Lvl 70, Playable Zerg, Outlands

Posted by Cob on October 28, 2005, 11:15 AM
Pretty much everything in the leak from the Italian Gaming magazine was spot on.

Lvl cap will be raised to 70.
Epic flying mounts in outlands will take you to otherwise unreachable areas.
Linked Auction houses in every major city
Two new races, first race is the Blood Elves. You can play their starting area at the convention.
They are adding Jewelcrafting, and will have socketed armor/weapons, similar to Diablo2.
Medivh's tower is occupied by the "restless shadesof the past."
The Caverns of Time will open, and you can travel back in time to experience immortant scenes from earlier warcraft games. You get to defend the world tree from the Scourge, visit Durnholde Keep. The video pans between Tarren Mill thenand now.

You will be able to play as Zerg in Starcraft Ghost.. as a hydralisk, zergling or infected marine.

The intro speech started out with eight microphones and a shitload of chairs with a backdrop of stormwind. I was in the 5th row. Con started at 10:39. Gary Planter, art designer fo Blizz was the MC and he introduced Mike Moorhan, the president of Blizz, and said that he and Frank Allen started Blizz to make great games. They had no idea that they would go from a two player game, to something this big. Everyone thanked the community. "We could not be here today without your support."

Shane Dabhri cracked a lot of corny jokes about everyone being buffed up and ready for the raid. They said they are commited to live updates of the game. Announced linked Auction houses in every major city (to MAJOR applause). They said weather rain/snow/sandstorms 'the likes we've never seen' were coming. There was a lot of applause for the blood elves and the level cap raise.

Stated that almost 8,000 people were in attendance.

Im uploading photos and headed backto the Con.