Buckler of the Seas

Buckler of the Seas

Binds when picked up
411 Armor
7 Block
+3 Spirit

Picture of Buckler of the Seas
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Armor / Shield

Buckler of the Seas
Binds when picked up
Off Hand Shield
411 Armor
7 Block
+3 Spirit
Recommended For:
Warrior, Paladin, Shaman

Hyz: 91.69 (debug)

Model & Texture:
Shield_Wheel_B_01, Shield_Wheel_B_01

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World of Warcraft Quests involving Buckler of the Seas:
Level:Quest Name:
Alliance & Horde
The Coastal Menace
Bring a scale of Old Murk-Eye to Captain Grayson at the Westfall Lighthouse.
1 different quests.
Item:Average AmountChance
Greater Magic Essence
Use: Turn a greater magic essence into three lesser ones.
x1.0865 %
Strange Dust x2.8635 %
2 disenchant found.

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