Lord Tirion Fordring

<Order of the Silver Hand>

Level 63+

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Last Recorded on:August 7th, 2006
First Recorded on:March 2nd, 2005
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Lord Tirion Fordring is located in:
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Western Plaguelands
(Northridge Lumber Camp)

Level 49-50 Zone
World of Warcraft Quests involving Lord Tirion Fordring:
Level:Quest Name:

Alliance & Horde
In Dreams
Escort Taelan Fordring out of Hearthglen.
55Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Defenders of Darrowshire
Free 15 Darrowshire Spirits and return to Carlin Redpath.
56Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Blood Tinged Skies - Part 2?
Slay 30 Plaguebats and return to Tirion Fordring.
56Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Carrion Grubbage
Seek out the Carrion Grubs and Devourers of the region. Slay them and harvest their meat. Return to Tirion Fordring when you have gathered 15 Slabs of Carrion Worm Meat.
57Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Of Forgotten Memories
Travel to the Undercroft - at the southernmost section of the Eastern Plaguelands - and recover Taelan's Hammer. Return to Tirion Fordring upon completion of your objective.
58Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
Of Lost Honor
Travel to Northdale, in the northeastern region of the Eastern Plaguelands, and recover the Symbol of Lost Honor. Return to Tirion Fordring upon completion of your objective.
Alliance & Horde
Into The Maw of Madness - (Step 2)
Commander Mar'alith at Cenarion Hold in Silithus wants you to find his beloved Natalia. The information that you gathered points to Hive'Regal in the south as being the area in which you may find Mistress Natalia Mar'alith. Do not forget to visit the dwarves at Bronzebeard's camp before venturing into the hive. They might have some additional work and advice for you. And [Name], remember the Commander's words: "Do what you must..."
60Eastern Plaguelands
Alliance & Horde
The Battle of Darrowshire
Place the Relic Bundle at the Darrowshire town square. Prevent Davil Lightfire's death until the death of Horgus. Prevent Captain Redpath's death until Redpath the Corrupted appears. Defeat Redpath the Corrupted. Speak with the spirit of Joseph Redpath when he appears at the town square, then speak with Pamela at her home.
8 different quests.

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Level 63+