BlizzCon Tickets, Zinwrath

Posted by Cob on October 6, 2005, 10:15 AM
Battle.Net Announcement?:
Blizzard might have something to say tommorrow. Battle.Net has a splash screen with a date (10/7/05) and a background face that rotates between orc/undead/night elf/diablo? I'm assuming they have something they're unveiling tommorrow? Some guesses have been... Starcraft 2 and maybe an official announcement of the WoW expansion?

BlizzCon tickets were marked down to $85 with the caveat that you'll be missing out on the Offspring concert. I guess they got to keep the convention goers... seperated. Yukyuk. (Personally, I would have bought a $85 ticket from the start.)

But more importantly, there will be playable demos of the new expansion pack. I'm personally going to do my part for the cause this October, as soon as I get off my butt and find a plane ticket to Anaheim.

If you missed the all-druid onyxia raid on the test server, it's got some great screenshots of moonfire in action.

Zinwrath the Movie:
Also, if you were just too lazy to download the hot hot hot Zinwrath Movie, you can see it on your television instead!

Tivas: 'Zinwrath The Movie' will make it's first off-internet premiere on October 19th on the Cinematech show on G4TV!. Our tears are falling like waterfalls!

I assume he means tears of joy. :) Congrats guys!

Silkfire mailed in a new map of Silithus and two pre-sized pictures of Zoram'Gar Outpost, and Tundra MacGrann (who suspiciously looks a lot like Tundra Jack from EQ1.) Since it looks like some Cenarion Hold quests from the 1.8 test server are trickling in, I figured it would be a good time to mention the updated Silithus map. Thanks Silkfire! (Side note... why do I keep mispelling Silithus as Sithilus??)

And finally, Happy Birthday mom! 8-)