Fear and Loathing in Azeroth

Posted by Cob on October 29, 2005, 11:00 PM
It's over! I'm exhausted. You know how you feel at the end of one of those four hour MC raids, where you just want to take your loots back to the inn in Orgrimmar, do some banking and buy some new arrows? :) I think I heard that there was something like 8,000 people at the convention. All in all, it was like peeling your eyelids back and living in the forums for two days straight. A wonderous mix of mystery, discovery and sheer horror.

The raffle that was supposted to start at 6:00pm was started late due to the invitational running a bit over.

Rather than hang out with 8,000 of my best friends, I ditched the crowd to go get in the no-line expansion play area with the intention to check out the Ahn'Quiraj zone this time. So if raffle ticket #00117 won something cool.... Well, I didn't know because I was getting killed by Quiraji Guardians.

Concert was.. meh. I guess I'm too old, the kids in the pit seemed to be having fun. After Level 60 Elite Tauren Chieftain finished, the comic? came out and did his standup, and then we all sat around until 9:30 when Offspring finally started. They played until 10:30, and left, despite a few people yelling for an encore. They brought up the house lights (the not so subtle cue to go home) about 20 seconds later.

The L6ETC was a heavy metal band composed of Blizzard members. Samwise (art director) was lead singer and belted out tunes and taunted the alliance members in the audience while trashing his hair in circles. While I can't say that it was.. the best thing I've ever heard, it was definitely a lot better than the fan submitted original songs. =)