Tirisfal Pumpkin

Tirisfal Pumpkin

Quest Item

Quest Item

Tirisfal Pumpkin
Quest Item

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World of Warcraft Quests involving Tirisfal Pumpkin:
Level:Quest Name:
6Tirisfal Glades
Horde Quest
A New Plague - (Step 1)
Apothecary Johaan in the town of Brill wants you to collect 5 Vials of Darkhound Blood.
7Tirisfal Glades
Horde Quest
Fields of Grief - (Step 1)
Steal 10 pumpkins from the farm to the west, just north of Deathknell and take them to Apothecary Johaan in Brill.
Alliance Quest
The Tower of Althalaxx - Part III
Deliver Balthule's letter to Delgren the Purifier in Ashenvale Forest.
3 different quests.
 Name Drops / LootsDrop %
Tirisfal Pumpkin
179 / 78322.86%
1 different World Objects.
 AH Level Name Drops / KillsDrop %
Neutral3-7 Greater Duskbat

7 / 5231.34%
Hostile6-7 Scarlet Warrior

4 / 4840.83%
Hostile6-7 Tirisfal Farmer

4 / 1542.60%
Hostile5-6 Tirisfal Farmhand

12 / 1309.23%
4 different NPCs.

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