Evening Events and I visit Sunstrider Isle as a Bloodelf Warrior.

Posted by Cob on October 29, 2005, 12:15 AM
My poor legs are feeling it right now. I got about 60mb of pictures from the contests, but I think my entire hotel is logged into the internet right now, so it's not uploading files so fast right now. I ran my camera battery down taking pictures. The flash is so slow on my camera, it was definitely a hinderance in the dark alcoves of Hall B.

I was a little bit late to the contest, I walked in to catch the last half of the Zinwrath movie playing on the bigscreen, to some huge applause and laughs from the massive crowd of players. More on all of that later. Afterwards, I slipped out to play the expansion with about 20mins left before the close.

Each computer has a bevy of pre-made lvl 60 characters for exploring either Ahn'Quiraj or lvl 1 Blood Elves for exploring Sunstrider Isle. The entire zone is walled in with invisible walls. I tried swimming off to some adjacent islands, but I was definitely walled in. =) No insta-death infernals at least.

I selected a randomly named Blood Elf warrior and quickly picked up the first quest. Kill 8 of these mana wyrms. They look like flying glowing cyan translucent short snakelike things. Apparently the Blood Elves need to reclaim their starting area. The followup quest sent me to kill some lvl 2 cats that were lurking in the area, and I have a feeling that the next quest involved killing some lvl 3 sapling models. The spire seen in the previous screenshots is populated by lvl 4 voidwalker looking mana creatures, as well as some other whispy translucent things. There are teleporter objects that move you around from platform to platform, but there didn't seem to be anything at the highest level.

I jumped off the top into the water below, and then worked on trying to escape the island to no avail. Shortly before I ran out of time, I found another quest giver who requested that I use my mana drain racial ability on creatures on Sunstrider Isle. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a look at the ability. =)

Overall, the Blood Elves are definitely the 'pretty' race for the horde. When you jump as a BE male, they start to spin (right shoulder forward) like an ice skater. My native trollish loathing of everything elves writhed in horror. Class options for warrior, rogue, priest, mage.

2:03 AM update - I just finished uploading and captioning the photos I had from the costume contest this evening. Lots of poor pictures in there, I'm very sorry - the lighting inside the convention center is not the best. I'd really like to type up some more dialog from the raid and lore discussions, but it will have to wait. I'm on my way to crash in bed for a 4hr nap.