Stonetalon Mountains:

Level 25-26 Zone

The Stonetalon Mountains is a entry-level contested area adjacent to Ashenvale and the Barrens. A large section of the Stonetalon Mountains are occupied by the Venture Company Miners who are destroying the natural beauty of the wilderness, and many horde and alliance quests in this zone deal with the erradication of the corporation.

Both the alliance and the horde have outposts in the Stonetalon Mountains. The alliance occupies the dryad enclave of Stonetalon Peak, and the horde have established a tribal encampment at Sun Rock Retreat. Another noteable feature of this zone is the charred vale - many low level class specific quests send adventurers against the harpies and elemental menaces that live there.

Location: (54, -62, 22)
Kalimdor / Stonetalon Mountains

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Stonetalon Mountains: