Glyx Brewright

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Level 45

Attitude vs. Alliance Players:
Attitude vs. Horde Players:
Creature Type:Unspecified
Last Recorded on:October 26th, 2006
First Recorded on:June 2nd, 2004
Times Looted:0

Glyx Brewright is located in:
 Region(s): Map: 
Stranglethorn Vale
(Booty Bay)

Level 35-36 Zone
 Name CostAvailability 
Crystal Vial5 for 25 SilverUnlimited 
Empty Vial5 for 20 CopperUnlimited 
Greater Healing Potion
Lvl 21, Use: Restores 455 to 585 health.
5 SilverOnly (3) 
Imbued Vial5 for 3 GoldUnlimited 
Leaded Vial5 for 2 SilverUnlimited 
Mana Potion
Lvl 22, Use: Restores 455 to 585 mana.
4 Silver 80 CopperOnly (3) 
Recipe: Frost Protection Potion
Use: Teaches you how to make a Frost Protection Potion.
20 SilverOnly (1) 
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion
Use: Teaches you how to make a Nature Protection Potion.
20 SilverOnly (1) 
8 different phat loots.

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Level 45