41] Raptor Mastery, [43] Raptor Mastery, [34] Raptor Mastery, [13] Raptor Thieves, [11] Rat Catching, [3] Rattling the Rattlecages, [20] Raven Hill - Part 2?, Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. - Part 3?, [11] Rear Guard Patrol - Part 2?, [7] Recipe of the Kaldorei - Part 2?, [43] Reclaimed Treasures, [33] Reclaimers' Business in Desolace, [27] Reclaiming the Charred Vale, [15] Red Leather Bandanas, [9] Red Linen Goods, [17] Red Silk Bandanas, [18] Redridge Goulash, [55] Refuel for the Zapping, [52] Release Them, [7] Rellian Greenspyre, [28] Report to Captain Stoutfist, [5] Report to Goldshire, [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, [15] Report To Ironforge, [19] Report to Kadrak, [7] Report to Orgnil, [5] Report to Sen'jin Village, [10] Report to Thomas, [48] Rescue OOX-09/HL!, Rescue OOX-17/TN!, [24] Researching the Corruption - ?, [5] Rest and Relaxation, [15] Resupplying The Excavation, [57] Retribution of the Light, [8] Return to Bellowfiz, [10] Return to Brock, [60] Return to Chromie, [9] Return to Denalan, Return to Marleth, [10] Return to Podrig - Part 2?, [53] Return to the Bulwark, [55] Return to the Bulwark - Part 4?, [10] Return to the Crossroads., [9] Return to the Magistrate, [40] Return to the Marsh, [23] Return to Thunder Bluff, [52] Return to Tymor, [18] Return To Verner, [45] Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, Revenge of Gann, [26] Revenge of Gann - Part II, [53] Ribbly Screwspigot, [10] Ride to Ironforge, [10] Ride to Orgrimmar, [10] Ride to Thunder Bluff, [35] Rig Wars, [47] Rin'ji is Trapped!, Rin'ji's Secret - Part 2?, [60] Ring of Infinite Wisdom, [60] Ring of the Gathering Storm, [46] Rise of the Silithid, [10] Rite of Wisdom, [3] Rites of the Earthmother, [5] Rites of the Earthmother - Part II, [14] Rites of the Earthmother - Part III, [10] Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty, [10] Road to Salvation, [51] Roll the Bones, [16] Root Samples, [1] Rude Awakening, [36] Rumors for Kravel, [1] Rune-Inscribed Tablet (Shaman), [30] Salt Flat Venom, [14] Samophlange - Part I, [19] Samophlange Manual, [5] Sarkoth, [5] Sarkoth - Part II, [12] Sathrah's Sacrifice, Satyr Horns, [26] Save Techbot's Brain!, [53] Saving Sharpbeak, [5] Scalding Mornbrew Delivery, [45] Scarab Shells, Scaring Shaky, [3] Scavenging Deathknell, Sceptre of Light, [55] Scholomance (Horde), [60] Scythe of the Unseen Path, [22] Search for Incendicite, Secret Communication, [51] Secret of the Circle, [60] Secrets of the Qiraji, [55] Securing the Supply Lines, Seed of Life, [10] Seek out SI: 7, Seek Redemption!, [52] Seeking Spiritual Aid, [30] Seeking Strahad, [29] Seeking Wisdom, [21] Selling Fish, Senir's Observations, Senir's Observations - Part II, [50] Separation Anxiety, [18] Serpentbloom, [29] Shadow of the Past, [50] Shadoweaver, [20] Shadowguard, [42] Shadowshard Fragments (Alliance), Shadumbra's Head, Shard of an Infernal, [6] Sharing The Land, [30] Sharptalon's Claw, [10] Shimmer Stout, [45] Ship Schedules, [7] Shipment to Stormwind, [51] Shizzle's Flyer, [23] Shredding Machines, [60] Shroud of Infinite Wisdom, [37] Sigil of Strom, [60] Signet of the Unseen Path, [1] Simple Memorandum (Warrior), Simple Parchment, [10] Simple Subterfugin', [55] Sister Pamela, [57] Skeletal Fragments (Alliance), Skeletal Fragments (Horde), [5] Skirmish at Echo Ridge, [48] Skulk Rock Clean-up - Part 2?, Skull Rock, [42] Skullsplitter Tusks, [16] Slaying the Beast, [18] Smart Drinks, [60] Snakestone of the Shadow Huntress, [10] Snathc and Grab, [23] Solomon's Law, [40] Solution to Doom, Soothing Turtle Bisque, Soothing Turtle Bisque - Part 2?, Southsea Freebooters, [45] Southsea Shakedown, [38] Southshore, [55] Speak to Salfa, [10] Speak with Anastasia, [10] Speak with Coleman, [6] Speak with Gramma, [60] Speak with our Quartermaster, [10] Speak with Sevren, [15] Speak with Shoni, Speak with Un'thuwa, Speaking with Gan'zulah, Speaking with Nezzliok, [38] Special Forces, Spirit Totem, [47] Spiritual Unrest, [42] Split Bone Necklace, [49] Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient, Stalwart's Battlegear, [60] Stave of the Ancients, [52] Stealing Knowledge, [35] Stealing Supplies, [30] Steelsnap, [57] Stepping Up Security, [60] Stewvul, Ex-B.F.F., Sting of the Scorpid, [6] Stocking Jetsteam, Stolen Booty, [18] Stolen Silver - Part II, [45] Stoley's Debt, [23] Stonegear's Search, [60] Stormcaller's Diadem, [60] Stormcaller's Footguards, [60] Stormcaller's Hauberk, [60] Stormcaller's Leggings, [60] Stormcaller's Pauldrons, [57] Stormers and Rumblers, [15] Stormpike's Delivery, Stormpike's Order, [32] Stormwind Ho!, [10] Stout to Kadrell, [45] Stranglethorn Fever, [37] Stromgarde Badges, [42] Study of the Elements: Rock - Part 2?, Study of the Elements: Rock - Part 3?, [40] Sunken Treasure, [40] Sunken Treasure - Part II, [40] Sunken Treasure - Part III, [40] Sunken Treasure - Part V, [48] Suntara Stones, [54] Super Sticky, Supplies for Nethergarde, [14] Supplies for the Crossroads, Supplies to Private Thorsen, Supplies to Tannok, Supply and Demand, [33] Syndicate Assassins, [46] Tabetha's Task, [50] Tablet of the Seven, [1] Tainted Parchment, [1] Tainted Scroll (Undead Warlock), [60] Take Four Bases, Taking Back Silithus, [10] Tal the Wind Rider Master, Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), Taming the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), [55] Target: Dalson's Tears, [53] Target: Felstone Field, [58] Target: Gahrron's Withering, [60] Target: Hive'Ashi Sandstalkers, [55] Target: Writhing Haunt, [12] Tears of the Moon, [11] Teldrassil, [5] Tenaron's Summons, [30] Test of Endurance, [30] Test of Lore, [30] Test of Lore - Part 5?, [30] Test of Lore - Part 6?, Test of Lore - Part II, Test of Lore - Part III, [47] Testing the Vessel, Thalanaar Delivery, That's Asking A Lot, [4] Thazz'ril's Pick, [60] The Active Agent, The Admiral's Orders, The Admiral's Orders - Part II, The Alliance Needs Arthas' Tears!, [60] The Alliance Needs Copper Bars!, [60] The Alliance Needs Light Leather!, [60] The Alliance Needs Linen Bandages!, The Alliance Needs Purple Lotus!, The Alliance Needs Stranglekelp!, [60] The Alliance Needs Your Help!, [50] The Ancient Egg, [17] The Angry Scytheclaws, [56] The Annals of Darrowshire - Part 2?, The Archivist, [20] The Ashenvale Hunt, [2] The Balance of Nature - Part 3?, [3] The Balance of Nature - Part 4?, [10] The Barrens Oases, [50] The Basilisk's Bite, The Battle for Alterac, [35] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Alliance), [35] The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Horde), [60] The Battle of Darrowshire, The Binding - Felhunter (Horde Warlock), [10] The Binding - Voidwalker (Horde Warlock), [18] The Blackwood Corrupted, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [43] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, [3] The Boar Hunter, [26] The Book of Ur, The Borrower, [10] The Bounty of Teldrassil, The Brassbolts Brothers, [40] The Broken Sigil, [45] The Brood of Onyxia - Part III, [33] The Burning of Spirits, The Captain's Chest, The Champion of the Banshee Queen, The Chill of Death, [15] The Cliffspring River, [10] The Collector - Part 2?, [40] The Corrupter, [33] The Corrupter - Part 3?, The Corrupter - Part 4?, The Corrupter - Part 5?, The Corrupter - Part II, The Corruption Abroad, [60] The Crimson Courier, [39] The Crown of Will - Part II, [41] The Crown of Will - Part III, [2] The Damned, [60] The Darkmoon Faire, [60] The Darkreaver Menace, [27] The Day After, [13] The Deathstalkers, The Decisive Striker, [16] The Decrepit Ferry, [37] The Defense of Grom'gol, [36] The Defense of Grom'gol, [18] The Defias Brotherhood, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part II, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part III, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part IV, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part V, [18] The Defias Brotherhood - Part VI, [22] The Defias Brotherhood - VII, The Demon Seed, [59] The Deserter, [38] The Deserters, [15] The Disruption Ends, [29] The Doomed Fleet, The Dunemaul Compound, [60] The Eastern Plagues, [53] The Eastern Pylon, [60] The Ectoplasmic Distiller, [18] The Elder Crone, The Escape, [22] The Essence of Aku'Mai, [20] The Everstill Bridge - Part 2?, [12] The Fall of Ameth'Aran, [14] The Family and the Fishing Pole, [13] The Family Crypt, [7] The Fargodeep Mine, [59] The Fate of the Kingdom, [45] The Fate of Yenniku, [59] The Final Piece, [58] The Final Tablets, [48] The Flawless Flame, The Flesh Does Not Lie, [23] The Flying Machine Airport, [12] The Forgotten Heirloom, [13] The Forgotten Pools, [14] The Fragments Within, [49] The Giant Guardian, [56] The Good Stuff, [35] The Grand Betrayal, [60] The Graveyards of Alterac, The Great Fras Siabi, The Green Drake, [40] The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, [21] The Greenwarden, [7] The Grizzled Den, [20] The Guns of Northwatch, [32] The Hammer May Fall, [37] The Haunted Isle, [10] The Haunted Mills, [55] The Heart of the Mountain, [40] The Hidden Chamber, The Horde Needs Your Help!, [60] The Human, Ras Frostwhisper, The Hunt Begins, [10] The Hunter's Way, [40] The Infernal Orb, [60] The Isle of Dread!, [10] The Jasperlode Mine, [47] The Key to Freedom, [15] The Killing Fields, [44] The Knife Revealed, [32] The Kolkar of Desolace, [60] The Last Barov (Horde), The Legend of Stalvan - Part 14?, [28] The Legend of Stalvan - Part 15?, The Legend of Stalvan - Part IV, [35] The Legend of Stalvan - Part XIII, The Lich's Identity, [35] The Lost Caravan, The Lost Pages, The Lost Pilot, [35] The Lost Report, [40] The Lost Supplies, [16] The Lost Tools, [54] The Love Potion, [60] The Madness Within, The Manor, Ravenholdt, [46] The Mark of Quality (Alliance), [46] The Mark of Quality (Horde), [60] The Matron Protectorate, [55] The Mighty U'cha, [8] The Mills Overrun, [2] The Mindless Ones, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [31] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [28] The Missing Diplomat, [33] The Missing Diplomat, [30] The Missing Diplomat, The Missing Shipment, The Missing Shipment, [60] The Molten Core, [55] The New Frontier, [24] The Night Watch, [26] The Night Watch - Part II, [30] The Night Watch - Part III, [53] The Northern Pylon, [43] The Ogres of Feralas, [44] The Ogres of Feralas - Part II, [59] The Pack Mistress, [48] The Pariah's Instructions, [12] The People's Militia, [14] The People's Militia, [17] The People's Militia, [60] The Perfect Poison, [9] The Perfect Stout, [16] The Power to Destroy..., [18] The Price of Shoes, [37] The Princess Trapped, The Principal Source (Alliance Druid), [8] The Prodigal Lich, [47] The Prophecy of Mosh'aru, [11] The Public Servant, [40] The Real Threat, [14] The Red Crystal, The Red Messenger, [9] The Relics of Wakening, The Reports, The Restless Souls, The Rise of the Machines, [58] The Rise of the Machines - Part 3?, [8] The Road to Darnassus, The Ruins of Kel'Theril - Part 2?, [43] The Ruins of Solarsal, [25] The Sacred Flame, The Sacred Flame - Part II, [4] The Scarlet Crusade - Part 2?, [53] The Scent of Lar'korwi, [48] The Scrimshank Redemption, [25] The Shadowy Figure, [25] The Shadowy Search Continues, [41] The Shattered Necklace, [8] The Sleeping Druid, [54] The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan - Part 2?, The Sovereign Imperative, [45] The Spider God, [55] The Spirits of Southwind, The Spirits of Stonetalon, [16] The Stagnant Oasis, [44] The Star, the Hand and the Heart, [29] The Stockade Riots, [5] The Stolen Journal, [51] The Stone Circle, [37] The Stone of the Tides, [57] The Stones That Bind Us, [51] The Sunken Temple, [48] The Super Snapper FX, [55] The Swamp Talker, [50] The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, [21] The Test of Righteousness - Part 3?, [60] The Test of Skulls, Axtroz, The Thirsty Goblin, [25] The Tome of Valor, [25] The Tome of Valor, [25] The Totem of Infliction, [18] The Tower of Althalaxx, [28] The Tower of Althalaxx - Part 6?, [12] The Trogg Threat, [4] The Troll Cave, [60] The Twilight Lexicon, The Twilight Mystery, [52] The Videre Elixir, The Warsong Reports, [40] The Way of the Weaponsmith, [22] The Weaver, [53] The Western Pylon, [54] The Wildlife Suffers Too, [1] The Woodland Protector, [3] The Woodland Protector - Part 3?, [44] The Woodpaw Gnolls, [46] The Writhing Deep, The Zhevra, The Zoram Strand, [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages, [35] Theramore Spies, Thistleshrub Valley, Those Blasted Troggs!, Thunderbrew Lager, [8] Thunderhorn Cleansing, [7] Thunderhorn Totem, Thundris Windweaver, [8] Thwarting Kolkar Aggression, [46] Tiara of the Deep, [33] Tiger Mastery, [37] Tiger Mastery, [7] Timberling Seeds, [7] Timberling Sprouts - Part 2?, [48] Timbermaw Ally, [20] Time To Strike, [60] Tinkee Steamboil, [55] To Serve Kum'isha, Tome of the Cabal - Part III (Horde Warlock), [50] Tooga's Quest, Tools for Steelgrill, [12] Tools of the Highborne, [20] Tools of the Trade, [11] Tormus Deepforge, [10] Touch of Weakness - Part II, Towers and Bunkers, [56] Toxic Horrors, Training the Beast (Dwarf Hunter), [45] Tran'rek, Trelane's Defenses, [50] Tremors of the Earth, Triage, Troll Charm, [45] Troll Necklace Bounty, Troll Temper, [37] Trollbane, [22] Trouble in the Deeps, Trouble in Winterspring!, [56] Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril, True Believers, [60] Twilight Geolords, [47] Twisted Evils, [7] Twisted Hatred, [10] Ulag the Cleaver, [57] Umber, Archivist, [50] Un'Goro Soil - Part 2?, [56] Uncle Carlin, [45] Undamaged Venom Sac, [18] Underbelly Scales, [20] Underground Assault, [58] Unfinished Business - Part II, [60] Uniting the Shattered Amulet, [15] Until Death Do Us Part, [41] Up to Snuff, [60] Urok Doomhowl, [12] Ursal the Mauler, [56] Ursius of the Shardtooth, [33] Vahlarriel's Search, [7] Vanquish the Betrayers, [11] Vejrek, [50] Vengeance on the Northspring, [41] Venture Company Mining, [1] Verdant Note (Druid), [54] Verifying the Corruption, Verog the Dervish, [10] Veteran Uzzek, Veteran's Battlegear, [4] Vile Familiars, [15] Visit The Herbalist, [5] Vital Intelligence, [55] Volcanic Activity, [60] Volunteer's Battlegear, Voodoo Dues, [52] Voodoo Feathers, [33] Vorrel's Revenge, [50] Vulture's Vigor, [47] Vyletongue Corruption - Part 2?, [47] Vyletongue Corruption - Part 3?, [60] Vyral the Vile, [20] Vyrin's Revenge - Part II, [39] Wand over Fist, Wanted - Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands, [39] Wanted! Marez Cowl, [40] Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest, [11] Wanted: \"Hogger\", Wanted: Baron Longshore, [10] Wanted: Maggot Eye, [28] War Banners, [60] Warlord's Command, [14] Washed Ashore, [55] Wasteland, [37] Water Elementals, [44] Water Pouch Bounty, [26] Waters of Xavian, [52] Wavethrashing, [5] Webwood Egg, Welcome to the Jungle, [1] Welcome! (Orcs & Trolls), [54] Well of Corruption, [10] Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!, Westfall Stew, [13] Westfall Stew - Part II, [11] Wharfmaster Dizzywig, [36] Wharfmaster Dizzywig - Kravel's Task, What Comes Around..., [54] What Is Going On? - Part 2?, [50] What the Flux?, [60] What Tomorrow Brings, When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent, [50] Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog, [11] Wild Hearts, [10] Wildmane Cleansing, Williden's Journal, Willix the Importer, [29] Wind Rider, Winds in the Desert, [2] Wine Shop Advert, [58] Winterfall Activity, [56] Winterfall Firewater, [56] Winterfall Ritual Totem, [57] Winterfall Runners, [6] Winterhoof Cleansing, [2] Wolves Across The Border, Words of the High Chief, [31] Worgen in the Woods - Part III, [31] Worgen in the Woods - Part IV, [36] Worth Its Weight in Gold, [60] Wrath of the Blue Flight, [52] Xylem's Payment to Jediga, [6] Young Lovers, [1] Your Place In The World, [55] Zaeldarr the Outcast, [10] Zalazane, [48] Zapped Giants, [5] Zenn's Bidding, [21] Ziz Fizziks, [24] Zombie Juice

Updated Items: (1490)
Beastmaster's Cap, Beastmaster's Tunic, Black Amnesty, Blackguard, Bracelets of Royal Redemption, Chromatic Gauntlets, Circle of Flame, Circlet of Prophecy, Dark Edge of Insanity, Deathguard's Cloak, Defiler's Chain Pauldrons, Defiler's Leather Shoulders, Defiler's Lizardhide Shoulders, Defiler's Mail Pauldrons, Dreamscale Breastplate, Dryad's Wrist Bindings, Emberweave Leggings, Forest Stalker's Bracers, Gauntlets of the Shining Light, General's Dragonhide Boots, General's Dragonhide Gloves, General's Dragonhide Leggings, Genesis Shoulderpads, Gloves of the Redeemed Prophecy, Grand Marshal's Hand Cannon, Grand Marshal's Punisher, Grand Marshal's Sunderer, High Warlord's Left Claw, High Warlord's Pulverizer, High Warlord's Right Claw, High Warlord's Street Sweeper, Highlander's Epaulets, Ironbark Staff, Ironfoe, Malignant Footguards, Mindfang, Molten Belt, Ring of the Godslayer, Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight, Striker's Leggings, Thunderstrike, Wand of Qiraji Nobility, Warblade of the Hakkari, Warlord's Dragonhide Epaulets, Warlord's Dragonhide Hauberk, Warlord's Dragonhide Helmet, Windtalker's Wristguards, Abyssal Signet, Advisor's Gnarled Staff, Advisor's Ring, Barbaric Bracers, Barov Peasant Caller, Battle Healer's Cloak, Bloodvine Goggles, Bludgeon of the Grinning Dog, Bonespike Shoulder, Book: Gift of the Wild, Book: Gift of the Wild II, Boots of Ferocity, Boots of the Desert Protector, Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume II, Caretaker's Cape, Cenarion Reservist's Leggings, Cenarion Reservist's Legguards, Cenarion Reservist's Legplates, Cenarion Reservist's Pants, Chan's Imperial Robes, Codex: Prayer of Fortitude II, Corpseshroud, Corruption, Dark Iron Pulverizer, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Chain Greaves, Defiler's Cloth Boots, Defiler's Cloth Girdle, Defiler's Leather Boots, Defiler's Leather Girdle, Defiler's Lizardhide Boots, Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle, Defiler's Mail Girdle, Defiler's Mail Greaves, Defiler's Plate Girdle, Defiler's Plate Greaves, Defiler's Talisman, Digmaster 5000, Doomspike, Drakefang Butcher, Ebon Hilt of Marduk, Enamored Water Spirit, Enchanted Battlehammer, Expert Goldminer's Helmet, Fight Club, First Sergeant's Dragonhide Armguards, First Sergeant's Leather Armguards, First Sergeant's Mail Wristguards, First Sergeant's Plate Bracers, First Sergeant's Silk Cuffs, Flame Wrath, Force of Magma, Freezing Shard, Frostguard, Ginn-su Sword, Gloomshroud Armor, Green Dragonscale Leggings, Gri'lek's Carver, Gutwrencher, Hammer of Revitalization, Hands of the Exalted Herald, Heathen's Brand, Heavy Marauder Scimitar, Heavy Timbermaw Boots, Highlander's Cloth Boots, Highlander's Cloth Girdle, Highlander's Leather Girdle, Highlander's Lizardhide Boots, Highlander's Lizardhide Girdle, Highlander's Plate Girdle, Hotshot Pilot's Gloves, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Ironfeather Breastplate, Ironfeather Shoulders, Ironweave Mantle, Ironweave Pants, Legionnaire's Band, Legionnaire's Sword, Lorekeeper's Ring, Lorekeeper's Staff, Maelstrom's Tendril, Malown's Slam, Mar Alom's Grip, Martyr's Chain, Master Sergeant's Insignia, Mechbuilder's Overalls, Miniature Cannon Balls, Monstrous Glaive, Mooncloth Circlet, Necrology Robes, Necrotic Wand, Onyx Claymore, Outrider's Bow, Outrunner's Bow, Pattern: Living Leggings, Pendulum of Doom, Phase Blade, Plans: Darkrune Helm, Plans: Dawn's Edge, Plans: Frostguard, Prison Shank, Protector's Band, Protector's Sword, Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion, Royal Seal of Alexis, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Rune of Duty, Rune of Perfection, Ruthless Shiv, Scout's Blade, Scout's Medallion, Senior Sergeant's Insignia, Sentinel's Blade, Sentinel's Medallion, Sergeant Major's Chain Armguards, Sergeant Major's Dragonhide Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Leather Armsplints, Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards, Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Shovelphlange's Mining Axe, Soul Breaker, Spellshock Leggings, Spidersilk Boots, Staff of the Blessed Seer, Stone of the Earth, Stoneshatter, Stonevault Bonebreaker, Supercharger Battle Axe, Swiftdart Battleboots, Sword of Zeal, Talisman of Arathor, The Eye of Zuldazar, The Jackhammer, The Jaw Breaker, Three of Warlords, Tigule's Harpoon, Timbermaw Brawlers, Tome of Arcane Brilliance, Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector, Vision of Voodress, Zulian Ceremonial Staff, Agile Boots, Antiquated Cloak, Aurora Robe, Azure Moon Amice, Azure Silk Pants, Azure Silk Vest, Banshee's Touch, Barbaric Gloves, Barbaric Linen Vest, Basaltscale Armor, Bear Bracers, Bear Buckler, Beasthunter Dagger, Beastwalker Robe, Beerstained Gloves, Big Stick, Black Whelp Tunic, Blessed Claymore, Block Mallet, Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, Blue Linen Vest, Blue Overalls, Blurred Axe, Bonecracker, Bonegrinding Pestle, Boots of Zua'tec, Box of Souls, Branchclaw Gauntlets, Brashclaw's Chopper, Brashclaw's Skewer, Brightcloth Gloves, Brightcloth Robe, Brilliant Red Cloak, Brood Mother Carapace, Brown Linen Robe, Bruiser Club, Brutish Riverpaw Axe, Burrowing Shovel, Cloak of Blight, Coldridge Hammer, Conservator Helm, Cowl of Necromancy, Cragwood Maul, Cranial Thumper, Crustacean Boots, Dargol's Hauberk, Daring Dirk, Deadmines Cleaver, Defender Axe, Dense Shortbow, Dragonmaw Shortsword, Dreamer's Belt, Driftwood Club, Dwarf Captain's Sword, Ebonhold Gauntlets, Efflorescent Robe, Elunarian Sarong, Enamelled Broadsword, Enchanted South Seas Kelp, Enduring Belt, Executioner's Sword, Feral Blade, Fiery Cloak, Fine Longbow, Fine Shortbow, Fire Hardened Leggings, Fish Gutter, Foreman Vest, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Deflection, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Lesser Deflection, Formula: Enchant Chest - Lesser Mana, Formula: Enchant Chest - Minor Mana, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Lesser Shadow Resistance, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Minor Agility, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Minor Beastslayer, Frostmane Scepter, Frostsaber Gloves, Frostsaber Tunic, Gemstone of Bloodaxe, Gloves of Insight, Gloves of Kapelan, Gloves of Meditation, Gnarled Hermit's Staff, Gnoll Casting Gloves, Grave Scepter, Greater Adept's Robe, Guardian Buckler, Gutrender, Haggard's Axe, Haggard's Hammer, Haggard's Sword, Handstitched Linen Britches, Haunting Blade, Heavy Gnoll War Club, Heavy Quiver, Heavy Runed Cloak, Heavy Spiked Mace, Heavy Woolen Gloves, Heavy Woolen Pants, Heirloom Axe, Herb Pouch, Huge Stone Club, Indomitable Armguards, Indomitable Belt, Ironwood Maul, Jurassic Wristguards, Jutebraid Gloves, Kazon's Maul, Keeper's Gloves, Kezan's Taint, Khan's Chestpiece, Korg Bat, Kreeg's Mug, Large Ogre Chain Armor, Lavaplate Gauntlets, Lesser Magic Essence, Lesser Wizard's Robe, Libram of Tenacity, Loch Croc Hide Vest, Logistics Task Briefing X, Logsplitter, Long Crawler Limb, Lovingly Crafted Boomstick, Lucky Fishing Hat, Lunaris Bow, Lupine Axe, Mantis Boots, Manual: Strong Anti-Venom, Marauder Axe, Massive Longbow, Merciless Axe, Midnight Axe, Mighty Chain Pants, Mistscape Armor, Mistscape Robe, Mo'grosh Masher, Model 4711-FTZ Power Source, Mud Stained Boots, Night Watch Pantaloons, Ogre Pocket Knife, Onyx Shredder Plate, Orphic Bracers, Owl Bracers, Owl's Disk, Pale Leggings, Pattern: Big Voodoo Mask, Pattern: Crimson Silk Shoulders, Pattern: Fine Leather Boots, Pattern: Fine Leather Pants, Pattern: Frostsaber Gloves, Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers, Pattern: Green Woolen Bag, Pattern: Hands of Darkness, Pattern: Heavy Woolen Cloak, Pattern: Hillman's Belt, Pattern: Moonglow Vest, Pattern: Nightscape Shoulders, Pattern: Pilferer's Gloves, Pattern: Runic Leather Belt, Pattern: Stylish Green Shirt, Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor, Pearl-clasped Cloak, Pebble of Kajaro, Petrified Shinbone, Piercing Axe, Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer, Plans: Green Iron Shoulders, Plans: Heavy Mithril Helm, Plans: Iridescent Hammer, Plans: Mithril Spurs, Plans: Polished Steel Boots, Plans: Radiant Boots, Plans: Radiant Circlet, Plans: Silvered Bronze Breastplate, Plans: Silvered Bronze Leggings, Plans: Thorium Bracers, Protector Armguards, Protector Helm, Radiant Belt, Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power, Recipe: Greater Fire Protection Potion, Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire, Resilient Boots, Resilient Mantle, Riverpaw Mystic Staff, Rockslicer, Runed Mithril Hammer, Ryedol's Hammer, Sacrificial Robes, Sanguine Pauldrons, Scarecrow Trousers, Schematic: Dark Iron Bomb, Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite, Schematic: Moonsight Rifle, Schematic: Parachute Cloak, Schematic: Small Seaforium Charge, Scythe Axe, Seapost Girdle, Searing Golden Blade, Seraph's Strike, Shadowhide Battle Axe, Shadowhide Scalper, Sharptalon's Claw, Shining Armplates, Silksand Bracers, Silksand Legwraps, Smoldering Boots, Smoldering Gloves, Smoldering Robe, Solstice Robe, Spellforce Rod, Spirit of the Faerie Dragon, Stable Boots, Staff of Nobles, Stalking Pants, Stonecloth Boots, Stonecloth Gloves, Strength of Mugamba, Sturdy Recurve, Sylvan Shortbow, Symbolic Gauntlets, Symbolic Vambraces, Tactical Task Briefing III, Tok'kar's Murloc Basher, Tok'kar's Murloc Shanker, Tough Scorpid Breastplate, Umbral Mace, Umbral Sword, Ursa's Embrace, Venomshroud Vest, Warleader's Greaves, Well Oiled Cloak, Wendigo Collar, Whispering Vest, White Linen Robe, Wildwood Chain, Windchaser Handguards, Windchaser Robes, Windshear Leggings, Wise Man's Belt, Wolf Bracers, Woolen Boots, Zandalarian Shadow Talisman, 22 Pound Catfish, 40 Pound Grouper, 42 Pound Redgill, A Simple Compass, Accurate Slugs, Agamand Family Axe, Agamand Family Dagger, Agamand Family Mace, Agamand Family Sword, Ahanu's Leather Goods, Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies, Alterac Swiss, Ambassador Malcin's Head, Amulet of Spirits, Ancestral Bracers, Andron's Ledger, Ankh, Annals of Darrowshire, Anti-Venom, Aquadynamic Fish Attractor, Arathi Basin Enriched Ration, Arathi Basin Runecloth Bandage, Arcane Powder, Arcane Quickener, Ashwood Seed, Astor's Letter of Introduction, Atal'ai Stone Circle, Athrikus Narassin's Head, Augmented Chain Belt, Augmented Chain Boots, Augmented Chain Bracers, Augmented Chain Gloves, Augmented Chain Helm, Augmented Chain Leggings, Augmented Chain Vest, Azure Feather, Azure Silk Hood, Balanced Throwing Dagger, Banded Buckler, Barbecued Buzzard Wing, Bastard Sword, Battered Leather Belt, Battered Leather Boots, Battered Leather Bracers, Battered Leather Gloves, Battered Leather Harness, Battered Leather Pants, Battle Axe, Battle Staff, Beaded Cuffs, Bean Soup, Bearded Axe, Beautiful Wildflowers, Beer Basted Boar Ribs, BKP 2700 "Enforcer", BKP 42 "Ultra", Black Dye, Black Kingsnake, Black Rose, Blackbone Wand, Blacksmith Hammer, Blank Parchment, Bleach, Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, Blood Red Key, Blood Sausage, Bloodbelly Fish, Bloodfury Ripper's Remains, Bloodstained Knife, Blue Dye, Blue Linen Shirt, Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Bog Boots, Boiled Clams, Bolt Charged Bramble, Bolt of Silk Cloth, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Bottle of Moonshine, Bottle of Pinot Noir, Bouquet of Black Roses, Bouquet of White Roses, Brigandine Belt, Brigandine Boots, Brigandine Bracers, Brigandine Gloves, Brigandine Helm, Brigandine Leggings, Brigandine Vest, Bright Baubles, Brilliant Smallfish, Bristle Whisker Catfish, Bristleback Attack Plans, Broad Axe, Broadsword, Bronze Feather, Bronze Framework, Bronze Tube, Broodling Essence, Brown Leather Satchel, Brown Linen Pants, Brown Snake, Bruiseweed, Bullova, Bundle of Furs, Bundle of Hides, Burning Robes, Burning Wand, Cabbage Kimchi, Cache of Zanzil's Altered Mixture, Cadet's Bow, Calor's Note, Captain Sander's Booty Bag, Captain Sander's Treasure Map, Carved Stone Urn, Cask of Merlot, Cat Carrier (White Kitten), Ceremonial Tomahawk, Chainmail Armor, Chainmail Belt, Chainmail Boots, Chainmail Bracers, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Pants, Charred Wolf Meat, Cherry Grog, Chicken Egg, Chilled Basilisk Haunch, Chillwind Meat, Chimera Leather, Chromatic Robe, Claymore, Cleaver, Cleverly Encrypted Letter, Cloth Request, Club, Coal, Coarse Blasting Powder, Coarse Thread, Cockroach, Combustible Wand, Common Brown Shirt, Common Gray Shirt, Common White Shirt, Consecrated Letter, Cooked Crab Claw, Cooked Glossy Mightfish, Copper Bracers, Copper Chain Pants, Copper Modulator, Copper Rod, Copper Tube, Corrupt Manifestation's Bracers, Cortello's Riddle, Cougar Claws, Coyote Steak, Crab Cake, Crate of Grimtotem Horns, Crescent Axe, Crested Heater Shield, Crimson Snake, Crocolisk Gumbo, Crude Throwing Axe, Crudely-written Log, Crystal Vial, Crystallized Note, Cudgel, Cuirboulli Belt, Cuirboulli Boots, Cuirboulli Bracers, Cuirboulli Gloves, Cuirboulli Pants, Cuirboulli Vest, Cured Ham Steak, Cured Leather Armor, Cured Leather Belt, Cured Leather Boots, Cured Leather Bracers, Cured Leather Gloves, Cured Leather Pants, Curiously Tasty Omelet, Cutlass, Dacian Falx, Dalaran Sharp, Dark Iron Ale Mug, Darkreaver's Head, Darnassian Bleu, Darnassus Kimchi Pie, Dartol's Rod of Transformation, Deadly Scope, Deadly Throwing Axe, Deathstalker Shortsword, Deathweed, Decoded Twilight Text, Decrypted Letter, Deep Fried Plantains, Defiler's Enriched Ration, Defiler's Field Ration, Defiler's Iron Ration, Defiler's Mageweave Bandage, Defiler's Runecloth Bandage, Defiler's Silk Bandage, Delicious Cave Mold, Delivery to Mathias, Demonic Figurine, Dirk, Dirt-stained Map, Dirty Leather Belt, Dirty Leather Boots, Dirty Leather Bracers, Dirty Leather Gloves, Dirty Leather Pants, Dirty Leather Vest, Divined Scroll, Double Axe, Double-stitched Robes, Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders, Draco-Incarcinatrix 900, Dried King Bolete, Dry Pork Ribs, Dusk Wand, Dust of Decay, Dust of Deterioration, Dwarven Mild, Earth Totem, Earthroot, Egalin's Grimoire, Elder Crocolisk Skin, Elemental Flux, Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Firepower, Elixir of Giants, Elixir of Greater Agility, Elixir of Greater Defense, Elixir of Greater Water Breathing, Elixir of Lion's Strength, Elixir of Minor Defense, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Elixir of the Mongoose, Elixir of the Sages, Elixir of Water Breathing, Elixir of Wisdom, Elven Gems, Embroidered Armor, Embroidered Belt, Embroidered Boots, Embroidered Bracers, Embroidered Gloves, Embroidered Hat, Embroidered Pants, Empty Vial, Encrypted Letter, Engineer's Ink, Enriched Manna Biscuit, Espadon, Essence of Agony, Essence of Nightlash, Essence of Pain, Executioner's Key, Expert Cookbook, Ez-Thro Dynamite II, Falchion, Felstalker Hoof, Feralas Ahi, Field Testing Kit, Filled Flasket, Filled Soul Gem, Fine Aged Cheddar, Fine Light Crossbow, Fine Thread, Fingerless Gloves, Fire Oil, Fishing Pole, Flagon of Mead, Flail, Flamberge, Flash Bundle, Flash Powder, Flask of Mystery Goo, Flask of Port, Flatland Prowler Claw, Flayed Demon Skin, Flint and Tinder, Followup Logistics Assignment, Forest Mushroom Cap, Forked Mudrock Tongue, Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Healing, Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration, Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense, Formula: Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina, Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil, Formula: Minor Mana Oil, Formula: Minor Wizard Oil, Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom, Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod, Francisca, Free Action Potion, Freshly Baked Bread, Frost Oil, Frostmane Chain Vest, Frostmane Club, Frostmane Hand Axe, Frostmane Staff, Frostsaber Leather, Frostwhisper's Embalming Fluid, Gahz'ridian Ornament, Gallywix's Head, Gan'zulah's Head, Gem of the First Kahn, Gem of the Second Kahn, Gem of the Third Kahn, Gerenzo's Mechanical Arm, Giant Mace, Gladius, Gleaming Throwing Axe, Glommus's Head, Gloom Wand, Gnarled Staff, Gnoam Sprecklesprocket, Gnoll Kindred Bracers, Goblin Deviled Clams, Goblin Rumors, Goldenbark Apple, Gooey Spider Cake, Gordon's Crate, Goretusk Liver Pie, Gramma Stonefield's Note, Gray Dye, Gray Fur Booties, Gray Woolen Shirt, Great Axe, Great Rage Potion, Greater Healing Potion, Greater Mana Potion, Green Dye, Green Linen Shirt, Grilled Squid, Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 1), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 2), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 3), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 4), Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 5), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 1), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 2), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 3), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 4), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 5), Grimoire of Consume Shadows (Rank 6), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 2), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 3), Grimoire of Devour Magic (Rank 4), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 1), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 2), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 3), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 4), Grimoire of Fire Shield (Rank 5), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 2), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 3), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 4), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 5), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 6), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 7), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 2), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 3), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 4), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 5), Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 6), Grimoire of Lesser Invisibility, Grimoire of Paranoia, Grimoire of Phase Shift, Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 1), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 2), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 3), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 4), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 5), Grimoire of Sacrifice (Rank 6), Grimoire of Seduction, Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 1), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 2), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 3), Grimoire of Soothing Kiss (Rank 4), Grimoire of Spell Lock (Rank 1), Grimoire of Spell Lock (Rank 2), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 1), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 2), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 3), Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 4), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 1), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 2), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 3), Grimoire of Tainted Blood (Rank 4), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 2), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 3), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 4), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 5), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 6), Guild Tabard, Gyrochronatom, Hallowed Brazier, Hallowed Scroll, Hallowed Sigil, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hatchet, Haunch of Meat, Head of Magus Rimtori, Head of Overseer Maltorius, Healing Potion, Heaven Peach, Heavy Brown Bag, Heavy Crossbow, Heavy Linen Bandage, Heavy Pavise, Heavy Recurve Bow, Heavy Runecloth Bandage, Heavy Shot, Heavy Silk Bandage, Heavy Silken Thread, Heavy Spear, Heavy Stock, Heavy Throwing Dagger, Heavy Weave Armor, Heavy Weave Belt, Heavy Weave Bracers, Heavy Weave Gloves, Heavy Weave Pants, Heavy Weave Shoes, Heavy Wool Bandage, Herb Baked Egg, Hildelve's Journal, Holy Candle, Homemade Cherry Pie, Hornbeam Seed, Hornwood Recurve Bow, Hot Smoked Bass, Hot Spices, Hot Wolf Ribs, Huge Brown Sack, Humbert's Sword, Hunter's Boomstick, Ice Cold Milk, Ice-covered Bracers, Imbued Vial, Imprisoned Felhound Spirit, Incendicite Ore, Infernal Stone, Insect Analysis Report, Invisibility Liquor, Iron Pommel, Ironwood Seed, Jagged Arrow, Jambiya, Johaan's Findings, Johaan's Special Drink, Jordan's Ore Shipment, Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment, Jug of Bourbon, Jungle Stew, Keen Machete, Keen Throwing Knife, Kingsblood, Kite Shield, Knitted Belt, Knitted Bracers, Knitted Gloves, Knitted Pants, Knitted Sandals, Knitted Tunic, Kodo Kombobulator, Kris, Kron's Amulet, Laminated Recurve Bow, Large Axe, Large Bore Blunderbuss, Large Club, Large Metal Shield, Large Wooden Shield, Leaded Vial, Lean Venison, Legacy of the Aspects, Lesser Healing Potion, Lesser Mana Potion, Lethargy Root, Lieutenant's Insignia, Light Chain Armor, Light Chain Belt, Light Chain Boots, Light Chain Bracers, Light Chain Gloves, Light Chain Leggings, Light Crossbow, Light Magesmith Robe, Light Mail Armor, Light Mail Belt, Light Mail Boots, Light Mail Bracers, Light Mail Gloves, Light Mail Leggings, Light Quiver, Light Shot, Lightning Gland, Linen Bag, Linen Bandage, Linen Belt, Linen Boots, Loch Frenzy Delight, Logistics Assignment, Long Staff, Longjaw Mud Snapper, Longsword, Lumberjack Jerkin, Mace, MacKreel's Moonshine, Mageroyal, Mageweave Bandage, Magic Candle, Magic Resistance Potion, Maiden's Folly Charts, Maiden's Folly Log, Main Gauche, Major Healing Potion, Major Mana Potion, Mana Potion, Maple Seed, Marshal McBride's Documents, Marshal Windsor's Lost Information, Masterwork Target Dummy, Maul, Maury's Key, Maybell's Love Letter, Medium Quiver, Melon Juice, Message in a Bottle, Metal Buckler, Mightfish Steak, Mighty Troll's Blood Potion, Mild Spices, Military Ranks of the Horde & Alliance, Mind's Eye, Mining Pick, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Minor Rejuvenation Potion, Misty Reed Mahi Mahi, Moist Cornbread, Mok'Morokk's Grog, Mok'Morokk's Snuff, Mok'Morokk's Strongbox, Monster Omelet, Moon Harvest Pumpkin, Moonberry Juice, Morning Glory Dew, Morning Star, Mountaineer Chestpiece, Muckrake's Head, Mulgore Spice Bread, Murgut's Totem, Murloc Fin Soup, Mutton Chop, Nagmara's Filled Vial, Neeru's Herb Pouch, Nezzliok's Head, Nightcrawlers, Noosegrip Gauntlets, Oil of Immolation, Ol' Sooty's Head, Onin's Report, Orange Dye, Ornate Blunderbuss, Ornate Buckler, Package for Stormpike, Padded Armor, Padded Belt, Padded Boots, Padded Bracers, Padded Gloves, Padded Pants, Pagan Mantle, Pattern: Argent Boots, Pattern: Argent Shoulders, Pattern: Azure Silk Gloves, Pattern: Barbaric Bracers, Pattern: Barbaric Leggings, Pattern: Black Dragonscale Breastplate, Pattern: Black Whelp Tunic, Pattern: Blue Linen Robe, Pattern: Blue Linen Vest, Pattern: Blue Overalls, Pattern: Crimson Silk Cloak, Pattern: Dawn Treaders, Pattern: Deviate Scale Cloak, Pattern: Devilsaur Gauntlets, Pattern: Enchanted Mageweave Pouch, Pattern: Felcloth Pants, Pattern: Gem-studded Leather Belt, Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn, Pattern: Greater Adept's Robe, Pattern: Green Dragonscale Breastplate, Pattern: Green Leather Armor, Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball, Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Pattern: Murloc Scale Belt, Pattern: Murloc Scale Breastplate, Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt, Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt, Pattern: Red Linen Bag, Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves, Pattern: Red Woolen Bag, Pattern: Runecloth Boots, Pattern: Runic Leather Headband, Pattern: Stormshroud Pants, Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves, Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket, Pattern: Tuxedo Pants, Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt, Pattern: White Wedding Dress, Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets, Peacebloom, Pestilent Wand, Pink Dye, Pitchwood Wand, Pitted Defias Shortsword, Plain Robe, Plans: Girdle of the Dawn, Plans: Gloves of the Dawn, Plans: Hardened Iron Shortsword, Plans: Light Obsidian Belt, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Plans: Solid Iron Maul, Platemail Armor, Platemail Belt, Platemail Boots, Platemail Bracers, Platemail Gloves, Platemail Helm, Platemail Leggings, Podrig's Order, Polished Scale Belt, Polished Scale Boots, Polished Scale Bracers, Polished Scale Gloves, Polished Scale Leggings, Polished Scale Vest, Poniard, Pork Belly Pie, Powerful Seaforium Charge, Practice Sword, Prairie Alpha Tooth, Primitive Bow, Primitive Mantle, Private's Tabard, Purification Potion, Purified Moonwell Water, Purple Dye, Putrid Wooden Hammer, Quarter Staff, Quinn's Potion, Radish Kimchi, Ran Bloodtooth's Skull, Raptor Talon Amulet, Raw Black Truffle, Razor Arrow, Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing, Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish, Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish, Recipe: Carrion Surprise, Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing, Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail, Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet, Recipe: Dragonbreath Chili, Recipe: Elixir of Ogre's Strength, Recipe: Elixir of Poison Resistance, Recipe: Elixir of Superior Defense, Recipe: Fillet of Frenzy, Recipe: Free Action Potion, Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake, Recipe: Great Rage Potion, Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, Recipe: Holy Protection Potion, Recipe: Hot Wolf Ribs, Recipe: Jungle Stew, Recipe: Lean Venison, Recipe: Lean Wolf Steak, Recipe: Lobster Stew, Recipe: Loch Frenzy Delight, Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper, Recipe: Mithril Head Trout, Recipe: Monster Omelet, Recipe: Mystery Stew, Recipe: Nature Protection Potion, Recipe: Philosopher's Stone, Recipe: Rage Potion, Recipe: Rainbow Fin Albacore, Recipe: Roast Raptor, Recipe: Rockscale Cod, Recipe: Sagefish Delight, Recipe: Shadow Oil, Recipe: Slitherskin Mackerel, Recipe: Smoked Bear Meat, Recipe: Smoked Sagefish, Recipe: Spiced Chili Crab, Recipe: Strider Stew, Recipe: Superior Mana Potion, Recipe: Tender Wolf Steak, Reconstructed Rod, Recruit's Boots, Recruit's Shirt, Recruitment Letter, Red Dye, Red Fireworks Rocket, Red Leather Bag, Red Leather Bandana, Red Linen Shirt, Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Red Rose, Red Sparkler, Red Traditional Hanbok, Red Woolen Bag, Red-speckled Mushroom, Redridge Goulash, Refreshing Spring Water, Reinforced Bow, Reinforced Leather Belt, Reinforced Leather Boots, Reinforced Leather Bracers, Reinforced Leather Cap, Reinforced Leather Gloves, Reinforced Leather Pants, Reinforced Leather Vest, Reinforced Linen Cape, Reinforced Targe, Remains of Trey Lightforge, Rendered Spores, Rhapsody Malt, Ringed Buckler, Rituals..., Roast Raptor, Roasted Boar Meat, Roasted Quail, Robe of Apprenticeship, Rock Chipper, Rock Hammer, Rockscale Cod, Rodentia Shortsword, Rolf and Malakai's Medallions, Rondel, Rough Arrow, Rough Blasting Powder, Rough Copper Vest, Rough Leather Belt, Rough Leather Boots, Rough Leather Bracers, Rough Leather Gloves, Rough Leather Pants, Rough Leather Vest, Round Buckler, Royal Frostmane Girdle, Rune of Portals, Rune of Teleportation, Rune Thread, Runn Tum Tuber Surprise, Russet Belt, Russet Boots, Russet Bracers, Russet Gloves, Russet Hat, Russet Pants, Russet Vest, Rusted Chain Belt, Rusted Chain Boots, Rusted Chain Bracers, Rusted Chain Gloves, Rusted Chain Leggings, Rusted Chain Vest, Sacred Candle, Sagefish Delight, Salt, Sample Elven Gem, Sar'theris Striker, Sauteed Sunfish, Savage Coast Blue Sailfin, Scalemail Belt, Scalemail Boots, Scalemail Bracers, Scalemail Gloves, Scalemail Pants, Scalemail Vest, Scarlet Initiate Robes, Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote, Schematic: Lovingly Crafted Boomstick, Schematic: Minor Recombobulator, Schematic: Red Firework, Schematic: Thorium Grenade, Schematic: Thorium Widget, Scimitar, Scout's Tabard, Scrap Metal, Scroll of Agility, Scroll of Agility II, Scroll of Intellect, Scroll of Intellect II, Scroll of Protection, Scroll of Protection II, Scroll of Protection III, Scroll of Spirit, Scroll of Spirit II, Scroll of Spirit III, Scroll of Stamina, Scroll of Stamina II, Scroll of Strength, Scroll of Strength II, Searing Heart, Searing Tongue, Sevren's Orders, Shadow Hunter Knife, Shadow Oil, Shadowstalker Scalp, Shardtooth Meat, Sharp Arrow, Sharp Throwing Axe, Shimmering Silk Robes, Shindrell's Note, Shiny Bauble, Shiny Red Apple, Shipment to Nethergarde, Short Sabre, Short Spear, Short Staff, Shortsword, Shredder Operating Manual - Page 1, Shredder Operating Manual - Page 12, Siege Brigade Vest, Signed Recruitment Letter, Silk Bandage, Silken Thread, Silver Contact, Silver Dress Robes, Silverleaf, Simple Wildflowers, Simple Wood, Skin of Dwarven Stout, Skin of Sweet Rum, Skinning Knife, Slab of Carrion Worm Meat, Slitherskin Mackerel, Small Brown Pouch, Small Green Dagger, Small Locked Chest, Small Quiver, Small Shot Pouch, Small Silk Pack, Small Throwing Knife, Small Wooden Hammer, Smoked Sagefish, Smoldering Wand, Snapvine Watermelon, Soft Banana Bread, Solid Blunderbuss, Solid Shot, Soothing Spices, Soothing Turtle Bisque, Speck of Dream Dust, Spiced Wolf Meat, Spider Sausage, Spiked Wooden Plank, Spinefin Halibut, Spire Spider Egg, Spirit of Silverpine Charts, Spongy Morel, Spotted Yellowtail, Squire's Shirt, Star Wood, Steamed Mandu, Stiletto, Stone Gnoll Hammer, Stonesplinter Blade, Stormpike's Request, Stormwind Armor Marker, Stormwind Brie, Stormwind Seasoning Herbs, Strange Dust, Stranglethorn Seed, Strider Stew, Striking Hatchet, Striped Yellowtail, Strong Fishing Pole, Strong Flux, Strong Troll's Blood Potion, Studded Belt, Studded Boots, Studded Bracers, Studded Doublet, Studded Gloves, Studded Hat, Studded Pants, Sturdy Locked Chest, Stylish Red Shirt, Succulent Pork Ribs, Sundried Driftwood, Superior Healing Draught, Superior Healing Potion, Superior Mana Draught, Superior Mana Potion, Supply Crate, Sweet Nectar, Swim Speed Potion, Symbol of Divinity, Symbol of Kings, Tabar, Tainted Heart, Tainted Parchment, Tainted Scroll, Tanned Leather Belt, Tanned Leather Boots, Tanned Leather Bracers, Tanned Leather Gloves, Tanned Leather Jerkin, Tanned Leather Pants, Taragaman the Hungerer's Heart, Taretha's Necklace, Targ's Head, Tarnished Bastard Sword, Tasty Lion Steak, Tattered Cloth Belt, Tattered Cloth Boots, Tattered Cloth Bracers, Tattered Cloth Gloves, Tattered Cloth Pants, Tattered Cloth Vest, Tear of the Moons, Tel'Abim Banana, Tender Wolf Steak, The Book of Ur, The Collector's Schedule, The Deed to Brill, The Deed to Caer Darrow, The Deed to Southshore, The Deed to Tarren Mill, Theradric Crystal Carving, Thick Cloth Belt, Thick Cloth Bracers, Thick Cloth Gloves, Thick Cloth Pants, Thick Cloth Shoes, Thick Cloth Vest, Thicket Hammer, Thieves' Tools, Thin Kodo Leather, Thorium Tube, Thresher Eye, Thug Boots, Thug Shirt, Thunder Ale, Thurman's Letter, Tomahawk, Torn Murloc Fin, Tough Hunk of Bread, Tough Jerky, Trogg Dagger, Trogg Hand Axe, Troll Charm, Truncheon, Two-handed Sword, Umbral Ore, Undamaged Venom Sac, Unprepared Sawtooth Flank, Vejrek's Head, Verdant Note, Versicolor Treat, Vile Familiar Head, Vile Fin Oracle Staff, Violet Robes, Walking Stick, Wall Shield, War Hammer, War Maul, War Staff, War Torn Girdle, Warsong Gulch Iron Ration, Warsong Gulch Mageweave Bandage, Water Sapta, Water Totem, Wavethrasher Scales, Weak Flux, Weak Troll's Blood Potion, Webbed Pants, Weighted Throwing Axe, Welldrip Gloves, Westfall Stew, White Leather Bag, White Ravasaur Claw, White Wolf Gloves, Whittling Knife, Wicked Throwing Dagger, Wild Berries, Wild Hog Shank, Wild Ricecake, Wild Steelbloom, Wild Thornroot, Wildkin Muisek, Wildkin Muisek Vessel, Wildvine Potion, Witherbark Totem Stick, Wooden Mallet, Wooden Stock, Woodpaw Gnoll Mane, Worn Heater Shield, Worn Shortbow, Woven Belt, Woven Boots, Woven Bracers, Woven Gloves, Woven Pants, Woven Vest, Yellow Dye, Zamah's Note, Zweihander, A Gold Tooth, Acolyte's Robe, Apprentice's Robe, Boot Knife, Brittle Dragon Bone, Broken Spear, Buzzard Feather, Chew Toy, Crochet Belt, Crochet Bracers, Crochet Shoulderpads, Crochet Vest, Crude Battle Axe, Folded Handkerchief, Interlaced Belt, Interlaced Boots, Linked Chain Bracers, Meat Cleaver, Neophyte's Robe, Novice's Robe, Oaken War Staff, Overlinked Chain Shoulderpads, Piece of Coral, Primitive Kilt, Recruit's Pants, Reinforced Chain Bracers, Reinforced Chain Gloves, Reinforced Chain Pants, Rock Maul, Runic Stone, Rusty Warhammer, Shiny Dirk, Squire's Pants, Stone Club, Stone War Axe, Thug Pants, Twill Belt, Warped Blade

Updated Mobs: (4712)
"Plucky" Johnson, "Pretty Boy" Duncan, "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, "Shaky" Phillipe, "Squealer" Thornmantle, Aayndia Floralwind, Abercrombie, Abigail Sawyer, Abigail Shiel, Aboda, Abomination, Achellios the Banished, Acolyte Dellis, Adam, Adam Lind, Adder, Addled Leper, Adele Fielder, Adolescent Whelp, Adrian Bartlett, Adult Plainstrider, Aean Swiftriver, Aedis Brom, Aelthalyste, Aeolynn, Affray Spectator, Ag'tor Bloodfist, Agam'ar, Agent Kearnen, Aggem Thorncurse, Ahanu, Ainethil, Ak'Zeloth, Aku'mai Servant, Aku'mai Snapjaw, Al'tabim the All-Seeing, Alaindia, Alanndarian Nightsong, Alassin, Alchemist Arbington, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Aldren Cordon, Aldric Moore, Alegorn, Alessandro Luca, Alexandra Bolero, Alexandra Constantine, Alexandre Lefevre, Alexia Ironknife, Algernon, Alliance Brigadier General, Alliance Sentinel, Alliance Spirit Guide, Allyndia, Alma Jainrose, Altsoba Ragetotem, Alyssa Blaye, Alyssa Eva, Alyssa Griffith, Ambassador Berrybuck, Ambereye Basilisk, Ambereye Reaver, Ambershard Crusher, Ambershard Destroyer, Amnennar the Coldbringer, Amy Davenport, Ana'thek the Cruel, Anastasia Hartwell, Anaya Dawnrunner, Ancestral Spirit, Ancient Core Hound, Ancient Kodo, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War, Ancient Stone Keeper, Andi, Andre Firebeard, Andrea Boynton, Andrea Halloran, Andrew Brownell, Andrew Hartwell, Andrew Hilbert, Andrew Krighton, Androd Fadran, Andron Gant, Andruk, Anduin Wrynn, Angela Curthas, Angelas Moonbreeze, Angerclaw Bear, Angerclaw Grizzly, Angerclaw Mauler, Angrun, Anguished Dead, Anguished Highborne, Angus Stern, Ansekhwa, Antarius, Antonio Perelli, Antu'sul, Anvilrage Captain, Anvilrage Footman, Anvilrage Guardsman, Anvilrage Marshal, Anvilrage Medic, Anvilrage Officer, Anvilrage Overseer, Anvilrage Reservist, Anvilrage Soldier, Anvilrage Warden, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Dithers, Apothecary Faustin, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Johaan, Apothecary Jorell, Apothecary Katrina, Apothecary Lycanus, Apothecary Lydon, Apothecary Renferrel, Apothecary Vallia, Apothecary Zamah, Apothecary Zinge, Apprentice Kryten, Araj the Summoner, Aranae Venomblood, Arantir, Arcane Nullifier X-21, Arcanist Doan, Arcanist Nozzlespring, Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm, Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem, Arch Druid Renferal, Archaedas, Archaeologist Flagongut, Archbishop Benedictus, Archibald, Archibald Kava, Archivist Galford, Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, Archmage Arugal, Archmage Malin, Archmage Xylem, Argent Defender, Argent Guard, Argent Officer Garush, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Hasana, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Argent Rider, Argos Nightwhisper, Argus Shadow Mage, Arias'ta Bladesinger, Ariena Stormfeather, Ariyell Skyshadow, Arkkoran Clacker, Arkkoran Muckdweller, Arkkoran Oracle, Arkkoran Pincer, Armand Cromwell, Armored Scorpid, Arnok, Arnold Leland, Arthur Moore, Arthur the Faithful, Artilleryman Sheldonore, Arugal's Voidwalker, Ashenvale Bear, Ashenvale Outrunner, Ashenvale Sentinel, Ashlan Stonesmirk, Aska Mistrunner, Asoran, Aspect of Corruption, Aspect of Shadow, Astaia, Astarii Starseeker, Asterion, Astor Hadren, Astranaar Sentinel, Atal'ai Corpse Eater, Atal'ai Deathwalker, Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit, Atal'ai High Priest, Atal'ai Priest, Atal'ai Slave, Atal'ai Warrior, Atal'ai Witch Doctor, Atepa, Athramanis, Aturk the Anvil, Auberdine Sentinel, Auctioneer Beardo, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Cain, Auctioneer Cazarez, Auctioneer Chilton, Auctioneer Epitwee, Auctioneer Fitch, Auctioneer Golothas, Auctioneer Graves, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Gullem, Auctioneer Jaxon, Auctioneer Kresky, Auctioneer Leeka, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Naxxremis, Auctioneer O'reely, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Rhyker, Auctioneer Stampi, Auctioneer Stockton, Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Tolon, Auctioneer Tricket, Auctioneer Wabang, Auctioneer Yarly, Auld Stonespire, Aurel Goldleaf, Austil de Mon, Avarus Kharag, Avette Fellwood, Awenasa, Azshara Sentinel, Azuregos, Azurous, Bael'dun Appraiser, Bael'dun Digger, Bael'dun Excavator, Bael'dun Foreman, Bael'dun Officer, Bael'dun Rifleman, Bael'dun Soldier, Bailey Stonemantle, Bailiff Conacher, Baine Bloodhoof, Balai Lok'Wein, Bale, Balgaras the Foul, Balos Jacken, Balthule Shadowstrike, Balthus Stoneflayer, Baltus Fowler, Banalash, Barak Kodobane, Barbed Crustacean, Barg, Barim Jurgenstaad, Baristolth of the Shifting Sands, Baritanas Skyriver, Barithras Moonshade, Barkeep Daniels, Barkeep Dobbins, Barkeep Hann, Barkeep Kelly, Barkeep Morag, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Geddon, Baron Longshore, Baron Revilgaz, Baron Silverlaine, Baron Vardus, Baroness Anastari, Barrens Giraffe, Barrens Guard, Bart Tidewater, Bartender Wental, Bartleby, Bartolo Ginsetti, Bashana Runetotem, Basil Frye, Battleboar, Bazzalan, Beldruk Doombrow, Belgrom Rockmaul, Belia Thundergranite, Bellygrub, Bena Winterhoof, Bengor, Bengus Deepforge, Benijah Fenner, Benny Blaanco, Bera Stonehammer, Beram Skychaser, Bernard Brubaker, Bernard Gump, Berserk Owlbeast, Berserk Trogg, Besseleth, Bethaine Flinthammer, Bethan Bluewater, Bethor Iceshard, Betina Bigglezink, Betty Quin, Bhag'thera, Bhaldaran Ravenshade, Bibilfaz Featherwhistle, Big Will, Bilban Tosslespanner, Biletoad, Billibub Cogspinner, Billy, Bimble Longberry, Bingles Blastenheimer, Binjy Featherwhistle, Bink, Bishop DeLavey, Bishop Farthing, Bixi Wobblebonk, Black Bear Patriarch, Black Broodling, Black Dragon Whelp, Black Dragonspawn, Black Drake, Black Guard Sentry, Black Ooze, Black Rat, Black Ravager, Black Ravager Mastiff, Black Slime, Black Widow Hatchling, Black Wyrmkin, Blackbreath Crony, Blackened Basilisk, Blackfathom Myrmidon, Blackfathom Oracle, Blackfathom Sea Witch, Blackfathom Tide Priestess, Blackhand Assassin, Blackhand Dragon Handler, Blackhand Dreadweaver, Blackhand Elite, Blackhand Incarcerator, Blackhand Iron Guard, Blackhand Summoner, Blackhand Veteran, Blackrock Grunt, Blackrock Hunter, Blackrock Outrunner, Blackrock Renegade, Blackrock Scout, Blackrock Sentry, Blackrock Shadowcaster, Blackrock Slayer, Blackrock Summoner, Blacksmith Verringtan, Blackwater Deckhand, Blackwing Guardsman, Blackwing Legionnaire, Blackwing Mage, Blackwing Spellbinder, Blackwing Taskmaster, Blackwing Technician, Blackwing Warlock, Blackwood Pathfinder, Blackwood Windtalker, Blaise Montgomery, Blazerunner, Blazing Elemental, Blazing Fireguard, Bleakheart Hellcaller, Bleakheart Shadowstalker, Bleakheart Trickster, Bleeding Horror, Blighted Surge, Blighted Zombie, Blind Mary, Blindlight Murloc, Blindlight Oracle, Blink Dragon, Blisterpaw Hyena, Blixrez Goodstitch, Blizrik Buckshot, Blood Elf Reclaimer, Blood Elf Surveyor, Blood of Agamaggan, Blood Steward of Kirtonos, Bloodaxe Evoker, Bloodaxe Raider, Bloodaxe Summoner, Bloodaxe Veteran, Bloodaxe Warmonger, Bloodfeather Harpy, Bloodfeather Matriarch, Bloodfeather Sorceress, Bloodfen Lashtail, Bloodfen Raptor, Bloodfen Scytheclaw, Bloodfury Ambusher, Bloodfury Harpy, Bloodfury Ripper, Bloodfury Roguefeather, Bloodfury Slayer, Bloodfury Storm Witch, Bloodfury Windcaller, Bloodhound, Bloodmage Thalnos, Bloodsail Deckhand, Bloodsail Elder Magus, Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Raider, Bloodsail Sea Dog, Bloodsail Swabby, Bloodsail Swashbuckler, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Axe Thrower, Bloodscalp Beastmaster, Bloodscalp Berserker, Bloodscalp Headhunter, Bloodscalp Hunter, Bloodscalp Mystic, Bloodscalp Scavenger, Bloodscalp Scout, Bloodscalp Shaman, Bloodscalp Warrior, Bloodscalp Witch Doctor, Bloodseeker Bat, Bloodsnout Worg, Bloodtalon Scythemaw, Bloodtalon Taillasher, Bloodtooth Guard, Bloodvenom Post Brave, Bluegill Forager, Bluegill Muckdweller, Bluegill Murloc, Bluegill Oracle, Bluegill Puddlejumper, Bluegill Raider, Bluegill Warrior, Bluff Runner Windstrider, Bluffwatcher, Boiling Elemental, Bom'bay, Bombus Finespindle, Bone Chewer, Boneflayer Ghoul, Bonnie Stoneflayer, Bookie Herod, Booty Bay Bruiser, Booty Bay Elite, Bor Wildmane, Borand, Borgosh Corebender, Borgus Stoutarm, Borstan, Borya, Boss Galgosh, Boss Tho'grun, Boulderfist Brute, Boulderfist Enforcer, Boulderfist Lord, Boulderfist Magus, Boulderfist Mauler, Boulderfist Ogre, Boulderfist Shaman, Bounty Hunter Kolark, Bowen Brisboise, Boyle, Brack, Brackenwall Enforcer, Braenna Flintcrag, Brahnmar, Brain Eater, Brak Durnad, Brakgul Deathbringer, Brakkar, Brandon, Brandur Ironhammer, Brannol Eaglemoon, Braug Dimspirit, Brave Cloudmane, Brave Darksky, Brave Dawneagle, Brave Ironhorn, Brave Leaping Deer, Brave Moonhorn, Brave Rainchaser, Brave Strongbash, Brave Swiftwind, Brave Wildrunner, Brawn, Brenwyn Wintersteel, Bretta Goldfury, Brewmaster Drohn, Breyk, Briarthorn, Brienna Starglow, Brikk Keencraft, Brinna Valanaar, Bristleback Battleboar, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Interloper, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brivelthwerp, Brock Stoneseeker, Brog Hamfist, Broken Cadaver, Brom Killian, Brombar Higgleby, Bromiir Ormsen, Bronk, Bront Coldcleave, Broodlord Lashlayer, Brooke Stonebraid, Brother Anton, Brother Benjamin, Brother Cassius, Brother Danil, Brother Joshua, Brother Kristoff, Brother Malach, Brother Neals, Brother Nimetz, Brother Paxton, Brother Sarno, Brother Wilhelm, Brumeran, Brumn Winterhoof, Bruuk Barleybeard, Bryllia Ironbrand, Bubulo Acerbus, Buliwyf Stonehand, Bulkrek Ragefist, Bulrug, Bunthen Plainswind, Burbik Gearspanner, Burkrum, Burning Blade Acolyte, Burning Blade Adept, Burning Blade Apprentice, Burning Blade Augur, Burning Blade Bruiser, Burning Blade Fanatic, Burning Blade Felsworn, Burning Blade Invoker, Burning Blade Nightmare, Burning Blade Reaver, Burning Blade Shadowmage, Burning Blade Summoner, Burning Destroyer, Burning Exile, Burning Imp, Burning Ravager, Burning Spirit, Buzzard, Buzzek Bracketswing, Caelyb, Cairne Bloodhoof, Caitlin Grassman, Calandrath, Caliph Scorpidsting, Calor, Calvin Montague, Camerick Jongleur, Camp Mojache Brave, Cannibal Ghoul, Cannon Master Willey, Cannoneer Smythe, Cannoneer Whessan, Captain Balinda Stonehearth, Captain Beld, Captain Blackanvil, Captain Danuvin, Captain Dargol, Captain Fairmount, Captain Galvangar, Captain Greenskin, Captain Halyndor, Captain Hecklebury Smotts, Captain Ironhill, Captain Keelhaul, Captain Melrache, Captain Nials, Captain Perrine, Captain Shatterskull, Captain Steelgut, Captain Stillwater, Captive Abomination, Captured Scarlet Zealot, Captured Sprite Darter, Caravan Master Tset, Caretaker Alen, Caretaker Folsom, Caretaker Smithers, Carla Granger, Carlin Redpath, Carolai Anise, Carolyn Ward, Carrion Horror, Carrion Lurker, Carrion Recluse, Caryssia Moonhunter, Catelyn the Blade, Catherine Leland, Cauldron Lord Malvinious, Cauldron Lord Soulwrath, Cave Stalker, Cave Yeti, Cavern Lurker, Cavern Shambler, Caverndeep Ambusher, Caverndeep Burrower, Caverndeep Invader, Caverndeep Looter, Caverndeep Pillager, Caverndeep Reaver, Cawind Trueaim, Caylais Moonfeather, Caz Twosprocket, Cedric Stumpel, Cedrik Prose, Celebras the Cursed, Celebrian Dryad, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof, Cenarion Emissary Jademoon, Cenarion Hold Infantry, Cenarion Protector, Cenarion Vindicator, Cerellean Whiteclaw, Champion Coldmine Guard, Champion Coldmine Surveyor, Champion Defender, Champion Guardian, Champion Guardsman, Champion Irondeep Explorer, Champion Irondeep Raider, Champion Legionnaire, Champion Mountaineer, Champion Sentinel, Champion Warrior, Charles Seaton, Charred Ancient, Charys Yserian, Chaw Stronghide, Chef Breanna, Chef Grual, Chemist Cuely, Chemist Fuely, Chepi, Chesmu, Chicken, Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle, Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII, Chief Murgut, Chief Sharptusk Thornmantle, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, Chieftain Bloodmaw, Chieftain Nek'rosh, Chillwind Chimaera, Chillwind Ravager, Chloe Curthas, Christoph Faral, Christoph Jeffcoat, Christoph Walker, Christopher Drakul, Christopher Hewen, Chromatic Dragonspawn, Chromatic Drakonid, Chromatic Whelp, Chucky "Ten Thumbs", Chylina, Citizen Wilkes, Clara Charles, Clarice Foster, Clarise Gnarltree, Clattering Crawler, Clattering Scorpid, Claude Erksine, Clavicus Knavingham, Clerk Daltry, Clerk Horrace Whitesteed, Cliff Hadin, Cliff Lurker, Cliff Stormer, Cliff Thunderer, Cliff Walker, Cliffwatcher Longhorn, Cloned Ooze, Cloud Serpent, Cloud Skydancer, Clunk, Clyde Ranthal, Cobalt Scalebane, Cold Eye Basilisk, Coldridge Mountaineer, Coleman Farthing, Collin Mauren, Comar Villard, Commander Aggro'gosh, Commander Amaren, Commander Ashlam Valorfist, Commander Dardosh, Commander Duffy, Commander Felstrom, Commander Malgor, Commander Mortimer, Commander Mulfort, Commander Randolph, Commander Springvale, Connor Rivers, Conservator Ilthalaine, Constance Brisboise, Cook Torka, Cookie, Cor Grimtotem, Coral Moongale, Coral Shark, Corand, Corbett Schneider, Core Rager, Corina Steele, Corporal Bluth, Corporal Carnes, Corporal Kaleb, Corporal Melkins, Corporal Noreg Stormpike, Corporal Sethman, Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl, Corrosive Lurker, Corrosive Sap Beast, Corrosive Swamp Ooze, Corrupted Blue Whelp, Corrupted Bronze Whelp, Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocolisk, Corrupted Green Whelp, Corrupted Infernal, Corrupted Mottled Boar, Corrupted Red Whelp, Corrupted Scorpid, Corrupted Surf Crawler, Corruptor, Councilman Millstipe, Courier Hammerfall, Cow, Cowardly Crosby, Coyote, Coyote Packleader, Cracked Skull Soldier, Crag Boar, Crag Coyote, Crag Stalker, Craig Hewitt, Crank Fizzlebub, Crazed Ancient, Creeping Sludge, Cresting Exile, Crier Goodman, Crildor, Crimson Battle Mage, Crimson Bodyguard, Crimson Conjuror, Crimson Defender, Crimson Gallant, Crimson Guardsman, Crimson Hammersmith, Crimson Initiate, Crimson Inquisitor, Crimson Monk, Crimson Priest, Crimson Sorcerer, Crimson Templar, Crushridge Brute, Crushridge Enforcer, Crushridge Mage, Crushridge Mauler, Crushridge Ogre, Crushridge Plunderer, Crushridge Warmonger, Crypt Crawler, Crypt Fiend, Crypt Robber, Crypt Slayer, Crypt Walker, Crystal Boughman, Crystal Spine Basilisk, Curator Thorius, Cursed Atal'ai, Cursed Centaur, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Highborne, Cursed Mage, Cursed Marine, Cursed Ooze, Cursed Sailor, Cursed Sycamore, Cutac, Cyclone Warrior, Cylania, Cylania Rootstalker, Cylina Darkheart, Cyroen, Dabyrie Laborer, Dabyrie Militia, Daelyshia, Daeolyn Summerleaf, Daera Brightspear, Daggerspine Raider, Daggerspine Screamer, Daggerspine Shorehunter, Daggerspine Shorestalker, Daggerspine Siren, Daggerspine Sorceress, Dal Bloodclaw, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Apprentice, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Shield Guard, Dalaran Summoner, Dalaran Theurgist, Dalaran Watcher, Dalaran Wizard, Dalaran Worker, Dalinda Malem, Dalmond, Dalria, Dame Twinbraid, Dan Golthas, Dane Lindgren, Dane Winslow, Daniel Bartlett, Daniel Ulfman, Danlaar Nightstride, Dannal Stern, Dannelor, Dar, Darcy, Dargh Trueaim, Dargon, Darianna, Dark Adept, Dark Caster, Dark Cleric Duesten, Dark Iron Agent, Dark Iron Ambusher, Dark Iron Bombardier, Dark Iron Demolitionist, Dark Iron Dwarf, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Insurgent, Dark Iron Lookout, Dark Iron Raider, Dark Iron Saboteur, Dark Iron Sapper, Dark Iron Sentry, Dark Iron Slaver, Dark Iron Spy, Dark Iron Steamsmith, Dark Iron Taskmaster, Dark Iron Tunneler, Dark Iron Watchman, Dark Shade, Dark Strand Fanatic, Dark Summoner, Darkeye Bonecaster, Darkfang Creeper, Darkfang Lurker, Darkfang Spider, Darkfang Venomspitter, Darkmaster Gandling, Darkmoon Faire Carnie, Darkshore Thresher, Darla Harris, Darn Talongrip, Darnall, Darnassian Protector, Darnassus Commendation Officer, Darnassus Sentinel, Darnath Bladesinger, Darrowshire Spirit, Darsok Swiftdagger, Daryl Riknussun, Daryl Stack, Daryl the Youngling, Daryn Lightwind, Daughter of Cenarius, David Trias, Davitt Hickson, Dawn Brightstar, Dazalar, Deadmire, Deadwood Avenger, Deadwood Den Watcher, Deadwood Gardener, Deadwood Shaman, Deadwood Warrior, Death Flayer, Death Knight Darkreaver, Death Singer, Death Talon Dragonspawn, Death Talon Flamescale, Death Talon Hatcher, Death Talon Seether, Death Talon Wyrmkin, Death's Head Acolyte, Death's Head Adept, Death's Head Cultist, Death's Head Geomancer, Death's Head Necromancer, Death's Head Priest, Death's Head Sage, Death's Head Seer, Death's Head Ward Keeper, Deathguard Bartholomew, Deathguard Bartrand, Deathguard Burgess, Deathguard Cyrus, Deathguard Dillinger, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Humbert, Deathguard Lawrence, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Lundmark, Deathguard Morris, Deathguard Mort, Deathguard Oliver, Deathguard Phillip, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Randolph, Deathguard Samsa, Deathguard Simmer, Deathguard Terrence, Deathlash Scorpid, Deathmaster Dwire, Deathstalker Adamant, Deathstalker Lesh, Deathstalker Mortis, Deathstalker Vincent, Deathstalker Zraedus, Deathstrike Tarantula, Deathsworn Captain, Decrepit Darkhound, Deeg, Deek Fizzlebizz, Deep Borer, Deep Lurker, Deepmoss Creeper, Deepmoss Venomspitter, Deepmoss Webspinner, Deeprot Stomper, Deeprot Tangler, Deeprun Rat, Deepstrider Giant, Deepstrider Searcher, Deer, Defias Bandit, Defias Blackguard, Defias Bodyguard, Defias Captive, Defias Conjurer, Defias Convict, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Digger, Defias Dockmaster, Defias Dockworker, Defias Drone, Defias Enchanter, Defias Evoker, Defias Footpad, Defias Henchman, Defias Highwayman, Defias Inmate, Defias Insurgent, Defias Knuckleduster, Defias Looter, Defias Magician, Defias Messenger, Defias Miner, Defias Night Blade, Defias Night Runner, Defias Overseer, Defias Pathstalker, Defias Pillager, Defias Pirate, Defias Prisoner, Defias Raider, Defias Rogue Wizard, Defias Smuggler, Defias Squallshaper, Defias Strip Miner, Defias Taskmaster, Defias Thug, Defias Trapper, Defias Watchman, Defias Wizard, Defias Worker, Defiler Elite, Defilers Emissary, Deino, Delfrum Flintbeard, Delgo Ragetotem, Delgren the Purifier, Delia Verana, Deliana, Demisette Cloyce, Demnul Farmountain, Demon of the Orb, Den Grunt, Denatharion, Dendrythis, Deneb Walker, Denni'ka, Deputy Feldon, Deputy Willem, Derak Nightfall, Derina Rumdnul, Dermot, Dermot Johns, Derotain Mudsipper, Desert Rager, Deth'ryll Satyr, Deviate Adder, Deviate Coiler, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Lurker, Deviate Shambler, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Stalker, Devlin Agamand, Devrak, Dextren Ward, Dhugru Gorelust, Diemetradon, Dinita Stonemantle, Dire Condor, Dire Mottled Boar, Dirge Quikcleave, Dirk Swindle, Diseased Black Bear, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Ghoul, Diseased Grizzly, Diseased Wolf, Dispatch Commander Ruag, Dizzy One-Eye, Dockmaster Baren, Doctor Draxlegauge, Doctor Gregory Victor, Doctor Herbert Halsey, Doctor Marsh, Doctor Martin Felben, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Dog, Dolkin Craghelm, Dolman Steelfury, Don Pompa, Donal Osgood, Donald Rabonne, Donna, Donni Anthania, Donyal Tovald, Doom'rel, Doomforge Arcanasmith, Doomforge Craftsman, Doomforge Dragoon, Doomguard Commander, Doomwarder, Doomwarder Captain, Dope'rel, Doras, Doreen Beltis, Dorin Songblade, Dorion, Dorius Stonetender, Doyo'da, Drac Roughcut, Dragonmaw Bonewarder, Dragonmaw Centurion, Dragonmaw Grunt, Dragonmaw Raider, Dragonmaw Scout, Dragonmaw Shadowwarder, Dragonmaw Swamprunner, Draka, Drake Lindgren, Dran Droffers, Dranh, Draz'Zilb, Dread Flyer, Dread Ripper, Dread Swoop, Dread Weaver, Dreadlord, Dreadmaw Crocolisk, Dreaming Whelp, Dreamtracker, Dredge Striker, Drek'Thar, Drizzlik, Druid of the Fang, Druid of the Grove, Drull, Drulzegar Skraghook, Drum Fel, Drunken Footpad, Drysnap Crawler, Drysnap Pincer, Drywallow Crocolisk, Drywallow Daggermaw, Drywallow Snapper, Drywallow Vicejaw, Drywhisker Digger, Drywhisker Kobold, Drywhisker Surveyor, Duhng, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, Dulciea Frostmoon, Dun Baldar South Marshal, Dun Garok Mountaineer, Dun Garok Priest, Dun Garok Rifleman, Dun Morogh Mountaineer, Duncan Cullen, Dunemaul Brute, Dunemaul Enforcer, Dunemaul Ogre, Dunemaul Ogre Mage, Dunemaul Warlock, Dungar Longdrink, Durik, Duros, Durotar Tiger, Durtham Greldon, Duskbat, Duskwing, Dust Devil, Dust Stormer, Dustbelcher Brute, Dustbelcher Lord, Dustbelcher Mauler, Dustbelcher Mystic, Dustbelcher Ogre, Dustbelcher Ogre Mage, Dustbelcher Shaman, Dustbelcher Warrior, Dustbelcher Wyrmhunter, Dustwind Harpy, Dustwind Pillager, Dustwind Storm Witch, Dustwraith, Duthorian Rall, Dwukk, Dying Kodo, Earthborer, Earthen Custodian, Earthen Sculptor, Earthen Stonecarver, East Frostwolf Warmaster, Eastvale Peasant, Ebru, Edan the Howler, Edna Mullby, Edrick Killian, Edward, Edward Remington, Edwin Harly, Edwin VanCleef, Edwina Monzor, Einar Stonegrip, Einris Brightspear, Eladriel, Elaine Carevin, Elaine Trias, Elanaria, Elder Ashenvale Bear, Elder Black Bear, Elder Cloud Serpent, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Crag Coyote, Elder Dragonkin, Elder Gray Bear, Elder Lake Creeper, Elder Lake Skulker, Elder Mesa Buzzard, Elder Mistvale Gorilla, Elder Moss Creeper, Elder Mottled Boar, Elder Murk Thresher, Elder Mystic Razorsnout, Elder Nightsaber, Elder Plainstrider, Elder Razormaw, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk, Elder Shadowmaw Panther, Elder Shardtooth, Elder Stranglethorn Tiger, Elder Thunder Lizard, Elder Timberling, Eldin Partridge, Eldraeith, Eleanor Rusk, Electrocutioner 6000, Elemental Slave, Elfarran, Elisa Steelhand, Elissa Dumas, Eliza, Eliza Callen, Elizabeth Van Talen, Elki, Ellandrieth, Elling Trias, Elly Langston, Elsharin, Elu, Elynna, Ember Worg, Emerald Ooze, Emeraldon Boughguard, Emeraldon Oracle, Emogg the Crusher, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, Emrul Riknussun, Enraged Felguard, Enraged Feral Scar, Enraged Foulweald, Enraged Panther, Enraged Silverback Gorilla, Enraged Stone Spirit, Enslaved Archaeologist, Enthralled Atal'ai, Enyo, Erelas Ambersky, Eric, Erich Lohan, Erika Tate, Erin, Erk, Erlan Drudgemoor, Erma, Ertog Ragetusk, Etu Ragetotem, Eunice Burch, Evan Larson, Evonice Sootsmoker, Executor Arren, Executor Zygand, Expeditionary Mountaineer, Expeditionary Priest, Exzhal, Eye of Naxxramas, Eyeless Watcher, Ezekiel Graves, Fahrak, Fahran Silentblade, Faldreas Goeth'Shael, Faldron, Falfindel Waywarder, Falkan Armonis, Falkhaan Isenstrider, Fallen Hero, Fallenroot Hellcaller, Fallenroot Rogue, Fallenroot Satyr, Falthir the Sightless, Fang, Far Seer Mok'thardin, Faralorn, Fardel Dabyrie, Fargon Mortalak, Farmer Kalaba, Farmer Kent, Farmer Ray, Farmer Solliden, Farrin Daris, Faruza, Father Lankester, Father Lazarus, Faulty War Golem, Faustron, Fawn, Feathermoon Sentinel, Feeboz, Feegly the Exiled, Feero Ironhand, Fel'zerul, Fela, Felder Stover, Felicia Doan, Felicia Gump, Felicia Maline, Felika, Fellicent's Shade, Felmusk Satyr, Felmusk Shadowstalker, Felpaw Ravager, Felpaw Wolf, Female Human Captive, Fen Creeper, Fen Dweller, Fenthwick, Feral Crag Coyote, Feral Mountain Lion, Feral Scar Yeti, Feran Strongwind, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Ferocious Yeti, Fetid Corpse, Fetid Zombie, Field Marshal Afrasiabi, Field Marshal Snowfall, Fillius Fizzlespinner, Fin Fizracket, Finbus Geargrind, Fineous Darkvire, Fire Beetle, Fire Roc, Firebrand Darkweaver, Firebrand Dreadweaver, Firebrand Grunt, Firebrand Invoker, Firebrand Legionnaire, Firebrand Pyromancer, Fireguard, Fireguard Destroyer, Firegut Brute, Firegut Ogre, Firegut Ogre Mage, Firelord, Firemane Ash Tail, Firemane Flamecaller, Firemane Scalebane, Firemane Scout, Firemaw, Firesworn, Firetail Scorpid, Firewalker, First Mate Crazz, First Mate Fitzsimmons, First Mate Nilzlix, First Mate Snellig, Fizzlebang Booms, Fizzles, Flagglemurk the Cruel, Flameguard, Flamekin Spitter, Flamekin Sprite, Flamescale Dragonspawn, Flamescale Wyrmkin, Flamewaker, Flamewaker Elite, Flamewaker Healer, Flamewaker Priest, Flamewaker Protector, Flatland Cougar, Fledgling Chimaera, Fledgling Pterrordax, Fleet Master Firallon, Fleet Master Seahorn, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flesh Eater, Flesh Golem, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Fleshripper, Flora Silverwind, Fluffy, Fobeed, Foreman Bonds, Foreman Marcrid, Foreman Oslow, Foreman Rigger, Foreman Thistlenettle, Forest Lurker, Forest Moss Creeper, Forest Ooze, Forest Spider, Foreststrider Fledgling, Forsaken Assassin, Forsaken Bodyguard, Forsaken Courier, Forsaken Dark Stalker, Forsaken Herbalist, Forsaken Infiltrator, Forsaken Intruder, Foulweald Den Watcher, Foulweald Shaman, Foulweald Ursa, Fozruk, Framnali, Francis Eliot, Franklin Hamar, Franklin Lloyd, Frayfeather Patriarch, Frayfeather Stagwing, Frederick Stover, Freewind Brave, Freezing Ghoul, Freezing Spirit, Frenzied Plaguehound, Frenzied Pterrordax, Frezza, Frog, Frostmane Headhunter, Frostmane Novice, Frostmane Seer, Frostmane Shadowcaster, Frostmane Snowstrider, Frostmane Troll, Frostmane Troll Whelp, Frostmaul Preserver, Frostsaber, Frostsaber Companion, Frostsaber Stalker, Frostwolf, Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom, Frostwolf Battleguard, Frostwolf Bloodhound, Frostwolf Bowman, Frostwolf Guardian, Frostwolf Legionnaire, Frostwolf Quartermaster, Frostwolf Shaman, Frostwolf Stable Master, Frostwolf Warrior, Frostwolf Wolf Rider, Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander, Frozen Soul, Fungal Ooze, Furen Longbeard, Furious Stone Spirit, Fuzruckle, Fyldan, Fyldren Moonfeather, Fylerian Nightwing, Fyr Mistrunner, Fyrenna, Gabrielle Chase, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gagsprocket, Galak Flame Guard, Galak Marauder, Galak Mauler, Galak Messenger, Galak Packhound, Galak Scout, Galak Stormer, Galak Windchaser, Galak Wrangler, Galamav the Marksman, Galgann Firehammer, Galthuk, Gammerita, Gamon, Gan'zulah, Gann Stonespire, Gar'Thok, Garneg Charskull, Garr Salthoof, Garryeth, Garyl, Gasher, Gavin Gnarltree, Gaxim Rustfizzle, Gazban, Gazelle, Gazin Tenorm, Gazlowe, Gazrog, Gearcutter Cogspinner, Gehennas, Gelihast, Gelkis Earthcaller, Gelkis Marauder, Gelkis Mauler, Gelkis Outrunner, Gelkis Scout, Gelkis Stamper, Gelkis Windchaser, Gelman Stonehand, Genavie Callow, General Angerforge, General Drakkisath, General Marcus Jonathan, General Twinbraid, Geoff, Geoffrey Hartwell, Geofram Bouldertoe, Geologist Larksbane, Georgia, Georgio Bolero, Gerard Abernathy, Gereck, Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, Gerik Koen, Gerrig Bonegrip, Gershala Nightwhisper, Gest, Gharash, Ghede, Ghok'kah, Ghost Howl, Ghost of the Past, Ghost Walker Brave, Ghostly Citizen, Ghostly Marauder, Ghostly Raider, Ghostpaw Alpha, Ghostpaw Howler, Ghostpaw Runner, Ghoul Ravener, Ghrawt, Giant Buzzard, Giant Ember Worg, Giant Foreststrider, Giant Grizzled Bear, Giant Moss Creeper, Giant Plains Creeper, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk, Giant Yeti, Gibblewilt, Gikkix, Gil, Gillian Moore, Gilmorian, Gilnid, Gilthares Firebough, Gimble Thistlefuzz, Gimblethorn, Gimlok Rumdnul, Gina Lang, Gina MacGregor, Githyiss the Vile, Glasshide Basilisk, Glasshide Gazer, Glasshide Petrifier, Glassweb Spider, Glommus, Glorandiir, Glordrum Steelbeard, Gloria Femmel, Glorin Steelbrow, Glutinous Ooze, Glutton, Gnarled Thistleshrub, Gnarlpine Ambusher, Gnarlpine Augur, Gnarlpine Avenger, Gnarlpine Defender, Gnarlpine Gardener, Gnarlpine Pathfinder, Gnarlpine Shaman, Gnarlpine Ursa, Gnarlpine Warrior, Gnoarn, Gnome Pit Crewman, Gnomeregan Commendation Officer, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Gobbler, Goblin Craftsman, Goblin Engineer, Goblin Shipbuilder, Goblin Woodcarver, Godan, Godric Rothgar, Godrick Farsan, Gogger Geomancer, Gogger Rock Keeper, Goldtooth, Golem Lord Argelmach, Golhine the Hooded, Golnir Bouldertoe, Goma, Gor'marok the Ravager, Gor'mul, Gorbold Steelhand, Gordo, Gordon Wendham, Gordunni Battlemaster, Gordunni Brute, Gordunni Mage-Lord, Gordunni Mauler, Gordunni Ogre, Gordunni Shaman, Gordunni Warlock, Gordunni Warlord, Gorefang, Gorehoof the Black, Goretusk, Gorina, Gorlash, Gorm Grimtotem, Gorn, Gorosh the Dervish, Gorrik, Gothard Winslow, Gothor Brumn, Gotri, Gracina Spiritmight, Gradok, Graham Van Talen, Grand Mason Marblesten, Grandpa Vishas, Granistad, Grarnik Goodstitch, Graud, Grave Robber, Gravelsnout Forager, Gravelsnout Kobold, Graw Cornerstone, Grawl, Grawnal, Gray Bear, Gray Forest Wolf, Gray Ram, Grazlix, Great Goretusk, Great Wavethrasher, Greater Barrens Kodo, Greater Duskbat, Greater Fleshripper, Greater Kraul Bat, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Obsidian Elemental, Greater Plainstrider, Greater Rock Elemental, Greater Tarantula, Greater Thunderhawk, Green Recluse, Green Scalebane, Green Sludge, Green Wyrmkin, Greenpaw, Gregor Agamand, Gregor Greystone, Gregor MacVince, Gregory Ardus, Gregory Charles, Greishan Ironstove, Grel'borg the Miser, Grelkor, Grell, Grellkin, Grenil Steelfury, Grenthar, Greshka, Gretchen Dedmar, Greth, Gretta Finespindle, Greymist Coastrunner, Greymist Hunter, Greymist Oracle, Greymist Raider, Grezz Ragefist, Grif Wildheart, Grik'nir the Cold, Grim Patron, Grimand Elmore, Grimble, Grimbooze Thunderbrew, Grimestack, Grimlok, Grimnal, Grimtotem Bandit, Grimtotem Brute, Grimtotem Geomancer, Grimtotem Mercenary, Grimtotem Naturalist, Grimtotem Raider, Grimtotem Reaver, Grimtotem Ruffian, Grimtotem Shaman, Grimtotem Sorcerer, Grimtotem Stomper, Gringer, Grinkle, Grinning Dog, Grish Longrunner, Grisha, Gritjaw Basilisk, Grizzle Halfmane, Grizzle Snowpaw, Grizzled Black Bear, Grizzled Thistle Bear, Grizzlowe, Grod, Groddoc Ape, Groddoc Thunderer, Grokor, Grol'dar, Grom'gol Grunt, Grondal Moonbreeze, Groum Stonebeard, Ground Pounder, Grub, Grubbis, Gruff Swiftbite, Gruham Rumdnul, Gruk, Grumnus Steelshaper, Gruna, Grunnda Wolfheart, Grunt Komak, Grunt Kor'ja, Grunt Mojka, Grunt Tharlak, Grunt Zuul, Gruul Darkblade, Gryan Stoutmantle, Gryth Thurden, Guard Adams, Guard Ashlock, Guard Berton, Guard Clarke, Guard Hiett, Guard Howe, Guard Kurall, Guard Parker, Guard Pearce, Guard Taruc, Guard Wachabe, Gubber Blump, Guillaume Sorouy, Gunder Thornbush, Gunther Weller, Gurda Ragescar, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Bat Rider, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Blood Drinker, Gurubashi Champion, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gurubashi Warrior, Gusting Vortex, Gutspill, Guzzling Patron, Gwenna Firebrew, Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde, Gwina Stonebranch, Gwyn Farrow, Gyll, Gyth, Hae'Wilani, Hagar Lightninghoof, Hagg Taurenbane, Haggard Refugee, Haggle, Haggrum Bloodfist, Hagrus, Hahrana Ironhide, Hakkari Blood Priest, Hakkari Oracle, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Shadow Hunter, Hakkari Shadowcaster, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Hal McAllister, Haldarr Felsworn, Haldarr Satyr, Haldarr Trickster, Halija Whitestrider, Haljan Oakheart, Halpa, Hamhock, Hamlin Atkins, Hammered Patron, Hammerfall Elite, Hammerfall Grunt, Hammerfall Guardian, Hammerfall Peon, Hammon Karwn, Hanashi, Handor, Hank the Hammer, Hannah, Hannah Akeley, Hannah Bladeleaf, Hans Zandin, Hansel Heavyhands, Har'alen, Harant Ironbrace, Harb Clawhoof, Harbinger Balthazad, Haren Kanmae, Haren Swifthoof, Hargin Mundar, Harklan Moongrove, Harklane, Harlan Bagley, Harlo Barnaby, Harn Longcast, Harnor, Harold Riggs, Harroc, Harruk, Hartash, Harvest Golem, Harvest Reaper, Harvest Watcher, Hate Shrieker, Hate'rel, Hatecrest Screamer, Hatecrest Serpent Guard, Hatecrest Siren, Hatecrest Warrior, Hatecrest Wave Rider, Hatefury Betrayer, Hatefury Felsworn, Hatefury Hellcaller, Hatefury Rogue, Hatefury Shadowstalker, Hatefury Trickster, Haughty Modiste, Haunted Servitor, Haunting Phantasm, Haunting Spirit, Haunting Vision, Hazzas, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hecklefang Snarler, Hecklefang Stalker, Heinrich Stone, Hekkru, Heldan Galesong, Helena Atwood, Helendis Riverhorn, Helene Peltskinner, Helgrum the Swift, Hematus, Henchman Valik, Hepzibah Sedgewick, Herald Moonstalker, Herble Baubbletump, Herod, Hesuwa Thunderhorn, Hewa, Hexed Troll, Hezrul Bloodmark, Hgarth, Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania, High Chief Winterfall, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Derrington, High Executor Hadrec, High Explorer Magellas, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, High Inquisitor Whitemane, High Interrogator Gerstahn, High Overlord Saurfang, High Priest Rohan, High Priest Venoxis, High Priestess Arlokk, High Priestess Jeklik, High Priestess Laurena, High Priestess MacDonnell, High Priestess Mar'li, High Tinker Mekkatorque, Highborne Apparition, Highborne Lichling, Highland Fleshstalker, Highland Lashtail, Highland Raptor, Highland Razormaw, Highland Scytheclaw, Highland Strider, Highland Thrasher, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Highlord Omokk, Highvale Marksman, Highvale Outrunner, Highvale Ranger, Highvale Scout, Hillsbrad Apprentice Blacksmith, Hillsbrad Councilman, Hillsbrad Farmer, Hillsbrad Farmhand, Hillsbrad Footman, Hillsbrad Foreman, Hillsbrad Miner, Hillsbrad Peasant, Hillsbrad Sentry, Hin Denburg, Hoary Templar, Hogan Ference, Hogger, Hogor Thunderhoof, Holdout Medic, Holdout Technician, Holdout Warrior, Holgar Stormaxe, Honni Goldenoat, Honor Guard, Hooktooth Frenzy, Horde Axe Thrower, Horde Defender, Horde Deforester, Horde Elite, Horde Grunt, Horde Guard, Horde Peon, Horde Scout, Horde Shaman, Horde Spirit Guide, Horde Warbringer, Horgus the Ravager, Horizon Scout Crewman, Hornizz Brimbuzzle, Horthus, Houndmaster Loksey, Hragran, Hraq, Huge Toad, Hula'mahi, Huldar, Hulfdan Blackbeard, Hulking Feral Scar, Hulking Gritjaw Basilisk, Hulking Mountain Lion, Hungering Dead, Hungering Wraith, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Sagewind, Hunter Thunderhorn, Huntress Leafrunner, Huntress Nhemai, Huntress Ravenoak, Huntress Skymane, Huntress Swiftriver, Huntress Yaeliura, Hurklor, Huum Wildmane, Hydromancer Velratha, Ian Strom, Ice Claw Bear, Ice Thistle Matriarch, Ice Thistle Patriarch, Ice Thistle Yeti, Idriana, Ilkrud Magthrull, Illiyana Moonblaze, Illyanie, Ilyenia Moonfire, Imelda, Incendosaur, Infected Squirrel, Infernal, Inferno Elemental, Initiate Amakkar, Injured Stockade Guard, Innkeeper Abeqwa, Innkeeper Adegwa, Innkeeper Allison, Innkeeper Anderson, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Byula, Innkeeper Farley, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Fizzgrimble, Innkeeper Greul, Innkeeper Grosk, Innkeeper Gryshka, Innkeeper Hearthstove, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Helbrek, Innkeeper Jayka, Innkeeper Karakul, Innkeeper Kauth, Innkeeper Kaylisk, Innkeeper Kimlya, Innkeeper Lyshaerya, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Pala, Innkeeper Renee, Innkeeper Saelienne, Innkeeper Shaussiy, Innkeeper Shay, Innkeeper Shul'kar, Innkeeper Shyria, Innkeeper Sikewa, Innkeeper Skindle, Innkeeper Thulbek, Innkeeper Trelayne, Innkeeper Wiley, Insane Ghoul, Instructor Malicia, Irene Sureshot, Ironaya, Irondeep Shaman, Irondeep Skullthumper, Irondeep Trogg, Ironforge Brigade Footman, Ironforge Brigade Rifleman, Ironforge Cavalryman, Ironforge Commendation Officer, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironfur Bear, Ironfur Patriarch, Ironpatch, Irontree Stomper, Irontree Wanderer, Ironus Coldsteel, Ironzar, Irradiated Horror, Irradiated Invader, Irradiated Pillager, Irradiated Slime, Isabella, Isha Awak, Ivar the Foul, Jabbey, Jade Ooze, Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Rogue, Jadefire Trickster, Jademir Boughguard, Jademir Oracle, Jademir Tree Warder, Jadenvis Seawatcher, Jadespine Basilisk, Jaeana, Jaedenar Adept, Jaedenar Cultist, Jaedenar Darkweaver, Jaedenar Enforcer, Jaedenar Guardian, Jaedenar Hound, Jaedenar Hunter, Jaelysia, Jaguero Stalker, Jahan Hawkwing, Jailor Borhuin, Jailor Eston, Jailor Marlgen, Jalinda Sprig, Jalinde Summerdrake, James Clark, James Halloran, James Van Brunt, Jamie Nore, Jammal'an the Prophet, Jandi, Jandia, Janela Stouthammer, Janet Hommers, Janey Anship, Jang, Jangdor Swiftstrider, Jannos Ironwill, Janos Hammerknuckle, Jansen Underwood, Jarel Moor, Jarkal Mossmeld, Jarquia, Jarrodenus, Jartsam, Jarund Stoutstrider, Jase Farlane, Jason Lemieux, Jason Mathers, Jasper Fel, Jawn Highmesa, Jaxin Chong, Jay, Jayla, Jazzik, Jazzrik, Je'neu Sancrea, Jediga, Jeeda, Jeena Featherbow, Jemma Quikswitch, Jenn Langston, Jennea Cannon, Jeremiah Payson, Jergosh the Invoker, Jern Hornhelm, Jes'rimon, Jessara Cordell, Jesse Halloran, Jessica Redpath, Jezelle Pruitt, Jezelle's Felhunter, Jezelle's Imp, Jezelle's Succubus, Jezelle's Voidwalker, Jhag, Jhawna Oatwind, Jhordy Lapforge, Jillian Tanner, Jimmy, Jin'rokh the Breaker, Jin'sora, Jinar'Zillen, Jitters, Joachim Brenlow, Joanna Whitehall, Jocaste, Johan Focht, John Burnside, John Turner, Jon-Jon the Crow, Jonathan Carevin, Jonathan Chambers, Jondor Steelbrow, Jorah Annison, Jorb, Jordan Stilwell, Jorgen, Josef Gregorian, Joseph Moore, Josephine Lister, Joshua Kien, Jotek, Jubahl Corpseseeker, Jubling, Jugkar Grim'rod, Juli Stormkettle, Julia Gallina, Jun'ha, Junder Brokk, Jungle Stalker, Jungle Thunderer, Junior Apothecary Holland, Justin, Justine Demalier, Jutak, Jyn Stonehoof, K'waii, Kaal Soulreaper, Kadrak, Kaela Shadowspear, Kaelystia Hatebringer, Kaerbrus, Kaga Mistrunner, Kah Mistrunner, Kaita Deepforge, Kaja, Kal, Kalaran Windblade, Kaldorei Elite, Kali Healtouch, Kali Remik, Kalldan Felmoon, Kalyimah Stormcloud, Kam Deepfury, Kamari, Kanati Greycloud, Kaplak, Kar Stormsinger, Kara Adams, Karang Amakkar, Kard Ragetotem, Kardris Dreamseeker, Karen Taylor, Kareth, Kargal Battlescar, Kargath Grunt, Karl Boran, Karlee Chaddis, Karm Ironquill, Karn Stonehoof, Karolek, Karos Razok, Karrel Grayves, Karrina Mekenda, Kartra Bloodsnarl, Karu, Karus, Kat Sampson, Katar, Katherine the Pure, Kathrum Axehand, Katie Hunter, Katis, Kayla Smithe, Kayneth Stillwind, Kayren Soothallow, Kebok, Keena, Keeper Albagorm, Keeper Bel'dugur, Keeper Bel'varil, Keeper Moonshade, Keeper Ordanus, Keeper Remulos, Keldas, Keldran, Keldric Boucher, Kelly Grant, Kelm Hargunth, Kelomir Ironhand, Kelsey Yance, Kelstrum Stonebreaker, Kelt Thomasin, Kelv Sternhammer, Ken'zigla, Kenata Dabyrie, Kendor Kabonka, Kennah Hawkseye, Kergul Bloodaxe, Kernda, Kersok Prond, Keryn Sylvius, Kevin, Khaelyn Steelwing, Khan Dez'hepah, Khan Jehn, Khan Shaka, Khara Deepwater, Khur Hornstriker, Kibler, Kil'hala, Kil'Hiwana, Killian Hagey, Killian Sanatha, Kilxx, Kimberly Grant, Kimberly Hiett, Kin'weelay, Kinelory, King Bangalash, King Magni Bronzebeard, King Mukla, Kira Songshine, Kireena, Kirge Sternhorn, Kirk Maxwell, Kirtonos the Herald, Kithas, Kitta Firewind, Kixxle, Kizz Bluntstrike, Klockmort Spannerspan, Kobold Digger, Kobold Geomancer, Kobold Laborer, Kobold Miner, Kobold Tunneler, Kobold Vermin, Kobold Worker, Kodo Apparition, Kodo Calf, Kodo Matriarch, Kolk, Kolkar Battle Lord, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Destroyer, Kolkar Drudge, Kolkar Invader, Kolkar Marauder, Kolkar Mauler, Kolkar Outrunner, Kolkar Pack Runner, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Stormseer, Kolkar Waylayer, Kolkar Windchaser, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Komin Winterhoof, Konda, Kor'geld, Kor'ghan, Kor'gresh Coldrage, Kor'jus, Kor'kron Elite, Korin Fel, Korra, Korran, Kosco Copperpinch, Kovork, Kozish, Kragg, Krak, Krakk, Krang Stonehoof, Krathok Moltenfist, Kraul Bat, Kray, Krazek, Kreenig Snarlsnout, Krinkle Goodsteel, Kristy Grant, Krond, Kroum, Krueg Skullsplitter, Krug Skullsplit, Krumn, Krunn, Krusk, Kul Tiras Marine, Kul Tiras Sailor, Kulleg Stonehorn, Kulwia, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kuray'bin, Kurden Bloodclaw, Kurdram Stonehammer, Kurdros, Kurgul, Kurll, Kurm Stonehoof, Kurran Steele, Kuruk, Kurzen Commando, Kurzen Elite, Kurzen Headshrinker, Kurzen Jungle Fighter, Kurzen Medicine Man, Kurzen Shadow Hunter, Kurzen War Panther, Kurzen War Tiger, Kurzen Witch Doctor, Kurzen Wrangler, Kurzen's Agent, Kuz, Kylanna, Kyle, Kym Wildmane, Kyndri, Kyra Boucher, Kyra Windblade, Kyrai, Lady Anacondra, Lady Illucia Barov, Lady Katrana Prestor, Lady Moongazer, Lady Onyxia, Lady Sesspira, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Lady Vespia, Laer Stepperunner, Lago Blackwrench, Lah'Mawhani, Laird, Lairn, Lake Creeper, Lake Skulker, Lakeshire Guard, Lakota Windsong, Lamar Veisilli, Land Rager, Landslide, Lanie Reed, Lar Prowltusk, Lara Moore, Lardan, Large Crag Boar, Larhka, Larimaine Purdue, Larion, Laris Geardawdle, Lars, Lashtail Raptor, Latronicus Moonspear, Lau'Tiki, Laughing Sister, Lauren Newcomb, Lava Annihilator, Lava Elemental, Lava Reaver, Lava Spawn, Lavinia Crowe, Lawrence Schneider, Laziphus, League of Arathor Elite, League of Arathor Emissary, Lee Brown, Leech Stalker, Legashi Hellcaller, Legashi Rogue, Legashi Satyr, Lenny "Fingers" McCoy, Leona Tharpe, Leonard Porter, Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, Leper Gnome, Leprous Assistant, Leprous Defender, Leprous Machinesmith, Leprous Technician, Lesser Infernal, Lesser Rock Elemental, Lesser Water Elemental, Lexington Mortaim, Lexlort, Librarian Mae Paledust, Lieutenant Benedict, Lieutenant Doren, Lieutenant Fangore, Lieutenant General Andorov, Lieutenant Greywand, Lieutenant Grummus, Lieutenant Haggerdin, Lieutenant Murp, Lieutenant Rotimer, Lieutenant Stouthandle, Lieutenant Stronghoof, Lieutenant Valorcall, Lil Timmy, Lilliam Sparkspindle, Lina Hearthstove, Lina Stover, Lindea Rabonne, Lindsay Ashlock, Lingering Highborne, Lisan Pierce, Lissyphus Finespindle, Liv Rizzlefix, Living Blaze, Lizbeth Cromwell, Lizzarik, Llana, Llane Beshere, Loch Crocolisk, Loch Frenzy, Locke Okarr, Loganaar, Logannas, Lok Orcbane, Lokhtos Darkbargainer, Lolo the Lookout, Lomac Gearstrip, Longbraid the Grim, Longsnout, Longtooth Howler, Longtooth Runner, Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker, Loorana, Lord Alexei Barov, Lord Aliden Perenolde, Lord Azrethoc, Lord Baurles K. Wishock, Lord Captain Wyrmak, Lord Cobrahn, Lord Cyrik Blackforge, Lord Ello Ebonlocke, Lord Falconcrest, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, Lord Incendius, Lord Kragaru, Lord Malathrom, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Lord Pythas, Lord Serpentis, Lord Shalzaru, Lord Tony Romano, Lord Vyletongue, Lordaeron Citizen, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Lorelae Wintersong, Loremaster Dibbs, Lorgus Jett, Loro, Loruk Foreststrider, Lost Barrens Kodo, Lost One Chieftain, Lost One Fisherman, Lost One Hunter, Lost One Muckdweller, Lost One Mudlurker, Lost One Riftseeker, Lost One Seer, Lost Soul, Lotherias, Louis Warren, Lucan Cordell, Lucifron, Lucille Castleton, Lucius, Lui'Mala, Lumak, Lumberjack, Lunaclaw, Lupine Horror, Lurking Feral Scar, Luther Pickman, Lyesa Steelbrow, Lylandris, Lyon Mountainheart, Lyria Du Lac, Lysta Bancroft, Ma'ruk Wyrmscale, Mabel Solaj, Mad Magglish, Madame Eva, Maethrya, Magar, Magatha Grimtotem, Mage Hunter, Magenius, Maggot Eye, Maggran Earthbinder, Maginor Dumas, Magistrate Barthilas, Magistrate Bluntnose, Magistrate Burnside, Magistrate Sevren, Magma Elemental, Magmar Fellhew, Magram Bonepaw, Magram Marauder, Magram Mauler, Magram Outrunner, Magram Pack Runner, Magram Scout, Magram Stormer, Magram Windchaser, Magram Wrangler, Magrami Spectre, Magregan Deepshadow, Magrin Rivermane, Magus Wordeen Voidglare, Mahani, Mahnott Roughwound, Mahu, Mai'Lahii, Mai'Zoth, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Major Mattingly, Major Samuelson, Majordomo Executus, Mak, Makaba Flathoof, Makaru, Makrinni Razorclaw, Makrinni Scrabbler, Makrinni Snapclaw, Makrura Clacker, Makrura Elder, Makrura Shellhide, Makrura Snapclaw, Malakai Cross, Malcomb Wynn, Maldryn, Maleki the Pallid, Malissa, Maliynn, Mallen Swain, Malor the Zealous, Malosh, Malton Droffers, Maluressian, Malyfous Darkhammer, Malygen, Mana Eater, Mangled Cadaver, Mangletooth, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Duskbat, Mangy Mountain Boar, Mangy Nightsaber, Mangy Silvermane, Mangy Wolf, Mani Winterhoof, Mankrik, Mannoroc Lasher, Maquell Ebonwood, Maraudine Bonepaw, Maraudine Marauder, Maraudine Mauler, Maraudine Priest, Maraudine Scout, Maraudine Stormer, Maraudine Windchaser, Maraudine Wrangler, Maraudos, Marcel Dabyrie, Marcus Bel, Marda Weller, Mardrack Greenwell, Marduk Blackpool, Marek Ironheart, Marez Cowl, Margol the Rager, Margoz, Maria Lumere, Marin Noggenfogger, Maris Granger, Marisa du'Paige, Markel Smythe, Markus, Marla Fowler, Marsh Flesheater, Marsh Inkspewer, Marsh Murloc, Marsh Oracle, Marshal Dughan, Marshal Haggard, Marshal Marris, Marshal Maxwell, Marshal McBride, Marshal Redpath, Marta Finespindle, Martha Alliestar, Martha Strain, Martie Jainrose, Martine Tramblay, Marukai, Marvon Rivetseeker, Mary Edras, Master Apothecary Faranell, Master Digger, Master Gadrin, Master Mathias Shaw, Master Mechanic Castpipe, Master Nightsong, Master Sergeant Maclure, Master Sergeant Moonshadow, Master Smith Burninate, Master Vornal, Mastok Wrilehiss, Mathiel, Mathrengyl Bearwalker, Matt, Matt Johnson, Matthew Hooper, Mattie Alred, Maur Raincaller, Maurin Bonesplitter, Maury "Club Foot" Wilkins, Mavoris Cloudsbreak, Maximillian Crowe, Maximillion, Maxwort Uberglint, Mayara Brightwing, Mayda Thane, Maywiki of Zuldazar, Mazk Snipeshot, Mazzranache, McGavan, Me'lynn, Mebok Mizzyrix, Mechanized Guardian, Mechanized Sentry, Mechano-Flamewalker, Mechano-Frostwalker, Mechano-Tank, Meilosh, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Melarith, Melika Isenstrider, Melisara, Melizza Brimbuzzle, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Mercutio Filthgorger, Merelyssa, Meri Ironweave, Merill Pleasance, Merissa Stilwell, Merok Longstride, Mesa Buzzard, Meven Korgal, Miao'zan, Micha Yance, Michael Garrett, Michelle Belle, Mike Miller, Mikey, Mikhail, Miles Dexter, Miles Welsh, Milla Fairancora, Milli Featherwhistle, Millie Gregorian, Milstaff Stormeye, Milton Sheaf, Mindless Zombie, Mine Spider, Miran, Mire Lord, Mirefin Coastrunner, Mirefin Muckdweller, Mirefin Oracle, Mirefin Warrior, Mirelle Tremayne, Mirket, Misha, Misha Tor'kren, Mishellena, Mishta, Miss Danna, Mist Creeper, Mistina Steelshield, Mistvale Gorilla, Mistwing Ravager, Mistwing Rogue, Mithras Ironhill, Mitsuwa, Mo'grosh Brute, Mo'grosh Enforcer, Mo'grosh Mystic, Mo'grosh Ogre, Mo'grosh Shaman, Moam, Mobile Alert System, Mogg, Mogh the Undying, Mok'rash, Mokvar, Molt Thorn, Molten Elemental, Molten Giant, Molten War Golem, Molthor, Monika Sengutz, Monstrous Crawler, Monstrous Plaguebat, Montarr, Monty, Moon Priestess Amara, Moonglade Warden, Moonkin, Moonkin Oracle, Moonrage Bloodhowler, Moonrage Darkrunner, Moonrage Darksoul, Moonrage Glutton, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moonstalker, Moonstalker Runt, Moontouched Owlbeast, Moorane Hearthgrain, Mooranta, Moorat Longstride, Mor'Ladim, Mor'rogal, Mor'vek, Morbent Fel, Morg Gnarltree, Morgaine the Sly, Morgan Pestle, Morgan the Collector, Morganth, Morganus, Morgg Stormshot, Morgum, Morhan Coppertongue, Morin Cloudstalker, Morley Bates, Morley Eberlein, Morloch, Morphaz, Morris Lawry, Mortimer Montague, Mosh'Ogg Brute, Mosh'Ogg Lord, Mosh'Ogg Mauler, Mosh'Ogg Shaman, Mosh'Ogg Warmonger, Mosh'Ogg Witch Doctor, Mossflayer Zombie, Mosshide Brute, Mosshide Fenrunner, Mosshide Trapper, Mot Dawnstrider, Motega Firemane, Motley Garmason, Mottled Boar, Mottled Drywallow Crocolisk, Mottled Raptor, Mottled Razormaw, Mottled Screecher, Mottled Scytheclaw, Mottled Worg, Mountain Boar, Mountain Buzzard, Mountain Cougar, Mountain Lion, Mountain Yeti, Mountaineer Angst, Mountaineer Barn, Mountaineer Bludd, Mountaineer Boombellow, Mountaineer Brokk, Mountaineer Cobbleflint, Mountaineer Cragg, Mountaineer Dalk, Mountaineer Dokkin, Mountaineer Dolf, Mountaineer Droken, Mountaineer Flint, Mountaineer Ganin, Mountaineer Gravelgaw, Mountaineer Grugelm, Mountaineer Haggil, Mountaineer Haggis, Mountaineer Hammerfall, Mountaineer Harn, Mountaineer Kadrell, Mountaineer Kalmir, Mountaineer Kamdar, Mountaineer Langarr, Mountaineer Luxst, Mountaineer Modax, Mountaineer Morlic, Mountaineer Morran, Mountaineer Naarh, Mountaineer Ozmok, Mountaineer Pebblebitty, Mountaineer Rharen, Mountaineer Rockgar, Mountaineer Roghan, Mountaineer Stenn, Mountaineer Stormpike, Mountaineer Swarth, Mountaineer Veek, Mountaineer Yuttha, Mountaineer Zaren, Mountaineer Zwarn, Mounted Ironforge Mountaineer, Mr. Smite, Mr. Wiggles, Mrs. Winters, Mu'uta, Muad, Muck Splash, Muckrake, Muckshell Pincer, Muckshell Scrabbler, Muculent Ooze, Mudduk, Mudrock Borer, Mudrock Snapjaw, Mudrock Spikeshell, Mudrock Tortoise, Muglash, Muigin, Muiredon Battleforge, Mukdrak, Mull Thunderhorn, Mulverick's War Rider, Mummified Atal'ai, Mura Runetotem, Muragus, Murdaloc, Muren Stormpike, Murgot Deepforge, Murk Thresher, Murkgill Forager, Murkgill Hunter, Murkgill Lord, Murkgill Oracle, Murkgill Warrior, Murkshallow Snapclaw, Murky, Murloc, Murloc Coastrunner, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Forager, Murloc Hunter, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Minor Oracle, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Murloc Netter, Murloc Oracle, Murloc Raider, Murloc Scout, Murloc Shorestriker, Murloc Streamrunner, Murloc Tidecaller, Murloc Tidehunter, Murloc Warrior, Murndan Derth, Murta Grimgut, Mutanus the Devourer, Muuran, Mux Manascrambler, My'lanna, Mydrannul, Myizz Luckycatch, Mylini Frostmoon, Myolor Sunderfury, Myra Tyrngaarde, Mythrin'dir, Naal Mistrunner, Nadia Vernon, Nadyia Maneweaver, Naela Trance, Naga Explorer, Nagaz, Nalpak, Nan Mistrunner, Nancy Vishas, Nandar Branson, Nantar, Nara Meideros, Naram Longclaw, Narg the Taskmaster, Nargal Deatheye, Nargatt, Narillasanz, Narkk, Narm Faulk, Narv Hidecrafter, Nata Dawnstrider, Nataka Longhorn, Nathaniel Dumah, Nathaniel Steenwick, Nazeer Bloodpike, Nazgrel, Necrofiend, Necromancer, Needles Cougar, Neema, Neeru Fireblade, Nefarian, Nefaru, Negolash, Nekrum Gutchewer, Nerrist, Nessa Shadowsong, Nether Maiden, Nether Sister, Nether Sorceress, Nethergarde Analyst, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Elite, Nethergarde Miner, Nethergarde Officer, Nethergarde Riftwatcher, Nethergarde Soldier, Newton Burnside, Nez'raz, Nezzliok the Dire, Nicholas Atwood, Nida Winterhoof, Night Watch Guard, Night Web Spider, Nightbane Dark Runner, Nightbane Shadow Weaver, Nightbane Tainted One, Nightbane Vile Fang, Nightbane Worgen, Nightlash, Nightmare Scalebane, Nightmare Wanderer, Nightmare Whelp, Nightmare Wyrmkin, Nightsaber, Nightsaber Stalker, Nijel's Point Guard, Nikova Raskol, Nillen Andemar, Nimboya, Nipsy, Nissa Agamand, Nissa Firestone, Nittlebur Sparkfizzle, Nixx Sprocketspring, Nixxrax Fillamug, Noboru the Cudgel, Nogg, Northshire Guard, Northshire Peasant, Northspring Harpy, Northspring Roguefeather, Northspring Windcaller, Novice Elreth, Novice Thaivand, Novice Warrior, Noxious Plaguebat, Noxxious Scion, Nurse Neela, Nurse Stonefield, Nyse, Oasis Snapjaw, Obsidian Elemental, Obsidian Sentinel, Obsidion, Odo the Blindwatcher, Officer Areyn, Officer Brady, Officer Gothena, Officer Ironbeard, Officer Jaxon, Officer Lunalight, Officer Maloof, Officer Pomeroy, Officer Porterhouse, Officer Redblade, Officer Thunderstrider, Officer Vu'Shalay, Ogg'marr, Oggleflint, Oglethorpe Obnoticus, Ogom the Wretched, Ogromm, Ohanko, Ohgan, Okla, Okothos Ironrager, Ol' Beasley, Ol' Emma, Ol' Sooty, Olaf, Old Blanchy, Old Man Heming, Old Murk-Eye, Old Town Thug, Oliver Dwor, Olivia Burnside, Ollanus, Olmin Burningbeard, Olvia, Omusa Thunderhorn, Ongeku, Onu, Onyxia, Onyxia's Elite Guard, Onyxian Warder, Onyxian Whelp, Ophek, Ophelia Montague, Or'Kalar, Oralius, Oran Snakewrithe, Orendil Broadleaf, Orenthil Whisperwind, Orgnil Soulscar, Orgrimmar Elite Infantryman, Orgrimmar Grunt, Orgrimmar Legion Axe Thrower, Orgrimmar Legion Grunt, Ormer Ironbraid, Ormok, Ormyr Flinteye, Ornery Plainstrider, Oro Eyegouge, Orokk Omosh, Orphan Matron Battlewail, Orphan Matron Nightingale, Orwin Gizzmick, Osborne the Night Man, Ott, Otto, Outcast Necromancer, Overlord Mok'Morokk, Overlord Ramtusk, Overlord Ror, Overlord Runthak, Overlord Wyrmthalak, Overmaster Pyron, Overseer Maltorius, Overseer Oilfist, Overwatch Mark I, Owen Vaughn, Ox, Ozzie Togglevolt, Pack Kodo, Paige Chaddis, Pakwa, Palemane Poacher, Palemane Skinner, Palemane Tanner, Pand Stonebinder, Panther, Parasitic Serpent, Parqual Fintallas, Pat, Patchwork Horror, Patrice Dwyer, Patrick Garrett, Paxton Ganter, Peacekeeper Security Suit, Pelturas Whitemoon, Penny, Peon, Pephredo, Pesterhide Hyena, Pesterhide Snarler, Peter Galen, Phalanx, Phin Odelic, Pierce Shackleton, Pikkle, Pilot Longbeard, Pilot Stonegear, Pithwick, Pixel, Plague Ghoul, Plague Ravager, Plague Spreader, Plaguebat, Plagued Hatchling, Plagued Maggot, Plagued Rat, Plaguehound, Plaguehound Runt, Plains Creeper, Plainstrider, Poison Sprite, Pooka, Poranna Snowbraid, Porcine Entourage, Prairie Stalker, Prairie Wolf, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Pridewing Consort, Pridewing Skyhunter, Pridewing Wyvern, Priestess A'moora, Priestess Alathea, Priestess Anetta, Priestess Josetta, Primal Ooze, Primalist Thurloga, Primitive Owlbeast, Primordial Behemoth, Prince Nazjak, Prince Xavalis, Princess, Princess Moira Bronzebeard, Prisoner of Jin'Zil, Private Merle, Private Porter, Private Thorsen, Privateer Bloads, Prospector Gunstan, Prospector Ironband, Prospector Ironboot, Prospector Khazgorm, Prospector Stormpike, Prospector Whelgar, Protector Deni, Protector Dorana, Protector Dutfield, Protector Korelor, Protector Leick, Protector of the People, Protector Weaver, Prowler, Pterrordax, Putrid Gargoyle, Putrid Shrieker, Putridus Satyr, Putridus Shadowstalker, Putridus Trickster, Pyall Silentstride, Pygmy Tide Crawler, Pygmy Venom Web Spider, Pyrewood Elder, Pyrewood Sentry, Pyrewood Watcher, Pyroguard Emberseer, Pyromancer Loregrain, Qeeju, Qiaga the Keeper, Qixdi Goodstitch, Qizzik, Quae, Quarry Slave, Quartermaster Hudson, Quartermaster Lungertz, Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock, Quentin, Quilguard Champion, Quinn, Quintis Jonespyre, Rabbit, Rabid Blisterpaw, Rabid Dire Wolf, Rabid Longtooth, Rabid Shadowhide Gnoll, Radnaal Maneweaver, Raedon Duskstriker, Raena Flinthammer, Raene Wolfrunner, Rage Talon Captain, Rage Talon Dragon Guard, Rage Talon Dragonspawn, Rage Talon Fire Tongue, Rage Talon Flamescale, Ragefire Shaman, Ragefire Trogg, Ragereaver Golem, Ragglesnout, Raging Agam'ar, Raging Cliff Stormer, Raging Moonkin, Raging Owlbeast, Raging Thunder Lizard, Ragnaros, Rahauro, Raider Jhash, Raider Kerr, Raleigh Andrean, Rallic Finn, Ralston Farnsley, Ram, Ramstein the Gorger, Rand Rhobart, Randal Hunter, Randal Worth, Randolph Montague, Rane Yorick, Ranik, Rann Flamespinner, Ransin Donner, Rarck, Rartar, Rashona Straglash, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Rathorian, Ratslin Maime, Rattlecage Skeleton, Rattlecage Soldier, Rattlegore, Rau Cliffrunner, Ravaged Cadaver, Ravaged Corpse, Ravasaur, Ravasaur Hunter, Ravasaur Runner, Raven, Ravenclaw Champion, Ravenclaw Drudger, Ravenclaw Servant, Ravenclaw Slave, Ravenholdt Guard, Ravenous Darkhound, Razor Hill Grunt, Razorbeak Gryphon, Razorclaw the Butcher, Razorfen Battleguard, Razorfen Beast Trainer, Razorfen Beastmaster, Razorfen Dustweaver, Razorfen Earthbreaker, Razorfen Geomancer, Razorfen Groundshaker, Razorfen Handler, Razorfen Servitor, Razorfen Spearhide, Razorfen Stalker, Razorfen Thornweaver, Razorfen Warden, Razorfen Warrior, Razorgore the Untamed, Razormane Battleguard, Razormane Defender, Razormane Dustrunner, Razormane Geomancer, Razormane Hunter, Razormane Mystic, Razormane Pathfinder, Razormane Quilboar, Razormane Scout, Razormane Seer, Razormane Stalker, Razormane Thornweaver, Razormane Warfrenzy, Razormane Water Seeker, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Raptor, Razzashi Serpent, Razzashi Venombrood, Razzle Sprysprocket, Reanimated Corpse, Reban Freerunner, Rebecca Laughlin, Rebel Watchman, Red Whelp, Red Wyrmkin, Redridge Alpha, Redridge Basher, Redridge Brute, Redridge Drudger, Redridge Mongrel, Redridge Mystic, Redridge Poacher, Redridge Thrasher, Redstone Basilisk, Redstone Crystalhide, Reef Crawler, Reese Langston, Refuge Pointe Defender, Reggifuz, Regina Halloran, Reginald Grimsford, Regnus Thundergranite, Regthar Deathgate, Rekkul, Relara Whitemoon, Rellian Greenspyre, Remen Marcot, Renato Gallina, Rendow, Renzik "The Shiv", Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rethilgore, Revantusk Watcher, Revelosh, Rexxar, Reyna Stonebranch, Rezlak, Rhag Garmason, Rhahk'Zor, Rhiannon Davis, Rhinag, Ribbly Screwspigot, Ribbly's Crony, Richard Kerwin, Richard Van Brunt, Rickle Goldgrubber, Ricter, Ridge Huntress, Ridge Stalker, Ridge Stalker Patriarch, Riggle Bassbait, Rigglefuzz, Rikqiz, Riley Walker, Rilli Greasygob, Rin'ji, Rin'wosho the Trader, Rinling, Risen Aberration, Risen Bonewarder, Risen Construct, Risen Guard, Risen Guardian, Risen Protector, River Crocolisk, Riverpaw Bandit, Riverpaw Brute, Riverpaw Gnoll, Riverpaw Herbalist, Riverpaw Mongrel, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Runt, Riverpaw Scout, Riznek, Roach, Robert Gossom, Roc, Rock Borer, Rock Elemental, Rock Stalker, Rock Worm, Rockbiter, Rockhide Boar, Rockjaw Ambusher, Rockjaw Backbreaker, Rockjaw Bonesnapper, Rockjaw Skullthumper, Rockwing Screecher, Roggo Harlbarrow, Rogue Black Drake, Rogue Flame Spirit, Rogue Ice Thistle, Rogue Vale Screecher, Rogvar, Rok Orhan, Rok'Alim the Pounder, Rokar Bladeshadow, Role Dreuger, Ronald Burch, Roogug, Rookery Whelp, Roon Wildmane, Rot Hide Gladerunner, Rot Hide Gnoll, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Mongrel, Rot Hide Mystic, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotted One, Rotting Agam'ar, Rotting Ancestor, Rotting Cadaver, Rotting Dead, Rotting Ghoul, Roxxik, Royal Dreadguard, Royal Factor Bathrilor, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rudra Amberstill, Rumbling Exile, Rumstag Proudstrider, Runk Windtamer, Rupert Boch, Rusty Harvest Golem, Rutherford Twing, Ruul Eagletalon, Ruul Snowhoof, Ruw, Saean, Saenorion, Saern Priderunner, Sage Korolusk, Sage Truthseeker, Sagorne Creststrider, Sahvan Bloodshadow, Salazar Bloch, Salt Flats Scavenger, Salt Flats Vulture, Saltscale Forager, Saltscale Hunter, Saltscale Oracle, Saltscale Tide Lord, Saltscale Warrior, Saltspittle Puddlejumper, Saltstone Basilisk, Saltstone Crystalhide, Saltstone Gazer, Saltwater Crocolisk, Saltwater Snapjaw, Samantha Swifthoof, Samuel Van Brunt, Sana, Sand Crawler, Sand Shark, Sand Skitterer, Sandahl, Sandfury Acolyte, Sandfury Axe Thrower, Sandfury Blood Drinker, Sandfury Cretin, Sandfury Drudge, Sandfury Executioner, Sandfury Firecaller, Sandfury Guardian, Sandfury Hideskinner, Sandfury Shadowcaster, Sandfury Shadowhunter, Sandfury Soul Eater, Sandfury Witch Doctor, Sandfury Zealot, Sara Balloo, Sarah Goode, Sarah Killian, Sarah Raycroft, Sarah Tanner, Sarilus Foulborne, Sarkoth, Sarltooth, Sarok, Saru Steelfury, Saturated Ooze, Savage Owlbeast, Savannah Cub, Savannah Highmane, Savannah Huntress, Savannah Matriarch, Savannah Patriarch, Savannah Prowler, Sayoc, Scalding Elemental, Scalding Whelp, Scalebane Captain, ScAr, Scarab, Scarlet Abbot, Scarlet Adept, Scarlet Augur, Scarlet Avenger, Scarlet Beastmaster, Scarlet Bodyguard, Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Champion, Scarlet Chaplain, Scarlet Cleric, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Scarlet Conjuror, Scarlet Convert, Scarlet Defender, Scarlet Disciple, Scarlet Diviner, Scarlet Enchanter, Scarlet Evoker, Scarlet Friar, Scarlet Gallant, Scarlet Guardsman, Scarlet Hunter, Scarlet Initiate, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Knight, Scarlet Magician, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Monk, Scarlet Myrmidon, Scarlet Neophyte, Scarlet Paladin, Scarlet Preserver, Scarlet Protector, Scarlet Scout, Scarlet Scryer, Scarlet Sentinel, Scarlet Sentry, Scarlet Soldier, Scarlet Sorcerer, Scarlet Torturer, Scarlet Trainee, Scarlet Vanguard, Scarlet Warder, Scarlet Warrior, Scarlet Wizard, Scarlet Zealot, Scarred Crag Boar, Scarshield Acolyte, Scarshield Grunt, Scarshield Legionnaire, Scarshield Raider, Scarshield Sentry, Scarshield Spellbinder, Scarshield Warlock, Scarshield Worg, Scholar Runethorn, Scholomance Acolyte, Scholomance Adept, Scholomance Dark Summoner, Scholomance Necrolyte, Scholomance Necromancer, Scholomance Neophyte, Scholomance Occultist, Scholomance Student, School of Fish, Scooty, Scorched Basilisk, Scorched Guardian, Scorching Elemental, Scorpashi Lasher, Scorpashi Snapper, Scorpashi Venomlash, Scorpid Dunestalker, Scorpid Hunter, Scorpid Reaver, Scorpid Tail Lasher, Scorpid Terror, Scorpid Worker, Scott Carevin, Scourge Champion, Scourge Guard, Scourge Soldier, Scourge Warder, Scout Galiaan, Scout Manslayer, Scout Riell, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Screeching Harpy, Screeching Roguefeather, Screeching Windcaller, Se'Jib, Sea Elemental, Sea Spray, Searing Blade Cultist, Searing Blade Enforcer, Searing Blade Warlock, Searing Ghoul, Searing Hatchling, Searing Lava Spider, Searing Whelp, Searn Firewarder, Searscale Drake, Seasoned Defender, Seasoned Guardian, Seasoned Guardsman, Seasoned Legionnaire, Seasoned Sentinel, Sebastian Meloche, Security Chief Bilgewhizzle, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seeker Thompson, Seereth Stonebreak, Seeth'rel, Seikwa, Selina Pickman, Sellandus, Sen'jin Watcher, Senani Thunderheart, Senator Barin Redstone, Senior Sergeant Kai'jin, Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser, Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze, Sentinel Farsong, Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea, Sentinel Kyra Starsong, Sentinel Shayla Nightbreeze, Sentinel Silversky, Sentinel Thenysil, Sentinel Tysha Moonblade, Sentinel Velene Starstrike, Sentry Point Guard, Seoman Griffith, Serge Hinott, Sergeant Ba'sha, Sergeant Bly, Sergeant Carnes, Sergeant Houser, Sergeant Major Germaine, Sergeant Stonebrow, Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl, Sergeant Yohwa, Sergra Darkthorn, Seriadne, Serpentbloom Snake, Servant of Allistarj, Servant of Azora, Servant of Grol, Severed Sleeper, Sewa Mistrunner, Shade of Eranikus, Shadethicket Bark Ripper, Shadethicket Moss Eater, Shadethicket Raincaller, Shadethicket Wood Shaper, Shadi Mistrunner, Shadow, Shadow Panther, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadow Priestess Vandis, Shadowfang Darksoul, Shadowfang Glutton, Shadowfang Moonwalker, Shadowfang Whitescalp, Shadowfang Wolfguard, Shadowforge Citizen, Shadowforge Darkcaster, Shadowforge Darkweaver, Shadowforge Digger, Shadowforge Flame Keeper, Shadowforge Peasant, Shadowforge Relic Hunter, Shadowforge Ruffian, Shadowforge Senator, Shadowforge Sharpshooter, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowforge Tunneler, Shadowforge Warrior, Shadowhide Assassin, Shadowhide Brute, Shadowhide Darkweaver, Shadowhide Gnoll, Shadowhide Slayer, Shadowhide Warrior, Shadowhorn Stag, Shadowmaw Panther, Shadowprey Guardian, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz, Shadowshard Smasher, Shadowsilk Poacher, Shadowsworn Adept, Shadowsworn Cultist, Shadowsworn Enforcer, Shadowy Assassin, Shael'dryn, Shailiea, Shaina Fuller, Shakes O'Breen, Shaldyn, Shalomon, Shambling Horror, Shan'ti, Shandrina, Shandris Feathermoon, Shara Blazen, Shardi, Shardtooth Mauler, Sharlindra, Sharptooth Frenzy, Shatterspear Drummer, Shatterspear Troll, Shayis Steelfury, Shazzrah, Sheal Runetotem, Sheendra Tallgrass, Sheep, Sheldon Von Croy, Sheldras Moontree, Shelene Rhobart, Shelgrayn, Shellei Brondir, Shenthul, Sherman Femmel, Sheza Wildmane, Shi'alune, Shimra, Shindrell Swiftfire, Shoja'my, Shoma, Shoni the Shilent, Shore Crawler, Shreev, Shrieking Banshee, Shrike Bat, Shrye Ragefist, Shylamiir, Shylenai, Shyn, Shyrka Wolfrunner, Sian'tsu, Sickly Deer, Sickly Gazelle, Sickly Refugee, Sida, Sigrun Ironhew, Sikwa, Silas Zimmer, Sildanair, Silithid Creeper, Silithid Grub, Silithid Swarmer, Silt Crawler, Silva Fil'naveth, Silvaria, Silverback Patriarch, Silvermane Howler, Silvermane Stalker, Silvermane Wolf, Silverpine Deathguard, Silverwing Elite, Silverwing Emissary, Silverwing Sentinel, Silverwing Warrior, Simon Tanner, Sinda, Sindrayl, Singed Basilisk, Sir Malory Wheeler, Sirra Von'Indi, Sister Aquinne, Sister of Celebrian, Sister Riven, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Berserker, Skeletal Executioner, Skeletal Fiend, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Frostweaver, Skeletal Guardian, Skeletal Healer, Skeletal Horror, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Raider, Skeletal Shadowcaster, Skeletal Sorcerer, Skeletal Summoner, Skeletal Terror, Skeletal Warder, Skeletal Warlord, Skeletal Warrior, Skeleton of Zum'rah, Skolmin Goldfury, Skorn Whitecloud, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Beastmaster, Skullsplitter Berserker, Skullsplitter Headhunter, Skullsplitter Hunter, Skullsplitter Mystic, Skullsplitter Scout, Skullsplitter Spiritchaser, Skullsplitter Warrior, Skullsplitter Witch Doctor, Sky Shadow, Skymane Gorilla, Slagg, Slark, Slave, Slave Worker, Slavering Ember Worg, Slavering Ghoul, Sleeby, Slimeshell Makrura, Slitherblade Myrmidon, Slitherblade Naga, Slitherblade Oracle, Slitherblade Razortail, Slitherblade Sea Witch, Slitherblade Sorceress, Slitherblade Tidehunter, Slitherblade Warrior, Sloan McCoy, Sly Garrett, Small Crag Boar, Smeed Scrabblescrew, Smith Argus, Smith Regzar, Smoldar, Smolderthorn Axe Thrower, Smolderthorn Berserker, Smolderthorn Headhunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Hunter, Smolderthorn Shadow Priest, Smolderthorn Witch Doctor, Smolderweb Hatchling, Smudge Thunderwood, Snagglespear, Snake, Snang, Snapjaw, Snapjaw Crocolisk, Snarl, Snarlflare, Sneed, Sneed's Shredder, Snow Leopard, Snow Tracker Wolf, Snurk Bucksquick, Sognar Cliffbeard, Soleil Stonemantle, Solomon, Somnus, Son of Arugal, Son of Cenarius, Son of Hakkar, Soolie Berryfizz, Soran, Sorcerer Ashcrombe, Sorek, Sorrow Spinner, Soulflayer, Soulless Ghoul, Southern Sand Crawler, Southsea Brigand, Southsea Cannoneer, Southsea Cutthroat, Southsea Dock Worker, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Southsea Privateer, Southsea Swashbuckler, Southshore Guard, Sovik, Spackle Thornberry, Sparkleshell Borer, Sparkleshell Snapper, Spawn of Mar'li, Spectral Assassin, Spectral Attendant, Spectral Citizen, Spectral Researcher, Spectral Stalker, Spectral Teacher, Spectral Tutor, Speedy, Spewed Larva, Spigot Operator Luglunket, Spined Crawler, Spire Scorpid, Spirestone Battle Mage, Spirestone Mystic, Spirestone Ogre Magus, Spirestone Reaver, Spirestone Warlord, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Raider, Spitelash Screamer, Spitelash Serpent Guard, Spitelash Siren, Spitelash Witch, Splinter Fist Enslaver, Splinter Fist Fire Weaver, Splinter Fist Firemonger, Splinter Fist Ogre, Splinter Fist Taskmaster, Splinter Fist Warrior, Splinterbone Captain, Splinterbone Centurion, Splinterbone Skeleton, Splinterbone Warrior, Splintered Skeleton, Splintertree Guard, Splintertree Raider, Springspindle Fizzlegear, Sprinkle, Sprite Darter, Sprite Dragon, Sprogger, Sprok, Sputtervalve, Squibby Overspeck, Squiddic, Squirrel, Sraaz, Sranda, Stalvan Mistmantle, Starn, Starving Blisterpaw, Starving Bonepaw, Starving Buzzard, Starving Dire Wolf, Starving Mountain Lion, Starving Snickerfang, Steamwheedle Bruiser, Steeljaw Snapper, Steelsnap, Stephanie Turner, Stephen Bhartec, Stephen Ryback, Steven, Steven Black, Steven Lohan, Stitched Horror, Stitches, Stoley, Stonard Cartographer, Stonard Explorer, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Hunter, Stonard Orc, Stonard Scout, Stonard Shaman, Stonard Wayfinder, Stone Fury, Stone Guardian, Stone Keeper, Stone Maw Basilisk, Stone Steward, Stonearm, Stonelash Flayer, Stonelash Pincer, Stonelash Scorpid, Stonesplinter Bonesnapper, Stonesplinter Digger, Stonesplinter Geomancer, Stonesplinter Scout, Stonesplinter Seer, Stonesplinter Shaman, Stonesplinter Skullthumper, Stonesplinter Trogg, Stonetalon Grunt, Stonetusk Boar, Stonevault Ambusher, Stonevault Basher, Stonevault Bonesnapper, Stonevault Brawler, Stonevault Cave Hunter, Stonevault Flameweaver, Stonevault Geomancer, Stonevault Mauler, Stonevault Rockchewer, Stonevault Seer, Stonevault Shaman, Storm Bay Oracle, Storm Bay Warrior, Storm Shadowhoof, Stormhide, Stormpike Bowman, Stormpike Defender, Stormpike Emissary, Stormpike Guardsman, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormpike Owl, Stormpike Quartermaster, Stormpike Ram Rider, Stormpike Stable Master, Stormscale Warrior, Stormsnout, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Commendation Officer, Stormwind Guard, Stormwind Orphan, Stormwind Royal Guard, Stranglethorn Raptor, Stranglethorn Tiger, Stranglethorn Tigress, Strashaz Hydra, Stratholme Courier, Strigid Owl, Strigid Screecher, Stromgarde Cavalryman, Stromgarde Defender, Stromgarde Troll Hunter, Stromgarde Vindicator, Strumner Flintheel, Stuart Fleming, Subterranean Diemetradon, Suffering Highborne, Suffering Victim, Sul'lithuz Sandcrawler, Sulfuron Harbinger, Sumi, Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver, Sunn Ragetotem, Sunscale Lashtail, Sunscale Screecher, Sunscale Scytheclaw, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Supervisor Raelen, Sura Wildmane, Surena Caledon, Surf Crawler, Surf Glider, Suzanne, Sven Yorgen, Swamp Jaguar, Swamp Ooze, Swamp Talker, Swampwalker, Swampwalker Elder, Swirling Vortex, Swoop, Sydney Upton, Sylista, Sylvanna Forestmoon, Syndicate Assassin, Syndicate Conjuror, Syndicate Enforcer, Syndicate Footpad, Syndicate Highwayman, Syndicate Magus, Syndicate Mercenary, Syndicate Pathstalker, Syndicate Prowler, Syndicate Rogue, Syndicate Saboteur, Syndicate Sentry, Syndicate Shadow Mage, Syndicate Spy, Syndicate Thief, Syndicate Watchman, Syndicate Wizard, Syurna, Tagain, Tah Winterhoof, Tai'tasi, Taiga Wisemane, Tainted Ooze, Takar the Seer, Takata Steelblade, Takrin Pathseeker, Tal, Taladan, Taldan, Talendria, Talo Thornhoof, Taloned Swoop, Tamar, Tammra Windfield, Tamra Stormpike, Tand, Tandaan Lightmane, Taneel Darkwood, Tangled Horror, Tannysa, Tansy Puddlefizz, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Beast, Tar Creeper, Tar Lord, Tar Lurker, Taragaman the Hungerer, Tarantula, Tarban Hearthgrain, Targ, Targorr the Dread, Tarhus, Tari'qa, Tarn, Tarrel Rockweaver, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taskmaster Fizzule, Taskmaster Scrange, Tatternack Steelforge, Taur Stonehoof, Tavernkeep Smitts, Tawny Grisette, Techbot, Teg Dawnstrider, Tel'Athir, Teldrassil Sentinel, Telonis, Teloren, Tempered War Golem, Tepa, Teremus the Devourer, Terenthis, Terl Arakor, Terry Palin, Tethis, Thaddeus Webb, Thal'trak Proudtusk, Thalia Amberhide, Thalon, Thamarian, Thanthaldis Snowgleam, Tharg, Tharil'zun, Tharlidun, Tharm, Tharnariun Treetender, Tharynn Bouden, Thaurissan Firewalker, The Nameless Prophet, The Ravenian, The Threshwackonator 4100, Theka the Martyr, Thenan, Theocritus, Theodore Mont Claire, Theodrus Frostbeard, Theradrim Guardian, Theradrim Shardling, Theramore Deserter, Theramore Guard, Theramore Infiltrator, Theramore Marine, Theramore Preserver, Theramore Sentry, Theresa, Theridran, Thersa Windsong, Therum Deepforge, Therysil, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thistle Bear, Thistle Boar, Thistlefur Avenger, Thistlefur Den Watcher, Thistlefur Pathfinder, Thistlefur Shaman, Thistleheart, Thistleshrub Dew Collector, Thistleshrub Rootshaper, Thomas, Thomas Arlento, Thomas Booker, Thomas Miller, Thomas Mordan, Thor, Thora Feathermoon, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thorium Brotherhood Lookout, Thork, Thorkaf Dragoneye, Thorn Eater Ghoul, Thrag Stonehoof, Thragomm, Thrall, Thralosh, Thrashtail Basilisk, Thrumn, Thultash, Thultazor, Thun'grim Firegaze, Thund, Thunderhawk Cloudscraper, Thunderhawk Hatchling, Thunderhead, Thunderhead Patriarch, Thunderhead Stagwing, Thunderheart, Thundering Boulderkin, Thundering Exile, Thundris Windweaver, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurman Agamand, Thurman Mullby, Thurman Schneider, Thuros Lightfingers, Thurston Xane, Thuul, Thuwd, Thuzadin Acolyte, Thuzadin Necromancer, Thuzadin Shadowcaster, Thyn'tel Bladeweaver, Thyssiana, Thysta, Tideress, Tiev Mordune, Tigor Skychaser, Tilli Thistlefuzz, Timber, Timber Wolf, Timberling, Timberling Trampler, Timbermaw Den Watcher, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Pathfinder, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Ursa, Timbermaw Warder, Timbermaw Warrior, Timbermaw Woodbender, Timberweb Recluse, Timmy the Cruel, Timothy Weldon, Tink Sprocketwhistle, Tinkee Steamboil, Tinkerer Gizlock, Tinkerwiz, Tinkmaster Overspark, Tirisfal Farmer, Tirisfal Farmhand, Tisa Martine, Tiza Battleforge, Toddrick, Tog'thar, Tok'Kar, Toldren Deepiron, Tomas, Tonga Runetotem, Topper McNabb, Tor'gan, Tor'phan, Torek, Tormented Officer, Tormented Spirit, Tormus Deepforge, Torn, Torn Fin Coastrunner, Torn Fin Muckdweller, Torn Fin Oracle, Torn Fin Tidehunter, Torn Screamer, Torren Squarejaw, Tortured Druid, Tortured Sentinel, Tower Point Marshal, Town Crier, Trade Master Kovic, Trained Razorbeak, Trak'gen, Tran'rek, Traugh, Travist Bosk, Trayexir, Trenton Lighthammer, Trianna, Trixie Quikswitch, Trok, Troyas Moonbreeze, Tumi, Tunkk, Tunnel Rat Forager, Tunnel Rat Geomancer, Tunnel Rat Scout, Tunnel Rat Surveyor, Tunnel Rat Vermin, Turak Runetotem, Turhaw, Turquoise Raptor, Turuk Amberstill, Twain, Twilight Acolyte, Twilight Aquamancer, Twilight Avenger, Twilight Bodyguard, Twilight Dark Shaman, Twilight Emissary, Twilight Fire Guard, Twilight Flamereaver, Twilight Geolord, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Keeper Exeter, Twilight Keeper Havunth, Twilight Keeper Mayna, Twilight Lord Everun, Twilight Lord Kelris, Twilight Loreseeker, Twilight Marauder, Twilight Marauder Morna, Twilight Master, Twilight Overlord, Twilight Prophet, Twilight Reaver, Twilight Runner, Twilight Shadowmage, Twilight Stonecaller, Twilight Thug, Twilight's Hammer Ambassador, Twilight's Hammer Torturer, Tyler, Tynnus Venomsprout, Tyrande Whisperwind, Ug'thok, Uhgar, Ukor, Ula'elek, Ulbrek Firehand, Ulfir Ironbeard, Ullanna, Ulthaan, Ultham Ironhorn, Ulthir, Umpi, Un'Goro Stomper, Un'Goro Thunderer, Una, Undead Dynamiter, Undead Excavator, Undead Ravager, Undercity Guardian, Unfettered Spirit, Unger Statforth, Unliving Atal'ai, Unliving Mossflayer, Ur'kyo, Urda, Urek Thunderhorn, Ursula Deline, Ursyn Ghull, Urtharo, Urtrun Clanbringer, Uruson, Uthan Stillwater, Uthel'nay, Uthil Mooncall, Uthok, Uthrar Threx, Uthrok, Uttnar, Uzzek, Vaean, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, Vagash, Vahgruk, Vahlarriel Demonslayer, Valdaron, Valdred Moray, Vale Screecher, Vampiric Duskbat, Varg Windwhisper, Vargus, Varimathras, Vark Battlescar, Vazario Linkgrease, Vectus, Vehena, Veldan Lightfoot, Velma Warnam, Velora Nitely, Venom Mist Lurker, Venom Web Spider, Venomhide Ravasaur, Venomlash Scorpid, Venomous Cloud Serpent, Venomtail Scorpid, Venomtip Scorpid, Venture Co. Builder, Venture Co. Deforester, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Enforcer, Venture Co. Engineer, Venture Co. Foreman, Venture Co. Geologist, Venture Co. Hireling, Venture Co. Laborer, Venture Co. Logger, Venture Co. Lumberjack, Venture Co. Mechanic, Venture Co. Miner, Venture Co. Operator, Venture Co. Overseer, Venture Co. Peon, Venture Co. Shredder, Venture Co. Strip Miner, Venture Co. Taskmaster, Venture Co. Tinkerer, Venture Co. Workboss, Venture Co. Worker, Vera Nightshade, Verdan the Everliving, Verdantine Oracle, Verdantine Tree Warder, Verner Osgood, Vernon Hale, Veron Amberstill, Vesprystus, Vestia Moonspear, Veteran Commando, Veteran Guardian, Veteran Legionnaire, Veteran Warrior, Vexspindle, Vhan, Vharr, Vhulgra, Vicious Gray Bear, Vicious Night Web Spider, Vicious Owlbeast, Victor Bartholomew, Victor Ward, Vidra Hearthstove, Vikki Lonsav, Viktori Prism'Antras, Vile Bat, Vile Fin Minor Oracle, Vile Fin Muckdweller, Vile Fin Oracle, Vile Fin Puddlejumper, Vile Fin Shredder, Vile Fin Tidecaller, Vile Larva, Vile Ooze, Vile Tutor, Vile'rel, Vilebranch Axe Thrower, Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Headhunter, Vilebranch Hideskinner, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Shadow Hunter, Vilebranch Shadowcaster, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vilebranch Soul Eater, Vilebranch Warrior, Vilebranch Witch Doctor, Vilebranch Wolf Pup, Vincent Hyal, Vinchaxa, Vira Younghoof, Vivianna, Viznik Goldgrubber, Vizzklick, Vorrel Sengutz, Vosur Brakthel, Vultros, Vyral the Vile, Vyrin Swiftwind, Wailing Ancestor, Wailing Banshee, Wailing Death, Wailing Guardsman, Wailing Highborne, Waldor, Walking Bomb, Walter Ellingson, Wandering Barrens Giraffe, Wandering Forest Walker, Wandering Protector, Wandering Spirit, War Effort Volunteer, War Reaver, Warbringer Construct, Warcaller Gorlach, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Ward Guardian, Ward of Laze, Warden Belamoore, Warden Haro, Warden Thelwater, Warder Stilgiss, Warg Deepwater, Warlord Kolkanis, Warlord Krellian, Warlord Krom'zar, Warpwood Moss Flayer, Warpwood Shredder, Warsong Emissary, Warsong Outrider, Warsong Runner, Warsong Scout, Warsong Shredder, Warug's Bodyguard, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Watch Commander Zalaphil, Watcher Blomberg, Watcher Brownell, Watcher Bukouris, Watcher Callahan, Watcher Cutford, Watcher Dodds, Watcher Fraizer, Watcher Hartin, Watcher Hutchins, Watcher Jan, Watcher Jordan, Watcher Keefer, Watcher Keller, Watcher Ladimore, Watcher Mocarski, Watcher Paige, Watcher Petras, Watcher Royce, Watcher Wollpert, Watchman Doomgrip, Wayward Buzzard, Weapon Technician, Weaver, Webwood Lurker, Webwood Silkspinner, Webwood Spider, Webwood Venomfang, Weldon Barov, Wenna Silkbeard, Werg Thickblade, Wesley, West Frostwolf Marshal, Westfall Woodworker, Wetlands Crocolisk, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Wharfmaster Lozgil, Whirlwind Ripper, Whirlwind Shredder, Whirlwind Stormwalker, Whiskers the Rat, Whiskey Slim, Whit Wantmal, Whitewhisker Vermin, Whuut, Wigcik, Wik'Tar, Wild Grell, Wildthorn Stalker, Wiley the Black, William, William MacGregor, William Montague, William Pestle, Willix the Importer, Wilma Ranthal, Windcaller Kaldon, Windcaller Proudhorn, Windcaller Yessendra, Windfury Harpy, Windfury Sorceress, Windfury Wind Witch, Windshear Digger, Windshear Geomancer, Windshear Tunnel Rat, Windshear Vermin, Wing Commander Guse, Wing Commander Mulverick, Winifred Kerwin, Winna Hazzard, Winstone Wolfe, Winter Wolf, Winter's Little Helper, Winterfall Den Watcher, Winterfall Pathfinder, Winterfall Runner, Winterfall Shaman, Winterfall Ursa, Wiry Swoop, Wisp, Witch Doctor Jin'Zil, Witch Doctor Zum'rah, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Berserker, Witherbark Broodguard, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Headhunter, Witherbark Hideskinner, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Scalper, Witherbark Shadow Hunter, Witherbark Shadowcaster, Witherbark Speaker, Witherbark Troll, Witherbark Venomblood, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Ancient, Withered Battle Boar, Withered Quilguard, Withered Reaver, Withered Spearhide, Withered Warrior, Witherheart the Stalker, Withervine Bark Ripper, Withervine Creeper, Withervine Mire Beast, Wizbang Cranktoggle, Wizlo Bearingshiner, Wolf Master Nandos, Wolfguard Worg, Woo Ping, Wood Lurker, Woodpaw Alpha, Woodpaw Brute, Woodpaw Mongrel, Woodpaw Mystic, Woodpaw Reaver, Woodpaw Trapper, Worb Strongstitch, Worg, Worg Pup, Wrahk, Wrath Hammer Construct, Wrathtail Priestess, Wrathtail Razortail, Wrathtail Sea Witch, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Wrenix the Wretched, Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus, Wretched Zombie, Wrinkle Goodsteel, Writhing Highborne, Wulan, Wunna Darkmane, Wynd Nightchaser, Wynne Larson, Wyrmkin Dreamwalker, X'yera, Xai'ander, Xan'tish, Xandar Goodbeard, Xanis Flameweaver, Xar'Ti, Xavathras, Xen'to, Xiggs Fuselighter, Xizk Goodstitch, XT:4, XT:9, Xylinnia Starshine, Yaelika Farclaw, Yama Snowhoof, Yanni Stoutheart, Yarlyn Amberstill, Yarrog Baneshadow, Yaw Sharpmane, Yeh'kinya, Yelmak, Yelnagi Blackarm, Yenniku, Yldan, Yonada, Yonn Deepcut, Yorba Screwspigot, Yorus Barleybrew, Young Black Bear, Young Black Ravager, Young Chimaera, Young Diemetradon, Young Fleshripper, Young Forest Bear, Young Goretusk, Young Jungle Stalker, Young Lashtail Raptor, Young Mesa Buzzard, Young Moonkin, Young Night Web Spider, Young Nightsaber, Young Panther, Young Pridewing, Young Sawtooth Crocolisk, Young Scavenger, Young Stranglethorn Raptor, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Thistle Boar, Young Wendigo, Young Wetlands Crocolisk, Young Wolf, Yowler, Yugrek, Yuka Screwspigot, Yvette Farthing, Zachariah Post, Zaldimar Wefhellt, Zamja, Zan Shivsproket, Zanara, Zandalar Enforcer, Zandalar Headshrinker, Zandalarian Emissary, Zando'zan, Zane Bradford, Zangen Stonehoof, Zansoa, Zanzil Hunter, Zanzil Naga, Zanzil Skeleton, Zanzil the Outcast, Zanzil Witch Doctor, Zanzil Zombie, Zapetta, Zardeth of the Black Claw, Zarena Cromwind, Zargh, Zaricotl, Zarise, Zarlman Two-Moons, Zas'Tysh, Zayus, Zazo, Zeal'aya, Zealot Zath, Zel'mak, Zem Leeward, Zengu, Zerillis, Zevrost, Zhevra Courser, Zhevra Runner, Zikkel, Zilzibin Drumlore, Zizzek, Zjolnir, Znort, Zolo, Zor Lonetree, Zudd, Zul'arek Hatefowler, Zul'Farrak Dead Hero, Zul'Farrak Zombie, Zul'Lor, Zulian Crocolisk, Zulian Prowler, Zulian Tiger, Zulrg, Zun'dartha, Zzarc' Vul

Updated World Objects: (239)
Abercrombie's Crate, Agamand Weapon Rack, Alexston's Chest, Alliance Chest, Ambercorn, Ammo Crate, Ancient Relic, Ancient Treasure, Andron's Bookshelf, Araj's Phylactery, Armor Crate, Arthas' Tears, Artificial Extrapolator, Ashenvale Fishing, Azsharite Formation, Bailor's Ore, Balia'mah Trophy Skulls, Barrel of Melon Juice, Barrel of Milk, Barrel of Sweet Nectar, Battered Chest, Beached Sea Creature, Black Lotus, Blindweed, Blood of Heroes, Bloodpetal Sprout, Bloodsail Charts, Bloodsail Orders, Blue Power Crystal, Bolt Charged Bramble, Bottle of Disease, Box of Assorted Parts, Box of Incendiaries, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Bundle of Wood, Cactus Apple, Calcified Elven Gem, Cannonball Stack, Caravan Chest, Carved Stone Urn, Chest of Nesting, Chest of the Black Feather, Chest of the Raven Claw, Chest of The Seven, Chest of the Sky, Copper Vein, Cortello's Riddle, Cozzle's Footlocker, Crate of Foodstuffs, Crossroads' Supply Crates, Damaged Crate, Dark Iron Ale Mug, Dark Iron Deposit, Darkshore Fishing, Davil's Libram, Deepmoss Eggs, Defias Gunpowder, Defias Strongbox, Desolace Fishing, Dirt-stained Map, Doan's Strongbox, Document Chest, Doom Weed, Draenethyst Crystals, Dreamfoil, Drizzlik's Emporium, Dun Morogh Fishing, Durotar Fishing, Dustwallow Marsh Fishing, Dusty Spellbooks, Earthroot, Equipment Boxes, Excavation Supply Crate, Fadeleaf, Fall of Gurubashi, Farm Chicken Egg, Fathom Stone, Felix's Box, Felix's Bucket of Bolts, Felix's Chest, Felwood Fishing, Feralas Fishing, Firebloom, Food Crate, Fragile - Do Not Drop, Fresh Threshadon Carcass, Frostmaul Shards, Frostwhisper's Embalming Fluid, Furlbrow's Wardrobe, Gahz'ridian, General Twinbraid's Strongbox, Ghost Mushroom, Giant Clam, Glinting Mud, Gloom Weed, Gnomish Toolbox, Gold Vein, Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Goodsteel Ledger, Gordunni Dirt Mound, Grave Moss, Green Power Crystal, Gri'lek the Wanderer, Gromsblood, Gunther's Books, Half-Buried Bottle, Hillsbrad Town Registry, Horde Supply Crate, Hyacinth Mushroom, Icecap, Incendicite Mineral Vein, Iron Deposit, Ironband's Strongbox, Joseph Redpath's Monument, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Kodo Bones, Kurzen Supplies, Laden Mushroom, Large Battered Chest, Large Iron Bound Chest, Large Solid Chest, Lesser Bloodstone Deposit, Liferoot, Loch Modan Fishing, Loose Soil, Mageroyal, Maiden's Folly Charts, Maiden's Folly Log, Malor's Strongbox, Maraudon Fishing, Marshal Haggard's Chest, Marvon's Chest, Milly's Harvest, Miners' League Crates, Mithril Deposit, Moon Over the Vale, Moonpetal Lily, Mountain Silversage, Murgut's Totem Basket, Musty Tome, Pamela's Doll's Head, Pamela's Doll's Left Side, Pamela's Doll's Right Side, Peacebloom, Perrine's Chest, Pitted Iron Chest, Plaguebloom, Postbox Parcel, Pupellyverbos Port, Purple Lotus, Red Power Crystal, Red Rocket, Redpath's Shield, Redridge Mountains Fishing, Relic Coffer, Research Equipment, Rich Thorium Vein, Ripe Pumpkin, Rituals of Power, Rocket Car Rubble, Rusty Chest, Sack of Meat, Sack of Oats, Sapphire of Aku'Mai, Scattered Crate, Scrimshank's Surveying Gear, Secret Plans: Fiery Flux, Serpentbloom, Shallow Grave, Shay's Chest, Shellfish Trap, Shimmerweed Basket, Shipment of Iron, Silver Vein, Silverleaf, Silverpine Forest Fishing, Skeletal Sea Turtle, Small Lockbox, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Spire Spider Egg, Spirit of Silverpine Charts, Spirit of Silverpine Log, Stone of East Binding, Stone of Outer Binding, Stone of West Binding, Storage Chest, Stormwind City Fishing, Stranglekelp, Stranglethorn Vale Fishing, Sundried Driftwood, Sungrass, Sunken Chest, Supply Crate, Swamp of Sorrows Fishing, Tablet of Beth'Amara, Tablet of Jin'yael, Tablet of Markri, Tablet of Sael'hai, Tallonkai's Dresser, Tanaris Fishing, Thazz'ril's Pick, The Barrens Fishing, The Book of Ur, The Deed to Brill, The Deed to Caer Darrow, The Deed to Southshore, The Deed to Tarren Mill, The Emperor's Tomb, The Holy Spring, The Legacy of the Aspects, Thunder Bluff Fishing, Timberling Sprout, Tin Vein, Tirisfal Glades Fishing, Tirisfal Pumpkin, Troll Chest, Truesilver Deposit, Un'Goro Dirt Pile, Undercity Fishing, Violet Tragan, Water Barrel, Water Pitcher, Weapon Crate, Webwood Eggs, Well Stone, Western Plaguelands Fishing, Westfall Fishing, Wetlands Fishing, Wild Steelbloom, Wildkin Feather, Wintersbite, Witch Doctor's Chest, Yellow Power Crystal, Ziata'jai Trophy Skulls, Zul'Mamwe Trophy Skulls