Heraldic Bracers

Heraldic Bracers

Binds when equipped
54 Armor
+8 Agility
+5 Stamina
Requires Level 41

Armor / Leather / Bracers

Heraldic Bracers
Binds when equipped
Wrist Leather
54 Armor
+8 Agility
+5 Stamina
Requires Level 41
Recommended For:
Rogue, Druid

Rogue AEP: 14.08

Hyz: 29.33 (debug)

Data Collected:
Last Seen: Oct 20th, 2006 by jasendorf

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World of Warcraft Quests involving Heraldic Bracers:
Level:Quest Name:
51Sunken Temple
Alliance & Horde
Secret of the Circle
Travel into the Sunken Temple and discover the secret hidden in the circle of statues.
1 different quests.
 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Bloodsail40-45 Bloodsail Elder Magus

1 / 1870.53%
Hostile45-46 Dark Iron Slaver

0 / 8970.00%
Hostile45-46+ Fungal Ooze

1 / 711.41%
Alliance45-47 Highvale Ranger

0 / 1400.00%
Alliance43-45 Highvale Scout

0 / 1590.00%
Hostile45-47 Tempered War Golem

1 / 2340.43%
6 different NPCs.
Item:Average AmountChance
Dream Dust x1.9068 %
Greater Nether Essence
Use: Turn a greater nether essence into three lesser ones.
x1.5820 %
Large Radiant Shard x1.007 %
Illusion Dust x2.505 %
4 disenchant found.

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