My Alarm Goes off in 5.5 Hours!

Posted by Cob on October 28, 2005, 12:45 AM
12:31 AM It will be BlizzCon soon! I went to get some dinner at IHOP down the street, and the staff was flapped out from all the people there. While waiting for my sourdough burger and coffee, I sketched some MUD design notes in my little black spiral (which will be full of BlizzCon notes soon) and eavesdropped (my specialty). There were a couple of booths that were your middle aged, disneylander types, but there was an awful lot of pasty white kids with glasses. =) One HUGE group across the restraunt was definitely some sort of giant clan was chatting it up about how much harder the Horde Onyxia key quests were. (yeah.. first you have to 5man LBRS). Another table, I overheard one guy telling a girl about his life as a warrior, and a third table had some canadian WoW people at them.

I didn't strike up any conversations (would be weird saddling up to someone elses dinner at IHOP and trying to sit down or wtf), but it was definitely VERY surreal to be surrounded by WoW players in this manner.

After dinner, I headed down the street and found the convention hall and snapped a few pictures. Which are up in the photo gallery. My upstream seems to have recovered slightly, altho I imagine it will be hell trying to upload pictures after the convention is over tommorrow. Willcall starts at 9am, and the con at 10am. I'm going to try and be in line at 8:30, and be done with breakfast (probably back at IHOP again). I'll try and slip out after the presentation and get some files uploaded before the raid discussions start in Hall B at 1pm. I'm sure I won't be the first site to break the news, but I should have some news all the same.

Cheers and goodnight!