[2] Cutting Teeth:


Orcs & Trolls

Quest Level:

  • 2

Starts In:


Recieved From:



Prior Step:

Quest Objectives:
Kill 10 Mottled Boars then return to Gornek at the Den.

Gornek: The first order of business will be to put a little strength in your backbone. I could send you out to the Barrens to hunt kodo, but well, in all honesty, you're more useful to us alive than dead.

I believe you would find a good match with the mottled boars you'll find to the north of here.

Gornek: The centaurs have proven to be a consistent nuisance to the Horde. Their intentions to lay siege to our homeland cannot be tolerated.

Gornek: Hmmm, not bad, Badimo. But don't let it get to your head...you'll fight tougher than boars in your career.

Nonetheless, you've proven yourself well, and your next trial will be against a considerably more dangerous opponent, so you'll need some extra protection.

 You may choose one of the following rewards:
Battleworn Leather Gloves
21 AC
Quest Reward
Soft Wool Boots
7 AC
Quest Reward
2 item(s) found.

Steps in this Quest Chain:
Level:Quest Name:
1Valley of Trials
Horde Quest
Your Place In The World - (Step 1)
Speak with Gornek. You recall Kaltunk marking your map with his location and mentioning that Gornek resided in the Den, a building to the west.
2Valley of Trials
Horde Quest
Cutting Teeth - (Step 2)
Kill 10 Mottled Boars then return to Gornek at the Den.
2 different quests.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name

located in Durotar
(Valley of Trials)
Mottled Boar

located in Durotar
(Hidden Path)
4 related NPCs/mobs.

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