Level: 58 (Elite Quest)Blasted Lands
For the Horde & Alliance

Find out what became of Lieutenant Kirith.


As one chapter of your adventure closes, another one begins, (Name).

One of my men is still unaccounted for, lost somewhere in the Blasted Lands. I am talking about Lieutenant Kirith, of course.

As I had mentioned earlier, we were both imprisoned and tortured by Allistarj, but poor Kirith, his strength of will faltered. I could hear the experiments from my cage; the tortured screams rang through the halls of the cave. That was the last I saw or heard of Kirith.


You will recieve: 27 Silver 43 Copper

Progress & Completion

Trebor? Trebor sent you?

Creatures Involved in this Quest:
 AH Name
Spirit of Kirith

located in Blasted Lands
(located in Serpent's Coil)
1 targets.

Steps in this quest series:
Level:Quest Name:
58Blasted Lands
Horde & Alliance
Kirith - (Step 1)
Find out what became of Lieutenant Kirith.
1 quests.

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