Sep 21st - Recent Additions and Updates

Posted on September 21, 2005, 10:39 AM
New Quests: (9)
[60] Mayara Brightwing, [62] Order Must Be Restored - Part 2?, [52] The Green Drake, [56] Ursius of the Shardtooth - Part 2?, [52] Wavethrashing, [45] Wild Leather Armor - Part 2?, Wild Leather Helmet - Part 2?, Wild Leather Shoulders - Part 2?, Wild Leather Vest - Part 2?

New Items: (45)
Aegis of the Blood God, Ancient Hakkari Manslayer, Bloodsoaked Legplates, Bracers of Arcane Accuracy, Cloak of Consumption, Doom's Edge, Dragonbreath Hand Cannon, Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight, Primalist's Linked Legguards, Seafury Gauntlets, Soul Corrupter's Necklace, Styleen's Impeding Scarab, Zandalarian Hero Charm, Zandalarian Hero Medallion, Blooddrenched Leggings, Bloodsoaked Gauntlets, Bloodsoaked Greaves, Bloodstained Legplates, Defiler's Plate Greaves, Hakkari Loa Cloak, Highlander's Chain Girdle, Highlander's Lamellar Girdle, Highlander's Leather Boots, Highlander's Leather Girdle, Highlander's Lizardhide Girdle, Shadow Panther Hide Gloves, Zanzil's Seal, Bloodwoven Rod of Healing, Celestial Pauldrons of Arcane Wrath, Exalted Sabatons of the Whale, Fortified Shield of Blocking, Grand Belt of Healing, Heroic Armor of Power, High Councillor's Pants of Healing, Holy War Sword of Stamina, Imposing Pants of Spirit, Jazeraint Gauntlets of Arcane Wrath, Magnificent Helmet of the Whale, Strength of Mugamba, Zulian Coin, Battle Tabard of the Defilers, For the Light!, Perfect Courser Antler, Wavethrasher Scales, Pattern: Raptor Hide Belt

New Monsters: (5)
Edan the Howler, Menethil Elite, Reef Frenzy, Squiddic, Valerie

286 Quests, 283 Items, 1094 Mobs, 61 World Objects were also updated.

Updated Quests: (286)
[61] A Bijou for Zanza, [60] A Collection of Heads, [8] A Favor For Evershine, [10] A Fishy Peril, [15] A Free Lunch, [35] A Host of Evil, A Matter of Time (needs reward), [45] A New Cloak's Sheen - Part 2?, [29] A New Ore Sample, [11] A New Plague - Part IV, [2] A New Threat, [55] A Plague Upon Thee - Part 2?, [55] A Plague Upon Thee - Part 4?, [12] A Recipe For Death, [15] A Recipe for Death - Part II, [3] A Refugee's Quandary, [45] A Strange Request, [34] A Vengeful Fate, Akiris by the Bundle, [60] Alas, Andorhal - Part 2?, Alpha Strike, Altered Beings, [6] Ammo for Rumbleshot, [27] Amongst the Ruins, [52] An Easy Pickup, [54] Aquementas, [52] Arcane Runes, [58] Are We There, Yeti? - Part III, [28] Arikara, [27] Arugal Must Die, Arugal's Folly - Part III, [24] Assault on Fenris Isle, [17] Assessing The Threat, [10] At War With the Scarlet Crusade - Part III, [12] At War With The Scarlet Crusade - Part IV, [56] Auntie Marlene - Part 2?, [24] Battle of Hillsbrad, [4] Beginnings - Part 2?, [21] Beren's Peril, [25] Betrayal from Within, [24] Between a Rock and a Thistlefur, [6] Bitter Rivals, Bracers of Binding, [5] Bring Back the Mug, Bring the End, [56] Brother Carlin, [23] Call of Water, [23] Call of Water - Part 4?, [23] Call of Water - Part 7?, [32] Call to Arms, Call to Arms - Part II, [15] Chen's Empty Keg - Part II, [54] Chillwind Horns, [10] Cloth and Leather Armor, [3] Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery, [38] Compendium of the Fallen, [20] Consumed by Hatred, [61] Corruption - Part 3?, [52] Courser Antlers (Hunter), Curse These Fat Fingers, [35] Cut Arathor Supply Lines, [10] Dead-tooth Jack (Warrior), [11] Deaths in the Family, [25] Deathstalkers in Shadowfang, [20] Deep Cover, Defenders of Darrowshire, [15] Delivering Daffodils, [10] Discover Rolf's Fate - Part 2?, [52] Disharmony of Flame, [6] Doom Weed, [60] Doomrigger's Clasp, Draenethyst Crystals, [15] Dry Times, [1] Dwarven Outfitters, [16] Echeyakee, [22] Egg Hunt, [28] Elixir of Agony, Elixir of Agony - Part II, [24] Elixir of Pain, [22] Elixir of Suffering, [59] En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards, [35] Family Tree, [56] FIFTY! YEP!, [45] Find OOX-22/FE!, [43] Find the Gems - Part 2?, [9] Forsaken Duties, Foul Magics, [24] Freedom to Ruul, [9] Frostmane Hold, [37] Frostmaw, [48] Fuel for the Zapping, [10] Further Concerns, [50] Gahz'rilla, [8] Gathering Leather, [8] Goldtooth, [43] Gordunni Cobalt, [8] Graverobbers, [37] Guile of the Raptor, Hammerfall, [56] Heroes of Darrowshire, [16] Hidden Enemies - Part III, [15] Hilary's Necklace, [26] Hinott's Assistance, [20] Hinott's Assistance - Part 2?, [10] Honor Students, [60] Honoring a Hero (Alliance), [61] Houses of the Holy, [15] Humble Beginnings, [55] Hurley Blackbreath, [12] In Defense of the King's Lands, [47] In Search of Knowledge, [42] Into The Scarlet Monastery, [19] Ishamuhale, [56] It's Dangerous to Go Alone, JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, Jorn Skyseer, Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills, [26] King of the Foulweald - Part 2?, [7] Kobold Candles, [10] Kodo Hide Bag, [22] Leaders of the Fang, [57] Lethtendris's Web - Part 2?, [54] Linken's Adventure, Lost in Battle, [6] Lost Necklace, [27] Mahren Skyseer, [41] Mazen's Behest - Part II, [8] Mazzranache, [12] Me Brother, Nipsy, [30] Melor Sends Word, [10] Mennet Carkad, [14] Messenger To Westfall - Part II, Miner's Fortune, [24] Mission: Possible But Not Probable, [60] Mother's Milk , [15] Mura Runetotem, [19] Naga at the Zoram Strand, Necklace Recovery, [6] Note to William, [10] Operation Recombobulation, [55] Pamela's Doll, [61] Paragons of Power: The Augur's Belt, [61] Paragons of Power: The Augur's Bracers, [61] Paragons of Power: The Augur's Hauberk, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Bindings, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Mantle, [61] Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Wraps, [61] Paragons of Power: The Predator's Belt, [61] Paragons of Power: The Predator's Bracers, [61] Paragons of Power: The Predator's Mantle, [52] Passing the Burden, [6] Pie For Billy, [9] Princess Must Die!, Prison Break In, [7] Proof of Demise, [10] Protect the Frontier, [10] Prove Your Worth, [12] Proving Allegiance - Part 2?, Raising Spirits, Raising Spirits - Part 3?, [18] Raptor Horns, [40] Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. - Part 2?, [11] Rear Guard Patrol - Part 2?, [10] Rejold's New Brew, [10] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, [19] Report to Kadrak, Resting in Pieces, [8] Return the Book, [8] Return to Bellowfiz, Return to Quinn, [9] Return to the Magistrate, Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i, [10] Ride to Ironforge, Ripple Recovery, Ripple Recovery - Part II, [7] Rite of Vision - Part III, [10] Rite of Wisdom, [16] Samophlange, Samophlange - Part II, Samophlange - Part III, [5] Scalding Mornbrew Delivery, [37] Scourge of the Downs, [44] Screecher Spirits, [10] Seek out SI: 7, [5] Senir's Observations, [5] Senir's Observations - Part II, [18] Serpentbloom, [60] Shards of the Felvine, [7] Shipment to Stormwind, [37] Sigil of Strom, [52] Signal for Pickup, [48] Skulk Rock Clean-up - Part 2?, [16] Slaying the Beast, [10] Snathc and Grab, [6] Speak with Gramma, [10] Speak with Sevren, [30] Steelsnap, Stolen Booty, STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass, Stoley's Shipment, Stonegear's Search, [38] Stones of Binding, [15] Stormpike's Delivery, [62] Stormwind Rendezvous, [45] Stranglethorn Fever, [5] Supplies to Tannok, [10] Surena Caledon, [44] Sweet Amber, [44] Sweet Amber - Part 2?, [46] Tabetha's Task, [1] Tainted Memorandum, [30] Test of Lore, [17] The Angry Scytheclaws, [56] The Annals of Darrowshire - Part 2?, [61] The Archivist, The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Horde), [60] The Battle of Darrowshire, The Befouled Element, [10] The Binding (Alliance Warlock), [62] The Blightcaller Cometh, [3] The Boar Hunter, [26] The Book of Ur, [8] The Chill of Death, The Dead Fields - Part 2?, The Deathstalkers, [16] The Decrepit Ferry, The Dragon's Eye, [62] The Eastern Plagues, [22] The Essence of Aku'Mai, [20] The Everstill Bridge - Part 2?, [13] The Family Crypt - Part 2?, [59] The Fate of the Kingdom, The Flawless Flame, [61] The Great Fras Siabi, [62] The Great Masquerade, [32] The Hammer May Fall, [52] The Hunter's Charm, [8] The Lich's Identity, [40] The Lost Supplies, [16] The Lost Tools, [46] The Mark of Quality - Part 2?, [8] The Mills Overrun, [43] The Missing Courier, The Missing Shipment, The Missing Shipment - Part II, [43] The Ogres of Feralas, [18] The Price of Shoes, [8] The Prodigal Lich, [12] The Prodigal Lich Returns, [61] The Restless Souls, [43] The Ruins of Solarsal, [20] The Shattered Salute, [10] The Slaughtered Lamb, [5] The Stolen Journal, [4] The Troll Cave, [11] Thelsamar Blood Sausages - Part 2?, [15] Thunderbrew Lager, Thunderhorn Totem, [5] Tools for Steelgrill, [21] Tribes at War, [24] Troll Charm, [45] Troll Necklace Bounty, [18] Trouble at the Docks, [22] Trouble in the Deeps, [56] Uncle Carlin, [15] Until Death Do Us Part, [57] Villains of Darrowshire, [15] Visit The Herbalist, [33] Vorrel's Revenge, [23] Vorsha the Lasher, [47] Vyletongue Corruption - Part 3?, [26] Wanted: Gath'Ilzogg, [26] Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore, [22] Wanted: Syndicate Personnel, [42] War on the Woodpaw, [25] Washte Pawne, Wenikee Boltbucket, What the Flux?, [11] Wild Hearts, [2] Wine Shop Advert, [6] Winterhoof Cleansing, [45] Witherbark Cages, [6] Young Lovers, [53] Yuka Screwspigot, [48] Zapped Giants

Updated Items: (283)
Arcanist Leggings, Arcanist Mantle, Bloodfang Hood, Cenarion Spaulders, Deep Earth Spaulders, Earthfury Epaulets, Eskhandar's Pelt, Felheart Shoulder Pads, Fiery Chain Shoulders, Giantstalker's Epaulets, Giantstalker's Leggings, Helm of the Lifegiver, Hide of the Wild, Judgement Belt, Lawbringer Belt, Lawbringer Helm, Lawbringer Legplates, Lawbringer Spaulders, Leggings of Arcane Supremacy, Legplates of Might, Mantle of Prophecy, Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal, Nightslayer Pants, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads, Pants of Prophecy, Pauldrons of Might, Puissant Cape, Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, Sapphiron Drape, Shifting Cloak, Stockade Pauldrons, Stormrage Cover, Stormrage Legguards, Warlord's Plate Shoulders, Wild Growth Spaulders, Advisor's Ring, Arbiter's Blade, Battle Healer's Cloak, Beaststalker's Mantle, Blade of the Basilisk, Blisterbane Wrap, Bloodmoon Cloak, Brightspark Gloves, Champion's Silk Shoulderpads, Cloak of the Cosmos, Cloak of Warding, Coif of Elements, Cyclone Spaulders, Deadwalker Mantle, Death Speaker Scepter, Death's Clutch, Defiler's Chain Girdle, Defiler's Chain Greaves, Defiler's Cloth Girdle, Defiler's Leather Girdle, Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle, Defiler's Mail Girdle, Demonskin Gloves, Deviate Scale Belt, Devout Mantle, Diabolic Mantle, Dreadmist Mantle, Dreadmist Mask, Elder Wizard's Mantle, Enchanted Thorium Helm, Enchanted Thorium Leggings, Fist of Stone, Frostweaver Cape, Frostwolf Advisor's Cloak, Gargoyle's Bite, Gracious Cape, Hands of the Exalted Herald, Heliotrope Cloak, Hi-tech Supergun, Highlander's Cloth Girdle, Houndmaster's Bow, Insignia of the Alliance, Insignia of the Horde, Knight-Captain's Plate Leggings, Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Boots, Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets, Kresh's Back, Legionnaire's Band, Legionnaire's Sword, Lieutenant Commander's Dreadweave Mantle, Lieutenant Commander's Lamellar Shoulders, Lightforge Helm, Lightforge Legplates, Lightforge Spaulders, Magister's Mantle, Mechbuilder's Overalls, Onyx Claymore, Pale Moon Cloak, Pauldrons of Elements, Phantasmal Cloak..., Ragehammer, Razor Gauntlets, Redoubt Cloak, Royal Seal of Alexis, Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, Royal Tribunal Cloak, Scarlet Leggings, Scout's Blade, Searing Blade, Sergeant's Cape, Sergeant's Cloak, Serpent's Kiss, Shroud of the Exile, Silvermoon Leggings, Skullplate Bracers, Slaghammer, Stoneshatter, Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, Stonevault Bonebreaker, Stormpike Sage's Cloak, Sunderseer Mantle, Talisman of Arathor, The Emperor's New Cape, The Judge's Gavel, The Pacifier, Warchief Kilt, Wildheart Belt, Wildheart Boots, Wildheart Bracers, Wildheart Cowl, Wildheart Gloves, Wildheart Spaulders, Wildheart Vest, Wirt's Third Leg, Anchorhold Buckler, Antiquated Cloak, Astral Knot Robe, Azure Silk Cloak, Bark Iron Pauldrons, Bonecracker, Branchclaw Gauntlets, Brashclaw's Chopper, Breakwater Girdle, Buzz Saw, Comfortable Leather Hat, Cutthroat Pauldrons, Defias Mage Staff, Deviate Scale Gloves, Earthen Silk Belt, Efflorescent Robe, Enchanted Azsharite Felbane Sword, Enduring Breeches, First Mate Hat, Fist of the People's Militia, Forest Buckler, Forest Chain, Galgann's Firehammer, Glimmering Shield, Gnomish Mechanic's Gloves, Gnomish Water Sinking Device, Gold Bar, Insignia Buckler, Lambent Scale Cloak, Legionnaire's Leggings, Linken's Sword of Mastery, Lupine Axe, Medicine Blanket, Mo'grosh Can Opener, Modest Armguards, Necropile Mantle, Pattern: Hillman's Belt, Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves, Plans: Green Iron Boots, Plans: Silvered Bronze Shoulders, Pointed Axe, Recipe: Magic Resistance Potion, Rodentia Flint Axe, Ruga's Bulwark, Rune of Recall, Scarlet Wristguards, Schematic: Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle, Schematic: Moonsight Rifle, Scrimshaw Dagger, Shadowhide Two-handed Sword, Shiver Blade, Silk-threaded Trousers, Silkweb Gloves, Slayer's Battle Axe, Smoldering Pants, Solid Shortblade, Splintsteel Armor, Stonecloth Belt, Thorium Leggings, Truesilver Bar, Vanguard Pauldrons, Vilebranch Coin, Warleader's Breastplate, Wicked Blackjack, Anvilmar Sledge, Baelog's Shortbow, Bag of Marbles, Battle Chain Girdle, Black Silk Pack, Buzzer Blade, Charging Buckler, Cracked Leather Boots, Cracked Leather Bracers, Cracked Leather Vest, Cuirboulli Gloves, Defias Shipping Schedule, Delivery to Mathias, Double-layered Gloves, Elder's Cane, Enchanted Water, Farmer's Broom, Farmer's Shovel, Filled Blue Waterskin, Freshly Baked Bread, Frostbit Staff, Gardening Gloves, Glowing Wax Stick, Healing Herb, Hunting Boots, Infantry Boots, Khadgar's Essays on Dimensional Convergence, Kobold Mining Mallet, Large Round Shield, Light Scorpid Armor, Militia Shortsword, Mug of Shimmer Stout, Mulgore Spice Bread, Outfitter Belt, Primitive Mantle, Raw Brilliant Smallfish, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish, Recipe: Nature Protection Potion, Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion, Ringed Buckler, Ripe Watermelon, Robe of Apprenticeship, Scorpid Surprise, Shiny Red Apple, Simple Dagger, Small Pumpkin, Small Targe, Smoldering Wand, Solid Blunderbuss, Stemleaf Bracers, Stone Gnoll Hammer, Tarnished Chain Boots, Tarnished Chain Bracers, Tarnished Chain Gloves, Tarnished Chain Leggings, Tarnished Chain Vest, Tough Hunk of Bread, Warrior's Gloves, Weathered Belt, Well-stitched Robe, Well-used Sword, Acolyte's Robe, Apprentice's Robe, Battered Mallet, Brocade Shoes, Brocade Vest, Broken Antler, Canvas Bracers, Crested Buckler, Double Mail Shoulderpads, Fine Longsword, Hardened Leather Belt, Interlaced Bracers, Neophyte's Robe, Ornamental Mace, Patched Leather Boots, Plans: Massive Iron Axe, Rawhide Boots, Rawhide Gloves, Recipe: Grilled Squid, Recipe: Nightfin Soup, Stone War Axe, Threshadon Fang, Whetted Claymore, Grimoire of Blood Pact (Rank 1), Grimoire of Firebolt (Rank 2), Grimoire of Torment (Rank 2), Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Updated Mobs: (1094)
Abe Winters, Acolyte Porena, Adam, Adam Lind, Aelthalyste, Alchemist Pestlezugg, Alessandro Luca, Alliance Spirit Guide, Ambassador Ardalan, Amnennar the Coldbringer, Amy Davenport, Ana'thek the Cruel, Ancient Stone Keeper, Ancona Chicken, Andrea Boynton, Andrew Brownell, Andrew Krighton, Androd Fadran, Andruk, Andrus, Angelas Moonbreeze, Antarius, Antonio Perelli, Anvilrage Overseer, Anya Maulray, Apothecary Helbrim, Apothecary Johaan, Apothecary Lydon, Apothecary Renferrel, Apothecary Vallia, Aranae Venomblood, Archaedas, Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, Archmage Arugal, Argent Defender, Argent Officer Pureheart, Argent Quartermaster Lightspark, Ariena Stormfeather, Arkkoran Clacker, Arkkoran Muckdweller, Arnok, Ashenvale Bear, Ashmane Boar, Astarii Starseeker, Astor Hadren, Astranaar Sentinel, Auctioneer Buckler, Auctioneer Grimful, Auctioneer Grizzlin, Auctioneer Kresky, Auctioneer Lympkin, Auctioneer Redmuse, Auctioneer Thathung, Austil de Mon, Avarus Kharag, Bael'dun Appraiser, Bael'dun Digger, Bailey Stonemantle, Banalash, Barg, Baritanas Skyriver, Barkeep Dobbins, Barnum Stonemantle, Baron Silverlaine, Barrens Guard, Basil Frye, Befouled Water Elemental, Belia Thundergranite, Bengor, Bera Stonehammer, Beram Skychaser, Bethan Bluewater, Bethor Iceshard, Billy, Binjy Featherwhistle, Bishop Farthing, Black Rat, Blackrock Slayer, Blazing Elemental, Bleeding Horror, Blighted Horror, Blighthound, Blink Dragon, Bloodsail Swashbuckler, Bloodsail Warlock, Bloodscalp Warrior, Bloodseeker Bat, Bluffwatcher, Boneflayer Ghoul, Borand, Boulderfist Mauler, Boulderfist Ogre, Bounty Hunter Kolark, Brak Durnad, Braug Dimspirit, Brave Rockhorn, Briarthorn, Bristleback Geomancer, Bristleback Hunter, Bristleback Thornweaver, Bristleback Water Seeker, Brombar Higgleby, Brother Joshua, Brumn Winterhoof, Burkrum, Burning Blade Summoner, Cannibal Ghoul, Captain Danuvin, Captain Dargol, Captain Melrache, Captain Nials, Captain Perrine, Captain Vachon, Captive Abomination, Captured Leper Gnome, Captured Mountaineer, Captured Scarlet Zealot, Caretaker Nevlin, Caretaker Smithers, Caretaker Weston, Caz Twosprocket, Cedrik Prose, Cenarion Botanist, Cenarion Caretaker, Christoph Jeffcoat, Christopher Drakul, Citizen Wilkes, Clavicus Knavingham, Clerk Horrace Whitesteed, Cliff Stormer, Coldridge Mountaineer, Coleman Farthing, Commander Springvale, Coralshell Lurker, Corina Steele, Corrupted Scorpid, Courier Hammerfall, Cracked Skull Soldier, Crushridge Ogre, Curgle Cranklehop, Cursed Darkhound, Cursed Mage, Cyridan, Dabyrie Militia, Daera Brightspear, Daggerspine Siren, Dal Bloodclaw, Dalar Dawnweaver, Dalaran Brewmaster, Dalaran Conjuror, Dalaran Mage, Dalaran Protector, Dalaran Summoner, Dalaran Theurgist, Dalaran Warder, Daniel Bartlett, Dar, Darcy, Dark Iron Geologist, Dark Iron Watchman, Darrowshire Spirit, Daughter of Cenarius, Davitt Hickson, Dead-Tooth Jack, Death's Head Cultist, Death's Head Geomancer, Deathguard Burgess, Deathguard Dillinger, Deathguard Elite, Deathguard Lawrence, Deathguard Linnea, Deathguard Lundmark, Deathguard Podrig, Deathguard Royann, Deathguard Samsa, Deathstalker Mortis, Deathstalker Vincent, Deepmoss Webspinner, Deeprun Rat, Defias Bandit, Defias Cutpurse, Defias Highwayman, Defias Looter, Defias Pathstalker, Defias Pillager, Defias Smuggler, Defias Thug, Defias Trapper, Defiler Elite, Defilers Emissary, Delgren the Purifier, Delia Verana, Demisette Cloyce, Demnul Farmountain, Deneb Walker, Deputy Feldon, Derak Nightfall, Dermot, Deviate Creeper, Deviate Crocolisk, Deviate Guardian, Deviate Ravager, Deviate Slayer, Deviate Stinglash, Devlin Agamand, Devrak, Disciple of Naralex, Diseased Flayer, Diseased Wolf, Dispatch Commander Ruag, Dockmaster Baren, Doctor Gregory Victor, Dolman Steelfury, Don Pompa, Doomguard, Doomwarder, Doomwarder Captain, Doras, Doreen Beltis, Dorius Stonetender, Doyo'da, Drac Roughcut, Dran Droffers, Dranh, Dread Swoop, Drum Fel, Drywhisker Digger, Drywhisker Kobold, Drywhisker Surveyor, Dun Garok Mountaineer, Dun Morogh Mountaineer, Duncan Cullen, Dungar Longdrink, Duskwing, Earthen Guardian, Earthen Rocksmasher, Earthen Sculptor, Earthen Stonebreaker, Eastvale Peasant, Edna Mullby, Edrick Killian, Edward Remington, Edwin Harly, Edwina Monzor, Elder Crag Boar, Elder Mottled Boar, Elder Plainstrider, Elder Stranglethorn Tiger, Elemental Slave, Eliza Callen, Ellandrieth, Eric "The Swift", Erin, Erlan Drudgemoor, Erma, Ertog Ragetusk, Eunice Burch, Executor Zygand, Eyeless Watcher, Fahrak, Fang, Farmer Kalaba, Faruza, Father Gavin, Father Lankester, Feathermoon Sentinel, Feero Ironhand, Fel Steed, Felicia Doan, Felika, Felpaw Wolf, Ferocious Grizzled Bear, Fey Dragon, Field Marshal Afrasiabi, Firetail Scorpid, First Mate Crazz, First Mate Fitzsimmons, Flamescale Broodling, Flamescale Dragonspawn, Flamescale Wyrmkin, Flatland Cougar, Flatland Prowler, Fledgling Pterrordax, Fleeting Plainstrider, Flora Silverwind, Foreman Bonds, Foreman Oslow, Forest Spider, Forsaken Assassin, Forsaken Bodyguard, Foulweald Den Watcher, Foulweald Shaman, Fradd Swiftgear, Freezing Spirit, Frostmane Headhunter, Frostmane Hideskinner, Frostmane Novice, Frostmane Shadowcaster, Frostmane Snowstrider, Frostmane Troll, Frostmane Troll Whelp, Frozen Soul, Fuzruckle, Gadgetzan Bruiser, Gakin the Darkbinder, Gann Stonespire, Gazlowe, Gazrog, Gelkis Outrunner, Gelkis Stamper, Gelkis Windchaser, Genavie Callow, General Marcus Jonathan, Geofram Bouldertoe, Georgio Bolero, Gereck, Gerrig Bonegrip, Ghostpaw Alpha, Ghostpaw Howler, Giant Moss Creeper, Gibblewilt, Gil, Gimblethorn, Ginro Hearthkindle, Glassweb Spider, Glorandiir, Glordrum Steelbeard, Glorin Steelbrow, Glutton, Gnomeregan Evacuee, Gor'mul, Gordo, Gordon Wendham, Goretusk, Grand Foreman Puzik Gallywix, Grandpa Vishas, Graud, Grawnal, Gray Ram, Great Goretusk, Greater Duskbat, Greater Lava Spider, Greater Plainstrider, Gregor Agamand, Grenil Steelfury, Grenthar, Grik'nir the Cold, Grimbooze Thunderbrew, Grimlok, Grod, Grom'gol Grunt, Grunt Komak, Grunt Logmar, Grunt Mojka, Grunt Tharlak, Grunt Zuul, Gryan Stoutmantle, Gryth Thurden, Guard Ashlock, Guard Berton, Guard Howe, Guard Kurall, Guard Parker, Guard Pearce, Guard Roberts, Guard Thomas, Gunther Arcanus, Gunther's Visage, Gurubashi Axe Thrower, Gurubashi Bat Rider, Gurubashi Berserker, Gurubashi Headhunter, Gurubashi Warrior, Gwyn Farrow, Gyll, Hadoken Swiftstrider, Haggle, Hakkari Oracle, Hakkari Priest, Hakkari Witch Doctor, Halija Whitestrider, Hamlin Atkins, Hammerfall Elite, Hammerfall Guardian, Hand of Ravenclaw, Handor, Hank the Hammer, Hannah Akeley, Harbinger Balthazad, Hargin Mundar, Harvest Golem, Harvest Watcher, Hate Shrieker, Haunted Servitor, Haunting Vision, Heavy War Golem, Hecklefang Hyena, Hekkru, Helena Atwood, Helgrum the Swift, Herald Moonstalker, High Executor Darthalia, High Executor Hadrec, High Overlord Saurfang, High Priest Rohan, High Priest Venoxis, High Priestess Jeklik, Highland Strider, Highvale Outrunner, Hillsbrad Councilman, Hillsbrad Footman, Hillsbrad Foreman, Hillsbrad Peasant, Hin Denburg, Hogger, Holdout Warrior, Honni Goldenoat, Honored Ancestor, Honored Hero, Horde Elite, Horde Guard, Horde Spirit Guide, Hula'mahi, Hunter Ragetotem, Hunter Thunderhorn, Ice Claw Bear, Innkeeper Adegwa, Innkeeper Bates, Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind, Innkeeper Brianna, Innkeeper Farley, Innkeeper Firebrew, Innkeeper Heather, Innkeeper Jayka, Innkeeper Karakul, Innkeeper Norman, Innkeeper Renee, Innkeeper Shay, Ironforge Guard, Ironforge Mountaineer, Ironfur Bear, Ironjaw Basilisk, Jaeana, Jalane Ayrole, Jamie Nore, Janey Anship, Jannos Ironwill, Jarel Moor, Jenova Stoneshield, Jeremiah Payson, Jimmy, John Burnside, John Turner, Jorb, Jorgen, Jorn Skyseer, Jugkar Grim'rod, Julia Gallina, Jungle Toad, Junior Apothecary Holland, Justine Demalier, Jutak, Kaal Soulreaper, Kaela Shadowspear, Kaelystia Hatebringer, Kaja, Kamari, Karang Amakkar, Kareth, Karl Boran, Karolek, Karos Razok, Kartra Bloodsnarl, Karus, Kayren Soothallow, Keena, Keeper Albagorm, Keeper Bel'dugur, Keeper Bel'varil, Kegan Darkmar, Kelstrum Stonebreaker, Kelsuwa, Kelv Sternhammer, Kernda, Kil'Hiwana, King Magni Bronzebeard, Kira Songshine, Kirge Sternhorn, Kirk Maxwell, Kolkar Bloodcharger, Kolkar Centaur, Kolkar Packhound, Kolkar Scout, Kolkar Stormer, Kolkar Wrangler, Koma, Korin Fel, Kosco Copperpinch, Krinkle Goodsteel, Krond, Kroum, Kulwia, Kuna Thunderhorn, Kurran Steele, Kyra Boucher, Lady Onyxia, Lago Blackwrench, Lake Frenzy, Lakeshire Guard, Lamar Veisilli, Landria, Lanie Reed, Lariia, Larion, Laughing Sister, Lauren Newcomb, Laziphus, League of Arathor Emissary, Legashi Rogue, Leper Gnome, Lesser Felguard, Lexington Mortaim, Lieutenant Valorcall, Lillith Nefara, Lilly, Lilyn Darkriver, Lindea Rabonne, Lindsay Ashlock, Living Blaze, Logannas, Longtooth Runner, Lord Falconcrest, Lord Sakrasis, Lost Soul, Lucille Castleton, Lumberjack, Luther Pickman, Mad Magglish, Mage Hunter, Magistrate Burnside, Magistrate Sevren, Magistrate Solomon, Magus Wordeen Voidglare, Mahani, Mahren Skyseer, Mahu, Maiden's Virtue Crewman, Major Mattingly, Makaru, Makrinni Scrabbler, Mallen Swain, Malosh, Malton Droffers, Mana Eater, Mangletooth, Mangorn Flinthammer, Mangy Wolf, Mankrik, Marauding Owlbeast, Marez Cowl, Marshal Dughan, Marshal Haggard, Marshal Redpath, Martha Strain, Martie Jainrose, Martine Tramblay, Master Mathias Shaw, Mattie Alred, McGavan, Mebok Mizzyrix, Melika Isenstrider, Melisara, Melor Stonehoof, Melris Malagan, Menethil Sentry, Merill Pleasance, Mesa Buzzard, Michael Garrett, Mikhail, Milla Fairancora, Milli Featherwhistle, Milstaff Stormeye, Miner Hackett, Mire Lord, Miss Danna, Mistwing Rogue, Monika Sengutz, Monstrous Plaguebat, Moonrage Darkrunner, Moonrage Darksoul, Moonrage Glutton, Moonrage Whitescalp, Moorane Hearthgrain, Mooranta, Mordresh Fire Eye, Morgan the Collector, Morley Bates, Morta'gya the Keeper, Mortimer Montague, Mosh'Ogg Warmonger, Mosshoof Runner, Mottled Raptor, Mottled Worg, Mountaineer Cragg, Mountaineer Harn, Mountaineer Langarr, Mountaineer Roghan, Mounted Ironforge Mountaineer, Mu'uta, Muad, Mudrock Spikeshell, Mudsnout Gnoll, Mudsnout Shaman, Mulgore Protector, Mura Runetotem, Muren Stormpike, Murloc Flesheater, Murloc Forager, Murloc Lurker, Murloc Minor Tidecaller, Murloc Oracle, Murloc Scout, Murloc Shorestriker, Murloc Tidehunter, Myra Tyrngaarde, Naela Trance, Naga Explorer, Nancy Vishas, Nargal Deatheye, Nathanos Blightcaller, Neeru Fireblade, Nether Maiden, Nether Sorceress, Nethergarde Cleric, Nethergarde Engineer, Nethergarde Riftwatcher, Nethergarde Soldier, Nez'raz, Nijel's Point Guard, Nimboya, Nina Lightbrew, Novice Warrior, Odo the Blindwatcher, Officer Jaxon, Officer Pomeroy, Oglethorpe Obnoticus, Ogron, Old Man Heming, Omusa Thunderhorn, Onin MacHammar, Ophelia Montague, Oran Snakewrithe, Orendil Broadleaf, Orgrimmar Grunt, Ornery Plainstrider, Otto, Overlord Runthak, Overmaster Pyron, Patrice Dwyer, Penny, Peon, Pilot Longbeard, Pilot Stonegear, Pinto, Plaguemaw the Rotting, Porcine Entourage, Prairie Stalker, Prairie Wolf Alpha, Priestess A'moora, Priestess Alathea, Primitive Owlbeast, Prince Galen Trollbane, Protector Leick, Prowler, Pyrewood Watcher, Qeeju, Qiaga the Keeper, Quartermaster Lewis, Quartermaster Lungertz, Quinn, Quintis Jonespyre, Ragged Timber Wolf, Raging Rot Hide, Raging Thunder Lizard, Raleigh Andrean, Rallic Finn, Ralston Farnsley, Rand Rhobart, Randolph Montague, Rane Yorick, Rat, Ratchet Bruiser, Rattlecage Soldier, Ravaged Corpse, Ravenclaw Champion, Ravenclaw Servant, Ravenclaw Slave, Razorbeak Gryphon, Razorclaw the Butcher, Razorfen Battleguard, Razorfen Thornweaver, Razzashi Adder, Razzashi Serpent, Redridge Poacher, Redridge Thrasher, Redstone Basilisk, Refuge Pointe Defender, Reggifuz, Reginald Grimsford, Regnus Thundergranite, Rekkul, Remy "Two Times", Renato Gallina, Renzik "The Shiv", Rethiel the Greenwarden, Rethilgore, Richard Kerwin, Rickle Goldgrubber, Ricter, Riverpaw Bandit, Riverpaw Gnoll, Riverpaw Herbalist, Riverpaw Mongrel, Riverpaw Mystic, Riverpaw Outrunner, Riverpaw Taskmaster, Roach, Robert Aebischer, Rockjaw Ambusher, Rockjaw Backbreaker, Rockjaw Bonesnapper, Rockjaw Raider, Rockjaw Trogg, Roetten Stonehammer, Ronald Burch, Rorgish Jowl, Rot Hide Gnoll, Rot Hide Graverobber, Rot Hide Mongrel, Rot Hide Mystic, Rot Hide Plague Weaver, Rotgath Stonebeard, Rotting Ancestor, Rotting Dead, Royal Historian Archesonus, Royal Overseer Bauhaus, Rumstag Proudstrider, Rusty Harvest Golem, Rutherford Twing, Ruul Eagletalon, Ruw, Sage Truthseeker, Sahvan Bloodshadow, Salazar Bloch, Sandahl, Sandfury Speaker, Sanuye Runetotem, Sara Timberlain, Sarah Goode, Savannah Matriarch, Savannah Prowler, Scarlet Bodyguard, Scarlet Friar, Scarlet Invoker, Scarlet Medic, Scarlet Missionary, Scarlet Neophyte, Scarlet Vanguard, Scarlet Warrior, Scarlet Zealot, Scholar Runethorn, Scourge Champion, Scourge Warder, Scout Galiaan, Scout Manslayer, Scout Stronghand, Scout Tharr, Sea Elemental, Sea Spray, Searing Ghoul, Searscale Drake, Security Chief Bilgewhizzle, Seeker Cromwell, Seeker Nahr, Seeker Thompson, Selina Pickman, Selina Weston, Senator Barin Redstone, Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow, Serge Hinott, Sergeant Ba'sha, Sergra Darkthorn, Severed Druid, Shadethicket Raincaller, Shadethicket Wood Shaper, Shadow Priest Allister, Shadowfang Darksoul, Shadowfang Ragetooth, Shadowfang Whitescalp, Shadowfang Wolfguard, Shadowforge Ambusher, Shadowforge Archaeologist, Shadowforge Geologist, Shadowforge Relic Hunter, Shadowforge Sharpshooter, Shadowforge Surveyor, Shadowsilk Poacher, Shaina Fuller, Shambling Horror, Shelene Rhobart, Shellei Brondir, Shenthul, Shoni the Shilent, Shore Strider, Sikwa, Silvermane Stalker, Silverpine Deathguard, Skeletal Acolyte, Skeletal Executioner, Skeletal Flayer, Skeletal Frostweaver, Skeletal Summoner, Skeletal Warlord, Skullsplitter Axe Thrower, Skullsplitter Berserker, Skullsplitter Hunter, Skullsplitter Mystic, Skullsplitter Scout, Skullsplitter Spiritchaser, Skullsplitter Warrior, Slagg, Slavering Ghoul, Sly Garrett, Small Crag Boar, Snake, Snow Tracker Wolf, Sognar Cliffbeard, Soleil Stonemantle, Son of Arugal, Son of Cenarius, Soran, Sorcerer Ashcrombe, Soulless Ghoul, Southern Sand Crawler, Southsea Freebooter, Southsea Pirate, Southshore Guard, Spackle Thornberry, Spectral Defender, Spirit Healer, Spitelash Myrmidon, Spitelash Siren, Splinterbone Captain, Splinterbone Centurion, Splinterbone Skeleton, Splinterbone Warrior, Splintertree Guard, Sprinkle, Sputtervalve, Squibby Overspeck, Squirrel, Sraaz, Starving Winter Wolf, Stephanie Turner, Steven, Stitched Horror, Stoley, Stonard Grunt, Stonard Orc, Stonard Scout, Stone Keeper, Stone Steward, Stonesplinter Bonesnapper, Stonetalon Grunt, Stonevault Flameweaver, Stonevault Mauler, Storm Bay Warrior, Stormpike Mountaineer, Stormsnout, Stormwind City Guard, Stormwind City Patroller, Stormwind Guard, Stranglethorn Tigress, Stromgarde Cavalryman, Stromgarde Troll Hunter, Stromgarde Vindicator, Sunscale Screecher, Sunscale Scytheclaw, Supervisor Raelen, Susan Tillinghast, Suzanne, Swamp Jaguar, Swampwalker, Swampwalker Elder, Swift Brown Steed, Swift Gray Ram, Swift White Steed, Sydney Upton, Sylista, Syndicate Conjuror, Syndicate Enforcer, Syndicate Highwayman, Syndicate Magus, Syndicate Mercenary, Syndicate Prowler, Syndicate Spy, Taim Ragetotem, Tal, Tand, Tangled Horror, Tapoke "Slim" Jahn, Tar Lurker, Tarantula, Tarban Hearthgrain, Tari'qa, Tarn, Tarren Mill Deathguard, Taskmaster Fizzule, Tatternack Steelforge, Tawny Grisette, Teg Dawnstrider, Tempered War Golem, Tepa, Thadius Grimshade, Tharlidun, Tharynn Bouden, Theodore Mont Claire, Theramore Guard, Theramore Lieutenant, Theramore Sentry, Theresa, Therum Deepforge, Thief Catcher Farmountain, Thief Catcher Shadowdelve, Thief Catcher Thunderbrew, Thistlefur Avenger, Thistlefur Den Watcher, Thistlefur Pathfinder, Thistlefur Shaman, Thistlefur Ursa, Thistleheart, Thomas, Thomas Miller, Thor, Thorgrum Borrelson, Thork, Thorn Eater Ghoul, Thralosh, Thrashtail Basilisk, Thunderhead Skystormer, Thunderhead Stagwing, Thurgrum Deepforge, Thurman Agamand, Thurman Mullby, Thuul, Thyn'tel Bladeweaver, Timbermaw Mystic, Timbermaw Shaman, Timbermaw Warrior, Timberweb Recluse, Timothy Weldon, Tirisfal Farmer, Tirisfal Farmhand, Toddrick, Tog'thar, Tomas, Tommy Joe Stonefield, Tonga Runetotem, Tor'gan, Tor'phan, Torn Screamer, Trenton Lighthammer, Troyas Moonbreeze, Tunkk, Tunnel Rat Digger, Tunnel Rat Forager, Tunnel Rat Kobold, Tunnel Rat Scout, Tunnel Rat Vermin, Twain, Twilight Geomancer, Twilight Runner, Tyrande Whisperwind, Ulbrek Firehand, Undercity Guardian, Urda, Ursula Deline, Vampiric Duskbat, Vejrek, Velora Nitely, Venomlash Scorpid, Venomtail Scorpid, Venture Co. Drudger, Venture Co. Foreman, Venture Co. Hireling, Venture Co. Peon, Venture Co. Strip Miner, Venture Co. Supervisor, Venture Co. Taskmaster, Venture Co. Tinkerer, Venture Co. Worker, Vera Nightshade, Vernon Hale, Vhan, Vhulgra, Vicious Night Web Spider, Vidra Hearthstove, Vile Fin Minor Oracle, Vile Fin Puddlejumper, Vile Fin Tidehunter, Vilebranch Scalper, Vilebranch Soothsayer, Vinasia, Vivianna, Viznik Goldgrubber, Vizzklick, Wagner Hammerstrike, Wailing Guardsman, Walter Ellingson, Wandering Protector, Wandering Spirit, Warcaller Gorlach, Warden Belamoore, Warsong Runner, Wastewander Assassin, Wastewander Bandit, Wastewander Rogue, Wastewander Shadow Mage, Wastewander Thief, Watcher Biggs, Watcher Mahar Ba, Wave Strider, Wendigo, Westfall Woodworker, Wharfmaster Dizzywig, Whirlwind Ripper, Wik'Tar, Wildthorn Stalker, William, William MacGregor, William Montague, Windshear Digger, Winter Wolf, Wiry Swoop, Witherbark Axe Thrower, Witherbark Caller, Witherbark Headhunter, Witherbark Sadist, Witherbark Scalper, Witherbark Shadow Hunter, Witherbark Shadowcaster, Witherbark Troll, Witherbark Venomblood, Witherbark Witch Doctor, Witherbark Zealot, Withered Ancient, Withered Quilguard, Withered Reaver, Withered Spearhide, Withered Warrior, Wolf Master Nandos, Woodpaw Brute, Woodpaw Mongrel, Woodpaw Trapper, Worg Pup, Wrahk, Wrathtail Myrmidon, Wrathtail Priestess, Wrathtail Razortail, Wrathtail Sea Witch, Wrathtail Sorceress, Wrathtail Wave Rider, Xiggs Fuselighter, Xylinnia Starshine, Yanni Stoutheart, Yonn Deepcut, Yorus Barleybrew, Young Black Bear, Young Diemetradon, Young Fleshripper, Young Forest Bear, Young Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Wendigo, Young Wolf, Zane Bradford, Zapetta, Zapped Shore Strider, Zapped Wave Strider, Zardeth of the Black Claw, Zarise, Zengu, Zhevra Charger, Zhevra Runner, Zikkel

Updated World Objects: (61)
Ammo Crate, Battered Chest, Briarthorn, Bundle of Wood, Conspicuous Urn, Copper Vein, Doom Weed, Earthroot, Fadeleaf, Felix's Box, Felix's Bucket of Bolts, Felix's Chest, Firebloom, Food Crate, Glinting Mud, Goldthorn, Gunther's Books, Harvest Boar, Harvest Fish, Harvest Fruit, Harvest Nectar, Horde Supply Crate, Horgus' Skull, Jinxed Hoodoo Pile, Joseph Redpath's Monument, Khadgar's Whisker, Kingsblood, Laden Mushroom, Large Solid Chest, Liferoot, Mageroyal, Mangled Human Remains, Miners' League Crates, Mithril Deposit, Mudsnout Blossom, Musty Tome, Orgrimmar Fishing, Ornate Chest, Pamela's Doll's Head, Pamela's Doll's Left Side, Pamela's Doll's Right Side, Peacebloom, Rich Thorium Vein, Rusty Chest, Sack of Corn, Sack of Rye, Scattered Crate, Shadowforge Cache, Shattered Sword of Marduk, Silverleaf, Small Thorium Vein, Solid Chest, Stranglekelp, Sunken Chest, The Book of Ur, The Holy Spring, Troll Chest, Truesilver Deposit, Un'Goro Dirt Pile, Well Stone, Wild Steelbloom