The Disgraced One

Level: 50 Blasted Lands
For the Horde

Speak to Dispatch Commander Ruag in Stonard.


Regret. It is all I have now. One bad decision resulting in several horrible outcomes. If only I had waited for those orders. Maybe they would have detailed the horrors that awaited us in those cursed lands! Maybe they were to redirect us to another detail? Ultimately, it was my fault. All of it was my fault.

So here I stand, awaiting orders. I must know. I must have those orders.

Dispatch Commander Ruag resides in Stonard. Find him and find out what became of the orders.


You will recieve: 26 Silver 22 Copper

Progress & Completion

Thrall's Grasp... The story is still fresh in my mind.nn<Commander Ruag shakes his head.>nnTerrible thing that happened to that regiment. The horde lost some of its best soldiers when that battalion was destroyed.

Creatures Involved in this Quest:
 AH Name
Dispatch Commander Ruag

located in Swamp of Sorrows
(located in Stonard)
1 targets.

Steps in this quest series:
Level:Quest Name:
50Blasted Lands
Horde Quest
Fall From Grace - (Step 1)
Listen to the Fallen Hero of the Horde tell his story.
50Blasted Lands
Horde Quest
The Disgraced One - (Step 2)
Speak to Dispatch Commander Ruag in Stonard.
50Swamp of Sorrows
Horde Quest
The Missing Orders - (Step 3)
Speak to Bengor.
55Swamp of Sorrows
Horde Quest
The Swamp Talker - (Step 4)
Retrieve the Warchief's Orders and return them to the Fallen Hero of the Horde.
4 quests.

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