Dirty Knucklebones

Dirty Knucklebones

Quest Item

Quest Item

Dirty Knucklebones
Quest Item

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World of Warcraft Quests involving Dirty Knucklebones:
Level:Quest Name:
36Alterac Mountains
Alliance Quest
Crushridge Bounty
Gather 9 Dirty Knucklebones from Crushridge ogres in the Alterac Mountains. Bring them to Marshal Redpath in Southshore.
1 different quests.
 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Hostile35-36 Crushridge Brute

33 / 4507.33%
Hostile38-39+ Crushridge Enforcer

3 / 1561.92%
Hostile37-38+ Crushridge Mage

0 / 1010.00%
Hostile36-37+ Crushridge Mauler

1 / 2870.35%
Hostile34-35 Crushridge Ogre

72 / 68910.45%
5 different NPCs.

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