Onyx Choker

Onyx Choker

Binds when equipped
Requires Level 43

Consumable (Or Unsorted)

Onyx Choker of Intellect
Binds when equipped
+11 Intellect
Requires Level 43

Onyx Choker Variants:
Onyx Choker of Intellect
Lvl 43
Onyx Choker of Regeneration
Lvl 43, +3 hp/5s
Onyx Choker of Spirit
Lvl 43
Onyx Choker of the Bear
Lvl 43, +7 Str, +7 Sta
Onyx Choker of the Boar
Lvl 43, +8 Str, +7 Spi
Onyx Choker of the Eagle
Lvl 43, +19 Sta, +18 Int
Onyx Choker of the Gorilla
Lvl 43, +7 Str, +7 Int
Onyx Choker of the Owl
Lvl 43, +18 Int, +19 Spi
Onyx Choker of the Whale
Lvl 43, +7 Sta, +7 Spi
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 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Hostile44-48 Dunemaul Brute

1 / 17320.06%
Hostile??-48+ Twilight Dark Shaman

1 / 1210.83%
2 different NPCs.
Item:Average AmountChance
Dream Dust x1.4788 %
Greater Nether Essence
Use: Turn a greater nether essence into three lesser ones.
x1.4611 %
Large Radiant Shard x1.001 %
3 disenchant found.

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