Level 63

Attitude vs. Alliance Players:
Attitude vs. Horde Players:
Creature Type:Unspecified
Last Recorded on:October 26th, 2006
First Recorded on:October 9th, 2004
Times Looted:3

Chromie is located in:
 Region(s): Map: 
Western Plaguelands
(Ruins of Andorhal)

Level 49-50 Zone
 Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Greater Eternal Essence
Use: Turn a greater eternal essence into three lesser ones.
2 / 366.67%
Andorhal Watch
Quest Item
2 / 366.67%
Illusion Dust
1 / 333.33%
3 different phat loots.
World of Warcraft Quests involving Chromie:
Level:Quest Name:
56Western Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
A Matter of Time (needs reward)
Use the Temporal Displacer near one of Andorhal's silos and uncover Temporal Parasites. Slay 15 Temporal Parasites, and then return the Temporal Displacer to Chromie in the Andorhal Inn, Western Plaguelands.
56Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
A Strange Historian
Bring Joseph's Wedding Ring to Chromie.
56Western Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Counting Out Time - Part I - (Step 1)
Locate 5 Andorhal Watches, found in lockboxes amongst the rubble of the city. Return with them to Chromie in the Andorhal Inn, Western Plaguelands.
Alliance & Horde
Counting Out Time - Part II - (Step 2)
56Eastern Plaguelands
Horde Quest
The Annals of Darrowshire
Bring the Annals of Darrowshire to Chromie in Andorhol.
5 different quests.

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Level 63