[35] The Daughter Who Lived:

Quest Level:

  • 35


Other NPCs:

Quest Objectives:
Speak with Watcher Sarah Ladimore in Darkshire.

I should have told you this earlier...

How do I put this...

Morgan may have believed that his family was all dead, but, in fact, his daughter Sarah Ladimore is now a Watcher. She's always been troubled by the... circumstances... surrounding her father's death. Perhaps you could go to bring the news to her.

Watcher Ladimore: What news do you bring, Maiketh?

Watcher Ladimore: Yes? My father...

<Her eyes become downcast.>

I wish... there was something I could have done for him... If only I had talked to him before he...

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Watcher Ladimore
<The Night Watch>
located in Duskwood
(Brightwood Grove, Darkshire, Darkshire Town Hall)
Watcher Ladimore
<The Night Watch>
located in Darkshire
(Scarlet Raven Tavern)
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