GW Class Panel Writeup, and Some Links from Elsewhere.

Posted by Cob on November 3, 2005, 12:15 PM
Links links links! Move all zig!

First and foremost, I have completed the writeup for the BlizzCon class discussion panel, which was a total circus on the Friday session.

Secondly, Pickles, the fan-art contest winner who did 'Pickles Picks a Peacebloom' has an BlizzCon 'infodump' over at her page on livejournal, which is a decent read.

Other Stuff:
Fresh from the MUD-Dev mailing list, there is a review of the research that the PlayOn people are doing into group dynamics. If you're interested in seeing how guilds in WoW grow in size, and fall apart, then you should check this cool little article about it: Dunbar Number & Group Cohesion

In recent news, the war between game developers and filthy cheaters rages on.

If you like to keep your toes in all the pools at once (like I do), you'll be sad to discover that Dungeons & Dragons Online opened their beta to the public two days ago. What are you waiting for?

And finally, a ten-man group from kills Lady Onyxia in a 45 minute fight.