Barbaric Battlements:

Quest Objectives:

Orokk Omosh: Twenty generations of Omosh have held this hammer, Gruk. A hundred thousand tons of metal we have molded. Tragically, it all ends at Orokk, failure of the Omosh: Without kin and incapable of producing offspring.

I cannot let the secret recipes of Omosh die with me! Someone must continue the legacy, Omosh or not!

Prove to Orokk you are capable, Gruk. Bring for Orokk the following: Two patterned bronze bracers, two bronze greatswords, and two sharp claws. Bring them for Orokk and we shall continue.

Orokk Omosh: Bronze, Denel! More bronze!!

Orokk Omosh: The bloodline will fade but perhaps the legend of Omosh will continue!

You have proven that you are a blacksmith, Denel. For the blacksmith the reward is the satisfaction of seeing their weapons and armors coated in the blood of their enemies!

May the breastplates you create for the generations ahead be drenched in the blood of your enemies!

 You must turn-in/collect:
x2 Bronze Greatsword
Lvl 21, 16 DPS
x2 Patterned Bronze Bracers
Lvl 20, 80 AC, +5 Str
x2 Sharp ClawPhat Loot
 You will recieve the following rewards:
Light Leather Bracers
Lvl 9, 28 AC
Quest RewardCrafted
Plans: Barbaric Iron Breastplate
204 AC, +12 Str, Use: Teaches you how to make a Barbaric Iron Breastplate.
Quest Reward
5 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Orokk Omosh

located in Orgrimmar
(Valley of Honor)
2 related NPCs/mobs.

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