Stormcaller's Footguards

Stormcaller's Footguards

Binds when picked up
388 Armor
+9 Agility
+12 Strength
+14 Intellect
+6 Spirit
+14 Stamina
Durability 70 / 70
Classes: Shaman
Requires Level 60
Stormcaller's Garb (0/0)
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 22.
Equip: Increases your spell penetration by 10.
Equip: Restores 4 mana per 5 sec.
Item Level 78

Stat Value: 79.8

World of Warcraft Quests involving Stormcaller's Footguards:
Level:Quest Name:
60Ahn'QirajStormcaller's Footguards
Bring the Qiraji Bindings of Dominance, 2 Idols of the Sage, 5 Bronze Scarabs and 5 Clay Scarabs to Kandrostrasz in Ahn'Qiraj. This quest also requires Neutral faction with the Brood of Nozdormu.
1 quests.

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