These poor Goblin Workshop grunts have been worked to the... bone. Heh. :/About the Goblin Workshop:

The Goblin Workshop is a complete guide to the World of Warcraft video game, featuring a gigantic database of quest spoilers, monsters and NPCs, weapons and armor, maps, tradeskills and more.

With every great online roleplay game comes the painstaking task of indexing and recording the wealth of information attached to the bold quests, dangerous monsters and shiny phat lutes that are to be acquired. We aim to be the best spoiler site for WoW game information by pursuing the following goals:

  • an exhaustive database of information
  • quick page loading times
  • clean readable pages that help you find what you are looking for quickly
  • advertising that doesn't piss you off
  • and a mischievous dose of humor >:)

About Cob!

You might be surprised to know that this website is owned/built/administrated by one person. (That's me -- Cob) I am *addicted* to WoW in a very very bad way. I used to play a troll hunter (Cob) on Stormreaver (pvp), but I'm now an orc rogue (Vulture) on Uther (pve), where I am a member of <The Stonecutters>.

I have a day-job writing web/database software, and I'm almost done with my BS of Art Degree at Portland State University. I'm a printmaker and I mostly work in black and white linolium block cuts (which is how the goblin explorer logo was made). My girlfriend and I have a house in Portland, Oregon and we have two pets, a dog-sized cat and a cat-sized dog. We also feed the entire neighborhood: stray cats, racoons, squirrels, opposums, an army of scrub jays and other birds.

The 'Goblin Workshop' name was suggested by a friend of mine (Mim) in IRC, and is a derivative of the 'Goblin Laboratory', one of the units from Warcraft. This site was founded around February in 2004, back before World of Warcraft released. I started out hand-entering info from over 60,000 screenshots that other people with beta access took.

Now, [GW] is among the top-ten WoW-related websites in the world! Not too shabby for an independent home business! =)