Level 26-29 Zone

Once the lush southern belt of Elwynn Forest, the land of Duskwood has transformed into a dark and mysterious land. Many speculate that its proximity to the mysterious Deadwind Pass brings monstrous horrors out at night. Others wonder if an ancient curse has been cast upon the land. No matter the reason, Duskwood has become a land of terror and superstition. The Human farmers who once toiled over the rich land have become dark and brooding - unwilling to leave their ancestral home but unable to lift the terrible cloud that has settled over their lives. Bordered by the fallow fields of Westfall to the west and the dark, treacherous Deadwind Pass to the east, Duskwood has become a tainted realm where shadows and evil permeate the atmosphere even during the brightest hours of day. -- blizzard.com

Azeroth / Duskwood

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