Gilthares Firebough

Level 17

Attitude vs. Alliance Players:
Attitude vs. Horde Players:
Creature Type:Unspecified
Last Recorded on:October 2nd, 2006
First Recorded on:May 5th, 2004
Times Looted:2

Gilthares Firebough is located in:
 Region(s): Map: 
The Barrens
(Northwatch Hold, Ratchet, The Merchant Coast)

Level 14-15 Zone
 Name Drops / KillsDrop %
3 / 2150.00%
Ice Cold Milk
Lvl 5, Use: Restores 436 mana over 21 sec. Must remain seated while drinking.
2 / 2100.00%
Lesser Healing Potion
Lvl 3, Use: Restores 140 to 180 health.
3 / 2150.00%
Linen Cloth
2 / 2100.00%
Chipped Quarterstaff
Lvl 13, 7.1 DPS
1 / 250.00%
5 different phat loots.
World of Warcraft Quests involving Gilthares Firebough:
Level:Quest Name:
20The Barrens
Horde Quest
Free From the Hold
Safely escort Gilthares Firebough back to Captain Brightsun in Ratchet.
1 different quests.

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Level 17