The Dagger Hills:

Level 15-17 Sub-Region

Azeroth / Westfall / The Dagger Hills

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Quests involving NPCs or Monsters in The Dagger Hills:
Level:Quest Name:
12Deeprun Tram
Alliance Quest
Deeprun Rat Roundup - (Step 1)
Capture 5 Deeprun Rats by using the Rat Catcher's Flute. Lead the rats back to Monty. Don't forget to turn in the flute when you're finished.
12Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
In Defense of the King's Lands
Mountaineer Cobbleflint of the southern guard tower wants you to kill 10 Stonesplinter Troggs and 10 Stonesplinter Scouts.
Alliance Quest
Ursal the Mauler
Kill Ursal the Mauler and return to Athridas Bearmantle in Dolanaar.
Alliance Quest
Plagued Lands
Capture a living Rabid Thistle Bear and bring it back to Tharnariun. Should you fail to capture a Rabid Thistle Bear and lose your trap, return to Tharnariun Treetender and request another trap.
Alliance Quest
Thunderbrew Lager
Bring Grimbooze Thunderbrew 5 hops to complete his special brew.
Alliance Quest
The People's Militia - (Step 3)
Gryan Stoutmantle wants you to kill 15 Defias Highwaymen, 5 Defias Pathstalkers and 5 Defias Knuckledusters then return to him on Sentinel Hill.
18Redridge Mountains
Alliance Quest
Redridge Goulash
Chef Breanna of Lakeshire wants five pieces of Tough Condor Meat, five Great Goretusk Snouts and five helpings of Crisp Spider Meat.
Alliance & Horde
The Coast Isn't Clear
Kill 7 Tidehunters, 7 Warriors, 7 Oracles and 7 Coastrunners and return to Captain Grayson at the Westfall Lighthouse.
20Redridge Mountains
Alliance Quest
A Baying of Gnolls - (Step 1)
Kill 10 Redridge Brutes and 8 Redridge Mystics, then return to Verner Osgood.
Alliance Quest
The Tome of Valor - (Step 1)
Speak to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind.
Alliance Quest
The Tome of Valor - (Step 2)
Find Daphne Stilwell in Westfall.
Alliance Quest
The Tome of Valor - (Step 3)
Defend Daphne Stilwell from the Defias attack. Neither of your spirits must be released from their mortal coils if you wish to succeed. After you are successful, speak to Daphne Stilwell again.
Alliance Quest
Sweet Amber - Part 5?
Bring Grimbooze Thunderbrew a bundle of Charred Oak.
56Western Plaguelands
Alliance Quest
All Along the Watchtowers
Using the Beacon Torch, mark each tower in Andorhal; you will need to stand in the doorway of the tower to successfully mark it. Once all four towers are marked, return the Beacon Torch to Commander Ashlam Valorfist in Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands.
58Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent
Travel to Plaguewood, northwest of Light's Hope. Destroy 8 Scourge Structures by using Smokey's Special Compound at the Mark of Detonation planted inside each building. Smokey has had the Ziggurats and Slaughterhouses marked. Once you plant the bomb, leave the building and marvel at your handiwork. By the way, Smokey's Special Compound is rather... unstable.
Alliance & Horde
Into The Maw of Madness - (Step 2)
Commander Mar'alith at Cenarion Hold in Silithus wants you to find his beloved Natalia. The information that you gathered points to Hive'Regal in the south as being the area in which you may find Mistress Natalia Mar'alith. Do not forget to visit the dwarves at Bronzebeard's camp before venturing into the hive. They might have some additional work and advice for you. And [Name], remember the Commander's words: "Do what you must..."
Alliance & Horde
Target: Hive'Regal Burrowers
Kill 30 Hive'Regal Burrowers and report back to Commander Mar'alith at Cenarion Hold in Silithus. You must also bring Combat Task Briefing XI in order to complete this quest.
Alliance & Horde
Target: Hive'Regal Spitfires
Kill 30 Hive'Regal Spitfires and report back to Commander Mar'alith at Cenarion Hold in Silithus. You must also bring Combat Task Briefing IX in order to complete this quest.
60Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
The Battle of Darrowshire
Place the Relic Bundle at the Darrowshire town square. Prevent Davil Lightfire's death until the death of Horgus. Prevent Captain Redpath's death until Redpath the Corrupted appears. Defeat Redpath the Corrupted. Speak with the spirit of Joseph Redpath when he appears at the town square, then speak with Pamela at her home.
60Alterac Valley
Horde Quest
Towers and Bunkers (Horde)
Capture an enemy tower, then return to Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl in the Alterac Mountains.
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