Goblin Rocket Fuel

Goblin Rocket Fuel

29285 Block
Durability 255 / 255
Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Druid


Goblin Rocket Fuel
"Used by Goblin Engineers to power their creations"

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x1 FirebloomCrafted
x1 Leaded VialStore-bought
x1 Volatile Rum
Use: A strong alcoholic beverage.
Phat Loot
3 ingredients.
World of Warcraft Quests involving Goblin Rocket Fuel:
Level:Quest Name:
Alliance Quest
The Ironforge Brigade Needs Explosives!
Bring 6 Oils of Immolation, 5 Goblin Rocket Fuel and 10 Dense Blasting Powder to Arcanist Nozzlespring near Hive'Zora in Silithus. You must also bring Logistics Task Briefing IV in order to complete this quest.
1 different quests.
 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Neutral60 Mux Manascrambler

32 / 6533.33%
Hostile55-56 Tortured Druid

8 / 2363.39%
2 different NPCs.

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