[35] Crystal in the Mountains:

Quest Level:

  • 35


Quest Items:

Quest Objectives:
Find the crystal from your vision.

This shard pulses as you hold it...

You feel a sense of pleading coming from the shard, as if someone is trying to communicate, someone who desperately needs your help.

A vision appears in your mind - of the northern mountains of Arathi, and of a brilliant crystal jutting from the earth there.

You feel drawn to that place.

You will go now, or the Magram will crush you! To be our friend, you must kill Gelkis.

This crystal pulses, as if a living force is trapped within it.

 Quest begins with this item:
Pendant of Myzrael
Lvl 30, +4 Sta, +6 Spi
Phat Loot
1 item(s) found.

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