Shadowcraft Bracers

Shadowcraft Bracers

255-0 Damage
71 Armor
8 Block
+15 Agility
+7 Stamina
+71 Fire Resistance
Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Druid
Requires Level 52
Equip: +40 Attack Power.

Armor / Leather / Bracers

Shadowcraft Bracers
Binds when equipped
Wrist Leather
71 Armor
+15 Agility
+7 Stamina
Requires Level 52

Shadowcraft Armor (0/8)
Shadowcraft Belt
Shadowcraft Boots
Shadowcraft Bracers
Shadowcraft Tunic
Shadowcraft Spaulders
Shadowcraft Pants
Shadowcraft Gloves
Shadowcraft Cap

(2) Set: +200 Armor.
(4) Set: +40 Attack Power.
(6) Set: Chance on melee attack to restore 35 energy.
(8) Set: +8 All Resistances.
Recommended For:
Rogue, Druid

Rogue AEP: 43.42

Hyz: 74.34 (debug)

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World of Warcraft Quests involving Shadowcraft Bracers:
Level:Quest Name:
Horde Quest
An Earnest Proposition
Acquire 15 Silithus Venom Samples and 20 gold and bring them along with a set of Shadowcraft Bracers to Mokvar in Orgrimmar.

Alliance Quest
An Earnest Proposition
Acquire 15 Winterspring Blood Samples and 20 gold and bring them along with a set of Dreadmist Bracers to Deliana in Ironforge.
2 different quests.
 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Hostile58-59+ Dark Shade

3 / 1062.83%
Hostile60+ Instructor Malicia

1 / 531.89%
Hostile55-58+ Plague Ghoul

7 / 5481.28%
Hostile57-61+ Risen Construct

4 / 1772.26%
Hostile58-59+ Scholomance Occultist

0 / 10.00%
5 different NPCs.
Item:Average AmountChance
Large Brilliant Shard x1.00100 %
1 disenchant found.

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