Jern Hornhelm

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Level 15

Attitude vs. Alliance Players:
Attitude vs. Horde Players:
Creature Type:Unspecified
Last Recorded on:October 26th, 2006
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Times Looted:1

Jern Hornhelm is located in:
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Loch Modan

Level 13-14 Zone
 Name Drops / KillsDrop %
3 / 1300.00%
2 / 1200.00%
2 different phat loots.
World of Warcraft Quests involving Jern Hornhelm:
Level:Quest Name:
12Deeprun Tram
Alliance Quest
Deeprun Rat Roundup - (Step 1)
Capture 5 Deeprun Rats by using the Rat Catcher's Flute. Lead the rats back to Monty. Don't forget to turn in the flute when you're finished.
15Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
Excavation Progress Report - (Step 1)
Bring Ironband's Progress Report to Jern Hornhelm in Thelsamar.
15Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
Powder To Ironband - (Step 3)
Speak with Jern Hornhelm in Thelsamar.
15Pulver für Ironband
Sprecht in Thelsamar mit Jern Hornhelm.
15Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
Report To Ironforge - (Step 2)
Take Ironband's Progress Report to Prospector Stormpike.
15Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
Resupplying The Excavation - (Step 4)
Speak with Huldar.
18Loch Modan
Alliance Quest
Ironband's Excavation - (Step 1)
Speak with Explorer Fellhew.
35Arathi Basin
Alliance Quest
The Battle for Arathi Basin! (Alliance)
Assault the mine, the lumber mill, the blacksmith and the farm, then return to Field Marshal Oslight in Refuge Pointe.
Alliance & Horde
Are We There, Yeti? - (Step 3)
Take Umi's Mechanical Yeti and scare her friends with it: Legacki in Everlook (Winterspring) Sprinkle in Gadgetzan (Tanaris) Quixxil in Marshal's Refuge (Un'Goro Crater) When you are done, bring the Mechanical Yeti back to Umi.
9 different quests.

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Level 15