Master Engineer Zinfizzlex

Level 60+

Attitude vs. Alliance Players:
Attitude vs. Horde Players:
Creature Type:Unspecified
Last Recorded on:July 10th, 2006
First Recorded on:June 8th, 2005
Times Looted:0

Master Engineer Zinfizzlex is located in:
 Region(s): Map: 
Alterac Valley
(Dun Baldar, Frost Dagger Pass, Frostwolf Village, Iceblood Garrison, Iceblood Graveyard)

Level 55-56 Zone
World of Warcraft Quests involving Master Engineer Zinfizzlex:
Level:Quest Name:
Alliance Quest
Worgen in the Woods
Kill 6 Nightbane Shadow Weaver worgen for Calor in Darkshire.
60Alterac Valley
Alliance & Horde
Zinfizzlex's Portable Shredder Unit
Master Engineer Zinfizzlex wants you to bring him the following: *30 Thorium Bars. *50 Mithril Bars. *75 Iron bars. *1 Steamsaw.
2 different quests.

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Level 60+